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Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 05

 — Singapore virgin Selena struggles to resist temptation. by BeamMeUp09/01/084.38

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 06

 — Singapore virgin Selena sizes up a masterful sexy seducer. by BeamMeUp09/27/084.44

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 08

 — Submissive Selena gets down daring and dirty. by BeamMeUp11/08/084.46

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 10

 — Hot seduction, steamy sex & two pussies in wild catfight. by BeamMeUp01/06/094.52HOT

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 11

 — Two women rip clothes off each other in catfight. by BeamMeUp01/29/094.38

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 12

 — FINAL: a touching, absolutely erotic & sexy fairy tale finale. by BeamMeUp03/11/094.66HOT

Asian Massage Parlor - First Visit

 — A shy and virgin guy visits an Asian massage parlor. by Franchise1106/01/164.00

Ask For It

 — A girl learns how to ask for what she really wants. by lgdreams03/05/164.06

Ask You?

 — Should you ask before seducing someone? by Ashson05/02/134.30

Asking Ellie - May Out

 — Getting laid in Mornsville Nebraska. by abroadsword12/31/123.92

Askook Becomes a Man

 — Young Indian boy encounters two white women settlers by walterio05/14/144.24


 — Young people need to learn. by voluptuary_manque04/02/114.39

Ass Fucked by a Giant

 — Young lass gets pounded by a gargantuan cock by AnaLeePleasured11/01/114.08

Assisting My Lactating Bhabi

 — How helping out my sister-in-law leads to virginity loss. by NotepadAura12/17/163.97

At First Hand

 — Her very first orgasm. by hroy209/02/043.90

At Her Soccer Game

 — I hookup with my girlfriend at her soccer game. by highschoolhookup06/15/143.50

At Last

 — College students lose virginity during a private spring break. by secrets272903/09/073.92

At Last

 — Young man finally manages to bang the girl he's wanted. by Blackarrow201/03/174.04

At Last Pt. 02

 — Young man gets a blowjob from her. by Blackarrow201/05/174.38

At Last, Free

 — From watching to learning, she learned to be free at last! by MidnightBRose01/17/122.48

At My Friend's House

 — Friends experiment. by Ashson04/03/154.24

At Nineteen

 — See how hot sex at 19 was for the first time. by Theresa Moore05/24/013.70

At the Lake with Chassidy

 — Scott pops Chassidy's cherry. by studrelease07/11/174.28

At the Villa Ch. 03

 — 'Sam... it's breaking. Augh it hurts Sam it hurts. Ahhhh.' by uvlas4503/01/094.39

At the Villa Ch. 05

 — Bastard. aaauuchch. aaaaahhh.You bastard. Not in my arse. by uvlas4505/28/094.13

Ate out Boss to Get off Work Early

 — 18y/o student gets new lady-boss. by cinnabutt05/21/193.87

Athena Unleashed

 — Overprotected heiress finally gains her freedom. by fastandsloppy03/24/114.20

Au P(h)air Ch 1

 — He walks in on an undressing, hairy Silvia. by belab08/01/023.75

Au P(h)air Ch. 2

 — He loses his virginity to his hirusite honey. by belab08/02/023.89

Audition Preparation

 — A young ballet dancer asks a neighbor to help. by barnabus05/11/034.59HOT


 — New lovers first time together. by Rabbithabitdrc08/21/184.50HOT

August Rain

 — Peter loses his virginity during a summer rainstorm. by The_Unicorn08/25/094.50HOT

Aunt Charlene

 — His mom's best friend helps him out. by biiigboy3703/22/104.17

Aunt Em Ch. 01

 — How my aunt and I lost our virginity together. by Falling4U01/23/123.84

Aunt Em Ch. 02

 — More on how we lost our virginity together. by Falling4U01/24/124.52HOT

Aunt Em Ch. 03

 — Enjoying having lost our virginity together. by Falling4U01/25/124.64HOT

Aunt Natalie Has a Friend

 — I meet a friend and co-worker of Aunt Natalie. by Fred117702/06/103.43

Aunt's Boy Toy Ch. 02

 — First Time - Virginity Lost. by amorouslion08/16/17

Austin's Senior Prom

 — Austin & Kacey share a very special prom night. by Moonraker_Bond00711/09/044.22

