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Great story

I love clothed girls taking photos of nude men. Please write what he told you about his embrassment. Please go on writing


I was emotionally spent by the time I finished reading; waiting for part 2 with bated breath (and a raging hard on).

nice one

its true that first timer guys shoots the second they were touched. wonderful job excellent story.

Total load of crap

Like a young girl would let a old codger unload inside her VD or 9 months later rubbish please write no more spend your time looking for you very small cock if its big enough to find

not finish cupid effect?

this work is very good but won't u finish the cupid effect? it would be so nice if you ended it. ty

Guys guys guys! (or girls?)

I know I knida messed up in the last bit, but hopefully i'll get to fix that in the second part.
Please excuse me. This is my first story, and I AM BOUND to make mistakes :P


Take some time to develop your characters, their motivations, or hell, even the environment. Good foundation for a story, but this isn't a 'young girl submitting'. It seems more like an ego piece about how 'manly' the man (again, didn't even bother to name your male character) is, and how huge and impressive his cock is. Keep your outline, but think about fleshing it out a little!


his heads still ring. TK U MLJ LV NV

Funny, scary, great read!

Love this story!

Fantastic fun, epically brilliant thought - stripping off to make a young, vulnerable woman feel supported. A character with character! Love the ethics and the result. More ? Please?

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