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First Time Stories

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Their First Date

 — Timmy and Kimmie on a date. by Charles Petersunn02/11/074.72HOT

Their First Time

 — They do it for the first time. by mutepenguin05/06/093.97

Their First Time

 — Jack and Cassie experience love for the first time. by jfAfterDark08/07/164.47

Their First Time Ch. 2

 — They finally meet and sparks fly. by brgs08/03/023.33

Their First Toys Ch. 06

 — They find him! A virgin! But he won't be after this day! by leBonhomme05/15/133.75

Theory and Practise

 — Cute goth chick reveals a startling bedroom secret! by Spinneret02/06/104.58HOT

There is a First Time for Everything

 — Julie loses her cherry. by juliebamagirl03/10/164.08

There's a First Time for Everything

 — An older man and his gorgeous Sister-in-Law. by SSlutred7408/30/154.03

They'll Never Forget

 — Plus size teen loses virginity on Halloween. by KissyLilGirl0703/18/093.97

Thighs Wide Open

 — College guy meets babysitter. by Rockwell09/13/043.92

Thighs Wide Open Ch. 02

 — Gary seeks Dana, the dishy girl he lost his virginty with. by Rockwell01/25/054.02

Thighs Wide Open Ch. 03

 — Wet dreamer Gary, finally hooks up again with juicy Dana. by Rockwell01/31/054.41

Things Can Change Quickly

 — Meet the right kind of girl and things can change... quickly. by mrnoname9304/26/124.49

Things that Go Bump in the Night...

 — Being on call on Halloween night is the worst... by ChloeTzang10/27/154.53HOT

Things That Go Hump in the Night

 — Peter meets a ravishing girl on Halloween. by Stefan_J10/21/044.76HOT

Thirty Minutes to Go

 — An errand for a neighbour turns into a seduction. by spicules10/28/053.74

This Is How She Did It

 — Your wife finally makes you her cuckold. by whitetiger42007/27/164.39

This Is The Future!

 — The future is upon us. by firegod2k01/18/043.09

This Love

 — Seeing a friend in a whole new light. by Nimrods Son09/03/034.18

This One's On Me

 — is almost as satisfying as taking. by ragmamarag11/16/094.36

This Time Her Daughter

 — Her daughter is in love with him. by GWBosh10/02/074.55HOT

Thorny Rose Ch. 01

 — A mysterious new girl shows up in a quiet town. by JayDavid10/22/144.56HOT

Thorny Rose Ch. 02

 — Rose's secret is out and she and Dale are in danger. by JayDavid10/24/144.76HOT

Thorny Rose Ch. 03

 — Tragedy, love and, finally, sex, as the story ends. by JayDavid10/28/144.79HOT

Three Cock Whore

 — Her first time as a three cock whore won't be her last. by a1fiend10/08/153.64

Three Friends

 — Bisexual woman tells about losing her virginity. by millieteases09/24/064.66HOT

Three Stoner Chix - Blue Dream

 — Two high school hotties help their friend lose her cherry. by CHICA_and_the_MAN02/16/134.47

Three Stoner Chix - Blue Moonshine

 — High school hotties enjoy another day of crazy sex. by CHICA_and_the_MAN02/24/134.59HOT

Three Times a Lady - Her Chastity

 — Three times she gave me a gift you can only give once. by An Awful Cad06/21/104.47

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 01

 — Young man is given a helping hand. by seth_perm09/29/074.63HOT

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 02

 — Emma continues to coach Spencer in her inimitable way. by seth_perm10/09/074.72HOT

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 03

 — Can Spencer finally lose it? by seth_perm11/02/074.79HOT

Three Years

 — Reilly has waited three years for this moment. by Authoress3706/13/114.34

Through Changed Eyes

 — His high school crush's older sister becomes intrigued. by ableoneable07/14/084.14

Through Changed Eyes Ch. 02

 — The first part was kind of a tease. by ableoneable07/21/084.63HOT

Through The Lens

 — Telescopic Voyeur has dreams come true. by Millsy07/31/094.76HOT


 — Crossdressers first gay experience. by sissyfluff11/05/094.17

Tied Down

 — Samantha finally pushes Derek to far. by jazmyn90906/11/104.34

Tied to Each Other Ch. 01

 — A man spices up his marrage with a little bondage. by ZacNeuman11/25/024.26

Tied to Each Other Ch. 02

 — It's the Wife's turn to try a little bondage. by ZacNeuman11/26/024.30


 — His longtime crush is realized. by JayEll01/09/084.46

Tiffany and Marcus

 — She turns from shy teen to woman with photographer's help. by Pappageno03/25/074.42


