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Teacher's Pets

 — Dominating woman gives 2 boys love lessons. by Jenne6410/25/003.93

Teacher's Treat

 — Schoolteacher's past comes back to haunt her. by apollo500005/17/064.23

Teachers Are People, Too

 — We also have lives. by Wicplx01/10/164.23

Teaching a Lesson

 — Char gives you one of your fantasies. by gentlelady12/19/034.50HOT

Teaching Claire Ch. 03

 — My wife turns up the kink with hard spanking. by dreamerboi04/03/124.06

Teaching Ms. Goodhouse

 — Demanding business executive needs a strong hand. by SpankerSam06/24/014.47

Teaching Tiffany

 — Professor teaches Tiffany what he has while another watches. by CheriSM05/28/104.13

Team Mascot

 — Runaway in NYC finds out what she really loves. by BlewWater6908/24/074.61HOT

Team Mom

 — Stepmother forgoes dignity for the approval of stepson. by Guy_Faux01/18/124.25

Tease and Blackmail

 — Stunning brunette gets her way by teasing. by fetishstories0712/30/144.18

Tease and Denial

 — A woman desperate for a job takes an unusual role! by worzel03/05/104.10

Tease Ch. 01

 — A tease for my boy. by Ms_Jane09/26/124.49

Tease Ch. 02

 — More teasing for my beloved. by Ms_Jane10/03/124.36

Tease Island

 — The resort island for Orgasm Denial! by justincbenedict03/06/164.23


 — My body is worked over. by JenPB03/08/114.53HOT

Teased and Abused

 — A teacher abuses her 18-year-old student. by STEPHENA01/22/113.98

Teased by my Mistress’s Feet

 — Foot Mistress teases her foot slave. by 5horn04/07/104.35

Teased by My Neighbor

 — Locked in chastity, Beth teases me more. by randomer55510/26/154.46

Teased by My Neighbor Ch. 02

 — The night continues with merciless teasing. by randomer55511/03/154.62HOT

Teased, Denied and Sissified Ch. 03

 — Ashley finds me breaking the rules and strips my manhood. by subbieman02/16/144.45

Teased, Denied and Sissified Ch. 04

 — Ashley further emasculates me while. by subbieman09/25/144.54HOT

Teasing Goddess Ch. 01

 — Her subject restrained, Goddess decides to take her time. by erekose68611/26/154.46

Teasing Small Boyfriend Pt. 01

 — Rachel finds out boyfriend deepest fantasy. by guhadosa11/27/154.52HOT

Teasing Tormenting Teens

 — Mother's squirming trip to the mall with a van full of teens. by Phoenix Arrow01/09/054.44

Techno Tits

 — His obsession with big tits leads to tech solution. by rhinotoons04/28/044.17

Teddy Bare in Captivity

 — How my supplicant spent his first week. by christinecuddlewell08/04/134.59HOT

Teddy Bare, Maid to Serve

 — Good servants are so hard to find these days. by christinecuddlewell09/10/134.53HOT

Tee's Trial Ch. 01

 — Tee begins her journey into sensation fetish and submission. by lyn7412/28/173.87

Tee's Trial Ch. 02

 — Tee gets interviewed, fondled, tickled, and forced to cum. by lyn7412/29/174.50

Tee's Trial Ch. 03

 — Tee fully commits to a tickle session. by lyn7412/30/174.67

Tee's Trial Ch. 04

 — Tee endures her first real tickle session. by lyn7412/31/174.60

Tee's Trial Ch. 05

 — Tee's first tickle session continues. by lyn7401/01/184.20

Teen Cigar Slut jenny

 — Jenny helps herself to older man's cigars. by SkipTracer10/09/034.63HOT

Teen Teasing with Her Panties

 — Young woman knows the power of her panties. by Treated211/05/174.63HOT


 — Was she just waiting for a call, or was it something else? by Algonquin Twit03/06/102.25

Telephone Tease

 — A phone-chat session with a "sheer nylons" theme. by MissKinkyCatriona08/22/124.50HOT

