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First Time Stories

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Oh, What a Night!

 — The night that I became a woman. by LonelyMom06/22/084.42


 — A young woman's first time with an old man. by maanmathan_playboy01/01/093.59

Oiled Up in the Kitchen

 — Your first time together turns erotic. by married_but_curious06/01/094.16

Oktoberfest Sex-Geschichte

 — Lederhosen! Beer! Nerds! College! Sex! True Love! YAH! by cbsummers10/08/124.77HOT

Old Crush, New Love

 — He reunites and falls in love with his old high school crush. by thiguyino11/25/034.54HOT

Old Enough to Vote But...

 — She finally gets the attention she craves. by blackstroker02/14/164.24

Old Flame Relit

 — A passionate story about two lovers. by JoshBanger07/01/173.32

Old Flames

 — Her one regret is not kissing him when she had the chance. by Usagi-chan07/03/074.24

Old Friends, New Flames

 — Two friends take it to another level after a college party. by heyyouitsme02/09/094.41

Old Friends, New Flames Ch. 02

 — Friends consummate their new level of "friendship." by heyyouitsme02/19/094.54HOT

Old Ironsides

 — A young man visits Boston & has the experience of a lifetime by sbrooks103x07/04/184.53HOT

Older Male Virgin

 — Virgin Michael learns sex from surrogate. by MackRet01/30/174.19

Older Man Teaches Me How

 — My first sexual experience with my friend's dad is magical. by storytellernz07/27/114.44

Olympic Conditioning

 — Uptight before competition, Tara needs to loosen up. by AsnyLark01/19/163.92

On A Couch, Upstairs

 — Videogames and new experiences. by IsaacAssimov10/25/144.73HOT

On a Dare

 — Good girl is discovered while making a play. by simon1305/06/063.92

On the Banks of the Ohio

 — Memories can be recalled at most unexpected moments. by Phrenetic_Ice10/10/064.55HOT

On The Beach

 — A young man loses his virginity on a secluded beach. by Phoenix Rising12/12/024.42

On The Boat Ch. 02

 — When can I have this hard cock inside my virgin pussy? by uvlas4504/16/084.35

On the Desk with the Best

 — Student's desire for her teacher is reciprocated on his desk. by Kyra_Dell04/13/164.44

On The Edge Ch. 05

 — Alex brings home a friend from university for Ann to sample. by Jonny_Blueline06/14/184.67HOT

On The Edge Ch. 06

 — Selene and Roger lose their cherries, with enthusiasm! by Jonny_Blueline07/31/184.21

On The High Plains

 — Life in west Texas in the 1850s was anything but easy. by techsan09/07/074.65HOT

On the Warm Hood of a Car

 — Girlfriend gives boyfriend a special gift. by LovesNipples08/31/124.05

Once a Whore, Always a Whore

 — Young slut loses her cherry and goes on fucking spree. by IrishDude388107/16/113.87

Once a Whore, Always a Whore Ch. 02

 — Insatiable vixen can't wait to be with child once again. by IrishDude388103/23/124.31

Once in a Lifetime

 — Her first time comes with a mystery. by halo106/17/063.98

Once Upon a First Time

 — Sexy neighbor teaches virgin guy a few things. by slave2seven11/03/053.89

Once Upon a War Ch. 01

 — Joining the Air Force, Nick meets the girl of his dreams by GhostHunterDude03/25/144.46


 — Leah gives herself to her husband. by PrincessErin06/24/084.05

One & Two Make Three Ch. 1

 — All about her older sister's first time. by KimberToo04/18/013.06

One & Two Make Three Ch. 2

 — She picks Jake to deflower her. by KimberToo04/20/013.48

One Drunken Night

 — Brittany and Rob really know how to party. by BlueJerseyGirl05/17/123.70

One Evening Long Ago

 — He loses his virginity to a classmate after college. by Bill_the_Butcher01/14/084.21

One Eye Open

 — It's his first time with another man. by Eric_4304/12/044.32

One Hell of a Day Ch. 01

 — The Story of Chris's best School Day by Dalika506/29/114.23

One Hope in Hell

 — Young soldier sickened by war aids a female prisoner. by EdDivers07/27/154.74HOT

