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Creative story

Many guys suffer from Chronic Masturbator Syndrome. Pubic hair removal is an important part of any treatment.

More on this

My wife and I are early 60's. She got me to suck a cock a few years ago and now we both are into cocksucking. Found black guys are especially attracted to my BBW wife (40dd with large ass) so we like to pickup up some well hung black men on our travels. Hope you will have some more stories for us to enjoy.

Such a great story

This is what I want.

Would love to marry a woman who had a Mr Big in her life.

5 stars

Another scorcher Britt. I love when an average guy gets a chance a the hottie. Keep up the great work. It gives us regular guys hope lol.

Please continue

So many possibilities of sequels!I want to hear about each of the mentioned women who have got the database and what they will use it for over the college men. And also the coach why he wanted to put them into this humiliating positin :D

I'm not a closet sissy cuck wannabee, so don't bother anyone bother throwing that cow pie at me. I'm female. I gave no issue with sharing, if it is a positive experience for all involved.

Cuck stories can be okay, but like many (most?) this doesn't do the job of selling sufficient benefit from participating in this relationship. There needs to be adequate reward for negatives endured. I just don't see it: not in what is said, not in what is experienced, not in what is thought. The best cuck and/or owned couple stories give strong reasons throughout. Here, all I see is a list of things that make most of us wonder why the hell they are doing this. Needs some balance.

The end?

Is this the end of the series? It feels a bit like a conclusion.


I was pleased & entertained with this story up & until the end where Lin wanted to marry a Chinaman. Really?! Suddenly we're back in the 50's. My father used to use that term when I was a little boy. So inappropriate today. That taints the whole thing. Indeed, it's a Life Game "Changer".

Please continue the story

Can you please continue the story, I want to know what happens next.you don't even know how much I love the story I've honestly read it so many times (about 5 times lol).

P.s. I love your all your stories (just letting you know)

Good Story

Thought this was a good story, well told. In my view it was well paced and with a good balance between descriptive narration and dialogue. Importantly, I felt that your characters were believable. It was quite easy to imagine them all existing somewhere out there in the world.

Don't often get to read about younger couples living the cuckold lifestyle, so think this story fills a bit of a niche in that respect. Was also interesting to hear the story from the Bull's (or Big Dog's) perspective, especially one who had no prior familiarity with this type of lifestyle. We usually always get the wife's/girlfriend's or cuckold's point of view - so your story was quite refreshing.

The dialogue between the characters was really effective and that added significantly to the sense of being immersed in the story (in my opinion).

Like 'indysubmale', some of the content wasn't really to my taste, but that's just a matter of personal preference and not something I could criticise the story for. You have placed this in the 'Fetish' category after all, and pretty much anything you can name is SOMEONE'S fetish...

Hope you keep writing. Would definitely read a follow-up to this story, or indeed a new story altogether. If it's of a similar quality then it would be another good read.



i can't wait for the next kinky episode to see what the sissy is made to do.

Terrible story. It is a story about complete destruction of a man. Why? Who really wants that?

Very creative story

Fun and games with pantyhose. Many guys would like to be in that situation.

Another cuck story The cuck is an idiot now she has experienced bigger cocks than his, end of normal loving wife relationship.

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