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Very good

This is the first one I read. I've read them all. You are very clever.

too fast a jump

the story was good and well written but when you jumped to the shower scene the anal part was way too fast considering many women in real life don't do it....slow down.. remember you did this all in one day.....



Thanks All

Hey glad you liked this one, it took me a while to really get it right which is maybe why it ended a bit abruptly as I really wanted to get it published. Don't worry I plan to tell the story of what happens next.

Second Time Around

Another fine bit of writting! Your first was as awesome as this!

Still waiting for next chapter of Macon

Catch of a Lifetime is still one of my all time favorite stories

Didn’t care for this one

Usually love your work but this was a big miss with me. I was Kinda OK with the kidnapping element but to say this was any type of Romance is far fetched. There is no Romance when he has the Thi girl as a lover too. Also, there was no character development to show a build up of the love interest. It needed several more pages to flesh out the storyline. Sorry


A wonderful story......thanks....


“No resistance. Awesome.” Wtf is that about? That’s taking advantage dude


To be honest its the first time ive read anything like this but i loved it. Ive wanted to fuck my step mom forever

This is really well done.

Well written; more or less plausible characters. Thank you.

Choice of words

I also believe your work was quite cliched and predictable. And I had trouble believing that a virgin 18 year old's word choice would be so sophiisticated. Last, I think it would have been better if you kept him in the submissive role throughout. Again hard to believe he would gain that much confidence in such a short amount of time. Keep writing.

Ni Hao Chloe

Hope to see the Ch06 next week Chloe.

Amazing Story

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that this story was amazing. Thank you so much for writing it. You have achieved the perfect balance of a story that is very erotic and very real. Most stories that attempt that soft-peddle the sex too much. This is the first story of yours that I have read, but I intend to go right now and look at your other stories.


That's a cool story but I don't buy it, she wouldn't have done that if her husband stayed for poker you guys would have been caught

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