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Six stars

Truly epic character depths and relationships just spectacular can’t validate the authenticity but is exactly the feel of my grandmothers tales wrt Shanghai in that time frame. Bravo

Only 8 days until.....

Just to let you know what's coming up in order of release, over March / April / May I'm planning to hit you all with a deluge of 8 different stories on Literotica as well as getting two novels off to my publishers (the remaining two of the "Three Nights in Shanghai" trilogy and a third (the full length "Tales from Old Shanghai - Never Ending Love" self-published.

"Chinese Takout Ch. 06 - When I See You Smile"
"Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 06 - Playing With Fire"
"Jeong Park's First Frosh Ball Ch 05 - Another Saturday Night Part II" - asap
"Slave to Love" (for the April Fools Day Competition story)
"Midnight at the Villa Diodati" - for the Sunday March 17th Gothic Horror story event, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”
"Glass Ceiling" - for the mid-April "On the Job" Story Event
"One Night in Xanadu" for the April 23rd "One Night in XXX" Story Event
"Timeo Artifices et Membra Virilia Denudens (Beware of Geeks Baring Dicks)" for the May 25 Geek Pride Day Story Event.

Hot & Subtly Satisfying

Usually peak at the last few paragraphs to determine if the story was worth reading. I was disappointed at first. But I decided to read the whole story, and I came to love the more subtle, psychological and very hot revenge to the story. 5/5 stars.

LOVE YOUR STORY: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5)!

Very erotic. Totally realistic.

Excerpt from the story:
"I exploded into my first real orgasm of my lifetime, as wave after wave of pleasure went through my body. I moaned & screamed with ecstasy." Priceless!

Too many words !

Absolutely loved this story, thoroughly enjoyed the time spent reading it and reminiscing my own younger days, there are never too many words in a good story, thank you.

Great story

Wish it was me.


This has been a fun read, nicely romantic. Like others who have commented, the hymen is at the opening of the vagina and she had already lost that. The one thing that seemed “over the top” was Sullivan purchasing contraceptive foam for his soon to be lover. He showed her no respect by purchasing something she may not like or want to use. He also told her that birth control was NOT his responsibility! What a dolt! Buy a box of condoms, you idiot!!


I've read a lot of stories on Literotica and yours are the best. Waiting to read the next two chapters of Chinese Takeout. You are the best Chloe. Thank you.

Hot, hot, hot!

Great story! Hope there is more to come.

Sensational writing

I love your writing style and how you expressed what the characters were feeling. I could picture everything you wrote. I believe I am seeing the beginning of a truly great writer. Please, write more stories as I know so many would want to read them.

More to say

This was exciting,and brought back the thrill of achieving a lot in the face of a tight deadline. Of course,she must not get her knickers back,so that she knows that even years later the guy still has reason to think about her. And her boyfriend?...She might not have got to the stage of allowing him to go all the way,but he could have caressed her legs near the top,and found her very wet,and found that she,wearing no knickers,excited him very much,and thought that he was the reason that she was so wet. She finds the whole experience has changed her life,and,these years later,having married,still likes to cheat when she will not be found out. She never has been.

Re “Anger Management”

In the story titled Anger Management you wrote...
“Many would consider what master and I have a horrible abusive relationship, but I know better. When I consented to being Master's little whore, I consented to all of it. I am his to do with as he pleases, and that's the way I prefer it.”

Unsurprisingly there was no way to leave public feedback on that ‘story’, I can only hope it was just a story because the male character is an abusive bastard. There was no capacity to comment because you knew the truth, namely that a real Dom/top,/master/partner would NEVER punish a sub/slave etc whilst they are angry.
Aside from the fact that it wasn’t punishment, he hit her for no other reason than he was angry at someone or something else. When you consent to submit you do not consent to be a punch bag for some pathetic bastard who can’t control their own temper. If you weren’t in a D/s relationship would his behaviour be acceptable? No it wouldn’t and it’s not acceptable in a D/s relationship either. He knew his actions were wrong which is why he brought the damp cloth to ease to damage, no apologies though probably not something his ego can manage.

You also said that you “didn’t dare cry out” because you knew it would make the beating worse. Wake up and smell the coffee he’s an abuser which you clearly know why else would you try and defend him.


Oh God!!!!!! I have a new neighbor, a beautiful tall sexy black woman. She was not very friendly at first but has changed completely lately. I know something is building between the two of us. OH God will I fuck that beautiful black piece of ass. I'm a white middle age widower and haven't had any pussy in a long time.


Something completely different, well done , thank you.

Absolutely 5 stars!

This story held me rapt. It was well written. I loved using a 98 year old's narrative to her great granddaughter, her candor, and her humanity. You nailed it Chloe!

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