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Wonderful Hair

I've never thought of hairiness as an erotic attribute but you brought it to life for me. I'm so happy for Jeff and Michelle that they found each other. Would they enjoy brushing each other all over themselves?


That was a lovely story. If mothers were to teach their daughters, if knowledgeable father's were to encourage their children, if daughters were to teach their younger siblings, if young ladies were brought up with this idea, this knowledge. Sigh.
A male will do just about anything to 'get with' a real life naked girl / woman. If he were guided by a knowing woman like this it would lay the ground work for a more compliant male lover. One who's interest in pleasing women becomes paramount.
Keep us happy and we won't have to torture you so much.
Unless we get a charge out of doing so.

in hand

nice to read of the male being taken in hand again

I eat my own own cum

I love jack off on my food and eat it i love to jack off on a Mir and lick it off I love cum in my mouth I wish i had cum in my mouth even Day

nourishing my nieces ch. 3

wow.... please write some more, love mommy breastfeeding,niece and boyfriend.. my wife loved the story to it is hot to her...she breastfeed our little boy and i. we did enjoy the story, thanks again for bringing back great memories....

very good until you brought in the crap

Lovely story

Very well written. I'm envious of Peter. Keep up the great work!

Yea mess up smart clothing.

Great story. I love the fact that you are in smart clothes.
Having a messy session in suits and tuxedos is my fantasy. With a girl wearing nylon stockings and suspenders under silky clothing, wanting it all ruined with sloppy food and gunge. Wanting me to pour it all over, and inside, her nylon bra and nickers and brand new expensive shoes as well. While she does the same to my best suit shirt n tie.

My first thought when she mentioned the foot job was that she didn't promise anything about dry humping either. I don't have a foot fetish, so having them escalate to that instead od her leaving would have been nice.


Really great story; in fact very hot indeed. It definitely deserves a part 2. 5*

Please marry me!

Whew! Just what this pervert has always wanted. A woman like you.
Your stories are great and are on a subject I'd LOVE to get to practice more of. But my wife isn't into it and wouldn't understand.
Thanks for writing and please write more.

Awesome story! My cock is harder than usual because of it.

I wish my wife knew and would be understanding of my fetish for panties and other things sexual - she's not.
The comments earlier about your stories (I've got to read more of them if they're like this one) not being demeaning. If anyone wants to degrade me, tell me to suck cock or a dildo that I don't want to, it's bullshit. But this story is HOT, HOT, HOT because they are in it together and enjoy it for the shared fun.
I wish I had one like her.
Thanks for writing.

Tiny weany

It's obvious his little dick will never please a woman. He better develop his oral skills or be willing to be a cuckold.

This is me too. This is exactly me. Please tell me what happens next .

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