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Couldn't give zero stars

There are big/huge dicks but 53 inches......that is just taking things beyond all reason. Never read past that but I suppose you then had it buried deep in someone...who would have to be about 25-30 feet tall to take that. Next time make things more believable you idiot

Pound Her!

After enough of her cruel teasing,he should have just slammed into her cunt,then ass full depth! Enough of that shit!


next time i'll do a story i'll continue that one.


Great stroke fantasy. More please!

Thank you for writing and posting here.


Good story line. I concur re the follow up stories.

Shit eater

Shitty taste is yummy.

Shit eating

- I've been eating shit since I was very young. I find nothing wrong with it. I have had many assholes in mouth mouth and find the brown delight very tasteful.

i am white

i love black woman because i can never go back. the desire to be dominated by a black woman who owns my white body. whoring me out to her friends and clients

Good Story

Good story -- enjoyed the description -- please continue with more such stories.

I loved this hot story

I would do this in a minute with a really sexy female!!

me too!!

I also love sucking cock. Especially when i am dressed like a girl.

the one that got away

Many of us have a someone special. The one we thought would be..the one.
Something happens and it doesn't happen. But we always remember..no matter how great the future becomes.

butt fucked

wow great story!! more chaapters please!!!!

Very good

Although I'd liked more details during spanking.


Had me hooked and jealous. Brilliant story and wanting more can it get better hell yes. Fantastic my friend

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