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My Tuition Teacher

 — Indian girl discovers sexual pleasure on a rainy day. by reshmav02/27/053.49

My Turn

 — Giving is almost as good as receiving. by MathGirl08/13/024.38

My Tutor

 — Still learning, still teaching. by snaillover6911/06/143.82

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader

 — A shy young man is taken advantage of by cheerleaders. by Callicious10/03/134.60HOT

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 02

 — A shy young man is taken advantage of by cheerleaders. by Callicious10/06/134.75HOT

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 03

 — A shy young man is taken advantage of by cheerleaders. by Callicious10/09/134.74HOT

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 04

 — A shy young man is taken advantage of by cheerleaders. by Callicious10/17/134.71HOT

My Unusual First Time Ch. 01

 — Young man, older woman – with a twist. by djeroticon12/17/054.63HOT

My Unusual First Time Ch. 02

 — Young man, older woman...the next day. by djeroticon02/19/064.68HOT

My Unusual First Time Ch. 03

 — He rushes to lose his true virginity. by djeroticon03/26/064.73HOT

My Valentine

 — Happily ever ending Valentine. by LAFLYNN01/23/194.37

My Valentine Delight

 — A Valentine's Day like no other before it. by troublesoul6902/04/093.91

My Very First Pussy

 — A highschool senior goes from Penthouse to the real thing. by duke046712/28/093.84

My Very First Taste

 — Cum to me my baby. by SexyOtis10/12/174.27

My Very First Time

 — An eighteen year old guy finally gets it on. by Dirkstimson06/26/084.41

My Very First Time

 — Hot and a little comical. by Megan2611/07/104.36

My Very First Time Ch. 02

 — Jerome is invited back for Lunch - and more. by Dirkstimson07/07/084.41

My Very First Time!

 — It was a Friday night and I needed something to do. by bi_curious1007/30/103.66

My Virgins: Helen Ch. 1

 — Dumb luck lets a man add to his collection. by BadBoyBobbie10/19/024.54HOT

My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 1

 — His first virgin, his first redhead, their first time. by BadBoyBobbie10/07/024.29

My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 2

 — What does he do with his first virgin? by BadBoyBobbie10/11/024.47

My Visit and Hot Shower

 — A bad boy and innocent girl encounters reach climax. by twostories01/04/123.04

My Wedding Night

 — A virgin's first time with her chosen man. by hotblackbabe04/15/013.78

My Wife and Baby Brother

 — My wife tutors my baby brother in sex. by cwp34202002/06/154.30

My Wife and I Come to Terms

 — A wife turns to alternative methods to forgive her husband. by iPeg05/09/123.89

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 06

 — I meet up with June again! by andrewsixpack03/20/124.26

My Wife's Best Friend

 — Unforgettable moment with my wife's best friend. by avlove10/19/174.26

My Wild African Princess

 — A Park Ranger meets his Princess. by bravebombadier08/01/184.55HOT

My Young Ladies

 — Older man meets a pair of 18-year-old girls. by Trustnoone04/26/104.08

My Young Neighbor, the Stealth Hottie

 — A young woman down the block makes a mature decision. by CarstenAT04/09/194.58HOT

Mystery Fools Me Big Time

 — Secretaries and Sisters join forces with a wife. by TheycallmeMrBig09/29/154.50HOT

Mystery Girl

 — Masquerade party leads to unforgettable night. by snaillover6911/13/144.11

Nadia, My Spanish Girl

 — The Spanish girl I had known for some years comes of age. by bravebombadier08/29/184.45


 — I was naive, but that changed quickly. by suzie3w01/24/124.28

Naive Ch. 02

 — More Questions are answered. by suzie3w02/19/124.23

Naive Encounters

 — Enriching her 1st time at business seminars w int'l kissing. by LitEroCat04/01/113.99

Naive Sorority Sister

 — A naive freshman, wants the College experience. by GinaDMarco08/06/133.57


 — She was a stranger to passion. by Ashson12/05/134.25

Naked Housecleaning

 — He wanted to peep in her window, but got more than expected. by Boxlicker10106/25/114.52HOT

