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Caught in Panties Ch. 02

 — Mike & the girls go panty shopping. by pantyperv03/06/044.27

Caught in Panties Pt. 01

 — A robbery gone very wrong. by TeresaB10/15/083.67

Caught in Silkies

 — He's is caught wearing wife's panties; wife surprises him. by Ebolaone09/01/074.63HOT

Caught in the Act

 — Have you ever had one of those moments? by wyldechylde05/05/054.36

Caught In the Act

 — Panty boys get caught by hot flat mate and have some fun. by secretanon08/20/154.13

Caught in the Department Store

 — Naughty encounter as being caught short leads to hot sex. by IsmashChristainGrey09/23/144.17

Caught in the Laundry Room

 — He is caught by his girlfriend's Mother with his hands full. by kebbyman12/24/124.51HOT

Caught On Camera

 — He was the house cleaner who got caught sniffing her shoes. by stryker5304/06/114.06

Caught Out In Panties

 — Caught wearing Maria's panties, what will she do? by robboj01/06/114.08

Caught Panties in Hand

 — How my panty addiction started and got caught. by stac291809/06/044.43

Caught Pt. 01

 — A boy's attraction to his friend's stepmom ends up in hotwater. by FriedPies11/27/144.07

Caught Red Handed

 — Kevin is caught by his boss, Mrs. Johnson masturbating... by cumwithme212/01/154.57HOT

Caught Red Handed Pt. 01

 — Hand caught in friend's sister's panty drawer. by MyOutlet01/06/154.26

Caught Stealing

 — Forced enema foils a slutty thief's plans. by CJPorter11/26/153.89

Caught With a Student Ch. 01

 — College official caught with student pays with bukkake. by GASlipLover08/15/064.47

Caught with Consequences

 — Wife discovers husband's fetish. by Emanon_Pen06/15/053.70

Cave of Filth

 — Defecation becomes a sexual act for 2 depraved women. by Scatella200810/29/094.51HOT

Cece's Cunt Bitch Ep. 01

 — Cece and Rose have some pizza. by lesbian2736hottie02/25/153.43

Celebrate Black Power & Erotica

 — Black BBW makes love to her sexy big man. by Samuelx11/11/082.77

Celebration of Feet

 — Mary grants Frank's foot worshipping fantasy. by Ambrosious01/06/013.88

Celebrity Ass-Licker Is Back!

 — He becomes Condi Rice's personal ass-licker. by CAPervert10/17/053.89

Celeste and Dan

 — She and her two friends play doctor. by KimmieNOLA01/15/044.12

Celeste and Dan Ch. 02

 — Her adventures with her friends by KimmieNOLA01/29/044.17

CFnm Adventure - 2nd Visit

 — Servicing a BBW Dominatrix and her female friend. by lovelicker9904/22/094.50HOT

CFnm Adventure - 3rd Visit

 — Serving a BBW Dominatrix and her male friend. by lovelicker9902/12/104.44

CFNM Waiter 101

 — Waiter gives good service to two women. by KNIGHT_STREAKER04/15/094.23

Chaffernaught 01

 — A pussieboy's wait. by MistressColleen01/07/153.90

Chaffernaught 02

 — The Promise of Birch. by MistressColleen01/10/154.18

Chaffernaught 03

 — Ripe Fruit. by MistressColleen01/13/154.31

Chaffernaught 04

 — Awash in a wash. by MistressColleen01/17/154.50

Chaffernaught 05

 — Dinner and a show. by MistressColleen01/27/154.00

Chaffernaught 06

 — The Mauling. by MistressColleen02/07/154.64HOT

Chaffernaught 07

 — Sinderella. by MistressColleen02/15/153.80

Chaffernaught 08

 — Taxi! Taxi! by MistressColleen03/03/154.57

Chaffernaught 13

 — Dinner and Dessert. by MistressColleen04/27/154.86

Chamber of Secrets

 — An unexpected encounter with a pregnant mother at the movies. by MuseShadow05/27/074.35

Champagne and Caviar

 — New bathroom fittings concluded. by istanbulnoir11/27/074.35

Champagne Climax

 — Girlfriends want something else in their champagne. by Ether_Tech05/02/074.16

Chance Encounter

 — A man searches for a new direction and meaning in his life. by OneWhoAdores06/13/144.43

