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Fucked By Candy

 — He's losing his virginity. by ixAELxi12/06/043.70

Fucked My Hot Neighbour Pt. 01

 — Fantasy with my hot neighbour came true. by ladiesman14303/31/164.01

Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 03

 — Satisfying the virgin granddaughter. by JustinNickThyme11/25/064.44

Fucking for Grades Ch. 01

 — Awesome job leads to awesome sex. by ilovehooters01/16/153.88

Fucking for Grades Pt. 02

 — My first foreign girl. by ilovehooters12/30/164.18

Fucking Him in His Car

 — Fucking my first love in his car. by jojoxoxo_09/27/163.65

Fucking Karima Ch. 01

 — Karima loves getting licked. by TheFaceMan06/26/114.31

Fucking Karima Ch. 02

 — Karima loses her virginity and her innocence. by TheFaceMan08/01/114.35

Fucking Karima Ch. 03

 — Karima gets fucked in a public garage. Things heat up. by TheFaceMan08/30/114.59HOT

Fucking Karima Ch. 04

 — Karima goes hardcore; Brian gets dirty with her little sister. by TheFaceMan09/05/114.44

Fucking Kelly Heinz Ch. 01

 — She chooses a trusted neighbour as her first. by melsdad11/10/054.26

Fucking Mom and Daughter at Church

 — No rest for the wicked. by Jack_Fetch03/28/114.38

Fucking Mr. Richardson

 — My summer vacation & naughty experience with my friend's dad. by EmilyVelvet01/03/13

Fucking The General's Wife

 — A Marine's dilemma. by PDumbledore12/09/034.34

Fulfillment in the Sun

 — A girl gets deflowered and impregnated by her soccer coach. by catfacts06/18/144.07

Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

 — Jerry has an entertaining night. by Mysteria2702/05/163.88

Fun at the Pool

 — A short story I wrote for a friend that I'm now sharing here. by SensationCreation09/24/143.89

Fun Day at the Swimming Hole

 — Two friends get lost climbing up a river and get naked. by X_StoryAuthor_X04/10/152.61

Fun In A Hot Tub

 — Two girls decide to please themselves. by Nympho1308/23/023.80

Fun Time at a Pool Party

 — Mike hooks up at a pool party. by raidernation2501/04/154.04

Fun Times

 — A sexual encounter between two new people. by BAKelly04/23/094.19

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 01

 — Carrie is intrigued by her best friend's new experiences. by Hogwash02/25/153.99

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 02

 — Tommy's story reveals Kim's scheme to betray Carrie. by Hogwash03/17/154.14

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 03

 — Kim delivers up her friend to Tommy. by Hogwash06/06/154.40

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 04

 — Kim and Carrie at the Prom and... by Hogwash02/12/164.47

Fun with Chrissy Ch. 01

 — Two cousins-in-law spend time together. by kevinwg405/01/092.98

Fun with Chrissy Ch. 02

 — Two cousins-in-law have sex together. by kevinwg405/02/093.32

Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 05

 — Younger neighbor shares secrets, wild side. by Styxman12/12/064.42


 — Virgin's first time with an older man. by sambush10/01/143.62

Gabe's First Everything

 — A sweet first-time for a shy student. by BluSkiez11/26/154.51HOT


 — A young man's first lover. by Ricardostgeorge06/28/073.55

Gaining Confidence

 — A real guy in a lucky situation. by Refreshing08/01/113.98

Game Night

 — Best friends become lovers. by Ravlicious09/15/064.12

Game Night Ch. 02

 — Another first for David and Samantha. by Ravlicious09/22/064.34

Game Off

 — Which kind of play is more enticing? by humantouch08/25/124.41

Game People Play

 — Four girls lose their virginity during a series of sex games. by Ashson11/16/124.54HOT

Game People Play Round 02

 — Four young ladies play games to get initiated into sex. by Ashson11/17/124.63HOT

Game Show Winners & Losers

 — Cheating fiancée and game show contestant. by easyballs02/24/152.71

Gap Year Ch. 01

 — His further education begins early. by Aging Rake07/29/054.44

Gay up until My First Thai Massage

 — I was gay up until my first Thai Massage in Los Angeles. by hungjewpapi04/20/173.87


