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details, details

Just a minor detail- but if you lost your wagon and end up in a "boomtown" with "49ers", you wouldn't be wearing a bra and panties You'd be wearing a corset, most likely over a chemise and split drawers, with an extra petticoat or two on top. Historical settings can be tricky due to little details like that.

Interested a lot

Yes! There is a lot of interest here.

Please to continue with more of this storyline.

Well written

Please write another story. Soon.
Thanking you in advance.

This was great reading. Many times over.

I Love Milky Tits

I love this story.
I often dream about sucking the huge tits of a lactating woman. Having her as my hucow with her massive breasts tied with tape so they are hard and firm, squirting by themselves, dripping into my mouth while I suck on her big long nipples.
Makes me wet thinking about it.

Wonderful story

Wonderful story. I find the best ones are the ones I can envision happening in my own life, and this one is so close to real life that I wonder if you have read my mind!


Loved it. Can't wait for another Chapter!!


Ooh loved the fact you have brought Priya back in to the mix. Next chapter should be interesting..

Pay more attention to detail

Brazilians do not speak Spanish, but Portuguese.

After reading your forum posts, I'm a little disappointed in your writing.
"She was the one who was pregnant, not me." That's lower-class speech pattern. Should really be, "It was she who was pregnant, not I."

"Maureen originally thought THAT I ought to know"... I had no clue THAT the class was planning a different evening for me."... "She told me THAT I was a self-opinionated prig" - You really need to hunt down and delete most of the "thats" in your story, and there are many. Not good form. Also, should just be "opinionated prig" without the "self."

I didn't read any further. Subject matter is distasteful for me. I don't care for ball-less, sissy men, but not a problem. Each to his own.


Many possibilities, but way to early to tell, and a bit short, by a few pages, which might be used for more character development. However, I am a reader not a writer.


cum eating

wished my wife was like your ex wife and let me eat my cum out of her sweet pussy,she lets me eat her pussy,cums in my mouth,but wont let me cum in her then eat it out of her pussy,her cun tastes so good,as she really does cum a creamy substance, so good and i would love to eat my cum from her pussy,tasting both our cums together,bet it would be good.sigh.

Different scene, well written, good description of the emotions of both parties and somewhat erotic. Keep them cumming

I mean, I love this story no matter what happens!

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