Tell Me what You were Thinking

 — Wife asks what I was thinking about during sex ... by trixie_leigh09/28/173.65

Tell Me You Love Me

 — She asks you for her first spanking. by kinda I want to08/10/054.41

Temple House Pt. 06

 — Part 6: Temple House Princess. by DrCross01/20/185.00NEW

Tempted and Teased in Texas Ch. 03

 — Jack faces his biggest temptation yet in young Sofia by writemarksmith04/22/144.50HOT

Tempting Tresses

 — A customer fantasizes over his waitress's hair. by scifivxn10/02/074.56HOT

Ten Minutes on the Mat with Kym

 — Middle-aged man wanted to wrestle a woman. by JustLikeEwe05/28/154.39


 — Creepy scientist has power to create tentacle monsters. by Wifetheif11/19/173.69

Teresa's Shoe Store Ch. 01

 — College freshman sells women's shoes. by fanofpantyhose11/05/094.21

Teresa's Shoe Store Ch. 02

 — Mature Asian tries stealing heels, gets caught and punished. by fanofpantyhose12/18/094.09

Tereza's Panties Ch. 01

 — A man finds he has an obsession. by viajero01/20/124.13

Terminator: System Error

 — Skynet sends a T-X unit back in time, but she's damaged. by GingerM12/24/124.18

Test Subject Slut V. 01

 — Michael has a very wet first day at a strange new job. by GirlyCumslutBoy03/12/08


 — You agree to medical testing...but it's not what you thought. by noz4atu02/07/143.53

Texas Heat: Brandi Bottoms Up

 — Naughty spankee, nosy neighbor, paddle-wielding hubby by Sabrina Leigh09/18/034.63HOT

Texas Heat: Nosy Lady, Rosy Bottom

 — A nosy neighbor gets her licks in. by Sabrina Leigh09/16/034.57HOT

Texas Heat: Temperatures Rising

 — The heat makes Brandi cranky and hubby spanky. by Sabrina Leigh09/15/034.42

Texas Heat: The Final Frontier

 — Daniel trusted. Brandi busted. by Sabrina Leigh09/23/034.69HOT

Texas Hose-the Ranch

 — Ed takes Kay home. by johntwoj11/16/114.32

Texas Mini Vacation

 — A man finds his sleepy pantyhose soul mate. by johntwoj08/21/113.79

Texas Traveler

 — Man picks up an unbathed, smelly, hitchhiker. by Shale02/14/014.16


 — It stands for 'toes go in first'. by Bakeboss12/11/093.85

Thai Bride-to-be

 — I I enjoy a submissive sex with my Thai bar girl fiancée. by StarfireMayo12/20/103.97

Thai Room Maid in Tights

 — Encounter with Asian room maid wearing black tights. by fanofpantyhose09/25/094.20

Thai Surprise

 — Thai wife brings home her gf but hubby gets black surprise. by StarfireMayo09/27/124.17

Thai Take-Away No. 4

 — They were the grains of wrath ... but Brendan enjoyed them. by davidmuleguy04/23/142.00

Thank Heavens for the Maid

 — Sexy virgin maid in India. by sexual_indian02/20/033.32

Thank You for Your Obedience

 — A man's blind date with a femdom veterinarian. Woof. by With_Lust07/03/114.16

Thank You Lisa

 — Incredible encounter, totally unexpected. by SamFrench06/30/073.95

Thank You, Doctor.

 — Cindy experiences her first with a special doctor. by votumspecialis08/19/104.13

Thank you, Doctor: The Second Visit

 — Cindy's control is put to the test. by votumspecialis08/26/104.23

Thanks to My Friend Gene

 — A boring party has room for a surprise. by janetsue07/24/074.27

Thanksgiving Day

 — My wife teases me with her feet, then enjoys the results. by mugs10112/21/114.53HOT

That Ass, Though

 — A redhead loses a bet to a friend with a big secret. by solitarycafe11/21/174.60HOT

That Awkward Moment When.....

