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First Time Stories

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Jack and Julia

 — Pete's mom was a pinup model, and she shows Jack why. by fenrys05/07/074.33

Jack and May

 — And their accidental reconciliation. by G-String07/05/054.30

Jack the Gigolo's Last Stand Ch. 02

 — Giving a girl her first experience changes everything. by Rex Siter06/21/054.68HOT

Jack's First Blowjob

 — Jack's first blowjob comes from an unexpected source. by ozzietosser09/05/144.07

Jackie and Rhonda

 — Sometimes secrets are only half the truth. by big_mike61009/11/074.27

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 02

 — Back at Jackie's. by big_mike61009/16/074.68HOT

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 03

 — Still at Jackie's. by big_mike61009/18/074.61HOT

Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 05

 — The final three lose it. by big_mike61009/20/074.33

Jackie and The Field House

 — He recalls his first time with a woman. by guitarman19411/01/054.31

Jade's Choice

 — You offer your virginity to him. by WalterCie08/10/094.56HOT

Jail House

 — She didn't do it - not yet. by TinksNottyMomma04/15/113.46


 — Jailbait. Harry had to smile at the term. by Kaishaku10/26/113.88

Jake and Tiffany

 — Newlyweds consummate their love. by countrysweetheart07/02/053.97

Jake and Tiffany: Jake's Version

 — Newlyweds consummate their love: his view. by countrysweetheart07/18/053.89

Jake Loves Kate

 — Their eyes are bright and her skin, electric. by nomoreundies09/06/084.45

James and the Giant Melons Ch. 01

 — James loses his virginity to his teacher. by infatuatedbybreasts05/23/104.32

James Meets Kate and Brenda

 — A visit to a new dance club makes for a lucky virgin. by pi3p14i07/28/063.64

James the Virgin Ch. 01

 — I am a man, and I am a virgin at twenty-five. by LorenzoAbajos11/01/144.08

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 01

 — Sexy brunette nympho makes her straight friend turn. by fiftyshadesofwade07/18/144.18

Jamie's Tail Pt. 01

 — Young man falls in love. by JackieH202/28/09


 — Jane and her talented mouth. by BeMyPet02/10/124.22

Jane and I

 — Medical student allows her flatmate to do a gyno exam. by mbdbs07/19/064.36

Jane's First Time

 — Two friends realize they could be more than just friends. by xorirot11/21/104.08

Janes First Time

 — Jane loses her virginity. by misslolalaurent05/30/123.71

Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 02

 — An erotic massage along with breast toppings. by sdsioux06/21/144.32

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 01

 — She loses her cherry to another girl. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/22/053.71

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 02

 — Kiss leads to more. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/23/054.40

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 03

 — Her first taste of pussy. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/24/054.37

Janie and Me: How I Lost... Ch. 04

 — Fingers come into play. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/25/054.39

Janie Learns to Fuck

 — Neighbors help each other out. by LeCoach07/08/144.18

Janie Shaves Her Pussy

 — Young couple look at a dirty magazine. by LeCoach05/21/134.41

Janine Ch. 01

 — War, Peace and Love. by coldsteel07/08/104.46

Janine's holiday

 — Young couple experiment with their virginity. by Trapper ak Bobby12/05/064.27

Janny Ch. 01-03

 — Janine would do anything to get close to Kenny. by Reefkeeper04/13/114.57HOT

Jasmine is a Regular Girl Afterall

 — She is grossed out by sperm - but she overcomes her fear... by RebeccaWeaver07/18/153.76

Jasmine Unleashed

 — Hot eighteen year old student loses her virginity. by cnp_dudley11/30/104.12

Jason Does Mother and Daughter

 — Young man seduced by older woman, then by her daughter. by licksit07/22/074.25

Jason Quinn's Ghost Story

 — Family ghosts guide couple to their first time. by julybear701/11/114.67HOT

Jasons and the Johnsons

 — Jason must keep an eye on Bridget's mother. by Charles Petersunn05/19/064.65HOT


