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Loved it!! My dream... She should pee in his mouth too...

simply amazing!

Keep up the great work buddy, i love it ! :)
Can't wait for the other parts.

scat slut

an older guy introduced me to poo and a weird way... he tied me in a closet - all lights were off - came to me and told me to open my mouth and he shoved his cock deep - it had poop on it... his shit... he touched me and i was dripping wet... after that the best memory was him with a group of ppl in slave/master play -- after doing a good job he told me he had a treat for me and took me on four with a leach to the bathroom - a huge shit was on the floor... i ate it all and licked the floor clean in front of everybody then sat down like a dog... the craziest was an amateur porn set where i got shitted on by 34 ppl ---- i was so turned on that the guys thought i was mentally ill... my dark secret is eating dog poop off the floor and ass...

But they did get loose

After they found her, she never woke up and they soon forgot where they buried the body. Unbelievable trash.


I wonder if she is planning to bring in a tranny next?

by far the best short story series ive read

Excellent series so far. Ive read many of the short stories on this site ever since it was brought to my attention and i must say this series is by far above the rest. Im more of a movie buff myself and once ive seen a great movie i cant wait for the sequel to watch it in in theaters on the first day, this is how this series has had me so far like a great suspence movie.

Good story

Good story. I really liked it.

Good story

Good story. I enjoyed it enormously.

Thanks, anons!

Such kind words, anons! Thank you so much for commenting.

6/22 anon, yes, don't worry, there will be more Shakti, though in what form I'm not yet sure.

7/21 anon, that's really great to hear. It's gratifying to know that my continued writing and experimentation has reliably gotten you off! There are few things I like hearing more than that.

And I've seen that idea done before, though I haven't used it yet. However, I think a variation of it will appear in the next Brod.

PS: No please tell me about it some more!

To Nice and Deborah Sue

Isn't it amazing how something we either never had thought of doing, or thought was "gross," can become so addicting and pleasurable for both the "Doer" and the "Doee." I think about it a lot too! A lot of "Nevers" are sure missing out, not to mention their poor neglected women.

Nice development. .

Looking forward to next and following chapters

Girlfriend's Mother

I was treating My girlfriend and her Mom to a concert, (yeah I know, sounds weird, but I did it all the time) to which there was a lot of dancing. When we got home she mentioned how tired and sore her feet were.
I offered to massage them for her, to which she declined, but Galye insisted, even to the point of taking her Mother's shoes of and setting the feet directly on My lap. I could not believe it when as she pulled her hand away, she grasped My cock and set it between the feet and blatantly said, here, they can rest here while you work the kinks out.
As I took My time and care to tenderly massage her toes and feet, I absolutely could not believe it as she began raising and lowering them, stroking My stiffness
Needless to say, I made an absolute mess of My slacks.
I'm posting this as anonymous only because literotica is giving Me a hassle with the registration


policywank is a DUMB CUNT and a WHORE. she belongs in an ISIS whorehouse. that'd teach her! Rate accordingly!

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