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W32.GIBE.B@MM: Feminazi Fucktoy Ch. 03

 — Hungry has fun with his new slave. by HungryGuy05/21/033.12

Waist Obsession

 — Historical events around a young woman's corset obesssion. by Learningfast11/13/133.92


 — More a scene than anything. by PleasureDaddy09/29/033.80

Waiting For It

 — A dominant wife, face sitting, footjobs and more. by MarthaD08/24/124.57HOT

Waiting for Searching

 — Lady with full bladder has long wait to be stripsearched. by Francine-frcxa12/09/013.96

Waiting in the Darkness

 — He finds his deepest fantasy waiting for him in the darkness. by jdallison03/28/124.35

Waiting is the Hardest Part

 — I make dinner while my husband cheats on me. by MixedUpMorality02/09/184.12

Waiting to be Used

 — Tied to a bed, she waits to be fucked. by Gareth7702/10/083.98

Waiting's the Hardest Part

 — You wait as four men use me. by Sintrea04/19/183.75

Wake Up Call

 — She wakes you up so you won't be late for work. by luv2flirtamswf3409/29/034.50HOT

Waking to Torture?

 — I wake up tied and blindfolded, my wife standing over me. by LFHAWW08/13/094.09

Walk All Over Me

 — A college student learns to love feet. by LorenzoAbajos06/26/144.64HOT

Walk in Woods

 — A meeting leads to a milk draining experience. by mystery36608/14/024.34

Walking in on GF and Obeying Commands

 — Girlfriend makes cuckold fantasy a reality and takes it far. by NursePoundCake04/17/163.80

Walking Mel

 — Gentleman has to watch a friends pet. by Idyut06/11/174.47

Walking the Dog

 — Walk around the lake turns humiliating. by Surrenders2you05/29/064.08

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 13

 — Just the two of them, alone and hot. by toomuchinmyhead04/28/124.28

Wanda Wants to Play

 — 3 CD Bi guys a sunday school teach with her panty boi and Me. by sweetangelic11/07/164.28

Wandering Eye: A Cheater's Story

 — Couple pursues an open relationship. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash09/02/154.05

Wanna Bet?

 — Hot and heavy petting leads to a bedroom quandary. by rick_oh02/15/074.46

Wanna Eat It?

 — Billy eats Nancy the morning after. by Billyglide01/02/174.56HOT

Want I Want to Do to You

 — Make you a dirty boy. by SimplyLexi07/13/094.07

Wardrobes Full of Memories

 — A clear out brings back some dirty memories for one lady... by thething6906/11/143.92

Warm Milk

 — Nursing Melanie gets wet at the beach. by rheineck103/01/024.30

Warm Summer Rain

 — Pee play in the warm AZ summer rain. by watersportslvr01/14/104.47

Warning: Sharp Objects = New Edges

 — Walking the line between fear and ecstasy. by crashedn2you02/25/154.29

Washed Out

 — After negotiation, girl wakes to bondage then massive enema. by sevenofspades03/07/184.10

Waste Not, Want Not

 — Blue balls bad. Dr. Valerie Arnstein good. by ldrequiv02/08/044.22

Watch Me Put a Baby in You

 — An Impregnation. by SweetPregnantTits12/19/144.32

Watch Your Drink

 — Cara takes home sniffly lady from a Rave. by Skada10/25/044.15

Watching and Being Watched is Fun...

 — An adventurous day exploring leads to discovering pee fun. by snowbo12/13/184.73HOT

Watching Her Go Ch. 01

 — A wet fetish fulfilled. by magiconnecticut05/15/074.68HOT

Watching Her Go Ch. 02

 — It goes a step further. by magiconnecticut05/16/074.63HOT

Watching Her Go Ch. 03

 — Brent and Angie enter different, dirtier, territory. by magiconnecticut05/31/074.47

Watching Her Go Ch. 04

 — The continuing story of Brent and Angie. by magiconnecticut11/20/074.46

Watching Her Go Ch. 05

 — Our story continues in two directions. by magiconnecticut04/01/084.44

Watching Her Go Ch. 05a

 — Continues Chapter 5 (milder version). by magiconnecticut04/02/084.46

Watching Her Go Ch. 05b

 — Chapter 5b - the dirtier version. by magiconnecticut04/02/084.62HOT

Watching Her Masturbate Another Man

 — I fulfill my fantasy. Julie fulfills hers. Everyone's happy. by Fantasier05/24/184.11

