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Why is this story in the first time section? Is this the first time this guys house has ever been cleaned? Because that's horrifying...

Please write some more

I come back to this over and over. What a wonderful description of finding love. You know what it's about. Please try some where you don't know the people. They all fell the same thing so let it go.

He forgot ..

He forgot to wash his hands after giving the dogs their treats.


Something tells me this could be a very real story. The words flowed with the story and the action - as if real.

Very good.

The key to a good first time story is to not try to do too much, making it totally unrealistic. You found the key.

Almost Rape

Mine was very similar and was almost rape. Your story captures how we feel immediately after being deflowered.

Great story!

What a great story. I really enjoyed it, as I enjoy all of your other stories too!

True Story

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity. It was definitely non consensual at first, and caused me some confusion, but I was never upset and looking back now I'm glad it happened the way it did. Thanks for comments and keep the feedback coming!

Needs continuation in Romance

Please continue the story in Romance.

A real delight

Thank you so much. A great pleasure to read. Completely believable shyness. And a good chuckle to end. I read this 'cos BurntRedstone favourited it, so thanks also to him.

I loved it

Great characters, great build up. I'd love to read more from you

I Tried

Tried your stories but none of your characters are likeable enough to finish reading; their unrealistic behavior doesn't help any even if it is fiction. Agree w/ other commentor about your females being stupid etc. You clearly have issues w/ women if the re-occuring (rapey) pattern in your stories are any indication. I'll stick to stuff that doesn't insult my intelligence.

2 star

Women don't like rape.

thanks for the memories

those damn sleeping bags. they do cause things to happen thank you!!


You should check female anatomy. Hymen is located at a vaginal opening not somewhere inside a vaginal channel.

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