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A President's Daughter

 — An infatuation with a college freshman. by kinkidusti07/28/064.33

A Priestess's First Adventure

 — Maria takes a bath. by Phallicwhale05/02/094.29

A Prisoner's Tale

 — WWII PoW gets more than he would have expected in Germany. by Cordoba8508/25/074.08

A Private Self-Defense Lesson

 — Some things you just can't foresee. by happywriter00702/16/164.01

A Private Self-Defense Lesson Ch. 02

 — My plan didn't include all of that! by happywriter00708/18/164.13

A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

 — A high school promise is kept. by Calligirl7107/28/084.16

A Proper Baptist Ch. 01

 — Church bathroom is no place for her first sex. by jallen94407/22/023.80

A Proper Baptist Ch. 02

 — Marcie is blessed in Dean's virginity ritual by jallen94408/10/023.83

A Proper Baptist Ch. 03

 — Marcie finds what she was looking for in Pastor Oliver. by jallen94409/27/024.07

A Proper Baptist Ch. 04

 — Pastor Oliver is tempted by Marcie. by jallen94403/27/044.29

A Proper Baptist Ch. 05

 — Pastor Oliver enjoys pleasures of the flesh. by jallen94404/04/044.31

A Proper Southern Girl

 — She chose Jack for her first time. by SierraSprite03/14/154.56HOT

A Pussy Named Amber

 — Ending a goth girl's virginity. by WishFull08/30/114.44

A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 01

 — Teens prepare for a peaceful trip to the mountains. by dramix9103/29/184.32

A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 02

 — Teens drive to the cabin and start their vacation. by dramix9104/26/184.56HOT

A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 03

 — Four teens continue their trip. by dramix9105/18/184.40NEW

A Quiet, Tender First

 — College boy loses his virginity to a sweet French girl. by shy_boy09/08/024.15

A Rainy Evening

 — A casual meeting turns unexpectedly serious. by fin06/28/084.27

A Random Night Out

 — My first one night stand. by isabellejennings07/22/14

A Red Letter Day

 — Her first sexual experience. by jacqui_hills_uk12/19/043.76

A Red Letter Day Ch. 02

 — She finally loses my virginity. by jacqui_hills_uk01/01/054.22

A Ride in the Afternoon

 — A business phone relationship grows into more. by desertkat10/30/064.62HOT

A Ring for a Tanner

 — A soldier goes to war and hopes his girl waits for him. by Brandybeebee12/03/154.78HOT

A Rolling Chair Gathers No Moss

 — A paraplegic´s path to love. And beyond. by risgrynsfisk03/22/164.44

A Romantic Story

 — Best friends show how they really feel. by Tiggles0709/11/034.39

A Sad Ending or a Sweet Beginning?

 — The last bus ride of the year is the first of her life. by joldrich03/07/093.93

A Sailor Lad's First Time

 — That first time in foreign part - sorry, port! by Aging Rake08/08/054.15

A Saturday Afternoon

 — Jason and Allison are just friends... or are they? by n00bb00b03/27/124.16

A School Girl's Lessons

 — She gets extra lessons by her favorite teacher. by Sassiwolf706/13/074.33

A Schoolboy's Fantasy

 — Student's fantasy about his hot teacher is fufilled. by angelinindy05/26/044.41

A Secret That Grew Ch. 01

 — Mai and Alex's relationship begins. by ana201306/20/133.78

A Seducer at Sixty Ch. 02

 — Sixty year old Sekhar seduces a young virgin. by touchmate11/11/114.50HOT

A Seduction Ch. 01

 — High school girl decides to seduce her friend's dad. by iowa0709/11/063.87

A Seduction Ch. 02

 — High school girl seduces her friend's dad. by iowa0701/23/073.94

A Seduction in Hawaii

 — An early 40s mom seduces her daughter's friend in Hawaii. by Horhay_J06/26/114.13

