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Too funny

The whole "I would rather be in Hell" concept hasn't been done this cleverly since the Cremation of Sam McGee. Somehow I read this and picture the wee hours of April 15, 1912: a famous luxury liner has just gone to the bottom of the Atlantic and more than a thousand shivering wretched souls are crowding the gates of Heaven and Hell. Amidst the pandemonium, a slight young man with a telegrapher's cap approaches Satan himself. "Oh prince of darkness, I am frozen and shivering, please let me warm myself beside your fire". Satan scowls. You? Of all people? Ha!


Why should I admit YOU to my kingdom? I know YOUR KIND...

The young man panics and tries to tell Beezlebub what he wants to hear. "I'm, dah... I'm J. Bruce Ismay of the International Mercantile Marine, which owns the White Star Line and has just sent more than 2200 souls to their watery doom. Let me in, prince of evil!"

Satan was livid. "You fool nobody. You are Mr. Phillips and you wear Marconi's uniform. I've had to listen to your incessant CQD CQD CQD DE MGY MGY MGY pounding its endless SOS in my ears continuously for the last several hours. More than seven hundred souls were snatched away onto Carpathia by Rostrum's crew, all because of your incessant whining. Away from me and out of my kingdom! Go shiver in that other place for eternity, St. Pete and I are most busy right now dividing our Titanic spoils and I have some very important people to see... robber barons, bankers, all longtime loyal servants who have done very well for me for many years. I welcome them all into my kingdom gratefully and they look forward to warming their feet by the cosy fire. There is no place for you here."

And the Devil himself exploded in anger at the hapless radiotelegrapher.

great story we want more!!

Great story. Love foot fetish stuff. We need more!!


Seriously, you're my favorite writer with the best stories here. BUT, I would have liked to see Tommy get revenge on Miss Hope by inserting a shaken up Coke bottle in her ass and then letting it blow her insides out. Then he could turn his attention to Julies bitch mother and wipe honey on her fat pussy lips before placing jumbo sized bees on it. She could scream in agony as she's stung many times and then he could jam a roto rooter up her ass and turn it on full blast. Oh, what fun! Poor bare Miss Hope! Does your poor pussy hurt when I shave it with a straight razor? Let Tommy make it better.

Yes, a great start!

You pinged about half of my latex fetish buttons with this one. Let's see how many you hit in the next installment. I'm really looking forward to it!

What's next

When is Ch. 12 coming?

Very nice

I'm a fan of the amazonian nature of this, and would definitely appreciate more in the series, if you feel like writing them. Thanks :)

What a crap and ugly story!

That's a bad story at all. The author lacks of creativity and has no context. It is poor written and not even hot nor sexy story.
It is a not enjoyable story!

Very huge story. I love it!

And when they realize they misjudged him?

Will he send them to jail? Nobody is that dumb.

Great start!

Can't wait to read how they ensnare him!


So hot and original! The best part is the author's fake Alpha role. Genius tease idea! Well done.


Jacked off as well more please from him and his mom with his sisters watching and


A very good start slow and leading to a build up ready for Chapter 2 who is going to do what first or is he going to become their sister.
Keep writing 32B

To don87654

It takes more than a "couple (8-9 weeks) of months from impregnation to get the "nice round tummies" showing!! In fact most aren't noticeable for 14-16 weeks (3.5 - 4 months) depending on the women's physique etc. But ALL will be showing by 20 weeks (5 months) except in the very fat mothers!


very good. I enjoyed that. Nice to see ball busting story on here.

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