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Weird and amateur

I did not buy this. It's just poor character writing not to mention, kinda creepy.

Keep going

I really enjoy your work and I hope you can build off of these characters because you have created such a great story line and dynamic between them.

Keep up the excellent writing.

Answer to first comment

I certainly am not a 12 year old, nor am I a virgin. This story was written for those shy men of little experience who need encouragement; especially to encourage them to practice cunnilingus.

No matter how many times I read this series

I love each of the series but you got to love Dean. Once he realized poor man but can't wait to read the rest again......

Still, it's fake.

ah and, for 'correcting grammar and spelling' there are still so many mistakes.
again, nice try though.

Obviously fake....

Third page, Jim Linda And Cheryl are having a threesome, and an entire pragraph mixes up the names Cheryl and Cindy, and then, Cindy comes in. Not to mention the fact that being a lesbian or even having the idea of lesbians or gays was bad and frowned upon in the '50s. and that women and teens wouldn't have acted like that in the 50's.
Way fake, and way obvious. Nice try.

Intriguing irony

Your first sex and your first submission bear parallel elements of everyone's stumbling first time. I think you could have fleshed out the characters and developed the lead up to the sex a bit more. It was sweet though.

Great account of being the virgin Christian girl's first

I think your build-up was long enough. You gave a good account of how it went & how slowly you took before she allowed you to become the first to penetrate her.

"...I told her I would take it easy, and she was to let me know if there was any pain, and I would stop or go slower...."
That's very good you acted like a Christian gentleman, concerned about her comfort. I know you wanted to push-in & fuck her good girl Christian pussy, but you being more concerned about the pain should could feel the first time she let a penis push into her shows a lot about you.

It's a momentous time in a Christian woman's life when she gives her man her innocence, so it was good she was in the hands of a guy like you, who got aroused by the thought of fucking her.

"....I began pushing in, watching my cock disappear into her. That was almost too much for me, so I had to slow down and look away, or I would have exploded with ecstasy before anything got started. She wrapped her legs around my back, and as I went in deeper, she started to move her hips to allow the best path to success. "
For an innocent Christian girl, she knew how to please you.
Did it make you hornier to know she was this innocent Christian girl & how she let you be her first?
It would make me wanna push deeper & everything in me would scream to fill her pussy with my cum...

"....When I was in all the way, she asked to just wait so she could get used to me being in her. After a couple of minutes, she said she was ready. I began to stroke her shallowly, then I drove in deep, hitting the end of the tunnel. Her eyes flew open, she gasped, and then it was on..."

Man, you gave the Christian girl a good education. She wanted you & was glad you were her first.

:....She looked me in the eye again, mouth open, and as she began to orgasm again, I couldn't hold back, and shot a huge load into her. She collapsed on me, and I was spent of all energy. That was the best sex I'd ever had, and it was with a virgin! It was the best sex she'd ever had, too, being the first official full-on time of wild fucking...."

I like how she gave you a loving look as she felt you drill her harder.
I also like how the Christian girl let a nonChristian guy be the first to fill her pussy with his godless spermy cum... It was a night she would never forget.


This was such a good read. I really loved the whole thing. I hope you continue on. =)

Oh my!

It just gets better and better-so 😊 good!

Thank you oldbob68, I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous user, ask me where I think you should stick your opinion.

Beyond boring

My god man I have never read such a clinically naive story on Literotica.
Your writing show all the emotion of a donut hole.
Please do everyone a favor and stop contributing


Very sweet and nice. I liked it.

Great letters

Great letters. Love to read more.

Story made my cock very hard

I fantasize often of meeting someone while walking in a park and finding a secluded spot to suck each others hard cocks and swallow a hot load of cum!

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