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Good but...

Where's the rest? Where are the other four days? Keep going!

Next night

Next night he fucks her, can't feel a thing. He tells her the boyfriend was right. Husband packs his bags and leaves.

Great read, thank you for sharing, hope it continues

Please continue

Great story, l love it. Please continue with it!!!


Great sexy story! My cock is so hard. Finger my ass. Where's Grandma?

eating pussy and shooting cum

I would love eating pussy and getting jacked off
Debbie M. Lee pussy licker


And drop the "true story" nonsense. You're on a porn site on the world wide web. No one believes a word coming out of your mouth. All the true tag does is makes us laugh at you.

Give it a rest

This story was over 12 chapters ago. You're beating a dead horse. Horrible garbage.

She got dressed and called the Police

The Doctor and the Nurse were arrested. With more to lose, the Nurse turned State's evidence and testified against the Doctor, who lost his license and went to jail. What? You didn't think she was going to take being abused by the nurse and Doctor lying down did you? Stupid.

Anything for you?

The only thing she got was a divorce. Why marry him if you can't deal with the size of his cock? The cock cage was just stupid. He would have taken one look at it, thrown it back in the bag and told her to shove it where the sun don't shine. After she demeans, degrades and humiliates her husband, shows him she has no love or respect for him and then allows a stranger to possibly get her pregnant or give her a disease why would the husband have anything to do with her? Maybe after Mr Big Dick leaves she wakes sup to her husband tearing her ass up with his little dick? He doesn't need the key to remove the cage, so tear her ass up and throw her out into the street where she belongs. Ugly story.


Love this story!! Ready for the next step. I hope she gets even sluttier and more drugged up!! I think she should be paying Kevin with her body when they go for drugs. I'm hoping for a gangbang and other degrading adventures! Thanks and am looking forward to more chapters!!

Two more

I appreciate the comment! Sunderscape 02 will come out in two more stories. Next up is Brod: The Right Fit, and after that, the next Sunderscape will be out. You will have it within December.

Tips that work for me....

First, tasting, swallowing or sniffing your own cum is natural and also doesn't make one gay. Here is what I do:

Really think about it deeply. Determine when you are most horny before attempting it. It helps to give myself many days advance to tentatively plan it. It makes it special and adds excitement. Almost like planning a date, but with myself. If the day/time comes and my libido is low, I cancel.
It also helps to try and refrain from jacking off for a day or two, perhaps more so your desire will be more intense, and you will have more cum to ejaculate.
If you can self-suck (I can when I am keeping a regular stretching/yoga routine) it is better. I find myself much hornier when I can blow myself. If you cannot, then concentrating on the details of your cock will help. Really noticing the look and obviously the feel make the experience more powerful.

Now, here are some important specifics. When I am ready I try not to eat for a half-day or a full day and I drink a lot of water in the hours preceding the act. I am flushed and clean and my ejaculate will be more copious. I find the absolute hottest porno I can find and I make the space warm and comfortable, and secure from roommates noises and interruptions- unless you want to be caught! After this I slowly play with my cock making sure to fully lubricate it, and my asshole and perineum. In addition to watching the porno I use my girlfriend's panties to help turn me on. She wears them for a week or so and then "donates" them to me to use. She is sexy and fit and wears them when she works out so they have the yummiest girl-smell possible after one week. The smell alone almost makes me cum. I put another pair on so the cool, thin fabric outlines my cock and gives me a strange, sexy feeling. It is great to watch my cock get hard through her panties. I put the other one up to my nose, naturally as I tease and lightly stroke it. When I am sufficiently hard I insert her anal dildo up my ass carefully. This fills me and stimulates the prostate. Again, when teasing my cock do be gentle when inserting or the intensity may cause premature ejaculation. (It has happened literally hundreds of times to me, so don't despair if you cum, you can try again and again). What I like to do is edge, which is to bring oneself closer and closer to climax without fully having and orgasm. If done right one can edge for hours on end without losing the hard-on. Many times I will stroke until I get close to the summit at which point I let go of my cock, breathe very deeply and relax being very careful not to have an orgasm. This is where things get awesome! Again, if done right my cock will leak and ooze lots and lots of cum. If I have gone "too far" I apply firm pressure on my perineum (taint) until the urge to "go over the edge" passes. This lets me keep my cock hard and thus continue to jack off as long as I please. So far, I have done it six times without "going too far". At six I always keep jacking off and finish with my normal climax, for some unknown reason.
This being a discussion on eating cum, I must say the problem I, and others on this topic experience the immediate loss of libido which causes us to lose our courage to taste or swallow our cum. This is the solution! The desire doesn't disappear with this method. In fact, until the big climax my desire grows. On several occasions I have filled my hand with cum and licked and swallowed it all.. When I am sucking myself I let my cock rest in my mouth when it is oozing out and I love it. I make sure to have the panties lying across my nose too. No loss of libido. Another trick is to film myself. Something about watching my image on a t.v. in real time keeps me horny. There are even times when I go completely over the edge and swallow a massive load but my desire doesn't totally disappear. Hope that helps.

oh my

Pregnancy play in cuckold situations isn't normally my thing but this was so amazingly erotic and well written that it didn't bother me. Fabulous portrayal of the emotions that the husband felt. Well done, photog45. Well done indeed.

Total rubbish

Their are some men very big but no female has a pussy which is that long

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