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Just in Time Valentine

 — Just in time, Justin learns; sex is like poetry. by My Erotic Trail01/23/064.19

Just One Look

 — He finds a younger woman. by Jumpinjetta12/06/074.68HOT

Just One Night

 — Confessing the story of her first night. by PhantomOfMoonlight03/21/074.06

Just Perfect Anna, My First Time

 — Unexpexted first time with a young beauty. by Paddy4010/08/083.50

Just Plane Fun

 — She doesn't exaclty join the Mile High Club. by mistyfox08/02/024.17

Just the Two of Us Ch. 01

 — He meets the girl of his dreams. by sexual4some09/03/064.32

Just This Once

 — What should've happened with my room mate. by Jizaz_Jester01/17/133.84

Just What the Doctor Ordered

 — 19-year-old has hot sex with her doctor. by bahamadya06/19/103.55

Just You and I - Sam's Story Pt. 01

 — Sam tells of her first time from his point of view. by CoventinaNyx10/17/134.68HOT

Justin and Amanda Ch. 01

 — Justin and Amanda experience intense pleasure. by Bman1197305/12/093.42

Justine: Like Cinnamon

 — She was his latest crush. by drsalt06/29/034.14

Justine: Like Cinnamon Ch. 02

 — Justine and Freddy continue. by drsalt07/04/034.39


 — Roomates share more than a bathroom. by fourstringman01/24/054.19

Karen's First

 — An online guy comes to visit. by NickiJean2805/08/043.87

Karen's First Time

 — A shy virgin is aroused by a voyeuristic experience. by tony09090910/07/133.80

Karen, My Cherished First

 — First experience of an 18 year old college boy. by Hunkydrew10/29/143.98

Karma Has Its Way

 — Young Indian woman takes some knocks but comes out a winner. by Lucky Mann06/23/114.57HOT

Kasey's Almost Ready

 — Neighbor's initiation is about to begin. by scene-it-all04/08/044.39


 — She gives him the gift of her innocence. by redgryphon12/29/084.14

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 01

 — Kate finds sex and happiness with Andrew. by bigjerseyguy11/12/163.93

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 02

 — Kate finds sex and happiness with Andrew. by bigjerseyguy11/14/164.27

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 03

 — Kate finds sex and happiness with Andrew. by bigjerseyguy11/15/164.14

Kate's First BJ

 — Roommate teaches her to suck a cock. by Agnol09/09/064.37

Kate: Breaking in a Virgin

 — Virginity is lost in three days of passion. by Joanmcarthy06/14/164.70HOT

Katherine from Ecole St Justine

 — Katherine is sent home from finishing school in Switzerland. by abroadsword08/28/154.36

Katherine of the Amish

 — The day she ran away. by Bazzza05/25/074.74HOT


 — Kathleen leaves a convent and decides not to return. by Fredsowner04/25/194.26

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 01

 — Losing my virginity as an 18-year-old on holiday. by redkathleen01/13/114.30

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 07

 — My first Boyfriend ...and how I strayed. by redkathleen12/07/114.26

Kathleen's Story

 — Local Squire initiates woman. by rhdwp06/27/034.36

Kathryn's Chocolate Martini

 — Kathryn is taken bareback and gets knocked up. by arlene54812/08/094.25

Kathryn's Question

 — Two young friends become something much more. by val wrangler09/13/064.68HOT

Kathryn's Question Ch. 02

 — Their relationship continues to develop. by val wrangler09/30/064.77HOT

Kathryn's Question Ch. 03

 — Kathryn and Robert's experiments continue. by val wrangler01/07/074.68HOT

Kathryn's Question Ch. 04

 — What goes around, comes around. by val wrangler04/14/074.51HOT

Kathryn's Question Ch. 05

 — The finale. by val wrangler05/01/074.77HOT

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 01 - Jen

 — Mindy doesn't think her innocent cousin will fit in. by MemberX05/05/174.51HOT

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 01: Jen

 — Mindy doesn't think her ''innocent'' cousin will fit in. by Gary_Alexander04/24/124.31

