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First Time Stories

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Ray the Marine

 — Hot marine friend takes girl's virginity. by BellaKat02/18/053.95

Real First Time Gay Sex

 — Started in theater. by jayvee69696904/08/143.31

Reaphair Ch. 1

 — He's seduced by an older woman. by belab10/16/023.67

Rebecca And Best Friend's Brother

 — When the parents are away, the girl comes round to play. by AveryTomDeaconHarry10/07/044.56HOT


 — Recovering after an accident. by Ashson10/24/164.16

Red Canna Massage Parlor Room 01

 — 38 year old shy virgin wants a deep tissue massage from Mila. by sthsth06/05/194.48

Red Riding & Mrs. Wolfe

 — James finally gets seduced by Mina Wolfe. by msxxl05/13/044.30

Red's First Foray with a Toy

 — Redhead uses her first flicker clicker. by RedHairedandFriendly07/31/064.09


 — Knight returns from the Crusades a changed man. by JLovejoy08/11/094.04

Redemption Pt. 01

 — First time love story. by Declan Cravens01/06/094.21

Redhead Aidan Crashes the Auction

 — 18-year-old naive virgin ends up on stage, nude. by GoneGray06/20/194.77HOT


 — Coed recalls her first time. by Silverluna10/09/023.83

Reflections from the Snow

 — An emotionally distraught man recalls his first love. by thezinger06/13/114.66HOT

Reflections on Virginity

 — Remembering my first time. by Mihral09/20/164.34

Reggae Nights

 — A planned corporate take-over takes a detour. by Cinner05/03/124.33

Regina's Special Gift To Me, 1986

 — She gives her CHERRY. by RomanMichael04/23/094.09


 — An interlude in the garden. by Ashson08/15/184.38

Remedial Massage Turns Erotic

 — Newly trained masseuse finds herself getting excited. by Racqel08/09/024.16

Remember The First Time

 — Song reminds Sarah of her first time. by Kaysome04/16/044.25

Remembering Rachel

 — John is awakened in the night by vivid memories of Rachel. by Nonymous John11/29/044.18

Remembering the Sting

 — She remembers her first time. by RenaeNicks07/03/073.87

Remembering When

 — Remembering my first time. by AnneArbor11/03/134.42


 — Two of "The Greatest Generation" start life together. by AutumnWriter04/07/064.75HOT


 — Young Lust first time. by AlJen12/30/154.14

Reminiscing about Her Deliciousness

 — A time of discovery. Not knowing where it leads. by my_slut_mouth01/19/193.73


 — A short scenario - the protagonists are shy. by Decadent Switch07/25/043.21


 — Teaching a 22 year old virgin. by hamptonite10/23/144.02

Rent is Due

 — A college freshman deals with a very exacting landlord. by TwoWorldsTX03/19/133.85

Renu the Tormentor

 — A sordid attempt to relive some nostalgic fictional moments. by sajit01/03/033.05


 — A virgin is deflowered by her rescuer. by violetflowers12/31/174.29

Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 01

 — Normally reserved Jennifer finds courage to try new things. by Eden6912/05/174.33

Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 02

 — Mark's perspective as Jenny experiences sex for first time. by Eden6912/06/174.00

Rest Stop and the Road Side Sex

 — Strange sex encounter between young female and the fat friar. by prettynun201008/30/163.80

Restaurant after Close

 — Jesse and Tony after hours. A short story and happy ending. by The_Anonymous_Writer08/12/154.16

Returning Home

 — 18-year-old Emily returns from Catholic school. by Master_Vassago01/05/044.17

Reuben's Surprise

 — Daniel and Hailey have a surprise for their virgin friend. by alexMB07/23/173.96

Reunion Ch. 02

 — Jay and Trudy talk. by CollegicHeart03/06/054.61HOT

Revelations to Lessons

 — A lonely weekend improved by a swim. by l0st04/27/094.45

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 01

 — A young woman's story of abuse by LukeCoolhand08/31/124.30

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 02

 — Corruption: The first stage. by LukeCoolhand09/01/124.33

Revenge of the Ex

 — A spiteful woman wants to humiliate her ex. by NudeProfessor06/05/193.17

Rhonda TAKES Me!

