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First Time Stories

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My First Real Sexual Encounter

 — She falls for friend's brother. by Savannah Skye12/19/00

My First Romance

 — It's about the erotic experiences of a shy inexperienced man. by sydneycartonlives04/03/123.80

My First Sex Teacher

 — Mrs. Prasad and Mr. Reddy get it on. by 8inchesofsalaami01/27/093.06

My First Sexual Experience

 — From "Confessions of a Teenage Housewife, Vol. 1" . by AnnaHouseWife05/03/123.61

My First Sexual Experience Ch. 03

 — Girl looses her virginity while on holiday by googliebare01/30/114.16

My First Surprise Erotic Massage

 — I had only had Therapeutic massage till a Russian lady turned. by jambajuice6708/20/163.82

My First Taste

 — I suck my first cock. by sissydreams08/04/174.22

My First Taste...

 — My very first taste of being a handmaiden for the night... by quean_p02/19/174.04

My First Threesome

 — Her first time with two guys at once. by Horny_Chloe08/13/024.18

My First Threesome

 — I went there to suck his cock, but ended up in a 3some. by desires207/25/174.49

My First Threesome with My Neighbor

 — A neighbor girl makes my day interesting. by Indianaboy655501/15/193.99NEW

My First Time

 — Jason has fun with his teacher by Kristofer02/08/013.37

My First Time

 — He wasn't hers, though. by magichands11/08/034.28

My First Time

 — Big sister's friend shows him how it's done. by Oazeal04/10/044.31

My First Time

 — Virgin's first time was unexpected. by countrygirl1602/01/053.87

My First Time

 — He loses his virginity to a big beautiful girl. by uticanyrick11/15/043.72

My First Time

 — She decides to give her virginity, only to have it taken. by bratcat78605/20/053.91

My First Time

 — His neighbor teaches him. by gamma3309/22/054.24

My First Time

 — Tiffanie relives her hot first time. by xtcnymphette10/05/054.48

My First Time

 — Coed loses her virginity to boyfriend. by cutecoed0503/03/064.12

My First Time

 — Her first time. by angelx60202/22/074.14

My First Time

 — Holiday in Canada leads to lost innocence. by miramani03/03/07

My First Time

 — Naive college guy learns important things at school. by Aussie_Ton07/19/084.16

My First Time

 — Couple loese their virginities together. by harryr4u08/29/082.92

My First Time

 — I lose my virginity to my older neighbour. by StaceG06/26/114.23

My First Time

 — Tori remembers a pivotal moment. by Blue_shoes198012/28/094.05

My First Time

 — Just a small town girl in love. by midwestgirlbjb01/16/123.69

My First Time

 — Loss of virginity. by AverageBloke03/03/124.23

My First Time

 — My introduction to sex. by cameoblue11/14/114.15

My First Time

 — MY first time getting down. by porterguy08/05/123.95

My First Time

 — Ashley gets a bday present she didn't know she wanted. by besitoscaramelos11/21/124.21

My First Time

 — Party at my girlfriend's house. by EtexEnergy05/28/143.12

My First Time

 — Recalling my first time with anyone. by Molly_Hart04/02/133.76

My First Time

 — My first time with Shae, the start of my sexual experiences. by betterthanexpected05/25/144.05

My First Time

 — A nerd discovers the power of sex. by CFBwriter08/15/153.92

My First Time

 — The first time I had sex. by samwise4205/24/174.28

My First Time

 — How my friends' brother started my sexual history. by MunchDK10/04/173.96

My First Time

 — De-flowered. Cherry Popped. Dirty Deed Done. by bustylibrarian05/11/183.96

My First Time

 — I needed to suck some dick. by vietnamvet10/27/184.05

My First Time

 — My first time with the most beautiful woman in the world. by gator122401/18/193.61NEW