Author of Love Ch. 01

 — Virgin businesswoman learns about love and sex. by Darknessreignsbeauty09/20/094.06

Author of Love Ch. 02

 — Gwen's self discovery continues in this second installment.. by Darknessreignsbeauty12/03/094.23

Ava's Fantasy

 — Truth or dare, will Ava's fantasy come true? by Lacey_St_Sin01/10/154.18

Avalon of Hartshorn Hill

 — The first born daughter of Evan and Fallon falls in love. by lindiana12/10/053.91

Average Joe Ch. 01

 — Joey, learns of his past and moves out on his own. by DG Hear05/12/114.57HOT

Average Joe Ch. 03

 — Mary teaches Joey about women. Joey's first time. by DG Hear05/16/114.59HOT

Avery Screws the Virgin, Sage

 — A virgin college student gets deflowered by a friend. by Cutiecat08/07/133.42


 — He seduces her with an unexpected kiss. by WetBlossom02/21/114.60HOT

Awakening - A Sex Story Ch. 01

 — The sexual awakening of a young co-ed. by NickyHarlotte01/17/193.94

Awakening - A Sex Story Ch. 02

 — The sexual awakening of a young co-ed. by NickyHarlotte01/18/194.12

Awakening - A Sex Story Ch. 03

 — The sexual awakening of a young co-ed. by NickyHarlotte01/19/194.09

Awakening a Shy Friend's Sexuality

 — A virgin friend asks me to help her develop her sexuality. by TheOtherTeacher02/08/174.45

Awakening Amelia's Malomar

 — Losing it to the porno clerk. by Christian Black08/11/034.44

Awakening Ch. 01

 — First times aren't supposed to be this good! by juci_luci02/26/114.33

Awakening Ch. 01

 — An angst filled young man trying to find his way. by KavehNush05/01/124.32Editor's Pick

Awakening Ch. 02

 — An angst filled young man begins his sexual experience. by KavehNush05/02/124.43

Awakening Ch. 03

 — An angst filled young man is taught how to satisfy a woman. by KavehNush05/03/124.58HOT

Awakening Ch. 04

 — Rescue. by KavehNush05/10/124.15

Awakening Jessica

 — 65-years old virgin losses cherry to young man. by beth2smith08/04/174.58HOT

Awakening of Sensuality

 — Her enlightenment into the ways of love and lust.. by TheHuntress03/12/073.77


 — The story of two young students finding each other. by DrPolaris11/28/164.49

Awakenings Pt. 01

 — First time gay. by Mist2Rain04/03/154.11

Awesome Sexual Immersion

 — All summer women open up for this college bound guy. by egmontgrigor201008/29/104.43

Awkward Moments

 — Awkward moments can lead to tantalizing fun. by Solitary_Thinker09/11/054.75HOTContest Winner

Aye pet, aal the way

 — An experiment with dialect by Alex De Kok12/23/024.31


 — My daughter's friend comes of age. by lionsex09/25/104.29

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 01

 — College is where you try new things, right? by youngwriter4210/31/174.66HOT

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 02

 — Caught in the shower... what's a boy to do? by youngwriter4212/01/174.69HOT

B.M.O.C. - Big Man on Campus Pt. 03

 — A brief encounter under the bleachers. by youngwriter4201/06/184.58HOT

Baby Oil Bad Boy

 — Sarah's Saturday morning with her hunky housemate. by Miss_Elizabeth12/13/144.67HOT

Baby Sister

 — She falls for sister's boyfriend. by Dar_Jisbo03/06/143.91

Baby Sitter's Curiosity

 — Why have you got an erection? by Ashson06/12/144.41

Baby Sitting

 — First time with a woman. by Koreangal01/31/094.16


 — Two 18 year olds in their final year of high school. by primipatchouli08/16/084.02