One Incident

 — This is the story of a teen experiencing first time sex. by Yashi07/11/133.75

One Last Chance

 — One woman's last chance at fulfillment by Master_Vassago06/12/034.03

One Night

 — Best friends forever with a bond that will never be broken. by YourLittleAngelle05/06/084.55HOT

One Night Ch. 01-02

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel1306/12/114.44

One Night in New York

 — ...leads to so much more. by xstarxloverx09/30/104.45

One Night in Xanadu

 — A Princess of the Xiongnu and the Old Way. by ChloeTzang04/23/194.76HOT

One Night Stand

 — She picks up a stranger at a bar. by hedgehogmountain06/04/093.60

One Night, Our Night

 — Two friends break down the barrier between them. by 13butterflywing11/20/134.13

One of My Students

 — I saw one of my students after school. by goldcloak11/17/153.71

One of Two Ch. 01

 — Freudian Slip. by strickland8306/22/074.57HOT

One of Two Ch. 02

 — Choices. by strickland8306/23/074.65HOT

One of Two Ch. 03

 — Double Date, Double Trouble. by strickland8306/24/074.66HOT

One on One

 — Stephanie gets Jeremy's cock one on one. by Kdaddy197911/24/183.44

One Shot Deals: the Blanket

 — 18-year-olds help each other lose their virginity. by Rabbleais06/12/054.31

One Shot Deals: Vegas Gamboling

 — Virgin shops for her first experience. by Rabbleais04/28/054.28

One Step at A Time With Liz

 — Our First Sleepover, and a first for her too. by DirectFromCanada08/22/123.78

One Summer Day

 — Chance allows two friends to explore themselves. by cloman2510/05/124.46

One Summer Day Ch. 02

 — A third person enters Caily and Tau's conversation. by cloman2504/17/134.72HOT

One Time Ch. 01

 — The first time can last a lifetime. by AnitaPenayme09/11/143.91

One Time Never Forever

 — A married woman one time sex escapade at Rio's carnival. by amarlan07/16/164.30

One To Remember

 — 18-year-old guy finally gets a year to remember. by MonkeyMan198808/19/064.20

Online Becomes Real World

 — He flies 2,000 miles to see her and more... by Rede77211/21/154.38

Online Encounter

 — He meets a girl online. by Zangetsu211304/22/143.31

Opening Laurie

 — Wife's co-worker loses her cherry. by Lucky Mann05/21/054.29

Opening Rachel's Gift

 — She gives him a wonderful gift. by SUGAPLUM8112/15/024.01

Opening Up Jaime

 — Boss takes his receptionist's cherry. by dinstigator02/11/054.43

Opening Up Jaime Ch. 02

 — Their bond grows stronger. by dinstigator02/17/054.63HOT

Opportunity in the Past

 — Years later, the truth is revealed. by Libertine05/11/074.42

Oral in the Theater

 — My love of cock was born in an adult theater. by Bitheater05/15/104.29

Oral Intent

 — She polishes her survival skills. by Cummsweetly05/18/054.38

Orgasm in the Dunes

 — An innocent splash leads to a helping hand. by stripypants07/13/143.82

Orienteering Each Other

 — A couple of hikers, a secluded spot, a field manual... by HectorBidon05/06/174.77HOT

Our Babysitter

 — 20-year-old babysitter has many new experiences. by MikeMike126510/30/043.87

Our Daughter's Wedding

 — Reminiscing at the reception. by sirhugs12/14/164.49

Our First Adventure

 — An email fantasy comes to reality. by tcp10102/21/034.11

Our First Love Song

 — Sexual tension between bandmates reaches its peak. by Necromistressvivi04/20/153.77

Our First Threesome

 — Swinging was more fun than they thought. by Marcgrec11/04/023.64

Our First Threesome

 — Two girl lesbian play includes my male roommate. by yelrah09/26/174.41

Our First Time

 — Steven takes her cherry. by ilovepussyalot01/27/032.58

Our First Time

 — Chance encounter leads to marriage. by wcf01/22/054.13

Our First Time

 — The first time me and my boyfriend fooled around. by AhuvAdonai10/18/084.27

Our First Time Ch. 01

 — An internet date leads to first time anal fuck buddies. by allitnil06/30/093.33