My First Time & With A Hotwife

 — Losing my virginity with a young wife. by ONOURL809/23/034.07

My First Time at Uni

 — How I lost my virginity and more at University. by Jmatik01/12/184.40

My First Time Ch. 02

 — Hi story continues. by isadore02/14/043.88

My First Time Ch. 03

 — A story in three parts. by isadore04/16/054.23

My First Time Ever

 — Natalie loses it to an older man. by Cromagnonman02/17/124.03

My First Time Giving

 — Her first blowjob. by tightie03/28/073.79

My First Time in Paris

 — This is a story of my first time in Paris. by ThroughAmansEyes09/22/174.75HOT

My First Time Pt. 01

 — The beginnings of her sexual awakening. by BondiLisa04/27/074.62HOT

My First Time Pt. 02

 — Her continued sexual awakening. by BondiLisa11/01/074.62HOT

My First Time Shared

 — Bit of a shock, well nice shock, to be shared. by vicky36b08/10/174.15

My First Time Sucking Cock

 — My girlfriend and I exploring new things. by JacquezBuilt06/28/144.22

My First Time Sucking Cock Pt. 01

 — Teen (18) giving first blowjob to older man (Interracial). by katiecdsub04/08/174.39

My First Time with a Man

 — First real experience with a man. by chastr06/19/184.04

My First Time with a Stranger

 — Having Sex with a stranger for the first time. by ladylust54312/21/183.45

My First Time With Amy

 — He couldn't resist her. by buzltyr02/11/054.30

My First Time With Amy Ch. 02

 — He gets the babysitter's virginity. by buzltyr03/22/054.46

My First Time with Another Man

 — My first time of having oral sex with another man. by slh123405/11/164.00

My First Time with Olga

 — I met Olga in Germany in the 60's. by zeebiz10/26/163.96

My First Time With Rachel

 — A college girl wants him to be her first. by LucOuarm08/02/024.46

My First Time, at Work

 — Michael loses his virginity at work. by mlross1510/29/10

My First Time, Truth or Dare

 — I finally kiss a girl... and more... by geekerotica09/02/144.29

My First Time...

 — Wild and wolly with the English Teacher's wife. by dickrogers06/05/08

My First Virgin

 — My first ever virgin; she was 18, I was 62. by WayneGibbous09/18/104.44

My First [GF-03] Pt. 01

 — A first time story. by charlessmythe10/01/163.17

My First... Turned Me Fabulous!

 — First time turns man into the sissy slut he was meant to be. by BerkeleyJanine09/20/144.27

My First: Misha

 — Stories about the woman I lost my virginity to. by halfnakedhistory10/03/103.83

My Former Lovely Wife

 — I miss my wife. by vietnamvet08/29/182.20

My Freshman Roommate

 — Freshman seduced by lesbian roommate. by Jenny196507/05/173.93

My Freshman Year Ch. 02B

 — The Initiation, My Turn. by Mrs_Jones06/17/124.17

My Freshman Year Ch. 02C

 — The Initiation, Amy's turn. by Mrs_Jones01/23/134.35

My Friend Jessie

 — Friends realize their love for each other and become lovers by Skipper_Malone09/24/134.02

My Friend Wes

 — Young man sucks his first cock. by charlessmythe12/04/163.90

My Friend's Daughter

 — An older man finds himself attracted to his friend's daughter. by Mastergo05/12/184.60HOT

My Friend's Daughter Pt. 02

 — The conclusion of the first time together. by Mastergo05/18/184.37

My Friend's Mom

 — His first time is with his friend's mom. by Rummramesh01/25/103.86

My Girl Friends View of Our First Fuck

 — And it was just the first time. by bee-ess12/12/024.00

My Girl-Ronnie

 — My first time. by NickyFaulkes02/03/094.09

My Girlfriend Christine

 — He takes his Chinese girlfriend's cherry. by kodoku07/04/073.90

My Girlfriend's Mother

 — Joe lost his Virginity to his girlfriend's mother. by Horny69OldMan08/08/173.68