 — My High School Sweetheart takes my virginity. by Tcs195608/04/143.79

Rhonda's Touch

 — A shy virgin gets his first hand-job. by geraldf04/22/033.99


 — Nobleman is given a servant girl to pleasure him. by kinkeebaby06/27/074.40

Rian Ch. 02

 — The nobleman teaches his servant girl new pleasures. by kinkeebaby07/05/074.62HOT

Richard's Education

 — His best friend's mom helps him out. by l8bloom08/30/074.49

Richard's Education Ch. 02

 — What will his best friend say? by l8bloom09/15/074.55HOT

Richard's Education Ch. 03

 — Masturbation can be twice as nice. by l8bloom09/21/074.52HOT

Richard's Education Ch. 04

 — A stalker likes Louisa. by l8bloom10/16/074.49

Richard's Education Ch. 05

 — A close shave. by l8bloom12/31/074.57HOT

Richard's First Time...

 — It was Richard's first time. by alexcarr09/01/113.86

Richie's First Time

 — Art and sex on a hot summer's day. by ltmepoz4u04/16/074.42

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 01

 — She meets he who will take her virginity. by sexy_nimph04/24/044.05

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 02

 — Things start heating up. by sexy_nimph04/25/044.27

Rick & Sylvia Ch. 03

 — Rick finally slides his cock inside her. by sexy_nimph05/14/044.44

Ricky and Lucy

 — A sweet story about a couple's first time. by jv198301/07/103.81

Ridden with a Smile

 — A short haired beauty rides me, smiling all the while. by AStabInTheDark12/01/124.18

Ride from a Football Player

 — Charlotte gets a surprise ride from the star football player. by EgyptOasis11/27/134.26

Ride Home

 — Layla is unforgettable. by brento66908/03/023.74

Ride in the Park

 — When two people want each other anything can happen. by mozzo11/24/023.02

Ride the Bully

 — His childhood bully and her friend took his cherry. by Svenskaflicka06/09/044.00

Riding Rena

 — Asian coworker blossoms into a lady with proper ministration. by Knok6901/24/194.30

Right of First Night

 — Peasant girl invokes ancient tradition to win baron's heart. by TheHiddenPen10/14/144.68HOT

Right Place, Right Time

 — A chance meeting in a parking lot leads to lots more. by duediligence06/15/093.84

Rigid Encounter of the Lewd Kind

 — Guy on guy on first time sex. by spitzharder09/09/154.48

Riley's Awakening

 — Riley loses her virginity to a strange young man. by rckplsky01/28/093.48

Riley's Exploits Pt. 02

 — Riley tries sex for the first time. by RileyAriadne08/26/164.27

Ripe Fruit

 — From a time when there were still 18 year old virgins. by peterpecker07/05/074.60HOT

Ripe Summer Fruit

 — Remote farm on hot summer's day. Sex is blowing in the air.. by naughtyauthor702/06/104.22

Risky Business Ch. 01

 — He falls to the wiles of a determined girl. by Gently Does It11/27/054.39


 — 18-year-old girl becomes a woman. by Extreme Bohunk10/03/044.38

Ritual Deflowing on Halloween

 — An 18 year old is ritually deflowered. by ButterflyLane10/23/033.97


 — Two students find love at Georgetown University. by RebelWithoutApplause04/09/094.26

Riverside Lessons

 — Krish and I go to Grandma's. by rdsouza05/12/054.16

Road Trip Ch. 09

 — Celeste's reply; we have very different sexual experiences. by Scorpius194502/20/184.72HOT