 — Moving to Europe opened her eyes. by Susan McK05/12/034.24

Gazing in the Mirror

 — Rachel meets a new guy at school. by Posocco6902/28/034.24

Geek Lust

 — Two nerdy college kids experience love for the first time. by Spurtulator06/04/084.37


 — Shy woman finds love & acceptance with older man. by 13026011/11/06

Gemma's Growning Pains Ch. 02

 — Time to take it like a girl. by krazy_karen_uk11/09/044.46

Gen: First Time Sex

 — Gen and her boyfriend get closer. by griphook10/20/07

Gentle, Be Gentle

 — Lust for one leads to two. by Nakod Apa03/12/064.22

Genuine Ch. 01

 — Ever been in love with the school flirt? by shawnsgrl2203/01/104.03

Genuine Ch. 02

 —  I stood in front of my mirror... by shawnsgrl2203/05/104.32

Genuine Ch. 03

 — What just happened? by shawnsgrl2203/09/103.98

George and Ryan

 — Shakespeare helps a boy win a girl's favours. by ReefBeach02/08/134.45

George and Ryan Ch. 02

 — Party gets wilder with 3 people and a wicked sense of fun. by ReefBeach02/14/134.30

George Becomes Georgina

 — Sports-mad tomboy deflowered, with help from Literotica. by WarriorPrincessUK06/11/084.24


 — A young man's first time. by Laphroaig02/20/124.19


 — Young college love. by FurLove04/05/064.62HOT

Gettin' Any Dirt For Your Worm?

 — Christian gal with a thirst for knowledge gets a mouthful. by SikFuk04/09/104.45

Getting Back

 — A story of love, loss and resolution. by rickoshay03/18/043.78

Getting Cured

 — Losing My Virginity. by LizzysFriend09/16/154.31

Getting Ditched

 — After her friend leaves, an unexpected visitor arrives. by ShatteredPortrait05/09/104.55HOT

Getting Even Gets Interesting

 — Taking Maggie's boyfriend's virginity is payback. by WilliamRollins01/13/124.24

Getting His Attention

 — The story of how a Geek gets lucky. by Azuldrgon05/04/164.52HOT

Getting it Straight

 — Troubled young man gets help for his first time. by mrJohnJones01/06/064.69HOT

Getting My Hands On Connor

 — The only way to have Connor is to have his girlfriend too. by kewtieboy10/19/124.29

Getting Past Third

 — A turning point in the life of a 19 y old male virgin. by Piscator12/04/143.61

Getting Ready for College

 — She wants her first before she goes away to college. by LegsattheLake07/24/083.95

Getting The Grade

 — She's been wanting her prof for ages - will he ever notice? by Boojwit12/27/063.98


 — A woman can't tell if her encounter was real or if it wasn't. by HarukosSlaveKitten05/12/12


 — An unexpected way to celebrate the big 3-0. by WFEATHER08/17/074.11


 — In payment for services rendered. by Robin P01/05/074.40

Gina Continues Ch. 06

 — Gina gives Lauren to a virgin for his first time. by Goldeniangel06/17/054.21

Gina Loses Her Virginity

 — An eighteen year old loses her virginity while babysitting. by Mysteria2709/17/153.93


 — Chance encounter at the airport for a wheelchair user. by rmlooker07/13/144.52HOT

Ginger Popped

 — Ginger recalls losing her virginity. by tkinsc06/07/064.31

Girl Asks Friend to take Virginity

 — Girl asks friend to take virginity, and surprised unfold. by nikkilamkins173806/24/154.32

Girl Meets Boy

 — Sheltered girl meets a boy for the first time. by kaat8511/04/134.06

Girl Next Door

 — He has the neighbour's daughter. by girliekiller06/22/034.28

Girl Next Door First Session

 — Knowing young lady obliges him. by djeroticon10/14/054.45

Girl On The Beach

 — Waiting for the storm. by Ashson05/23/134.10

Girl's Weekend Night Ch. 01

 — Curiosity satisfied. by White_Hot04/20/104.65HOT

Girlfriend Turned Slutty

 — My wife turned slut by my desires. by batofnight01/24/154.17


 — Sexual awakening and exploration by OzmanA03/17/154.12

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

 — Lesbians making love and pro-style wrestling. by RickDeville212/30/174.36

Girls Next Door

 — Kurt's roommates and neighbors plot to end his virginity. by Leenysman12/17/164.58HOT

