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Diamond Head

 — Young nurse finds love & loses it on day of infamy. by JakeRivers01/29/064.29


 — My new wife, and our first time. by bigdonhabs12/20/103.85

Diane & John Ch. 01

 — Her first orgasm in her words & her lover's by MathGirl01/18/034.58HOT

Diane & John Ch. 03

 — Her first intercourse in her words and her lover's by MathGirl01/26/034.65HOT

Diane & John Ch. 04

 — Love and oral sex in her words and her lover's by MathGirl02/02/034.73HOT

Diane & John Ch. 06

 — Two lovers each describe oral sex and masturbation by MathGirl03/31/034.69HOT

Diane a Gentleman's Valentine

 — Tame version of original first time story. by KatlynTemplar12/04/164.28

Diary Doodling 'bout Sex

 — A college girl's first two boyfriend lovers. by Paris Waterman07/09/123.98

Diary of a New Relationship

 — The thrill of the chase. by animalintros07/22/073.03

Diary of an EnglishTeacher

 — Miss T. is desperate to have sex with one of her students. by fantsii05/23/133.79

Diary of John: The Babysitter Lena

 — Single father hires a highschool babysitter. by Jcaboose03/06/174.45

Dick or Teat

 — It's Paul's slam bash Halloween party and Krissy's there. by AsnyLark10/21/163.81

Did I Really Just Do That?

 — A guy's story about a first. by oralfixation69696906/12/104.11

Didn't Make the Grade

 — How a temporary job lead to first time. by threelayers09/05/154.48

Dina Ch. 04

 — Dina meets up with her old roommate Roz. by freaknut05/19/033.94

Dinner & A Limousine

 — You meet for dinner and a Limo ride. by pamper112/02/034.09

Dinner Dance

 — She watches girlfriend lose her virginity. by FarmersDaughter10/15/044.54HOT

Dirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 1

 — Virgin coed meets the cock of her dreams. by DirtyChrissy05/08/013.97

Dirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 2

 — Chrissy gets her boyfriend's cherry. by DirtyChrissy05/12/013.94

Dirty Dancing

 — Joan feels his bulge rub against her as they dance. by Erlikkhan09/10/144.53HOT

Dirty Little Secret

 — She's 18 & forbidden fruit; he's bored with marriage. by SinisterLittleGoth07/08/063.82

Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

 — Hapless teacher is taught much by his class. by seth_perm12/02/084.69HOT

Discovering Diane

 — Accident reveals a hidden treasure. by Wm_Sexspear06/17/024.66HOT

Discovering Ellie

 — He's short, she's tall. How will they manage? by lexdepenny04/07/184.16

Discovery Ch. 01

 — He found out that he's a bit bigger than most guys. by yesitisbig02/25/074.22

Discovery Ch. 02

 — Scott goes crazy over the scent of women. by artmp305/17/143.88

Dissolute: The Vanderbilt Years

 — A young man's first temptation. by a_libertine02/28/104.28

Distance and Dominance

 — Long distance relationship between two lovers. by dutchenglishlove9409/13/154.03

Ditched at the Beach House

 — Eric is seduced by his daughter's friend. by robinson12304/25/054.26

Ditz the Babysitter

 — Mr.Marcus's first time, seduced by Annie's babysitter. by HarveyMarcus07/23/074.24

Diving Doesn't Have To Be In Water

 — Learning the joy of going down on a girl. by SexySoxFan03/18/083.79

DMBH Ch. 03

 — We get slightly kinky. by DougsLair11/06/184.30

Do It Again, Sam

 — A first time for two adults. by phsssst04/12/044.30

Do You Know How To Use That?

 — Young man is caught by his friend's mom. by cincinnatidan02/09/113.27

Do You Think It Will Hurt?

 — There's only one first time. by Scaramouche12304/22/113.88

Do You Think You Can Handle This?

 — He had an unusual request. by Svenskaflicka05/04/034.40

Do You Want Some Company Tonight?

 — A first time under unusual circumstances. by wantsomefun195102/28/144.68HOT

Doctor Iris Goes Out For The Evening

 — Doctor Iris has had a hard week and needs some relaxation. by lexdepenny10/30/174.22

Doctor Knows Best

 — Doctor examines, surprises patient. by eagleyes08/22/05

Does She Dare?

 — A shy girl is challenged to take a big risk. by flamekitten09/20/054.48

Dog Door and the Lawn Man!

