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A Girl Named Walter

 — Cop gets lucky at the diner. by JerseyCop10/05/034.34

A Good Deed

 — T. J. helps out a friend in need... by Whovian1908/17/164.16

A Good Grade from Mrs Gudenov

 — My teacher tests my knowledge of subjects, like sex by LorenzoAbajos09/17/144.35

A Good Movie

 — Tina gets seduced while watching a movie. by raspera07/18/133.39

A Good Patient

 — Raine sees all shes been missing when she goes to the doctor. by smut_princess11/16/023.88

A Good Person

 — Julie said 'no' so politely that no one felt bad. by Ooshnafloot10/08/144.58HOT

A Good Send Off

 — Better in Writing. by Redhanded02/28/173.95

A Good Year

 — Kim begins her first year as a sexual being. by Pajman03/07/083.58

A Great Way to End the School Year!

 — Katie's first time. by Imaginative1A10/27/163.81

A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 01

 — His first encounter is with an au pair. by madala05/06/034.14

A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 02

 — His first steps toward sensuality. by madala10/29/034.37

A Hall Pass for the Wife

 — Tammy uses her hall pass in an unexpected way. by ofloveandlust06/03/154.19

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 09

 — Chrissy's teenaged neighbor shows up unexpectedly. by riverboy06/17/144.75HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 10

 — Morning lessons for the virginal Nicki. by riverboy06/19/144.74HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 14

 — Meeting Julia by riverboy06/29/144.77HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 26

 — The girls next door. by riverboy07/26/144.78HOT

A Handyman's Wife Ch. 05

 — Rachel was a virgin. by riverboy01/17/154.49

A Happy Accident

 — Sometimes, it takes an accident to turn fantasy into reality. by GenghisSwan06/30/154.56HOT

A Happy Ending

 — Friendly massage turns not so innocent. by SirAerus09/15/113.57

A Heart of Gold

 — Golden-hearted whore helps him become a man. by KayJai10/15/054.08

A Helping Hand

 — A mature woman visits his bedroom and gives a helping hand. by jamesmarlowe08/09/144.21

A High School Bet

 — Twins bet on taking an innocent girl's virginity. by sexy_jessie04/06/034.10

A History Lesson

 — Becoming a man on a School trip to Poland. by abroadsword03/25/103.61

A Hitch-Hiker Gets Lucky

 — A shy young man gets a ride he won't forget. by ironfelix11/18/164.04

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 1

 — A village experience in South India. by kullansg06/27/023.83

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 2

 — It had rained the whole night. by kullansg07/02/024.20

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 3

 — Learning from two wonderful women. by kullansg07/20/024.07

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 4

 — The culmination. by kullansg08/05/024.29

A Hot Afternoon by the Pool

 — Unexpected challenge leads to first time fun in the sun. by on_the_quiet04/15/124.29

A Hot and Dry Evening

 — Conflicted Evangelical teen hooks up with hot mixed raced girl. by Maddest Dog08/08/053.70

A Hot Day At The Beach

 — Raine's goes on a date with her crush and receives a treat. by alladream2705/14/123.63

A Hot Night In The Club

 — Two couples first time in Lesbian/Gay Club by Satyrinneed07/29/043.57

A House Painter

 — Housewife seduces house painter for his first. by yknow06/05/024.56HOT

A Journal Entry

 — Awakenings, threats & blackmail out in the boonies. by reluctant_quill05/26/04HOTEditor's Pick

A Journey to Remember Ch. 01

 — Katie's first time is unexpected. by Sleigh08/03/143.89

A Journey to Remember Ch. 02

 — Things get heated for Katie and James. by Sleigh08/04/144.11

A Journey with Emily

 — A young man's discovery of a deviant life. by kanda4209/21/114.45

A Journey with Emily Pt. 02

 — A young man's discovery of a deviant life. by kanda4210/27/114.48

A King's Desperation

 — One kingdom's need to re-populate, and fast. by sugarmuffin09/12/114.32

A Kinky Virgin's...Ch. 1

 — Veronica Sawyer imagines her first time. by last_virgin12/17/003.87

A Kinky Virgin's...Ch. 2

 — Virgin lusts for pre-med student. by last_virgin12/18/004.00

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

 — School beauty is cast as Juliet against his Romeo. by MaxSebastian08/09/044.77HOTContest Winner

A Knight's Tale

 — What Goes On Under All That Chainmail? by sparkle811/21/134.06

A La Jolla First (Pt. 01)

 — College student experiences his first time in Southern California. by Moonraker_Bond00710/13/044.12

A La Jolla Parallel

 — Familiar beach is visited by very different couple. by Moonraker_Bond00704/26/054.06