Watching Mom and Her Lover

 — He had a bird's eye view of his Mom in her bedroom. by JustLikeEwe12/25/134.38

Watching Pt. 01-02

 — Bruce remembers the exciting evening. by MaryGrangerx05/23/164.67HOT

Watching Pt. 03

 — Mr and Mrs Smith become Employees. by MaryGrangerx05/30/164.76HOT

Watching Pt. 04

 — Mr Smith becomes Daddy. by MaryGrangerx06/23/164.69HOT

Water Play

 — Wake up sleepy head its time to play. by exoticwolf03/30/094.05

Water Sport Bi-Convert

 — Two women discover their golden desires. by Shelby W05/22/014.60HOT

Water Sports Reward

 — A gentle taste of restraint and pleasure. by vhornybimale07/08/084.41

Water Works *no hands*

 — Introduction to water paradise. by JO_KING02/13/103.52


 — Hotel room fun gets wet. by blondbombshelluk01/14/044.13

Watersports Other than Surfing

 — Introduction to watersports by a Japanese goddess. by Metrocurious02/09/084.55HOT

Wayne's New World

 — Banker finds fleshy new thrill with young ebony SSBBW. by mindingutter07/28/174.57HOT

Wayward Wife Ch. 01

 — Cindy has an incredible need to debase herself. by Out_of_Bounds03/19/194.08

Wayward Wife Ch. 02

 — Cindy begins her journey to debase herself. by Out_of_Bounds03/20/194.24

Wayward Wife Ch. 03

 — Cindy meets up with the weed dealer. by Out_of_Bounds03/24/194.32

Wayward Wife Ch. 04

 — Cindy arrives at Sunny's trailer and meets Sky. by Out_of_Bounds03/26/194.40

Wayward Wife Ch. 05

 — Cindy expands her horizons, she and Sky start to play. by Out_of_Bounds03/28/194.60HOT

Wayward Wife Ch. 06

 — Cindy and Sky get deeper and nastier. by Out_of_Bounds04/06/194.41

Wayward Wife Ch. 07

 — Cindy meets Moonie and things start to heat up. by Out_of_Bounds04/08/194.33

Wayward Wife Ch. 08

 — More sex, tattoos and drugs. Cindy sinks deeper. by Out_of_Bounds04/16/194.38

Wayward Wife Ch. 09

 — They settle in to the dope life, Sunny brings in a new girl. by Out_of_Bounds04/17/194.45

Wayward Wife Ch. 10

 — More nasty fun, more dope and then real danger. by Out_of_Bounds04/20/194.45

Wayward Wife Ch. 11

 — Tyrone tries out his new girls and they love it. by Out_of_Bounds04/21/194.41

Wayward Wife Ch. 12

 — Sin & Sky start working the street and meet Hank and Lindsey. by Out_of_Bounds04/24/194.71HOT

Wayward Wife Ch. 13

 — Cindy faces her pregnancy and makes poor choices. by Out_of_Bounds04/25/194.38

Wayward Wife Ch. 14

 — Lindsey & Hank come back and push Sin's limits. by Out_of_Bounds04/26/194.20

Wayward Wife Ch. 15

 — Cindy, Sky and Baby make three! by Out_of_Bounds04/27/193.94

Wayward Wife Ch. 16

 — All "good" things must come to an end. by Out_of_Bounds04/28/193.69

We are the Champions - The Lost Bet

 — Baseball rivals make a sex bet on the championship game. by Jae80407/26/193.60

We Know Your Weakness

 — Sexy secretary is tickled to betray secrets. by Quillman10/31/043.89

We Love It Yellow!

 — These dykes are ready to party, but first they have to pee. by VeryDirtyDenise08/13/034.58HOT

We Move On From The Kitchen

 — Second adventure, icludes WAM, W/S and exhitionism. by topcattopone07/27/124.55HOT

We Play with the Foreign Language Student

 — Creamy games with a foreigner. by DiggerDave01/22/114.48

We Were In The Kitchen At Home...

