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Two Girls Help Dave Lose It

 — Steph & Jess show Dave sexual wonders. by super_chicken02/21/044.20

Two Goth Chicks

 — Sarina & Angel expand his horizons. by SabrinaQedesha07/08/024.40

Two Long Stemmed Beauties

 — Lovely secretaries in nylons. by Chevalier03/17/034.54HOT

Two New Voicemails

 — A story of depravity, madness, & synthesizers. by praisethefallen07/08/084.25

Two on One

 — He goes to a lez bar and bites off more than he can chew. by HungryGuy02/24/033.76

Two Sides

 — His & her view on the same sexual encounter. by wildirishrose702/24/094.80HOT

Two Times Ten...

 — First person account of a foot fetish threesome. by Reggad08/08/034.40

Two Tourists: Tale & Sequel

 — Female tourists in Communist Soviet Union get in trouble. by Francine-frcxa12/29/014.24

Two Travellers

 — Hotel manageress taken to extremes by two travellers. by notnice6611/16/094.52HOT

Two Weeks Of Panty Fantasy

 — His wife's friend comes to stay with them. by tida5508/01/044.25

Two Women and the Glory Holes

 — She helps her friend unleash pent-up frustrations by pjwolf01/29/074.52HOT

Txt or Dare: 1x01

 — Sexting with someone who can really touch you. by XianLai_XianChi08/15/102.96

Tying Up An Angel

 — He binds her, then worships her body and feet. by xxkissmytoesxx10/05/014.00

Ultimate Female Massage!

 — Giving a sexual orgasmic massage to your goddess! by Bi_Siamese10/08/133.93

Ultimate Head

 — By now you can probably guess what "Ultimate Head" involves. by cauchemar8006/26/134.13

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 02

 — The dentist . by DAVES400003/04/114.08

Ultimate Humiliation Ch. 03

 — Naughty School Girls by DAVES400003/09/114.43

Ultimate Lez Wet Panty Party

 — A script for a film in lingerie. by Softhardclassy08/23/113.95

Ultra Mint Lip-Gloss

 — A young lady is caught while stealing some lip gloss by PicturePainter05/25/143.69

Ultra-Sounding Sexual Therapy

 — A Japanese "sexual therapy nurse" caters to my desires. by jackflynn705/17/094.44

Unable to Fight It

 — She wakes up naked, tied down, and unable to scream. by AmeliaLockheart01/21/164.41


 — Husband is worried about being a bad lover. by Robsound04/18/14

Uncle Ben Has Taken My Wife Ch. 02

 — Cuckold turns manipulative. by realto07/11/043.99

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 04

 — Movie night. by LaPatitMort11/04/064.48

Uncle Kyle

 — Uncle uses his BBW niece in every way. by MistressMayaDivine05/27/074.15

Unconditional Surrender

 — Long-cherished fantasies, finally fulfilled. by sisifo07/05/143.93

Uncontrollable Need

 — A hunger for panties. by Stillherer07/22/113.89

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 07

 — It feels soo good! by carols_box4811/14/044.52HOT

Uncut is Better

 — She has a thing for uncircumcised men. by Bakeboss06/15/103.94

Under Her

 — A toilet slave after the Beer Pissing Contest. by HungryGuy12/07/024.08

Under Lock And Key

 — He shares his fantasies, she likes the lock best. by mmurrells05/31/114.14

Under Lock and Key

 — A chastised slave learns reality is not like his fantasy. by MsMorrigan10/28/154.22

Under Lock And Key Ch. 03

 — Gabby and Evey take him to the next level. by mmurrells06/05/114.44

Under Lock And Key Ch. 04

 — It's Gabby's turn. by mmurrells06/09/114.59HOT

Under Lock And Key Ch. 05

 — Mr Load makes an appearance. by mmurrells06/10/114.27

Under the Bridge

 — Diane's boyfriend spanks her under a bridge. by Totzman04/09/083.48

Under the Desk

 — A boss becomes a foot slave. by colleenslittletoy08/23/094.54HOT

Under the Library Table

 — The best BJ he every had. by BigBalls696910/15/133.76

Under the Mistle-Toe

 — Jake finds his "sole" mate at Christmas. by lovecraft6812/02/114.73HOT

Under the Table Footjob Domination

 — Salima's nylon feet continue to make my life a living hell by Kayb123411/07/134.62HOT

