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I Want Her to be My First

 — Virgin's first time is with a woman. by DiggerDave02/14/053.68

I want to be a Model

 — Friend wants a portfolio for a model. by Ashson02/23/174.39

I want To Get Laid

 — Woman visits a friend with seduction in mind. by Ashson03/29/144.27

I Want to Know You

 — A chance meeting leads to popped cherries. by DepthsOfDuality01/04/134.25

I Want You, Mr Brooks

 — Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom. by miss_tamara12/20/174.32

I was Nude on a Public Beach

 — Indian girl lost her bikini bottom on a beach. by sexyprincessxx11/01/153.50

I Won't Forgive You!

 — A virgin is brought to a whore house by a friend. by Sean Renaud10/26/094.08

I Wonder

 — What if it had of happened like this? by flutterbyspirit02/20/064.31

I Work Out

 — Two gymnasts get a little frisky. by Billysbitch0000711/25/122.59

I'll Fix That

 — Young woman wants to lose her virginity. by Ashson04/15/144.17

I'll Never Regret My First

 — A chaste teen's first experience as she lets go. by Angel552204/28/114.06

I'll Take Care of You

 — She drew away from him her lips trembling... by astridkodex08/05/113.61

I'm A Dirty Whore

 — 18-year-old discovers the joys of sex. by sexystacy07/02/023.54

I'm An Adult Now: Ocean City

 — Wallflower Lynn finally decides to get adventurous. by astuffedshirt_perv08/12/154.35

I'm His Now

 — Cassie loses her virginity in a surprising way... by thickthighs_prettyeyes02/23/174.06

I'm Missing Something?

 — A virgin and her teacher. by Starscribe_Goddess02/05/194.17

I'm Still "Straight" Right?

 — The beginnings of the rabbit hole. by Curiousissy03/28/184.14

I've Never Done Anything Like This

 — She teaches him all about it by Joshua9408/03/144.07

I've Never Done Anything Like This Pt. 02

 — The lesson ends with a surprise. by Joshua9408/06/144.07

Ice Cream Girl

 — She gives milkshakes, and more. by SlickNick241201/03/094.19

Idris Fills Me Up

 — Learning the ropes. by innocentsammy07/08/074.48

If Alex and I Meet In Person

 — I screw my boyfriend in the science-fiction library! by r0dney04/27/083.54

If I Knew Then... Ch. 01

 — How it would have been if I knew what I know now. by MVPrimetime11/04/104.78HOT

If Not Tracy, Mother Will Do

 — She has some naughty thoughts about daughter's guy. by alexcarr11/22/123.80

If Only

 — Deflowered under the high octaves of Freddie Mercury. by jamesmarlowe09/17/143.56

If You Dream It She Will Cum

 — She wants her professor to take her cherry. by YummyMummy2605/04/064.20


 — A shy girl cums alive. by sexy_cdn_curler01/14/082.98

Ikky Nikki

 — The ugly duckling becomes a sexy goose? by tenicka11/26/084.38

Illegal Immigrants

 — Two young Asian women love Len for saving them. by mangrove jack07/15/064.63HOT

Imagining Our First Meeting

 — Imagining first time with her online lover. by TrnshdBrknHalo01/10/034.30


 — He discovers passion as he loses his virginity. by ShyOKBoy09/23/054.35

Impassioned Ch. 02

 — He grants her the most intimate moment of her life. by ShyOKBoy10/18/054.75HOT

Impossible Threesome Dream

 — How I succeeded in reaching my incredible threesome. by lyruv04/14/163.61

Impressively Average Ch. 01

 — A awkward nerd has his first real chance at romance. by Alastrius02/04/164.19

In a Little While Ch. 01

 — Love and sex in a time of war. by barabajagal00110/24/114.44

In a Silver Tent

 — She takes his favourite camping spot, then takes him. by ReefBeach01/28/144.54HOT

In Bed With My Soulmate

 — Her first sexual encounter with her soulmate. by TitianaPeaks07/02/073.94

In Control

 — A women discovers herself by turning her first trick. by ZacNeuman11/24/024.47

In Deep

 — Pool service has unexpected benefits. by Alex De Kok07/03/094.65HOT

In France with Thomas

 — A young lady loses her virginity to an experienced Frenchman. by eatsmeow07/20/193.79

In Loving Memory Pt. 09

 — The end...the beginning...coming full circle. by Tara_Neale07/26/144.62HOT

In My Bed

 — Man finds he has an unexpected visitor. by Ashson03/20/154.39

In Nothing but my Shoes

 — Running buck-naked through the woods from my lover. by AlyceRay77711/03/183.73

In Olden Days

 — Young love, but with extra. by robinhod11/01/114.21

In Person At Last Ch. 02

 — She meets her online lover for the first time-next a.m. by DontThankJustSpank12/07/064.81HOT

