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Good stuff

Thanks. I enjoyed it.


Actually this was more interesting than the 50 Shades of Gray defloration scene. I liked the use of the balls first, and you stayed away from a lot of the clichés of a first time story.

Thank you for sharing that story with me. It was a great loving story.

It was refreshing to read a loving story of two people making love. I hope you will be sharing more stories in the near future.

physically incorrect

The hymen isn't halfway in. It is just past the vulva covering the edges of the entrance to the vagina. Of course what you wrote is typical for porn fiction. But not a bad story.


A lovely love story! Thank you!

Nice work, Matthew

This one almost took me back to fifth grade at good old ******* school! This teacher made me think of Mrs. V****r, my teacher that year! Unfortunately, even if I would have had opportunity to fuck her brains out, I don't think I was knowledgeable about sexual things in those days (1949-50), or maybe not even able to perform sexually. All these years later I remember what a total babe she was even though I probably didn't know about such things as fucking at the time. In retrospect, though, I wish she could have been a high school teacher - I might have risked expulsion from school to have gotten in her pants!


Now why couldn't I of had her thrown into my Biology class and we could have really had a "ball" of a time.! No rape ~~ just studying the human body more or less ! hehe
It is legal in my State as long as it is a lesson learned for a grade ~~ but I don't think it was really meant the way it was wrote into law.! Gesh - darn - rats - crap-o..!****
Very good story with a very good ending so far.^^ You got a "5"..!


apparently it works, worked and happened, TK U MLJ LV NV


would like to see another chapter

a damn good read

Very interesting

Great story. I love it when a tale has a nice twist and an uncertain future.

Just great writing

Wow!! A truthful first time story. I enjoyed the drama, but not the ending. Write some more please.

not believable

a stretch at best...obviously an immature writer...lots to learn. quit reading quickly


Story, hope she's on the pill

Definitely do the next day.

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