RoadBull - The Beginning

 — My start as a bull and my first cuckcake. by xavier8in07/21/16

Rob and Susie

 — Friends become lovers. by SlamDuncan04/24/134.61HOT


 — He's all she wants, and all she gets, and she gets it good. by baroquecock11/20/143.85

Rogers Dialems

 — Roger and Mai-lee spend time together. by kreigen1210/10/154.32

Romance Doesn't Need Flowers

 — Awkward girl gets naughty desires fulfilled by nerdy man. by DarkestFear08/10/073.95

Romancing Karen

 — A young woman's first encounter with a woman. by DaddyHeart02/29/083.59


 — She loses her virginity on a cement floor. by SharpieInk01/16/033.94

Romeo and Juliet

 — Juliet loses her virginity--but not to Romeo. by Baxter7206/10/074.00

Ron & Trish

 — Paraplegic and nurse enjoy each other. by rmlooker06/07/164.37

Room Service

 — Seduction of the maid at the motel. by Ashson04/06/144.18

Room Service, with a Smile

 — A mature woman gives a special tip for room service. by oedipusrex09/21/154.46

Room with a View

 — Bobby gets more than just a room to rent. by bbare02/16/174.75HOT

Roomies: Jocks Versus Nerds

 — Pam and Kim try football players and the Chess Club. by patricia5108/22/064.67HOT

Roommate's Brother's Secret

 — College coed gets help from roommate's brother. by eSecrets11/02/104.24


 — College friends share a heated night. by hroy208/24/043.77

Roommates Become FWBs

 — 2 close roommates have sex. by yak5110/27/16

Roommates Become FWBs Pt. 02

 — The aftermath of the first sexual encounter. by yak5110/30/16

Roommates, I Guess.

 — "College can be very scary," her mother told her. by KatieKitten10/23/122.78


 — Rosa's first time. by scorpionicus4508/02/094.18

Rose and Tom Ch. 01-05

 — Research goes beyond academics and onto her body. by RadicalMrT11/20/063.95

Rose Lips

 — A bored teacher fulfils his fantasy. by KittyCas09/04/154.17

Rose Schools Me

 — Mature neighbor lady needs my help. by avengerfive02/05/184.19

Rose: My First

 — An older woman teaches 18-year-old virgin. by hjames195005/13/064.56HOT

Rose’s Petals

 — Rose opens up to man twice her age. by deepemerald03/18/084.38


 — Teacher is seduced by his 18-year-old student. by lacerezareinita06/10/054.58HOT

Rosy Memories

 — A young man with social anxiety loses his virginity. by Zundas11/09/174.51HOT

Rough Time with a New Friend

 — A young college girl isn't expecting how hands on things get. by Umm_YesHoney07/03/153.47

Roughing It

 — Woman meets tough younger man in the mountains. by lianello07/19/024.38

Route 69 Closes, Rachel's Legs Open

 — He gives her a special Christmas gift. by SUGAPLUM8112/18/023.85

Roxann Prepares...

 — Roxann thinks back to how it all began with me.. by Monkeys_paw11/18/134.26

Rubber Game

 — An Earth Day wager proves costly. by WRJames04/09/103.74

Rudy Goody turns Rudy Woody

 — Schoolmates find lust.. by Rockwell09/13/044.13

Runaway Bride Yvonne and Lance

 — She runs away only to find herself in a lover's arms. by wannabeluver199111/03/114.30

Ruthie at the Beach

 — Sun and sand and surf and... by ReedRichards04/07/174.56HOT

Ryan Enjoys Exploring

 — Ryan has fun with friend, sister, and girlfriend. by carnacarn03/13/153.54

Ryan's Story Ch. 01

 — A young couple experience sex for the first time. by JSmith8706/22/143.17

Ryan's Story Ch. 02

 — A young couple experience sex for the first time... by JSmith8706/23/143.80


 — Beautiful nymph teases men, then is deflowered. by xtcnymphette12/26/054.19

SA E01v2: A Medieval Romance

 — A soft romantic story of first love. by OmegaZone02/25/034.27

Sacred Prostitute: Teacher

 — Holly teaches a younger man the ways of loving. by Selena_Kitt12/24/084.48

Sacrifice and Other Lusty Sins

 — She gives her virginity to gentleman caller. by Angelpheonix02/09/054.18

Sad Neighbour: A Story

 — Sad woman finds happiness with help from young man. by tarkatony11/16/044.64HOT