In Praise of Older Women

 — An old man reminisces. by thesage12/29/054.43

In Praise Of Rayfella

 — A much older woman/younger man. by Momstheboss11/26/134.45

In Praise of Roslyn

 — Older woman/younger man/husband. by Momstheboss11/24/134.48

In Reverse Pt. 01

 — A going away party becomes intimate. by Kimtacular09/27/124.79HOT

In Spring We Loved

 — She loved him as he loved her. by Mystique Woods04/14/044.08

In Step Ch. 02

 — The teens get to know each other. by RonCabo03/08/104.64HOT

In Step Ch. 03

 — Teens get closer, while parents have their first real date. by RonCabo03/10/104.78HOT

In the Back of My Lesson

 — A girl who dressed inappropriately for my lesson. by goldcloak11/12/153.40

In the Beginning was the Word

 — A novice writer finds love for the first time. by kathyd02/12/074.53HOT

In the Car

 — Summertime fun. by enoch123405/29/144.02

In The Heat of the Day

 — She found the man to bring her dream to reality. by jaycox01/30/154.40

In the Land of Fire and Sex

 — A English virgin travels to Reykjavik for a one night stand. by Stopokochac07/20/183.72

In the Light of Fire

 — Leo finally gets the woman he loves. by arezo01/27/054.37

In The Mood For Love

 — Over 20 Virgin woman needs the right man for the mood. by Mark205/09/124.29

In the Moonlight

 — His shares his first time with Jen. by Freddy5010/25/073.86

In the Paddy Field

 — Lovers' passionate first time with a twist. by maanmathan_playboy08/08/093.55

In the Stacks

 — A tutor receives his payment from a sexy student. by elguaton04/27/094.22

In The Tutelage Of Ms. Kline

 — Ms. Kline has a special summer job for Kevin. by LustyQuill12/12/164.37

In the Wild West of Ireland

 — Young Sinead is roughly deflowered by slightly older Robbie. by DoctorAmelia11/21/104.56HOT

Incel Creampie Cheating Teen

 — A moron brunette with a great ass just being stupid. by notquitegoodxx03/21/193.09

Incident at the Gym

 — Some things can sneak up on you. by Ashson05/01/134.17

Incident at Vasquez Rocks

 — Young model learns an important lesson. by LeCoach11/14/084.25

Incredible Pudgy Professor

 — BBW professor seduces 18-year-old virgin student. by NiceGuyInVa10/04/053.82

Indian - Housemaid Lakshmi

 — 18-year-old boy has his first ejaculation. by Bandra08/19/064.30

Indian Delight

 — The education of a curious young Indian woman. by tomtom4505/11/094.44

Indian Delite

 — A storm brought them together. by Lucky Mann02/13/054.23

Indian Fever

 — A young man's first time. by luv2flirtamswf3403/24/064.19

Indian Girl On A Party Night

 — Indian coed goes wild. by lovepriya09/12/043.54

Indian Paradise

 — First time experience of a Indian guy. by hardrubber101/18/043.88

Indian Summer Ch. 1

 — Indian girl has first experience of the sexual kind. by daana06/02/024.00

Indian Summer Ch. 2

 — They finally 'do it'. by daana06/04/024.27

Indian Volleyballers

 — Indian volleyball team members get other lessons. by Lucky Mann07/16/084.50HOT

Inexperienced Hands

 — Innocent hands learn how to please their partner. by naughtygirl8204/04/184.47

Inexperienced Horsing Around

 — Father's friend shows her there's more to being in the saddle. by Misschievous109/24/074.34

Infatuation with a Co-Workers Tits

 — Katherine has a cure for my infatuation with her tits by fearthisss04/18/184.44


 — Older women teach young man the ropes. by thetemplar4603/09/093.97


 — A woman is introduced to a new type of stress management. by WarmHander08/05/183.60

Initiation to Sexual Adventure

 — 18-year-old hedonist is taught the finer things. by Lyon03/28/054.47


 — She finds a way to act on her sexual feelings. by B_Happy07/31/034.28


 — Love flows over. by danielrogerashley12/23/113.52

Innocence and Honesty

 — The day that David will never forget. by Bazzza09/27/054.64HOT

Innocence Gone

 — A young woman gives herself to an older man. by jandafun09/30/063.93

Innocence Gone in a Heartbeat

 — First time sexual experience with a slightly older beauty. by MASHKAVEEZO10/15/174.01