My Girlfriend's Roommate

 — He has his cake & eats it, too. by emoguise07/15/054.43

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 04

 — Rain loses his virginity at last. by SEVERUSMAX11/15/174.14

My Girlfriend's Sister

 — He fucks his married girlfriend's sister. by 8inchesofsalaami03/30/093.35

My Goth Girlfriend

 — Best friends find true love. by valkdragon08/23/044.50HOT

My Gym Teacher

 — In the shower. by kiwi9104/29/143.58

My Hairy Dorm Room Gangbang

 — A story of my first gangbang at college. by jennyjeanne1709/18/183.83

My Hero

 — I give my cherry to my hero. by GotBacon11/21/144.38

My High School Teacher

 — She cheats on her boyfriend with an older man. by Jackielvs42005/29/053.03

My High School Wife

 — Georgia wanted a boyfriend, instead she got a husband. by Epmd60701/06/094.04

My Hot Next Door Neighbor

 — Neglected Wife finds herself in an affair with the neighbor. by pastmyprime2308/27/164.59HOT

My Hot Teacher

 — 18th birthday detention. by bothofus10/20/043.81

My Huge Tit Girlfriend

 — My first fuck with a amazingly hot girl by lebber08/20/083.04

My Husband's Best Friend Fucked Me

 — It was the first time that she committed adultery. by curious2know08/23/023.87

My Initiation Into The World Of Love

 — A young man's first sexual experience. by rita_aro05/11/113.73

My Irish Virgin

 — Coed learns about sex and love. by Cat503/31/054.77HOT

My Kinkiest Experience

 — Special first time experience made for a very special night. by NaughtyDreamer04/04/104.07

My Last Summer at the Lake

 — Making memories at the lake - good, bad & erotic. by Queen_of_Desire05/11/164.48

My Latino Concubine Ch. 01

 — He lures a desperate illegal alien and pops her cherry. by completeexperience07/12/114.03

My Life as a Sex Addict Ch. 02

 — Amelia experiences her first time. by MaiDawtons10/04/094.19

My Life Ch. 01

 — Mrs. W learns what the T really stands for. by slider5511/06/044.51HOT

My Little Cabin

 — She has many new experiences with young couple. by joan65811/23/074.55HOT

My Love of Lingerie

 — Man thinks back to first times with teenage girlfriends. by Inspire801/11/184.21

My Love's Brother

 — She loves his brother, but she wants him. by lovelesmistie06/21/084.05

My Luckily Unlucky Summer

 — Back from frosh year at uni, I needed a place to live. by big_mike61007/05/104.55HOT

My Lust For Another Girl!

 — I could not stop thinking about her, i wanted to taste her. by twitterpated626007/03/114.06

My Mature Fantasy Comes True

 — He lost his virginity to an older woman. by MrFalkirk07/19/044.48

My Max's First

 — Jennifer gets into Max's pants for his first time. by Brodie4507/05/163.93

My MILF Seduction

 — How I got to seduce my Neighbour MILF. by andylove05/13/163.76

My Mistress

 — A woman discovers a need to explore something new. by ofloveandlust03/03/164.43

My Mortal Enemy Ch. 01

 — Imogen can't stand Charlie. If only he wasn't so hot. by potterwhore06/28/183.77

My Mother's Older Sister

 — He gets an unexpected birthday gift from his aunt. by exwyz03/16/093.92

My Music Student

 — A music teacher and her student lose it together. by Trapper ak Bobby12/10/064.04