Under the Thumb

 — Unassuming Lover quietly takes control. by realbigsid6911/25/074.36

Under the Thumb Ch. 02

 — Unassuming Lover quietly takes control. by realbigsid6912/03/074.39

Under the Thumb Ch. 03

 — Unassuming lover quietly takes control. by realbigsid6902/14/084.22


 — A woman tests her best friend's SO with a foot job. by Sean Renaud10/08/134.12

Understanding Mother

 — Caught with panties. by vinceh2307/27/144.24

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 01

 — Getting Started. by Naxos04/14/073.29

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 02

 — Getting good at it. by Naxos04/15/073.41

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 03

 — Getting her girlfriend in the game. by Naxos04/16/073.62

Underwear Friends Ch. 03

 — Two horny guys with an underwear fetish welcome a newcomer. by ramon2505/30/104.40

Underwear Thief

 — Five minutes is all it takes. by falselove02/12/083.74

Undying Love

 — He knew his love was forbidden. by jthserra05/21/043.74

Uneasy Love

 — He walked gingerly through the woods... by urination08/20/024.12

Unemployment to Enjoyment

 — Amy dares to dangle, dip and give a footjob! by Deadwood03/15/094.46

Unexpected Discoveries

 — They learn something new about each other. by boba_sex04/10/134.19

Unexpected Guests

 — John Palmer meets his Annie. by Cinner10/22/123.59

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 02

 — Tits and cum go great together. by luckyfucker11/24/094.30

Unexpected Pleasure

 — Unprotected sex brings an unexpected pleasure. by stray_girl07/06/044.31

Unexpected Strap On

 — She suggested he be submissive, he didn't know how much! by nt6010/23/144.27

Unexpected Strap On Ch. 02: Return Journey

 — Stranded naked and fucked, he must find his way to her room. by nt6012/02/144.42

Uniformed Pleasure

 — Sometimes things aren't what they seem. by MistressLacy04/02/093.86

Unimaginable Heat

 — I made me do it. by MSTarot09/12/123.81

Unintentionally Streaking

 — CFNM experience while unintentionally streaking. by TwilightSkys10/06/153.67

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 01

 — Desperate girl wets on a plane. by xinycep11/22/114.28

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 02

 — Zoe's fun leads to a wet bed. by xinycep01/22/124.37

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 03

 — Zoe has no choice but to let go. by xinycep06/01/123.97


 — She likes unique things. by WFEATHER08/15/054.52HOT

Unique Tattooing

 — Ann gets inked in an intimate area. by Young At Heart06/12/004.16

University Life Ch. 03

 — Dorm shower leads to kinky sex. by blindjack10/04/064.39


 — Lauren inspects and unplugs her rear hole. by margaret_jenkins02/12/064.29

Unplugging Sandy

 — Bob unplugs Sandy and then plugs her up again by Grey Beard12/14/024.35

Unscheduled Check-ups Are a Delight

 — His wife plays doctor, and he needs an examination. by escriterra08/23/114.48


 — He discovers she hasn't shaved in days. by dgthomas09/21/063.95

Untie Me, Clayton!

 — He won't stop eating her pussy. by Selena Down12/06/044.29

Untimely Lust

 — A guys lust for a girl he shouldn't have. by lialani04/04/123.72

Untitled One

 — A man and his anorexically thin lover. by crudely_donne04/21/104.08


 — Julia can't follow an easy order...or is it so easy? by WetMyself03/13/084.19

Unusual Threesome Fantasy

 — Three old friends get together to fulfill a deep fantasy. by DesDays07/07/033.73

Up Against the Wall

 — Pam's brush with the law. by furryfan06/01/074.11

Up All Night With My Dreams

 — She shows her co worker what she got with his gift card. by phanatical01/30/084.49

Up And Down

 — 19th century brothel. by sexnovella07/16/144.15

Up Roxanne's Sleeve

 — My observational skills at work pay off. by Madabouthair07/15/104.38

Upskirt Fetish: Sharing Pleasure

 — He gives two old perverts an upskirt view of his girlfriend. by Upskirter6904/27/144.33

