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First Time Stories

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Little Sister Squirt

 — Guy messes with younger sister when older sis is unwilling. by elguaton05/22/093.51

Living Canvas

 — Nick helps Jamie express her creativity. by E-Nymph08/20/023.97

Living Life with Faith Ch. 01

 — A first shot at love. by triplehigh02/23/133.62

Living with Omega Theta Pi

 — A purity ring can only go so far. by Charles Petersunn11/06/094.77HOT

Living with Omega Theta Pi Ch. 02

 — Albert and Shelley get to know each other. by Charles Petersunn06/09/104.77HOT

Liz and Dan's Honeymoon

 — Liz was a 18 year old virgin bride with a bright future. by 45longcolt08/15/123.86

Liz Discovers Her Sexuality

 — A schoolgirl discovers her sexuality and seduces her teacher. by sixstring198706/26/143.92

Lizzy's First Time

 — The story of a woman losing her virginity. by FetidFlowers03/31/123.96

Local Style

 — Two young locals have their first time together. by KeKaneAnoi07/24/054.19

Locked Out

 — I warm up a cold Latina nighbor after she gets locked out. by Stolen_Secrets05/20/093.91

Lollipop Under The Christmas Tree

 — Young man gets one hell of a Christmas present. by Hannibal Ravencraft11/24/054.25

Lonely Babe Took My Virginity

 — He thought he would die a virgin. by Ms Black10/19/053.87

Lonely Nights

 — A story of two friends... by Jero8805/24/074.24

Long Awaited First Time

 — First time for two long time lovers. by horny515005/04/113.73

Long Day at Work?

 — Ranielle tricks her boyfriend Caleb into a nice fucking. by kissmehbabeh06/17/143.68

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 01

 — Jason and Nikki. by SplitLicker6904/03/113.82

Longhaired Lover from Liverpool Ch. 01

 — My first hairy sighting ends in a blowjob by belab04/29/034.06

Look at that Ass! Ch. 02

 — Teenage Christy blackmails Uncle into sex. by regularguy1311/10/084.39

Look But Don't Touch

 — An old man protects the virginity of a young nymph. by xtcnymphette06/30/054.47


 — R-meeting your first love. by MusicianElf09/05/124.03

Loosing Virginity in a Sex Club

 — I lost my virginity in a sex club. by xnxxlover11/17/163.88

Lori Ch. 01

 — First date and so much more. by LoriisaDirtyGirl12/30/124.73HOT

Lori Ch. 02

 — More FIRSTS for the both of us. by LoriisaDirtyGirl01/03/134.77HOT

Losin It

 — He gives her the best birthday present. by suthinsoul08/31/024.22

Losing Cherry to Co-worker

 — Angela's cherry gets picked by her favorite co-worker. by smiles127706/27/063.88

Losing It

 — Girl gives her cherry to ex-boyfriend's best friend. by Goldeniangel02/22/054.48

Losing It

 — After years of frustration, a young man loses his virginity. by Brybrad08/31/053.67

Losing It

 — Young man does it first in a whorehouse. by manwood10/22/074.35

Losing It

 — A young woman decides to lose her virginity. by Bakeboss02/10/103.21

Losing It

 — Daryl feels the pressure of virginity at 18. by Storiest10/10/123.20

Losing it at Schoolies

 — Emma loses her virginity at Schoolies. by Joanmcarthy03/17/174.40

Losing It At The Pool Ch. 01

 — How I lost my virginity. by heyjay198304/30/133.99

Losing It Ch. 1

 — Losing that which can never be regained. by MathGirl08/15/024.30

Losing It Ch. 2

 — The culmination. by MathGirl08/16/024.56HOT

Losing It to My Drumline Instructor

 — The story of my high school drumline teacher. by thirstygirlll08/24/163.18

Losing It!

