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Cindy's House-Sit Surprise

 — Coed is tempted by her neighbour. by trevorm05/31/083.74

Cindy's Panties

 — Guy gets into an adventure while wearing his friend's panties. by secretanon05/10/153.73

Cindy's Revenge

 — Toilet slavery as a revenge. by Bernie5410/24/134.05

Cindy's Slut Ch. 17

 — Slut learns to ride the Pony. by Bastinado01/14/103.79

Cindy's Slut Ch. 18

 — I say goodbye to the bitches. by Bastinado01/18/104.24

Circumcised Adventure

 — Ex-girlfriend's aunt appreciates the result. by lalupin10/30/144.24

Claiming of a Slave

 — A Master taking what is his! by MasterSyco09/09/134.36


 — Claire and David try an experimental drug that changes them. by DavidSingularity06/04/114.38

Claire Gets Punished

 — Claire acts like an immature brat. by secretsubmissive2202/12/154.03

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 02

 — The first morning. by secretsubmissive2202/15/153.98

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 03

 — The first outing and some punishment. by secretsubmissive2202/17/154.10

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 04

 — The punishment before naptime. by secretsubmissive2202/24/154.05

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 05

 — Mark has some help dealing with Claire's bad behavior. by secretsubmissive2202/26/154.22

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 06

 — Claire's punishment continues. by secretsubmissive2204/10/154.43

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 07

 — The first day comes to the end. by secretsubmissive2208/25/153.64

Claire Takes Control

 — Claire gives the kid his first smoke up. by ctemple02/25/083.89

Claire's Goes to School

 — A coed tangles with her professor. by OregonProf09/21/154.60HOT

Claire's Transformation Ch. 01

 — A young woman's wildest fantasies are surpassed. by Weaver_08/25/144.30

Claire's Unusual Marriage

 — Monica takes control. by MaryR10/10/124.40

Clara Makes Her Move

 — Valerie finds true love with a Futa girl. by Norm_dePlume12/25/154.30

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 01

 — Clara is caught sucking a cock blindfolded. by jamiestory12/11/164.40

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 03

 — Clara explains how she started being blindfolded. by jamiestory12/19/164.43

Class is in Suction!

 — Maybe Teysa shouldn't have skimmed her volunteering contract by Namazuros06/10/114.22

Class Monitor Gets to Cane

 — Sophomore girls get to give bad marks to the seniors. by lesliejones06/12/134.40

Class Reunion

 — Pregnant woman meets old boyfriends on reunion cruise. by Dakota_North03/25/024.44

Class Reunion

 — The cheerleader finally gives little Tom what he wants. by carlyle209/27/064.15

Class Rules Ch. 03

 — Young teacher's husband has to take his turn. by 0131aj12/24/094.33

Classified Ads Ch. 01

 — Reliable help can be hard to find by ValCapone06/20/104.29

Classroom Curses

 — An argument leads to a pig transformation in class. by Rett01/22/163.82

Classroom Pissing

 — After school, a female teacher fulfills a peeing fantasy. by steve2580502/02/143.95

Classroom Surprise

 — A student's kinky encounter with her 3 year crush by loveyou1805/04/154.04

Clayton's New Learning Experience

 — A 19 year old gets his very first spanking. by KBS2403/01/044.11

Clean & Smooth (The Pat's Ch. 2)

 — Nothing like being smooth... by pbwhome06/27/014.70HOT

Clean Fun Can Be Dirty

 — He helps her shower and shave. by sexyrubyslippers02/25/074.06

Clean Up

 — Cleaning up after yourself. by Markj36304/26/104.04

Clean Up Batter

 — How I learned to love eating cum out of my wife. by asimpleman200007/09/144.23

Clean Up My Mess!

 — Caught jerking off, boss gives him clean up job. by footshrimper03/27/024.10

Cleaning Her Feet

 — He cleans your feet while you abuse his balls. by AHurtingUnit11/11/083.80

Cleaning Her Off...

