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That is not how to write dialogue!

I have seen this nasty trend rearing its ugly head too often recently. Writing dialogue as though it were online chat is lazy. It makes it all too clear that an author just could not bother to learn how to write. Please take some time and learn how to do it properly. You will benefit from it in the end.

My dream job.

Here's a hint - this is badly written trash

Erasing all the bad comments doesn't make it any better. Simply take a look at the low number of "views" this series is getting. You're down to less than 700 on the last chapter. What more do you need to know about how bad this is? NOBODY and I mean nobody is reading this absolute drivel. The story lacks any type of originality or cleverness. The characters are so unlikeable that it makes the story impossible to read as no one could possibly care about what happens to them. Stop posting, read some stories that are highly rated and get a clue.

yum i love sexy hot women like that so sexy kik freakynympho1

i love sexy hot women like that so sexy kik freakynympho1

nice story

Well written, Rachel. Nice pace with dynamic viewpoints of the characters. Keep writing!

Force cunnelingus on pregnant women, naked lordling waiting on servants... What's not to like ?

There's some good stuff here. Eating out multiple pregnant women is just hot, and original as well, and the idea of having this scenario forced on you is quite the fantasy, and very hard to think of a story where it's not contrived. The role reversal where servants are made dominant, is fun too. The subplot with Dorcas helped make it believable that the aristocratic lord daddy was so concerned with his son's sexual treatment of servants.

This story fits perfectly within the naked day theme for several reasons. The story emphasizes with rich detail the significance of clothing to social station. The lordling heir is made to serve his servants, and nakedness puts him below their station
station. One reviewer's clueless comment about "enslavement" deserves a retort of it's own. Power and wealth is attractive. The women weren't enslabed, unless you consider capitalism and economic inequality to be enslavement. (Arguable but a bit exaggerated). Setting aside my reaction to whiny comments the story was fairly good and could have been better, but i did like the happy ending. Suspension of disbelief broke down to me when all the houseservants knew bdsm terms like facesitting. If they are wearing petticoats and all that 19th century stuff (good reaearch there, btw!) i would not ecpect them all to be hip to terms that most of us learned from the internet. It might have been funnier to have them struhhle to find a way to pleasure them and have to draw all the ideas from some specialized source. Maybe Dorcas. Or some elder servamt who had once worked for the Maquis de Sade. You obviously did research and effort to get the clothing right for the period, just follow through with how they talk about sex.


great story

I am really enjoying your story.

I did find the sudden change in the lead character a bit strange though.

I though that the transition would have been slower - it didnt flow as smoothly as I expected.

Personally I am hoping that its more of a loving FLR rather than a downtrodden destroyed man / sadistic FLR.
Good luck!

I so want that job!

Love it, Just love receiving a handjob from an experience women. I agree with the first comment it's all about the intimate experience, her experience that a mature lady can give you. I recommend to any young guy out there to hook up with an experience woman on the backseat of your car. It's the most enjoyable handjob you will get especially if they mind talking dirty to you.

Liked the story but,

It didn't have much to do with the Nude Day theme. I would have rated higher, if it were a tale I had picked out of your list of writings. Thank you Mike

Good story.

This is very well written: it will be interesting to see how you develop their relationship. I'm looking forward to the next part.

10/10 would read again

not really into WAM but wow the way you described it was really hot. There needs to be more male submissive stories as good as this one, it was natural and a bit silly the way all good porn is

If kissing a man and having an emotional connection to a man makes it "Gay Male," then it's hardly accurate to say the MC is "bisexual." He loves cum and cock, preferably not attached to an actual man, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Without love or relating or even talking to a dude, that's not exactly being bisexual.
What he is, per the story, is a cumslut bitch with a fetish and strict--very strict- rules about love. Ok then.

I think this story would work better if it limited itself to the cock/cum fetish. I agree that the romance part comes across as contrived.

great foot fetish stories

both of your stories are really great, nicely written, and very arousing. I hope you continue both of them soon.

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