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Squirting Pregnant Pussy

 — Her first experience with female ejaculation. by wife2hotblk09/27/093.65

SSBBW Cassandra

 — I meet a 450 pound darling on the internet and hook up! by pervert4panties03/24/174.14NEW

St Joseph's School For Girls Ch. 1

 — Teachers teach disruptive school girl a lesson. by Dragonia04/19/024.45

St Joseph's School For Girls Ch. 2

 — Jenny humiliation continues. by Dragonia04/20/024.61HOT

St.Trinians' Gardener's Sex Lessons

 — A young man is taught about sex by St Trinian's girls. by Richard96310/08/124.37

Stacey Baby

 — Stacey likes it rough, but not too rough! by Writerotic10/22/063.96

Stacy Lancaster: White Dreams

 — Wake and ravish. by Boondocker4209/19/164.07

Stacy wants to Play Ch. 05

 — The Girl in the Box. by ruuddog11/05/104.47

Stacy's First Stranger

 — She has never seen him and never will. by Draco363802/27/083.95

Stag Party

 — Thomas' Stag Party is re-organised by his bride. by oggbashan07/27/023.20

Stage 02

 — What plans does he hold for her in the shower? by Capt. Stable08/17/053.93

Stage 03

 — An awakening messy fetish. by Capt. Stable08/18/054.08

Stand to Attention

 — A cadet is made to masturbate for an audience. by Terry1910/28/034.05

Standing O

 — Public arousal. by The5th05/24/164.17

Standing on My Aunt

 — He's invited to stand barefoot on his aunt. by Dangerous Feet04/23/063.00

Star Industries, Subject 84 Pt. 01

 — Dominant women in a medical testing facility. by esteban7708/02/154.27

Star Industries, Subject 84 Pt. 02

 — Dominant Women in a Medical Testing Facility. by esteban7708/23/154.11

Start at the Feet

 — Couple savors foot fetish fun. by Blue69lover03/01/054.13

Started Innocently Ch. 02

 — The weekend gets even hotter. by Kaotiks02/21/033.56

Starting All Over Again

 — Three years of abstinence proves worth the wait. by komrad115601/06/174.24

Starting Small

 — I have his little cock wrapped around my little finger! by mythila03/17/123.96

State Park

 — Lovers' rendezvous in the deep woods goes awry. by MirageLM06/10/014.38

Staying With Friends

 — A guys visit to England fulfills his wildest fantasies by Lucien_Al01/26/034.60HOT

Stealing Bras and Sniffing Panties

 — Bra & panty bandit uses, abuses, & sexually assaults women. by SuperHeroRalph08/31/113.89

Steamy Panty Play

 — My girlfriend and I share our panty fetish. by pervert4panties03/11/174.17


 — Tony's mother was the woman of my erotic dreams. by spandexman05/22/123.68

Stella at Strawberry Bank

 — Two friends from work attend an outdoor concert. by carson265806/04/134.26


 — Stella gets spanked by a strange alien race... and her aunt. by CarolineBenes10/02/164.50HOT

Stepdad Plays with My Wife's Foot

 — On a drive home, my wife's foot is enjoyed by her step dad. by philgill1107/29/164.33

Stepdaughter's BFF Ch. 02

 — Milk-laden Mom discovers kitchen coupling. by sirhugs01/20/154.69HOT

Stepdaughter's Transexual Surprise Ch. 1

 — Stepdaughter has big surprise for him. by juge110/01/014.51HOT

Stepdaughters Adjust to New Lifestyle

 — Stepdaughters move in with nudist stepdad. by NUDE NATURALLY11/26/094.41

Stepdaughters Pleasure Daddy

 — One a shemale, one a fox - both pleasing Dad. by juge111/06/014.61HOT

Stepdaughters Transexual Surprise Ch. 2

 — She shows Daddy the pleasures a shemale can give. by juge110/02/014.60HOT

Steph and Giulia Ch. 01: The Betrayal

 — Stephen accidentally introduces Giulia to his roommate. by BigHand3209/15/154.21

Steph and Giulia Ch. 03: The Lingerie Shop

 — Giulia buys Stephen his own panties. by BigHand3209/27/154.29

Steph and Giulia Ch. 04: The Outing

 — Giulia helps Steph avoid his roommate's harassment. by BigHand3211/24/154.19

Steph and Giulia Ch. 05: Short Shorts

 — Giulia alters Stephen's shrunken jeans to make them wearable. by BigHand3202/11/174.09

Steph and Giulia Ch. 06: The Strapon

 — Giulia dreams of fucking her new boyfriend all day at school. by BigHand3202/21/174.28

