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Susie Q

 — Susan's not sure, but Todd's determined to convince her. by emma57910/01/104.50HOT

Suzanne's Surrender

 — Ray fondly remembers first time she surrendered herself. by damppanties06/17/024.32


 — She looks, learns, and finally gives in to her needs. by Susan McK09/08/034.31

Suzi's Shoes

 — He sees a mature blonde in the supermarket. by geronimo_appleby12/04/154.68HOT

Suzie And The 18-Year Old Virgin

 — Ron's first time. by Zuz181804/06/114.31

Suzie Learns A Lesson Ch. 1

 — Virgin gets her first taste of sex. by WillowPuss07/09/024.39

Suzie's Lessons

 — Suzie learns what it takes to get her man. by BlewWater6910/21/064.59HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 02

 — Curt continues to teach her about guys. by BlewWater6910/29/064.74HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 03

 — Suzie's lessons from Curt continue as she tries new things. by BlewWater6911/01/064.70HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 04

 — Her lessons advance and so does their relationship. by BlewWater6911/09/064.77HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 05

 — Suzie and Curt share new experiences. by BlewWater6911/19/064.76HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 06

 — Lessons in life take a new turn for Suzie. by BlewWater6911/26/064.58HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 07

 — Before the prom, Suzie makes Curt happy. by BlewWater6912/08/064.73HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 08

 — Prom night finally arrives. by BlewWater6912/17/064.78HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 09

 — After the prom, things get more interesting. by BlewWater6912/23/064.76HOT

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 10

 — Suzie's Lessons are near complete. by BlewWater6912/27/064.75HOT

Suzie's Little Sister

 — Young woman must wear her little sister's panties on a date. by LeCoach06/16/094.52HOT

Suzy Learns To Fuck

 — Mr Barnes turns a virgin into his cock-sucking fuck toy. by deepemerald03/03/044.46

Suzy Opens Up

 — A virgin on the rebound goes too far. by arlene54811/25/044.09

Swap Girls

 — Two high school friends swap girls. by CamScorp12/10/133.88

Sweet and Sour Shades of Sandra

 — First time with a painful twist. by joeroberts02/11/114.12

Sweet Cherry Pie

 — A young woman's first orgasm, from a lesbian encounter. by MONTAUKMILF06/23/154.49

Sweet Dream

 — Geeky girl goes after her teacher. by whitewolves 0305/19/044.04

Sweet Dreams

 — Geeky girl gets her teacher. by Lazarous08/13/064.08

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 01

 — Taking the best from pleasant dreams and hard realities. by Innuendos02/13/124.36

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 02

 — Picking and choosing. by Innuendos02/14/124.50HOT

Sweet Emily

 — Neighbors' 19-year-old daughter appeared at his door. by Venus_Lover07/31/074.24

Sweet Encounter

 — Jack and Jill get sweet on each other in the candy shop. by KrimsonKing1902/19/123.66

Sweet Escape

 — The girls play while the boyfriend's away. by DirtyGeisha06/04/093.70

Sweet Love

 — She and her boyfriend have sex for the first time. by sexkitten8805/11/043.68

Sweet Night

 — The first time is always the sweetest time. by Beautiful_Bunny_Girl06/12/06

Sweet Release

 — Months of anticipation finally bring release. by phantacy07/09/034.24

Sweet Sara's First Time

 — A memoir of her first sexual experience. by sweet_sara03/11/033.44

Sweet Sensations

 — New college guy gets into a girls room and made her his. by Jenni10106/09/123.45

Sweet Sex

 — A nice guy's first time. by inkquisitive09/04/154.20

Sweet Shy Allison Brutalized by Dad

 — Saving Allison changed Danny's life. by Venus_Lover05/23/074.14

Sweets and Treats and Him

 — Three times the tasty, tantalizing fun. by badgirlfoundout11/05/153.98

Swing Chronicles Ch. 05: Josh and Sharon

 — Bi MMF first time. by LuckyGuy9604/15/153.99

Swing Time Ch. 02

 — Two virgins lose it. by l8bloom12/08/074.31

Swing Time Ch. 03

 — Hillary gets her audition. by l8bloom12/09/074.58HOT

Swing Time Ch. 04

 — Jake spanks and deflowers Hillary. by l8bloom12/10/074.48

Swing Time Ch. 05

 — David proposes. Hillary obeys. by l8bloom12/11/074.49

Swing Time Ch. 06

 — Allison and David swing in the park at midnight. by l8bloom12/12/074.65HOT


 — She decides to move, leaving her best friend. by artimisschild01/29/114.12


 — She consummates the crush & leaves him wanting. by 4ofSwords12/21/073.87

Sylvia Seduces

 — Her friend's son wrote the letters. by geronimo_appleby03/23/124.43


 — A college student joins an unusual club. by Penelope Street02/20/094.46

Take Me to the River

 — A refreshing swim leads to her first time with an older man. by angel_grant02/15/104.66HOT

