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Best ever

I have read so many stories on here and this is by far the best I've ever read. I was hooked from the start so I had to give it 5 stars and leave a comment which I have never done

Wrong Category

Neither is a virgin.
She is married and not to her lover.
Golden showers are a fetish.
So either Fetish or Loving Wives but not First Time.


Wonderful start. Hoping for more real soon.

I'm hoping...

this is the first chapter of a long, hot series. There are so many directions this plot could go--all in the interest of art, of course.

Gay Male

Please categorize more appropriately.


Contimue this!

Wonderful story

Makes remembering my first time even better!! Thanks


My favorite one. It was a good read...


Sexy Indian Wives.

Wonderful story of wanton sexual desire coming to fruition in a sexy woman. Indian women look so sexy and yet seem burdened by tradition to the social norms of their society. When something as good as this occurs there is no going back. I simply loved this story and hope to read more from the author. 5*

Sounds like you should be in a whore house in Bangladesh instead of married

Sex OK, but...

"the semen was already becoming hard."
Semen doesn't behave that way. Though gelatinous at first, it turns liquid within minutes. It doesn't become hard until evaporation makes it so, which takes a lot of time. Guys who've masturbated (that's all of us) know this well. Some women may be ignorant of this. Shouldn't be writing about stuff they haven't experienced - whether ejaculate behaviour, or tire changing. Actually do it first, and more than once.
Nonetheless, 179AI'd still fuck you.

What a waste of fucking time and who the fuck would want to fuck the worthless piece of sit 'husband'.

More detail, story moved to fast

First Time

Well, this is rather different than most stories one sees here. It is so well written and for such a short story the characters are well drawn out. So the story on its own is wonderful and the sex is terrific. I really enjoyed the story and will read more of your work.


Another great story, Thank you.

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