 — He loves to eat other men's cum from wife's pussy. by swinger04/07/014.03

Cleaning Katy

 — Husband watches cream pie eating wife. by DiggerDave08/06/054.65HOT

Cleaning Out

 — A young lady finds complete refreshment. by brackenborough09/24/033.50

Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 02

 — Kelly takes her mom to another level. by Clausimotto12/24/034.18

Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 03

 — Kelly's friends come over. by Clausimotto06/22/044.32

Cleaning out the Cleaner

 — Work encounter leads to a first for Rosie. by The Mouse09/10/164.76HOT

Cleaning Service

 — Paul learns the sublime pleasures of total devotion. by jashe04/28/144.55HOT

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 01

 — A new job with a slut for a boss. by PantiesAndPies07/17/124.52HOT

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 02

 — Further adventures with my slutty boss. by PantiesAndPies07/30/124.64HOT

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 03

 — Punished for wearing the wrong panties; rewarded for a job. by PantiesAndPies08/16/124.51HOT

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 04

 — Watching and cleaning the boss ... again and again! by PantiesAndPies10/03/124.61HOT

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 05

 — A new role; but it only increases my duties! by PantiesAndPies02/26/134.66HOT

Cleaning the Maid.

 — Maria's the one getting cleaned today. by tikulmi05/02/144.24

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 02

 — Bob's girlfriend helps me eat his cum by MarkLazer04/01/144.58HOT

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 03

 — Brenda and I wake up Bob and he fucks my ass. by MarkLazer04/16/144.50HOT

Cleaning Up Cum

 — Tasting the different types of cum from a wife's pussy. by Anal Slave12/11/034.43

Cleaning Up Mandy

 — Creampie adventures of a married woman. by rick_oh08/19/144.31


 — Amber receives her first enema. by Mr James04/05/044.02


 — Girlfriend learns to follow orders. by lacrimsonfemme08/21/104.42

Cleansing a Sinner

 — A girl comes to confess her father's sins and be cleansed. by E_Night08/11/154.30

Cleanup Boy

 — A new cuckold's wife pushes the limits. by rockymtn06/09/144.07

Cleats, Clit and Cum

 — Two teammates go for the goal: their captain's feet. by sexualrelief719106/24/124.10

Climbing The Corporate Ladder

 — High-heeled hellcat dominates her employee. by clairepenn06/20/024.19

Climbing the Hill

 — Trying to get back in Her grace. by A_needy_pet09/06/114.52HOT

Clinton's Rule

 — Married man indulges his fetish without sex or does he? by smokelover03/06/034.33

Close Call

 — Couple fucks in front of sleeping dad. by purplepanther2507/15/154.00

Close My Corset, Now

 — Corseted couple enjoy tightlacing and special sex. by Learningfast11/02/134.29

Close Shave

 — A very sexy haircut and shave. by Winemaker02/26/074.48

Close Your Eyes...

 — Her brave first step into the world of BDSM. by MarcusStrapp11/20/094.15

Closing Time

 — Closing-time hook-up leads to sick, kinky sex. by zaaz09/26/03

Closing Time

 — A robbery takes place after Black Friday. by spandexman11/30/112.59

Clothed Female, Naked Sam

 — Zoe dresses up while Sam dresses down. by zoejoey04/17/144.67HOT

Clothes Make the Man

 — She tries something different with him. by bobellen08/28/134.28

Clowning Around

 — Security guard gets surprised - wax figure comes to life by Rescue32503/09/033.82

Club 3 Lambs

 — Chrissie has a revelation after being used by 14 inches... by Indulgent_Fetishes11/25/154.09

Club Initiation

 — Two couples go through an initiation to a sex club. by creamypussylover09/04/024.46

Club Spectator

 — A new sport for the elite, oiled women in an arena. by I_Shadow07/13/084.55HOT

Clyde & Bonnie On Vacation

 — Kinky threesome starts the vaction by BonnieLass1101/13/104.19

Co-Ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest

 — How to stage a co-ed tandem beer pissing contest. by HungryGuy12/07/024.21

Co-worker Golden Shower

 — It was my first experience, she wanted it and I complied. by RKHunter05/02/133.95

Co-worker's Wife

 — Mark & Maggie attend a pool party. The wife has one leg. by PeggyBuxton03/30/094.49

Coaching Ch. 01

 — Coach finds an undeniable attraction to his player. by Patrick238002/10/084.26

Coaching Ch. 02

 — Coach and player continue their relationship. by Patrick238003/22/084.38


 — Things get smelly for Charles at Coachella. by lickr07/04/154.71HOT

Cock on My Mind

 — For big results you must think hard. My mind knows no limits. by Safetystars06/18/154.38

