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Crocodile Tears

 — Sometimes we must seduce the old-fashioned way. by coldamaranthine02/18/063.96

Cross Country Coach

 — Female coach needs satisfaction. by Jdill2206/17/133.97

Crossing the Rubicon

 — Lucas meets his Mrs. Robinson... by Stpl7705/01/144.61HOT

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 01

 — Wife plots to tempt Brody with delicious virgin Claudia. by Browniepoints06/18/063.97

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 02

 — Claudia enters Brody's life, making it hard - quite hard. by Browniepoints06/19/064.26

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 03

 — Brody realizes Claudia means more to him than she should. by Browniepoints06/24/064.18

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 04

 — As Brody pounds Shannon, his mind is on Claudia. by Browniepoints06/25/064.47

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 05

 — Brody and Claudia finally succumb to their passion. by Browniepoints06/26/064.70HOT

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 06

 — Brody & Claudia's sorrow, their reunion, their joy. by Browniepoints06/27/064.80HOT

Cruising the Bahamas Ch. 2

 — Daughters friend provides needed relief. by Airagone07/31/02HOT


 — He never stopped thinking about her - and he never will. by jrwriter03/09/073.68


 — Young man loses virginity to two girls. by CamLion10/04/094.30


 — A sprained ankle leads to an unexpected romp. by astuffedshirt_perv08/28/114.41

Cry Wolf Ch. 01

 — Computer nerd has run-in with a wild wolf. by Slickman10/16/094.63HOT

Cum Carry Cum

 — Coed gives herself to her first love. by BeverlyLove05/31/034.07

Cum, Cum, Cum...

 — Alenka discovers her soulmate. by SilverFox30001/01/084.26

Cumming Camp Counselors

 — Marilyn tells Stacie her plans for the summer. by JUDO06/14/024.64HOT

Cumming Into Her Own Ch. 01

 — Good girl Wendy finds her love of cock. by UforMe09/25/074.31

Cumming of Age

 — Her sister's friends teach her something new. by crazy_girl11/21/024.02

Cumming of Age in Nude America

 — Patience teaches Peter to be nude & proud. by sirhugs07/07/033.89

Cumming Up From Behind

 — A romantic kitchen encounter with you. by RoLLy_PuSSy11/11/023.88


 — A train of events. by shireman05/23/024.01

Cummuters! Ch. 02

 — Sex in a pup tent. by shireman07/16/034.00

Cupid's Retirement

 — Cupid loses his job and finds a woman. by the_krazy_one02/04/103.77

Curiosity Rewarded

 — Max and Dolores give Virginia practical lessons in love. by BobbiR07/04/134.64HOT

Curious Kate

 — Schoolgirl's quest for experience opens her to much more. by Scotsman6902/21/104.38

Curious No More

 — Office Romance. by jalyman6710/14/153.91

Curvy Georgie's Experience

 — Curvy blonde woman gives oral for the first time. by writing_is_hard04/19/104.13

Customer Appreciation Night

 — Checking out the checkout clerk. by sirhugs04/05/044.45

Cute Model

 — Photographic sessions leads to first time. by Happy Snapper01/20/064.73HOT

CvsN 08: Virgin No More

 — Karen rewards the boys for helping. by Tx Tall Tales10/18/044.76HOT


 — A meeting between online lovers. by romanticredhead06/24/074.51HOT

Dad's Not Home

 — Young woman visit's boyfriend while he's home alone. by Ashson09/15/144.16

Daddy Issues

 — If only he weren't her best friend's father. by ofloveandlust09/13/104.08

Daddy's (New) Little Girl

 — Coed rewards older man for his help. by JRob02/19/064.51HOT


 — She decided it was time. by jjcole08/03/124.53HOT

Daisy's Delight

 — Daisy discovers her sensuousness matches her beauty. by Boxlicker10109/22/124.44

Dales Tales: A Moorland Walk Ch. 01

 — An exercise in imagination. by djinnrummy11/25/134.23

Dales Tales: A Moorland Walk Ch. 02

 — An exercise in imagination. by djinnrummy11/26/153.83NEW


 — A damaged young woman is drawn into debauchery. by Lykesemyoung01/04/134.12

Dan and Kris

 — Friends find love at the pool. by Chiara2311/13/104.28

Dana & Casey's First Love

 — Students discover one another physically. by kreigen1207/22/154.06

Dance of the Gypsy

 — Love and lust in Old Spain. by sticky_cherry_syrup07/14/08HOT

Dance with Me

 — Lucy gets to discover if reality matches up to fantasy. by __Lisa__02/12/144.65HOT

