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Lady Warrior Seduced

 — Lady Auborn Streele finds her weaknesses exploited. by runic4205/30/044.49

Lady with Surprise

 — He gets a pegging surprise with a woman. by fossie12305/04/104.39

Lady X Devastation

 —  I arrived at Lady X's condo... by cdupuy10/29/114.02

Lait Maternal Pt. 01

 — Penny signs on to be the face of Lait Maternal, Inc. by BaileySparrowtree08/05/154.10

Lait Maternal Pt. 02

 — Penny's first day, has her leaving with testers & samples. by BaileySparrowtree08/26/154.33

Lait Maternal Pt. 03

 — Penny gets to see the inner-workings of Lait Maternal. by BaileySparrowtree10/07/154.54HOT

Lait Maternal Pt. 04

 — Penny gets her first taste of pussy. by BaileySparrowtree11/11/154.60HOT

Lake Climax

 — A relaxing trip turns into life-threatening arousal. by ViridianQS08/16/153.87

Lake House

 — Young man puts on a cam-show for a mature agoraphobe. by fantaseeboy03/14/194.56HOT

Lake Tahoe

 — The underwear thief. by kinkygirl03/11/064.53HOT

Lake: Isabel

 — She's missing both legs and Dave won't leave her this time. by PeggyBuxton11/20/094.33

Lake: Jeff

 — Two guys meet again - one rich and missing a leg. by PeggyBuxton11/20/094.17

Lake: Leah

 — His mother is different - bigger breasts and a missing leg. by PeggyBuxton11/20/094.46

Lamentations of Psyche Ch. 04

 — Psyche's trials take her beyond Aphrodite's temple. by Vix_Giovanni02/20/194.95HOT

Lana Gives Me Sexual Therapy Ch. 01

 — A kinky sexual therapist fulfills my desire Session 1. by Dargilmar05/03/194.55HOT

Lana's Van

 — A very unusual connection. by papadog04/13/044.22

Lance & Tanya: In Her Mom's Bedroom

 — They share their lingerie love in the wickedest of places. by LisaInLace08/08/074.41


 — Sexy landlady gradually exerts her control. by realbigsid6902/14/084.36

Language of Submission

 — Kind, positive taking control. by quietguyin_tn08/04/154.22

Lara Defucco's Examination Ch. 03

 — The Exam is much more invasive. by SplendidSpunk05/07/104.14

Lara's Chair Tie

 — Lara dresses in latex and ties herself to her chair. by masonandlara01/19/134.25

Large Panty Fantasy

 — She watches me with her large panties. by vinceh2312/01/154.40

Larissa the Latina

 — Revenge leads to love? A little Latina becomes thick & sexy! by OliverPride10/29/174.42

Larissa's Dirty Lipstick

 — Larissa takes her scat fetish to the mall. by larissaandhermaster10/30/164.30

Larry Takes a Piss Slave

 — Food truck owner Larry takes little Lily as his piss slave. by poohbear262204/20/184.02

Last Day

 — Jamies Last Day at the office is quite cuming. by maxxmann8110/04/064.29

Last Job of the Day

 — A call to a new customer results in unexpected shocks. by BobbyFingers01/06/103.77

Last Night I Dreamed...

 — A recounting of a dream. by Ithiaca03/18/063.18

Last Request

 — Dying from a degenerative disease, she lives out her fetish. by HungryGuy09/08/053.85

Last Suck Fest

 — Orally centered female at her best & last. by thick909/17/023.74

Latching On

 — Expectant mom thrills a voyuer. by Dakota_North08/09/024.57HOT


 — Hailey needs milking but her daddy is nowhere to be seen. by DaddysKittenUwU04/13/194.34

Late Again

 — Tardy man finds a not-so-upset wife waiting. by Thirsty107/25/053.99

Late Again

 — Couple have their first argument - and it is painful. by domdaddy4u01/06/113.86

Late for Work

 — Keeping your job means sucking off and fucking the boss by DavidLovesHeels07/12/104.32

Late Night Fun

 — They're drawn into intimate foot and underarm excitement. by revol12/23/034.18

Late Night Meeting Ch. 01

 — Arin pees in the pool, then does other things. by BubbleMonarch09/02/184.10

Late Night Meeting Ch. 02

 — Tawny ends up spending the night with Arin. (in Tawny's POV) by BubbleMonarch09/10/184.00

