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The Only Effective Cure

 — Definitely beyond the standard of care. by Ms_Messalina06/23/024.31

The Operative: File 01

 — An epic erotic spy serial. by SizeQueenSupreme12/12/074.30

The Operative: File 02

 — Two hard cases. by SizeQueenSupreme12/22/074.43

The Operative: File 03

 — The operative hates field work. by SizeQueenSupreme01/08/084.60HOT

The Operative: File 04

 — The operative is on a recruitment drive. by SizeQueenSupreme05/19/124.70HOT

The Operative: File 05

 — The specialist has his fun. by SizeQueenSupreme06/11/124.63HOT

The Organisation Ch. 1

 — He hires & dominates young Suzanne. by Tafod Arian10/16/004.68HOT

The Other Night

 — An unforgettable night with a dominating wife. by bubbles9412/30/124.14

The Other Side

 — Professor Meine looked across the college auditorium... by Gabriela_Morglove01/07/174.27

The Out of Town Pickup

 — Night of clubbing gets hot...and wet. by Art05/27/014.37

The Owner Ch. 01

 — Sexy mature woman opens a club for fetish lovers. by robertjones07/24/084.17

The Owner Ch. 02

 — Sex and kink move into a new realm. by robertjones07/25/084.17

The Owner Ch. 03

 — Force has some happy outcums (wink wink). by robertjones07/26/084.32

The P Club

 — An exclusive club for panty lovers. by Mareus02/15/074.26

The Pack Ch. 01

 — The lives of a couple change when they move to the country. by Quin11/10/084.29

The Pack Ch. 02

 — The urge to feed her fetish for dirty sex is strong. by Quin11/19/084.38

The Pack Ch. 03

 — The Pack know that Susan is easily tempted. by Quin11/28/084.30

The Pack Ch. 04

 — Susan sinks lower - in more ways than one. by Quin12/07/084.31

The Pack Ch. 05

 — Susan is taken to an immigrant camp - and entertains them. by Quin01/02/094.31

The Pack Ch. 06

 — Susan confronts hubby's whore - & shows she can be one too! by Quin01/25/094.39

The Pack Ch. 07

 — Susan meets lumberjacks, and Steve finds out. by Quin02/15/094.34

The Pack Ch. 08

 — Finale: she's now evil; like 'The Pack'. by Quin05/08/094.32

The Package

 — Good things come in small packages. by magiconnecticut06/07/084.00

The Painslut Ch. 01

 — The start of Sarah's journey into slavehood. by SilverWolfXX01/24/113.55

The Pampered Pussy Ch. 01

 — A business is formed to cater for erotic needs. by Scorpius194508/27/164.30

The Panties Ch. 01

 — Nick's Delimma (Nick wanders into Jaclyn's room). by sweetliljac02/15/114.25

The Panty Club Ch. 01

 — Amber gets to join the panty club. by nikki_202101/29/074.54HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 02

 — The girls continue their new found love of panties. by nikki_202103/11/074.64HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 03

 — Amber explores her new fetish with her teacher. by nikki_202108/01/074.64HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 04

 — The girls begin inducting their teacher to the club. by nikki_202109/09/074.71HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 05

 — Claire becomes a grand master. by nikki_202112/29/074.66HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 06

 — The girls go panty shopping. by nikki_202103/10/094.71HOT

The Panty Club Ch. 07

 — The club takes a twist when there's some blackmail. by nikki_202109/10/104.73HOT

The Panty Job

 — Paul experiences a delightful variation on the handjob. by RayneDor05/12/154.50HOT

The Panty Store Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend discovers his hidden fetish. by Gabbycat05/24/044.36

The Panty Store Ch. 02

 — The panty worship continues. by Gabbycat07/06/044.16

The Panty Trap

 — A woman gets even with cheating boyfriend by feminizing him. by missvicky5311/15/114.39

The Panty War

 — Peter develops a panty fetish while his father is off to war. by Selena_Kitt09/06/063.94

The Paperboy Meets BBW Vampira

 — Paperboy signs up sexy curvy Gothic BBW customer. by BBWLiquor03/27/064.21

The Paperboy Meets BBW Vampira Ch. 02

 — Paperboy's next encounter with sexy controlling vamp. by BBWLiquor04/16/063.67

The Parole Officer Ch. 01-02

 — Egotistical Parole Officer uses unorthodox rehabilitation. by Dirtyfabrications06/20/143.62

