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very creative

it is very extreme and quite a disturbing ending. A very creative story though, interesting imagery. I'm looking forward to hearing more from the author ... quite unique.

GREAT story

I share this desire & have indulged a few times myself. I loved it. Keep them coming.

You have her clit in your mouth?

Just give it a little hard bite! I guarantee you she's off you in a flash and this drivel is done. Thank goodness.

Just plain disgusting

And you really need an editor.

Great pee story

Grammar & spelling need a little polish & editing but great story (I read Chapter 1 also). I also indulge in this pastime. Not so much the drinking but definitely the tasting and pussy cleanup. Keep more coming.

Cool story bro

Nice story, could use some more barefoot action. But dude, you should really try to check your spelling... Writing stuff like "would of" and - even worse - "wouldn't of" just makes it look like you don't even understand the basics of the english language.

To "the peopleschump"

I'll move along alright! Enough of these sick,wimpy fucks who love being pussy-whipped! You must be one of these sick assholes,asshole!

Loving this story!

I am thoroughly enjoying this story and I can't wait for the next installment!

Just plan weird

Even for fiction.


hehe it was a joke story of course hehe,ok 3/10 nothing to hate though

I wish my life had followed the same path

While I had some amazing times in college, very similar to Jacob's, I never quite had a Joy. Great story! Loved it!


strange, the writer is apparently female, ... does that make a fantasy of rape and attempted murder, more socially acceptable? eh' I guess truly anything goes nowadays. If the author truly is female, well then, hmm ... I just think authors should spend at least a little bit of time considering the ultimate message. this story as it is, seems to advocate a total disregard for life, ...

rape and murder

a thinly disguised rape and murder fantasy. I suggest you spend more time looking for a psychiatrist, and less time on fetlife...etc. this was absolutely disgusting, and NOT in a good way ... I am very much a fan of strange, unusual, fetish, even bdsm, I am very much against censorship ... but seriously this story shows an absolute disrespect for life / that is indicative of sociopaths and serial killers ... this story belongs in the trash can!!, and your little broken girl is going to find the cops, report you for rape, attempted murder and land your loser ass in jail, where some real men will use your sissy ass for a cum rag.

Not fantasy

This story cannot be fantasy. The richness of detail, the depth of emotion, and the range of feelings scream out the veracity of this story - and all the other stories in this series!

"Did you like that you didn't get to cum?"

"I liked that part, too." She smiled playfully.
Hell NO, dude what are you thinking !
Like your story, sexual, stimulating, and total fantasy. Speaking for my self-interest, no condom no problem. Good story.

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