Steph's Descent Ch. 01

 — Steph sets out on a journey to sluthood. by 62_goo02/17/154.02

Steph's Descent Ch. 02

 — Steph slides further down. by 62_goo02/20/154.34

Steph's Descent Ch. 03

 — Phil hears some home truths. by 62_goo02/23/154.00

Steph's Descent Ch. 04

 — Steph gets pierced and finds a girlfriend. by 62_goo02/26/154.21

Steph's Descent Ch. 05

 — Phil's descent goes up a notch. by 62_goo02/27/154.16

Steph's Descent Ch. 06

 — More tattoos and piercings for Steph. by 62_goo03/10/153.82

Steph's Descent Ch. 07

 — Steph sucks a devil! by 62_goo03/19/154.10

Steph's Descent Ch. 08

 — More tattoos and a head shaving. by 62_goo03/29/154.03

Steph's Descent Ch. 09

 — Steph's Descent is complete. by 62_goo04/02/153.71

Stephanie's Cuckold Ch. 01

 — Married woman lets loose. by Superboytoy01/22/113.42

Stephanie's Fireplace Surprise

 — Husband warms her feet. by Bacomicfan12/01/004.07

Stephanie's Toy Ch. 05

 — Brooke and Sephanie go on dates. by cuckoldwishes12/09/154.37

Stepmom and Me

 — Weekend Wet Party Time. by JhMcKn02/02/114.12

Stepmom and Me Ch. 02

 — Having wet stepmom all to myself for a few days. by JhMcKn10/05/114.38

Stepmom and Me Ch. 02a

 — Fucking my stepmother. by JhMcKn08/12/134.26

Stepmom and Me Ch. 03

 — A Couple of More Days with Stepmommy. by JhMcKn12/21/114.56HOT

Stepmom and Me Ch. 04

 — Playing with my stepmom. by JhMcKn04/18/124.36

Stepmommy Peeing

 — He watches in secret as his stepmother pees. by JhMcKn02/04/104.30

Stepmommy Peeing Ch. 02

 — He catches stepmom. by JhMcKn02/10/103.95

Stepsister's Nylon Punishment

 — lingerie-fan gets caught by stepsister who punishes him by fanofpantyhose10/15/094.14

Steve to Stevie to ??

 — Steve meets lady executive online who likes control. by gbr200404/15/064.47

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 02

 — Stevie is taken to Ms Storm's house. by gbr200404/23/064.33

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 03

 — Steve discovers things about his Mistress & his training. by gbr200404/29/064.50HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 04

 — Stevie's must learn to obey. by gbr200405/08/064.57HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 05

 — Steve goes back to lounge. by gbr200405/16/064.54HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 06a

 — Steve returns to work and who does he see there but Ms Storm. by gbr200405/24/064.70HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 06b

 — Steve entertains Ms Storms guests. by gbr200405/30/064.50HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 07

 — Steve is used by his Mistress and a friend. by gbr200406/07/064.63HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 08

 — Steve continues his journey into submission. by gbr200406/21/064.73HOT

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 09

 — Steves feminization continues. by gbr200407/04/064.64HOT

Steve's Maid

 — Steve is sissified slowly by his new dominant maid, Tulip. by Mixedwritings199306/22/114.11

Steven Actually Meets Jennifer

 — Steven is too trusting - or is he? by pinkpony212/12/104.54HOT

Steven Gets In Deeper

 — Steven molds to his new reality. by pinkpony212/12/104.05

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 01

 — Steven fucks with the wrong Black Bitch. by AfroerotiK12/06/10

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 Slave. by AfroerotiK12/07/10

Steven Takes a Chance

 — Man gets wound up in fantasy world. by pinkpony212/12/103.63

Steven's Commencement Ceremony

 — Faculty room gals train first year teacher. by anglerterrora04/01/163.77

Stewart & Leah: Home for Christmas

 — Stewart's bringing his sexy new girlfriend home. by RuthMadison04/09/124.46

Sticking It to the Boss

 — A futanari woman has sex with her hot female boss. by Sucker4Boobies10/11/164.67HOT

Sticky Lips Party

 — A visit from Darla's college roommates turns sensual. by rick_oh11/23/054.49


 — An encounter with a stilleto wearing dame. by word artist01/18/034.32

Stinky, Sweaty, Strap-On Fun

 — Clarke gets a pounding from his female lover. by regularjohn211202/12/124.58HOT


 — When the captive falls for the kidnapper... by MaxSebastian02/07/014.51HOTEditor's Pick


 — She can be good, but her body can't. by BeautifulSaint03/31/123.88

Stocking Feet

 — Guy admires girls stocking feet and tells her so. by archieII11/06/064.09

Stocking Fetish

 — Nylon Stocking addict. by watcher_uk05/04/164.08

Stocking Play

 — A girl allows a guy friend to indulge his hosiery fetish. by SandieQUK08/31/094.39

Stocking Stuffer

 — Stocking stuffer goes wrong for small penis. by Runtz301/06/164.47

Stocking Tops

 — Eighteen and English he goes to USA with a stocking fetish. by Egmont Grigor08/29/074.56HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 02