BabySitter Asleep

 — She fell asleep by the fire. by Ashson09/22/174.34

BabySitter Bribe

 — He made the sitter an offer for extra duties. by Ashson10/04/164.30

BabySitter Curious

 — Sitter shows her interest in things hidden. by Ashson07/30/154.20

BabySitter Despondent

 — Sitter needs to talk out her problems. by Ashson11/21/143.95

BabySitter Is Depressed

 — Sitter seemed a bit depressed. Why? by Ashson07/13/144.41

BabySitter Logical

 — Logically, she needed to be laid. by Ashson03/06/164.23

Babysitter Nikki

 — In order to keep control Nikki gives a handjob. by Sean Renaud02/17/093.92

BabySitter on a Hot Night

 — Sitter sleeps over on a very hot night. by Ashson12/28/154.29

Babysitter On Camera

 — While sitting, the babysitter uses the computer camera. by Ashson10/23/134.27

Babysitter Rin

 — A father orders a very special sitter for his son. by Sean Renaud10/18/134.23

Babysitter's Fantasy Comes True

 — I just couldn't resist the sight in front of me. by HorneyDevil6909/30/084.15

BabySitter's Infatuation

 — Sitter is infatuated with one of the men she sits for. by Ashson11/04/144.23

BabySitter's Instruction

 — Her mother gave her warnings about fathers she sat for by Ashson01/16/144.48

BabySitter's Modesty

 — An argument over modesty and exhibitionism. by Ashson04/16/154.31

BabySitter's Night

 — Seduced by her employer. by Ashson02/14/184.32

BabySitter's Porn

 — The sitter watches porn. by Ashson04/19/144.36

BabySitter's Teacher

 — She found herself sitting for her teacher. by Ashson02/07/174.37


 — Sexy, sweet Cheri loses her virginity on babysitting job. by ludboy11/14/054.06


 — Virgin babysits for wild divorcee. by MNGuy12/04/004.45

Babysitting Blowjob

 — Male babysitter gets paid in style. by jakkinmd07/28/023.80

Babysitting Daddy Ch. 01

 — Beautiful Live-in Nanny takes care of Daddy. by luvrobbijo10/05/114.07

Babysitting Daddy Ch. 02

 — Beautiful Live-in Nanny takes care of Daddy... by luvrobbijo10/11/114.18

Babysitting Daddy Ch. 03

 — Beautiful Live-in Nanny takes care of Daddy... by luvrobbijo10/19/114.31

Babysitting Is A Hard Job

 — Gianna's Finnish experiences. by Gianna09/23/033.95

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending

 — Two cellists make beautiful music together. by ReefBeach08/25/154.74HOT

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 02

 — Lena discovers the joys of being eaten. by ReefBeach09/10/154.60HOT

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 03

 — Lena makes more discoveries; Pachelbel joins in. by ReefBeach11/10/154.65HOT

Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending Ch. 04

 — Jack and Lena, now with George - and Carl Orff. by ReefBeach04/09/164.67HOT

Back Dive Ch. 06

 — Teens Learn the Hard Way. by Strawberry_205107/15/114.43

Back Dive Ch. 09

 — ‘Skip to the Good Part’ with Sarah and Sullivan. by Strawberry_205107/18/114.57HOT

Back for More

 — Kara takes Joe's virginity - but whose favor is it? by Scheherazade7311/02/124.51HOT

Back Seat Driver

 — She struggles with selling her car to the right buyer. by fogbank06/20/054.52HOT

Bad Beginning but a Fabulous Ending

 — First Time Thorough Althletic Scholarship Physical Exam by Ingrid11B10/16/164.24

Bad Boy

 — Strolling on the beach, she meets an old enemy. by Ashson11/28/144.39

Bad Boy Ch. 01

 — It's time to teach teacher a lesson. by Amelia_Peach07/03/043.98

Bad Boy Ch. 02

 — It's time to teach teacher a lesson. by Amelia_Peach07/04/044.12

Bad Dolly

 — Virgin teen hooks up with best friend's father. by bad_kitty2207/09/124.21

Bad Dolly Ch. 02

 — Mr. Wells takes advantage of Dolly's innocence again. by bad_kitty2207/12/124.38

Bad Dolly Ch. 03

 — Mr. Wells takes Dolly home. by bad_kitty2207/14/124.53HOT

Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 04 - The New Batch Ch. 02

 — Taking some more back-Meeting someone / disastrous results!! by mondotoken04/04/194.71HOT

