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Better Than Before: Charlie & Mike Ch. 03

 — It just keeps getting better. by juanwildone03/31/03

Better Than Icicles

 — The icicle lady had sweeter goodies that he wanted to try. by blackstroker09/15/184.24

Better Than the Books

 — Friends from the internet meet in person for the first time. by angelx60203/11/074.05

Better Then Before: Charlie and Michael

 — They go all the way. by juanwildone06/12/034.52HOT


 — Betty to fulfill her fantasy to suck an older man. by S3hari01/18/193.57

Between the Trees

 — A woman asks a man if she can see him undressed. by princeof_parties05/15/154.35

Beware Of Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

 — Harvard freshman Linda meets dorm assistant. by maggie200209/29/044.08

Beware the Quiet One

 — Two ugly ducklings are better than one! by YDB9506/20/144.69HOT

Beyond Expectations

 — Eager young man is instructed by kindly prostitute. by onlyinadream02/13/044.61HOT

Beyond the Fence

 — Elina finds love on other side of conflict. by TheHiddenPen11/29/144.60HOT


 — A guy thinks she is a virgin. by Bhavita10/25/023.88

Bhavita Ch. 02

 — The Beast has ravished the virgin. by Bhavita10/26/023.68

Bi Bi Naples

 — Serviceman learns about bisexual sex in Naples, Italy. by walterio05/24/104.57HOT

Bi Boyfriend?

 — First ménage à trois with bi-sexual men. by APRILBLOSSUMS10/27/174.31

Bianca's First Time

 — Having fun with trent. by Cutebritt12/17/103.06

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 01

 — A daughter's friend needs more from her father figure. by TimSchmidt11/30/104.43

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 02

 — A daughter's friend unwraps more presents. by TimSchmidt12/09/104.65HOT

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 03

 — A daughter's friend is overwhelmed. by TimSchmidt12/16/104.63HOT

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 04

 — A daughter's friend is ready for the slightly unusual. by TimSchmidt01/11/114.65HOT

Bible College Pt. 01

 — Anna goes on a first date with guy at Bible College by alaskanbelle10/05/184.34

Bible College Pt. 02

 — Anna is enormously aroused and takes things in hand. by alaskanbelle12/22/184.09

Big Beautiful Babs

 — 18-year-old BBW takes young guy's virginity. by NiceGuyInVa09/24/054.20

Big Brother No More

 — Guy looses Big Brother label to long-time female friend. by wombat7612/21/07

Big Brother's Best Friend

 — I never thought he'd be my first... by j_bakergal02/15/194.24

Big Butt Chronicles: Yvette

 — Losing his virginity to his cousin... by mondotoken01/31/164.44

Big Dick

 — A miner's son gets married. by BiancaOldman03/16/113.77

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOM01/13/114.11

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOM01/14/114.06

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 03

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOM01/15/114.11

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 04

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOM01/16/114.28

Big n Blessed

 — A sheltered teen starts down the road of sexual discovery. by SabinGerad10/03/124.22

Big Virgins

 — Big man loses virginity to large & sexy girlfriend. by Samuelx09/26/063.67

Big vs. Small

 — A small woman meets a big man. by Ashson10/13/164.47

Bigger or Better

 — His first time, but not hers! by Witchazel08/28/104.66HOT

Biggest Boobs in Guyana

 — Indian-American teen and busty Indo-Guyanese cougar. by al_Ussa05/01/104.04

Bikes, Cars and First Time

 — A bike ride leads to his seduction. by lovingfingers09/26/114.47


 — Young woman had an unfortunate bikini mishap. by Ashson01/20/154.41

Bill & Mousey Ch. 01

 — Lock, Bookworm and fur love in College. by FurLove02/26/064.56HOT

Bill & Mousey Ch. 02

 — Jock, bookworm and fur love. by FurLove02/28/064.68HOT

Bill & Mousey Ch. 03

 — Jock, bookworm and fur love in College. by FurLove03/02/064.61HOT

Bill & Mousey Ch. 04

 — An unexpected future fulfilled. by FurLove03/02/064.73HOT


 — Virgin co-ed discovers the joy of sex...with a bang. by jimewest10/14/074.47

Billy's First Time

 — I find my son's best friend drunk in the street. by DonnasDream11/11/174.09

Biology, for Miss Gutter

 — Rachel gets extra biology tutoring. by brasso71107/17/134.03

Bird With a Broken Wing

 — Dealing with a crippled girl, intimate situations. by stonedcrab10/06/133.52

Birth of a Speedster Ch. 01

 — Prom, losing his virginity, a breakup, and a death sentence. by Barry_Allen05/24/163.46