 — A couple get a unexpected visit from her mother. by topcattopone07/23/124.42

We're Creampie Cumsluts

 — Couple enjoys the taste of cum. by Anal Slave09/20/034.35

We're Ready for Our Hazing

 — Three Freshman get Humiliated by Sorority Sisters. by strangecareer04/14/053.75


 — Dirty talk with a married woman betrays Jack's secret. by JukeboxEMCSA12/17/164.52HOT

Wear It...

 — Jerry fantasizes of Loren's lesbian friend Lil...& her feet! by Footwriter06/12/193.64

Wear My Stockings or No Sex

 — A vanilla girl gets Turned onto kink with surprising results. by Back2egg02/23/184.21

Wear Something Pretty To The Party

 — Keith is tricked into wearing panties. by TinyStringBikini03/15/034.52HOT

Wearing Her Panties

 — This time he wore the panties during sex. by panty_fetish04/05/074.13

Web Cam Girl

 — Shyness makes undressing for money impossible for a co-ed. by komrad115604/20/174.65HOT

Wedding Bondage Ch. 01

 — My wife, wearing her old wedding dress, ties me up. by oggbashan12/30/094.27

Wedding Bondage Ch. 02

 — It is my turn to wear the wedding dress and be tied up. by oggbashan12/31/094.23

Wedding Bondage Ch. 03

 — Cecily arrives and they dress me as a Bridesmaid. by oggbashan01/01/104.10

Wedding Bondage Ch. 04

 — Jane has me at her mercy again: Cecily's plots are foiled. by oggbashan01/07/104.12

Wedding Day Betrayal

 — A bride watches as her groom fucks the maid of honor. by itsallbutts06/10/163.52

Wedding Day Nerves

 — Late for the ceremony and desperate to pee. by lunaswift12/11/133.76

Wedding Dress

 — This could be a part one of many. by bikiniplayer07/17/063.98

Wedding Night Payback

 — Tasha gets revenge on her wedding night. by rick_oh07/26/134.13

Wedding Night Payback: Sequel

 — Jerry has misgivings. by rick_oh07/03/154.31

Wedding Night Tease

 — Alissa and her bridesmaids have an agenda. by rick_oh07/26/134.38

Wedgie Fetish, an Introduction

 — A brief synopsis of the wedgie fetish. by wrbsuperman07/03/134.60HOT

Wedgie in the Apartment

 — Sam's wedgie fetish continued. by wrbsuperman11/04/154.63HOT

Wedgie on an Island

 — Two people alone on an island indulge a fetish. by wedgiefrmluckyfetish12/24/153.42

Wedgie- at the Party

 — So there I was, a few beers in and feeling sexy. by wrbsuperman12/01/133.93


 — Sam gives herself a wedgie. by wrbsuperman10/28/134.30

Wee are Not Amused

 — A royal visitor comes to town - and she's wet again. by Adrian6970200605/19/093.43

Weekend At Katie's

 — Aftermath of a party on her living room floor. by katiewhore10/08/064.24

Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

 — Three college buddies make their way to a Colorado mountain. by 1explorer01/31/133.67

Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

 — Even the stress of the strangest of circumstances can be eased. by 1explorer02/01/133.82

Weekend Away

 — A shy guy is outed as a little dick loser, then blackmailed. by uppishcarrot07/12/104.03

Weekend Discipline

 — Tom has to poo, but wife makes him take a dildo first. by amypussy10/28/063.78

Weekend Fun

 — After days of teasing wife gets tied to the bed. by mugs10108/01/154.11

Weekend Surprise - Alicia's View

 — A story of seductive female domination. by JacobRain12/30/154.42

Weekend Valkyrie ending

 — Femdom xmas gift. by gmikeisbad05/22/113.23

Weekend Valkyries Ch. 02

 — Femdom arts and scafts; human sculpture initiation. by gmikeisbad05/21/113.73

Weekend with Elizabeth & Charlie Ch. 01

 — Two sexy strangers turn arrogant hubby into wife's slave. by LisaRains12/03/104.37

Weekend with Elizabeth & Charlie Ch. 02

 — Sexy couple continues training her hubby for her. by LisaRains12/18/104.22

Weight Issue

 — He gains and loses a few pounds. by fiik_gremlin08/06/033.00

Welcome Home

 — Master breeds his pet cow after coming home from work. by Grimfalcon05/12/114.19

Welcome Nerd

 — The new nerdy boy is taken by the popular cheerleaders. by funbud11/22/013.73

Welcome Plumbers

 — Harriet watched his shirt hike up his back & his pants slide. by MungoParkIII12/31/072.56

Welcome to the F.P.A.

