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Your stories!

They are delicious, but leave me wanting, to feel you also stuffing those gorgeous asses! Soo dam HOT!

Thanks for such a sweet story!

Love how you slowly revealed their FEELINGS!!

Not simply gymnastics!

Possibly my favourite story here! Great poignant narrative + I adore hairy women so this story was always going to appeal to me. The icing on the cake was the unexpected twist with the leg shaving. I love hairy legs on women but also find their shaving to be highly erotic- especially in the way which you shaved them. Would love more stories around this theme!


Great short story. Understand that is was your first time, but before that first time. In our minds we plan what we are going to do, or how we would like it to go. We want the receiver tto remember the head we gave. More stories please!!!

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I found you in another author's Favorites and chose a story with a high score. Now I see why it was so high.

A great combination of torturous teasing and passionate pleasing.
In the "real world" , these two would belong together, no matter the age difference.

5 Stars for a great read!


God damn, this was so fucking funny and even suspenseful, the prose flowed like a river and the narrative twisted like a pretzel. It had a very late 90s "absurd coming-of-age adventure" vibe to it (TROJAN WAR with Jennifer Love Hewitt comes to mind) that I absolutely loved.

JESUS I wish I could fawn over this more without repeating myself. It's so light and there's just not that much to talk about, but it's such a breath of fresh air from other LE stories that take themselves far too seriously, and I'm including my own work. Fucking great job here.

Nothing to see here

This story combines several overworked themes.


Several revisions to the grammar of this story. Thanks to all who commented. RL

Fuckin' awesome!

This was a damn great story! I very much enjoyed this one. I am not "anonymous" but my phone is about to shut off..I'll get back here again though. Thank you.


Really enjoyed this first chapter and looking forward to reading the rest.
I like the development of the character and will read on to follow her progress.

tears too my eyes!

threw me for a curve . couldn't stop reading . had all the elements , keep writing !

Back to basics

I agree with Anonymous please go back to basics; after the driving instructor and the neighbour it's time for an ugly and fat Arab guy!


I actually fell in love with this story.

Total Load of Fucking Crap

Stick it up your fucking ass hole

Who would have thunk it?

You thought she was a nice girl, but she's really just a slut. Good story though.

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