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First Time Stories

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His First Blowjob

 — Young man discovers the pleasure of a womans mouth by xxxbob03/04/043.97

His First Night

 — What comes after the first time? by humminbean02/20/134.33

His First Piece of Ass

 — She looked at Jonathan, "Baby I'm your first piece of ass." by kandie12/04/113.82

His First Prom Ch. 01

 — An inexperienced teen is taught the basics of sex. by TalonDigital09/23/114.53HOT

His First Time

 — A lucky fish nails bbw as his first. by young indy man09/13/053.40

His First Time

 — Elsie gets paid to take his virginity. by camillecaraway05/10/144.16

His First Time Almost Wasn't Pt. 01

 — His clumsy attempt to seduce is rebutted. by nortythorts02/22/173.98

His First Time Almost Wasn't Pt. 02

 — Rebuttal and resolution. by nortythorts02/24/174.28

His Ginger Kitten

 — Illicit passion in Regency England. by Ampersand0711/05/074.32

His Lucky Day

 — A young man's dream comes true. by literot04/04/194.02

His Masterwork

 — Carving out a new love in seventeenth-century England. by Prizmatic01/10/074.11

His Party Favor

 — While at a party, Kailey runs into more than she can handle. by MarzyDotes07/11/133.28

His Sexytary Ch. 01

 — She finds first satisfaction with her new "boss." by blogdoctor09/29/093.51

His Son's Friends

 — A middle-aged man's fantasy of younger women. by Torg07/19/054.39

His Teen Consort Ch. 01

 — Jack begins Leslie's lessons in the ways of Eros. by tcwild10006/19/114.24

His Teen Consort Ch. 02

 — Jack's second session with Leslie. by tcwild10006/23/114.45


 — Sometimes, memories are the strongest aphrodisiac. by chiangku12/08/133.82

History 231

 — College girl gets her money's worth at class. by romantagirl07/18/054.13

History 231 Ch. 02

 — Diane continues her forbidden liaison. by romantagirl07/19/054.43

History 231 Ch. 03

 — Diane knows that fate wants her to be with Adam. by romantagirl07/22/054.14

History Lesson

 — Teacher helps out a student. by vegetasfire12/20/154.39

History With Miss Martin

 — Shy teen guy's first time with a woman. by Taverner07/31/104.73HOT


 — Young woman hitch hiking gets a lift. by Ashson04/28/154.40


 — Straight guy hitches home from his girlfriend's place. by starova03/20/113.98

Hitching a Ride

 — Teen gets a ride from a gay man. by eroticwriter0005/10/174.41

Hockey Camp Ch. 02

 — Ethan meets Angie at the girl's camp. by jallen94405/01/064.29

Hold Me Down

 — The tension between Molly, Stephen and Pablo finally breaks. by astion10/16/144.34

Holiday #195

 — Celebrating their 195th consecutive holiday tests friends. by WatchingCloud06/22/174.82HOTContest Winner

Holiday in Cabo

 — Tired of being a virgin on vacation. by Kat90001/27/164.08

Holiday in Cyprus

 — Victoria helps Louise loose her cherry on holiday. by girliekiller02/24/033.83

Holiday Weekend Surprise

 — My woman deserves to be pampered, loved and spoiled. by cognacman11/11/174.03

Holidaying, With A School Friend

 — Alex punishes Anna for breaking his ipod then fucks her. by sexharvester04/11/113.44

Holly & Helen

 — Sisters' first times occur within weeks of each other. by Red Hugh09/04/024.25

Holly Ch. 01

 — A Girl's Awakening. by Maddog1402/19/133.89

Holly Ch. 02

 — Continuing Adventure. by Maddog1402/27/134.00

Holly Ch. 03

 — Ice Queen starts to thaw. by Maddog1402/28/134.38

Holly Ch. 04

 — Melting. by Maddog1403/01/134.49

Holly's Adventures

 — Redheaded teen wants some fun. by sexywrites09/03/12

Holly's Grand Tour

 — It's 1893 and Holly looks for adventure in the Orient. by Jenny_Jackson07/25/064.26