Naked Twister

 — First time swing; oral sex, MMF. by C2RJ04/11/083.77

Nan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 01

 — Older woman introduces him to the world of sex. by Dinsmore05/20/054.52HOT

Nancy's Submission

 — Nancy, a neighbor and I. by EroticMasseur01/13/164.45

Nasty Stepsister and Two Guys

 — Nasty step sister dominates two guys. by Funsman03/06/163.80


 — True account of my first time 2 years ago by QuantumDivision03/30/144.03

Natalie's Smile

 — Reunion between teacher & student leads to fun. by thebanana06/22/074.21

Natalie's Smile Ch. 02

 — Teacher and former student continue fun and try new things. by thebanana07/03/074.42

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 01

 — Chapter One, Natalie gets a job and her life changes. by Jessie9201/19/164.67HOT

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 02

 — Her first customer. by Jessie9201/24/164.71HOT

Natalie, a Coed Story Ch. 03

 — Natalie loses it. by Jessie9203/15/164.47

Nate and Ariana

 — A computer geek meets and older woman. by CheriSM10/06/114.48

Nathan and Colleen

 — Best friends become lovers. by SlamDuncan03/23/134.19

Natural Male Enhancement

 — Girls give him blue pills. by dowd_elwood_p07/03/044.68HOT


 — If you're going to bluff, know your subject first. by Ashson06/16/144.40

Naturally New Zealand: Fairy Falls

 — Daytime clandestine meeting. by wildsweetone12/07/034.24

Nature's Call - First Time

 — Camp owner's daughter has first time in the wild. by lordroxbury09/11/144.06

Naughty and Nineteen

 — Memories of being a young woman’s first. by JamesSD05/13/054.47

Naughty at School Ch. 05

 — Shy girl learns how to give BJ's and gets fucked. by ECHoney03/26/154.07

Naughty Cheerleader Goddess

 — An ebony cheerleader gets fucked in the locker room. by iggyspear02/28/174.45

Naughty Naturalist

 — Two years of temptation resolved by brown recluse spider. by Turtlelady04/13/124.37

Naughty New Years

 — Feeling brave, she decided to let her instincts guide her. by mollyGRL02/12/094.66HOT

Naughty Nun

 — Student in Masters Program slips up with teaching nun. by stoneypoint08/28/063.87

Naughty School Girl

 — A headmaster finally sees a shy schoolgirl as a woman. by Lovelaw02/19/184.05

Naughty Tomboy Neighbor

 — She was an A#1 tomboy but all woman from head to toe. by MrJack11/11/084.56HOT


 — The Author picks a young hitch hiker. by peterswiftt11/09/164.45

Nearly but Naked

 — A close thing, but I get naked with a daddy twist at the end. by sammican110/22/123.97


 — Joon visits England and Ned for the first time. by shiact10/01/114.27

Neighbor Girl

 — How I seduced my neighbor. by SlickNick241212/26/094.09

Neighbor Teen

 — Guy catches pretty neighbor. by unscented06/09/023.94

Neighbors Across the Park

 — Shy college girl experiences many firsts. by still_goin09/09/044.43

Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 02

 — Ripples. by still_goin11/28/043.90

Neighbourly Licks

 — Visit to neighbour turns into pussy licking. by wirepuller10/26/103.76

Neighbours Fun Pt. 01

 — Getting to know Ray and Jemma a bit better. by konradj11/03/173.60

Neighbours Fun Pt. 02

 — Off to the cricket with Ray. by konradj11/08/172.93

Nellie Belle

 — City boy finds love in the country and discovers nature. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/31/073.97

Neon-Purple Angels

 — A Near Death Experience by Donick08/19/023.69

Nessa And The Neighbour

 — Virgin Nessa gives him relief when his wife's gone. by deepemerald08/10/034.34


 — The love we share. by splooge07/12/033.50

Never As Good As The First Time

 — He recalls losing his virginity. by meesterp03/15/023.82

Never Been Far Before

 — She is an innocent virgin, he is an experienced bad boy. by ChibiFangirl03/16/163.82