Innocence Has Its Secrets

 — High school love carries on into a class reunion. by mjs500doo12/19/103.63

Innocence Has Its Secrets Ch. 02

 — The reunion continues. by mjs500doo12/23/103.35

Innocence in the Office Ch. 01

 — It's wrong to fuck the intern...isn't it? by wickedlyimpure09/01/134.00

Innocence Lost

 — Lady is surprised & awakened by handsome stranger. by strangerwithcandy03/05/044.31

Innocence lost

 — Tim falls further under Maggie's spell and body. by Tim Piers10/16/054.22

Innocence Lost

 — Babysitter loses her innocence. by Reardon107/28/134.60HOT

Innocence Lost Ch. 01

 — Sexual innocence is lost for two individuals. by CreativeFantasies09/17/133.97

Innocence Lost During the War

 — Two virgins lose their innocence with help. by humblyyours03/18/044.61HOT

Innocence Lost: Becoming a Slut

 — Milly loses her virginity, having sex with 3 boys in a row. by rumisunqu08/13/144.35


 — An innocent young couple explore. by Ashson11/14/134.21

Innocent and New

 — Literotica mmber loses her inocence. by busmale08/09/023.75

Innocent Invitation

 — A first time for her and a second chance for him. by Green_Gem11/16/034.70HOT

Innocent Schoolgirl

 — Coed catches Professor in an awkward moment - with a student. by RoughAndTumbleKitty05/25/083.61

Insanity Plea

 — He catches his son's babysitter in the bathroom. by MrPezman04/12/104.60HOT

Inside Eve's House

 — A young man and a building full of women. by Mr. ComeBiteMe07/13/054.58HOT

Intent Sealed

 — The first time she orgasms, by Ideasmith08/21/092.77

Interage Intimacy

 — Young guy and single mother fulfill each other's urges. by UncutPleasure06/27/164.52HOT

Interage Intimacy Pt. 03

 — Smitten by her shyness, Sean takes Jen's virginity. by UncutPleasure07/05/164.56HOT


 — He dallies with a girl while out hiking. by Ashson07/25/164.34

Intern Affair

 — He remembers seducing his virgin intern. by Decayed Angel05/19/064.08

Intern's First Business Trip

 — A boss, maid, client, & a hotel full of girls. by dowd_elwood_p03/29/054.60HOT

International Relations Ch. 02

 — First time. by Ninjafish03/19/124.37

Intimacy with Songbird

 — Intimacy with a friend. by Momstheboss01/13/134.43

Intimidation by the Big Blue Rabbit

 — How to find your inner freak. by Gregory_Andrews09/10/183.50

Into The Woods

 — Young lovers take a trip to the woods to escape parents. by starbelliedboy05/05/093.81

Introducing Susan

 — Schoolgirl is taught the best lesson. by 0131aj09/06/104.41

Introduction to Sex Ch. 01

 — Ellie meets Donny, falls hard. by Paris Waterman07/19/124.39

Introduction to Winston

 — Jules gets introduced to the "8th Wonder of the World". by Lustful_Antique05/19/173.67

Intrusive Neighbour Ch. 01

 — She moves in next door, not close enough for her. by EagerlyAwaited02/09/093.98

Intrusive Seduction

 — Smut for a friend. by HarukosSlaveKitten05/12/12

Investments in Technology

 — Julie seduces a computer geek. by tk555512/26/134.61HOT


 — He gets caught looking. by pondcat12/29/183.17

Invisible Level

 — Meeting an old internet friend for the first time. by mr_james7607/20/081.74


 — A chance encounter. by tango47uk11/09/134.07

Irish Men Love to Fuck

 — Two American girls get fucked by two Irish actors. by amerks29hockey11/15/084.39

Is Sex So Beautiful!

 — First time sexual experience. by manavata11/13/063.96

Is Sex So Beautiful! Ch. 02

 — Next visit to cousin has another surprise waiting. by manavata11/16/064.25

Is That Really You?

 — Former best friends meet again in college. by Tony15501/09/074.77HOT

Ishmael's Girl: A Virgin in Ruins

 — Prick-tease gets pleasant comeuppance. by XXscribbler12/12/174.08

Island Sanctuary

 — She finds sanctuary and sex with the monks. by WickedWench1302/10/034.27

Isn't Technology Great?