 — Wife tries being a hotwife with the lawn man. by Sexybeast889912/13/184.34

Dog Tags

 — An account of my very first time. by RADIOACTIVEFRUIT10/21/094.50HOT

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 06

 — Birthday gift from Alexa & Adrianna fulfills a fantasy. by fuzzyb202/25/154.55HOT

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 07

 — Alexa sets me up with Mei to lose her virginity. by fuzzyb203/25/154.65HOT

Doing Dory Ch. 01

 — Socially awkward Dory becomes a cheerleader. by londonhunter11/28/183.87

Doing Eva Ch. 04

 — Eva introduces her granddaughter to me, with a surprise. by fuzzyb212/25/134.29

Doing Eva Ch. 04 Pt. 2

 — Kati suprises me looking to lose her virginity that night. by fuzzyb212/29/134.64HOT

Doing I.T.

 — Adventures in I.T. John sexy students and more. by JohnIT08/04/114.28

Doing the Girl Next Door

 — Becoming more than best friends. by KenJames09/18/034.23

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 01

 — Pledge boy fucks Alpha Phi babe by CalWriter07/22/043.97

Dolly Pt. 08

 — Doing what he is told, Dan is the girl's first. by ofloveandlust03/10/164.15


 — Cop is called to a domestic dispute. by Ashson08/19/164.43

Dominate Me

 — Bored with average sex, I was hunted by a younger man. by safetysuzysixtynine05/07/173.94

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 01

 — Naomi's English teacher instructs her outside of class. by chasing_ivy02/11/084.20

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 02

 — Mr. Alberts continues his outside "instruction" of Naomi by chasing_ivy02/18/084.41

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 03

 — Mr. Alberts finally has sex with Naomi. by chasing_ivy02/21/084.33


 — Thirty-five years later, Donna tells the tale. by PlatypusJones05/26/164.46

Donovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 01

 — His sexual journey begins. by Dregun07/16/094.47

Donovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 02

 — His sexual journey continues. by Dregun07/24/094.50HOT

Door To Door Salesman

 — She lets him in to wait for her mom. by satyr_13200312/28/054.61HOT

Dorian & Lianna

 — Lianna is now bonded. The wedding night begins. by draco_ma_boi04/17/184.04

Dorm Floor Bitch v. 01

 — An effeminate freshman is made a slut in his dorm showers. by GirlyCumslutBoy12/04/07

Dorm Room

 — Mom teaches dorm roommates how to fuck. by Tess_Stevens11/30/073.85

Dorm Room Ch. 01

 — Belinda falls at Brad's feet. by BradsBabygirl06/17/084.27

Dorm Room Ch. 02

 — Belinda succumbs to his charms. by BradsBabygirl06/18/084.38

Dorm Room Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by BradsBabygirl06/19/084.57HOT

Dorothy and Me

 — Learning the game from a mature woman. by erotiquill09/25/124.14

Dorothy Surrenders

 — Repressed woman finally surrenders to her boyfriend. by SkyBubble09/19/143.62

Double Dipping Ch. 02

 — Jim returns house to find friend's daughter waiting. by Erlikkhan04/06/014.51HOT

Double Girls and Double Dares

 — Twins make dirty double dares with guys out of their league. by aguycelmar06/10/103.89

Double or Nothing

 — Idle bet turns enemies into passionate lovers. by SPEN STERLING06/28/104.67HOT

Double Trouble

 — Dan loses his virginity. by Stormysailor02/07/144.06

Double Vision Ch. 03

 — Daniella's room mate Jennifer becomes her apprentice. by Artist104/01/104.58HOT

Double-Date with College Boys

 — Shy Amanda goes on a double date with experienced Felicia. by sexykitsu03/18/134.32

Doublecrossing Isis

 — Isis Temple woman gives her virginity to her lover. by jon.hayworth05/26/024.06

Doug and Diane

 — She takes him to the place he's always wanted. by barkirk12/23/144.56HOT

Doug and Diane Ch. 02

 — Aftermath and flashback. by barkirk12/29/144.35

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 01

 — He gets the chance of a lifetime. by Goldeniangel06/19/064.47

Dr. No

 — Instead of riding home in the rain, he gets his first lesson. by JamieB07/16/074.56HOT

Draconic Lust

 — She sacrifices herself to a dragon to pop her cherry... by AmethystMare11/04/184.31

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 01

 — Student Lacey Cole gives her first time to her drama teacher. by SexiKitten9610/18/153.65

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 02

 — Lacey fucks her teacher to the point of multiple orgasms. by SexiKitten9610/22/154.25

