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The Sock

 — Surfer admirer checks out the local surf and surfer boys. by Charmer4u06/24/083.57

The Soldier

 — Young nurse does more than 'care' for a soldier. by dollysexi61905/30/104.32

The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 01

 — Adventures in domination & submission. by Sassy Susan06/01/064.23

The Start of Something New

 — Young romance. by adventurouscpl03/12/123.80

The Start of Something New Ch. 02

 — Young Love. by adventurouscpl04/13/123.88

The Steamy Chase Ch. 01

 — Her world rocker...the awakening! by adjoaq01/08/144.68HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 02

 — Her world rocker...the deal! by adjoaq01/14/144.78HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 04

 — Her world rocker...uncontrollable passion! by adjoaq01/31/144.80HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 05

 — Her world rocker...the chase is on! by adjoaq02/15/144.78HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 06

 — Her world chase! by adjoaq02/26/144.78HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 07

 — Her world rocker...meeting the family! by adjoaq03/10/144.81HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 08

 — Her world rocker...getting kinky! by adjoaq03/25/144.81HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 09

 — Her world rocker...the conflict! by adjoaq07/31/144.73HOT

The Steamy Chase Ch. 10

 — Her world & happiness! by adjoaq08/18/144.81HOT

The Stewardess

 — A dreamy nighttime flight. by rachelfoxen10/08/16

The Storm

 — A storm puts two neighbors in a basement. by Emmie811108/09/174.28

The Stormy Night

 — A novice and a young housewife brave a deadly storm together. by touchmate08/09/144.49

The Story of Love Pt. 01

 — A young Japanese woman leaves home to learn the art of love by SparkleKitty01/10/154.26

The Story of Love Pt. 02

 — Love loses her virginity and some of her innocence. by SparkleKitty01/13/154.18

The Straight Room Mate

 — I currently live with Tommy, Michelle, Robby, and Erin. by Raz00710/14/133.71

The Student

 — Teacher & student both come of age. by Eros con Pollo05/24/024.30

The Subliminal Tape

 — Matt orders a subliminal tape and receives the wrong one. by cumcannon197705/14/074.47

The Subliminal Tape Ch. 02

 — Matt goes to the mall with Becky, Amy, and Mandy. by cumcannon197706/07/074.57HOT

The Sultan's Son

 — Son of the Sultan becomes a man with a pro. by TurtleWB11/08/104.36

The Sultaness

 — A sultaness chooses a slave for a night of pleasure. by sultaness11/23/174.20

The Summer ABCs

 — She taught him the basics, they took it from there. by 49greg08/22/144.55HOT

The Summer of '79

 — Coming of age for a young man in 1979. by ChuckEPoo01/29/164.50HOT

The Summer of 69'

 — Loss of virginity is remembered. by Many Feathers05/04/064.57HOT

The Summer of 76

 — My First Lover. by Koba03/07/17HOT

The Summer of 85 (Tom's story)

 — Tom recounts the day he lost his virginity to an older woman by Mag5811/05/104.42

The Summer of the Garden Boys

 — The summer evening when the boys became men. by OregonDavid08/12/074.67HOT

The Summer of the Garden Boys Ch. 02

 — The evening fades away & the morning starts anew. by OregonDavid08/24/074.66HOT

The Surprise

 — Garret starts the day off with a nice surprise. by SoulDragon9706/26/134.02

The Surprise Ch. 4

 — Ryan and Paula's story. by brgs08/24/022.57

The Sweetest Lesson Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old gets lesson in sensuality. by jake_lex03/26/044.32

The Sweetest of Times

 — Young love and first times... by AmethystMare10/23/174.11

The Swimming Hole

 — Skinny dipping leads to lost virginity for 18-year-olds. by wyo_girl01/25/044.67HOT

The Taking

 — Older man takes a virgin. by timjac209/15/083.81

The Tale of Ugly and Christmas

 — Friendship and desire bridge the generation gap. by Bazzza01/04/064.68HOTEditor's Pick

The Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 05

 — Patty's Tale (Tail?). by Reefkeeper04/24/114.81HOT

The Taming of Andrea

 — An unexpected proposition. by Bazzza11/01/074.60HOT

The Tea Grew Cold

 — Maybe it was meant to be. by rescatooor12/08/174.36

The Teacher & Paper Boy

 — He collects more than paper money. by Kim_Miriam06/16/034.62HOT

The Teacher Learns a Lesson

 — Twenty-two and a virgin. Then I meet Erica and her friends. by WayneGibbous08/28/104.57HOT

The Teacher's Classroom

 — Elizabeth gets more than she asked for. by Candypops05/08/173.98

The Teacher: My First Time

 — A teenage boy's coming of age. by CanadianM09/29/144.44

The Teacher: My First Time Pt. 02

 — The relationship moves up a notch... by CanadianM10/08/144.46

The Team

 — Girls in basketball team need a lift. by Ashson11/27/124.46

The Team Completed

 — Captain of the team seduced. by Ashson11/26/124.25

The Tease Down the Street Ch. 01

 — Rich meets Stephanie. by Red_Jakal04/30/124.73HOT

The Tempest

 — You hold her through a storm. by steph199004/24/094.43

The Test

 — He's seduced by young lady and her mother. by Sacanaz01/08/064.63HOT

The Therapist

 — A young stud has sexual issues but a sexy therapist can help. by petitmort10/11/094.62HOT

The Therapist Ch. 02

 — Therapist uses special knowledge to achieve sexual ecstasy. by petitmort10/19/094.70HOT

The Therapist Ch. 03

 — Anthony wants Angela back, but Charlotte has other plans. by petitmort10/20/094.18

The Therapist Ch. 04

 — Charlotte teaches Angela the ins and outs of sex. by petitmort10/21/094.56HOT

The Therapist Ch. 05

 — Final chapter in the tale of the therapist and sexy couple. by petitmort10/22/094.59HOT

The Thunderstorm

 — Inclement weather leads to an unexpected encounter. by thezinger04/10/114.65HOT

The Tie on the Door

 — Meek guy tries to hide his hot girl from leering frat boys. by lizkeigh02/13/143.18

The Time Has Come

 — Fantasy comes true as virginity is lost. by story_lein07/17/053.89

The Time of My Life

 — Learning, exploring, loving. by cbrmale04/07/044.63HOT

The Tomboy and Randy

 — Tomboy wants more than a pal - she wants his body. by midnightfalcon11/01/084.59HOT

The Train

 — Love lost, but not forgotten. by Amyfriend04/29/064.38

The Train

 — His first time, and a Train. by Military Mech02/08/043.88

The Train

 — An innocent act leads to taking a young man's virginty. by little_donna11/08/114.38

The Train Ride Ch. 01

 — She has first sexual experience with stranger. by red_thigh_highs07/25/033.82

The Training Centre

 — Nuns and Brothers need training to get used to the other sex. by Fredsowner06/22/174.11

The Transformation of Jennifer

 — A sheltered life awakens at a religious retreat. by Madge06902/13/144.61HOT

The Trap... Trap...

 — Lost my virginity. Not getting it back. Traps involved. by neoview04/23/183.45

The Tree

 — Girl learns about love in its branches. by Tubatickler01/29/014.18

The Trophy Wife

 — A teenage virgin meets the hot wife next door. by Rick_Love07/28/034.46

The Truck Driver

 — His wife learns to squirt cum. by jkendale01/09/054.48

The Tryst

 — A disabled man has his first time with a married woman by fardreamer12/14/034.17

The Tug

 — Loving his girlfriend includs helping her friend. by Susan McK05/14/034.30

The Turkish Harem

 — Young harem girl receives an education in love. by reddancer10/10/134.07

The Tutor

 — She teaches her student more than he bargained for. by rachel197308/30/024.49

The Tutor

 — High school student is reluctant about his tutor - until... by ravenmaster02/13/08