Our First Time Together

 — You and your love experiences your first time. by JRLover08/08/104.29

Our First Time Together

 — This is how I fantasize our first time together would be. by FreshlyFetished08/29/183.95

Our First Time Together Pt. 02

 — The continuation of our first night together. by FreshlyFetished08/31/184.27

Our First Time Together Pt. 03

 — The next morning we continue to learn about each other. by FreshlyFetished09/21/184.47

Our First Time with Others

 — Two couples explore getting naked together and more. by onelove4all06/29/174.32

Our Helper

 — Woman needs assistance after an accident. by Ashson07/06/144.43

Our Honeymoon

 — Newlyweds honeymoon to New Zealand. by wombat7612/21/07

Our Introduction

 — Hello by ptsteve07/20/143.94

Our Last Weeks before College

 — I will always have a special place in my heart for her. by JayBerry02/28/184.33

Our New Life

 — Again and again, we go through life--and love. by Xesevoli07/27/033.83

Our New Neighbor had No Blinds

 — Dexter's basketball kept getting away from him. by MisterNatural01/23/184.26

Our Night

 — They make love for first time together. by Black990010/17/004.20

Our Surprise First Time

 — Couple discover a different side to each other. by william195602/18/164.42

Our Wedding

 — A letter written to my husband reminding him of our 'first.' by _contortionist_09/15/083.92

Our Wedding Night

 — They are so glad they waited. by Bakeboss05/03/103.65

Out of My League

 — Surprising luck at the dance hall. by thuchuprep01/26/183.92

Out of Nowhere, a Gay Encounter

 — A drink too many leads to life-altering night. by NC_Coastal08/17/184.39

Out Of Order

 — A brief encounter becomes a heated lock-in. by Alexunderbass09/12/124.28

Out of Town Adventure

 — Some sexy fun on a business trip. by joyce4607/20/163.75


 — Adam and Jenn close the bar for the night. by FallnAngel72102/05/134.37


 — What would have happened if we had found each other then. by Scheherezade12/21/034.35

Overcoming My Shyness

 — An older family friend feels for him. by romparounder02/05/064.35

Overcoming My Shyness Ch. 02

 — The sexiest mouth in the world attends to him. by romparounder02/15/064.44


 — She lost her V-Card while working overtime! by drift69king11/12/124.23


 — Chubby shy girl finds lesbian passion working out of hours. by ScattySue04/16/144.54HOT

Oy Vey!

 — First time mutual masturbation for two virgins. by LoverNumber107/21/074.41

P01_Birthday Rubdown

 — Poindexter gives himself a 19th birthday present. by Geeky_lover06/27/103.96

Paid in Cherries

 — White guy helps Filipina coed do more than pass. by 1393295608/09/094.29

Paige: My First Love

 — My sexual education. by GC6611/19/124.27

Painter's Delight

 — College guy is seduced by older divorcee. by Alex_Mann08/14/064.28

Painters Delight

 — Loosing his virginity to an older woman. by A_Nipple_Lover11/16/064.24

Painting a Lion

 — Fraternity statue is painted deflowered virgin's panty color. by arlene54809/11/083.40

Pam and My Virgin Plan

 — Plotting to seduce virgins on a student voyage. by Longstretch02/25/093.80

Pam's First Virgin

 — Pam breaks in her first guy. by jallen94406/17/064.08

Pam's Gift

 — Pam is young, skinny, blonde - and gives herself to Tom. by AddToWater08/09/084.63HOT

Pam: My Fantasy Girl

 — Her shame was John's dream come true. by adamaxilla01/13/064.63HOT

Panama Ch. 01: The First Stop

 — A young sailor and a jaded whore find a night of happiness. by mikey2much06/12/074.33

Pandora's Suitcase

 — Model and photographer finally fulfill their secret fantasies. by NeoGeo112/12/143.90

Panther Strikes

 — A frustrated young man saves the woman and loses his virtue. by Gagamama03/30/154.04

