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Enjoyable reading and let's hope they get five babies, one for each star I gave you.


Didn't seem like the correct position to take a virgin by having her with the pillow so described. Guess the author never took a virgin.

Very good....

Well written and presented... I like you style....


Love the way you describe everything...a true gift with words!

Nice story

Looking forward to the next chapter (chapters??)!

Holy shit! Awesome story. Didn't want it to end.

Talk about a voyeuristic look at two people's first time! Romantic, sexy, true-to-life feel. Very well written. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to read more of your work.


This story is just some form of crazy.

Please, please, please get someone to edit your work!
Crotch and crutch are not the same things! Stop using them interchangeably!


this is not really worth the read and a waste of anybody's time much less a first timer.!********* REALLY..?????????????????????????????????????????? ?


Interesting but short. Need more naked time for William. Maybe some spanking like naughty boys need.

Loved the story and want to read more. . .

8. in cock

Dreaming and No woman loves anal. Another inexperienced dumb kid

Enjoyable to the utter most of love

Religion is by-passed for feelings of love and care. Terrific story and you earn a five star rate.

Boundless love

Together an older and from the description, a lovely woman. Teaching the younger of the two fine points of being with a woman must have given the young boy a delightful outlook on life and love. If there was anything missing in this story it would have been nice to know if she had been with any other males during or after her spouse passed away before she got the teen boy for his first time. You received a five star rate for you outstanding story.


losing your v card shouldn't fuckin hurt dude? that happens when people go too fast or aren't wet enough or are nervous. normally the hymen should just stretch out of the way. it's not like a barrier over the entrance to the vagina. that's called an imperforate hymen and it's a medical condition. pls stop telling girls to expect their first time to hurt bc if it's done right it really shouldn't

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