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ooooh I love this! Please write a part 2!

Oh! Nice!!!

LOVED this story! SUCH a turn-on and so well-written! Thank-you for sharing your work with us!

Washing Fetish

I have always had fantasies about seeing young women being washed. a health farm sort of place. something similar to the film, The Road To Well Vill. the Kellogg health farm back during the late 1800s

Keep Writing!!!

Loving all of this. Trying to get the wife to allow me to fist her. Been using large toys and its to that point. Meanwhile, your stories are a great incentive. Please give us more!!!

Fantastic, slowly builds desire!

Love the way you build desire in the reader! I have read the whole story many times. I always come back to this one. I wish you would add more!

I keep coming back to just about the HOTTEST story on here!

I cannot ever get enough of what this story does...wish I could find a "Jackie" like this one...my ass would absolutely love it!!!!!

Like it

Nice little fetish story. I love the kinkiness in loving, committed relationship. I'd love to hear how he lets her know he knows what is going on, loves her for it and wants to share in her games. She might be embarrassed at first and feel like he is intruding but then discovers that sharing her "secret" with him makes it even more fun. Keep up the good work.

more please!

What a great story. I would love to know how nancy got on when Mistress Kelli got her sissy home. The story could run into another 13 episodes.

keep cumming back to this story

i have cum at least three times to this story since yesterday. it is so hot, especially towards the end.

eating my cum

The first time I did it the wife was giving me a blow job and using her vibrator on my cock too. As I came my cum covered her vibrator, she then put it to my mouth and I cleaned my cum from it. It was a hot night of sex and I know eat her out after sex and will lick it off her tits, face or wherever it lands. She loves it too.

Good, but missed an opportunity

I loved the story, but I feel like you missed a good opportunity to make the story better/more exciting. Like maybe make the "deodorizer" turn out to be some kind of special acidic spray that only affected clothes and then go from there.


- like CFNM but not into gay. *

sooo good and very original

hottest female cuck/humiliation story ive read! this was soooo hot and the matching frozen panties was an amazing touch. i cannot wait for more of this. thank you for writing, very original and extremely sexy.


Who watches the woman they love get smacked around without trying to help???? He didn't know she was a submissive cum dump yet......

loving it.

great story,just gets better as it goes on.

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