Drama 101: Final

 — Being his. by SexiKitten9611/03/153.38

Drawn Together

 — An Older Man tries drawing a Nude Model. by HappyOldGuy10/10/153.52

Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — First meeting continued. by Imaginatrix06/10/044.14

Dream Come True Ch. 03

 — Online friends become lovers. by Imaginatrix06/13/044.16

Dream Cum True

 — Husband's dream becomes reality. by hornymonkey9007/15/144.04

Dream Cum True

 — She has longed for him afar...what happens when he is near? by Cutipie06/14/174.17

Dream Girl

 — He finally gets the girl of his dreams. by Baloden02/16/042.78

Dream Stranger

 — Dream of a bored Lass. by dk7609/14/023.00

Dreamfest Ch. 01

 — Is it a dream or an orgasm or both? by chillout12/16/023.67

Dreaming of a Girl

 — A story of a shy boy who meets his crush. by papertriangle06/21/154.06

Dreaming of His First Creampie

 — A man fantasizes about eating his first creampie. by TongaFrank01/17/174.42

Dreams of Bluma

 — Furry college love. by FurLove01/01/084.47

Dreams of Kerry

 — Childhood friends meet again in college. by carrteun10/19/184.80HOT

Dreams Of You

 — Sexy teen Brandi's first bondage. by Knot_By_Numbers11/23/023.97


 — Hot creamy deliciousness. by Tasoka09/01/103.55

Driver Wilde: A London Busman's Tale

 — Bob gets his best Xmas present ever. by DriverBaz12/10/044.19

Drowning in Rain

 — A sexy young girl meets an older couple, and sparks fly. by julie_hypnotic03/05/034.60HOT

Druesha of Hartshorn Hill

 — Lord Hartshorn takes a new chamberslave. by lindiana03/17/054.02

Drunken Lovemaking

 — A virgin is taken advantage of. by GracieLauren12/16/073.87

Duck, Duck... Sex

 — Some games you never outgrow. by sexygirl7606/03/164.48


 — 19-year-old man learns a love song. by Hornsup03/18/064.22


 — Four years later, they meet again for his first time. by Middleagepoet12/25/093.32


 — A queer man discovers his desire for his best female friend. by litgrrl05/21/164.24

Early Education

 — Young married couple learn more about sex. by kenkx04/12/114.47

Eastern Idyll

 — A pilot remembers his first love. by SaharaGuy10/15/084.38

Easy like Saturday Morning

 — Katie the Lesbian Vicar is persuaded to try cock. by CyranoAndersson10/05/094.16

Easy like Saturday Morning Ch. 02

 — Katie the Lesbian Vicar contemplates joining the rat race. by CyranoAndersson10/31/094.14

Eating Hot Cum from Her Pussy

 — Oh god it felt so warm and juicy I blew my load so fast. by kingyendor05/05/174.23

Ebony & Ivory Series: Black Cherry

 — First seduction scores her black cherry. by velvetpie07/03/044.43


 — Gay preppies, part 2. by gaytheist11/25/153.86

Edna, My Asian Seductress

 — Lost my virginity and innocence– gained an Asian mistress. by ElderDirt01/14/184.47

Educated by the School Nurse

 — He spends a summer day with a different kind of woman. by JustLikeEwe10/23/124.46

Educating a New Neighbor

 — Inexperienced new neighbor gets a lesson in sex ed. by happybirthday07/16/064.23

Educating Ella

 — Girlfriends talk about sex - and an interesting lesson. by PurpleButterfly10/06/093.70

Educating Ellie Ch. 01

 — BBW loses her virginity to her best friend's husband. by Eosphorus08/30/124.40

Educating Mel

 — A young man aged 18 finally learns. by prevacker03/01/154.50HOT

Educating Nathan

 — A family friend helps a young man get past his nervousness. by Turbidus06/29/184.60HOT

Educating Paddy

 — Patrick is co-opted to help teach a young neophyte. by shambles03/19/074.44

Educating Sammy

 — His 19yo student was tempting him, but would he stray? by SisterJezabel06/16/183.96

Educating Stephany

 — Two teenagers get a lesson in sex education. by CaliforniaDreamer08/23/154.14

Eight Months With Only A Kiss

 — It's their first time after many restless nights. by ShaunaM11/24/044.41


 — Virgins finally do it. by jasliz12/24/094.52HOT

Eighteen And Ready To Fuck

 — Eighteen year old virgin. by fossie12303/01/113.72

Eighteen Ch. 01

 — Angie's eighteenth birthday goes off with a bang. by SelenaKing04/27/153.56

Eighteen Ch. 02

 — Angie sets plans in motion for her 18th birthday present. by SelenaKing04/28/153.83

