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Wild and crazy

Love it. Maybe a little over the top but fun anyway.

Eleanor And Janet's Hot Tongue Action!

Hallo Leslie!

Very well written as always, but I must say, for one of your dyke fans like myself, it started off really yucky with all of the male sex.... However the story picked up very quickly, and finished with an fantastic ending,,, yes!

Thank-you, for sharing!.... 5-Stars and 5-Orgasms!

Your kinky dyke friend,

Gay Kat.

This is amazing! Got me sooo wet reading it


I loved your story, I am a little submissive and a cocksucker too. I love stories where the alpha male makes the weaker man get on his knees and suck his cock
I can't wait to read more chapters.

Stretch me too

I love reading your stories that stretch the limits of sexual experiences.


Don't be silly. Monkeys aren't allowed on this site. Does it look like a zoo to you?


The nylons started blue but ended red - otherwise a decent story but hopefully if there are more they'll have more direct interaction.


I read these stories to try get into the mind of a willing cuckold I haven't managed it as yet.
I wouldn't be very pleased with my wife if she let anyone's cock into her vagina where only mine should only go, she would be toast.

I have this feeling there is no sequel. I liked the story as Candice was set up from the beginning. Needs a little rework on words. proof reading before publishing but otherwise I liked the story. "A Butt Plug and a dildo into the same orifice? a bit tight there.

You're kidding, right?

Please tell me this is a joke. I don't know if you're trying to bore me with these stories, but the fact that they're so short and devoid of actual sex is just bullshit.

What He Said

I think the previous commenter hit it on the head (ouch) your writing is nice but could use a little editing. The story is really good. I figure if it starts at your teenage years and there is any truth in it then you have a lot more stories about SPH and Exhibitionism.
Keep writing.

Hole-ee streeeetch, Britni!

Brittni, as usual your story goes beyond any normal erotica and ventures into the fantastical. I must admit I prefer tight to stretched, but I would love to be part of the process you describe. Or even just see it.
Five stars, of course, and a standing ovulation...I mean, ovation.


Would love to read more! Just the idea of being a hucow makes me horny!


He needs to suck on her shit stained panties and used tampons

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