 — I submit to my best friend's sister and her cute feet. by sexualrelief719107/01/124.36

That Creampie Smile

 — Gina gradually lures her lover to creampie dessert by rick_oh10/22/054.45

That Old Adage...

 — He wanted a girl just like the one that married dad. by SweetPregnantTits07/09/094.57HOT

That Smell

 — Dirty firefighter comes home. by Da_Imp03/26/024.31

That Thing with the Cup Ch. 01

 — I have a thirst only you can quench. by gaminegrrl01/01/114.16

That Time

 — Kat is taken by her master at that time of the month. by Mr James10/17/054.23

That Time Again

 — Jen is having a heavy period. by Mr James11/12/044.50HOT

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 01

 — His casual confession leads to intense humiliation. by kleve09/01/044.00

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 02

 — The revenge starts... by kleve09/02/044.47

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 03

 — The revenge gets more elaborate. by kleve09/03/044.61HOT

That Whole WAM Thing Ch. 04

 — The revenge goes kind of wrong, with closure. by kleve09/04/044.45

That'll Teach the Rich Bitch!

 — She unknowingly swallows his cum and gets pissed on. by English_Girl09/02/07

That's a Good Kitty

 — Government-forbidden monster-girl sex. by StayClassyHentaiGuy08/17/164.74HOT

That's a Good Kitty Pt. 02

 — This Catgirl is getting a little more feisty... by StayClassyHentaiGuy08/20/164.64HOT

That's What Neighbors Are For

 — Two close neighbors become closer for one special night. by MoJoeJuice03/21/123.83

The Chameleon

 — A mistake leads a woman down a new path. by venus_can08/12/024.38

The "Me Date" Ch. 01

 — Honey tells about her "collection". by highpowererot12/19/074.58HOT

The "Me Date" Ch. 02

 — Honey makes good use of her most recent semen sample. by highpowererot01/08/084.49

The "Other" Envy

 — A man comes to terms with his vagina envy. by Edwarlife02/10/044.43

The 'Golden' Rule

 — The poor girl just can't control 'it'. by enjoyjoel03/20/013.26

The (C)hairman Ch. 2

 — Paula takes on two men & a woman. by belab07/04/024.05

The (non) Accident Ch. 01

 — Adults DO NOT have accidents! by Skoonf07/15/134.03

The 1980 Nissan Stinkbomb

 — They're bound, gagged, and forced to smell her farts by unrivalledpretension12/16/103.69

The 5 V's

 — One man's story of the smoking fetish. by eightballbum07/08/064.38

The Abbeyway Bulley Turns

 — Messy games lead to the end of a bulley. by tarred04/16/144.70HOT

The Abbeyway Prank

 — Equestrians duel with a messy booby trap. by tarred04/16/144.62HOT

The Abecedaria Ch. 01

 — Unwelcome love, welcome passion, & armpits. by honestbutnocent06/06/043.67

The Accident Ch. 02

 — Jake gets another apology. by surferjake02/20/114.70HOT

The Account Manager

 — A dutiful secretary takes rimming seriously. by Pearl_Necklace03/05/164.50HOT

The Adult Hookup Site Couple

 — Meeting a bi curious couple online that he knew growing up. by JustJimColo12/25/154.62HOT

The Adventure Continues

 — Bob continues his journey to a better Bobbie. by slipfreak4605/28/074.38

The Adventures of Kitty Ch. 01

 — The sensual journey of a kitty-girl. by RoxieCarmichael03/30/134.54HOT

The Adventures of Kitty Ch. 02

 — The further experiences of a naughty kitty girl. by RoxieCarmichael04/01/134.25

The Adventures of Lykshaa

 — The first story about the adventures of the Amazon Queen. by TheAmazonQueen11/14/073.50

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 01

 — Madi's foot desire finally because a reality for her. by sexualrelief719108/08/124.22

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 02

 — No more Ms. Nice Foot Girl, it's time for some foot fun. by sexualrelief719108/10/124.05

