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we are al different. I wood enjoy this story but not the humiliation. I wood enjoy another guy while dressed in panties.

Great tale..

Hope you'll add a few more chapters. Would especially like one that features "bull-on-bull" action! Five stars!

A lovely story

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I enjoyed it very much. The evolving story line kept me interested and a happy ending to boot. I will look out for other stories by you. Well done.

A story with a somewhat other angle! Nice.

Great story!

I'm not into feet but this was very sexily written.

I agree with the first comment. The wife is too one dimensional. There is not enough development of the husband-wife relationship to suggest a reason either partner should want to continue it.


It is VERY Amazing When a Woman Really Enjoys Having Her Tits Milked and Her Pussy Fucked, Both Regularly! M SIRK and Other Great Writers Make Them VERY Satisfied! The Man or Woman Helping Her , in BDSM Bondage or Erotic Stimulation, are Lucky People! Thank For Your Stories!


This site is more advanced than you are capable of at the present time. Your story shouldn't be on here. Try using xhamster or xnxx.com but not here because your skills are not up to par for this site.

Excellent sci-fi erotica

Fantastic beginning to a story that could continue to be entertaining and expansive.

Just plain awful

I'm surprised Lit allows this drivel to be posted. So ludicrous I'm STILL laughing!


That was awesome

This doesn't work even in Sci/fi

Just plain bad story telling. Not worth the time spent reading it.

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