Chance Encounter Ch. 21

 — Jean confesses to wanting Leo's baby. by Miguel5907/14/134.60HOT

Chance Encounter Ch. 22

 — Jean Lays Out the Rules. Denies Miguel again. by Miguel5907/15/134.21

Chance Encounter Ch. 23

 — Miguel meets Father G, accompanies Jean to Leo's. by Miguel5907/16/134.26

Chance Encounter Ch. 24

 — Miguel meets with Father G. by Miguel5908/06/134.30

Chance Encounter Ch. 25

 — The Inquisition Continues. by Miguel5908/07/133.70

Chance Encounter Ch. 26

 — Miguel Goes to Jean's House. by Miguel5908/18/134.24

Chance Encounter Ch. 27

 — The Party. by Miguel5908/31/133.94

Chance Meeting at the Gym

 — Middle-aged woman sees a young colleague away from work by Madabouthair01/07/144.03

Chance Reunion

 — Encounter between former sweethearts ignites old memories. by Peethagoras06/27/094.76HOT

Changed For Life

 — Guy changes boyfriend to girlfriend without permission. by cool_person06/30/023.95

Changeling Ch. 01

 — How I feminized my husband. by Michael14203/26/164.57HOT

Changeling Ch. 02

 — David becomes Danielle. by Michael14204/01/164.56HOT

Changeling Ch. 03

 — A very fateful decision. by Michael14204/02/164.61HOT

Changeling Ch. 04

 — A new friend for David and Me. by Michael14204/12/164.50HOT

Changeling Ch. 05

 — David dresses as my maid for a party. by Michael14204/14/164.34

Changes: One Spell at a Time

 — A guy uses magic to make a MILF of his mom, but... by Guy_Faux10/07/123.30

Changing Marriage Ch. 02

 — Tera increases her manipulation of Jim. by sm810010/28/114.52HOT

Changing Marriage Ch. 03

 — Tera progresses with her plan. by sm810011/21/114.35

Changing Mouse

 — Sorority devises a unique punisment for one of its members by Wifetheif03/03/144.10

Changing Mouse Ch. 02

 — Stanley and Loretta's adventures continue. by Wifetheif08/16/144.45

Changing Things Up

 — To spice up her love life, Candy tries fetishwear and more. by BrettJ01/25/134.27

Chantal Rose

 — A taste to remember. by Coeur de Dragon04/11/044.24

Chantal Rose: At the Club

 — Dancing leads to more. by Coeur de Dragon10/01/044.40


 — A surprise from Chantelle. by Lovebuldge07/12/094.44

Chapter 01: Hard Times

 — My loving girl friend turns into my pimp. by Mark115507/16/113.94

Charlie and Camilla's Encounter

 — An engineer and a hippy get wet together. by uksnowy04/18/124.32

Charlie and Megan Wilson

 — They've both got fetishes, but she also needs and anchor. by Matt Moreau05/08/132.71

Charlie's Fantasies Come True

 — Wife shows her dominant side to fulfill his fantasy by Naughtyboy198603/02/144.30

Charlie's New Life

 — Fantasy of bisexual degradation becomes reality. by Frozenhero12/31/084.43

Charlie's Tuition Teacher Ch. 01

 — Charlie's mother hires a long-haired tuition teacher. by Maverick71001/03/133.71

Charlotte & Lisa's Wet Weekend

 — Two girls make their wild chatroom fantasies come true. by CHARLOTTEOZ09/16/024.58HOT

Charlotte's Job

 — Submissive maid, dominant boss, spanking ensues! by toocold04/25/134.02

Charming Jemima

 — Dressed as a Snakewoman, she seduces her prey. by Nate_Walis02/10/124.23

Charming Neighborhood 04

 — Melinda and Eve use their hands. by DoctorS07/22/153.92

Chastity & Humiliation

 — Male in Chastity. by SlaveJ08/03/034.32

Chastity Denial

 — Your ordeal ends, or does it? by RandomAdultWriter05/31/094.39

Chastity Experiment Ch. 01

 — Hot college friend tricks me into a 30 day chastity contract. by chastity_sissy10/09/134.44