Cock Tales

 — What will become the drink of choice tonight? by CreamyPetals10/10/134.00

Cock Worship

 — His wife really loves his erection. by Rubberband man10/19/053.89

Cockfight for Sally

 — Two men want to have sex with the same woman and fight with by cffreak01/20/074.26

Cocks & Cunts

 — Nightclub where cumming is number one. by Anal Slave05/10/034.00

Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 07

 — Hollywood's obsession with hair. by belab02/04/144.75HOT

Code Name: Blue Goat

 — Kinky girlfriend gets boyfriend and room mate into wet fun. by kleincox12/31/124.20

Coed Apartment Wrestling

 — Man catfights women. Women 1, Man 0. by gomez811/09/11

Coed Blowjob Buddies

 — Two cumslut coeds share their fetish for sucking off guys. by BuckyDuckman02/13/144.76HOTContest Winner

Coed Ch. 01

 — A little sex, a little masturbation, a little pee. by zetony503/21/073.48

Coed Ch. 02

 — Students' romantic and sexual adventures. by zetony501/12/084.50


 — Found her on the train. by Lloyd200408/05/054.33


 — A story of first-time pegging. by Wes712/28/124.06

Coffee Shop Cream

 — Eva gets messy with her workmates. by Blue_Suzi05/14/113.92

Coffee with a Scoop of Embarrassment

 — Wife's friend see me in panties. by Ebolaone09/05/074.62HOT

Coffee, Tea or Chastity

 — Flight attendant has her own rewards program. by stateofdenial05/30/134.35

Coffee, Tea or Chastity Ch. 02

 — A not-so-discreet meeting at the airport. by stateofdenial07/05/134.58HOT

Coffeehouse Encounter with Stranger

 — Coffeehouse encounter with stranger. by nupursaraswat08/28/143.82

Coincidental Encounter

 — Two lonely people, three legs, instant chemistry, passion. by rrspence200201/05/114.41

Cold Feet

 — Hitchhiker warms woman's feet during snowstorm. by kimberlykitten01/18/054.47

Cold Leather Revenge

 — A snooty divorcee finds the tables turned on her. by mw021212/07/124.43

Cold Leather Revenge Pt. 02

 — The secretary gains the upper hand! by mw021201/11/134.61HOT

Cold Tile Floor

 — She wakes up tied down on the floor. by dillythemonkey12/26/074.14

Cold War

 — Snowball fight between enemy coworkers escalates. by kronan01/25/014.00

Cold Water

 — There is a certain warmth in the cold. by RumbleyStomach02/15/143.00

Cole's Dark Obsession

 — Cole's most wicked fantasy comes to life. by NightmarePrincess08/08/034.22

Colin's Chronicle

 — Mackintosh Fetishism. by Macjay09/17/124.36


 — Male initiate taken deper than he expected. by raself08/13/024.40

Collar Me

 — No, collar me! by Kikori07/01/104.38

Collar Me

 — A girlfriend's surprising fall into the world of puppy play. by puppyplay08/31/114.46

Collar Me Ch. 02

 — Kim takes her next step into the world of puppy play. by puppyplay09/06/114.42

Collar Me Ch. 03

 — Kim is taught puppy play rules and admits her new desires. by puppyplay09/11/114.56HOT

Collar Me Ch. 04

 — Puppy play desires fulfilled: Kim gets costumed and mated. by puppyplay09/21/114.60HOT

Collared Servant

 — I love you Miss Di. by Hoochie6910/11/144.23


 — Agreeing to a self-facial as collateral for sexy facial pics. by hickmouse02/12/154.61HOT


 — Co-ed first intimatacy and sexual contact. by zetony512/19/063.38

College Cheerleaders in Pantyhose

 — Ppantyhose, my stepsister, and her friends. by fanofpantyhose08/18/093.94

College Clinic Doctor

 — Doctor enjoys her work and finds an opportunity to tutor. by escriterra06/18/094.70HOT

College Cuckold

 — Radical feminist girlfriend exposes cuckold lifestyle. by geoffelectron8811/16/163.97