Badger Brings Me Out

 — Remembering that first time with Badger. by alexcarr06/14/123.81

Baise-moi, Mon Amant

 — He meets an old French friend, then her friend! by ReefBeach05/01/194.67HOT


 — Fiancée finds satisfaction with stranger. by keriya09/24/04

Band Camping

 — This one time while camping... by rexspaulding06/06/184.84HOT

Band Geeks

 — Two band geeks have sex for the first time. by Bountytorag04/20/183.83

Banging my Best Friend's Brother

 — Anne kills some time in between classes. by thirstygirlll03/22/164.01

Banging My Mom's Hot Friend Pt. 01

 — Having sex with a unsatisfied married woman by Eyuder06/27/173.49

Banging My Mom's Hot Friend Pt. 02

 — Second part of the story about my sexual relation w/ Amanda. by Eyuder07/25/174.15

Banished to Purgatory

 — The town gets their cannery, Raewyn gets hers. by dass445003/26/074.49

Barbara and Johnny Learn

 — Young lovers learn from each other and Mom. by theoutcast02/04/183.80

Barbarian and the Class Good Girl

 — Making the good girl go bad. by BeardedBarbarian10/16/183.65

Barbarian Crashes a Wedding

 — Runaway bride cheats. by BeardedBarbarian09/30/164.20

Barbarian Fucks Rival Cheerleader

 — Final chapter of high school foolery. by BeardedBarbarian10/29/164.17

Barbarian in Vegas

 — Barbarian meets stunt woman. by BeardedBarbarian10/01/164.18

Barbarian Recounts High School Lust

 — Barbarian pops high school cheer cherry. by BeardedBarbarian10/07/164.15

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 08

 — A group encounter leads to Lisa's first time with a man. by Artist104/13/094.69HOT

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 10

 — Shy Chhaya reluctantly seeks a sexual education. by Artist104/15/094.69HOT

Barely Legal Ch. 01

 — Just old enough for a real man. by KenJames08/06/044.58HOT

Barenaked Ladies

 — Music fan finds love with a shy busty teen. by Medicine Hat12/25/044.32

Barnaby's First Time

 — There's a first time for everything - including sex! by Adrian6970200605/13/093.41

Bú cuò, not bad!

 — Visitor discovers Chinese mother and her daughter. by LaTourEiffel10/17/164.63HOT

BBW Samantha and Mitch

 — Samantha's first time is with her online love. by SexiBBW03/22/084.43

Be Fruitful and Multiply

 — After a world-wide disaster, new rules take effect. by barnabus10/12/104.26

Be It a Fairytale...Fuck?

 — A man living within social 'norms' begins adventure beyond. by RuskaBridgitte05/03/173.61

Be Prepared

 — First time sex at scout camp. by DimensionOfDesire04/13/164.66HOT

Beach Bullies

 — Young woman has a narrow escape at the beach. by Ashson12/19/124.49

Beach Holiday Ch. 01

 — Sun, sand & surf, start something sexy. by ReefBeach02/26/144.43

Beach Party

 — Young woman is offered as a prize. by Ashson02/24/134.38


 — Fated meeting of man and beast. by Clark8401/16/183.44


 — An unforgettable night with the one she'd always loved. by kinky_in_helsinki04/09/084.21

Beautiful 30 yr Old Mexican Virgin

 — But, tonight I will make a woman of you. by Pultoy04/29/124.59HOT

Beautiful Men

 — The PRISM Designs Team Moves Into a New Erotic Production. by Jonathan_Stone05/04/194.20

Beautiful Prey Ch. 02

 — Vera takes charge of the creepy man across the street. by Lovelessly04/06/184.00

Beautiful Scars

 — She hurt him, but he helps her. by BrokenGrace03/31/114.47


 — Beautiful woman wants to become a model. by Ashson01/15/154.47

Beauty and the Beast

 — A vigin is seduced by a photographer. by DariusTDK05/11/094.08

Beauty Queen

 — A young queen, ripe for seduction. by Ashson07/11/144.37

Because I Care

 — To get a second chance, you've got to take that chance. by MrPezman07/03/134.65HOT

Because There's a First Time...

