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Good story

This is a sweet and nice first time. I hope you write more stories.

So beautifully passionate

Your writing draws the reader into the bed with you. It's very enjoyable. Please keep writing.

Take another look, sfwb70

It says they scored a safety, worth 2 points, then kicked the field goal. Five points total.

Make a good start to a book

but on here it's way to long and drawn out. 3

Ah memories

Good memories . Good writing. Would love to read about the work place romance.
I think, most of the time, I'd rather read the truth; the everyday ordinary, anxiety and blunder filled truth about someone's sexual experiences and development.
Makes me nostalgic. I like to remember.


Wonderfully written. I enjoyed reading it and it reminded me of my first cunnilingus I gave to a woman. She enjoyed it very much and it resulted in her having an orgasm.

Great buildup

Thank you for this beautifully written piece.

The anxiety and insecurity of a wallflower are portrayed with an honesty that pulled me in. It also nicely showed how a man may want the less glamorous of two unique women.

Sure curious where this story will go in followup chapters

Thanks Captain Obvious

Naw really. it's just what it looked like to me at that age, and so I referred to it as such.

why do women think they are unattractive

This reminds me of an ex-girlfriends reaction. She went from "what are you doing" to "that feels good" to "yum - don't stop!"

The next morning she repeatedly kissed me and smiled as she said "please lick me again before we fuck."

Good story

A "prequel" could be good but I have experienced a similar situation with a girl.

good read but

down by 4 and a field goal is only worth 3 so his kick would not have won the game


You can't pee out semen

Interestingly written

But it starts too late. Where are all the steps leading up to this moment? The first kiss? The first touching of a breast over the clothes? The uncovering of the breasts? The touching the breasts? Kissing the breasts? All of her reactions at each step? How did he show her his cock? Did she like how it looked? Did she want to touch it? Did he ask her to touch it or did she do it without being prompted? If she touched it, did she like it? Did he like it? How far did the touching go? Etc.

Fill in the blanks and it could be a much better story.

way better than 5

tears at the end.
rejoicing in their happiness
from elderly male

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