Kathy's Pool Party Ch. 02 - Berni

 — Paul and Berni are looking for someplace to be alone. by MemberX04/30/124.56HOT

Katiana Ch. 01

 — An 18-year-old dreams of being used. by MrVolcano02/27/184.27

Katie Comes Back

 — A birthday present to remember. by chrisfromlondon01/05/074.23

Katie Cums Out

 — Katie and Jenn go out for drinks. by RightButSexy02/19/194.38

Katie's Diary Ch. 02

 — Mr. P meets with Katie. by stoneypoint02/25/064.46

Katie's Exploits Ch. 01

 — Katie discovers her sexuality, so does her boyfriend. by swingingpuss05/18/044.25

Katie's Exploits Ch. 02

 — Katie gets attention, sex and releases her inhibitions. by swingingpuss05/25/044.43

Katie's First

 — She's been dreaming about it. by DevilBuni02/20/053.89

KattieLynn & Tucker - The Gift

 — Coed loses her virginity to her future husband. by KattieLynn04/12/074.46

KattieLynn & Tucker - Tucker's Story

 — The night he took KattieLynn's virginity (his view). by KattieLynn05/15/074.48

Katy & Amber Pt. 01: Amber's First

 — High school senior Amber daydreams about her first time. by jamisonroberts08/04/173.94

Katy Did

 — When Katy decides it's time... by ericthebard07/20/164.56HOT

Katy the Virgin

 — She wants that soldier bad! by Karenas08/13/124.15

Kayla and Their Friend Ch. 08

 — Their Friend and their teenage daughter. by Petersimpson02/09/144.19

Kayleigh Ch. 02

 — Ethan goes to Kayleigh's house, finding not just one girl... by Faptasize08/09/163.98

Kayt takes Phoebe in the Bathroom

 — Kayt fulfills her fantasies when she takes Phoebe into the... by Secretlesbian199207/19/173.97

Kayt takes Phoebe in the Bathroom Pt. 02

 — Kayt finally gets Phoebe alone and fulfills her fantasy. by Secretlesbian199207/27/173.79

Keeping a Promise

 — Online friend keeps promise to teach another. by wordmad07/04/033.80

Keeping My Scholarships

 — I try to convince Professor Edwards to change my grade. by SouthenDaisyBelle02/18/174.48

Keiko's Adventure

 — She goes wandering. by buttyninja06/02/093.99


 — Kelly sneaks out to her boyfriend's place. by Mr James02/06/054.06


 — A mature man gets an offer he simply can't refuse. by Lancerlott02/25/194.72HOT

Kelly and I

 — From online personals to meeting in person. by bblover02/13/09

Kelly and I's Very Wet Time

 — A short one shot! First of a trilogy! by thesoniclemon01/19/134.05

Kelly Caught Him

 — A shy virgin caught him with his dick out. by fairytalefantasy03/03/114.08

Kelly Ch. 01

 — He gets a whole chance at romance. by Balrog05/03/054.73HOT

Kelly Ch. 02

 — She cooks dinner, they enjoy dessert. by Balrog05/08/054.76HOT

Kelly Ch. 03

 — The ideal beach, a hair brush, and no sand in the suits. by Balrog05/10/054.70HOT

Kelly Ch. 04

 — Ice cream & parking, then a Mother-Daughter chat. by Balrog05/13/054.74HOT

Kelly Ch. 05

 — Crime and punishment. by Balrog05/18/054.77HOT

Kelly Ch. 06

 — Part 5 revisited, with the lovely Amanda. by Balrog05/18/054.49

Kelly Ch. 07

 — Four years later... by Balrog03/28/104.79HOT

Kelly's Date

 — Kelly loses ver virginity. by arlene54804/06/064.14

Kelly's Love

 — A story of sex and love that moves forward. by Fliccy_sub04/04/184.32

Kendra Wants to Lose Her Virginity

 — Two stories, his and hers of her sexual awakening night. by KissedMany04/06/164.42