A Seedy Halloween

 — Mike loses his viginity at a Witches Sabbat. by NaughtyMike10/05/024.04

A Self-Delivered Submissive

 — Learning to obey... by bunny_ears03/02/174.56HOT

A Sensual Love... Misplaced

 — Waiting for it may impair judgement. by Kizshmit12/14/022.75

A Sexual Proposition

 — Virgin girl wants sex - and asks him for it. by ainu04/26/054.62HOT

A Significant Time

 — Young lady becomes a woman. by acgolf06/07/034.61HOT

A Simple Experiment

 — A curious lesbian girl gets her first taste of a man. by dilpickle04/09/063.74

A Sitter For Lacey

 — She's young, hot, & barely legal. by didababy05/28/024.24

A Sixties Story

 — A shy young man finds a sexual solemate. by Norfolkboy01/02/094.41

A Size Affair

 — Older man helps with swimsuit choice. by shaunreagh08/26/104.36

A Sizzling Science teacher

 — A student finally gets the teacher of his dreams. by TheRustyTrumbone10/21/174.04

A Slap in Frustration

 — The first time I taste your essence. by deTocqueville01/08/174.00

A Slow Day in the Library Ch. 01

 — No one around to hear you scream in pleasure... by XxSabirahxX01/30/144.35

A Slow Day in the Library Ch. 02

 — Adventures continue at the local pool... by XxSabirahxX01/31/144.40

A Snow Storm For Rob and Ann

 — Life long friends become lovers. by FRED_S08/01/064.43

A Somalian Woman in Love

 — Somalian virgin seduces macho Haitian-American stud. by Samuelx08/02/112.52

A Special Good-bye

 — Neighbors find love among chaos. by phoenixsr03/22/104.24

A Special Kind of Man

 — Sometimes change is a good thing. by awakethepassion12/22/094.07

A Special Lesson with Miss Wong

 — His teacher has him stay after class for a special lesson. by MatthewVett04/01/134.44

A Special Memory

 — A true story of the Authors first sexual experience. by MiliktheRed09/01/134.31

A Special Underwear Fitting

 — Busty virgin enjoys a very special fitting. by ewriter10/01/054.59HOT

A Special Weekend With Alexis

 — 24 y/o virgin gets shaved amd much more. by RogerK08/26/044.55HOT

A Steeler visits Charleroi, PA

 — Pro footballer visits Glory Hole. by BuckJones000105/31/174.36

A Story I can Never Tell

 — Unintentional rendezvous with young guy. by MrLucky4u01/25/183.70

A Strange Kind of Party

 — Two friends go to a much more adult party than they expected. by Rolemeover09/17/163.71

A Summer To Remember

 — Whilst she feigned sleep, his dreams came true. by Erotonaut06/27/104.01

A Summer to Remember Ch. 01

 — TJ and Izzy share a sensual kiss before Summer starts. by SehksPanther02/14/113.53

A Summer's Breeze Ch. 02

 — An older woman takes advantage of her shy younger neighbor. by talel8102/22/154.47

A Summer's Education

 — A college student's first sexual education. by Dillydally13109/29/174.66HOT

A Surprise Encounter

 — A proposition had a surprise outcome. by Ashson12/15/164.39

A Surprise First Time

 — She discovers she loves sex. by ainu207/28/094.22

A Surprising First

 — Best friends share an exhilarating first night. by nastycruelsnail04/21/094.38

A Tale of Two Fatties

 — It was big, big love. by bassbelly10/30/074.24

A Taste for Christmas Cake

 — A shy guy is seduced by his older, female Japanese manager. by taiyakisoba01/17/154.77HOT

A Taste of Being Bad

 — John gets a taste of Devina's peas soup in a sex club. by LeighOsmond05/06/174.00

A Teacher-Pupil Relationship

 — Young teacher falls for a male student. by kate2005blue07/08/054.40

A Teachers Pet

 — A chemistry lesson turns into a biology lesson to remember. by englishsimon06/12/063.46

A Teddy Bear for Christmas

 — A romantic little Christmas tale. by ChloeTzang11/14/164.80HOT

A Teenage Rake Ch. 04

 — First time truths. by Angel_n_Whore10/21/074.50HOT

A Tender Night

 — An unexpectedly sexual encounter with a friend. by Nice2U01/18/083.97

A Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 01

 — She convinces him that she is perfect for his son. by misterwho12/08/064.60HOT

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 01

 — Man picks up unusual passenger on way home for Thanksgiving. by rexspaulding05/14/144.56HOT