 — Introduction to a new school. by Chocolate Lover03/16/153.25

Welcome to the Freak Show

 — In a small Wisconsin town there lives a tribe of freaks. by dourdan03/08/194.22

Welcome to the M.I.L.K. Pt. 01

 — Jane is a recent high school grad sent to the MILK facility. by CKline05/16/183.81

Welcome to the M.I.L.K. Pt. 02

 — Jane learns more about the M.I.L.K. facility. by CKline05/18/184.24

Welcome to the Sisterhood

 — Brian's fraternity has an unusual hazing ritual. by _M_Odette03/08/143.20

Welcome to the Swim Team

 — The girl who got left behind is initiated into the team. by Ooopsiedooherecomesthegoo6907/18/194.28

Well Booted...

 — A young man is seduced by a domme wearing boots. by Lion2465503/23/164.27

Well Made Lover

 — She uses her son's robot as a sex toy. by Guy_Faux01/26/123.82

Wendy Fucks David

 — Wife finds she likes to fuck husband. by fossie12306/19/104.40

Wendy Owns My Fantasy

 — I bravely tell Wendy my femdom fantasies. by bleedndkn01/12/174.51HOT

Wendy's Afternoon Toy

 — A woman forcefully pegs a man. by fossie12306/23/104.25

Wendy's Annual Exam

 — Wendy's annual exam is more than she expected. by WritingOrthus04/06/104.35

Wendy's Followup Exam

 — Wendy returns for a follow-up with Dr. Jeff & his nurse. by WritingOrthus05/11/104.50HOT

Wendy's Unusual Relationship Ch. 02

 — Wendy must complete several tasks to please Jim. by Tappy_McWidestance10/12/124.61HOT


 — An Ex shows me my place. by veryopenmind07/14/134.25

Wes and the Watermelon

 — Wes must get creative to satisfy his sexual urges. by Totzman09/20/163.87


 — She masturbates to thoughts of prostitutes and watersports. by honeydipped11/08/024.23


 — Sub telling her experiences of drowning by Sir. by LostInTheMadness08/17/134.00

Wet & Wild Breakfast

 — TJ shows Jennifer that wetter is better. by CozyBoy01/24/014.09

Wet and Warm

 — Watersports adventure with a man and a woman. by mrsquelchy09/06/104.44

Wet and Wild

 — Ebony couple explores piss games. by AfroerotiK05/02/074.39

Wet Bar

 — The men like anal, the girls like peeing, all cum quickly. by Vanillae03/18/143.97

Wet Consequences

 — Being late has wet and humiliating consequences. by lucyjen8305/29/104.16

Wet Discipline

 — Josie forces Jack into diaper play. by knowsjack02/04/054.14

Wet Dream

 — He meets net friend to fulfill a wet fantasy. by freaky.tales04/21/043.94

Wet Fantasy

 — Alice suddenly had the urge to pee. by Mouse3603/31/104.21

Wet for Daddy

 — A discussion between Daddy and his girl of golden showers. by FelicityJohns06/22/164.04

Wet for Him

 — She learns to piss for her master. by viridia12/21/104.03

Wet Fun

 — A wife decides to endulge her husband's golden shower fetish by Grumpy_Bear06/18/064.67HOT

Wet Fun with Anne and Steve

 — Swinging couples get hot and wet. by diamondph02/03/153.95

Wet in More Ways Than One

 — Blake's desire for Molly's pee helps her overcome a hang-up. by Poppy_Dryden07/17/194.77HOT

Wet Interlude

 — Bathroom is hard to find & wife needs to go. by TwistedPlayr05/21/044.31

Wet Kitty

 — Bethany likes to have little accidents... by naughty_estella03/24/144.37

Wet Life

 — A story of how I got addicted to pee. by seanbha06/07/194.09

Wet Nightmare

 — His nightmare turns out to be her dream come true. by uranium01/26/194.56HOT

Wet Nipples

 — Ivonne gets a weight lifted off her shoulders. by rheineck106/21/114.41

Wet Nipples Ch. 02

 — Ivonne returns for another milking. by rheineck107/02/114.41

Wet Nurse

 — Adventures of a girl - discovers that cum makes her orgasm. by alanscorp04/25/174.65HOT

Wet Panties Please!!