Kennedy Ch. 02

 — Kennedy and Craig meet again. by Jinxskunk05/23/114.36

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 04a

 — Penny: "My cousin didn't know I was watching her..." by MemberX06/02/184.56HOT

Kenny's College Humiliation

 — Kenny gets sexually humiliated in front of his college class. by Mister_Magnus08/01/153.36

Kenzi's Sexy Older Neighbor

 — 18 yr old Kenzi has surprise in store when she loses it to Mark. by SexxySelina12/13/153.95

Kerela Massage

 — Executive gets an erotic massage. by erotic_indian_3003/28/123.63

Kerri's Descent Ch. 01

 — College freshman has her first slutty experience. by Honey_Bee_1602/29/044.17

Kerri's Descent Ch. 02

 — Kerri and Jessie get closer in her second adventure. by Honey_Bee_1602/29/044.45

Kerri's Descent Ch. 03

 — Jessie uses a vibrator on Kerri. by Honey_Bee_1605/08/044.42

Kerri's Descent Ch. 04

 — Kerri gets down & dirty at frat house. by Honey_Bee_1605/09/044.33


 — His first time was not expected. by ThomasMagica05/18/084.03

Kerry Finds a Way to go to College

 — Young woman in an old profession. by SplendidSpunk11/05/094.39


 — A pianist's performance sends a virgin loner over the edge. by SirenSpeak10/27/174.11

Kicker Gets More Than The Game Ball

 — Kicker losing virginity after winning game. by DanielB357907/22/174.34

Kicking the Habit of Virginity

 — Mary helps a man seduce her. by MaryAnn67809/03/114.39

Kiki Had Waited...

 — A description of a virgin couple's first time. by kiki_kisses09/04/023.81


 — Girl gets modeling job and more. by jack58211/13/023.83

Kim Driver: Graduation Ch. 02

 — Quatum Step. by 7footrabbit12/01/094.38

Kim's First Time

 — Kim's first encounter with sex. by KrazyKim07/09/153.37

Kim's New Life Ch. 01

 — Kim meets Kelly at Lisa's Hideaway. by JanetMon01/31/194.34

Kim's New Life Ch. 03

 — Kim submits to Kelly. by JanetMon02/08/194.69HOT

Kim's New Life Ch. 04

 — Kelly takes Kim home. by JanetMon02/12/194.74HOT

Kim's tasty Amish Whoopie Pie

 — Sexy Kim seduces a 20 year old Amish boy. by Lola13805/12/134.26

Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy

 — A nerd-boy on a mission to get his dream girl. by bluedragonauthor02/11/064.70HOT

Kindred Spirits

 — Awkward teen lad's crush on a neighbor. by Madabouthair12/22/184.58HOT

Kinky Halloween Party

 — Two friends find each other and one finds anal. by Italiangothic621907/14/164.08

Kinky Keri and Communal Living

 — Keri finds college to be quite a thrill. by Thattagirl09/20/024.32

Kinky Virgins: Awakening

 — Virgin best friends become a couple. by SubtleDeviance01/07/184.01

Kinky Virgins: Consummation

 — Chris and Renee consummate their relationship. by SubtleDeviance02/22/184.32

Kip and Salina Ch. 04

 — Cricket helps Trisha for her first time. by rmlooker01/03/154.73HOT

Kiss the Bride

 — Arranged marriage makes for uneasy but steamy first time. by RedBarnErotica10/25/074.17

Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck

 — An account of my first intercourse experience - embellished. by bubbatxman04/01/123.63

Kissing Lessons

 — Young neighbor learns kissing and more. by imageman4107/17/063.98

Kissing Rowan (revision)

 — Uillceal's first time with Swordsman of House Gwynlambth by Uillceal05/18/093.69

