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Get your names straight!

You need to pay attention. Doug then Bob. Which name are we supposed to go with?

Like Where This Started

This is just my own opinion, but I liked the tone you setup for the story. Not too long, not too short, just right. Looking forward the next installment.

Lucky man

Every guy needs at least one friend like you guys.
Your story was hot, more please with greater detail.

Words to make feelings....

Too short and I'd like more descriptive adjectives, "...hold and stroking his mammoth, throbbing cock, I could feel the pulsing as I massaged it." "Watching is huge balls pulse told me he was going to deposit more sperm into my cunt and womb than I have ever felt." "I liked this man, but I was in love with his unnaturally huge cock and balls" or "I could see the lock of his cock bulging out my flat belly and I massaged it with my left hand all the while looking at my wedding set and that I'd be taking my impregnated belly home to my husband....etc.

Well done

I'm an old romantic. Your characters are unabashedly romantic and beautiful. I know those same loving feelings. Thank you for the sexy ride.


mom sold her daughter's pussy and got off while being fucked herself

Please finish the story

I know you want us to make our own ending, but you tell the story so well.
waiting for the next chapter.

Love woman with hairy cunt I know my aunt and mom have hairy cunts I even got friends mom too her cunt bush stood out 3 in. Top it off I even got them pregnant too they even moved in with me then one day talked to them about doing gangbangs where you bunch of guys fuck all 3 holes asked me how many 50 guys at once down stairs basement all 3 of you sametime.told them no condoms either if you are ovalating that's even better end up pregnant.they agreed said to me we want you to us now cum in us kay me first got on top of her fucked cum in her too then my aunt Rachel then my mom Sue once I filled there cunts they said now we are ready for fucking they did get fucked till they were sore cum leaking out of them told them like on your sides put your face in each others cunt lick cum out of each of you they did all 3 screamed as bodies shook.they told that they were pregnant 2nd time told me I was the father so now each have 2 kids each by me until one day group of black guys came over gangbanged the 3 woman hurd Kay screaming from 3 large cocks in her cunt and 1 in her was until they let loose inside did it too my aunt and mom.guys 3 woman all weekend by time guys left they covered head to toe with cum bite marks leaking out of their cunt and ass they said no more white guys just black guys well they each end up with 3 black kids each to this day they still do gangbangs even at age 65 they even let their kids fuck them too.

No one wants to talk about the creepy opening of this?

The creepy way he just walked up and slapped her @ss completely turned me off

Next installments of Mistaken Identity?

I'm planning right not to finish "Shanghai Candy" in January and "The Final Night" in February but when they're available depends on the publisher. After that, I'm planning the first three novels in an erotic SF series ("Penetration Testing", "Protected Access" and "Insertion Force."). Hopefully it'll sell because I have a twelve book series mapped out. On LIT, I'm going to shoot for a story each month through next year, mostly followups on existing series that I've left hanging. Jeong Park, Chinese Takeout and Happy Birthday (2 chapters each in that order). Boiled down, I'm shooting for one 80-100k words novel and one 20-30k story on LIT each month right through next year. About 1.5 million words, writing part-time. Aim high and you might miss, but you'll be closer than if you aimed low. Anyhow, I'm on Facebook and I post a bit more on what I;m doing there, so search for ChloeTzang on FB and Friend me or follow me and you'll get the updates and you can ask away. And push me!!! :)

Fuck Me Please

A beautiful tale of first intercourse. Magic being made together,, driven by pure lust. Great story.

Aww thanks everyone. :)

Such sweet comments. I was planning on this being a one off story but if I come up with a cracking idea for a sequel I'll do it. Other stories are coming too. Feel free to check out the rest of my work and please give me some stars if you enjoy them a lot! - xoxo Daphne

To Anonymous

Glad this brought back memories. I would love to read your story. Is it written or just in your (big) head ;-)

Ridiculously Hot!

Sexy and fun and hot in all the best and most naughty ways. To echo another comment, I'm torn between wanting this to remain a one-shot and seeing what particular depths of depravity Madison might be taken to. As always, well done!

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