 — One boy's quest to lose his viginity by smilodonwriter02/18/034.61HOT

Losing m=My Virginity

 — I knew my time would come. by ajg12118812/05/164.07

Losing My V Card

 — Married Neighbor lady takes my Virginity and teaches me more. by Brian658808/27/164.41

Losing My Virginity

 — Liz loses her virginity to her long crush. by extremebitch_1302/04/054.07

Losing My Virginity

 — His first sexual experience. by joeking2u08/03/074.34

Losing My Virginity

 — A girl loses her virginity in a car at a party. by missmoaney04/23/113.63

Losing my Virginity

 — An 18-year old turns to her friend and brother. by SparkleKitty11/14/153.95

Losing My Virginity

 — I describe my first proper fuck with my older neighbour. by virusman11/11/144.20

Losing My Virginity

 — My first time described. by MissLux07/15/16

Losing My Virginity Again

 — Widow has an unexpected first experience. by Shelf91107/26/124.37

Losing My Virginity at 20

 — She meets an older man online. by Sensual4u2204/30/034.22

Losing My Virginity In Germany.

 — My Uncle's Fiance's sister takes my cherry. by a6uldvnt12/11/054.17

Losing the V-Card

 — The story of a young man and how he lost his virginity. by Franchise1107/06/164.05

Losing Virginity

 — This is a story on how I lost my virginity... by slutty_navya05/30/153.13

Losing Virginity To Each Other

 — Middlewomen sets up crush's first time together. by HoneyIShrunkTheKids02/28/083.31

Loss Of Virginity

 — He loses his virginity on train. by normique06/20/043.61

Loss of Virginity

 — My very first time with my ex. by Jacquolantern05/14/074.10

Lost and Found

 — She learns what a happy ending is, and more. by echolalia10/03/114.00

Lost and Found

 — I have sex with a young woman. by stonedcrab11/03/133.70

Lost at Christmas

 — First Christmas away from home, & the best gift ever. by Tx Tall Tales12/07/054.73HOT

Lost in the Rain

 — Jordan finds his way. by scary_mary10/04/133.96

Lost in the Woods

 — Young maiden gets lost in the forest. by Marty8211/17/074.33

Lost in Turbulence

 — Loss of innocence and so many other things. by titania12301/06/174.00

Lost Inhibitions

 — His first time breaks her marriage vows. by rowena_bee05/03/07

Lost Innocence

 — She was the typical girl next door. by Lost_Innocence03/16/054.19

Lost Innocence

 — Every one has a story. This one is mine. by Many Feathers05/02/084.60HOT

Lost Love

 — Too young to know what love is. by tadgh6401/23/124.34

Lost Loves Surprise

 — After a long break, a young man finds his lost friend. by writermike09/29/054.10

Lost Virginity

 — Marine loses his virginity. by Grey Eagle 28611/23/054.57HOT

Lost Virginity

 — Class reunion unites him with his first love. by AGreyFoxxx05/30/084.19

Lost Virginity and Boy Did It Hurt

 — Coed finds pleasure and pain during her first time. by Natalie344201/22/133.90

Lost Virginity on Valentine's Day

 — Women remembers her first love, when she lost her virginity. by SuperHeroRalph02/05/114.04

Lost Virginity!

 — My first time with a man. by Grace2312/13/103.30

Love and Anthropology

 — Young doctor's experience with female initiation rites. by SenseOfTouch03/08/074.48

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 03

 — The House: Al-Asi between virginity, love and war by Scheherazade8801/10/143.86

Love at First Bump

 — A bumpy car ride gets interesting for friends. by squired_raisin08/20/164.40

Love From Ashes

 — Childhood wishes finally fulfilled. by secretsxywriter04/24/124.61HOT

Love in Black and White Ch. 01

 — Two sexual mentors: one Black, one White. by MeredithEighty810/11/164.06

Love in the Eye of a Storm

 — Two friends caught in a storm and discover love between them. by toast3708/29/084.43