The Tutor

 — Young woman is hired to teach a young man about life. by midnightfalcon01/26/094.48

The Tutor

 — A young woman receives a pleasing tutor lesson. by storytyme10/01/134.10

The Tutor

 — She's the tutor but he wants to teach her. by VioletRaes1208/14/134.18

The Twin Pt. 01

 — A twin experiences her firsts with her sister's boyfriend. by thebatgirl1805/03/153.61

The Two Girl... Friends Pt. 01

 — A best friend rides a vibrating lap. by SFischer07/06/164.27

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

 — Ice queen virgin becomes neither. by baughzer01/03/064.51HOT

The Unexpected Loss of Virginity

 — My girlfriend and the weird girl from class help me out. by frankland03/20/163.69

The Very First Time

 — The story of one woman's first time. by miss_advantage09/21/102.92

The Very Long Tease

 — Timid girl finds extraordinarily patient man. by Anitole04/11/094.26

The Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 06

 — A rainy day's lessons. by Nigel Debonnaire07/19/06

The View from On Top

 — A wild fuck with her older boss. by MsBond00712/09/154.40

The Villain Ch. 06

 — Someone has his eye on a young heroine, just-turned legal. by deathlynx02/01/144.58HOT

The Vine

 — Renaissance poetry leads to a girl's first time. by DuckieRhode02/21/064.53HOT

The Virgin

 — He was nervous and anxious at the same time. by hartnsoul02/25/033.90

The Virgin

 — A poetic story about the first time. by darkheart6908/17/03

The Virgin

 — College student Joey is seduced by sexy lady professor. by Clohi09/04/024.39

The Virgin

 — A story of love, sex, and the first time. by boodiddy2101/16/063.75

The Virgin

 — A virgin girl loses virginity to boss. by myhiddendesire276905/13/094.02

The Virgin

 — Her first time touched. by The_Expatriate06/15/164.20

The Virgin And The Ballet

 — Maria loses her virginity and improves her ballet. by bigrimmstales07/03/074.54HOT

The Virgin and the Cougar Ch. 01

 — Boy meets Cougar and sex ensues. by EmmisDos03/28/104.45

The Virgin Artist Ch. 01

 — Two virgins meet on a cruise. by ElizaMix04/12/144.76HOT

The Virgin Bride

 — An Indian woman is enjoyed by her husband. by eroticdreamz07/15/053.27

The Virgin Cums Twice

 — Woman never had sex before is helped out by a friend. by gentleman30008/30/093.45

The Virgin Desires

 — A virgin gets her first man, the only one she wants. by Sensitive_Man04/16/084.13

The Virgin Exhibitionist

 — The neighbour twice her age needs to have her teasing body. by deepemerald08/03/094.21

The Virgin Hunter

 — Experienced woman seduces 19-year-old virgin male. by xtcnymphette02/08/054.51HOT

The Virgin Slayer

 — Well, you would hire me to go out with your daughter and...? by Decayed Angel09/04/063.83

The Virgin Trilogy

 — Friend's little sister visits and begs for an education. by MrNiceguy77702/05/164.45

The Virgin Valentine

 — Ryan's V-Day gift from Gwen takes an unexpected turn. by Vaginalpuppetry01/24/184.82HOT

The Virgin's Bag

 — At 18, Sarah was ready to seduce her older boyfriend. by RandomCitizen01/06/143.95

The Virgin's Club

 — 4 virgin girls get their cherries popped. by snaillover6911/12/143.57

The Virgin's Panties

 — Naughty girl Kate finally gets her first fucking. by nattie_nicely11/11/114.22

The Virginity Project

 — First time. 19 year old female with older male. Wife arranges. by Stormysailor01/05/183.83

