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I liked the idea, but it's a shame so much was rehashed from the incest story.

Intriguing. Beautiful. Erotic. Sad.

What more can I say? A truly beautiful story with a devastatingly bittersweet conclusion. The characters all have great depth, you can feel their highs and lows with them. A wonderful piece of writing.

Wonderful Story

I was married for 28 years. My wife left me for a man she was having an affair. It's been hard for me to be single again. I have fantasized that what happened to Steve in this story would happen to me. This is my favorite story on Literoctica. Thank you tomtom45.

Is there more?

I saw your last comment saying this was apart of a bigger work? I hope so, I'd love to read it :)


There's nothing like your first taste of cunny. Also that feeling when your fingers are deep inside her and she's pulsating around them. Great story!

nice and sweet

+++++ light and enjoyable reading;
+++++ well edited
- not too deep in plot and character building;
- somewhat far into the too-good-to-be-true-or-even-likely side

Thank You, looking forward for more,


This is not the Feelz I came her for.

I am where for fun times, not having my heart ripped right out of my chest again. Gods damed stories pulling you in and then BAM killing someone off.

Your inexperience shines through.

The story is bland at best, if it was big tits and dicks we wanted, people here would on pornhub instead. Put some heart into it alright? Not just a description, but feeling.

Fuck me harder

Fuck me, what a beautiful tale

Thank you

Thanks for the kind comments.
We've many more of our experiences to come.
Ellie will be writing some too so they can be seen through her eyes.


A very rushed story, but completely loved it! Can't wait for chapter 2!!


I dont get it..... was he going to kill himself? he had pizza, but nobody came over the kids and other family were away and he never thought or spoke about his plans. Am I looking into this too much or did i miss something?


I am a teacher at an all girls catholic school. The first three years I was here I was very good. "Look but don't touch" I told myself. That's very hard as many of the girls love to flash me in class. A couple of years ago a very sexy girl named Kristyn began to flirt with me. She would flash me. One day she dropped her soaked panties in my lap as she was leaving. On my way home I have to stop at a stop sign. There she was, standing by the road. I stopped she got in and we fucked for the rest of the school year. Now, each year I I find the one girl who really wants it and we both enjoy our school year.

Really good story I loved all 3 chapters especially the end

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