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Fucking hot

So fucking hot, thank you!

I like it!

Like the details about hair, shaving and smell.

Would like to see more resistance from her.

Make her smelly and hairy again.

Thanks for the story!

Great with wife calling the shots

I have fantasized by exactly this type of thing. I really enjoyed the wife calling directing what she wanted the two guys to do to each other. I would thoroughly enjoy another episode.


Great start to this series!

Do you even grammar?

Too many tense shifts. You keep switching from past tense to present tense. I.e., “She giggled” versus “she giggles”. And you need quotation marks to separate when one of the people is saying something.

Undoubtedly the best ANR story I’ve ever read

It is very sensual and actually stimulating.
Very sexy

5 stars

I have a small penis (1+1/2" flaccid, 3+1/2" erect); just one, very small, testicle; I wear panties; and I am a cuckold. I have not done all fo the things described in this story, but to be honest I would if I was instructed by my Wife or one of her lovers to do so. A well written, enjoyable and realistic story.

Short and Sweet

Loved the development of the story. The best time to begin is when you're wife is hanging and you've already cum. The first time I ate the pie from my wife she was shocked and almost repulsed. Over time she learned to love to feed me the pie and had some intense orgasms as a reward. Over the years I've enjoyed thousands of pies.

Ha he ha

What the fuck is an organism? Did you mean orgasm?

Great Control Story

I enjoyed the control an the post orgasm torture scene was so incredibly hot!

I know that you warned us but I really hated the poo play and consumption in this story. For me, this was a very erotic story until the farts and poo.

Thank you for writing and posting here.

Poor editing

Decide first if ifs vijay or vivek. Did u read it back after writing?


love how he stays locked and they fuck with his mind

a great story

I love how she wants to deny herself for him. Afterall Good Girls Don't CUM!

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