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nobody forgets the ....

Nobody forgets the first feel or first really good kiss with the others body trying to melt and heat up at the same time.! Those were the days and thank you for bringing them back to us.!** Just wish we could all go back with what we know now.^ LOL

Thats what friends are for

I haven't read a story this good in a very very long time!!! Five plus stars, and I hope to see more of the same.

Not enough praise

Normally I give a critical analysis that's pretty lengthy on every aspect of the writing... But for you, sir/madam, I'm just speechless. Excellence, or perfection, might be the closest word I could even describe the feelings I have towards your story. Complete and utter surrender; this is erotica I can only dream of.

May we have some realism along with the fantastic sex?

Unless the doors, walls and floors of Mohan's house are very thick, or his parents are deaf, all that screaming would definitely get Lakshmi fired and Mohan sent to a boarding schjool. Please think about consequences!


Gentle and innocent tale. I really liked it. We're often too jaded and horny here to capture the true memory of those awkward first encounters.

very well written

this could be my next favorite author.. very very well written, erotic seductive and sexy, shit, I wish my neighbor would suggest this. hot hot hot


What a fantastic, informative ( I guess your explanation of the culture was true ) , well written story. Thank you.

So long ago but never forgotten

Hey, we can all remember these first moments. Well written and I for one thank you for bringing back great memories of my first time, it was really very very hot and sensual and never to be forgotten moments.


What an emotional roller coaster. A great story. I couldn't stop until I finished.


It was a long story, you hooked me in & I couldn't wait to scroll down!!


Like any young girl who is a virgin would have sex like that Babies and VD to follow

Thank You.

A well written, reality based story. Thanks for not going over the top.


Your story really touched my heart. I really got caught up in the emotions. The sex was so hot. I was very excited. Great job thanks for sharing

Great first page

The first page was great, the second got a little weird but then it IS a Halloween story... I would have liked it to end on a less ambiguous note.

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