Never Been Touched

 — The first time a guy touched her. by Fionavar01/03/093.42

Never Have I Ever

 — Cass finds the stud in her buddy Andrew. by SmallTownPrincess08/10/114.72HOT

Never Have I Ever

 — How do you know if you've never tried it? by CaffeineFetish09/20/164.43

Never Let Go

 — Watching Dr. Who with you leads to shared passion. by CornishBabe08/16/074.37

New Adventures Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues as Scott takes more control by Starkraven02/24/144.63HOT

New Adventures Ch. 03

 — Scott and Audrey continue to explore, and a love grows. by Starkraven02/26/144.80HOT

New at School Ch. 01

 — Priyanka's first day at school and date after. by indian_slut05/31/153.62

New Beginnings

 — A tragic accident brings a new family together. by silverfern05/17/164.77HOT

New Cum Slut

 — Prude neighbor learns to be a slut. by knkynastyguy6910/08/153.88

New Escort Loses Her Virginity

 — Music student is deflowered. by KissedMany07/25/124.45

New Experiences

 — Eager girl gets what she wants, and more! by Silini07/29/164.30

New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 01

 — An innocent collegiate girl moves off campus. by vonWachstein10/24/114.26

New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 02

 — A college girl explores her sexuality. by vonWachstein12/16/114.59HOT

New Girl in Town Pt. 01

 — Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck? by AuroraIncident09/08/174.74HOT

New Girl in Town Pt. 02

 — Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck? by AuroraIncident11/01/174.77HOT

New Girl in Town Pt. 03

 — Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck? by AuroraIncident11/14/174.76HOT

New Girl in Town Pt. 04

 — Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck? by AuroraIncident12/12/174.68HOT

New Girl in Town Pt. 05

 — Will the arrival of a new girl at school change his luck? by AuroraIncident12/19/174.79HOT

New House Fuck

 — New couple moves in together. They deserve the release. by xXgwenaninieXx11/24/153.54

New in Town

 — Lisa's meets her childhood friend- he's exactly her type. by Hypnotic_2208/17/103.97

New in Town

 — A guy new in town gets a naughty girl. by dis299104/06/123.61

New Job, New Secret

 — Claire finds herself experiencing feelings she's never felt. by cb432108/28/193.98

New Kid on the Block Ch. 01

 — Jason's new school; an introduction of characters. by phyrecat2705/12/074.21

New Kid on the Block Ch. 03

 — Jason revisits the florists daughter and gets a phone call. by phyrecat2705/24/094.17

New Life New City

 — The audition by thekingofspain05/03/113.83

New Neighbors... New Adventures Ch. 03

 — New Neighbors, New Adventures Part 3 of the story. by That_Guy7103/08/194.44

New Neighbour Ch. 01

 — New neighbour takes spying young man under her wing. by smithE10109/05/094.57HOT

New Romance

 — A girl loses her virginity to a friend. by Bountytorag04/22/184.07

New School New Teacher

 — What I wished happened on the first day of school. by Nale_stoneyhunga04/19/183.21

New Teacher Bad Boy

 — Bad boys helps new teacher survive at rough school. by braindump08/28/134.29

New Virgin Escort's First Date

 — The Very Erotic Limo Ride. by KissedMany07/11/124.27

New Year's Eve 1959

 — MILF sisters initiate New Year and a young man. by kalodin10/31/104.50HOT

New Year's Resolution

 — Lust, love and other firsts at the law school. by AverageBear03/23/144.63HOT

New Years Eve Gang Bang

 — My first story ever. by Nexy11/25/113.98

Newly Wedded Bliss

 — Couple embark on a sex life together. by MeanMan08/30/033.86

Next Door

 — Young man's eye opening first experience. by sparty_party05/13/113.74

Next-door Neighbor

 — A glimpse of panties and a first-time bi-curious experience. by Coyotedraw04/12/184.55HOT

Nice Girls Don't Get Laid

 — Somebody had to write a story like this. by Samuelx04/27/063.44

Nice Guys Finish Last

 — The only time he finished first was for an amazing girl. by nameuser10/05/094.19

Nichole's House: Alone at Last!