 — A mild foot fetish fantasy. by alsgal05/22/053.81

Becca & Daniel: Dirty Laundry

 — What starts out as a chore, ends with a new 'experience'. by braves1011/17/093.85

Becca and Jen

 — Becca gives her best friend a taste of lesbian love. by browndream7211/25/023.87

Becca's Coming of Age

 — Becca's 18th birthday is more than she expected. by Moonraker_Bond00701/21/054.19

Becca's New Experience

 — After watching Jenn and DJ, Becca learns something new. by WhO206/14/184.29

Becca's Revenge Pt. 03

 — Becca gets a little help for school. by Baby199308/28/183.95

Beckie's Purity Ring

 — A vow of abstinence is no match for teenage hormones. by MommyMaker04/20/192.83

Becky Ch. 09

 — Becky proves to everyone she's truly sorry. by Many Feathers08/13/114.58HOT

Becky Charlotte Waters: My First Blowjob

 — Stood up, Charlie gets his first blowjob. by electropriest09/02/104.64HOT

Becoming A Hero, & A Man

 — 18 year-old comes to her rescue & loses his virginity. by Nigel06/28/024.73HOTContest Winner

Becoming A Slut

 — Justin kidnaps virgin Siobhan and teaches her everything. by deepemerald02/26/044.33

Becoming Bree Ch. 06

 — Sabrina's First time with a hot Latin stud. by BrettJ05/23/054.52HOT

Becoming Gem Ch. 01: Confidence

 — A young woman ends up in the cabin of a sexy ski instructor. by LadyMireille10/10/174.71HOT

Becoming the School Slut

 — Jess just wants to lose her virginity. by QT_Pie12309/27/184.02

Becoming Toni

 — Teenager at the glory hole gets anal. by spitzharder03/15/194.46

Bed & Breakfast

 — Salesmen has to stay overnight at a B&B. by Ashson08/13/144.44

Bedroom Antics

 — Victorian Cautionary Tale concerning two young people. by snoopercharmbrights05/20/094.03


 — Diane has another erotic adventure. by MathGirl08/19/024.48

Beebe and Petey Ch. 01

 — Petey discovers her first fetish. by Valendon12/17/154.48

Beebe and Petey Ch. 02

 — Virgins no more - and girly kisses. by Valendon12/19/154.37

Beebe and Petey Ch. 03

 — Petey and Dene - Girls Just Wanna Have--SEX. by Valendon12/20/154.51HOT

Before 01

 — A Mature Woman Remembers Her Early Years. by Jacqueline195101/31/174.33


 — My life and marriage. The early years. by Hotwife80506/05/174.25

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 01

 — Young novice's first time by Scot123406/11/134.21

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 02

 — Sister Maria is punished. Father Thomas is pleasured. by Scot123407/17/134.15

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 03

 — Mother Superior gets involved. by Scot123408/04/134.25

Being a Man

 — How he behaves when Mom isn't around matters. by Scorpio44a12/15/084.69HOT

Being Dominant

 — I met a woman online who asked me to be dominant for her. by Sexybeast889910/07/184.48

Being Kate

 — A widower falls for his babysitter. by xtcnymphette05/02/054.48

Being Laila

 — Shy girl loses inhibitions when mistaken for her slut cousin. by deepemerald01/21/074.32

Being Photographed For Portfolio Ch. 02

 — Steamroom Surprise by Racqel08/02/104.39

Being with "Sister" Ch. 01

 — Disabled college guy gets help from sexy friend. by alton10109/08/053.83

Being with "Sister" Ch. 02

 — he loses his nervousness by alton10111/25/054.05

Belated Buddy's Bonding

 — Four buddies open the door on some new bonding experiences. by ozzietosser04/27/164.02


 — A Special Story in Honour of "blin18". by PaulSandarac08/20/154.60HOT

Belinda - Safe Sex

 — Dating couple practice safe sex by dry humping. by FICTION_WRITER02/06/124.19

Bent Double

 — Tim helps Nurah when she's bent double... by cybersky09/24/164.43

Berry's Second Chances Ch. 01

 — One girl, two loves, same family. by PacoFear03/18/104.77HOT

Best Camp Ever

 — I meet a counselor at camp who shares some similar interests. by coleswhore412/08/164.05