Holly's Party

 — A catch up with friends and more. by hotdoll03/07/173.87

HoloG - Ero Pt. 01

 — Brandon will finally enjoy his digital lover, Maddie. by EroticKappa02/10/163.85

Holy Joe

 — A religious upbringing does stop a horny adulthood. by kewtieboy08/12/094.20

Home Alone

 — A young couple finally have sex. by Lustywritergurl08/18/113.05

Home Alone

 — When you're private you can tan. by Ashson11/07/174.30

Home Delivery

 — Beautiful MILF was my first lover. by Swilly05/20/134.55HOT

Home from College

 — A nerd, a DVD, and D cups. by loquere05/28/124.57HOT

Home On Leave

 — Brianna is reunited with her brother's old Marine buddy. by LittleMissJersey02/27/093.84

Home Visit

 — Nathan arrives at Emma's house for their first time together. by VixensSecret10/03/153.82


 — Rita meets him as he gets off the bus. by geronimo_appleby08/26/134.59HOT

Homecoming Dance

 — She didn't find the right guy until the dance was over. by blackrandl195810/23/184.76HOT

Homecoming Queen

 — B's sexual odyssey continues as she returns to her hometown. by adam applebiter04/23/104.74HOT


 — Love can be found anywhere, even on the streets. by 2fast2quick06/24/164.55HOT

Honeymoon Instruction

 — A mysterious stranger taught my bride and me. by Recipient02/07/124.11

Hong Kong Threesome

 — Her first MFM experience. by PuraVida50302/06/054.34

Hook Pt. 01

 — Find out what happens when ditching school turns into sex. by IRGirly03/19/173.90

Hooking Chassidy

 — Chassidy asks to meet up with Scott. by studrelease07/22/174.39

Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 01

 — Surprise, your elders really do know what's good for you! by voluptuary_manque11/26/114.41


 — She finds new meanings to old words. by wishful101/13/054.40

Hospital Ch. 01

 — A medical prodigy finally gets some. by Viscal12/18/083.95


 — Tammy gets the surprise of her life. by theresa_gj207/24/063.66

Hot And Horny Radha

 — She this Indian boy's first time. by sagar veer03/22/054.18

Hot Blonde Student Ch. 02

 — Jenna returns for more great sex with the assistant dean. by Boxlicker10110/31/084.42

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way!

 — A sexy college girl and her adventures while away at college. by andrewsixpack05/28/113.99

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 02

 — Pamela sucks a cock. by andrewsixpack06/13/114.37

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 03

 — Pamela gets her pussy licked and gets a treat! by andrewsixpack06/30/114.37

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 04

 — Pamela finally gets Ross's big cock and some pussy too! by andrewsixpack10/27/114.26

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 05

 — Pamela's first outdoor encounter. by andrewsixpack05/08/124.22

Hot for Teacher

 — A student plays with fire. by Christie05278011/23/034.21

Hot Hotel Sex

 — 2 people meet for the first bed. by HotStoriesHere08/08/183.70

Hot Library Sex

 — An exciting library trip! by Lilll_Sugah04/23/094.00

Hot Missouri Summer Ch. 04

 — The summer gets hotter at a pool party. by SexyGeek04/06/144.58HOT

Hot School Sex

 — Ryan is fulfilled by his classmate Kori and her sexy body. by JamesB62808/16/174.06

Hot Tea & Handcuffs

 — Shoni's cherry is popped on Valentine's Day. by angelfeathers01/20/044.51HOT

Hot Tempered Broad In This Manse World

 — A bombshell coy doggone exotic female. by ts735b01/15/131.25

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 04

 — Vince loses himself in memories. by Turbidus06/28/144.42

Hot Tub Virgin

 — A girl gets her ass taken at the pool by spoonbender12/22/023.79

Hot, Sticky and Eighteen

 — Virginity taken in a car on a hot summer's day. by hiphopchipshop06/12/084.11

Hotel Speedos/My First Time

 — The start of a great hotel stay for Rory. by roryw712/31/183.41

Hotel Wanking

 — Two curious guys meet for some hot messy wanking fun. by horny_but_nice01/10/074.03