Chastity Keyholder Sexting

 — Submissive guy is teased by his Keyholder over the phone. by her_pantyboy10/08/103.77

Chastity Pt. 01

 — A fetish leads to an interesting situation by thepeopleschamp03/13/164.28

Chastity Resort Pt. 02

 — Lost chastity key, new friends, and Anna convinces me to sub. by handyrandy902/17/164.64HOT

Chastity Resort Pt. 03

 — I realize just how serious Anna is about owning my orgasms. by handyrandy902/28/164.51HOT

Chastity Resort Pt. 04

 — We discovery the joys of public & private humiliation. by handyrandy903/22/164.59HOT

Chastity Resort Pt. 05

 — I see Lisa's gift, private humiliation, & I "fuck" Anna. by handyrandy904/10/164.45

Chastity Resort Pt. 06

 — Lisa helps relieve me, more dildo fun, & Anna plays dress up by handyrandy904/19/164.51HOT

Chastity Trap Ch. 01

 — Mike is manipulated by his stepsister's hot friend. by fetishstories0705/28/154.38

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder

 — Ex discovers secret chastity fetish while dating new BF! by chastity_sissy09/21/114.50HOT

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02

 — Ex continues humiliating me with chastity. by chastity_sissy10/25/114.18

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 03

 — Orgasms denied and controlled by ex GF continue. by chastity_sissy11/22/114.42

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04

 — Ex. continues enforced chastity and oversees cleaning. by chastity_sissy04/09/124.40

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 05

 — The Ex continues chastity and decided to upgrade the device. by chastity_sissy07/26/124.37

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 06

 — The Ex invites me to a Halloween party---with me as the maid. by chastity_sissy10/12/124.37

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 07

 — An introduction with the boyfriend. by chastity_sissy12/05/124.46

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 08

 — Ex makes me eat my own cum from her feet by chastity_sissy06/30/144.28

Chastity with Neighbor as Keyholder

 — My neighbor discovers my chastity belt. by randomer55510/21/154.49

Chav Humiliation Ch. 01

 — Humiliated by two chav bitches. by mrtinymeat03/16/134.18

Cheap Whiskey

 — She picks up men missing a leg in hopes of being that way. by PeggyBuxton11/27/104.56HOT

Cheated Wife's Anal Revenge

 — Wife catchs hubby cheating and teaches him an anal lesson. by Anal Slave03/06/034.32

Cheating to Cum Slave

 — Bisexual cum eating bondage. by bisexaddict10/11/114.27

Cheating Wife - Spying Husband

 — A wife cheats, her husband suspects and spies. by donkey5205/12/092.87

Cheating With the One That Got Away

 — I never thought I'd see her again... by LordBendtner07/08/144.39


 — Slavery, medical play, sounding, anal, voyeurism, M/M. by curtainsup01/19/124.47

Cheerleader Foot Worship

 — Outspoken boy's fantasies come true. by bondage_philosopher09/12/034.35


 — Author responds to reader's very special request. by christy2007/14/064.32


 — Chelsea seduces her boss! by sexy_mama_0904/14/114.19

Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Chelsea discovers her kinky pashion for wet diapers. by josecuervo9907/22/124.18

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 04

 — The teacher begins to abuse his power over his student. by hypnopup04/10/094.36

Cherries and Cream

 — Nasty girl gives guy his first time in ice creamery. by Darla_Darling09/30/054.42

Cherry Pie

 — A young aspiring baker, his BBW neighbor and a cherry pie. by fantaseeboy04/26/144.28

Cheryl was a Hairy Goddess

 — One fleeting glimpse on a summer day was all Jim needed. by Madabouthair06/03/114.38

Cheryl's Extra Credit Ch. 2

 — Chery's after school lesson continues. by cthulhu07/17/024.61HOT

Cheryl's Extra Credit Ch. 3

 — Maid Cheryl recieves a gift. by cthulhu09/14/024.62HOT

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 19

 — A sexual orgy of fruit, chocolate and cream. by sarahloveitt11/15/054.40

Chicago Girl Gets a Spanking

 — ...when she least expects it. Will you teach me to behave? by luvsvraj02/18/114.17