College Failure

 — How far will she go to not go home a failure? by DaddysGirlLacey01/06/154.00

College Freshmen

 — Popping my cherry! by BethDu12/18/103.26

College Girl's Punishment

 — Stepdaughter gets spanked for dirty panties. by cynthiablaine705/10/153.73

College Girl's Punishment Ch. 02

 — Barbara gets shamed and spanked in front of her dad. by cynthiablaine706/28/154.23

College Girlfriend Cheats Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend humiliates Jimmy by cheating left and right. by a_random_user12/05/104.29

College Medical

 — Humiliating examination - or no scholarship. by MissKateKees10/23/164.26

College Misery Ch. 01

 — A sissy boy's first step into submission. by newauthor1906/28/124.01

College Panty Party

 — Three college girls dress their male friend up in panties. by panty_lover_197104/01/074.34

College Sorority N.Y.L. Ch.01

 — College freshman arrives at sorority and has sexual exp. by fanofpantyhose11/13/094.31

College Stud Takes My Girl

 — Jock steals girlfriend. by easyballs03/25/152.60

Collette Gets Pierced

 — ...on her tongue, nipples, belly button and clit. by michaelhunt03/02/084.00

Colour Blind

 — A girl explores a porn shop. by sarahsmith198907/06/144.19

Colour Blind Ch. 02

 — An unexpected visit. by sarahsmith198907/10/144.37


 — Living on the edge can kill you or someone else. by roan barrow II10/26/024.45

Colter's Choice

 — His addiction takes her places she never expected to go. by sticky_cherry_syrup07/04/08HOT

Combat Boots and an Army Girl's Feet

 — You change from your army boots and socks to slippers. by Borg51103/21/122.67

Combination Sale

 — A woman takes her body-modification obsession to new heights. by mistyfdfa11/30/164.23

Come Over Pizza

 — A pizza delivery that turns nasty. by DrrtyMafia11/14/154.22

Come. On. Me.

 — And how I grew to love it. by city_girl03/03/144.50HOT

Comforting Scott

 — His relationship in tatters, he needed comfort. by wordwriter12/31/033.82

Comic Relief

 — Writer's block on a Sunday afternoon. by Johnny femme Lawless04/10/024.64HOT

Coming Home

 — Guy fucks my wife. by submissiveguy8290706/20/103.05

Coming Home

 — Life as a one legged new bride begins in earnest. by rrspence200204/13/094.35

Coming on Melanie

 — She needs to get her face covered with hot, fresh cum. by SweetPrettyAss10/21/144.53HOT

Commercial Love

 — Sabrina and Connor make commercials more exciting! by layla_beast_baby08/06/094.31


 — Commitment, and the way we use people. by InYourDreams09/05/014.51HOT


 — They come together in a sexual, blood ritual. by Bendis08/27/045.00

Community Service Ch. 03

 — First-day blues: Earning my dole money – in the Sock Room. by davidmuleguy08/30/132.20

Community Service Ch. 04

 — What's the worst that can happen? by davidmuleguy09/19/132.29

Community Service Ch. 05

 — Karen and Linda put their foot down ... and their feet up. by davidmuleguy11/14/133.50

Community Strip Poker Ch. 01

 — Fictional story of a strip poker community website. by skip523606/04/103.15

Company Christmas Party

 — Hose loving man meets asexy lady at his company party. by Drakon6612/04/144.45

Complete Sheer Nylon Fun

 — A Genie covers us both in sheer nylon for the afternoon. by sheerpeter08/21/104.46

Complete Sheer Nylon Fun Ch. 02

 — Genie returns to show me more sheer nylon fun. by sheerpeter09/15/104.62HOT

Complete Surrender

 — Some slaves really do give all... by MsMorrigan10/24/154.17

Complimentary Desires

 — The power and reward of suggestion in a female-led marriage. by MarthaD01/09/104.56HOT

Compromising Positions: A Fantasy

 — Cuckolding and horsegirls and threesomes, oh my! by GingerM11/24/144.58HOT

Computer Problems

 — About the things happening under a desk. by Heel77810/22/084.07

Concerned and Intrigued

 — He can't remember if he told her about his fantasy. by MRUyourAuthor04/23/163.62


