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Waiting for Chapter II

There must be part II, I cannot wait. This is a great story and gives me great enjoyment

I Like!

aside from pacing (which is my own opinion) I loved this and would love to read on with this storyline. very well done!


why not spice up their sex life with a tighter pussy? her pussy is getting old and saggy after-all. then she can furiously rub her necrotic clit to a young tight thing wildly bouncing on his dick.

he could even be extra sexy about it, and do it behind her back...then tell her he still wants her saggy tits and labia for emotional support.

Sounds like a win-win relationship!

I enjoy stories about loving couples where the hubby and wife complement each other so well. Good story!


well done

Wonderful twist! I like the tension in the room and this little contest.


Please when is Ch. 14 out? I desperately check day and night.

Nice story

Only 'could have' not 'could of.'
Overall though very very good.


Your story material and writing style Gardner's an A+. I particularly like the detailed unfolding of events and the slow build up of the storyline. You definitely understand how to build a solid story. One improvement would be to build upon the characters backgrounds and personalities. The fact that Laura is from Utah is interesting, adding more character background for all three of the main characters might bring the story to the next level. Super theme and storyline. Keep the chapters coming! Can't wait to see what happens next! -DAKOTA

In love!!

I was thinking and hoping the same as dark storm! I was really wanting Beth to first you as well just like Peggy!! But absolutely love these stories! Definitely have me very worked up and wishing I was you a lot! Thank you so much for the stories!


This was meh. No real build up. It just seemed rushed.

Great stuff

I have to admit that I prefer the stories where the woman isn’t flat out cruel, and love the husband and wife ones the best. Wish MY wife was a mage. 😊

Greatly written

This was not only great literarily but also erotically as well.

His pain from not being able to see her the first time was fantastic. And seeing as how she took over the fantasy is very realistic.

Maybe you can write a story from her perspective in the next story where she talks about her anticipation of his big black Dick, or maybe even the next one she is going to get. Or maybe she can recap just how good the sexual really was that first night. How his cock stretched her out and made her pussy quiver. She could talk about how pathetic her husband looks and feels now as he wears a cage and panties. She is in control of everything. He has already submitted to her ultimate will and goal.

If a black bull takes her ass, something that he has never been allowed to take that would be awesome too. Then maybe after she gets dick a few more times she can degrade him and make him clean her pussy as well as the bull.

Eventually he seems like he will submit, even without the hypnosis. That could be a good way to take this too. But it will still always hurt him to know he unleashed this side of her. And he can never go back. So he either needs to enjoy it however he can, or he needs to get out.

Nice to see more of this. Not sure about the Gidorah surprise, but I like how it ended.

Loved it !


Loved all of these chapters you are a brilliant author.

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