 — Jay was surprised by the sex story - it was about her. by ccnyman09/22/154.38

Jayne's First Time

 — Jayne decides "today is the day" she loses her virginity. by Mysteria2703/12/133.92


 — An Upper West Side romance. by Longstretch02/22/094.00

Jeanette and David the Virgin

 — Male virgin is seduced. by Jill_P09/12/154.25

Jeanne and I Grow Up in Hawaii

 — Longtime friends take it further with Strip Poker. by barnabus01/12/064.67HOT


 — He loses his virginity to the wrong kind of girl. by Wannabeboytoy11/24/044.45

Jeffrey's First Time

 — An afternoon with a hooker becomes a lesson in life. by Anschul03/02/084.42

Jem's Lust Ch. 01

 — A college freshman's first time. by Jem_Stone06/03/073.37

Jen & Dan's Picnic

 — Young virgins picnic on their anniversary. by jdstar05/02/014.06

Jen's Story

 — Jen's experience. by oddsandends11/20/144.10

Jenn's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Where Jenn begins her journey of exploration. by DemisOSprey02/11/064.71HOT

Jenn's First Time

 — Jenn's first time..... and not how she planned. by Military Mech06/20/103.60

Jenna - Sweet Size Queen

 — Older man finds love in younger big breasted woman. by jealouscuck02/11/154.23

Jennifer Tests Her Wings

 — A High School girl wants some excitment. by Reefkeeper12/19/084.53HOT

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

 — The sleeper awakens. by AveryTomDeaconHarry09/29/044.24

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

 — Discussion of the new love leads to more. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/01/043.88

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

 — The "celebration" when he comes back. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/02/044.48

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 05

 — The sleeper HAS awakened. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/03/044.43

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 06

 — She explores her sexuality. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/04/044.50HOT

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 07

 — The exhibitionistic dare. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/17/044.15


 — College nerd falls in love. by 2fast2quick03/24/154.58HOT

Jenny the Midfielder

 — A field hockey victory brings two virgins happiness. by Longstretch02/19/094.28

Jenny's First Blow Job

 — Jenny gets a ride home. by meyowming06/04/094.19

Jenny's First Time

 — She was put in an awkward situation with her friend's dad. by funthensome08/21/064.30

Jenny's Gift

 — Jenny gives a special gift of herself that changes his life. by ghostwriter2208/04/044.55HOT

Jenny's Journey Ch. 01

 — Beautiful Jenny is seduced 'by accident'. by Naughtybutnice04/06/054.46

Jenny's Lost Virginity

 — It's her first time. by ickric11/29/063.91

Jenny's New Neighbor

 — A young girl discovers sex with her new neighbor by GirlLover68910/24/024.13

Jeremiah's Surprise

 — Young man's first taste of sex. by Just Plain Bill11/03/044.61HOT

Jeremy's Graduation Gift

 — A first time for Jeremy and Jenna. by stoneypoint10/30/05

Jerk Ch. 02

 — His nemesis' mom is back and he's pushing for more. by RejectReality07/03/134.76HOT

Jerry and Kelly

 — Lifelong friends finally become lovers. by jerrycruncher12/22/134.46

Jersey Summer Love

 — Innocent 'Anti-' Shore Girl meets Summer 'Benny' Boy. by LunaEroticaMystica09/07/114.74HOT


 — Some things are worth waiting for. by TheHiddenPen10/10/144.77HOT

Jess & Me

 — Male virgin impresses his girlfriend. by Wonderotica07/30/114.43


 — Sex in the car and her first orgasm. by helena_snow_renn09/23/024.03


 — Cute little waitress is taken out by an older guy. by sunsetsyouknow09/29/123.91


