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Great one

Not enough strapon sucking stories out there. Thanks!


The whole mother-cuckolding-son genre is downright disgusting. The people who enjoy this garbage and likes of Conflicted and similar stories are pathetic, messed up.


Love your stories of guys losing their wife or gf to cuckoldry keep writing bro!

I’m so horny now

I’m so horny now after reading this I now want to wet myself in a litter box. My clit is throbbing so much now it’s desperate for attention. I’m dripping wet now after reading this, love it.

Don't give up your day job

You never complete a story and haven't a fucking clue on details.this is shit

I’m new to this site and wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your stories. Is there a Cindy part 2

Awesome story!

You hit all the right notes for me, the characterization of Mo'tul and Jarva was great, and really added to the hotness when they finally came together. I would definitely read more from you!


I NEED this to happen to me.

really rough

normally I don't complain about the way a story is spelled or written because I myself am dyslexic but the way this happened to be written with the paragraphs copied and pasted over and over again and not ordered in a manner that makes any kind of sense not to mention this being just a mediocre story to begin with it made it almost completely impossible to read I like the premise and I'm pretty sure there's a plot of a good story in there but it needs a lot of editing hopefully this is your first story and there's many more to come I would hate to stifle anybody's creativity but I would definitely have someone proofread your stories

Janice Found Dead in a Ditch

Knowing the shit Billy is,he'll bide his time before beating Janice to death and dumping her in a ditch. His three former friends will be found bound and gagged at the bottom of the local lake.

Fun, sexy and a little kinky

Thanks for this, I enjoyed it a lot, knowing the area I can imagine how ideal it would be for such adventures.

I enjoyed the pee games, there was a nice amount of detail and the sex at the end was arousing as well.

I would love to hear more about their adventures, I was kind of hoping for even more... Although i understand that is not for everyone.

Your chapters are awfully short, but I'm curious to know where you're going with it.

The difference between male and female sexual peaks, A male sexual peak is like a sudden spike on a graph. goes from low to an extreme high and the drop in that spike is fast. Has to wait a "little" while for the urge to reappear... With the Female. She doesn't have sharp spikes. It's more like the tops of waves on a large lake where as the waves hit the beach and roll back creating lots of peaks against the incoming and outgoing waves causing multiple orgasm's until the female wears out because she's climaxed so many times. so which is better? male or female? As long as the male can prevent that one spike from happening, the reason as to why Chasity cages were invented. .

Really nice story, especially her discovering that she actually enjoys kicking him and using him, and him coming back to apologise and humble himself for her, rather than coming to it naturally and all at once. I'd love to read more!

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