 — Tiffany was a good girl and a virgin. by Slambeasty07/12/111.60

Tigers Eye

 — King trades Tiger Eye for Jasmine's virginity. by My Erotic Tail06/06/043.92

Tim's First Date

 — Tim's dad finds him a date. by dauq11/12/033.76

Tim's First Time

 — 18-year-old geek bags the head cheerleader. by Evil Princess01/21/033.99

Tim's First Time

 — Jennie questions her husband and is surprised by the answer. by MitchFraell12/01/124.35


 — Successful CEO tries to woo shy college student. by ekm508/18/103.53

Timid Ch. 02

 — They talk more and Anthony has a resolution. by ekm508/23/104.24

Tina's Awakening

 — Tina can't deny her desires any longer. by kittensdesirexoxo07/19/124.10

Tina's Confession

 — Young Tina must confess her sins. by LeCoach05/27/094.34

Tingle's The Word!

 — Being caught naked isn't necessarily a bad thing. by Frederick Carol05/30/044.65HOT

Tired of Waiting

 — How I actually lost my virginity. by fairytalefantasy07/30/123.81

To Be Just Like Her

 — She becomes jealous of her twin sisters confidence. by nextdoorwhore07/10/114.12

To Clumsy Feet and Prada Knockoff's

 — Devlin finally loses that pesky virginity within Tina. by Alainn04/17/074.69HOT

To Doug, My Mentor

 — Remembering the tutor who made her into a blowjob queen. by KellyP03/28/084.37

To Flee Or Not To Flee

 — Young man tries to resist the inevitable. by tarkatony04/25/054.64HOT

To Get a Passing Grade

 — A girl having a hard time in class enlists help. by Sean Renaud01/11/104.02

To Gillian on Her 19th Birthday

 — Couple gives sweet teen girl a present she won't soon forget. by darrkmysticrayvn03/01/134.31

To Have, & Have Not

 — Sometimes love isn't enough. by DekeJeffery05/16/044.62HOT

To Ma'am with Love

 — Teacher teaches him more than English. by dashyashy11601/03/173.67

Toe Bows

 — Innocently begun fun. by papadog05/08/044.02

Together For The First Time

 — An older man and young virgin find love together. by ulsterguy4506/03/08

Together, Together

 — Longtime friends find they are a perfect match. by shadywriter12/23/074.54HOT

Tokyo Health Spa

 — Virgin guy seeks relief at a sketch massage parlor. by TrueMouse09/25/06

Tom and Abbie

 — She takes her boyfriend's friend's virginity. by buttyninja07/27/093.91

Tom Best/Worst Week Pt. 01

 — Tom and his week adventure like naked boy toy for Eva. by Qwerto08/04/153.29

Tom's First

 — Eighteen year old Tom's first taste of pussy. by mangrove jack01/13/044.57HOT

Tom's First Ch. 02

 — Tom's first with Melissa. by mangrove jack01/19/044.72HOT

Tom's First Ch. 03

 — Tom's first adulterous wife. by mangrove jack02/19/044.65HOT

Tom's First Ch. 04

 — Toms first blow job and threesome. by mangrove jack02/25/044.72HOT

Tom's Torture

 — Taking Pam's virginity is not without its interruptions. by AddToWater12/30/074.09