 — He is her birthday gift. by Hamptonscat09/07/163.81

Birthday Gift

 — His girlfriend's first sex. by hotpunjabiin06/24/052.87

Birthday Girl

 — Captain of the basketball team has a present for her. by mind_sex04/27/113.52

Birthday Girl Ch. 1

 — Horny widow seduces friend's son. by Frederick Carol02/22/014.52HOT

Birthday Present

 — Jordan finally is 18 and his girlfriend has plans. by Osiris1805/18/123.89

Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — Jordan finally is 18 and Rachel hasn't yet finished with him. by Osiris1806/06/124.00

Birthday Surprise

 — Rosa goes out for her bday and gets more than she expected. by CallMeKitten0906/12/184.58HOT

Birthday Surprise From Janice

 — Virgin male finds best friend's mother most accommodating. by Rex Siter12/09/044.55HOT

Birthdays Suck

 — This year might be a change though. by Sean Renaud09/24/094.11

Bisexual Sheela with Her Lovers

 — Erotic couplings of Sheela Aunty with virgin young men. by sheelarohith08/26/064.40

Bittersweet Memories

 — A walk down memory lane with a lost love. by Perfectionunperfected08/29/184.46

BJ on First Street

 — First date ending in a blow job on a public street. by NellieMae03/14/182.87

Black Angel and Golden Butterfly

 — They find love amidst pain. by senbonzakurah10/11/064.27

Black Book Diary Entry: Aileen

 — I had a lot of firsts with Aileen. by PositiveThinker12/16/093.79

Black Lover Girl

 — Love on the Go-Go. by TediumsShadow12/29/172.95

Black Man and Arab Queen

 — Lebanese woman seduces Black male virgin in London. by Samuelx03/17/123.48

Black Market

 — He interrupted a mugging. It changed his life. by blackrandl195802/06/184.71HOT

Black Muslim Love Story

 — How Ali Mustapha met his wife Farina in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/20/143.19

Black Noodles with Special Sauce

 — A surprising first date for a young couple. by miguelandal04/19/144.15

Black Teacher

 — Lucky guy loses his virginity to his ebony English teacher. by RandomStorywriter0190405/26/134.17

Black Women Still Love Black Men

 — Black female wrestler seduces virgin black athlete. by Samuelx11/01/082.82

Blackmailed Bride Ch. 06

 — Brooke & Tanner's Wedding Night, their marriage consummated. by Thors_Fist01/05/194.34

Blackmailed by French Teacher Ch. 01

 — Ms. Mercier is my last chance to go over to the next year. by Giovanni200003/28/193.99

Blacks Beach

 — Two girls trip of discovery by TxRad04/14/074.28

Blind Date

 — Not all blind dates turn out badly. by dejectedgeek05/21/044.66HOT

Blind Date

 — A shy girl's first time starts in a pub. by maanmathan_playboy11/30/053.53

Blind Date

 — Her first time goes well. by Pineapple508/07/073.63

Blind Date

 — A blind boy has his first time. by D3vilfish08/12/134.15

Blind Love

 — A blind woman has her first experience. by Pop-O03/30/044.65HOT

Blind Love

 — You never forget your first time. by Tastyquim02/04/074.00

Blind Love Ch. 02

 — More from Ann & Stan. by Pop-O07/17/044.74HOT

Blind Love Ch. 03

 — Ann & Stan continue. by Pop-O08/13/044.70HOT

Blinded Ch. 01

 — Jamie has an unconventional sexual encounter. by NightEagle_real05/19/144.42

Blizzard Climbs

 — Booty calls, or in this case texts, are never a bad idea... by WindowNinja01/06/113.08

Blonde Ambition

 — I drive up the long winding driveway... by SweetGeorgiaBelle01/22/093.72

Bloody Job

 — Even a boring job has its moments. by Ashson04/17/154.39


 — Personal Instructions. by Suburb07/21/194.20

Blossom Goes to the Opera

 — My dance student invites me to the opera. She's always horny. by searing8708/17/193.56NEW

Blow-job Initiation

 — Her first time giving head holds new surprises. by BadGirlWithin03/17/063.99

Blowing Joe

 — Curious girl gives friend's virgin brother his first blowjob. by Scheherazade7310/14/124.43

Blowjob for a Brand New Man

 — A lady of the evening makes my trip perfect. by aden46y03/03/173.48

Blown By The Beat

 — She performs her first hand & blowjob in a nightclub. by jessicarabbit2407/12/094.34

Blue Balls

 — A freshman student has a big cock. by rhinotoons04/13/044.54HOT

Blue Christmas

 — Rich but lonely and miserable at Christmas - then, no petrol! by brainfade11/30/104.52HOT