Chicken Fettuccine

 — Meal of fettuccine, piss & cum at sidewalk restaurant. by Soaked G01/22/034.17

Childhood Sweethearts All Grown Up Ch. 02

 — The night continues. by FerdGerfel01/13/134.47

Chilli Oil

 — Suzy's massage oil gives her a bang for her buck. by Safetystars07/11/154.19


 — Woman's secrets are exposed. by SplendidSpunk07/21/114.21

Chloe and Paul: The Beginning

 — A woman and her older lover explore in the toilet . by inyourknickers11/02/114.41

Chloe and Zoe

 — Conjoined twins make an unusual request. by Ichiban11/05/003.34

Chloe Ch. 02

 — Her life continues to evolve. by SplendidSpunk08/08/114.67HOT

Chloe in Prison Ch. 01

 — Chloe's prison humiliation. by coniungoergosum02/06/123.87

Chloe Pt. 01

 — Tamsin has fun at her local gym, snaring a young man. by WetKecks05/13/164.50HOT

Chloe, My Love Ch. 02

 — Tales of an Oral Obsessive. by Radagast09/23/034.58HOT

Chloroformed Encounter

 — Playing with a chloroformed beauty. by Sodomite11/30/024.17

Chloroformed Morning

 — Chloroforming in bed. by Sodomite01/03/034.30


 — Wife suprises husband with late night treat. by Acal03/25/094.19

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 01

 — Couple discovers joys of food & bondage. by luv2flirtamswf3408/15/034.00

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 02

 — Food fun continues. by luv2flirtamswf3408/16/034.88

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 03

 — You tease with food and bondage. by luv2flirtamswf3408/17/034.57HOT

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 04

 — You love her with food and bondage. by luv2flirtamswf3408/19/034.79HOT

Chocolate! Real or Homemade?

 — A humorous scat story. by bobbylicksinspain01/09/154.06

Choked Up

 — Asphyxiation and arousal are blended for Brooke. by Christhecat12/23/034.35

Choking Kirsty

 — Kinky woman goes to extremes for arousal. by TheDarkCloud11/03/074.47

Chopping Block

 — Martin's job is in danger of being eliminated. by ClosetFetishist04/05/152.79


 — Lesbian, Urethral penetration, stainless steel chopsticks. by LesbianMuses11/25/134.27

Chris & Denise

 — He & his ex live out their fantasies one last time. by cbf31607/10/014.00

Chris & Jenn

 — Online lover helps him live out his fantasies. by cbf31607/03/013.76

Chris & Kim

 — Stripper discovers his foot fetish. by cbf31607/03/013.91

Chris & Lisa Ch. 1

 — Stripper gives foot fetish guy quite a show. by cbf31608/04/014.26

Chris & Lisa Ch. 2

 — Stripper in black high-heel boots teases chris. by cbf31607/14/014.10

Chris & Maria

 — He meets ex-girlfriend down by the shore. by cbf31607/09/014.06

Chris & Miranda Ch. 2

 — Boss teases a worker with her high heels & feet. by cbf31609/08/013.21

Chris &Jenn (Gym Story)

 — Personal trainer gets more than a workout. by cbf31608/06/014.13

Chris / Lori / Bernadette

 — Two women get revenge on a coworker. by cbf31609/10/014.15

Chris and Becca Ch. 01

 — Partners explore new roles and find new, wet fetishes. by haroldandpetunia05/23/134.26

Chris and Mary's Perfect Sexual Experience Ch. 01

 — Fetish love between two women. by lickmylegs06/02/084.27

Chris Dunn Ch. 07

 — Chris takes a golden bath. by Ginopikken06/11/104.12

Chris's Panty Fashion Show

 — Chris models panties for Emily & friends. by Trialbasis08/12/044.64HOT


 — His online friends give him an unforgettable night. by cbf31607/10/014.15


 — Kimmi seeks revenge on insensitive boss. by cbf31607/10/014.22

Chrissie - The Submissive Cumslut

 — Chrissie turns into a submissive cumslut. by fantasyboy02/29/124.40

Chrissy...Janie Visits Again

 — Joey & Chrissy give Janie an enema. by Vwrite01/15/034.51HOT

Christening the New Business

 — A surprise for the guest at the opening of a new restaurant. by Phun4u212/03/113.88

