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Great Story

This is a great story!
I am guessing that you are not a native English speaker, having spent almost 20 years doing business on all continents of this globe.
I did not have any problem reading the story, but I suspect that many "provincials" do!

Keep going forward with this GREAT STORY!

Use an editor!

Gave you a 3 rating because I'm a foot guy. But there were lots or gaffes including a misplaced modifier. If this hadn't been a foot story, you would have received a 1!


spt - small penis teasing

Great read!

Please continue! Can't wait to see where she leads him!

Belongs in the waste bin category

The guy is proof positive of evolution. He became an invertebrate.

At 35, I was seeing a neighbor who was in her 50s. It all started when she moved in 2 houses up, I saw her in her yard and introduced myself, it developed from there to the come in and have a coffee to fancy a drink. She was a plain looking women but what she did have was a pair of thick legs, thighs and bottom, something I realized early in life attracted me. No skinny things for me. It went from there, I was at her house, we both favored red wine, Carol brought up the fact, not meaning to pry but you don't have a permanent girlfriend. No, not much time for that with work, you know. What about you, no guy around, not permanent, the odd one just to satisfy my needs. Mm, I muttered, lucky guy. She heard me, you think so, you could be that guy if you want, and it went from there. I was soon fucking her, I was lucky all right, plain girl but loved to fuck, loved the taste of cum, but I soon found out that anything anal she absolutely couldn't get enough. I found out one day when I was fucking her on her hands and knees, I tentatively pushed my thumb onto and into her anus, she groaned and started to orgasm, I pushed in deeper, she kept bucking and my cum shot deep into her pussy. We lay together, she was still restless, stroking my cock, she climbed on top of me, my still semi hard cock back in her pussy, she rode me and then lifted up, my cock out, holding my cock she positioned it, she pushed down, and I felt my cock being swallowed by her tight bum, she leaned forward, fuck my bottom and her tongue searched for mine as I moved in and out, my stomach covered in juice as my cum shot into her tight hole. That was the beginning, I love anal, this woman insisted I do her anally almost every time we fucked, even to the point of having my fist in her anus as I lay underneath her lapping at her pussy, until once she said I cant hold it and she pissed on my face. She said sorry later but it wasn't that bad and it would happen on occasions. This day , I had a few wines but a lot more water, she asked if I was ready, yes, my hand pushed into her prepared bum,, I moved it around, my cock growing hard, I told her she had a great bum, I heard her say show me, I pulled my hand back, positioned my cock and easily slid in, slowly fucking her until my cum shot out. She dropped down, me still on top of her,when ever you are ready, my bladder was full, my cock started to soften, o.k, she lifted her bottom a little, I started to piss, then it flowed out of me, into her, this is what she wanted, oh my god, oh, oh, I kept pissing until I was emptied, so full, oh and your cock, I slowly pulled back, a little spray as I came out. She rolled over, the towels were soaked, I moved my face between her legs, the small butt plug , I eased it into her a small leak and then I worked her pussy with my tongue, she didn't last long, her juices, piss included, coating my face as she orgasmed. She then jumped up, I heard the release in the bathroom and she said it was stinging so I had to full her bottom with water, rinsing her out and I heard her release again. It was the only time we did that, because of the stinging but we moved in together and still together 18 years later.


Brilliantly written. Please keep her coming.


A little fast paced, but very well executed. Looking forward to another instalment.

i have loved this story for years. any chance of continuing it?

I hhope she is busy with new and bigger cocks!!!!

We need more stories like this one in LW It drives the asshole annony crazy!! gave you a5

Looks like Deb has disappeared. Too busy betraying her loving husband, I guess!

Finally, a positive perspective

I am not into cuckolding but would not be wholly opposed to it if it was brought up by my wife. I am not large but average sized. She has always been satisfied with what I have and since we are each others only partners, there is no basis of comparison, except for toys.

I enjoy anal play and have started to explore larger toys. Recently, once I had gotten her aroused, I pulled one of my larger dildos out and put it in her. In the past it had been too much, this time, it was perfect. She didn't go wild but she ws very into it and it was very into her. I wonder how it would be watching a man of that size attend to her.

My negative reaction to cuckolding is mostly from the videos online where the interaction towards the husband is very demeaning and he is made to be subordinate to the woman and her partner, almost in a shaming way. Hearing a positive story, like yours, is encouraging and could be something worth pursuing in the future.

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