 — New kid in town catches Tomboy's attention. by Slickman01/20/054.71HOT

Tomboy Ch. 02

 — Tomboy turns into a girl - and likes it. by Slickman02/05/054.76HOT

Tomboy Ch. 03

 — Basketball games start & cause a big problem. by Slickman02/27/054.71HOT

Tomboy Ch. 04

 — Do Tom and Jo get back together? by Slickman03/29/054.76HOT

Tomboy Ch. 05

 — Tom and Jo must make an important decision. by Slickman04/11/054.81HOT

TomBoy's Awakening Ch. 1

 — Young girl explores sex with friends' father. by Wilrun10/08/004.06

TomBoy's Awakening Ch. 2

 — Missy is taken for the first time. by Wilrun10/08/004.32

Tommie's First

 — Boy & Girl tease, touch, tongue and tango. by nighthawk2220412/28/094.00

Tommy & Michelle Ch. 1

 — Michelle takes his virginity. by Kemo12/08/004.14

Tommy and Amy

 — Older man seduced by young woman. by licksit07/22/074.43

Tommy and Betty

 — Tommy is seduced by a hottie coed. by licksit08/03/074.54HOT

Tommy and Mrs. Harris

 — He discovers the joy of pussy eating. by licksit07/01/074.60HOT

Tommy and Suzie

 — 18-year-old Suzie blackmails older man into sex. by licksit08/03/074.52HOT

Tommy's Graduation Present

 — The best grad present a guy can receive. by Tender8605/28/074.63HOT

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 01

 — His friend's Mum breaks him in. by TheTitLover12/08/094.64HOT

Tonight's the Night

 — What she wanted to do. by StarKat03/03/112.96

Too Far Gone Ch. 00

 — A taste of things to come. by Ihave_powers10/11/103.91

Too Hot To Handle

 — Fitst time sex for this shy Irish girl. by phantome7112/09/023.91

Top of the Line

 — Her first time giving a blow job and learning the rules. by DireLilith03/25/07HOT

Topless Photos

 — Girls decide to earn some extra money by Ashson12/08/124.38

Tori's Awakening

 — Shy, repressed virgin is really turned on. by 2naughty4u05/04/033.62


 — Something adds to her hurt. by nightmistress09/06/043.87

Touch Class Ch. 01

 — A young woman learns about sex. by Uzi_Johnson09/24/134.14

Touch Class Ch. 02

 — A young woman learns about sex. by Uzi_Johnson09/29/133.84

Touch Class Ch. 03

 — A young woman learns about sex. by Uzi_Johnson10/03/133.86

Touch Class Ch. 04

 — A young woman learns about sex. by Uzi_Johnson10/07/133.82

Touch Class Ch. 05

 — A young woman learns about sex. by Uzi_Johnson10/10/133.68

Touch It, Emily

 — Shy college girl finds a sleeping older man. by sam804/30/114.63HOT

Touch of a Hand

 — For some, Halloween carnival takes an enticing turn. by Sabledrake10/04/044.66HOT

Touched for the Very First Time

 — Day tanning resulted in breasts being touched and more. by Racqel08/04/094.31

Tough Nut to Swallow

 — The story of my first, incredibly awkward blow job. by Slipperywhenwett08/07/124.30

Towering Passion

 — One-time fluke becomes special on the tower. by Rumple Foreskin03/31/044.42

Tracey Ch. 01

 — Coed rents room in horny 18-year-old's house. by woody_strokem11/04/044.61HOT

Tracey Ch. 02

 — Steve really likes Tracey. by woody_strokem11/09/044.74HOT

Tracey Ch. 03

 — Steve & Tracey have the house to themselves. by woody_strokem02/09/054.76HOT

Trading in Our "V-Cards"

 — It's Jordan's b-day, but she's the one giving him a present. by Cheer_Smartie52604/08/124.17

Trailer Trash

 — A MILF teaches a virgin teenager about sex. by Vysis01/19/154.56HOT

Trailer Trash Ch. 01

 — Candee discovers best part of being an adult. by blndEE02/27/044.29

Trailer Trash Ch. 01

 — Rich boy meets girl of his dreams however... by Slickman08/08/064.76HOT

Trailer Trash Ch. 02

 — Candee finds out a little more. by blndEE03/09/044.43

Trailer Trash Ch. 02

 — He continues to go after girl from wrong side of tracks. by Slickman09/02/064.76HOT

Trailer Trash Ch. 03

 — Does rich boy finally get the Trailer Trash girl? by Slickman09/29/064.82HOT

Train Journey

 — His vivid dream cum true. by maanmathan_playboy10/30/063.39

Training the Nanny

 — Story of how Mr. Antonio trained me to give him pleasure. by LadyShianne01/28/144.05

Trapped Together

 — Teaching a Friend the Pleasures of Sex. by spaldan02/12/164.69HOT

Travelers Aide

 — Young sailor in the 1950s meets an older widow. by baresrus11/05/054.48

Trevor Meets His New Doctor

 — 18-year-old virgin guy has an unforgettable exam. by alan901/13/074.57HOT

Trial By Sperm

 — The trial lawyer and the exchange student. by jallen94403/15/044.46

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