A Lady in Red

 — The memories of my first time are triggered by a song. by marleywasone10/02/034.30

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Laura sacrifices Kitty's virginity, then gifts John her own. by Cavort08/13/094.64HOT

A Lady's Choice

 — Beth and Eric finally go all the way. by humminglight1211/07/124.46

A Late Night Revision "Session"

 — Two bored students go at it late at night in college library. by Schmoove05/15/073.05

A Learning Experience

 — An older waitress takes him in for the night. by GrapleIRIS01/09/064.05

A Legend of the Great War

 — A young soldier becomes a living legend. by aabelard01/17/054.37

A Lesson for Teacher

 — His piano teacher ridiculed him. He dominated her. by DutchCourage08/15/133.51

A Lesson from Eleanor

 — A young man's first time, helped out by a mature friend. by essex_guy_036504/24/064.43

A Lifetime in One Moment

 — Virgin & lonely widow share love, briefly. by C.C. Rider05/13/044.78HOTContest Winner

A Lifetime of Learning

 — I only dreamed that I might find him next door. by Xesevoli06/04/033.72

A Lifetime Waiting

 — At 40 she was still a virgin - until he changed her life. by Susan McK05/25/034.08

A Little Drama

 — That last high school fling. by Hornsup04/27/062.72Editor's Pick

A Little Insurance

 — Old friends reunite at an insurance convention. by fadedgiant05/06/143.71

A Little Job

 — His mother assigns him a task. by Ashson01/10/174.31

A Little Naive

 — It's hard to know what a heart really wants at 18. by Anekri05/08/083.02

A Little Off the Top

 — Middle aged hair stylist teaches him about titty fucking. by al_Ussa12/22/094.13

A Long Awaited Visit

 — On his 18th birthday, Tyler finally fucks an older woman. by LolaBrokowski09/29/123.85

A Long Way Home Ch. 01

 — Two Indian students win a grant to study in Birmingham. by dan5709/24/083.90

A Long Way Home Ch. 02

 — First English experiences. by dan5709/25/084.28

A Long Way Home Ch. 03

 — Naina and Ritu are deflowered during Uni meeting. by dan5710/12/083.87

A Long Way Home Ch. 04

 — Encounter in a gym. by dan5710/14/084.48

A Long Way Home Ch. 05

 — A hot weekend in Birmingham. by dan5710/28/084.50HOT

A Long Way Home Ch. 06

 — Winter lessons. by dan5710/29/084.37

A Long, 'Boring' Summer

 — Young man discovers sex with best friend's mom. by writerjab09/30/114.29

A Love Apprentice

 — 18-year-old pilot apprentice learns carnal lessons. by Norfolk Boy05/21/044.49

A Man and a Woman

 — Shy guy meets sexy Thai girl. by shankly05/17/053.75

A Marriage is Arranged

 — Mother connives to have me married. by abroadsword03/28/174.14

A Mathematical Surprise Pt. 01

 — One girl's fantasy may just come true. by Boster03/11/163.80

A Matter of Time Ch. 07

 — Victoria introduces Vicki to the touch of sex. by absoluteid05/11/124.60HOT

A Matter of Time Ch. 11

 — Marty and Victoria marry but a threat looms nearby. by absoluteid07/26/124.48

A Medical Intervention

 — Who finally popped her cherry? by Nakod Apa02/10/063.47

A Meeting by the River

 — A young boy sees a girl bathing naked. by princeof_parties04/24/153.82

A Memory to Cherish

 — Love, heartache, and wishes. by Butterfly Guy08/26/063.93

A Mere Figment

 — Amy has a dream. Only it's real. And it's not him. by attics11/05/124.06

A Mere Figment Ch. 02

 — Amy can't control her desire against her better judgment. by attics11/21/124.52HOT

A Mere Figment Ch. 03

 — Will Amy come to a satisfying conclusion? by attics01/07/134.39

A Middle Eastern Goddess and the Me

 — Marc the merc commander beds a virgin Arab girl. by TRIAX06/22/083.73

A Midnight Dream

 — Drunken beginnings. by MaliceNBandarland03/24/103.68

A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 01

 — Innocent girl is made an offer. by Icingsugar10/27/034.36

A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 02

 — The deal is closed, and her night begins. by Icingsugar10/31/034.49

A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 03

 — The night goes on, and on. by Icingsugar11/05/034.62HOT

A Misanthrope and Artichokes

 — A story with a retired couple, a swimming pool, and a rumor. by PayDay12/05/114.65HOT

A Misdirection of Affection Ch. 03

 — Ian's first time, Dessi tells Gina how the story ends. by nageren01/01/154.80HOT