Love in the Rockies

 — Two horny virgins find each other. by KenJames08/17/034.09

Love is Blind

 — A romantic first time in a boat house. by maanmathan_playboy08/04/123.96

Love is Tough Game Ch. 01

 — When the ex lovers meet again. by RockGirl1104/10/133.23

Love is Tough Game Ch. 02

 — Amanda and Jason fuck for the first time. by RockGirl1104/11/132.56

Love Ladies

 — My fantasy story for you! by 1954kirkland08/20/164.09

Love Lessons Ch. 01

 — Erotic extra credit for a teacher and student. by KenJames12/28/044.04

Love Lessons Ch. 02

 — Her first time, with one man and more. by KenJames01/03/054.62HOT

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 01-02

 — Hank and Amy get closer. by jerseyblue10/23/114.34

Love of Johanna Ch. 01

 — I met her in high school, wrote her poems, fell in love. by Epmd60708/26/094.26

Love On The Hill

 — He has a favorite pair of jeans locked up, unwashed! by romeoindian11/20/123.69

Love Pain & Ecstasy

 — Brooke is a college student exploring sex. by aprilrencher02/16/163.63

Love Potion

 — Liquid Love Potion. by flashgordon56200611/20/163.95

Love's Silent Embrace

 — A grad night to remember. by Chiara2308/01/114.62HOT

Love, Mrs. Ayres

 — Awkward 18 year-old loves his best friend's mother. by DevisPixi12/10/154.17

Lovely Linda

 — 18 yr. old virgin and an older lady. by TSpank6111/19/164.23

Lovely Linda Ch. 02

 — 18 year old virgin with an older lady. by TSpank6101/01/174.42

Lovemaking with Anoushka

 — Doing it with her in the classroom. by raghavsharma24210/30/094.09

Lover Come Home Ch. 11

 — Letters to an absent lover, first lovemaking. by RoseMontana09/29/082.50

Lovers and Friends

 — Best friends and a little extra. by princessx1805/28/144.27

Lovers At The Beach

 — Two virgin lovers and their first time. by nasagirl200406/23/033.17

Lovers Ever

 — First time? Short, hot, raunchy & to the point. by Sven the Elder06/26/023.57

Lovers Love Camping Ch. 01

 — He takes his love on a camping trip of firsts. by Deda2707/20/074.18

Loving Eyes

 — Sometimes it's foreign eyes that see most clearly. by Sir Galahad02/02/144.77HOT

Loving Moondog

 — Handicapped people have feelings, too. by sack02/05/064.57HOT

Loving Mrs. Scarlett

 — Sweet first love! by crichtondog11/05/063.60

Loving on the Levee

 — A first time to last a lifetime as friends become lovers. by Rumple Foreskin10/19/034.51HOT

Loving The Girl In Pink

 — A cute Christian girl opens up, but how far will she go? by javawarrior09/20/114.43

Loving Time

 — Young couple make love for the first time. by lock69612/03/024.10

Loving You, Making Love to You

 — Woman's first time making love. by raven1802/05/034.14

Luanne Ch. 05

 — Luanne starts her sexual tale with a few of her firsts. by maadmaax03/03/084.09

Luanne Ch. 06

 — Luanne continues her story about her first sex experiences. by maadmaax07/04/083.86

Luanne Ch. 07

 — End of Firsts. by maadmaax07/07/084.15

Lucky Alan

 — Video game nerd uses his well-endowed talent. by TLMorgan03/26/154.51HOT

Lucky Alan Ch. 02

 — Alan's luck continues on a late-night run. by TLMorgan04/03/154.46

Lucky Alan Ch. 03

 — Alan loses his virginity and meets Tiffany's sister, Charley. by TLMorgan05/30/154.51HOT

Lucky for Some

 — Tall up-tight plain girl comes out of her shell. by adultfunfan05/16/074.32

Lucky Jim and the Virgin

 — Regina picks Jim for de-flowering. by seekingred04/18/053.35

Lucky Me

 — He loses it to a stunning 18-year-old. by areece10/10/053.99

Lucky Me Ch. 02

 — Crime & Punishment. by areece12/20/053.89

Lucy Ch. 02: Our Second Meeting

 — Husband gives permission for wife to have trysts. by txgent10101/13/173.53

Lucy Ch. 03: The Pump in Action

 — Our Tryst Becomes Fucking. by txgent10101/24/173.64

Lucy Ch. 04: Double Ecstasy

 — Lucy and John have doggie style sex, at last... by txgent10103/06/174.00

Lucy: Speakeasy Visit

 — She has first unchaperoned date and... by caprine11/09/073.86

Lucy: How We Met

 — Single male trysts with married woman. by txgent10101/04/173.38

Luke's Mum

 — She takes interest in 19-year-old's body. by mangrove jack05/23/044.51HOT

Lunch Break Fun

 — Hungry boss with a rack, or innocent work girl with a heart? by Master_and_Sex_Kitten05/17/124.48