My Name Is Samuel

 — Lynn's first time is not with her husband. by foxxxie11/09/083.12

My Naughty Minx Wife with My Friend

 — 3-some with my cricketing friend. by Kennyd79200311/23/164.00

My Neighbor's Daughter

 — Her first time and many more! by blake911003/22/114.56HOT

My Neighbour Kate

 — My cute little neighbour blows me. by pikestaff10/09/184.05

My New Girl

 — The tentative first time for two lovers. by Gizzmotick06/13/064.28

My New Girl

 — It's their first date. by jrunner04/15/073.31

My New Life

 — How an older virgin eventually found love. by Pussymad4210/21/184.63HOT

My New Life with Jon

 — A New love. by alexcarr12/19/103.71

My New Sex Life Ch. 01

 — She discovers her new sexual side with her husband. by Marissa10107/26/123.93

My New Sis

 — Dream girl becomes his step sister. by PoetMaster01/04/094.66HOT

My Next Door Neighbour

 — How a beautiful young woman became his sex slave. by Roleplayermale05/29/054.13

My Older Friend

 — A young wife being pressured and convinced. by tirreno1206/30/154.20

My Pants Please

 — John and Cathy's first date. by dawn_of_night01/03/153.97

My Parent's Neighbors Pt. 03

 — Samantha asks Casey to help her with a problem. by O205/31/184.20

My Power Love

 — Two friends have a weird, drunk night. by SCLchan09/12/143.46

My Prom Date with the Neighbor

 — Guy's first time and taught by the neighbor girl. by redkissy06/12/174.50HOT

My Real First Time

 — The tragedy of first times. by JiltedSavior04/06/163.06

My Renaissance Ch. 08

 — Ultra-petite girl from gym asks me out and good times ensue. by Modern_Citizen09/09/104.46

My Renaissance Ch. 13

 — Hooking up with my housemate's cute ex-girlfriend. by Modern_Citizen11/07/104.42

My Renaissance Ch. 14

 — Scoring with busty blonde room-mate of my newest girlfriend. by Modern_Citizen11/08/104.39

My Retirement

 — Virgin senior seduces the bus driver. by Rodbender204/09/174.58HOT

My Science Geek

 — Biology trip with becomes a night of bonding. by jvanderfield01/31/094.32

My Second Blowjob

 — A young woman, sophomore in college, scores her second BJ by sexmeup46910/20/154.49

My Second Blowjob

 — The title says it all. by MarcusOlivier04/13/174.17

My Second Penis

 — Practice makes perfect. by Sierra957210/14/074.46

My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 33

 — Epilogue. by Fable04/28/054.72HOT

My Second Sex Teacher

 — Mrs. Nivedita takes a hand in the matter. by 8inchesofsalaami02/05/093.62

My Second Time

 — Young man has 2nd round with older woman; 1st oral. by Grouchojim06/18/154.57HOT

My Secret Diary

 — Teenager tells about her diary: On becoming a Woman. by leBonhomme07/01/134.59HOT

My Secret Life

 — Virgin coed earns pocket money in an unusual way. by deepemerald01/11/054.54HOT

My Secretary with the Bald Pussy

 — The secretary with the bald pussy. by o2baPrince10/19/173.96

My Seduction of Steve Perilli

 — The tale of my first love. by Bazzza06/01/094.43

My Sex Goddess

 — His first night with Sherri. by snoochie09/30/073.46

My Sex Life Ch. 01

 — Humble Beginnings: Julie's earliest sexual experience. by Slutty_Julie08/24/074.10

My Sex Life Ch. 02

 — Julie's first experience of receiving oral sex. by Slutty_Julie08/25/074.24

My Sex Life Ch. 03

 — Julie gives her first blow-job (but not to her boyfriend). by Slutty_Julie08/27/074.30

My Sex Life Ch. 04

 — Julie loses her virginity. by Slutty_Julie08/28/074.42

My Sex Life: School Play

 — I lose my virginity backstage in high school. by Templar_Writer09/16/164.23

My Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

 — Stalker-cum-flasher hits on coed. by CAPT-CockAssPussyTit01/12/044.43

My Sexual Autobiography

 — He loses his virginity, then explores. by seannelson11/28/042.89

My Sexual Awakening

 — A college couple's slow discovery of sex. by jr0berts02/07/144.12

My Sexual Life Ch. 02: The Two Thieves

 — A young man in love gets robbed. by Alldus01/14/184.38

My Sister Got Blacked

 — Black domination. by vietnamvet03/10/183.20

My Sister's Babysitter

 — Visiting his sister, meets the baby-sitter. by Ashson10/06/154.28

My Sister's First Fucking Orgasm

 — A woman tells about her marriage sex life. by Nemarle09/22/174.05

My Sister's Friend Ch. 02

 — Young ladies are lamenting their virginal status. by Ashson07/31/154.43

My Sister's Friend Is Hot!

