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Loved this story soooo much!! Thanks for all the time you put into your stories - this just made my day :-D

great story

Make a second part plz, very good story.

Nicely told, with good detail, and a surprise ending!

What a way to build something up - then tie it together! Quite the story. Thanks.

More please

I love all your stories and this is a really great one. I can't wait for the next installment, there is so much more of her to examine.

this is a great story so far, I cant wait to see where you go with it

I only wear silky lace lingerie

I started wearing female clothing and lingerie when I was 13,when i got my first car i collected sexy lingerie and some skirts and dresses,one night i got into my car drove to park and took my clothes off and began dressing up in women's lingerie and a nice long red maxi dress,i had on black silky lace panties and bra,stockings suspenders long pink lace petticoat hi heels and a vibrator down front of my panties,i open a beer and went driving around dressed in female clothing,im now 63 and still enjoy wearing female clothing

I have no idea where this story is going at this point. Seems to be just meandering around. What is the purpose of all this?

Breeding time at the Hucow farm

A great story Heather. I love to read stories about women being bred. Hucows are different than most animals because they come into heat once a month where cows, mare, & sows come into heat only once a year.
I've watched sows being fucked by a boar hog with a corkscrew shaped cock. It emerges from his belly and is a bout a foot long. He actually "screws" the sow with it. She doesn't resist his cock. In fact, seems to enjoy being fucked with it.

Mares , unless wild, are often put into a stanchion where they can't move and the stallion gets an erection when he smells that she is in heat. He mounts her, thrusts his cock in and out a few times and blasts off filling her vagina with his sperm filled semen.
He may mate with five or six mares in a day or two time frame.

A bull has a long prick that emerges from underneath his belly and is quite long. He mounts the heifer, forces his cock inside her, fucks her good, spews his sperm filled semen inside her and dismounts. Hopefully, he impregnates her. He will mount another two or three heifers hoping to breed them during the time they are in heat. So by ther time mating season is over, he could have bred upwards of eight to twelve of them.

A human bull can breed as many women as are in heat in a given period. He can get an erection quickly after having just bred one Hucow. He is ready to breed another one within an hour or two.
Hayley was a red head and she is the only kind of a Hucow that has red pubic hair. Ethan loved seeing her red hair around her belly and cunt. It sort of turned him on and he wanted to breed her.
Hopefully he did.

Loved your story. Being a Hucow, they also need to piss like animals, so if they piss on the floor, that is alright. The bull can mark his spot by pissing on the Hucow. Most animals mark a spot as "theirs" as they go through life.

Let's see Hayley geta huge belly and we know Ethan bred her.

I give you FIVE STARS.


This is so hot, so erotic, a beautiful tease, I want it!

Sop Hott

Love it all....what a lucky man!!


Keep writing please. Just make them longer, more detailed.

Is this real?

Is this really a true story?

Sign me up!!!

Couldn’t turn me on

No nothing erotic on this story.
I thought he would join in pissing but none of that.

Great Story

Well written and I love the pegging theme. The like the Sensual type story’s.

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