Eighteen Ch. 03

 — Angie and Missy share a Victoria's Secret dressing room. by SelenaKing04/29/154.18

Eighteen Ch. 04

 — Angie and Missy decide to persuade Scott over dinner. by SelenaKing04/30/154.20

Eighteen Ch. 05

 — The climax of Angie's eighteen years of waiting. by SelenaKing05/01/154.65HOT

Eighteen Holes

 — Working at the mini-golf course is more fun that you think. by lusthammer10/06/084.19

Eighteen Holes Ch. 02

 — Taking a brief 'road trip' from the mini-golf course. by lusthammer09/28/094.45

Eighteen Holes Ch. 03

 — On the last day of summer, it gets even hotter. by lusthammer04/10/104.39

Eighteen Holes Ch. 04

 — The first day means everyone sees the secret photo. by lusthammer10/13/104.43

Eighteen Today

 — Eighteen year old paid to try sex. by Ashson02/27/134.33

Ela's First Time

 — Prearranged first time sex. by nikkitime08/31/084.10

Elaine and Diego

 — A college girl gets a chance to savor her boyfriend. by limitless_lover08/02/093.04

Elegantly, We Kiss

 — The first embrace leads to a passionate kiss. by secretdesire19302/11/103.86

Elf Angel

 — Susan becomes an angel for her new friend. by Trimpostinger11/25/084.67HOT

Elizabeth Loved My Junk

 — She had plans for him. by SierraSprite08/18/184.37

Ella's First

 — Shy girl's night out on the town takes an unexpected turn. by ChloeBea07/09/144.41

Ella's First Ch. 02

 — Ella finally loses her virginity. by ChloeBea07/18/144.54HOT

Ella's Sweet Education

 — Tasty Ella takes cute Calvin's virginity. by curlyandcurvy07/01/023.99


 — An attack brings forward there first time by a few months. by catchercradle08/08/074.26

Ellen in Brooklyn Heights

 — She loved Brooklyn Heights, and they loved there too. by Longstretch02/23/094.25


 — A high schooler's wet dream leads to something more. by KrisSpee06/04/144.07

Eloise Impersonates a Glorywhore

 — An alternate scene to 'Pep, Spirit, and Facials' Chapter 1. by lustypenny03/07/183.95

Elusive O

 — The moment I have been waiting for. by FemmeCreole12/11/123.04

Elvis Swims!

 — “Hello Elvis,” she said as he walked to the lounge chair. by Decayed Angel09/29/063.90Editor's Pick


 — A young virgin gets a shock from his best friends mother. by TxRad03/08/114.58HOT

Emancipation Ch. 03: Anatomy Lesson

 — ...leads to better lover and hope. by LitEroCat01/01/074.47

Emancipation Ch. 04: Screamer

 — Lois learns: BJ 101, lust, 'best climax ever'. by LitEroCat01/14/074.39

Emergency, Lifesaving Sex

 — Women save a young man by having sex with him. by regularguy1308/21/174.54HOT

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 01

 — Emil has special needs, as Lara soon finds out meeting him. by catstress11/13/184.04

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 02

 — Emil and Lara discover each's attraction for the other. by catstress11/22/184.57HOT

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 03

 — Things are happening pretty fast between Emil and Lara. by catstress11/28/184.40

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 04

 — Lara informs Michael of her intentions regarding Emil. by catstress12/19/184.47

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 05

 — Emil's family is concerned about his relationship with Lara. by catstress01/09/194.50HOT

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 06

 — Lara decides to "gift" every part of her body to Emil. by catstress01/23/194.48

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 07

 — News of Lara and Emil's engagement has everyone in shock. by catstress02/06/194.40

Emil has "Special Needs" Ch. 08

 — Emil, Lara, Michael, and Karen go out on their double date. by catstress02/21/195.00NEW


 — First tattoo, and more. by WriterWill08/06/154.05

Emily and Jason Ch. 01

 — She has a dream about a co-worker she's fallen for. by AriaxLynn05/28/124.02

Emily Ch. 01

 — Emily and her boyfriend Braden make a dirty deal. by MizzJizz04/16/132.93

Emily Pops Her Cherry

 — He finally just takes his reluctant virgin girlfriend. by evil evil man12/08/074.14

Emily's First Cock

 — Katie introduces her friend to various penises. by nakedjohn03/04/054.26

Emma & Barry

 — Virgin Emma seduces her gay best friend. by Christian Black11/02/044.16

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