 — He's finally alone with his girlfriend. by simply_cyn07/30/043.94

Nick Helps Val with a Problem

 — Val wants to lose her virginity before going to College. by Cerby56506/16/124.34

Nicki's Journey Ch. 01

 — Nicki Deflowered - Nicki has full on sex for the first time. by Nickolette07/28/174.23

Nicky Gets Cream In His Cherry

 — Birthday boy gets his pants ripped apart. by Cumfusion09/19/104.04

Nicky Gets It On His 18th

 — Sexy apprentice gets pumped up on his birthday. by Cumfusion07/23/103.87

Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 01

 — Nicole yearns for a lover to take her away to excitement. by jaycox01/30/154.25

Nicole's Decent Ch. 01

 — An 18-year-old virgin falls for an older man. by Sophie160507/04/134.26

Niece Fantasy

 — You are my niece, and ready to be awakened. by curiousaboutthat11/21/103.87

Night Nurse

 — He's taught by a naughty nurse. by Clansmansco07/21/054.40

Night Nurse

 — Nurses life disintegrates after incident with teenager by david6202/07/16

Night of Passion

 — Budding Indian fighter ace is drawn to a girl. by romeoindian10/13/124.06

Night of the Boat Party

 — Young student loses his virginity after going to a party. by Badstudent6912/03/134.28

Night of the Tornadoes

 — Tempest loses her cherry in a tornado. by julybear703/21/124.45

Night Shift

 — Marcy's first time. by Sweetcheekss06/20/034.30

Night Swim

 — A nude swim at the reservoir by Silvermouse01/20/114.60HOT

Night without Day

 — Sometimes love does conquer all. by sexygirl7611/17/144.45

Night-time Disturbance

 — How I unexpectedly lost my virginity to a slightly older woman. by stevetruestories07/06/124.57HOT

Night-time Disturbance Ch. 02

 — Can we do it without a condom this time? by stevetruestories08/30/124.62HOT

Nights of Alsitor: Hades and Persephone Ch. 01

 — A young man's first encounter with a woman. by Synovex07/25/153.68

Nights of Alsitor: Hades and Persephone Ch. 02

 — A young man's first encounter with a woman. by Synovex08/02/154.06

Nights of Alsitor: Xanthe & Narciss

 — A young woman's first encounter with a man. by Synovex07/24/153.24

Nights of Alsitor: Xanthe & Narciss Ch. 02

 — A young woman's first encounter with a man. by Synovex08/01/153.00


 — Older man is asked to educate young woman. by tomtom4509/10/174.71HOT


 — Working with Nikki leads to a memorable night for Jeff. by Drivers09/02/194.28

Nikki Ch. 01

 — She teaches student about sex. by caprine12/07/074.44

Nikki Ch. 01: Never on the First Date

 — How I got to know my slut girlfriend. by RONIN186910/13/164.45

Nikki's Awakening

 — A girl reflects on her first time. by NicoleSix04/28/104.40

Nikki's First

 — 20-year-old loses it to an older guy. by SuperNikki03/24/064.17

Nina's Dad Took My Cherry

 — He makes her his cock sucker and fuck toy. by deepemerald08/04/024.35


 — An older, experienced girl gives a young boy his first time. by litcalurker110/31/164.00

Nip Slips

 — Hot cunt picks a young guy to ravish in Disco club. by jaycox05/08/154.24

No Choice, Loses His Virginity

 — Field trip, with extras. by Stormysailor03/03/143.75

No Good Deed.....

