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Gotta b true!

Cool story, hope it's true. You unlocked a kinkster, good for you!

Maryś loverś

I have never been into wife watching or swinging. Normally when a story starts to go that way I just shut it off and go to something else. But this story I don´t know what made me read it. Maybe it was the way it was written. I did not read the entire story instead I just went to the last page. My late wife had her lovers, and quite a few of them. But I was never interested in watching her much less eat somebody´s elseś cum. Maybe because when I cum I´m out of it. No more for me. I can go again but still never interested in eating cum. Really goos don´t ask me why I liked it as I can´t even understand myself. Hope you have similar stories written.


policywank is a DUMB CUNT and a WHORE. she belongs in an ISIS whorehouse. that'd teach her! Rate accordingly!


I apologize for all the typos and errors in this chapter. It seems that I have mistakenly submitted the first draft. The cleaned up version has been submitted and hopefully will replace the messy one soon.

Are these not the same characters from story to story?

That makes me less interested. And why use the same names throughout if they aren't the same characters?

More please

Please keep this series going


Enjoy your work very much. Long time smoking fetish. You capture it well in your stories.

Dreams do come true

Your story was one of the hottest I've read. The nearest I've come to something like this is when a lady I see gets turned on when I tell her about the cock I've had she always wants to know the exact details. Then as I'm either eating her pussy or ass she shouts at me telling me I'm a dirty fucking whore for having cock until I cum wanking off.


Thanks for your constructive advice. I am incredibly flattered that you like my writing so much that you decided to read this story, even after reading the warning at the very top of the page of chapter 1 and chapter 2.

In retrospect, I should have dissected my story and posted the pieces in Gay Male, Lesbian, Loving Wives, Fetish, Anal and Group Sex sections just to make you happy. Who cares about narrative or context, right? Maybe you can edit it for me? What? You can't read? But you read the first chapter, didn't like it, and then decided to read this ugly second chapter. No? I still would love to have you as my editor/pet troll.

One of the greatest stories I've ever read. Fantastic!

That was a waste of my time flabbycat. You suck and your story sucks. There's your critique. And you didn't even have to show me a picture of your thunder thighs which I suspect are more like cottage cheese thighs.


Thanks for the feedback. I've been kind of stuck with chapter 11. Currently writing the first chapter of "More Panties". Hope to post it soon.


Gay male - enough said other than this was absolute drivel.

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