 — Lee's mild fetish in stocking tops continues. by Egmont Grigor09/13/074.74HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 03

 — Lee wins a job & his licking becomes more rewarding. by Egmont Grigor09/17/074.75HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 04

 — Naughty Lee Peach has Australian women flashing. by Egmont Grigor05/20/084.84HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 05

 — Lee Peach now lives in Australia and cultivates his fetish. by Egmont Grigor06/01/084.96HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 06

 — Lee succumbs when Monique shows her stocking tops. by Egmont Grigor06/07/084.75HOT

Stocking Tops Pt. 07

 — The show goes on and the Peach family heads west. by Egmont Grigor06/12/084.88HOT

Stocking Wearing Cocksucker

 — He became a stocking wearing cocksucker. by LuvStockings06/10/034.55HOT

Stockings & Sambucca

 — An evening of lust turns kinky. by Rhon176809/29/013.90

Stockings Do It Every Time

 — Wife's friend sets him off. by Emerald Blue11/23/024.41

Store Browsing

 — Getting a little help with my selection of panties. by chuckp786007/21/144.60HOT

Store Dick

 — The security guy has a conflict of interests. by Hubee03/12/094.52HOT

Stories of Women in Control Ch. 03

 — Subway sluts teach him about tease and frottauge. by Frotter07/16/053.67

Story for Angel

 — He writes one for his Mistress. by trophy_boy08/13/054.50

Story Of A Kinky Train Journey

 — Based on a Real, Wet Experience by RajaMikey05/20/143.37

Story of a Sissy

 — Following a sissy and her lover. by hyperpress09/23/113.73

Straight A's for BBC

 — Sacrifices must be made. by JamieLikesToWrite11/13/083.62

Straight Edge

 — Please don't cut me, she begged. by Diderot02/29/043.94

Straight Laced

 — Allowing herself to be pierced is a woman's ultimate gift. by MrKitty09/29/084.55HOT

Straight Laced Ch. 02

 — Rachel explores her new body decorations by MrKitty11/16/084.63HOT

Strange Day

 — After a workout, all she needs is lunch. by Calyxxx04/15/054.24

Strange Fetish

 — Steve talks me into something new. by starsinger02/17/133.93

Strange Thoughts and a Wet Walk

 — A young couple tries out pee play. by IrishSpringandSummer07/30/154.65HOT

Stranger in the Park Ch. 1

 — Show-off transvestite flashes drivers. by Sherry Cross11/11/004.30

Stranger in the Park Ch. 2

 — He goes on a second date. by Sherry Cross11/11/004.45

Stranger on the Couch

 — He couldn't believe what his wife did with his co-worker. by VeryDirtyMind05/28/154.02


 — Whatever works? by magmaman03/07/154.04

Strangers in the Dark

 — Finally, an adventurous girl meets her first glory hole. by KellyP01/06/104.25

Strangers on a Plane

 — I meet some swingers on the way to Vegas. by ryder7705/03/094.18

Strap-on & Me

 — A man discovers the joys of toys. by toysrfun10/04/014.29

Strap-On Adventure

 — I've been seeing this new guy lately. by CandyBree8305/22/104.57HOT

Strap-On Adventure Ch. 02

 — After pegging him last night he get his revenge. by CandyBree8305/23/104.56HOT

Strap-On Asian

 — Asian woman uses strap-on male stranger. by Talin08/05/044.58HOT

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 01

 — A potential new hire at Strap-On Enterprises. by cby204/17/054.56HOT

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 02

 — Man is taken by female interviewer. by cby205/06/054.62HOT

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 03

 — Anything for the customer. by cby205/14/054.60HOT

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 03.5

 — Sam seeks the help of a Dominatrix. by cby206/11/054.63HOT

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by cby206/30/054.54HOT

Strap-on Fetish Discovered by Wife

 — Wife finds and uses a new toy on her husband. by Patrick238012/18/124.64HOT

Strap-On Lesbians Get Pregnant

 — Wife makes husband impregnate lesbians. by Anal Slave06/01/023.69

Strap-On Roommate

 — Two guys are done by women with strap-ons. by Talin07/27/014.60HOT

Strap-On Submission

 — Mistress makes her slave worship her cock with his mouth... by Robert_Anthony06/11/144.36

Strap-On Sunset

 — She uses a strap-on on a new male lover. by Talin07/02/013.89

Strap-On to the Max

 — Boyfriend gets an addtional strap-on suprise for birthday. by mike969696mike10/30/084.47

Strap-on Twins

 — A man takes on two women wearing strap-ons. by Talin07/11/014.48

Strapon Bride

 — Regina gives her new husband an adventure. by rick_oh09/11/054.33

Strapon Dream Cum True

 — If only he could find a woman to pound his asspussy HARD. by AfroerotiK11/20/064.37

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