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A cruel act ? ......

Such kindness and care for him is very touching .

Domina and Katie would have been well placed ...

In Belsen .

Love ? ......

Evil is present here .

Good Series

I really like Ashley's peeing adventures. I'd love to see more!


This normally isn't my thing but you made it so hot!

Thank you for giving me a new view on this fetish!


A litle more imagination would have been desirebale


I love the story and the way it developed but I hate those fat arsed women you see in the states. I've never seen a tight one yet. They wallow walking along. Sort of a pear shape. Ugh! That's why 50/50 just have to miss out those descriptions an imagine a fit tight Brit girl. Suckerman

Little Dick

I'm suckerman but I am on holiday so can't get my name recognised. My cock is just 4" and thin. My wife gets her satisfaction elsewhere an keeps me locked in cage most of the time. This guy at least gets some relief. I dont

How I would end it

It's too bad this isn't finished yet. What I never get to see but would like is if he helps her instead of hurting her. Show that he is the better person that even though he was wronged he won't be a monster like she was. Then have her call home m later and let him dom her the right way. Ps not complaining about the story I love the direction this went I just wish it was longer with more detailed about what he was experiencing like the feelings of the dick fucking him or her lips and tongue on his asshole cleaning him


Great story.

Might I suggest that you release the smaller segments individually, that would reduce the waiting period between each chapter.


this chapter had me throbbing in my chastity also!!! keep up the great work

another story that I cannot seem to figure out

I don't see much of a marriage or loving wife. More like roommates or friends with very little benefits. Does the hubby get more than a hand job in the future? Or is he fully deprived and emasculated? There is no humiliation but not much else. Erotic Coupling or Fetish might be a better category. All because there is a wife does not make it loving wives... and the term hot wife seems to mean everything but. More like a wandering wife...

Anyway at least it was not 5 pages.

a good start

would like to see her more dominant. He needs to be more of a sissy. But cannot wait for second chapter.

sweet pussy

im a senior and often thought very hard about eating cum out of a pussy,wife dont care much for sex and wont let me do it to her.wished i could meet some one to let me do it and find out if im bisexual,cause the picture of a dick gets me excited.can any one help me.??


Not sure I could go that far, but have always been curious about being spanked. I want it! I have spanked others, but would like to try the receiving end...maybe some day!

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