Take My Virginity

 — Young woman wants to be an ex virgin. by Ashson03/13/134.49

Taken from Sturgis

 — Girl experiences her first motorcycle rally. by LadyAurora3902/24/124.12

Taken... on a 7 Nights, 8 Lays Cruise

 — The 3 girls accept an all-inclusive family-package 'holiday'. by MrsJ04/15/164.23

Taking a Chance

 — A woman takes a chance on love. by Eviant03/30/114.53HOT

Taking Centre Stage

 — Lexie learns more than she expected from her drama teacher. by Miss Minky07/09/064.06

Taking Ethan

 — Sensitive nipples lead to virginity lost. by Merry98704/10/114.14

Taking Her Virginity

 — New neighbor loses her virginity. by ravi97995908/26/103.65

Taking Him

 — 22 year old virgin boy is finally taken. by Rede77202/07/164.64HOT

Taking Him Ch. 02

 — Alex tries sex without condoms, and runs into an enemy. by Rede77202/27/164.25

Taking Him Ch. 03

 — Alex finally gives her first blowjob. by Rede77203/16/164.20

Taking Him Under Her Wing

 — An older woman initiates a young intern into sexual pleasure. by SexyChele03/10/034.51HOT

Taking Orders

 — Snobby teen Lana goes too far with farmhand. by SouthernSugar12/03/104.20

Taking Susie Ch. 01

 — The first time. by NickyFaulkes02/06/093.80

Taking the Lead

 — Young love is taken to a higher level. by piedpiper5908/04/034.30

Taking What I Can't Give Back

 — Making a boy into a man. by EuropeJenn03/09/144.12

Tales Heard: Sam's First Time

 — That magical summer after high school--at last. by LucOuarm06/01/024.24

Tales Of A Farm Girl Ch. 01

 — Sue-Ellen remembers her first time. by spicey11/08/034.18

Tales of a Shopping MILF

 — A wannabe MILF goes shopping with her body. by worldx09/04/144.12

Tales of Preston Ch. 01

 — Preston gets to use his big dick! by kimberlykitten12/07/094.37

Tales Out of School

 — Student creatively tells teacher he wants her. by JulieBlueBelle06/24/134.25

Talitha Ch. 02

 — Talitha is in for a surprise when Matt comes over. by ny_girl1410/13/074.58HOT

Talitha Ch. 03

 — She visits Matt. by ny_girl1411/15/074.46

Talitha Ch. 04

 — The night comes to a climax in the garden. by ny_girl1403/11/084.60HOT

Talk and Action Ch. 11

 — She initiates him; he mistakenly takes her anally, a first. by misterwho12/22/154.14

Talk To You After Class Ch. 02

 — This time Jake has some fun with Mary before school. by Quenton212301/17/124.41

Tall Dark & Handsome

 — A charming stranger helps her explore her sexuality. by Ryan28307/26/044.55HOT

Tall Dark Stranger

 — She followed the fortune teller's advice to the letter. by DireLilith11/06/07

Tamara Ch. 01

 — She's 18, and the sky's the limit. by EighteenYearsOld04/25/083.98

Tamara Ch. 02

 — The next step. by EighteenYearsOld04/30/084.42

Tamara Ch. 03

 — A final tease. by EighteenYearsOld05/14/084.33

Taming Joanna

 — Principal has special way of dealing with problem students. by deepemerald09/23/064.19


 — His sister's friend pops his cherry. by mustanger7up03/03/034.34

Tammy and Josh Ch. 01

 — Tammy introduces her neighbor to her body. by Asubtlepassion11/06/143.93

Tammy asks Jimmy for Help

 — Young lovers learn about each other. by Charles Petersunn05/13/064.45

Tammy Tate Ch. 01

 — Boy and Girl grow up together but split apart in high school. by Slickman07/24/124.48

Tammy Tate Ch. 02

 — Things get more complicated with her relationship with Brad. by Slickman10/17/124.58HOT