Blue Eyes Crying in Pain

 — Her first time turns from ecstasy to tragedy. by sarahhh08/04/09HOT

Blueberry Hill

 — Susannah is out of her depth. by SirDuction04/05/134.34

Blushing Bridegroom

 — Jeremy Harper becomes a man on his wedding night. by Dash_Andrews6907/02/063.84

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 01

 — College stud seduces a good Christian girl. by TripleL06/30/134.46

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 02

 — Stud student goes cherry-picking. by TripleL07/23/134.71HOT

BMOC: The Innocent Ch. 03

 — A virgin starts learning how to be a slut. by TripleL09/06/134.66HOT

Boarding School Blowjob

 — Story of two rugby boys exploring each other. by HaskellHacker12/08/184.11

Boat Girl

 — Chinese woman student get academic advice - plus! by XXscribbler06/23/184.42

Boat Ho Ch. 05

 — Alex takes another Sailor's virginity. by rckplsky05/07/104.04

Bob Gets Laid

 — He describes his first time to his wife. by flyingcarpet03/09/034.03

Bob the Snob & the Corporate Virgin

 — Marie decides she's been a virgin long enough. by zenmackie07/06/064.48Editor's Pick

Bobbi's First Time

 — Mom's lover fuels daughter's desire. by Tomcatfive09/21/104.44

Bonfire Dreams

 — What happens when an old crush shows up at the bonfire... by erekose68611/21/174.25

Bonnie Ch. 01

 — Growing sexual attraction b/t two college students. by whitehype12/24/074.03

Boogie Nights

 — A young man decides to pay for sex, by miguelandal04/14/144.06

Bookshop Girl

 — Some things just can't be learned from a book. by clarissaj198206/04/164.09

Bookstore Activities

 — Gary and Ali find become more than coworkers. by mkjames4603/10/074.35

Bored Teen and a Loser

 — Silly girl agreed to bone an incel. by notsogood12/20/173.47

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #17

 — Rachel loses her virginity to a traveling salesman. by SusanJillParker02/21/134.26

Born of Fire

 — A young woman recounts her first experience with a servant. by mixoscopist11/29/074.25

Bosom Buddies Ch. 01

 — A nerd befriends the 5 hottest girls in school. by bosombuddies11/14/114.59HOT

Bosom Buddies Ch. 02

 — A private pool party with five very voluptuous friends. by bosombuddies11/15/114.76HOT

Bosom Buddies Ch. 03

 — Enjoying an unforgettable after-party with big-breasted BFFs. by bosombuddies11/25/114.79HOT

Bought & Paid For Ch. 01

 — Ivory sells herself to a man. by CharmingVixen08/11/044.54HOT


 — Curious babysitter learns a lesson. by Ashson04/01/144.33

Bound And Loved

 — Something she just didn't expect. by FallenAngel122706/25/034.52HOT


 — An Asian coed meets a young white guy. by salimak04/13/134.60HOT

Boy Plus Girl Equals Love

 — College athletes find love together. by Samuelx12/08/073.68

Boy Training

 — She teaches 18-year-old hunk to be her lover. by midnightfalcon04/17/064.44

Boys of Summer

 — Don't let yourself get taken in by guys like this. by TJones2812/21/183.00

Brace Yourself

 — Sisters teammate helps him up by juanwildone08/17/024.42

Brad's New "Friend" Pt. 01

 — Brad was leaving for college soon and met a new "friend". by DRobbie0603/14/173.83


 — An old friend drops by. by bains05/20/053.43


 — Robbi is gone....Brandi is now here. by luvrobbijo04/15/144.06

Brandon and Danielle

 — Her first time might just be her best time ever. by YesterdayOnceMore04/28/154.42

Brandy Ch. 01

 — Story of a beautiful young mixed-race woman's coming of age. by JenniferGreen12/13/083.92

Brave New World

 — A first time cuckold adventure. by BarkingBonzo08/24/192.67NEW

Breaking Free Ch. 1

 — Breaking free from the fear of pleasure. by Randen07/15/024.62HOT

Breaking In A New Girl

 — They introduce a new coworker to sex. by JANAMARIE07/02/074.42

Breaking in a Virgin

 — He shows her what she is made for. by pornutopia08/31/093.43

Breaking in a Virgin

 — I was 28 and he was 18 when this happened. by erotiquegirl05/30/113.94

Breaking In Beth Ch. 01

 — One day the little redhead blossomed... by KimKim505/23/194.02

Breaking In Beth Ch. 02

 — Shy Beth learns more about sex. by KimKim507/02/194.22

Breaking in Friend's Virgin Daughter

 — She chose me to be her first fuck. by Combathampster07/09/193.88

Breaking in Stallions

 — Older woman educates two virginal boys. by LC1010/01/094.25

Breaking In Sweet Jennifer...

