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What a great story! I liked the cascade of reactions! Wow...


Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.


Absolutely loved this, tho I think I'm an A.

Good Work. More Please.

Would love to read more of your work. Why have you not wrote and posted more?


I love all the description. Hope there's more .... cumming soon

Loved it.

Erotic and entertaining.


the only non human on here is the asshole of lIt dear annony!! he sucks and swallows/

Wrong category

Should be in non human

Predictable, But DAYUM!!


I could tell during the very first page what this story was going to be about, and even how it was going to end. I'm writing this comment to let you know that even with me KNOWING, you completely captured my attention, held it, and made this a unique story by the very special way that you crafted the tale, presented the characters, and developed the ending! Your writing delivered not only the heated lust and passion, but the emotions and the way they ebbed and flowed throughout the story.

Great job! I will definitely read your other stories!



Thank You, please write more more more!


It's not like the US isn't big enough, you have to be in England. Well with T-rump about to take office here do you mind if I come stay in your front hall for the next four years? I'll be on tap so to speak. That way you don't even have to call anyone.

I'd Love to get the gang back for a reunion

A 3-way with your writing talent would be awesome.

Good beginning

Rated 2 stars. Language and spelling. Dialog good and story line.

You Lovely tall Sexy woman

Love the detail and the thought processes, how you felt very sexy

OK..great sexy story

Left me we get chapter 2

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