 — 18 year old loses it to best friend's older brother. by GenghisSwan02/26/154.23

It All Began With a Kiss

 — Best girlfriend EVER! by G00dV1brati0n02/12/153.77

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 02

 — Will and Jen have the first of many firsts. by G00dV1brati0n02/20/154.25

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 04

 — Will and Jen play when parents are away. by G00dV1brati0n03/03/154.26

It all Started with a Bet Ch. 02

 — Steve visits again. This time, he wasn't alone. by kinkygay8711/13/164.45

It All Started With a Dream Ch. 01

 — What we want might seem too good to be true. by Maelynn Raine02/20/053.85

It Can Be So Easy Ch. 01

 — Opportunity for sex for a worrying divorcee. by EgmontGrigor201804/27/183.68

It Had to Happen

 — Belle describes losing her virginity. by bb_peaks03/17/093.35

It Happened Tonight

 — Two strangers share a wild night together. by KrisCoyote1204/27/064.08

It is Snowing

 — A sailor on liberty around Christmas in Connecticut. by Alpheratz02/25/064.66HOT

It Started in the Men's Room

 — A chance meeting leads to a new career. by ndeavour01/11/184.49

It Started on New Year's Eve

 — Natalie attends the party that started it all. by scorpio41512/31/113.76

It Started on New Year's Eve Ch. 02

 — Natalie and Cole find each other. by scorpio41501/04/124.41

It Started With a Snog

 — Virgin James encounters a bad Penny. by stevetruestories05/01/154.38

It Started With a Snog Ch. 02

 — A surprising discovery leads Penny to book an appointment. by stevetruestories05/14/164.51HOT

It Was A Dark And Windy Night

 — These things come with practice, right? by CornishBabe02/28/083.00

It was a Typical Saturday Night

 — Some memories haunt us, some do more than that. by MSTarot08/21/154.24

It was an Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie...

 — Too small a swimsuit? by TarnishedPenny06/20/184.59HOT

It Was Her Mom's Idea!

 — Older man deflowers eager virgin. by Alex De Kok09/02/054.48

It Was More Than Just Sex

 — She asked me to be her girlfriend. by passionate4you11/19/124.07

It was the Night Before Christmas

 — Mother teaches daughter's boyfriend how to jingle her bells. by That70sGuy06/27/174.32

It's a Daily Thing

 — A first cock suck for an older man. by thclck05/17/174.18

It's All About Trust

 — Two best friends say farewell before leaving for University. by Lovepotion6912/14/034.51HOTEditor's Pick

It's All Academic After All

 — An academic gets a delayed reaction to sex and enjoys it. by Fredsowner02/03/184.48

It's Always The Quiet Ones Ch. 01

 — Sometimes the pursuers become the pursued. by Scott_Free07/16/134.68HOT

It's Better with Love

 — The first time is better when it's done with love. by meg101/13/124.59HOT

It's Good To Be Me Pt. 01

 — Jessie... my best friend with benefits. by fatdaddio01/18/184.51HOT

It's Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 03

 — Tonight she'll have her very first cock. by vastiesmith05/11/054.41

It's Got To Be Perfect

 — She offers him the ultimate Valentine's Gift. by starrkers01/25/074.48

It's Hard To Find Good Help

 — Melanie is hired to help around house. by satyr_13200308/16/044.67HOT

It's Just Amazing

 — Candy spends a pleasant afternoon on a boat. by candytales03/11/144.19

It's Only a Game

 — A great moment in sports meets a greater moment in sex. by kromen07/04/094.12

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 01-02

 — As temperatures go up, inhibitions come down. by MemberX09/06/104.26

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 03-04

 — It took a little push, but Paul and Gail finally hook up. by MemberX02/26/114.49

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 04-05

 — Greg and Ellen share sexual confessions. by MemberX08/27/104.47

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 07+

 — The latest goings-on at Oliver House. by MemberX10/14/104.50HOT

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 64

 — A serious accident changes Greg and Ellen's relationship. by MemberX11/27/104.67HOT

It's Too Late to Turn Back

 — Lisa meets with a new daddy to get what she thinks she wants. by Jaxin11/14/163.98

Italian Rhapsody Ch. 04

 — Roxie is rescued and reunited with Daniel. by kevklein03/11/134.12

It’s Your First Fuck Carson Tan

 — You were never with her, that girl was so far over your head. by Decayed Angel10/12/063.84

Izzy and Ren Ch. 01

 — Two friends taking their relationship to the next few levels. by Mr_Perfect07/10/194.24

Izzy and Ren Ch. 02

 — Their sexual journey continues, Izzy as protagonist. by Mr_Perfect07/17/194.12


 — Best friends fall for each other. by arwen_7907/25/044.32

Jack and Jenny

 — Jack 24, makes love to virgin Jenny, 18. by jab0510/30/053.77

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