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Nursing Mothers too.

I envy Steven getting to nurse all these lovely lactating ladies. They are all carrying teats filled with excess milk and he delivers by nursing them and making their teats feel better. Not only do their teats feel better, but they also find themselves needing a little sexual foray and he is able to satisfy them in that regard,

I would love to be in that room and watch as the women pull up their tops and unhook the front of their nursing bras so he can latch onto their teat. Some of them may soon begin wearing skirts and no panties so they can masturbate themselves while he nurses them.

Some of them may decide they want his cock inside their vaginas too, so we will see if he chooses to fuck them. I surely hope so.


Lovely tale, well written, lots of authentic anticipation with close-up sights and sounds and smells. Saying this not just because I love unshaven bodies, just well written prose. Bravo.

Love the teasing!

Great stories, and to think... I normally hate flying!




Make Maddie eat a big SHITBURGER and spew stinky piss from her CUNNY!


Damn, that was one hell of a great story !
It is great having a wife with a good pair of
knockers but when Mum in-law 's are even
bigger and she lets you do things ! It could be
worth it to marry again !

Wow, over 100 cum loving comments

I had an older brother who turned me on to jerking off when I was about 12. Got so horny I would indulge 2 r 3 times a day. It wasn't long before I was shooting in my palm and began sucking it off. I thought it was kind of strange (never felt I couldn't eat it) but came to love the taste and feel. After six months or so of sucking it out of my palm I had the idea of throwing my legs over my head and shooting directly into my mouth. After a while, in order to not to miss my mouth I placed my feet on the wall and pulled down on my ass. While doing this my cock head brushed my lips and I came immediately. With work I was able to get the head in my mouth and take my load directly. I would suck my cock every chance I got and was eventually able to get about half of my seven inches.

As time went on I had a steady GF with plenty of sex, but when alone couldn't stop chomping on my dick and swallowing a delicious load. Over several years I ingested at least several gallons of luscious cum.

My GF never knew of this. I fantasized about sucking another mans cock and tasting his nectar, but thought I wouldn't, because that would be gay. However, when my girl was away I got really horny at a party and after got picked up by a young stud when I was hitch hiking home. Long story short, he convinced me he would give me the best blow job I ever had and took me home. As we were removing our clothes all I could see was the large bulge in his silk underwear. Without a thought I took hold of it and freed it. I took it in my mouth and was in heaven. His load was large and I gagged a little, but it was amazing. I felt somewhat guilty after he sucked me off and was so nervous I didn't get his number, not thinking I would do it again.

That feeling wore off even before I got home. As soon as I got there I sucked my cock and took my load. I was now wanting to suck cum out my own but other cocks as well. Not too long after I was picked up by a black guy in a nudie bar and went to his place. When he pulled his pants off and lay on the bed his nuts were the size of tennis balls. He came in a gusher like from a fire hose. Sweet. The second time we met I was so turned on I shot my wad as soon as got it out of my pants. That guilt flashed through my mind (like most of have eating your own cum) but I was determined to get another large delivery of delicious man juice. About 10 minutes into sucking that lovely cock the guilt had eased and I was now a certified cocksucker and cum lover.

Sometime later I fell in love with a bronze Greek god. I won't bore you with most of the rest. But just a couple of things. I learned to deep throat his ten inches and could take the load deep in my throat. At times we would cum in our mouths and exchange it in deep kisses. We also began fucking each other and would then suck our own cum out of each others butt holes. Heavenly.

I have a number of stories. Take a look.

I can't wait to read the next story

I don't know if it can get any better than that. I'm a straight male but that certainly was sexy. The story just flowed together perfectly.

Even up the control uo

Steven needs some input and Jessica needs to know she can't be promiscuous without discussion. That would add more of a twist instead of usual completely submissive male story. He could take his 7 inch cock for a little strange if she isn't careful.

My dream woman

For the life of me, I can't say for sure why I want to kneel down and kiss her at the end. But I want to do so very much.

Sexy story

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