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 02

 — Things heat up while the snow keeps falling. by rexspaulding05/18/144.77HOT

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 03

 — Being stuck in a cozy cabin with a girl can't be too bad, right? by rexspaulding05/26/144.79HOT

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 04

 — Accosted, Paul plans to get back to Kat. by rexspaulding05/31/144.79HOT

A Time To Reflect

 — Jim at the side of a friend takes time to reflect. by BlackHat07/15/024.67HOT

A Time to Remember

 — Cindy Vanderhoff was young and beautiful... and a virgin. by Erlikkhan02/10/144.67HOT

A Time To Remember - The Sequel

 — Cindy Vanderhoff was a virgin until he came along. by Erlikkhan05/02/144.36

A to Z and In Between Ch. 04

 — Thea's first time is with Honey and Zane. by mowbaby8208/02/064.07

A Touch of Magic

 — A young witch finds her place on a Starlit altar. by my_lil_secret02/12/134.47

A Touching Moment

 — Innocent pleasures in an unforgettable night. by steamy_402/07/033.82

A Train Trip

 — Meeting new friends on the train. by Ashson03/19/174.42

A Trip Down Virginity Lane

 — A woman on holiday, rudely reminded of her first time. by RealLifeSex02/17/114.33

A Trucker's Story

 — Ashton Mitchell finds a battered girl on his truck route. by blackstallion2105/31/093.72

A True Love Story

 — He finally makes love to his dream girl. by Stories05/30/023.33

A Truly Amazing Night Part I

 — Krystaline and Matt finally meet. by schoenestern03/27/064.20

A Tryst with Physics

 — Michael gets Physics lessons of a different sort. by the_lost_one04/03/124.05

A Twist of Fate

 — Would her fate be determined by the turn of a card...? by stickivicki05/22/134.05

A Unique Dessert

 — A couple shows how much they love each other. by Acal07/04/093.97

A University Education

 — A virgin fresher's first year progress. by WickedWastrel06/04/164.54HOT

A Very Special Birthday Gift (Pt. 04)

 — Jason receives a surprise birthday visit from Kat. by Moonraker_Bond00710/19/044.31

A Very Special Spring

 — He is shown the ropes by the Woman next door. by Joe F.12/11/034.49

A Very Unexpected First

 — Handicapped teens lose their virginity. by S3lwyncd0g08/13/144.58HOT

A Virgin Girl Serves An Ace

 — Pre-marital affair begins in a tennis court. by sexyvijaya04/15/063.55

A Virgin in Germany

 — GI Bobby meets 18-year-old sister of friend. by OneWhoKnows11/06/064.34

A Virgin Man...and Experienced Woman

 — A virgin and his first time with his neighbour. by eroticlitty10/03/124.05

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 01

 — Jessica, a virgin, has first time sexual intercourse. by SusanJillParker09/01/143.57

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 02

 — Jessica, a virgin, has first time sexual intercourse. by SusanJillParker09/04/143.59

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 04

 — Jessica readies herself for first time sexual intercourse. by SusanJillParker10/10/143.54

A Virgin Roughly Handled Ch. 01

 — Sandy got caught, she's a very naughty girl. by ArielRacine02/28/174.24

A Virgin Seminar

 — 24-year-old virgin guy finally finds the right time & place. by Many Feathers04/18/084.62HOT

A Virgin Soldier Ch. 01

 — How a young soldier finally loses his cherry by SM2704/28/133.79

A Virgin Soldier Ch. 02

 — A forlorn young soldier at odds with his self-esteem. by SM2705/06/134.16

A Virgin's Seduction

 — A young virgin is seduced by a long time friend at college. by LittleOne1438502/20/133.67

A Virgin's Tale

 — He loses his virginity to experienced hands. by monaangel01/28/083.35

A Virgins Fantasy Ch. 01

 — A virgin makes love to her soulmate for the first time. by 12bb07/22/104.05

A Visit to the Gynecologist

 — She walks in a virgin and out a woman. by sexygirl7608/08/084.23

A Walk in the Flowers

 — Two young friends explore their desires in the country. by HeavenlyCurves05/02/143.88