 — A stranger goes out of his way for a young woman in trouble. by AJWriter1v208/27/123.98

No Kissing

 — Nina needs a favour from Charlie. Something very personal. by Jacqueline_Heat02/10/144.47

No Longer Innocent

 — Shy Kristina deicides to live life to its fullest. by s3x_k1tt3n06/05/043.20

No Longer Virgins

 — Young couple gets close for the first time. by davekoko09/01/004.46

No More Rules

 — Craig finally decides to have sex with a prostitute. by A_Non_A_Moose09/15/114.26

No Ordinary Date

 — Couple has a night of pure passion only left to wonder. by Rosepedal05/01/083.06

No Rescue from a Tumor Ch. 01

 — A chemo patient turns an unwanted visit into something better. by openeyeswriter09/25/184.43

No Rescue from a Tumor Ch. 02

 — A cancer patient becomes more bold. by openeyeswriter10/25/184.48

No Sex

 — She wants to remain a virgin. by alt_dot_nerd01/08/053.89

No Such Thing

 — Cathy and Sarah come to me planning love and revolution. by Highland Fox03/28/124.65HOT

No Time to Get Cute

 — Sometimes you just gotta walk on. by gunhilltrain02/26/193.15

No Worries

 — Two troubled teens face their feelings for each other. by Benjamin_Winter12/31/184.85HOT

Noah and Felicity

 — I told her that she could stay. by Highlander185612/03/134.10

Norman the Nerd's First Times

 — Horny Norman waits for his firsts by Uncle South Loop08/28/044.21

Northridge Exposure

 — Emily's first time goes public. by Moonraker_Bond00701/16/054.22

Northside Awakening

 — Mila discovers Jake and freedom after college. by NorthCoastSmart10/19/064.56HOT

Not a Librarian Anymore

 — Retired lady moves next door. by VeryDirtyMind04/14/174.27

Not a Little Girl Anymore

 — Jess gets her virginity taken by her brother's best friend. by Virgin_Anna05/14/164.03

Not All Guys Are The Same

 — Good things come to those who wait. by joe_124401/05/074.32

Not Another Bad Dream

 — Two kids experience love for the first time. by Neco Apreal12/15/024.23

Not Every Cloud...

 — Ireland can be a wet, cold, dreary place... by johnmck05/06/122.89

Not What it Seemed

 — Was it really his cousin? by bbare11/26/154.64HOT

Not What Was Planned

 — Four teens, one tent. by glendale2203/09/074.46

Nothing Between Us

 — Two friends let it happen. by M-Y-Erotica02/15/064.77HOT

Nothing Else To Give

 — She grants a special Christmas gift you can only give once. by Angelpheonix11/27/174.43

Nothing Like An Aunt

 — Lesbian friend gives one hell of a birthday present. by PoeticAvarice05/30/124.34

Nothing Special

 — An unusual first experience. by wife2hotblk02/20/093.19

Nova & Sabine Pt. 01

 — Post apocalyptic, exploring the new world and friends. by takemeaway249901/30/194.47

Nova & Sabine Pt. 01.5

 — Nova is kidnapped and left wondering what will come of her. by takemeaway249902/14/194.50

November Day

 — First time meeting with a working girl. by LanguidLover06/26/153.74

Now, Where Did I Leave My Cherry?

 — My first sexual experience. by BlondeNymph09/16/143.90

Nude Beach

 — A young virgin has a day in the sun. by Kat90010/26/164.26

Nude Beach

 — First time, first threesome on a nude beach! by SilverScribe05/18/17

Nudge Nudge

 — With help, best friends finally become lovers. by Mac_G11/24/104.73HOT

Nudity is For The Birds

 — Nude Day nerds find shared love of birds and each other. by Kethandra06/22/154.86HOTContest Winner

Nun Gives in to Lust

 — Frustrated nun finds a big cock better than masturbation. by MrRusty200004/16/154.39

Nun Lets Loose

 — Nun leaves the convent and explores her sexuality. by Stormysailor04/14/154.01

Nun Lets Loose Pt. 02

 — Nuns leave the convent and explore their sexuality. by Stormysailor04/17/154.08