Hotwife Seduction

 — A husband approaches me about seducing his wife. by Sexybeast889902/26/194.65HOT

House Call

 — Inexperienced teen gets her fill with the huge IT guy. by bad_kitty2207/05/124.04

House Call Ch. 02

 — IT guy takes it all from virgin teen. by bad_kitty2207/07/124.29

House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale

 — Cleaning lady teaches him how it's done. by SweetcheeksSt08/01/023.53

House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale Ch. 2

 — His lesson heats up. by SweetcheeksSt08/02/024.23

House Mother's Toy

 — A young man becomes an older woman's toy. by 0ra11yfix8ed08/01/154.02

House-Sitting with a Homosexual Pt. 02

 — Eric becomes the first to take Daniel's virginity. by GayTripper08/14/144.61HOT


 — Paul's new houseguest fulfills his every desire. by sleeplessLA2205/27/034.53HOT

How Are Mine?

 — She shows him her breasts before giving him her virginity. by MatthewVett12/15/154.62HOT

How Christmas Should've Went...

 — Her imagination runs wild after she goes home to you. by pinkmonkeysayshi6904/04/073.79

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 04

 — Mark tells how it starts with Peggy, concluded in chapter 5. by leBonhomme08/03/144.61HOT

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 05

 — Finally, Peggy sucks him. by leBonhomme08/04/144.56HOT

How Did You Learn To Love Fellatio? Ch. 06

 — How Peggy's sister came to love cocksucking. by leBonhomme08/11/144.35

How Hannah and I Got Together

 — Two friends explore each other's sexuality. by sex4every101/12/114.53HOT

How Hannah and I Got Together Ch. 02

 — Teasing turns into love making. by sex4every109/08/114.72HOT

How I Became a Cumslut

 — How I started sucking off random men. by JennaF2501/08/174.54HOT

How I Became a Milked Boi - Intro

 — My first experience with another man. by hotbellend07/01/144.18

How I Became a Slut Ch. 01

 — My First Lover. by sophiewilliams08/29/104.18

How I Came to be Submissive

 — An encounter with a Dominant MILF. by SfMM03/08/184.30

How I Got the Name Laserdick

 — Memories of those first sexual experiences. by laserdick03/30/10

How I Lost My Cherry

 — His first time was in front of twenty friends. by Bakeboss03/12/103.55

How I Lost my Virginity

 — She met him at the rodeo. by elizacontessa10/08/032.98

How I Lost My Virginity

 — His first time. by outta_control_again12/06/074.05

How I Lost My Virginity

 — You oil me up and seduce me, taking my sweet cherry by married_but_curious08/20/084.12

How I Lost My Virginity

 — The story of me losing my virginity to my brother's friend. by alyssa221105/12/174.19

How I Lost My Virginity at 18 1/2

 — She's devirginized on holiday. by lustyem02/17/053.65

How I Really Took Her Virginity

 — The story of a man taking a girl's virginity in a dorm. by Franksstories02/03/153.91

How I Started in Porn

 — How I got started being paid to have fun. by jamax01/05/194.62HOT

How I Survived the War

 — Young Marine learns a lesson in life from buxom woman. by CAP81111/07/064.62HOT

How I Took My Friend's Virginity

 — This is my first story. by terry2006904/02/114.07

How It All Began

 — She only ever saw him as a friend, but everything changed. by smalltittyasian10/13/174.64HOT

How It All Started Ch. 02

 — Seduced again, but this time by a virgin. by thetallerman10/10/104.38

How It All Started Pt. 01

 — Sex education and first facial. by ElizabethBrew08/17/183.76

How It Should Have Happened

 — Dom grinned, slouched in a taxi. by MyPenIsMighty02/21/143.82

How It's Supposed to Be

 — A young couple in love spend their first night together. by CuriosityCanKill10/12/093.98

How Many?