 — Like Chopin, he yearns to play to perfection. by SunrockSin03/07/083.67

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Ch. 01

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/19/163.81

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 02

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/15/164.26

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 03

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/16/163.93

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 04

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/19/164.54HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 05

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/20/164.60HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 06

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/22/164.67HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 07

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/23/164.40

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 08

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/24/164.55HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 09

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/25/164.36

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 10

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/28/164.67HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 11

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender12/29/164.58HOT

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 12

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender01/01/174.32

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 13

 — Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. by subtlesurrender01/07/174.58HOT


 — How two people can enjoy each other. by creampiestories11/19/034.05

Conference Call Surprise

 — His wife and boss give an awesome birthday gift. by ldlarry5209/22/064.26

Confession of a Panty Lover

 — Man tells his story of how he... by Suzian04/10/083.77

Confession of a Panty Thief

 — His panty adventures. by Cicero604/28/034.30

Confession of a Panty Thief Ch. 02

 — His panty exploits get more daring. by Cicero605/03/034.42

Confession of a Total Sissy

 — Sissy tells best friend how wife made him a girl. by meeah soo09/10/024.18

Confession Pt. 01

 — Cum fetish. by OhioCurious07/08/154.03


 — He was forever stained. by kyrie159505/11/074.17


 — A young priest it tempted to provide more than absolution. by MoistureGirl10/02/134.48

Confessions (Lupe)

 — Sex crazed MILF gets treatment for her - issues. by robertjones07/24/123.62

Confessions (Michele)

 — Cum-obsessed woman confesses her obsessions. by robertjones07/25/123.67

Confessions (Nicole)

 — Woman describes and confesses her wicked obsessions. by robertjones07/24/124.04

Confessions from All Fours

 — Musings on being taken by a woman. by FlatDownMan07/18/054.34

Confessions of a Blowjob Addict

 — 40-year-old teacher confesses her past and present. by oraldave3910/04/064.39

Confessions of a Breast Addict

 — You might be a breast addict if... by mtt197007/05/084.39

Confessions of a Cuckold

 — How I discovered I was a cuckold. by ep70312/22/124.52HOT

Confessions of a Cuckold Ch. 02

 — The eveloution of a cuckold continues. by ep70302/11/134.55HOT

Confessions of a Cuckold Ch. 03

 — This is the third installment in the series. by ep70306/22/134.60HOT

Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

 — A day in the life of a foot fetishist. by MonsoonMicky11/13/154.37

Confessions Of A Foot Lover Ch. 2

 — He gets to know his girl's best friend. by Rogahh04/16/024.44

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 01

 — A frank, intense interview with a female foot fetishist. by FootjobLover01/03/124.26

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 02

 — A frank, intense interview with a female foot fetishist. by FootjobLover01/04/124.67HOT

Confessions of a Foot Slut Ch. 03

 — A frank, intense interview with a female foot fetishist. by FootjobLover01/17/124.29

Confessions of a Hotel Manager Ch. 01

 — "The German" - Where Lisa discovers the pleasure of guests. by Dani_Kadlo01/26/174.47

Confessions of a Panty Lover

 — How his panty fetish started. by Applejac09/16/024.42

Confessions of a Panty Stealer #3

 — 2 more knicker stealing & sniffing antics reported. by Jayson2306/16/024.33

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 1

 — 18-year-old blonde's knickers are stolen. by Jayson2306/10/024.04

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 2

 — Three sweet used panty steals are described in detail. by Jayson2306/15/024.21

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 4

 — Teenage English girl's house is plundered for panties. by Jayson2306/20/024.22

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 5

 — His first ever panty steal/sniff experience. by Jayson2306/24/024.09

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 6

 — Fresh pair of Sixth Former's panties are nabbed. by Jayson2306/27/024.11

Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 7

 — Hot, sweaty clubber-girl pants are featured this time. by Jayson2306/28/024.22

Confessions of a Shoe Lover

 — Man explains his shoe fetish. by Jazzcharacter04/04/064.19

Confessions of A Toilet Slave

 — Story of a man becoming a toilet slave to a group of women by TaleTeller403501/14/144.15

Confessions of an Escort

 — An escort specialising in watersports tells all. by steve2580502/02/144.00

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