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Loved it

Great story really felt I was there in either role. She has a big brother just as I imagined. Thanks for adding the condom it made it more life like. Can't wait for the next dtory

Sweet story!

As others have mentioned too many stories are about people with improbably huge genitals, and 4" is just on the smaller size of normal. The average is 5.25". The author did miss an opportunity to instruct the twins on the average guy's secret weapon - eating pussy. In the documentary "Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy" many of the women were not praising his extra-large penis, but his skill at cunnilingus (which Nina Hartly taught him.) Also, anal stimulation doesn't have anything to do with submission, but with having mind-blowing orgasms from prostate massage.

Those quibbles aside, it was so nice to read a story about (for lack of a better term) a "generous slut."

Sorry but your new story is so much better its as if it's bye a different author.


Who cares how you spell str8 as long as you can read it
All I can say is let's have some more it's a great story


Yea, I like the music and the first two seasons wasn't TOO HORRIBLE, after that it was Supranos on Bikes. Congrats on the paid gigs and we're looking forward to six. Dutch

I am ready

Cute story; likable characters, engaging dialogue. Did someone miss the title of this site?
It is not small town cliche fun town; it is literotica. Time to pick up the pace.

Good job

Chapter 02 was a good extension of Chapter 01.


A classic coming of age tale

with a rural spin for a personality of its own
I'm glad to see there's another chapter.

Thank you

This is certainly interesting, I'm curious to see where it's going. Onwards to Chapter Two now!

Curious and curiouser

What an imagination.

With so many bits and pieces of oddities. The real merged with impossible. You have to ask what is real?

Two sentences at the end intrigue me. Is he dying to meet her? Is she delicious and filling?

Continue this!

This was perfect. Nice build up, not too fast, but not slow either.. I do hope to read Brian and Jessica's continued exploits, as far as they may go.

@ Kingcuddle

Thanks for such a kind comment yourself! And I'm happy you liked these two people - I felt they deserved to be happy with each other.... I know it's fiction, but still, I think some realism makes it more affective

It keeps getting better

It will be interesting to see where we go from here.

An interesting twist on the Golden Rule
What ever you plan to do to me
I will do to you.

Interesting Beginning

You have my curiosity. Birthmark. Thoughts that influence. New knowledge. Anatomical changes. Subliminal messages.
Where are we going?

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