Git Laid

 — NYC exec is seduced by a hillbilly girl. by FurLove03/24/064.74HOT

Give Me An "F"

 — Cheerleaders play Truth or Double Dare. by Slickman09/06/054.56HOT

Give Me An "F" Ch. 02

 — The Truth and Double game gets serious. by Slickman09/22/054.69HOT

Give me an A

 — An innocent student gets special help from her professor. by PrincessS8510/11/134.48

Giving a First

 — He gets his first blow job. by moonshado10/12/023.83

Giving a Hand Pt. 01

 — Lessons learned the practical way. by GemimaCav06/28/144.20

Giving Head For The First Time

 — My first attempt at giving head. by Orallover9201/16/134.14

Giving In

 — Two college freshman can't keep things platonic any longer. by Bradshaw7710/12/063.58

Giving into Temptation

 — After months of resisting temptation, a good girl gives in. by smalltittyasian08/25/174.57HOT

Giving My First Blowjob

 — He gives a blowjob for the first time. by Unholy108/01/03

Giving My First Blowjob

 — Her first experience giving oral . by Tamara Erison08/09/054.21

Giving Oral For The First Time

 — Giving my first blow job to my older neighbour. by StaceG06/24/114.25

Giving Up and Giving Into Innocence

 — He married a sweet virgin and she married a caring man. by RedHairedandFriendly09/02/124.36


 — The third leg of the tripod and the weaving of lives. by endthedream02/11/072.86

Glass Shard

 — She's decided to start - but what stopped her before? by Spinneret05/05/124.10


 — Widow teases, seduces teen male. by Texas_Throbber09/03/114.40

Glory Days Ch. 01

 — High schooler gets rewarded for his hard work by Lyndon02/08/033.91

Glory Days Ch. 02

 — She wasn't wearing underwear! by Lyndon02/13/034.00

Glory Days Ch. 03

 — Changes in Shawn's life by Lyndon02/20/033.30

Gloryhole Addiction

 — A young girl visits the adult store and loves the gloryholes. by Brittni4u03/10/164.63HOT

Go Forth and Multiply

 — Melissa loses her virginity, and faces the consequences. by abroadsword11/29/103.70


 — She just knew he'd be an incredible first lover. by Algonquin Twit01/01/112.86

God I Love My Alislut

 — A young woman loses it to a popular radio DJ. by TheCowboy08/31/144.26

Goddess of the Moon

 — A young Muslim girl's first time with her English teacher. by KierHardy07/10/144.41

Going Back Into The Closet

 — Gay women tries to get pregnant. by arlene54810/27/044.07

Going Fishing

 — Young love, a long time ago. by clarissaj198206/21/164.28

Going Native

 — A hot fuck with a luscious Native American girl. by JayTinMan12/07/094.26

Going Native

 — A young man from the stars is taught what love is. by haiugga08/26/164.12

Golden Summer

 — Three friends give their virginities to each other. by JimBob4403/16/164.45

Golf Club Wives Ch. 05

 — She refuses to let him wear a condom. by mangrove jack02/01/064.66HOT

Golf Club Wives Ch. 07

 — Mark makes Madeline's daughter's first time special. by mangrove jack06/07/064.65HOT

Golf Club Wives Ch. 08

 — Young golfer finds there is more fun off the course. by mangrove jack01/17/074.64HOT

Golf Club Wives Ch. 09

 — Simone is his third young virgin. by mangrove jack02/23/074.67HOT

Good Boy Ch. 01

 — A girl wants to be satisfied. by Maddiegirl04/10/133.82

Good Boy Ch. 02

 — She takes him... by Maddiegirl05/01/134.14

Good Boys are Easiest to Seduce

 — He didn't believe in sex before marriage, till he met her. by WarriorWoman12/30/054.25

Good Friends

 — Sometimes a good friend is all you need. by javawarrior11/25/134.50HOT

Good Girl Explores Sex Life

 — Good girl who finally found the right guy to enhance sex. by CL12306/10/174.06

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 01

 — Trisha finds something in the cheerleaders' locker room. by HiddenDevil_08/30/084.41

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 02

 — Trisha is late to class. by HiddenDevil_08/31/084.63HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 15