The Virgins

 — Two college freshman find each other. by tommcgee07/26/084.23

The Wager

 — Older woman takes hunk's cherry. by No Panty Girl11/28/054.41

The Waitress Who Couldn't Wait

 — Shy Indian boy gets more than coffee. by noisymother05/27/083.65

The Walk

 — Two freshmen go for a walk and get caught in the rain. by JavaJoy232106/08/114.06

The Walk Ch. 02

 — The First Time. by JavaJoy232106/23/114.39

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 01

 — Debbie finds first man rub her mega-sized clit. by Amyfriend06/03/064.41

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 02

 — Debbie's man really revs up her mega sized clit. by Amyfriend06/10/064.53HOT

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 03

 — Debbie's mega-sized clit takes her to new heights. by Amyfriend06/17/064.32

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 04

 — Debbie finally loses her virginity. by Amyfriend06/28/064.47

The Way It Should Have Been

 — Her first time. by duke422711/06/034.27

The Wedding and Hilary

 — Lonely virgins find each other at a wedding reception. by story_lein10/26/054.20

The Wedding Dress

 — A bride needs help with her wedding dress. by Tarakin06/03/084.55HOT

The Wedding Night

 — A virgin bride is deflowered by her husband. by JKLust05/29/154.20

The Weekend Meeting

 — Two online lovers meet for the first time. by WyldBreeze11/18/034.23

The Weekend Meeting Ch. 02

 — Two lovers continue a weekend of many firsts. by WyldBreeze12/01/034.36

The Weekend on the Farm

 — A female is awakened into sexual maturity by a neighbor. by whm_kelly02/21/144.06

The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 01

 — His summer weekend is his unforgettable first. by spaldan02/01/124.69HOT

The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 02

 — The weekend heats up with Jenny and Brenda. by spaldan02/02/124.79HOT

The Whole Wide World

 — Big teens give each other what others won't. by nitelite3302/16/034.52HOT

The Wind's Pleasure

 — A girl's encounter with a stud sailor and an older couple. by Turnout12/08/143.93

The Winding Staircase

 — Paul finds his first time up the staircase. by sr71plt11/07/154.11

The Window

 — Mature lady takes a virgin. by venomlegions09/08/144.48

The Window Ch. 01

 — His first time with his now married childhood friend. by sebekhoteph12/19/044.56HOT

The Window Ch. 05

 — She watched him for a while. by catmanhunting12/17/064.47

The Woman on the Bus

 — Shy youth meets a lonely housewife. by truman503/09/144.28

The Woman Tribe Ch. 02

 — A young guy is kidnapped by a tribe of women. by TussUss01/29/173.26

The Women Tribe Ch. 01

 — A young guy is kidnapped by a tribe of women. by TussUss12/27/163.72

The World's Hottest Sitter Ch. 01

 — The oldest son get special attention. by Reminiscing02/07/084.24

The World's Hottest Sitter Ch. 02

 — First time: the sitter. Amazing. by Reminiscing03/01/084.26

The Wrong Ship

 — Paying my father's last debt. by oreolover1307/18/174.00

The Wrong Thing To Do

 — Nerd lost control and his virginity to gold digger stepmom. by loquere06/14/114.20

The Yearbook Girl Ch. 03

 — A hot photo shoot with oily sex marks Cindy's deflowering. by jehoram03/22/144.48

The Yellow Sundress

 — Sandy's sundress makes a difference! by PaulSandarac07/30/104.63HOT

The Young & The Beautiful

 — They find the time and place to lose their virginity. by jpw3334507/15/033.47

The Young Amish Angel Ch. 01

 — She left home for a new life... and finds help along the way by SecretlyCurious02/03/124.25

The Young Lieutenant

 — Kansas, 1869. by USMC0304/16/084.44

The Young Red-Headed Girl Ch. 01

 — She remembers her friend's first time, and plots... by critch7499703/06/114.03

The Youth Pastor

 — Taking the intern's virginity. by areaman0411/27/134.40

Their Best Homework Session

 — College couple share a special first time. by JammyJay02/23/064.48

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