Dances With Poodles

 — The coming of age of a philosopher. by hammingbyrd701/09/044.35

Dancing for the Deejay

 — A normal day at work changes with an sensual dance. by MrPezman06/22/074.67HOT

Dancing with Kelly Ch. 01

 — An honorary uncle saves a very grateful niece. by GypsyGirl8405/30/064.62HOT

Dancing with Kelly Ch. 02

 — An honorary uncle discovers how grateful his 'niece' can be. by GypsyGirl8412/28/114.49

Daniel and I

 — My first ever time with my first ever boyfriend. by ohohohyes07/29/144.05

Danielle Davis

 — True love finds a way if you help it along by TxRad02/18/074.76HOT

Danielle is Blackmailed Ch. 01

 — She is taken advantage of by an older man. by LadyAurora3901/10/124.01

Danny Ch. 01

 — A young man' journey to adulthood. by Just Plain Bob10/03/154.49

Danny Ch. 02

 — A young man's journey to adulthood. by Just Plain Bob10/06/154.56HOT

Danny Ch. 03

 — A young man's journey to adulthood. by Just Plain Bob10/07/154.69HOT

Danny Ch. 04

 — A young man's journey to adulthood. by Just Plain Bob10/10/154.52HOT

Danny Learns, and Passes It On

 — Young man has first experience, gives his ex-girlfriend hers. by Rex Siter11/05/144.58HOT

Dante's Inferno

 — Innocent librarian is undone by bad boy. by AP03/16/044.45

Daphne's Crush

 — Boy! How Bette's little sister has grown. by JoeDreamer08/29/064.75HOTContest Winner

Daphne's Memories of Love

 — She decides to rid herself of her virginity. by ImmortalRomance09/07/113.20

Daphne's Memories of Love Ch. 02

 — Daphne & Shane go to the lake to have sex. by ImmortalRomance09/11/113.77

Dark Loving

 — A college girls first time being fingered. by KrissyKitty00704/21/114.04

Darkman Cumeth

 — She loses her virginity to a stranger. by humminbrd3008/09/032.73

Darlene Got My Cherry

 — She was the young airman's first sexual experience. by Boxlicker10103/20/074.35

Dasha's Training

 — Dasha, 18 & eager, learns from her handsome older neighbor. by sleakstryder10/20/084.18

Daughter Then Mother

 — Guy's first time leads to a lot more. by ainu210/16/114.19

Dave - Winning Her Over

 — Dave tells his side. by easyballs02/10/153.18

David & Laura

 — Virgin David finds himself in bed with hot Laura. by talk_tome02/03/043.54

David's First Time

 — The head cheerleader needs a tutor. by Claudia Bones09/30/054.34

David's Remote, Reloaded Ch. 03

 — Russ Baumann in the elevator & at the Crabtree Center. by Thorilla08/02/084.06

Davy Knew a Tainted Dove

 — A young man loses his virginity to a Tainted Dove (hooker). by dannychellette06/01/114.66HOT


 — What will happen to her on the way home? by Windstalker09/06/044.07

Dawn Visits a Female Gloryhole

 — Wife's first gloryhole visit turns out to be a female one. by MF4BIM11/12/154.19

Dawn's Case

 — Her first time was on her first wedding anniversary. by algeta3906/21/023.91

Dawn's First & Only Ch. 01

 — He ensures friend doesn't die with regrets. by wizarddriver02/13/054.71HOT

Dawn's First & Only Ch. 02

 — The sexual education of a dying 19-year-old. by wizarddriver02/14/054.76HOT

Dawn's First & Only Ch. 03

 — The final day of a special weekend. by wizarddriver02/15/054.77HOT

Dawn's First Time, In The Rain

 — Dawn and Gene secretly like each other. by leslieincolour07/12/083.21

Dawn's New Life Ch. 01

 — New bride loses her virginity and finds herself. by palles10/07/063.61

Day After Class

 — Student-Teacher adventure. by ArousedAmy04/28/153.72

Days Gone By

 — A first time experience shared by Master_Vassago07/17/033.91

De-flowering the Babysitter

 — Falling for Carly. by Nymfoholic11/20/154.42

Dear Diary

 — Wendy tells her diary all about her first time.. by primipatchouli06/02/084.25

Dear Diary...