Christian Femdom For Muslim Men

 — Biracial Christian woman strapons Somali Muslim guy. by Samuelx11/09/142.67

Christian's 2nd Date with Emily

 — Got Milk? by XXNoraJeanXX10/24/074.71HOT

Christian's 2nd Date with Emily Ch. 02

 — Their desires become more than just physical. by XXNoraJeanXX11/04/074.72HOT

Christie's Regular Occurrences

 — If she thought she was babysitting, she was WAY wrong. by dartharachnis01/26/104.58HOT

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 01

 — Big sister becomes a couple's disciplinarian. by cynthiablaine712/30/124.35

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 03

 — The two subs are embarrassed and a new one appears. by cynthiablaine701/23/134.38

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 04

 — Teacher takes control of her sub's intimate functions. by cynthiablaine707/26/134.32

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 05

 — Chris's regime features panty inspections and directed sex. by cynthiablaine707/29/134.38

Christine's Dirty Panties

 — Sniffing the panties of my son-in-law's girlfriend. by Blucher03/27/133.95

Christine's Special Room Ch. 01

 — Christine is prepared for some fun with special enema equip by NiteWriter01/18/034.42

Christine's Special Room Ch. 02

 — She's embarrassed when the neighbor examines her & joins in by NiteWriter01/19/034.56HOT

Christmas Eve

 — Christmas eve opening presents from a dominant wife. by Emanon_Pen01/03/073.82

Christmas Panties

 — Panty fashion show leads to three-way. by DrLit12/18/134.06

Christmas Perks

 — Peter's Christmas bonus. by GrapleIRIS12/28/054.25

Christmas Sex With My Wife

 — Christmas eve with my wifes feet in pantyhose by mugs10101/15/144.27

Christopher Gets a Jeff-Massage

 — Does Mommy Leslie have a new Baby Boy? by LeslieBlue02/11/054.52HOT

Christy Ch. 04

 — Christy gets pierced in an A'dam sex club. by zaaz02/21/034.31

Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy

 — The life of Nicky Mitchell and his adventures. by Maverick71012/24/124.45

Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy Ch. 02

 — Long haired Lucy asks Nicky to be her personal trainer. by Maverick71012/28/124.75HOT

Chubby Chaser Ch. 03

 — Nineteen, Huge Breasts with an agenda....WTF is going on?!! by mondotoken04/03/164.38

Chuck Nabs The Amazon Princess

 — A famous Amazon warrior is reduced to doll size. by Wifetheif06/28/153.56

Church Lady on Christmas Eve

 — Timid lady takes it hard and wet in church on Christmas Eve. by accuratehonesty12/22/053.94

Church of Swallowing: Tracy

 — Tracy's visit is a mess he has no problem cleaning. by Silentbob07/22/074.19

Cigar-slut Entertains

 — She finds out what being a cigar-slut really means. by FionaLove10/03/034.11

Cilla's Cure

 — A young woman falls prey to a mad doctor. by banderfrog12/26/033.33

Cindy & Raj: Mother-in-Law Spanked

 — Woman submits to spanking from son-in-law and daughter. by TruthAndLove03/08/074.30

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 01

 — Chris meets his old futa lovers twin daughters. by djubre66608/13/134.27

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 02

 — Chris takes the twins for dinner. by djubre66608/19/134.51HOT

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 03

 — Mindy.... by djubre66608/26/134.83HOT

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 04

 — Chris goes shopping with Cindy. by djubre66609/17/134.46

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 05

 — Cindy takes Chris home. by djubre66610/06/134.56HOT

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 06

 — Back together. by djubre66610/15/134.65HOT

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Mindy's first day at her new university. by djubre66604/09/144.68HOT

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 02

 — Cindy moves in with Chris by djubre66605/07/144.52HOT

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 03

 — Mindy makes new Friends by djubre66606/29/144.63HOT

Cindy Lou Meets the Vampire

 — He had unusual preferences. by Boxlicker10111/02/064.58HOT

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