 — She let him undo her bra sometimes. by Ooshnafloot10/06/074.13

How Mr Barnes Seduced Me

 — Teacher gets virgin student crazy with lust. by deepemerald08/09/054.50HOT

How Much Do You Really Love Me?

 — Dan is asked a big favor by his wife. by Many Feathers04/17/094.58HOT

How My Virginity Should've Been Lost

 — It was the best of times, it was the first of times. by PandoranAngel09/27/053.90

How To Become a Slut in 7 Days

 — A minister's daughter goes from innocent virgin to slut. by Erlikkhan03/29/104.59HOT

How to Seduce an Engineering Student

 — Amy finds satisfaction from geek penises. by tustin9261402/26/154.60HOT

How To Thank Tech Support

 — She properly thanks tech support guy. by geekerotica12/30/093.95

HSL: A Christmas to Remember

 — A burning flame gets hotter. by Hobbitman45701/15/093.13


 — Eclipsed by my friends sexual prowess. by 4inchBoy09/22/123.82

Humiliating Oscar

 — Oscar's wife has a sexual re-awakening. by nickitaylor06/18/144.05

Husband's Fantasy

 — Desiree enters their lives. by bif3008/06/023.95

Hyacinth's Buddy

 — A Blanke Schande story. by donnylaja02/14/133.30

Hypnosis Ch. 02

 — Continuing true story of a therapist/patient relationship. by velokev04/11/104.35

Hypnotized to Try a Gloryhole

 — Hypnosis recording turns me into cocksucker. by rand0m08/15/184.44

I Accidentally Call on Cheryl

 — She wants the same kind of action her mother is getting. by Boxlicker10107/19/094.38

I Accidentally Sucked Dick! Pt. 01

 — Can there ever truly be an accidental dick in your mouth? by CDJulie07/05/174.12

I am not Sure How this Started

 — A wife finds herself in the middle of a slutty affair. by pastmyprime2308/27/154.27

I Am Superman Ch. 01

 — Guy & his girl, a dozen cheerleaders & life. by Joe Wordsworth05/16/043.44

I Am Superman Ch. 02

 — Clark and Paula start their sex-life off in a strange way. by Joe Wordsworth05/24/044.28

I Am Superman Ch. 03

 — Clark rescues Paula and things get more complicated. by Joe Wordsworth07/06/044.13

I Am Superman Ch. 04

 — Clark wake up in a barn, and things get stranger. by Joe Wordsworth07/28/053.08

I am Taking This Wife!

 — Sexy wife with an ungrateful husband. by BC197301/14/193.86

I Am the Night

 — Kris' father orders a very special babysitter. by Sean Renaud07/21/143.97

I Call on Janet & Ashley

 — He eats virgin's pussy so she won't fuck. by Boxlicker10103/13/044.44

I Came to Visit You

 — Jamie decides it's time to show CJ her love. by SameStoriesInOurLife07/19/054.03

I Can Dream

 — 2 people destined to meet someday & finally do. by DarkSoulMistress10/18/094.06

I Can't Believe I Am Doing This

 — She fantasizes about a hot guy from Oz. by 19yroldvirgin8508/30/043.75

I Cheated My Hubby Ch. 01

 — Indian Housewife describes how she was tempted to cheat. by achiever_1209/28/164.41

I Did It For The G-String

 — He gets lucky when he tutors hot chick. by averace03/03/033.47

I Didn't Mean to Have Sex with Him

 — A bride-to-be can't quite wait until her wedding night. by meganbridger03/19/154.08

I Felt Sorry for Michael

 — 18-year-old's first physical. by Ingrid11B12/28/173.75

I had No Idea

 — A first time lesbian experience. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/09/174.01

I had to Find Out

 — There was a burning question that I needed answered. by blondsubles06/13/174.21

I Hate Christmas

 — A disgruntled Santa Claus tells all & learns about Christmas. by Decayed Angel11/24/064.02

I Have To Pay For It?