The Party

 — A sub is loaned to a mistress. by fetisha_4402/25/024.55HOT

The Party

 — His girl costumes him for a kinky party. by buzbybdsm07/15/063.81

The Party

 — A fictional story meant for a non-fictional woman. by ianbeast5704/10/132.60

The Party

 — CFNM Pegging Party. by Spygman08/12/134.24

The Party Ch. 06

 — The whites are introduced to each others' depravity. by tghlawyer0312/29/124.20

The Party Ch. 10

 — Annie and I are blackmailed. by tghlawyer0304/12/144.29

The Party Ch. 11

 — Annie's blackmail continues as she is used and abused. by tghlawyer0305/01/144.18

The Party Of His Life

 — College students have fun with feet. by Skully07/23/043.93

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 02

 — Duty Mistress shows her mettle with cane and more. by lesliejones07/03/114.35

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 04

 — Joan imposes murga discipline and more shame. by lesliejones09/14/144.17

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 05

 — Annabel uses cane, tawse, and figs. by lesliejones09/26/144.21

The Passion of Pastor Ferris

 — Minister with a foot fetish finds love. by Desmond Ravenstone10/08/054.47

The Passion Re-Awakens

 — Hubby gets two chances to beat his wife. by Ha27507/05/163.28

The Past

 — An unwanted reunion leads to a new friend, lover, and pet. by DieterSchaumer08/05/14

The Path of Pain

 — A woman tortures herself to a transcendental orgasm. by Athalia04/11/144.58HOT

The Pavilion

 — A young man realises his fantasy. by blanchismo09/24/164.33

The Pedicurist

 — Therese meets Rico, a pedicurist with a foot fetish. by Decayed Angel04/25/064.10

The Pee Therapy Nurse

 — Mutual pee-play of a most inventive nature. by RayneDor05/20/154.48

The Peewee Club

 — Two lesbian pee fetishists start a pissing club. by helena252501/06/073.98

The Perfect Applicant Ch. 5-8

 — Beautiful agent investigates shady corporation. by Archaic6807/22/024.78

The Perfect Cut

 — How one woman copes with the pressure of perfection. by Eros515001/18/133.81

The Perfect Day

 — A Domme/sub encounter. by thesubgauge06/29/143.20

The Perfect Feet

 — A foot fetish story. by KittyFlower12/05/124.29

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 03

 — Remote controlled for a public dress up session. by gmikeisbad05/25/113.66

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 05

 — Milked bound naked on a lab table, a true human sex toy. by gmikeisbad05/28/113.63

The Perfidious Wife Ch. 01

 — The Truth is in the Details. by jawanaut07/12/133.78

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 01

 — Mishi's Dark Lust. by scatwoman06/29/044.51HOT

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 02

 — Mishi & a Black neighbor use Greg. by scatwoman07/01/044.27

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 03

 — Mishi & limo driver cuckold Greg. by scatwoman07/01/044.47

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 04

 — Greg writes Mistress a poem on toilet paper. by scatwoman07/02/044.33

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 05

 — Greg tries to go straight & fails big time. by scatwoman07/03/043.96

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 06

 — Luke makes Greg break up with Inya. by scatwoman07/04/044.60HOT

The Perils of Penelope

 — Power dressed Penelope makes a mistake at work. by decimus05/27/034.39

The Pet Ch. 01

 — A Dominant couple turns their devoted slave into their pet by StephanieRose1202/19/144.10

The Pet Store

 — Guy gets caught stealing and gets a handjob. by arizonatekoki04/26/124.30

The Petticoat Bonus Payment

 — The new KBG driver is shown the pleasure of the petticoat. by yano04/21/024.29

The Phone Call

 — Man interrupts wife's phone call with a foot rub & more. by Jayzion05/28/104.10

The Phonesex Blowjob

 — Relief for blue balls, or deeper shade of blue? by wild_at_heart01/22/063.70

The Photo Shoot Ch. 01

 — Hunky college guy answers ad & discovers CFNM. by chrisho05/23/034.36

The Photo Shoot Ch. 02

 — CFNM ladies deny college boy. by chrisho01/17/044.65HOT

The Physical

 — A short of an encounter at my doctor's office. by A_Nipple_Lover12/15/094.07

The Piano Instructor Page 02

 — Student tickles her ivories. by shoeslayer11/14/113.92

The Piano instructor Page 1

 — A friendship grows between student and instructor. by shoeslayer11/08/113.97

The Pickup

 — A true story: I met this beautiful stripper girl and... by EndorphinResearch08/06/034.31

The Picnic

 — 18-year-old girl allows her aunt to 'baptise' her. by trevorm04/18/083.76

The Pie

 — Husband seduces his wife, and goes down afterwards. by jeninflorida08/23/064.37