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 03

 — Madi meets the girl of her foot dreams. by sexualrelief719104/17/134.38

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 04

 — Madi's sister comes home and the two have some foot fun. by sexualrelief719108/11/133.86

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 05

 — Madi meets a fellow foot lover; it just happens to be a guy. by sexualrelief719110/24/134.05

The Adventures of Panty Boy

 — A panty boy taste his first cock. by Panty1003/22/124.51HOT

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 07

 — Dinner with the boss. by mousemoonwalk11/26/154.23

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 08

 — Office party and Father Christmas. by mousemoonwalk12/08/154.38

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 09

 — The bedroom needed decorating and her poor bum gets spanked. by mousemoonwalk04/14/163.82

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 10

 — A bump on the car needs fixing. by mousemoonwalk10/18/164.07

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 11

 — Car park fun while walking home. by mousemoonwalk12/13/163.92

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 12

 — What you have to do to get the husband a promotion. by mousemoonwalk04/08/174.03

The Adventures of Poopsie the Puppy

 — Asian dog slave is taken to a picnic. by Sean Renaud06/19/053.99

The Advice Columnist

 — She gets a lot of questions from submissive readers! by colonellunchmeat11/17/144.42

The Affair

 — Sexual play on a dark deserted road. by Topus11/11/003.89

The After-Party

 — Partygoers find me & the wife's stash of S&M novels. by IrishPapa01/17/154.46

The Agreement

 — Cigars, cigarettes, smoking in a bar. by jlenil09/29/094.32

The Agrement

 — Wife bargains with husband to let her have breast enlargement. by pfanv01/31/174.52HOT

The Aguila Incident

 — An actress gets the VIP treatment in North Korea. by ViridianQS08/17/153.13

The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale

 — Marty is shown a CFNM aprtment and a new way of life. by Ardor05/27/104.43

The Alley of No Return Ch. 01

 —  A story of sexual Liberation through Corruption. by fursmoke1106/22/074.37

The Alley of No Return Ch. 02

 — A student corrupts others to the dark allure of smoking. by fursmoke1107/26/074.50HOT

The Alley of No Return Ch. 03

 — Bisexual lecturer is seduced by a student couple smoking. by fursmoke1107/27/074.54HOT

The Alley of No Return Ch. 04

 — Teacher causes a ripple of liberation among her colleagues. by fursmoke1107/28/074.44

The Alley of No Return Ch. 05

 — The trance of surrender to the illicit and the sensual. by fursmoke1108/07/074.25

The Alley of No Return Ch. 06

 — Run for cover in the Temple of Lust. by fursmoke1108/13/074.80HOT

The Alley of No Return Ch. 07

 — Sensuality of fur & smoking means much in a lesbian affair. by fursmoke1109/08/074.09

The Alley of No Return Ch. 08

 — The glamour of the illicit is infectuous. by fursmoke1109/09/074.62

The Alley of No Return Ch. 09

 — Strike Dear Mistress and Cure his Heart. by fursmoke1109/15/074.25

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

 — A wife is thrilled to be bad again. by fursmoke1109/19/074.27

The Alley of No Return Ch. 11

 — A VIP party gets hot as cigarettes raise the temperature. by fursmoke1109/29/074.15

The Alley of No Return Ch. 12

 — Moonlight and nicotine brings inner demons out to play. by fursmoke1109/30/073.73

The Alley of No Return Ch. 13

 — At five am in a hotel, sensual demons stalk the corridors. by fursmoke1110/06/074.23

The Alley of No Return Ch. 14

 — A Ukranian footballer finds his English lady in tweed + furs. by fursmoke1110/08/074.62

The Alley of No Return Ch. 15

 — Mother is not decent, neither is her son or their lover. by fursmoke1110/09/074.46

The Alley of No Return Ch. 16

 — Mother and son flirt with taboo...but..... by fursmoke1110/10/073.96

The Alley of No Return Ch. 17

 — Glamour: a story of mother and son bonding. by fursmoke1110/11/073.71

The Alley of No Return Ch. 18

 — Narcissus flowers in glamorous + evil metamorphosis. by fursmoke1110/12/074.73HOT