 — Alex notices Kate for the first time and he wants her bad. by himeichigo08/14/124.35

My Sister's Friends

 — A young man with CP finds love through his sister's friends. by Callicious07/01/134.64HOT

My Sister's Friends Ch. 02

 — A young man with CP learns love from his sister's friends. by Callicious07/10/134.75HOT

My Sister's Friends Ch. 03

 — A young man with CP learns love from his sister's friends. by Callicious07/11/134.77HOT

My Sister's Friends Ch. 04

 — A young man with CP finds love through his sisters friends by Callicious07/17/134.77HOT

My Slutty Diary Pt. 01

 — The First Installment of my slutty diary. by mysluttydiary07/14/154.00

My Smoking Hot Holiday

 — Virgin girl learns about smoky sex. by livvy_uk08/19/094.39

My Son's Best Friend

 — Seduction on the ride home. by Cheleste10/06/074.04

My Sorority Slut Ch. 01

 — Young Lovers are Thrown Together. by spaldan07/02/124.74HOT

My Sorority Slut Ch. 02

 — Ben and Susannah find obstacles in a path to happiness. by spaldan07/12/124.65HOT

My Sorority Slut Ch. 03

 — Will Susannah be able to fight for her ultimate happiness? by spaldan07/25/124.66HOT

My Standard of Beauty: Black Women

 — Black male student has first time with Black MILF. by Samuelx07/20/102.95

My Story

 — A young man tries to overcome shyness and satisfy his urges. by Untapped_Power03/23/082.76

My Stranger

 — Another fantasy about an anonymous hook-up. by Harry_Balsach11/14/184.00

My Student Boarder

 — It took some time but the wait was worth it. by Bigguyyyyy10/28/074.55HOT

My Summer with Cindy

 — He teaches his neighbor the joys of sex. by spaldan10/26/034.70HOT

My Sweet Friend & Stuffed Animal

 — Summer vacation and stuffed animals. Girls have all the fun! by loorslady03/03/114.02

My Sweet New Addiction

 — Married man dreams and then does cock. by LongSet07/24/154.25

My Swiss Miss

 — Confirmed bachelor falls for 18 year old Swiss mountain girl. by swollenbell05/14/174.38

My Teacher

 — How a student falls in love with his beautiful teacher. by iwantfun4me02/15/113.46

My Teacher - My Angel

 — A Pretty spinster and pet student find erotic love together. by touchmate07/01/124.62HOT

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 03

 — Tony takes his teacher to prom. They play dressup. by edstevens9430103/17/134.59HOT

My Teacher's Pet

 — A professor at a university teaches a coed about sex. by LorenzoAbajos09/18/143.83

My Teacher, My Prey

 — Boarding school proves to be more fun than she expected. by frisk_me_baby09/29/044.21

My Teacher: The Arrangement

 — College guy agrees to a special arrangement. by Jim Stand11/14/044.11

My Telephone

 — A young woman breaks her Mobile. by Ashson12/06/124.43

My Time with Heidi Ch. 01

 — First time for a older virgin. by Mnprnwriter03/03/144.37

My Time with Kelli

 — First time sex opened my mind ... thanks to a redhead. by Magnumgrimlocke197703/29/164.53HOT

My Time with Roni - Adventures Ch. 02

 — A quick discovery and a New Vixen is born. by KnSv976704/15/18

My Times Ch. 01: Kim

 — Two teens make love for the first time. It got awkward. by talel8107/01/174.29

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