Nurse Has Me First Time

 — He gave her a ride on his bike, she returned the favour. by Myfaceusit11/16/024.04

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway

 — Young nurse in World War II has many experiences. by BlewWater6912/31/064.52HOT

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 02

 — Nurses find themselves on the front line of the war. by BlewWater6901/14/074.58HOT

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 03

 — WW2 Nurse Jenny has many more experiences. by BlewWater6902/06/074.68HOT

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 04

 — She learns with the other nurses. by BlewWater6902/18/074.71HOT

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 05

 — Jenny and May are at it again. by BlewWater6903/22/074.65HOT

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 06

 — Nurse Jenny finds relief in sex. by BlewWater6903/23/074.72HOT

Nurse's Aide

 — A disabled guy finally loses his virginity. by WHEELLOVE12/08/124.17

Nursing His Erection

 — Kate had a taste of a real cock for the first time. by CuckFantasy6909/04/194.09

Nye's Desires: My First

 — Nye's Sexual Autobiography. by Francis_Nye09/23/124.11

Nynke Ch. 05

 — Brother got properly laid at his 18th birthday. by dutchpantyraider06/13/084.22


 — Men are smarter than women, so you should just obey. by Ashson05/02/134.23


 — Ordinary girl finds herself drawn to dashing neighbor. by ScorpioVirgin08/02/074.41

Oddball Ch. 01

 — She was a nerd, in love with a football star. by JimBob4410/26/094.55HOT

Oddball Ch. 02

 — Mary begins to give in to the many temptations of sin. by JimBob4410/31/094.67HOT

Oddball Ch. 03

 — Mary sinks deeper into the mire of sin and lust. by JimBob4411/13/094.57HOT

Oddball Ch. 04

 — Can giving pleasure really be a sin? by JimBob4411/27/094.63HOT

Oddball Ch. 05

 — 'For the wages of sin is death...' Mary tempts fate. by JimBob4412/11/094.60HOT

Oddball Ch. 06

 — What Heaven is like. by JimBob4412/26/094.59HOT

Oddball Ch. 07a

 — Halloween fun and games and love. by JimBob4401/03/104.65HOT

Oddball Ch. 07b

 — Thanksgiving, grateful for one another. by JimBob4402/05/104.67HOT

Oddball Ch. 07c

 — Christmas time and Christmas love and Christmas hunger. by JimBob4402/19/104.69HOT

Oddball Ch. 08

 — Marriage between Mary and Thomas. by JimBob4404/23/104.64HOT

Odette Ch. 00

 — Prologue to Odette Series, explains Laws and society terms by Sellene05/14/143.71

Odette Ch. 01

 — Odette gets some R&R before her parties. by Sellene05/15/143.85

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 01

 — Is Dottie's husband everything he seems to be? by nageren02/11/154.64HOT

Of Junk and Broken Hearts

 — A love junkie tells of her first fix. by levelcrossing06/21/093.85

Off to College

 — A routine physical turns into a threesome! by DoctorMason02/02/164.02


 — Naughty secretary. by Ricohxxx01/24/163.64

Office Affair: Jill

 — Hank loses his virginity to his boss. by ThatGuy8806/01/164.25

Office Escapade

 — The thrill of having him while the office is full! by GermanJuice11/04/164.02

Office Frolics

 — Office sex. by pjd6611/14/184.26

Office Surprise

 — Caught by a co-worker, with a twist. by FLrider02/07/183.65

Oh Baby, Baby

 — Mister Conaway gives the baby sitter her first time. by themermaiden01/16/104.27

Oh Monique, My Monique

 — Eric's quest to make his gorgeous friend a lover. by Venus_Lover08/12/064.41

Oh, Mr Riley!

 — I (hetero) get seduced by an older guy as a student. by Jojohooligun07/05/173.06

Oh, To Be Young and in Love

 — Girl gives herself to her boyfriend. by LostInAFantasy04/27/103.82

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