Late Night Voyeurism

 — I secretly got a lesson of marital pantyhose seduction. by hosey07/03/194.25

Later Discovery

 — Mature lady rediscovers sexuality in girdles and corsets. by Learningfast09/28/154.41

Later Discovery Ch. 02

 — Mature lady discovers more with a young man. by Learningfast09/30/154.59HOT

Later Discovery Ch. 03

 — Mature lady moves even further into new erotic territory. by Learningfast10/03/154.51HOT

Later Discovery Ch. 04

 — Mature lady goes beyond her own imagination. by Learningfast10/09/154.56HOT

Later Discovery Ch. 05

 — Mature lady completes her fetish education - her perversion. by Learningfast10/16/154.50HOT

Latex Doll Sarah

 — A girl is transformed into a latex fuckdoll by her boyfriend. by Merc_Silver06/26/154.19

Latex Lover

 — Girlfriend has a secret love of latex PVC. by alanc05/27/024.32

Latex Turned Him On

 — Her latex outfit gets him extra horny. by JustDoIt2307/19/104.16


 — Redhead and boyfriend have fun with a bar of soap. by BackDoorRed06/26/064.43

Laughter the Best Orgasm

 — Bound & blindfolded, you're tickled till you cum. by sxypaganmom03/21/074.32

Laundry Date

 — A Lesbian makes due with a cute boy. by Rallynoangels10/29/174.48

Laundry Day

 — Magic pair of panties makes for lively interview. by DJBlax06/01/044.44

Laundry Day

 — What happens when he's asked to watch her things. by blackstallion2109/14/094.23

Laundry Room

 — He bumps into hot woman with milk-filled breasts. by Story_Guy0005/03/024.39

Laundry Tales 07: Bustling

 — Martha the ghost tells me another tale. by jeanne_d_artois06/06/113.83

Laundry Tales 11: The Maze

 — We make a maze inside a skirt despite Cousin Ralph. by jeanne_d_artois08/22/164.50HOT

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 01

 — Wife discovers hubby's fantasies through the Net. by lesliejones04/11/054.01

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 02

 — Young wife expands her domination of net-surfing hubby. by lesliejones08/31/104.11

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 03

 — Dominant wife turns surfing sub hubby over to her niece. by lesliejones09/25/104.05

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 04

 — Two women torment Jack; Maisie takes charge. by lesliejones10/14/104.24

Laura Roft: Piss Raider

 — Laura Roft was having a piss. by leaky_one05/04/064.33

Laura Roft: Piss Raider - Reboot Ch. 00

 — In the Beginning - how Laura's story began. by leaky_one07/03/194.56HOT

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 02

 — Her nemesis calls. by leaky_one05/30/064.13

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 03

 — Laura adds a little something to the punch. by leaky_one06/12/064.40

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 04

 — Annabel. by leaky_one07/01/064.43

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 05

 — There's nothing like a wet, naked Annabel. by leaky_one07/18/064.24

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 06

 — Montier's HQ is treated to a shower from Laura's Pussy by leaky_one08/17/064.45

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 07

 — Laura puts on pee display at Mexican fetish nightclub. by leaky_one08/28/064.24

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 08

 — Laura & Annabel piss exploits on the way to a tomb. by leaky_one08/01/074.61HOT

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 09

 — They enter a tunnel with a fountain. by leaky_one09/19/074.53HOT

Laura the Canvas Pt. 02

 — Laura's Transformation begins. by Tallguy91407/12/164.34

Laura the Canvas Pt. 03

 — The project continues... by Tallguy91407/14/164.13

Laura the Canvas Pt. 04

 — Laura's transformation is complete. by Tallguy91407/18/164.30

Laura's Cherry Pie

 — Menstruation and ass kissing turns them on. by hotpup08/22/054.64HOT

Laura's Fantasy

 — Time to imagine making him face his own tickling fetish. by CodaCiel11/18/174.60HOT

Laura's Four-Day Weekend

 — Wife gives herself to another man. by murphy62111/05/102.89

Laura's Moment

 — A conflicted woman has her darkest needs consumed. by cottonballs05/18/134.56HOT

