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This is great! I've been waiting for breeding to come in and as always you didn't disappoint! Thanks for writing so quickly, you think you'll be able to keep this up?

Your avid fan -A

Beautiful story

Please continue, so very hot

I brought cookies. Hit me with your milk.

Maybe next time you fuck up you will have to eat a Baby Ruth out of her ass

I am trying to figure out where this story is headed?

Great story!

Not really my fetish but you got me into it with your writing and setup. Great job!

Tired of Chloe. Kill the bitch already. If I was in prison with her she would be dead by now

One persons view makes them wrong. Who's the troll now? Trolling goes both ways.

Great story

Love to see another chapter for this story. Maybe revisit the other woman in the locker room and a relationship begins their.

So when you say biggest...

are you talking about wordcount, or volume described? Cause I've seen stories where the studs cum enough to fill a small swimming pool easily. Cumbathing is quite the fetish.


Textbook repressed homosexual fantasy. The man is excited by his "fiancée" with other men because the "fiancée" is simply a stand-in for the author's homosexual desires. He is clearly obsessed with male cum.


Textbook repressed homosexual fantasy. He is excited by his "girlfriend" with big dicks because the "girlfriend" is simply a stand-in for the author's homosexual desires. He is clearly obsessed with dicks.

All cuck stories are homosexual actually.

She is what every man wishes

A woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid of her body. If more wives were like her men would not need to go looking, the divorce rate would be 0 and thousands of trees would not need to be made into toilet paper.


One phrase- Peanut gallery

Yes, it did cross my mind- but it sounded like nonsense to me. Could be a good story for you to write though- well- probably not.

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