 — Mandy's big lesson with Trisha. by HiddenDevil_06/29/094.67HOT

Good Golly, Miss Molly

 — Two on missions, missions for two. by BogartsBoss03/26/124.04

Good Goose Gooses Gander

 — The humble hand job gets an upgrade. by MrNiceguy77710/12/174.10

Good Hearted

 — A teenager with a good heart begins to mature. by OregonDavid10/31/174.58HOT

Good Hearted Ch. 02

 — Ethan's coming of age is strange and wonderful. by OregonDavid11/07/174.78HOT

Good Man in a Bad Time

 — A girl is saved from an accident in the mountains. by Pasego08/20/084.55HOT

Good Mark

 — A relationship develops between two people. by sweetblissmash06/23/104.12

Good Neighbours

 — Denise gets very well acquainted with the man next door. by deepemerald07/21/064.37

Good Student

 — Busty teacher seduces an eager young man. by lovingfingers09/08/114.47

Good Teacher-Student Relationship

 — Teacher gives 18-year-old student a lesson. by CuriousLittleBird03/22/034.04

Goodbye Ch. 01

 — A friend finally decides to act on his emotions... by iwritestuffs04/11/113.91

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 01

 — A plain and timid secretary has erotic dreams. by JaneX01/03/163.71

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 02

 — A plain and timid secretary has erotic dreams. by JaneX01/06/164.13

Goodbye, La La Land

 — Gary and Kathleen discover 'Real Life' together. by MLyons11/09/044.81HOT

Goody Two-Shoes

 — She shows a bad boy she's not such a good girl. by KarennaC02/20/084.22


 — I get my man. by MustafaFuch07/21/083.33

Grace's First Time

 — A young heiress loses her virginity. by xtcnymphette12/15/044.48

Graduation Ch. 01

 — Bookworm HS teacher gives parting lessons to sensitive jock. by member945806/16/164.87HOT

Graduation Ch. 02

 — Caleb invites Penny to his home for some personal training. by member945805/16/174.81HOT

Graduation Dress

 — Step-sister graduates when she shows off her new dress. by LaTourEiffel02/11/104.42

Graduation Night

 — Boy leaves school and virginity behind. by the_bob_experience07/15/043.80

Graduation Night Bloopers

 — Avoiding pregnancy is difficult when friends come togehter. by Tess_Stevens02/15/104.07

Graduation Trip

 — I arrived in Mexico a virgin, but left more than woman by nancyisnaked02/06/034.35

Grandad Goes Plumbing

 — Grandad gives a sex lesson. by Withitgrandad01/13/114.35

Grandma's Butterfly Tattoo

 — He loses his virginity to his friend's grandmother. by dlcalguy06/29/164.63HOT

Grandma's Milk Maid

 — Anders got milked by hand, mouth and pussy. by Libertine07/09/084.59HOT

Granny My Love

 — Love, lust, deception, romance, all in one by Peterspeter03/12/094.28

Granted Ch. 01

 — Grant begins to explore sex. by jallen94407/11/044.30

Granted Ch. 02

 — What is Grant hiding in his shorts? by jallen94407/20/044.48

Granted Ch. 03

 — Grant has a busy day with Emily and Ben. by jallen94408/02/044.18

Granted Ch. 05

 — Grant and Owen try a new experiment. by jallen94404/06/064.28

Gray Matter

 — Her former high school teacher. by Precursor01/05/123.70

Great Britain Ch. 02

 — He has his first one night stand. by matchdrum01/12/044.27

Great Britain Ch. 03

 — Lauren and I finally touch. by matchdrum01/14/044.49

Great Study Date

 — Two good students meet in his dorm room to study. by russeltrust11/15/053.84

Greatfully Tutored

 — The taboo meeting of a mature woman and her teen pupil by cremebrulee01/03/033.75


 — The long, rocky road to that special first time. by leondreamer01/16/104.57HOT


 — He just came to help her doing her homework. by EdMarcgrave08/04/154.31

Growing on My Own

 — Five guys, one girl, what could go wrong. by Kris82209/21/173.03

Growing on My Own Ch. 02

 — Jessie's first time. by Kris82209/23/173.71

Growing on My Own Ch. 03

 — Jessie and Lee's first night. by Kris82209/26/173.47

Growing on My Own Ch. 04

 — Can Jessie and Lee hide their night. by Kris82209/30/173.75

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