Lunch with Coworkers

 — What a shitty morning. Lunch was far better! by NPH78610/12/134.33

Lust and Desire

 — A young man discovers sex and love by Jack T. Ladd08/13/033.46

Lust for an Older Woman

 — Fit young farmboy is initiated by his sexy boss. by Jamie_in_dresses06/08/124.49

Lust in the Rain

 — Her first time is in the rain. by KreepyKats01/30/134.04

Lust Is Fun

 — Part 2 of series: their failed attempt to be "good". by CarnalDesires02/09/064.48

Lusty days

 — Two sides of first love. by darkman2701/05/032.59

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 01

 — Red's first taste of lust. by Honeymuff05/12/064.24

Lydia McRae Plays to Win

 — A Rastafarian Architectural Journey Guided by DH Lawrence by OneSilky03/19/144.33

Lynn's Awakening

 — Hanging out with male friends escalates into some fun. by ScarletIvy03/18/174.05

Lynne & Brad Ch. 01

 — Sexy senior seduces classmate behind the bikeshed. by SKyoto08/02/064.14

Lysa's First Time

 — Lysa first time was rather unconventional. by babe1904/06/033.97

Mackinaw Island

 — My girlfriend and I get horny and fuck in the woods. by johnnyblm111/25/133.83

Madam Kon's Daughter Ch. 02

 — Hashma makes her choice. by jallen94402/07/064.62HOT

Madhurima Pt. 05

 — Madhu loses her virginity. by HighKingsman04/07/173.76

Madison Wasn't a Virgin

 — ...or was she? by togar807/21/063.55

Madison's Neighbor

 — Madison needs help from her neighbor. by madison01810/26/024.59HOT

Maggie's Audition

 — Two women audition for a roles in a movie--but... by Sandman831407/31/144.17

Maid to Order!

 — A first time 69 with an Indian maid. by g77712/29/034.35

Maid to Serve

 — An Indidan teen learns what it means to serve a rich man. by Lucky Mann12/31/124.37

Mailroom Girl

 — Mickey Bliss gets a surprise. by sofielowe08/11/164.34

Making Chemistry in Chemistry Lab

 — A tale of romance and generosity, by deviouswriter02/06/153.35

Making Class Interesting

 — College crushes ditch a boring lecture for pleasure. by wantwuv12/25/054.22

Making Him an Example

 — Guy is caught peeping into a girl's cabin. by BigOGeek12/10/074.25

Making It Happen

 — I finally cross the line with my best friend. by nerdy_nympho03/04/133.86

Making Love with an Angel

 — Carlie's first time. A story of innocence lost. by OscarWildetimes03/29/124.05

Making Love: The First Time

 — Newlyweds consummate their love. by wildspirit01/08/063.31

Making Music with Nick Ch. 01

 — Nick the musician had never been touched by a woman. by Flaouterakh09/24/074.58HOT

Making Scents Ch. 05

 — Donald loses his virginity in a very unexpected way. by Boratus09/28/054.55HOT

Making the First Move

 — Sophie finally decides to go after what she wants. by __Lisa__07/01/124.74HOT

Making The Grade in Biology

 — Classmates study biology together. by alan5510/15/114.25

Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 02

 — Biology studies – two makes three. by alan5510/17/114.27

Malum Prohibitum

 — (Evil Because Prohibited). by KierHardy04/16/164.48

Man Maker

 — A father gives his son the greates birthday gift possible. by Bernard_Marx07/07/143.57

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