Laura's Moment Ch. 02

 — Beyond first taste comes a deeper realisation. by cottonballs05/26/134.71HOT

Laura's Moment Ch. 03

 — Emma, the girl who stole Laura's heart. by cottonballs07/17/134.66HOT

Laura's Smelly Sex Games

 — They explore fetishes as houseguests. by escalon12/24/064.65HOT

Laura's Strawberry Shortcake

 — Menstrual sex gets even kinkier. by hotpup10/07/054.54HOT

Laura's Sweaty, Smelly Awakening

 — She discovers new fetishes. by escalon11/17/064.49

Laura's Tights Fantasy with Maiko

 — Two dance students spend an interesting afternoon together. by MELD900302/13/164.41

Laurel is Dead

 — A marginalized woman discovers power amidst despair. by MissKaneda09/08/154.31

Lauren's Bath

 — Lauren's dom mom wants her good & clean. by thestrawberry0804/19/102.99

Lauren's Surprise Creampie

 — Christmas party brings more treats. by sunniex06/13/074.16

Lauren, Mega Babe

 — She was to amazing to say no to. by Brian112/24/104.62HOT

Laurie and Shellie Ch. 01: Married Man

 — Laurie thrills Shellie with her fantasy about married men. by OliviaFantasy09/26/154.72HOT

Laurie's Milk Ch. 02

 — Aroused, leaking, and home alone when her neighbor calls in. by TheAdventurer08/02/174.48

Lavender Salts and Apricot Kernels

 — He lovingly tends to her feet on her return from work. by noisymother02/07/094.19


 — Older kinky male introduces young girl to gang bangs. by Girl Friend12/05/073.12

Lazy Margaret

 — Ex-housemate's laziness works to my advantage! by Paradiggler05/07/143.89

Lazy Sunday

 — Her plans for a lazy Sunday nap don't exactly pan out. by Mona_Fionn07/03/133.95

Lazy Sunday

 — Every sleepy day could became interesting in an own way. by roxanya07/11/142.93

Lea's New Best Friend

 — Lea meets some new friends and wets himself. by BubbleMonarch11/05/184.00

Lea's New Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Lea gets to know his new friend. by BubbleMonarch11/08/184.00

Lea's Weekend Ch. 01

 — The start of Lea's weekend with her ex. by ruthless bastard03/15/104.27

Lea's Weekend Ch. 02

 — The debauchery continues. by ruthless bastard07/05/134.36

Leading a Double Life

 — Young woman turns the tables on her boss. by 0131aj12/02/114.20

Leah and Joan Cum

 — Two girls play around and one has sex with her boss. by kreigen1207/31/183.75

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 03

 — Leah gets more than an exam. by ImmortalRomance02/01/073.89

Leah, The Dropout

 — Leah must drop out of college and work at a nail salon. by themanred10/24/174.37

Leak Ch. 01

 — Greeding. by NastyPierre09/26/063.33

Leak Ch. 02

 — Tears for Two. by NastyPierre09/27/064.43

Leak Ch. 03

 — Thelma Rottenbutski. by NastyPierre09/28/064.25

Leak Ch. 04

 — No Ifs, Ands, or Butts. by NastyPierre10/05/064.50

Leak Ch. 05

 — Bye, Bye, Father. Hello Shame. by NastyPierre10/06/064.50

Leak Ch. 06

 — Love Nips. by NastyPierre10/07/064.22

Leaky Lindsay

 — My first bulimic girlfriend. by thedukeofpuke12/21/183.23


 — How he learned about his body. by DigitalAss12/01/06

Learning Curve

 — A vacation yields new experiences. by lennythelion07/29/093.25

Learning Her Place Ch. 01

 — A faded beauty learns to submit to her hen-pecked husband. by Delilah_Storm08/26/154.07

Learning Lessons

 — A lesson teaches this little bookworm a few things.... by Sashagirl9312/16/133.70

Learning More After University

 — Introduced to my first fetish by landlady in her bathroom. by Flexibility01/31/164.38

Learning To Love Her Feet

 — She dominates him so sweetly. by Mousie76208/22/104.28

Learning to Love Pee

 — Amy overcomes her aversion to her domme's fetish. by PreviaWynne09/20/124.49

Learning to Pee Ch. 01

 — I've got to learn to piss on command... this is my journey. by diapergrrl07/14/094.19