The Alley of No Return Ch. 19

 — Half a century between them: no barrier to true lust? by fursmoke1110/13/074.07

The Alley of No Return Ch. 20

 — Revenge is a dish best served cuckolded. by fursmoke1110/14/074.62HOT

The Alley of No Return Ch. 21

 — A Mormon missionary receives Sacrament & Baptism. by fursmoke1111/10/074.23

The Alley of No Return Ch. 22

 — Mormon elder is corrupted by colleague & stunning lover. by fursmoke1112/13/073.89

The Alpha

 — A transvestite becomes the sex slave of a futanari. by Sucker4Boobies04/19/174.34

The Alpha bet Ch. 01

 — A poker bet, that puts his reputation on the table. by extruepsico12/06/113.68

The Alpha Ch. 02

 — Regina tracks down Alex. by Sucker4Boobies05/09/174.50HOT

The Alpha Ch. 03

 — Patty meets another Alpha. by Sucker4Boobies07/06/174.20

The Amazing Betsy Freinlich

 — An Amazon girl grows into a fertile, loving woman. by Subtext04/19/143.23

The Amazing Italian

 — A woman begins her submissive relationship by passing a test. by JupGuy0901/27/163.67

The Amazons

 — The true legend of the amazons. by Gender Player11/10/033.12

The Amy Chronicles: Prologue

 — He's captivated by her... and her panties by seahorse04/28/033.59

The Angry Wife

 — Man marries the military foot goddess of his dreams. by stryker5304/09/113.54

The Animal Trainer Ch. 03

 — Jennings takes daughter while Step Mother watches. by Paris Waterman03/18/124.35

The Apartment Ch. 3

 — Lovers express their love by exploring their fantasies. by Miltone08/19/024.55HOT

The Apartment Complex Ch. 1

 — Lactating landlady sells complex. by Sperman Alexie10/18/004.20Contest Winner

The Appraiser Ch. 02

 — He's made a permanent sissy at business conference. by ctlthrmn04/08/073.81

The Arrangement

 — Amanda agrees to sell herself. by LittleLady9903/25/074.28

The Arrangement Ch. 07

 — Forced to witness her lewdness. by Mr Robert12/28/123.65

The Arrangement Ch. 08

 — Cuckold humiliation. by Mr Robert03/18/133.46

The Arrow of Desire

 — A kinky romantic tale, set Down Under. by abrank201/30/074.32

The Art of Cuckolding

 — Mature woman teaches a young bride the art. by CuckoldGuy01/15/134.18

The Art of Scat

 — A prostitute's experience on scat play. by jessie201503/02/164.10

The Art of Scat - Q&A

 — Most relevant questions I got in my email. by jessie201503/20/164.31

The Art of the Marinated Pussy

 — A story of snowballing and cum play. by LeggoMyEars07/02/104.04

The Artist

 — Tim agrees to pose nude for an artist. by uppishcarrot07/01/103.53

The Artist

 — True story with bondage, incest, exhibitionism, oral... by live4thebj10/04/143.59

The Assistant Ch. 05

 — Aimee and Adam work out of town, but Aimee is a bad girl. by Vysis01/16/154.71HOT

The Attraction

 — Lust for a larger woman. by PicturePainter04/29/104.45

The Au Naturel Anal Bleaching

 — A surprising discovery turns into a job with amazing perks. by jsmiam08/28/174.76HOT

The Audition

 — Phoenix interviews her way through several unique jobs. by BrettJ01/04/154.29

The Automated Dairy

 — Alone, naked, and afraid, I wonder if am I a woman or a cow? by msound102/03/154.35

The Awakening Ch. 01

 — Thom finds a new passion with Andrea. by InNeed10110/18/043.89

The Awakening Of Sara

 — Sara is seduced by a domiant lesbian with a smoking fetish by smokelover01/25/034.37

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