 — Aunt introduces me to Jessica. by historycup10/15/123.84

Jessica - The Making of a Cockslut

 — 18-year-old Jessica loses her virginity. by Dillinger11/19/044.40

Jessica Ch. 02

 — Jessica and I grow stronger together. by historycup02/13/134.12

Jessica the First

 — Inhibited young man has his first sexual experience. by Starlight07/17/024.15

Jessica's Attic

 — A guy, a girl, an attic, a decision. by millieteases10/12/104.69HOT

Jessica's Dream

 — A young woman experiencing the pains of womanhood. by sexy_roland02/16/112.67

Jessica's Dream Ch. 02

 — Her pain of womanhood has a plan. by sexy_roland02/21/112.80

Jessica's Dream Ch. 03

 — The waiting and planning for the event. by sexy_roland03/13/113.33

Jessica's Dream Ch. 04

 — Feverish pitch of plans as the event draws closer. by sexy_roland03/17/113.00

Jessica's Dream Ch. 05

 — The Event is getting closer. by sexy_roland03/25/113.67

Jessica's Dream Ch. 06

 — The weekend is nearly here. by sexy_roland03/26/112.69

Jessica's Dream Ch. 07

 — The weekend is here. by sexy_roland04/16/112.86

Jessica's New Job

 — A call center girl gets the bigger bucks. by dudewithapen203/15/123.48

Jessie's Sister, Jill

 — My girlfriend's sister is sick and she's never kissed a boy. by Epmd60701/02/094.50HOT


 — An intimidated young woman doesn't recognize her own beauty. by Callicious05/23/134.63HOT

Jewels - The End of the Day

 — The finale for Jewels, Jason, Susan and Jennifer. by Callicious07/01/134.77HOT

Jewels, The Next Day

 — Jewels helps her friends with their self-esteem. by Callicious06/17/134.77HOT


 — Never were his dreams this good. by The Collector08/06/024.12

Jill Ch. 01

 — Two neighbors take their relationship to the next level. by 5425TVR07/25/124.31

Jill Goes to College

 — Jill decides to have sex but maintains her virginity. by damonX03/31/104.54HOT

Jill Recalls the Start

 — From the Jill section of stories. by easyballs02/25/153.79

Jill's First Time

 — A trip to Paris leads to fun the hotel room. by dustybeard01/08/114.35

Jill's First Toy

 — Jill got hung up on cocks. by johnniedee00409/13/044.48

Jim and Alicia Pt. 01

 — Neither of them knew the other wanted them. by of_ones_own_volition05/04/064.29

Jim and Alicia Pt. 02

 — Another chick is thrown into the mix. by of_ones_own_volition05/11/064.31

Jim and I, Now an Item

 — It didn't take long for Jim to do what I wanted... by alexcarr11/07/113.56

Jim and Me First Time

 — It didn't take long for Jim to do what I wanted him to do. by alexcarr11/19/113.05

Jim and the Virgin Maid of Honor A

 — The best man and the maid of honor connect the night before. by barnabus02/12/104.29

Jim and Uncle John Ch. 03

 — Mount Baldy. by barkirk08/16/153.91

Jim's Seduction Ch. 01

 — Jim's ward asks him for special 18th birthday present. by JackMoz11/02/064.48

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria

 — A young man is introduced to sex and femdom. by Rocytman12/13/084.50HOT

Jimmy's First Time

 — A young man gets over his shyness. by FRED_S08/08/124.55HOT

Jimmy, From The University

 — Your paths cross and combust. by Molly Dodd03/09/044.37

Jo, A Very Special Love

 — Lovers find each other. by JH-111/02/064.60HOT


 — Joanne comes up with a plan to seduce her coach. by Saskilka11/26/094.39

Joe & Friends_1_Cancerfree For 62 Mo.