The Piercing

 — You get pierced, then have him and the stud. by lemmethink11/22/054.11

The Pink Collar

 — Long story about how I got my husband to wear a pink collar. by FemLedRelAdv03/17/17

The Piss Empire

 — Story of a fantasy land where the ruler can pee anywhere. by nopjans12/12/144.26

The Piss Empire Pt. 02

 — More about Liliana and the history of the empire. by nopjans12/13/144.46

The Piss Empire Pt. 03

 — It's coronation day for Liliana. by nopjans09/10/164.18

The Piss Empire Pt. 04

 — The Empress explores her right to pee in the city. by nopjans02/26/174.53HOT

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 01

 — Carolyn has an audition. by leaky_one06/07/064.30

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 02

 — Her first lesbian eperience is all wet. by leaky_one06/12/064.54HOT

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 03

 — Wet lesbian lovers - the next stage. by leaky_one08/07/064.42

The Pissed Off Nurse

 — An angry nurse spreads my legs and examines me roughly. by movieye01/04/174.38

The Pissing Contest

 — Introducing competitive water sports. by vegascatwoman10/23/014.11

The Pit

 — A BBW is blackmailed by her slimy bastard of a boss. by MELD900302/06/144.46

The Pitch

 — Salesgirl offers an unexpected service. by ktmccoll08/14/114.48

The Pitch

 — A saleswoman has to make a sales pitch in fetish outfit. by mshsrfc01/25/174.00

The Plaid Skirt

 — Anna's uniform skirt makes her coworkers want to fuck her. by madwhacker04/17/164.55HOT

The Play Area Ch. 01

 — Kinky couple shares latex fun. by Marabunta02/24/074.35

The Pleasure Room

 — Andrea and Rob enjoy a latex romp in their sex room. by latexx6302/03/084.20

The Pleasure Seeking Stalker

 — He secures his victim then toys with them. by mad hatter3103/18/033.91

The Plumber

 — Fixing her toilet with a 'snake' and two candles. by powelldonovan03/15/084.24

The Podiatrist

 — A messed up podiatrist with a complicated foot fetish. by anaflowerchild06/25/132.42

The Poison Orgasm

 — Pleasuring pain. by rocker_wife04/22/084.00

The Poker Party

 — A game of poker turned into a bisexual orgy. by cockster2107/05/104.09

The Police Officer

 — A story about what can happen if you're pulled over. by AdrianCf11/05/123.95

The Pool Fools

 — His sister and his girlfriends made a fool out of him! by Cal Y. Pygia08/13/093.82

The Pool Party

 — Two feet-obsessed lesbians meet at a pool party. by chris_201006/23/114.31

The Port Visit

 — A port visit provides new experiences. by Edso197001/31/074.43

The Possessed

 — Erin and Company raid Zax Island. by zeta51501/24/144.17

The Postman Always Pees Twice

 — Innocent new mailman treated to unorthodox bathroom break. by LukaWolff08/17/164.18

The Powder

 — Female scientist experiments on an unsuspecting woman. by SamuraiSword12/28/044.64HOT

The Power of Clothing Pt. 01

 — How we react sexually to the clothes we wear. by mandywilluk200010/30/084.38

The Power of Clothing Pt. 02

 — How a basque changes a career girl. by mandywilluk200011/02/084.41

The Power of Clothing Pt. 03

 — How new bra and panties changed Kate's life. by mandywilluk200011/06/084.35

The Power of Clothing Pt. 04

 — How a white coat changed Kate's life for ever. by mandywilluk200011/14/084.16

The Power of Clothing Pt. 05

 — Jo finds out just what a corset does for a woman. by mandywilluk200011/17/084.37

The Power of Clothing Pt. 08

 — How gym clothing arouses James and Kate by mandywilluk200012/21/084.28

The Power of Clothing Pt. 14

 — How bras increase a young man's & an older woman's passions. by mandywilluk200003/29/094.42

The Power of Higher Learning Ch. 02

 — Jessica shows Matthew the path to submission. by lickerwell08/19/154.55HOT

The Power of Higher Learning Ch. 03

 — Matthew learns his place in Jessica's world. by lickerwell09/12/164.39

The Power of Lust Ch. 01

 — More she gets, more she wants. more she likes it. by Quin11/07/104.34

The Power of Lust Ch. 02

 — Judy needs all of what the men can offer. by Quin11/12/104.39

The Power of Lust Ch. 03

 — Judy's gang-bang provokes Ben. by Quin11/20/104.35

The Power of Lust Ch. 04

 — A well whipped and penetrated wife still wants more. by Quin11/27/104.41

The Power of Lust Ch. 05

 — Ben makes Judy the star attraction at boss's kinky party. by Quin12/07/104.39

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