Kitty Caretaker

 — Barely legal teen gets the jump on an older friend. by King Ink12/16/043.90

Kitty Meets Willy

 — Kathy's first time with three boys at the lake. by E.NonnyMuse08/23/044.23

Kitty's Boys

 — Kidnapped by a slighted suitor Kitty loses her inhibitions. by maxdname06/17/074.02

Kitty's Boys Ch. 02

 — A slighted suitor becomes dangerous by maxdname06/18/074.66HOT

Kitty's First Time

 — Kitty celebrates her 18th Birthday with a family friend. by KalKasar11/28/043.91

Kitty's First Time Ch. 02

 — Carbon returns to collect on Kitty's promise. by KalKasar02/05/074.14

Kiyomi's First Taste

 — Kiyomi Experiences first time sucking cock and pussy. by Anythingcanhappen10/03/173.39


 — One too many stuff-ups has consequences. by Ashson04/23/144.37

Knocking Boots

 — A cowgirl loses it to a cowboy on the trail. by TheCowboy08/27/143.97

Knocking On Heaven's Door

 — Salesman is used to give wife her first oral orgasm. by Otazel05/02/064.59HOT

Kremer at the Doctor's Clinic

 — Kremer gets an appointment to visit the Urologist. by phoenix5112/02/163.66

Krissy's First Good Lover

 — So that's what it should be like... by c7racer07/25/054.55HOT

Krista and Lia

 — Krista enters new territory with help from her friend Lia. by CanisMajor07/23/144.15

Kristi's Dream

 — Kristi has been fantasizing about her sister's boyfriend. by MrOutCastx10/01/123.96

Kristie's First Time

 — Kristie (over 18) finds a guy to be her first. by tripleflip11/01/022.78

Kristy and Louise: Serial Virgins

 — Two girls are deflowered, and deflowered, and deflowered. by JBEdwards02/22/184.04

Kung Pao

 — He orders takeout, with sex on the side. by Chance_Lit06/29/03

L and Me Ch. 04

 — The saga finally ends. by silentblackwater11/13/094.60HOT

La Plaza Ch. 01

 — Bisexual Kelly takes a college trip with friends. by mightypinkdms08/01/073.99

Labor Day

 — He spends the weekend with the hostess. by rjm237406/14/063.78

Lacy's Crush on Her Teacher

 — Schoolgirl's seduction of a young teacher. by LazyDays122105/08/074.11

Lady in Red Ch. 09

 — Young man has sex with an older woman. by Jack110702/01/194.37

Lady Next Door

 — Young man gets lessons from the lady next door. by LynnGKS02/13/104.58HOT

Lady Next Door Ch. 02

 — Guys don’t like rubbers – it’s like swimming in galoshes. by LynnGKS02/12/124.57HOT

Lady of the Lake

 — Young lovers lose their innocence down under. by SciGuy06/04/044.54HOT


 — Childhood friends finally an item, spend a weekend away. by Prima_Girl07/07/10

Lakeside Love

 — Two college students find their sexuality. by kreigen1208/05/154.08

Lamb vs Wolf

 — Come into my house, he said, and she did. by Ashson05/30/194.42

Lana's Journey

 — Lana's first time is with a guest. by mickey2302/21/063.63

Lance & Honey On Vacation Ch. 03

 — Friends tell intimate stories about first time. by blindjack06/14/044.68HOT

Lance's First BackDoor

 — First time Lance give anal. by txbiker04/09/034.13

Landon's First Time

 — Landon has Erin for the first time. by Robert Buckley08/16/053.90

Lanna's First Time

 — 18 year old girl loses her virginity to an older man. by 34DDasian06/21/14

Lara's Favor

 — A simple reunion turns into a mutual loss of virginity. by milordrevan10/27/114.41

Large Girls Gotta Have Fun...

 — Two lifetime girlfriends finally meet the right guy. by onemoreguy110/13/103.95

Last Chance

 — They realize their dreams en route to college. by wee_one06/29/034.31

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