Paradise Bound Ch. 01

 — She seduces, gives herself to a soldier. by Karenas09/10/124.38

Paradise Found and Lost

 — The first time is always important. by Blubik02/13/083.54

Paradise Island Ch. 07

 — Tom and Macy get married by asitsn10/23/044.63HOT

Partners in Purity

 — Their day finally arrives. by Charles Petersunn07/12/114.49

Parts of Desire Ch. 04

 — A teenage fantasy comes true in the Arabian desert. by thatsbogus02/22/194.83HOT

Party Dress

 — Wide skirts of the 1950s can hide all kinds of things... by Rain_Lover07/20/133.94

Party to the Cemetery

 — Taking pinup girl for the ride of my life. by ThinkingDog11/22/154.18

Passage Through the Woods Pt. 01

 — Alana must get to the wizard in time to save her father. by Adcam02/10/183.32

Passion Tales Ch. 01

 — She fucks up and thinks of a way to win back her best friend. by sexpeare1108/16/173.79

Passion's First Time

 — Her first time, & it's with you. by SilverSexKitten03/09/014.42

Passion's Mercy

 — Plantation owners gets a wife, but she comes with surprises. by AedanSayla11/14/184.55HOT

Passion-Soaked Summer Night

 — A girl and her boyfriend engage in their first time. by AoiSakura09/03/093.27

Past Dream

 — High school crush returns to town one summer. by beautiful_liar02/05/054.04

Pastor Cole Ch. 02

 — Suzie seeks comfort from Pastor Cole. by JBowl137603/03/094.17

Patience Loses Her Virginity

 — Edwardian, Patience, learns some more facts of life. by MoonCarrot05/04/154.34

Patricia's Sexual Adventures Ch.10

 — The adventures in housesitting with 2 wild boys by cumn2xtc02/10/034.71HOT

Patti Gets the Nerd

 — Will the snobbish cheerleader learn to like the nerdy Scott? by bbare02/28/184.39

Paul's Journey

 — Man finally meets the love of his life but it's complicated. by paulskins09/02/143.74

Paul/Cadence Ch. 01

 — Girl gains the courage to tell her older friend. by PlasterCaster08/15/054.07


 — Betrayal sparks revenge. Revenge turns to unexpected love. by blackrandl195802/15/184.32

Peggy's Diary: Excerpt 01

 — Peggy meets Rob and asks him to take her virginity. by Susie_O03/08/17

Peggy's Diary: Excerpt 02

 — Defloration: Peggy loses her virginity to Ron. by Susie_O04/21/17HOT


 — A first time story. by WriterLynn01/06/084.59HOT

Penny in the Movies

 — A lady discovers new and interesting art form. by OzmanA12/21/144.07

Pent-Up Release

 — A girl desires her friend, but she's definitely not in love. by NameDontMatter01/19/124.49

Pepper And Tony: Shared Shower

 — Tony makes his dirty move while getting clean. by Studderfish06/02/103.45


 — Husband and Wife experience their first bi MMF encounter... by 1mbibry12/11/184.66HOT

Perfect First

 — The hot tub is the perfect setting. by lippy01/18/033.41

Perfect First Time

 — School friends first time, doing it by the river. by dieroller07/25/123.67

Perfect Prescription

 — A wise physician helps her awaken sexually by KatieAnnBB01/28/144.60HOT


 — A young couple in love have a perfect first time. by PJPerkin11/21/094.59HOT

Perfectly Synchronized

 — A submissive young man surprises his best friend in bed by asiaindia07/07/144.57HOT


 — Brad responds to his first bisex personal. by cody_nifty06/13/184.43

Pet: The Prelude

 — Family Pet tells the story of how it all began. by chitrashi07/30/164.05

Peter and Chloe

 — Peter is welcomed to manhood and nudism. by IntrospectiveWanderer07/04/154.76HOT

Peter Shows the Way

 — Mum's lover takes daughter. by randyclaire06/17/094.19

Pharaoh's First

 — Pharaoh takes his young wife into bed. by Sweetblood0307/21/104.09

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 13

 — Fogg takes Nicole's virginity. by Paris Waterman07/18/104.36


 — A first time non-con story. by Ongria09807/03/153.88


 — Jane faces her Phobia of men. by Newkinkstories02/03/174.21

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