Use Your Imagination

 — Elsie & Connor experiment with spanking & handcuffs. by TheEarl12/09/044.69HOT


 — Face-sitting in the park. by adamuneven07/08/064.37

Used But Not Abused

 — A pick up at a hotel doesn't turn out as planned. by Kinxx06/14/114.64HOT

Used By My Boss

 — My foot fetish is exploited by my hit boss. by fetishstories0704/01/154.02

Using Harmony

 — Big tit co-ed has 'got milk'. by StrongMaster712/31/064.23

Using Her sub

 — Sissy gets exposed after a rookie mistake. by aSub2fems07/25/134.11


 — A story of what happens when spouses are away. by mdgsparks10/21/124.09

Vacation Fantasy in Vegas

 — Cum loving wife gets a surprise. by KinkySue7706/18/074.35

Vacation in Africa

 — Erotic story about a man visiting Africa for the first time. by hornywhitemale11/19/113.25

Vacation in Hotel Room

 — Man gets treated to a foot fantasy. by Kessler09/05/014.49

Val Gets A New Toy

 — Is th butt plug bigger than a fist? by fancyface105/02/064.24

Valentine Wedding

 — Marcia can't find her red satin stiletto for the wedding. by YoursSINSerely02/06/104.34

Valentine's and a Belt

 — A girl explores her untapped interest with new partners. by Sevangel02/06/154.00

Valentine's Cornucopia

 — A storehouse full of lingerie for Valentine's Day. by JackBeHuge02/05/154.25

Valentine's Day Rimjob

 — The first time I pleasured and worshipped my wife's ass. by JackTheCrackAttack02/12/154.60HOT

Valerie Finds Her Man

 — Finding a man to love her and her strapon was a challenge. by escriterra04/29/094.74HOT

Valerie's Wake Up Call

 — Your wet fetish makes waking up a pleasure. by KahunaD09/21/044.48

Vanessa and Caroline

 — A black woman is put in her place by her high school bully. by CopyCat1306/09/153.79

Vanessa Makes Demands

 — Jack gets her ready, watches, and gets a creamy treat. by jacketjack12/18/103.97

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 02

 — V. has ph sex w. sister's bf, his brother & bukkake at prom. by fanofpantyhose07/21/114.36

Vanessa's Revenge

 — A jilted ex-lover gets revenge. by bentmagpie01/25/123.92

Vanessa’s Legs

 — The musings of a leg-worshipping masochist. by PappyHallaway12/31/122.09

Vanilla Cream Ch. 02

 — Mike helps Cinda shoe shop...and gets tasty rewards. by Bacomicfan02/20/034.61HOT

Vanishing Laura

 — Weaving of guilt by a moonlit nude on the beach. by sr71plt06/23/154.08

Vegas Trouble

 — Getting in a bit of trouble on the road. by Idle_Hands05/26/023.38


 — Vegetables & fruits are for more than just eating. by SpankerSam03/04/024.40


 — Submissive gets what she needs. by Selene10/17/003.94

Vengence Is Piss

 — Got to go? Don't let a gas station attendent stop you. by wyldechylde05/15/054.20


 — Busted at work reaps unexpected results. by RandallKinds03/13/114.15

Veronica and Mr. G. Ch. 01

 — What happened when she needed a place to pee... by kyle206/12/124.39

Very Delicate Line

 — Master teaches his Submissive student. by electrik05/01/062.86

Vessa Ch. 01

 — A newly pregnant married couple go on adventures and fuck. by L86L8608/19/144.68HOT

Vessa Ch. 02

 — A pregnant married couple have sex and adventures everywhere. by L86L8608/15/154.80HOT

Viagra Cuckold

 — Kinky wife loves to abuse cuck with hard cocks. by Anal Slave12/18/074.11

Vicar Fuck

 — She tried to seduce a Vicar. by subiana07/29/034.37

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 03

 — Does vicar resist pregnant girl with milky tits? by dass445006/06/044.50HOT

Vice Versa

 — Horny wife's blowjob fetish leads to more. by BobCollier06/27/144.15

Vicious Beach - Perfect Choice

 — Mistress makes a discovery; man makes a realization. by FictionbyFrozen12/05/084.78HOT

Vicky is a Handful

 — Vicky & Jake do more than flirt. by clark_kent12/26/024.27

Vicky's New Buttplug Ch. 01

 — Women who shrink men for sexual gratification. by Laz11011/26/113.82

Vicky's New Buttplug Ch. 02

 — Vicky learns to shrink to use her captives. by Laz11012/04/113.87

Vicky's New Buttplug Ch. 03

 — Vicky'd mum has fun sex using the wife next door. by Laz11012/08/114.09

Vicky's New Buttplug Ch. 04

 — The giantess uses her two captives for sexual gratification. by Laz11012/19/114.24

