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And nine months Later

Or 7 days later down at the clap clinice

We could have sucked and fucked together...

If we went to school together we could have done those guys and got off together. It would have been great to perfect blowjob techniques and realize all the different ways we enjoy sex. Don't misunderstand me - no girl on girl stuff but two horny 18 year old women enjoying fucking and sucking different men. Though we would need the 'good girl' reputation we could have had each other to share those dirty little secrets with. The dirtier the better. Wow!! The fun we could have had with all those men!! Even though I'm older now, what remains true is the 'the dirtier the better.' I'm loving your writing!

Like a good novel, only shorter

The early chapters promise a lot and the final chapter delivers. Congratulations. This is one of the best crafted stories I have read on this site. Unforgettable characters and an original plot always keep the reader eager to read the next sentence. Thanks for sharing.

Great story

When can we expect the sequel, it was easy to read the story.

Re: How big WAS that suitcase??

I actually imagined it like a modern vehicle, with a small area for a compartment between them (cup holders, cooler/fridge thing that everyone usually stashes snacks inside, etc.) That means that the suitcase isn't very large. Certainly tall enough to block the people on the other side completely and fit between the seats.

-- Thanks again for the support, guys. Currently working on part two and fitting in some spicy surprises ;)

Hope you'll like it

How big WAS that suitcase??

Right after the deer in the road, you have Sophie mashing her lips to his...

I'm guessing this car was a 60's era 'land yacht' that the front seat was big enough for all of them and a VERY large suitcase that blocked Sophie from seeing all the activity?


Thank you. Such a refreshing change to read a decent well written story.

I love the "pastor fuck" stories

Sounds like a real experience written into a story. Good stuff!

Good Read

It was like a "Reality Show"!!!

needs part 2

While I found this one to be utterly perfect it needs a part two...what happens next does he go to boot camp does he stay with her....what happened to her brother and when does he meet the cousin...and she meets the aunt too....this one had just the right amount of sex and could use to be a bit shorter but is excellently done

Love this genre of erotic stories ....

And this is one of my favorite! Looking forward to the other 3 chapters!

Intriguing but inconsistent

The art of a good story is to have it flow without having the reader having to re-read or think "hang on, there is a contradiction here." Unfortunately there were a few instances in the story which came across as contradictions. For example, the main female character being able to speak English but having to translate for others. And also - what happened to the last sperm donor?...

great story

got this old man really hard as I just read this great story.
need for you too write more

Part 2

Please please please make a part 2.

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