A Moment of Madness

 — A First Date. A Moment of madness. The Police. by jamesmarlowe11/12/142.67

A Mother's Memoir Ch. 01

 — Treasure left for son tells of mother's sexual adventures. by Risktaker4802/10/124.42

A Movie, A Car Ride, And A Cabin

 — Old high school friends together. by tenorsax0205/03/034.14

A Must-have Exercise Machine

 — A gym equipment salesman learns a new workout. by BoobyTrapper04/16/154.43

A Mutually Pleasing Deal

 — Charles wants a virgin. Sasha has a deal for him. by saphrina_0007/15/154.27

A New Approach to Latin

 — Pain introduces a Latin student to pleasure. by cara_blue01/07/053.61

A New Beginning Pt. 01

 — The beginning of a new life after divorce. by va_girl9206/23/133.99

A New Gay Neighbor

 — Married man gets a gay neighbor. by prevacker03/03/163.10

A New Kind of Education

 — A young, pregnant college girl learns something new: sex. by PregnantVirgin04/09/104.37

A New Lesson

 — A former student and her friend need one last lesson. by MPowered04/13/064.53HOT

A New Life

 — Starting our life together. by ptsteve07/24/143.93

A New Step Ch. 1

 — Friendship changes one steamy summer day. by ZeypherValkyrie06/22/023.55

A New Virgin

 — A new hymen, a new lover, new adventures. by Sexy Bear05/24/024.32

A New Year, A New Perspective

 — A new year rolls around and it brings change for two teens. by Oryks05/21/113.27

A Nice Girl Virgin

 — First time for a college virgin. by nclotsoffun11/02/163.82

A Night Along the River

 — An unexpected summertime encounter. by Susscrofa07/26/164.34

A Night at Delta Chi

 — A frat house party turns bad and then great. by AUBandGuy06/23/053.87

A Night at Delta Chi Ch. 02

 — The night is yet young. by AUBandGuy07/07/054.44

A Night He Will Never Forget

 — First time with a new & willing husband. by nrob18201/08/053.46

A Night of Firsts

 — Birthday boy isn't the only one getting a gift. by old_n_dirrty04/19/134.29

A Night Of Passion

 — The most major of losses becomes a major gain for Michael... by dalespeer07/27/023.22

A Night Ou- Um...In

 — A night out to dinner with a lovely friend turns into more. by ElGustoEsMio05/21/134.25

A Night She Would Never Forget

 — Sarah has an amazing night with a stranger from a bar. by MarineGirl198208/06/083.20

A Night She'll Never Forget Ch. 01

 — Girl finds guys aren't always what they seem. by gothic_Swimmer_199006/09/063.00

A Night To End The Week

 — Week meeting is coming to a close. by Shoshi06/28/023.80

A Night To Remember

 — Dale doesn't know what's going to happen when he goes out. by dalespeer07/27/023.21

A Night To Remember

 — Two versions have a steamy night together. by camera_shy02/08/13

A Night To Remember

 — It was her first but damn sure not her last. by JANAMARIE03/13/073.99

A Night to Remember...NOT!

 — First time turns bad for a young virgin. by Arianne12/19/003.32

A Night We'll Never Forget

 — My girl is wet and cold and needs to be warmed. by storytyme03/18/144.35

A Night with Steve

 — My first time with two cocks. by isabellejennings07/24/14

A Notch in My Belt Ch. 01

 — Donnie was my first. by chaseonswrd07/25/133.55

A Painful Experience

 — Diane learns a lesson the hard way. by MathGirl08/27/024.06

A Pair to Draw to.

 — No Way Out....or was there? by magmaman04/17/054.29

A Party Surprise

 — A spilled beer leads to unexpected surprises. by FunwithLC10/02/053.89

A Party to Remember

 — Girl takes teacher after a party. by serephina26507/19/113.90

A Passionate Day

 — A second date ends in ecstasy. by mcds56603/25/153.63

A Passionate Farewell

 — Last night together before school calls them away. by Chicklet08/16/024.40

A Perfect Evening

 — A perfect evening. by frostyghost0910/29/144.19

A Perfect First Time

 — He recalls losing my virginity with his girlfriend. by noisymother01/05/093.66

A Personal Question

 — "How many dicks have you sucked?" by laffalot09/30/154.67HOT

A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 01

 — This girl made unpredictable an art form. by Belegon07/19/034.45

A Pleasant Surprise Ch. 02

 — Lance & Gena's first night continues with her turn. by Belegon08/17/034.55HOT

A Pleasing Bride

 — Prince and princess consummate their vows. by thepiratequeen01/24/154.59HOT

A Prayer for Mercy

 — Desperate virgin finds a way to fulfillment by jacktar4801/28/114.10

A Precious Gift

 — A woman gives her virginity to a man. by Enchanting_Lady08/26/024.30

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