 — The sheer magic of the first time. by alexcarr06/29/113.91

Breaking in the Baptist Girl Pt. 01

 — She has no idea what sex is. by reachertr11/26/143.84

Breaking in the Barista Ch. 01

 — Boss and his employee start to have fun outside of work. by omicron2506/23/123.89

Breaking Michelle Ch. 01

 — A woman remembers her youth while contemplating adventure. by Daddy_Jack05/06/093.86

Breaking Sammy In

 — Shy coed loses her virginity. by MarmadukeHoggingtoff06/13/122.86

Breaking the Duck! Ch. 01

 — Just Once! - Justin's Story. by GreenFingers201506/22/174.66HOT

Breast Man Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Final chapter: Florie the Florist. by Tomcatfive03/01/114.79HOT


 — First time one hot afternoon. by Winemaker02/05/074.19


 — What's a first without breathless moments. by delightfuloddity2105/25/163.57


 — What would you do if it was your job to reproduce? by Perfectionunperfected10/30/184.49

Brenda B Bunny

 — Easter Bunny spoof. by maggie200204/15/043.96

Brenda Breaks Free Ch. 01

 — In 1973 the sexual revolution finds a middle class mom. by Pat_Tomason05/02/104.45

Brenda's First Date

 — Mother and daughter chat in an alternate 1950s. by pope3276709/15/073.93

Brian and Ballet Pt. 01

 — Nerd takes up ballet to get close to his love. by DSauthor12/14/114.29

Brian and Ballet Pt. 02

 — Things are set in motion by Brian joining ballet. by DSauthor12/25/114.40

Brian and Ballet Pt. 03

 — Shy guy Brian starts to break out of his shell. by DSauthor01/02/124.60HOT

Bridget's Mouth

 — Beautiful Catholic virgin loves to suck. by Hawksmoor02/24/064.49

Bringing In The New Year

 — Two best friends on a New Year Holiday. by offaxis10103/08/094.27

Brittany Stevens Office Slut Pt. 01

 — Brittany Stevens gets a new a job. by Nasty_Guy00104/29/154.34

Brittany the Babysitter Ch. 01

 — Dad chases the hot babysitter. by Chucky190204/15/123.93

Brittney: The First Encounter

 — Shy Black man loses virginity to beautiful college classmate. by LKHendricks07/02/144.50HOT

Broadly Sexual Pt. 01: The Beginning

 — My first post, trying things out. Thinking back to early on. by broadlysexual09/01/144.40

Broken Vows

 — Young priest faces his final preparation. by 0131aj05/28/124.47

Brooke Ch. 03

 — She receives her first task master. by StoryTeller0710/02/104.29

Brother Spies on Sister

 — Brother secretly records his sister and gets caught. by writing_guy07/18/113.52

Brotherly Love Ch. 01

 — Will her infatuation with her best friend be satisfied? by Myalyn08/27/054.23

Brotherly Love Ch. 01

 — Kat experiences her first time, with someone unexpected. by wannabeluver199101/21/134.25

Brotherly Love Ch. 02

 — Cold pool to a hot shower for Jaimie & Mark. by Myalyn09/04/054.36

Brotherly Love Ch. 03

 — Jaimie discovers masturbation and her first orgasm. by Myalyn09/05/054.39

Brotherly Love Ch. 04

 — Mark stakes his claim in Jaimie. by Myalyn09/07/054.65HOT

Brotherly Love Ch. 05

 — Jaimie and Mark get caught. by Myalyn09/08/054.43

Brotherly Love Ch. 06

 — Mark saves Jaimie in more ways than one. by Myalyn09/11/054.51HOT

Brotherly Love Ch. 07

 — Their lust gets even more intense. by Myalyn07/27/084.53HOT

Brotherly Love Ch. 08

 — Now the police have control. by Myalyn07/28/084.19

Brotherly Love Ch. 09

 — Mark and Jaimie plead their case. by Myalyn07/30/084.40

Brotherly Love Ch. 10

 — Mark finds a way to be close to Jaimie through the cell by Myalyn07/31/084.44

Brown Eyed Stallion

 — The day my virginity was taken by my Italian Stallion. by blondiecakes9901/26/174.38

Brown's Shoe Store

 — High School grads play spin the bottle. by Slickman07/25/044.72HOT

Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 02

 — Shoe store becomes a busy place. by Slickman08/07/044.74HOT

Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 03

 — Mike and staff find the secret to success. by Slickman11/14/044.73HOT

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