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Caught by MIL

Mother in law may have actually wanted a good fucking from him. Heather may have wanted to piss all over his face before she lowered her cunt down on his face. Heather obviously was not wearing panties or Directoire Knckers either.
A perfect waay to start Chapter 2.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

A proctoscope, for instance, goes in the back door; you're thinking of a laryngoscope.

Also, if muscle relaxants are on-board, the person isn't breathing.

You've obviously done some research, keep doing that and you'll have an interesting piece, if nothing else.

Chapter 9

The next chapter, will realese ?


still very much interested. Nice to hear from you!

Story Good, Writing Needs Work

You have created a couple who happily bring each other to sexual satisfaction. But your writing is Jumpy. It jumps and changes without adequate transition and development.

Slow down. Develop your characters. Lead us from scene to scene. Flow, not spurts.

Great start!

Ignore the troll - great start, lets have some more!

More please

Fantastic story, are we going to see more of this terrific series?

A follow up please !

Please do a part 2 maybe where he begs for forgiveness and to be either one of the sisters sissy or both or something along those lines it's too good of a story not to make a part 2

really enjoyed this one but agree with others- Nina needs to kick some ass! love to see a muscular woman humiliated/beaten by a normal or Barbie body woman. maybe if Nina beating Megan fairly is too hard to sell, have Megan challenge her, Nina refuses due to size difference, and Megan's friend who is a fitness competitor style body (ripped and chiseled) instead of Megan's bodybuilder size challenges her in Megan's place; they fight and to Megan's shock and horror Nina is not only VERY tough but seems VERY strong despite having the body she does.

Of course I trust you

Thank you for your informed opinion.

What an awful story

She insults and demeans him. She humiliates him. And you think he would find any enjoyment in that? Why would he? Why wouldn't he simply slap her hand away and tell her to knock it off when she starts to put makeup on him? Doesn't he have any self respect? This was a story of coercion and abuse. Nothing more, nothing less.
1 star

Trust me when I tell you this

Leave religion out of your stupid porn stories.

Very nice too!

Thank you -- five stars.

Me too.

I drink my own pee too, sometimes from a glass, and sometimes I lay in the bath and pissstraight into my mouth, it's so lovely and warm that way.
I would love to have a girl piss on me, and in my mouth..........one day hopefully

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