Vicky's New Buttplug Ch. 05

 — Vicky introduces her best friend to use the men dildos. by Laz11003/31/134.31

Vicky's Story Ch. 01

 — Vicky begins her downward spiral. by Crass01/05/113.97

Vicky's Story Ch. 02

 — Vicky's husband and son face their own challenges. by Crass01/11/114.41

Vicky's Story Ch. 03

 — Vicky makes a friend, then is off to see the doctor. by Crass01/25/114.08

Victoria Ch. 01

 — On my knees. by BonViv05/28/104.26

Victoria's COCK-tail Party

 — Victoria goes bukkake! by Terrin201/18/124.46

Victoria's Surprise for Sylvia

 — Sylvia's friend, Victoria, gives her a big surprise. by writerbyheart06/25/133.76

Victorian Boots

 — This time a woman worships a man in boots. by nanette2105/21/083.08

Victorious Victoria Ch. 03

 — A submissive male continues to receive his reward. by analyst4311/20/154.38

Victorious Victoria Ch. 04

 — The next chapter of analbliss's "reward"... by analyst4312/24/154.10

Vietnamese Salon

 — Having services performed in a Vietnamese Salon. by Sexual_Thoughts07/14/13

Village Green Candle Shop

 — Adam sees a blast from the past. by adamaxilla12/14/074.70HOT

Vinylady vs. The Penetrator

 — A superheroine gets a little fresh air. by Infl8orama10/20/123.82


 — She just can't resist a man in uniform. by Kirk48200202/16/044.33

Virgin Aunt's Used Panties

 — Aunt's panties are recklessly swiped and sniffed. by sniffpanties03/26/063.65

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 01

 — A reporter gets the chance to view a virgin sacrifice. by ZotDragon05/28/084.14

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — The investigation of the village's strange sex continues. by ZotDragon05/29/084.37

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 03

 — Paul learns the results of his actions. by ZotDragon06/02/084.40

Virgin Waitress in Pantyhose

 — Waitress in tights meets male virgin and nylon lover. by fanofpantyhose09/18/094.09

Visit To The Nurse

 — She gets more than a medical examination. by loulouuk07/30/043.12

Visiting David

 — Panty lover lusts after best friend's fiance. by Sanichi07/10/064.26

Visiting David Ch. 02

 — Panty lover meets his match. by Sanichi02/12/074.44

Visiting Her: A Breathtaking Tale

 — Mistress dominates her submissive man. by lsslave10/22/114.46

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 01

 — Indulging in my fetish to cure her foot phobia. by Vincey02/07/154.15

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 02

 — Further exploring the pleasures of her feet. by Vincey07/10/154.76HOT

Visiting My Sister & Her Roommate..

 — The first part of a visit to see his sister & her roommate. by RedFBunny04/07/083.94

Visiting Nurse

 — Couple role plays a scene of sexual function evaluation. by papadog02/25/074.00

Visiting Nurse

 — Man receives physical exam from erotic visiting nurse. by WritingOrthus05/12/104.13

Visiting Sis Ch. 05

 — The girls are away and I'm left to explore the house. by Orion201212/31/094.19

Visiting the Bukkake Beauty Shop

 — He gets a surprise when his friend takes him to a porn shoot. by silenceup2nogood09/21/094.24

Visiting With Katie Ch. 01

 — On our first day together Katie is late being ready. by Authorman196908/29/143.91

Visiting with Mom-in-Law

 — Infrequent visits with mother-in-law reveals surprises. by piercedhead07/14/133.76

Vixens - Pastels

 — An escort's first assignment proves surprisingly colorful. by Nellskitchen05/17/084.52HOT

Vixens - The Triple Story 01

 — An escort services one of three. by Nellskitchen07/04/123.43

Vixens - The Triple Story 02

 — An escort services two of three. by Nellskitchen07/10/123.19

Vixens - The Triple Story 03

 — An escort services three of three. by Nellskitchen07/15/123.58

Voluptus Ludum

 — What if card games were real and sexy? by sexgundam66610/05/134.55HOT

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 03

 — Another battle begins and Emily can't contain her desires. by sexgundam66606/06/144.82HOT

Voracious Appetite

 — Wife likes to blow men with big cocks. by BobCollier12/04/144.27

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