 — An entry into a young woman's diary. by Sugarshirl06/12/074.00

Dear Diary: My First Swing Party

 — Her first swing party. by Cabaret73910/06/023.09

Dear Diary: The Beginning

 — Teacher finds herself losing control with an ardent student. by Ginger_grl02/02/034.60HOT

Debbie Does Skip

 — 18-year-old track athletes get together. by wigwam2506/10/074.49

Debbie Loses Her Virginity

 — Coed beauty loses virginity in car, with a twist. by Tender8604/12/073.92

Debbie's Coming Out Party

 — Two friends become lovers. by RingoShort07/02/134.38


 — She swallowed the first time she had the chance. by SisyphusRedux01/27/124.07

Decision Night

 — You grant your virginity to a man who can treat you gently. by Highland Fox09/14/114.48

Decisions & Consequences

 — Dad, Mom and 18 year old girl give in to urges. by Laurie04/06/044.59HOT

Decisions Ch. 01

 — Decisions in Virtue. by Maddog1405/28/124.12

Decisions Ch. 02

 — Decisions in Virtue. by Maddog1406/03/123.96

Decisions Ch. 03

 — A Party Time. by Maddog1406/07/124.17

Decisions Ch. 04

 — Trouble for Jill. by Maddog1406/08/123.80

Decisions Ch. 05

 — Giving a Reward. by Maddog1407/03/124.14

Dee Becomes A Woman

 — She's transformed into a sophisticated lady. by eymach02/27/044.46

Dee Dee Ch. 2

 — A young boy and his infatuation with an older woman. by RobbyRoberts10/25/024.13

Dee Dee Ch. 3

 — She entices him with red negligee. by RobbyRoberts10/31/023.93

Deep in the Woods

 — He meets 18-year-old country girl in Swedish forests. by henlar04/11/034.69HOT

Deepest Fantasies #01

 — Sean and Selina discover a slick new land. by FireSiren10/09/064.25

Deer Camp

 — Grandfather tells his grandson a true love story. by veryfaithfull12/19/094.63HOT


 — A love of nature helps a young couple take her flower. by Jack_Samuel03/30/094.53HOT


 — She deflowers her attractive friend. by TrillianSorbet12/26/083.78

Deflowering Evra

 — A night that Evra will never forget. by GallopingStyx01/27/064.09

Deflowering Gemma

 — College stud in lust with virgin. by Wonderotica06/13/114.25

Deflowering Jenny

 — Neighbour comes to rescue when Jenny's locked out. by mpqm196804/29/044.10

Deflowering the Babysitter

 — Secret Diary and Confessions of a Bisexual Babysitter. by redjules08/11/154.52HOT

Deidre Ch. 01

 — The Beginning: Deidre loses her cherry. by Paris Waterman09/21/114.25

Delayed Action

 — Naive 18-year-old meets a very naughty tutor. by cbsummers12/03/114.77HOT

Delia Remembers

 — Delia learns to love cock and sperm. by johnniedee00410/04/064.11


 — No men were made to squeal during production of this story. by Der_Tode_des_Morgens07/24/063.86

Delivering my Senior Thesis

 — Catholic virgin impregnated by fiance during wet dream. by IrishDude388108/15/114.04

Delivery Guy

 — Pizza guy makes the delivery of his life. by Goldeniangel06/18/054.55HOT


 — It didn't feel like rape. by HestiaBound04/25/153.99

Denise, Denise

 — High school math class: the common denominator for love. by Charley_Ace05/18/014.54HOT

Dental Trials

 — Sexual dental discoveries. by STR8Male06/17/094.40

Desert Desire

 — Lady's lusty experiences with her newfound sexuality. by Scorpchic10/21/053.92

Designated Driver

 — When teens get horny while on the road. by Swtt2106/03/023.88


 — My first Blowjob and first time having sex. by av8r199805/26/104.03

Destiny's Child

 — A Kansas farm girl meets her destiny. by Audrey DA Hottie01/05/074.17


 — A college tease gets what's coming to her. by sCr3amer4u07/05/124.15

Detention Ch. 02

 — Detention is supposed to be a punishment. by Ashson07/11/134.33

Detention for Kim Ch. 03

 — Kim's teacher takes her virginity, and gives her homework. by DraceDomino06/30/144.55HOT

Detention With Miss Walker

 — My teacher punishes my bad behaviour. by Googly_Bear04/19/124.12

Detention With My New Maths Teacher

 — Her body changes, first time sexual discovery. by Hummingbird3803/01/103.95


 — The Goddess has arrived now. by evergreen_love02/02/073.15

Devine Defloration Ch. 01

 — The King has to deflower every bride of the clan. by vantyaak10/25/094.31

Devine Defloration Ch. 03

 — Juhi submits herself to the Prince. by vantyaak06/03/104.23

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