Learning to Try New Things

 — Her first attempt to fullfill his fantasies. by beautyg03/15/064.14


 — Jacques De La Tour's newest adventure. by barbie2k05/21/04

Leather Lusts Ch. 01

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/16/084.38

Leather Lusts Ch. 02

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/17/084.43

Leather Lusts Ch. 03

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/18/084.56

Leather Lusts Ch. 04

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/19/084.62HOT

Leather Lusts Ch. 05

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/20/084.67

Leather Lusts Ch. 06

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/21/084.71

Leather Lusts Ch. 07

 — Bikers in love, with each other and leather. by candy_269102/22/084.62HOT

Leather Makes the Dominant Woman

 — Debbie enjoys a dominant awakening with a new leather corset. by Kinky Writer07/30/134.13

Leather Shemale & Leather Wife

 — Hubby's first time leather encounter with wife & shemale. by LeatherKev07/29/024.15

Leaving the Car Behind

 — Full-bladdered Anne choose to use public transport. by Adrian6970200604/16/093.40

Lebanese Experience

 — 5 Lebanese mistress, 1 American guy & 1 Lebanese guy. by Scheherazade8802/22/143.52


 — Drink my milk & fuck me again. Don't let the wife find out! by hollipopped10/06/174.36

Led to Temptation

 — He is gently persuaded to give in to his desires. by millhouseBob01/12/114.40

Leery Lactations

 — He coaches secretary on delivering mother's milk. by jayrandolf10/11/074.33

Left Bank

 — He accidentally meets ex-wife and enjoys hot scat play. by lilactwist07/19/034.59HOT

Left Bank Ch. 02

 — Ex-Wife's lesbian lover joins the scat party. by lilactwist07/20/034.67HOT

Left-Field Fantasy

 — A man's odd fetish turns real after a chance meeting. by anonymous307/03/124.50HOT


 — He'll take whatever he can get. by hitoriErotica02/24/194.07

Leg Man

 — Beautiful teacher lets a student worship her legs. by smudgebucket10/27/064.60HOT

Leg Show

 — She was bent at the waist wearing nothing but heels. by gentlyfirm02/21/104.14

Leg Worship Soul Mates

 — A travel encounter leads to leg fantasy fulfillment. by Eroticsensualist09/09/134.10

Leg Worship Soul Mates Ch. 02

 — More sexcapades leading to leg worship fulfillment. by Eroticsensualist07/18/144.30

Legal Hairs Ch. 01

 — Legal heirs are pushed aside by bushy hair. by belab02/28/044.09

Legally Binding

 — Mistress' lawyer cums in his frilly legal briefs. by MistressMtoyou06/08/134.51HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 00 - Prelude

 — An introduction to this on-going piss fantasy. by leaky_one05/08/194.40

Legends of the Fel Ch. 01

 — A D&D fantasy pee novel. by leaky_one05/20/064.44

Legends of the Fel Ch. 02

 — Continuation of D&D fantasy pee story. by leaky_one05/27/064.69HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 03

 — A Fantasy D&D Pee Story. by leaky_one07/18/064.35

Legends of the Fel Ch. 04

 — Arrival: Sharn arrives at the nightmare fortress. by leaky_one08/31/064.62HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 05

 — Besieged by an army of Amazon Piss Warriors. by leaky_one09/09/064.17

Legends of the Fel Ch. 06

 — Tan seeks to flee from the invading piss Amazons. by leaky_one09/15/064.12

Legends of the Fel Ch. 07

 — Initiation - Sharn discovers the hardships of her prison by leaky_one09/24/064.50HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 08

 — The Sewers of Delait. by leaky_one10/18/064.43

Legends of the Fel Ch. 09

 — Piss, Lesbian Orgy, D&D fantasy setting. by leaky_one12/15/064.66HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 10

 — Sharn fights for her life in the arena. by leaky_one10/25/074.62HOT

Legends of the Fel Ch. 11

 — The continuation of a fantasy piss novel. by leaky_one04/24/194.57HOT

Legs Everywhere

 — Brother gets caught between two young leggy guests. by Kessler09/05/014.10

Legs in a Bookstore

 — Among the classics, he asks to worship your feet. by SquiresBoy03/12/093.93

Legs in a Coffee Shop

 — He can't help himself, even if he is in public. by SquiresBoy02/04/094.43

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