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Very real

A very real story - how sad that some have not appreciated it - is it your true story?

We have a winner!

Definitely has my vote for April Fools day contest.

Congratulations Chloe

April Fools' Day winner! Well done. This was a good story and it wasn't even your best.

September Blue remains your masterpiece to date. Unfortunately there was no competition for it to win.


5-star story, but it's a bit of a stretch for the April Fool's contest.

What a waste of time.

What a waste of Time to even post this. You call this a story? Ha-Ha try again. No better yet just give up and stop posting.

chudvane ka bahut mun hai baby

the courier

Pointless tale.
Would have been better spent describing the back stage photos, a number of you in semi-states of dress, inviting more appeal to the tale of the courier. Strange how you never approached that. I'd be guessing the photog also took pics of the guys that should have your heart beating before B-I-L arrives on a visit.


I hope there is one.

I wish there were a few more stars for rating this. Fantastic!

Fine writing!

Chloe T has got it going on! The narrator seems authentically teenage girl--smart, horny, introspective, giving, and aware of the contradictions of her affair. But, her immaturity doesn't allow her to stop. She is human, vulnerable and very likable in spite of her weakness. My instincts are to protect her and kick Nick in the ass. He's the adult here and a fool to think he can keep his lust a secret. When it comes out, and it will, Natasha will do plenty of ass kicking for both of us. Too bad his kids will be hurt. Kudos to the author for her sparkling prose and for her insights into the mind of a young woman on the cusp of adulthood.

I was not expecting such an emotional roller coaster but all I can say was that I'm glad I joined the ride. This is a great story with amazing characterizations and even though the audience knows what to expect it was written so wonderfully that you can't help but read more. Overall fantastic story. One of my new favorites!


What a great story told with empathy and care. You craft a good story. Thank you. I hope to read more of yours - the pages went by quick, and I was sad to see the story end.

Great story line

Thoroughly enjoyed the plot twist, am sure that others as well as myself would enjoy Susan getting a little pay back for her trickery towards Al. I wait your next story with anticipation.

Absolutely beautiful

Hot as fuck, but also so raw and true to life that it's clear you either lived it or truly understand human nature. You are a hella talented writer, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if you wrote novels when you're not gifting us with your work! Thank you :)

I might have an addiction

to your writing. I'm sure there's no cure, and I wouldn't take it if there were. Thanks.

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