A Walk in the Park

 — A fantasy first time. by lustrevisited08/28/144.10

A Walk in the Sand

 — A young man ventures out to find himself and others. by MacHill05/17/153.57

A Walk in the Woods Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a first encounter. by daringlady00703/20/093.87

A Walk Through The Park

 — A girl takes a break and meets a video game savvy hottie. by missmoaney04/27/113.75

A Walk to Remember

 — Two women share a first kiss. by likethecity05/30/144.16

A Warm Summer Night

 — Older man, young woman. by pcolabill200202/25/034.20

A Warm Summers Day

 — First time love and sex for two college students. by mylovelips06/12/174.08

A Week in Paradise

 — A young man survives a plane crash with only a few others. by TrainedPen07/13/163.15

A Welcomed Affair

 — You had an affair. by mikebray41london11/05/163.66

A Whiter Christmas Than Ever

 — Christmas presents can come in many forms. by henlar11/18/034.54HOT

A Wife's Awakening

 — Telling my husband I'm a sub. by Littleonewriting12/03/154.01

A Wild Need To Cum

 — Nathan shows school virgin what she'd missed. by NeedYou09/04/044.39

A Will That Didn't Need Breaking

 — She's loved his cock ever since the first time. by ClaireBlossom05/25/043.82

A Winter to Remember

 — Steve remembers the Blizzard of '78. by Worker1181102/14/124.44

A Winter's Tale

 — Innocence lost, but not regretted. by LindaW02/08/064.47

A Wonderful Life After Dark

 — Hot romance between pair of sex rookies. by Rockwell12/22/044.13

A Wonderful Summer

 — Ellie gets to know school coach a little better. by GoddessInSC05/24/023.35

A Year Of First Times Ch. 01

 — Two teenagers learn about love and sex. by Theeeeee101/20/043.65

A Year Of First Times Ch. 02

 — He's cuming of age with Torrie. by Theeeeee101/22/043.57

A Year Of First Times Ch. 03

 — He and Torrie have an 'Extraordinary Friday Date.' by Theeeeee101/27/044.05

A Year Of First Times Ch. 04

 — Torrie's oral skill was an unexpected surprise. by Theeeeee101/29/043.98

A Year Of First Times Ch. 05

 — Our passion comes to a 'climax'. by Theeeeee102/04/044.25

A Year of Firsts Ch. 01

 — She has a sexual awakening. by melaniej11/09/053.97

A Young Girls First Orgasm

 — Kathleen has her first orgasm. by Avery1302/16/033.97

A Young Man's Ideal

 — She shares porn video and more. by ainu02/05/064.43

A Young Neighbour's Education Ch. 01

 — Mother's friends help an inexperienced 18-year-old. by joulie12/31/104.38

Aaron Tries it Straight

 — Gay man tries sex with a woman. by Bakeboss01/15/103.19

Aaron's Mrs. Robinson

 — A college prof show's her student grdaes aren't everything. by Christina Samuels09/27/114.30

Abbey's One Night Stand

 — Abbey has a one-night-stand with her college study partner. by pregnantlover09/19/06

Abby Pt. 02

 — Abby makes her fantasy a reality. by alexbrown180201/15/174.58HOT

Abby's Road

 — College girl's lustful path to sexual experience. by tonysnow12/17/073.54


 — A fantasy of discovery. by DDDDave11/30/124.27

Abigail Ch. 02

 — A continuation of Abigail's Life, months later. by DDDDave12/01/124.16

About Time

 — High school tension finally explodes. by TheLexEffects09/09/144.19

Above 1,000 Meters, Anything Goes

 — He had never known a woman. by SilverFox30001/01/064.33

Absence of Thought

 — Ignoring thought and feeling feelings. by BackyardBottomslash12/22/094.63HOT

Absolute Beginners Pt. 01: The Risk

 — Matt escapes a sexless life. by AB_8306/25/143.70

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