 — My sister's panties introduce a new pleasure. by neddone02/20/074.48

Wet Punishment

 — She pees in a nightclub and gets spanked for it. by Chrysse11/16/034.41

Wet Punishment: His Perspective

 — Chrysse's 'Wet Punishment' told by him. by Cyberguy11/22/033.91

Wet Pussy Desires

 — A short story about my sex life. by Randadw01/12/173.55

Wet Relations

 — An Asian boy's initiation in bisexual incest and watersports. by ASIANDREAM06/19/144.84HOT

Wet Ride Ch. 04

 — Diversions, revelations, and reconciliations? by Goldlion102/05/054.53HOT

Wet Seduction

 — Mature boss seduces young co-worker with pissing. by threelayers03/03/064.40

Wet Seduction Ch. 02

 — Brenda and Ben get wet and messy. by threelayers04/30/064.38

Wet Seduction Ch. 03

 — Helen finds out about Brenda. by threelayers05/01/064.37

Wet Seduction Ch. 04

 — Helen and Brenda discover each other. by threelayers06/21/064.49

Wet Seduction Ch. 05

 — Helen gets together with new girl Mary. by threelayers04/18/074.64HOT

Wet Seduction Ch. 06

 — Helen and Mary meet in the office. by threelayers04/19/074.48

Wet Snatching

 — A mysterious woman surprises a younger woman. by mobyCock02/15/153.75

Wet Spot

 — A stolen pair of panties and a peek at her wet spot. by Decayed Angel08/23/064.10

Wet Stone

 — An ancient artifact leaves wet chaos in its wake. by xinycep03/28/124.26

Wet Tuesday

 — Watersports Fantasy. by Wetcoaster11/09/094.00

Wet Walk

 — Trip to park turns into wet adventure. by Surrenders2you06/13/024.17

Wet Weekend

 — He watches two girls fuck each other in the bathtub. by Naxos05/01/073.79

Wet Weekend Ch. 01

 — Erotic swimming with the girls. by Naxos04/30/073.88

Wet Weekend Ch. 02

 — Swimming with the Girls turns into "Dunkings." by Naxos05/02/073.81

Wet Weekend Ch. 03

 — Dunkings turn to Sneaky underwater sex. by Naxos05/03/073.88

Wet Weekend Ch. 04

 — Their underwater sex gets even better. by Naxos04/07/084.33

Wet Weekend Ch. 05

 — Watery privacy in the grotto. by Naxos04/07/084.38

Wet With Sweat (At the Gym)

 — He's got an amazing sex life because of Chloe. by J_Kegz03/04/094.31

Wet Workout

 — A woman gets more than she expects during a spa session. by DJBlax02/07/034.24

Wet Yoga

 — Dying to pee during a yoga class with a sexy instructor. by lucywild07/08/154.66HOT


 — Annie peed in her pants and liked it - a lot. by Erlikkhan10/16/184.66HOT

Wet: A Tale of Desperation

 — She desperately tries to find a bathroom in time! by tehqueen09/10/153.29

Wetter is Better

 — He talks her into giving him a very golden shower. by KillerMuffin07/03/024.62HOT

Wetting Ch. 01

 — She wets at your touch. by Rosebramble03/08/054.29

Wetting Ch. 02

 — She's wetting her way home. by Rosebramble03/07/054.05

Wetting Ch. 03

 — She has a different kind of t-shirt "wetting" contest. by Rosebramble03/23/054.23

Wetting Ch. 04

 — She describes it for you. by Rosebramble09/24/054.00

Wetting Ch. 05

 — She wets in vignettes. by Rosebramble11/24/054.41

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 01

 — Emma takes a gap-year and rediscovers her love of wetting. by Primal2312/20/074.23

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 02

 — Emma makes new friends. by Primal2312/28/074.45

Wetting Myself

 — She has a hot evening. by roadkill6908/01/024.30

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