Tammy's Mom Ch. 03

 — Tammy's home! Three in a bed! by Frederick Carol02/20/104.68HOT

Tantric Massage Pt. 01

 — A bi-curious married male and his first gay massage. by Mist2Rain08/21/153.96

Tara's First Time

 — Tara goes away to college and her first time is an orgy. by prettypussy04/06/033.55

Taralee's First Time Ch. 01

 — No longer a virgin. by cubalover03/18/134.27

Taralee's First Time Ch. 02

 — All you need is love? by cubalover03/29/134.33

Taralee's First Time Ch. 03

 — Babysitting and The Pill. by cubalover04/18/134.12

Taralee's First Time Ch. 04

 — With Danny in Vermont. by cubalover05/19/134.03

Taralee's First Time Ch. 05

 — I reunite with Pierre and go canoeing. by cubalover05/27/134.17

Taralee's First Time Ch. 06

 — George buys me a Halloween costume. by cubalover06/15/134.24

Taralee's First Time Ch. 07

 — Mirror, mirror on the wall... by cubalover07/05/143.70

Taste Test: Lipstick and Wine

 — Tasting Leads to Trouble. by RobbWarren12/21/114.23

Tasting Jenny

 — First time sex with a girl called Jen. by BorderScot09/10/053.80

Teach Me

 — Teacher gets the virgin he dreamed of. by themermaiden10/26/094.21


 — Janelle comes over to help Andy with intimacy. by Bones Malone06/17/024.02


 — Teacher gives young man a lesson he will never forget. by LongJoe01/08/093.59

Teacher & Student Ch. 02

 — Catherine needs a favor for Julia. by Hydranoid01/05/144.28

Teacher and Students

 — One day my thrust was quenched by my student's dad. by BrianCaster09/21/092.48

Teacher Becomes The Student

 — Mid-20's virgin teacher gets schooled by sexy colleague by TheOxRocks02/11/164.16

Teacher Experience

 — English teacher taught him about hot wives as well. by Joatster09/17/074.45

Teacher Reunion

 — Foulstone School reunion brings teacher and expupil together. by Nemasis Enforcer12/21/054.52HOT

Teacher Taught

 — Teacher teaches teen. by busrider02/03/054.05

Teacher's Favorite Pet

 — Virgin does a special after school project. by Lillyflower7208/28/013.95

Teacher's Pest Ch. 01

 — Chemistry teacher faces challenge by brainy female student. by AverageBear01/27/124.64HOT

Teacher's Pet

 — Chad overcomes his disability. by Many Feathers06/09/064.66HOT

Teacher's Pet

 — Whole new meaning to the word 'teach'. by Rhon176809/04/044.10

Teacher's Pet

 — He looks back to the year he popped his cherry. by thelimeyfromhell07/22/084.02

Teacher's Pet

 — Mrs. Brockman gives her Pet some personal instruction. by LeCoach03/24/154.33

Teacher's Pet

 — Teacher keeps student after class to earn extra credit. by baldman4u04/20/164.01

Teacher, Teacher

 — Teacher's pet helps grade papers. by Malomar11/18/124.69HOT

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 02

 — Joey's awakening continues as another teacher joins in. by Malomar12/19/124.74HOT

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 03

 — Love blossoms but not with the teachers. by Malomar05/17/134.77HOT

Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

 — My sexual indoctrination is finished as the school year ends. by Malomar06/30/134.70HOT

Teacher, Teacher I Declare

 — Teacher + blackmail = loss of virginity. by hotpup08/14/084.25

Teaching After Hours

 — Essay turns practical for boastful pupil. by svanswords12/17/024.17

Teaching Jen Ch. 01

 — Young girl learns why sex is so good. by U.C.06/13/054.41

Teaching Jen Ch. 02

 — Showing Jen than outdoor sex is wonderful. by U.C.06/16/053.91

Teaching Kaci

 — College professor teaches student about sex. by Baxter7201/04/064.42

Teaching Kate A Lesson

 — Tutor learns a thing or two from shy student. by PlumtreePoetess07/05/034.03

Teaching Me About Graphic Design

 — Mickey learns about being a good designer. by mickey stacks12/15/04

Teaching Me How To Fuck

 — Michael learns how to make Angel come. by rockersex10/11/064.45

Teaching the Pool Boy

 — Spencer is back home from his first year of college. by zack198106/18/134.33

Teaching the Teacher

 — A student tries for a higher grade. by pornoperson04/08/093.47

Team Spirit Ch. 01

 — Cheerleader distracts opposing team's star player. by SexxKitten6901/15/034.05

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