 — If I ever hoped to have sex, I might have to pay for it. by Icemancummeth12/24/164.39

I Heard It Through The Wall

 — Gianna's Finnish Experiences. by Gianna11/26/034.09

I Hope This Doesn't Bother You

 — A really good date gets even better. by rawr_its_me11/03/053.53

I Just Had to Have Heidi

 — A pure girl meets a not-so-pure boy, but she enjoys it. by amann5204/16/104.12

I Live on a Farm

 — Farm girl gets ruined. by nochoiceleft10/31/154.43

I Lose My Virginity

 — I finally get to fuck a girl after mainly sucking cock... by Strangesub03/02/174.17

I Lost It

 — 18-year-old caught peeping is taken by neighbor. by Tunak Mizaz10/26/033.63

I Lost My Virginity to My Fantasy

 — The most intense first time. by anulakalua12/09/072.96

I Love Dick

 — Sheltered woman discovers pleasure. by Willing2Do04/30/073.62

I May Be Small

 — Being small dosen't mean I'm a child. by Ashson03/30/134.40

I Needed a Blowjob

 — First time blowjob through a gloryhole. by pondcat03/08/194.24

I Never Knew Her Name

 — He never learns his lovers name. by Many Feathers06/15/064.72HOT

I Once Was Blind...

 — Doris, blind from birth, discovers her sexuality. by frogintexas08/30/094.71HOT

I Own This Woman

 — Virgin guy has his way with dependent woman. by regularguy1308/11/054.30

I Planned my Threesome

 — A focused woman plans her first threesome. by Sem_Vergonha11/14/184.65HOT

I Promised Mama

 — Virgin to the Altar? by Ashson01/31/144.21

I Really Shouldn't

 — Shy girl, first time. by Loki0102012/19/173.95

I Receive The Ultimate Gift

 — A dream becomes reality. by trainman2k09/01/103.64

I Remember

 — Encounter in the bathroom leads to a new experience. by Phynixed09/15/072.83

I Saw Malati & Had Saroj

 — He sees Malati bathing. by Neesraj01/18/064.46

I See Brucey Knickerbocker's Dick

 — God forgive me, Brucey, for tormenting your pecker. by EllenMelville06/11/174.26

I Smoked Way Too Much

 — What happened when I smoked more than usual. by 18YearOldWriter04/19/164.00

I Still Wonder

 — How he was turned from a man to a boy. by openeyeddream06/30/093.48

I Swallowed

 — Coming of age. by charlessmythe10/16/164.24

I Take Emily out to the Ball Game

 — Eating a virgin's pussy. by Boxlicker10107/02/034.44

I Think We're Alone Now

 — A virgin young man is seduced by experienced girlfriend. by Naughnukk03/02/163.90

I Thought We Were More Ch. 01

 — Jacob would have given anything to just talk with Clair. by DrElectrogasm01/06/154.00

I Thought We Were More Ch. 06

 — Jacob and Alex finally take a chance with each other. by DrElectrogasm01/27/154.52HOT

I Thought We Were More Ch. 07

 — A chapter full of sexy stuff. No buildup, Just the goods. by DrElectrogasm01/28/154.41

I Thought We Were More Ch. 09

 — Jacob gets an unexpected surprise in the big city. by DrElectrogasm02/03/154.38

I Thought We Were More Ch. 10

 — Enter Heather, the most important new character of the book. by DrElectrogasm02/04/154.45

I Thought We Were More Ch. 11

 — From here on out the story goes in a new exciting direction. by DrElectrogasm02/05/154.47

I Thought We Were More Ch. 12

 — Jacob discovers who Heather really is and what she can do. by DrElectrogasm02/06/153.61

I Thought We Were More Ch. 13

 — Jacob is introduced to the secret society of sex. by DrElectrogasm02/07/153.84

I Thought We Were More Ch. 14

 — The society gets to see why they call him "The Mother Load". by DrElectrogasm02/10/154.16

I Thought We Were More Ch. 15

 — Jacob learns more about the society and who they are. by DrElectrogasm02/11/154.37

I Try Bi with Bill

 — First time bi. by agenchap06/05/153.97

I Wanna Be Bad

 — Sidney steps out of her box with the help of a good friend. by Mugzie10/01/063.71

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