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Fantastic story

This is a true Triple play you have presented here. It is a very Hot and Erotic story that touches on several interesting fetish’s. Thank You!

Very nice

This is sort of a nice reversal on the whole cuck thing. It's great to read a story about a wife who gets off on watching her husband with another woman. It certainly appears that there are far fewer women who are into this than there are husbands who are into seeing their wives impaled by another guy. Or maybe women are less willing to admit it. I think their brains are just wired differently.

Best story

This has been my favorite series. I understood all the references and I even got emotional. Really sad to have this end, but you wrote this story very well. Thank You.

Pretty good

I'm generally not into the creampie thing, but this is a pretty hot story. There could be more adventures.


Great chapter of Sloppy Seconds

I’m totally enjoying reading this series of stories you have published. They are hot and very erotic to read. Thank You!

Another wonderful chapter

This is a wonderful story and I enjoyed the way you put the twist in. Very Hot and Erotic story and I looking forward to reading the remaining 2 parts to the story. Thank you!

Go no further

When the CB arrives, I would gladly invite you to circumcise my husband with your bare teeth, lock up my cock, and throw away the key. Go no further: You seduced him with this story: now you OWN him!

Dear Anonymous

I am in no way a professional so any advice I give is just from a fellow reader who enjoys a little freak in my life as well.
Me I would turn it around on her...wait until she is also fully asleep and see if you can bring her to climax while she sleeps.
Like I said I'm just a guy, if it's a problem you'll need to be open and honest with her. If it's not then why fix what's not broken.
Just please remember I am no counselor, sex therapist or marriage counselor. Just a guy who loves women and sex. I certainly wouldn't "wake up" until she is right at the verge of climax or she'll just stop. Waking up and confronting her in anyway of course runs the risk of losing what you have now.

And if anyone posts anything not helpful, uplifting or outright mean. I'll just remove it, there is enough negativity in the world without your input. If you want to give me helpful, feedback, positive or negative send a private message. That way I can reply to you personally.

Oh by the way Anonymous, I would work that up into a story. I enjoyed the imagery and writing. Publish it here, this isn't a contest more writers is a good thing IMHO

Good story

The only 2 issues I had would be that the story moved a little to quickly for me. And that by definition, Jack can't possibly be a cuckold. For him to be a cuck, Matt would have to fuck Jack's wife or significant other. Jack has neither of these.

Other than that looking forward to more chapters.

Wonderful start

You did a Great Job with the start of this series of stories. Looking forward to reading the rest of them. Thank You.

Name: Akari Kintaro

Race: Human,

Age: 28

Height: 5'8

Body type: muscular, mma type

Hair length & color: Shoulder length, black, usually as a ponytail

Eye color: dark bron

Bosom size: medium

Penis size:
-Flaccid: 8
-Erect: 13, 3 inch girth

Testicle size: grapefruit size

-How low do they hang: tightly packed

Sex preference: (futa on futa)

Playstyle: Aggressive

"Abilities" that you'd like to see your OC use in the fight: Her main weapons are her cock and balls. She likes to cockslap her opponents in the face and balls. She loves to finish opponents off by slamming or grinding her balls into theirs until they lose consciousness. She does hover have some boxing and judo training she uses to wear an opponent down before striking with her cock and balls.

Does she like being hit in the balls? She loves it. It helps to swell her balls up for a more effective weapon.

Quick backstory/motives: Akari is proud of her of cock and balls and wants to show everyone they are the strongest around. She also has a bit of sadist/masochistic streak in her so win of lose she leaves her fairly satisfied.

Five Stars

Legs are trembling thanks!

Great work

Really great story. Do you have any plans to write similar stuff in the future?

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