Saddle Her Up

 — He fell off his horse & got his first fuck. by peterdee11/05/054.50HOT

Safe Sex Ed

 — Older sister and single mom has advice for teens. by glendale2211/04/144.41

Safe Sex on the Beach, or MILF FTW

 — Two very different women. One very lucky young man. by Natural_Blond09/12/124.37

Sahara Ch. 01

 — Heat of the day brings Heat of the Night. by Karien347408/05/054.11

Sahara's First

 — She wants to be his dirty little slut. by LazyDays122111/14/074.52HOT

Sailing Away

 — A young virgin gets cock at sea. by virgin_sexpert11/07/103.93

Sally T.

 — Art teacher seduces her 18-year-old student. by smoothlibra02/22/053.41

Sally's First Pilot

 — Sally meets a pilot and they experience great sex. by twistedgraygoat09/07/144.04

Sally's First Three Way

 — Sally and her husband give their neighbor a present. by twistedgraygoat09/09/143.72

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 15

 — Sally and Sarah have sex with virgin Andy. by Susie_O02/17/124.32

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 26

 — Sally teaches Ron's virgin cousin how to fuck. by Susie_O07/21/154.28

Salma’s First

 — First-time experience of a village girl. by Siddique04/22/084.04

Sam and Dan Meet

 — The story of how Sam met Dan. by Patrick_Atlas01/26/144.20

Sam and Reagan

 — Sam loses his virginity to the girl of his dreams. by FuckingWithTheBestOfThem12/19/124.65HOT

Sam Comes to Stay

 — 18 yo sister-in-law makes for an interesting roommate. by ITDan311/03/134.26

Sam Learns about Sex from New Neighbor

 — Sam loses his virginity to his neighbor. by cumcumcum55510/27/154.12

Sam's First Threesome

 — Samantha enjoys her first experience with her friends. by OzTraveller11/13/184.15

Sam's First Time

 — His is with an experienced lady. by samudraneel06/05/054.16

Sam's Love Pt. 05

 — Continuing adventures of David and Samantha. by _Bob_04/12/104.38

Sam's Plan Ch. 01

 — Max deals with a bully. by AoDes21605/22/134.43

Samantha Falls for Internet Bad Boy

 — Her first time is with a college guy as mom forced to watch. by yuckyuck06/06/103.98

Samantha Loses It

 — Steve wants this to be Samantha's special night. by sexyvirgin555404/17/073.22

Samantha's Saturday Night

 — Tipsy Samantha helps comfort her distressed stepbrother. by JennyGently05/08/154.37

Sammy's Cafe

 — Kylie can't stop herself anymore, know that she knows... by SlutsAreUs10/01/113.38

Sammy's First Time

 — First time sex of Sammy, a 22 year babe. by samantha198905/02/123.81

Sana Loses Her Virginity

 — A Pakistani girl loses her virginity to a Thai man. by skamerotic08/20/154.28

Sand and Sea and Sky

 — Their first night of love was to be their last. by Munachi10/17/074.34

Sandal Tales 01: Garage Sale

 — Sexy twosome at a garage sale. by sammyman509/15/104.37

Sandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 01

 — (July). Early experiences. Benny. by Scribe10Redact01/26/184.17


 — He makes it all the way to home plate. by mustanger7up03/03/034.16

Sandy And Dermot

 — A one-sided love story. by Sienna05/31/153.84

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