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what happened to me this week. I've been turned on by the thought for a long time.
Love and will go on loving women, but the fascination persisted.
Found out a cruising location, got courage and went. One van was turning on the spot and stopped. I stopped also. I waited a bit, he came out, said hello. I asked if this was the right location, he said yes but there is no one else around.
He approached my window I reached for his groin and he opened and pulled out his dick. I held it and couldn't wait to get it in my mouth. Nice seven plus fairly thick. I sucked it all as if I was a pro. I asked to let me know when he's cumming but he came in my mouth. I spit it out, he so up and off he went after saying it was marvellous.
I really enjoyed the sensation of my mouth full of cock.

Really good.

Very well written. You should write a book 😉

I love panties

Well written story sitting here with a hard cock in my own panties


loved it, great buildup loved there were no huge cocks or tits that always ruins the story for me

Nice. Hot too!

Could have used more description of what was going through author's mind and body as his first cock-sucking experience was happening. Other than that no complaints. I think many, maybe even most men are curious about sucking a cock and this is a nice concise description of how the author made it really happen.
Thanks for the brevity too.

great story

loved it, had a lot more willpower than I would have, so she got knocked up later, why wasn't she on the pill?

Beautiful life story

OH... MY... GOD!! You got me all excited, then frustrated, then I cried!! I'm a grown man and I totally lived your story. I loved it, even if I hated it... WOW!!

I enjoy your stories, IMMENSELY!

The thing I enjoy most, is that your stories make me feel as though I am part of what's happening. It's the same thing that drew me to reading book after book when I was in my early 20's, and continue to do so now well into my 50's.

You are quite talented, and I look forward to each story I open!

Please continue writing, and I most definitely will keep on reading!

Thank you for giving us something different than all the other Fuck, Cum and story over writings in here!


Once you suck a gorgeous cock you will always crave another. Once a guy cums in your mouth and you taste that wonderful goo you will want to do it again.

Nicely judged romance

Well crafted piece of writing
Thank you


One of best written stories I’ve read on Literotica.


I'm hooked. Truly love your writing...story after story!

Lovely , Süß und Wunderschön

Makes me feel again 16. Dankeschön.

Stephanie's Lust

With a story like this, I would lust after Stephanie!

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