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Tommy Mt Lad

Great story and you put the sex in the first chapter where it belonged. Keep writing the good words.

The chapters are there.

All the chapters are there, AFAIK. There should be a list of them on the right hand side of the screen. If not, you can search for them using my name in the "Search stories" menu.

The perfect combination of sweet and innocent mixed with downright hot.
A balance well struck.


May I assure my readers, I am 100% woman! I am bisexual, and have always thought, when it comes to sex, I think more like a man than a woman. I enjoy the art of seduction and my libido has been in overdrive since puberty. Sweet Cherry Pie is a true story from my past and it happened exactly as I describe. The memory of it still turns me on.

Awesome story keep it going

Sweet Teacher

Found your story pleasant reading. Nice work.

Perhaps Not Shakespeare....

.... But better than many of the stories on this site !

Not My Kind of Story

For those who want to be controlled this story will fit them perfectly.


enjoyable story.

Guy On Guy

Not my thing but it was part of the story. Plus his roommate and he evidently sharing his juices. Like the story with his first female but not male on male.

Pool Boy - Mrs. Thompson's Stud Muffin

Looking forward like I'm certain others are doing the same. Keep up the good work.

Ms Brown

Augh, yes, augh Ms Brown and bring on the acts of lust. Perhaps his auntie will be one of his conquest. Equally there should be lots of cherries being punched open and giving rise to an increase in population to the community. Enjoyed your story and look forward to more of your work.


Bestest submission for Nude Day! If you don't win, I'll call foul!! An excellent story, humorous, and sexy as all get out with the freshness of innocence and youth. Very well done! Thank you Mike

Difficult to read but

I gave it a five for the intriguing way the story progresses.............

Well, uh

You dont think it would be nice to hear the details of your discussion and progression to sex with Mike?

5 stars

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