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Spicey with a naughty twist.

Dear Mary,

What a delightful tale spanning years to present entrapment that binds. I especially enjoy that both women avoid razors and are comfortable being natural.

You kicked the door open and have set the scene for naughty play ahead. I will find it difficult waiting to see how the future will enfold. Keep the naughtiness going.

Very detailed and realistic.

I enjoyed the details mostly and how the story was written in such a very candid style. Many of my foot fetish fantasies were along the lines of most the details in this story so it really worked for me. Confessional erotic stories in a female narrative are my all time favorite.

Lovely naughty fun!

Once again Mary you've produced something lovely and wicked. Five stars from here. Your characters combined with such wonderful mischief, settings, and lurid descriptions create something that drips with temptation, impropriety, and a sugary drizzle of kink. Simply love it. You've created an erotic pastry that the reader simply has to stop and gobble up. Well done. Keep going with more naughtiness from your pen please.

i can be ur human toilet plzz

i wanna be ur human toilet i beg u mistress let me be honored

Audio stoty

It would be great to listen to an audio scat story.

Next chapter?

Hope to hear a new chapter soon!


I couldn't even make it to the end. Wtf. Your story is way out there and the flow of events is studded at best. I'd suggest working on that....

No Accounting For Taste!

- Steve must have thought that Tory was serving him takeout from McDonald's. From the description,it sure seemed like he was feasting on one of there special burgers. And who needs lemonade when you can wash it down with piss?!
- This story deserves a sequel in which Tory force-feeds her loving husband a large helping of diarrhea,followed by a gallon of piss,"sweetened" by the 1/2 pound of asparagus she ate last night.
- Fuckin' A! - Hope they've stocked up plenty of mouthwash and air freshener!!!

I didn't like it

The part about the poop and piss was really gross and it was even gross how he licked her pussy but didn't even clean her up. Everything elsewhere okay

Well that was just ugly

Badly written drivel. With prejudice.

Piss-Drinking Next?

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's Diaper Boy!
Aunt Tina wants him to shit his diaper so she can introduce him to her wonderful world of scat!
If the author ever gets around to a Chapter 4 ,(Not likely), our hero will be noshing on shit and washing it down with a piss chaser!
Sure hope Mommy Cunt Hunt has stocked up on the air freshener!


Great story, great job. Kind of wish Jenny had told him no but it was a great story. 5 stars!!!!!

Another quiet oldie story! Great, thanks! More, please.

Made A Silly Boy

Wish That Would Hsppen To Me!

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