Best Choice

 — The best choice I made was giving him my virginity. by stickivicki06/19/124.28

Best Friend Takes My Virginity

 — My best friend cheated on her boyfriend to take my virginity. by ThorSyndrome01/31/193.64

Best Friend Turned Lover

 — Long time friend takes my virginity at my 19th birthday by PurpleParadise02/09/174.25

Best Friend's Mom

 — Kevin's first time with a woman (a sequel to Cumbox). by TaraJean06/29/154.53HOT

Best Friend?

 — Xavier, my best friend, fucks me. by serephina26509/27/114.35

Best Friends

 — They used to be best friends, but sex changed everything. by meibuo08/12/023.26

Best Friends

 — She takes her male best friend's virginity. by stowriter02/12/05

Best Friends

 — Best friends experiment for first time. by Patrick238011/25/064.20

Best Friends

 — Best friends lose their virginity. by SlamDuncan11/10/134.46

Best Friends

 — Bob loses his virginity to his best friend. by Maria2406/25/173.90

Best Friends

 — How far will these two friends go? by HardAlyx06/02/174.21

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Jae makes her decision. by Serinitee06/04/094.66HOT

Best Friends Discover... Each Other

 — Best friends forever make significant discoveries together. by d4c4c801/31/124.42

Best Friends Forever

 — Two best friends have fun together after school. by jbwalker09/07/034.29

Best Friends Forever Ch. 01

 — A tale of discovery between best friends. by GreatWhiteNorthern09/17/074.71HOT

Best Friends Forever Ch. 02

 — Best friends relationship blossoms. by GreatWhiteNorthern07/31/084.72HOT

Best Friends Forever Ch. 03

 — A blossoming relationship continues. by GreatWhiteNorthern02/05/114.71HOT

Best Friends Forever!

 — We share everything, even my dildo. by CallieLife12/23/184.68HOT

Best Gift of My Life

 — He gets the surprise of his lifetime. by robhasby08/25/154.25

Best in Class

 — Bryce and Lauren meet in high school. by Verticalize02/25/183.59

Best on Board

 — Virgin Bob gets a full service upgrade from Economy by blin1808/21/144.77HOT

Best Sleepover Ever

 — My friend's mom catches me; kinkiness ensues. by ThothAcolyte04/19/144.52HOT

Best Slumber Party Ever Ch. 03

 — The surprises just keep coming. by JoannaK04/29/03HOT

Best Summer Ever

 — Nineteen and haven't been laid, starting college soon. by DG Hear08/25/114.49

Beth & Michael

 — The woman of his dreams finally becomes his. by LSanders08/14/084.76HOT

Beth and her Avatars

 — She was High Maintenance. by SierraSprite01/24/174.30

Beth and Tate

 — BBW Beth gives her virginity to Tate. by opus3310/15/144.36

Beth Learns Something New

 — Beth loses her virginity - in many ways. by Clayton04/10/083.95

Beth Makes Me a Man

 — Sister's friend takes 18-year-old's cherry. by Bakeboss08/15/103.96

Beth Tries Something New

 — Beth doesn't want to be a virgin anymore. by thinkspw12/23/063.19


 — A girl, her lover, his betrayal. by kelly_kelly08/16/093.31


 — Teen crush leads to first time. by txbiker07/10/024.20

Better Late

 — A young couple. Eventually happy together. by brainfade10/12/184.43

Better Late Than Never

 — Older virgin finds passion with best friend. by xavi287104/28/054.39

Better Late Than Never

 — My first sexual encounter. by lovercat294209/22/103.76

Better Late Than Never

 — The old maid school teacher and the former jock? by Tara_Neale12/31/124.37

Better Than a Hairbrush

 — Claiming a young maiden's maiden head. by txcapncock03/19/154.16

Better Than Before: Charlie & Mike

 — Best friends discover more than friendship. by juanwildone03/08/03

Better Than Before: Charlie & Mike Ch. 02

 — They explore a new relationship. by juanwildone03/12/03

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