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what a truly wonderful chapter , Love reading your stories they make you want to be part of them. Am looking forward to lot more from you. Keep up the great work

Hot Story

I am wondering when the next chapters will be out. I look every day to see if there is a new one, but get disappointed because it isn't there. I know it takes time to write but you said you had many more done. Does that include the illustration too?
It kind of looks like maybe the children are going to be getting involved soon. That will be interesting. Can't wait to see them with mom and dad and even each other.
Keep up the good work and hope to see a new one real soon.

Blue outfit

I liked the blue outfit in this chapter. I hope that we see that one again. I also enjoyed the image of Jesse going out for a run with sperm on her face. It would be good if you repeated that idea when Jesse goes to school in the morning. It probably does not break any of her stated limits and I bet it would give Janice the vice principal plenty more ammunition to work with.

Fantastic Story


Thank you so much for posting, it's an area of kink that I've never encountered from your perspective. Elizabeth is an amazing character. Outstanding story.

As usual, a hot and wonderful story. I wish I had a brother with a big cock to show me all the positions you had in the story. can't wait for the next part.

I really enjoy this story. its my 3rd time to explore it and the illustrations are fantastic.
I would like to learn that craft and make one of my stories illustrated. Great Job RG John!

So fucking hot!!!

Please oh please don't stop now I really want and need some more of this?!

Again so hot

Just finished reading part one (again for about the 100th time) and straight to this chapter. Both are still so hot and beautifully wrote.
I'm glad you kept the feet play in this story for all us who like feet! Love the pictures that was a great addition!
Part of me wants him to say no and just fuck his sister no one else. 5* and again my favourite written :)

If another chapter is published I'd personally like to read the Mom 3 some

smoking is

injurious to health : Statutory Warning vide Surgeon General

Fucking Hot!!

Every brother's dream...a hot big titted sister who loves to fuck, and had friends who love to fuck too.
Grammar nicely done, and spelling too. The illustrations were awesome.

You have me hooked, more soon??

Admiring David

Great story very well done. I wanted to be David so bad. Very hot

Did you forget to continue with this story? Hahahaha

You have us all waiting, eager to know more about this lustful society


Dammit, you had such a good premise. Then it became the same as every story on the site. Where's your imagination?

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