 — Two share each other's virginity. by Geeky_lover04/21/083.38

Joe's Send Off to University

 — Gil gives Joe his first taste before leaving for university. by BeautifilDreamer12/18/124.36

John & Emily's First Time

 — John sneaks a quickie with his girlfriend's sister. by DomWriter01/27/104.05

John & Jessica

 — It was John's first day as a tutor. by daddysgirl198805/14/113.97

John & Tracey

 — John and Tracey go to the pictures. by PAUL C12/09/014.17

Jonna and the Gladiator

 — Jonna loses her innocence to a lusty gladiator. by sugarsweet125904/10/133.86


 — Stormy & intense exploration of love & sex. by neonlyte02/04/054.39

Joy Fuck Club

 — Sometimes it's good to get carried away. by bigbeautifulbreast12/28/053.52

Judge Not 01

 — Nathan begins to question the teachings of his church. by JayDavid03/01/134.36

Judge Not 02

 — A surprising discovery leads to a first time. by JayDavid03/08/134.52HOT

Judge Not 03

 — More wrongdoing at church, more sex for Nathan and Shelby. by JayDavid03/15/134.59HOT

Judge Not 04

 — The church moves on, Nathan and Shelby stay together. by JayDavid03/22/134.63HOT

Judy and Joe

 — Judy and Joe. by VillowVonVald06/09/152.71

Judy: Prom Night

 — Prom brings loss of virginity for Hey-Jude. by caprine06/15/064.47

Julia's Encounter

 — Julia has just started out on lifes greatest adventure. by redaura10/10/073.26

Julia's First Time

 — Julia gets taken by her best friend's father. by Berotica07/22/094.29

Julia's Skin

 — He drives her to school; they drive each other wild. by Balrog02/19/054.64HOT


 — She used him for an excuse. by Ashson11/14/134.31

Julie and Scott

 — Everyone thought they were the perfect couple. But ... by kinkink09/16/144.02

Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 17

 — New Experiences...Oh YEAH! by Johns Pet Julie07/16/154.47

Julie in College Ch. 01

 — Julie finishes high school and starts college. by Julietravels01/09/143.81

Julie in College Ch. 02

 — Julie falls in love and looses her virginity. by Julietravels01/28/144.25

Julie in College Ch. 03

 — Julie goes home for spring break and meets old boyfriend. by Julietravels06/20/144.21

Julie the Swimmer

 — Salvaging a chance, she jumped into the bay. by Longstretch02/22/093.50

Julie's First Time

 — A weekend of many first times. by applevalyan05/16/044.34

Julie's Sex Saga Ch. 01

 — Disappointing deflowering leads to lesbian interlude. by toynwithwords05/30/154.24

Julie's Sex Saga Ch. 02

 — Julie has her first satisfying male partner. by toynwithwords05/31/154.43

Julie, A Hairbrush and Me Ch. 03

 — Julie gets to spank Mario, then takes his virginity. by mastermario08/24/124.08

Jumped by Bunny

 — Brother's coed girlfriend secretly initiates shy virgin. by dowd_elwood_p10/03/034.66HOT

June Ch. 04

 — A new amputee is added to the group. by rmlooker05/02/154.30

June Ch. 05

 — Several first times happen. by rmlooker05/20/154.44

June Draws To An End

 — Post graduation for Harold B. Carter. by Tom Mandy08/02/023.14

June Jacobs

 — Louise talks about what gets June off. by So drained01/23/054.24

Junior College Days Ch. 02

 — After the Party. by thehotness11/14/044.18

Jus Prima Noctis

 — It's lord Cobbleworth's right to deflower every virgin bride by Svenskaflicka12/16/023.94

Just a Kiss

 — Strangers share a first, long, kiss. by HappyOldGuy10/07/154.12

Just a Little Chemistry

 — He teaches her the formula that gets him everything he wants. by silken_desirez06/16/074.36

Just Another Fuck

 — I wanted to think it was something more. by Zrnko_Pisku12/02/123.65

Just Before The Concert

 — A coed locker room? Why not! by YDB9503/16/154.60HOT

Just Being Neighborly

 — She had seduction in mind from the start. by once upon a time08/22/154.29

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