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five stars

I have see you write better, but I enjoy all of your work, this one was hot but I thought it lacked in suspense when landon got caught. the story went for two paragraghs before she interrupted Nicole, and could have easily had them face the music the next day, in a similar erotic way.

My Photos


It is curious to me that you would take so much time to analyze my photos.

Let me see if I can address each of your issues.

1)The supposition that I am using photos of my mother or older sister is a little far fetched, wouldn't you say?
Did your mother give you pin up style photos to keep and/or to post on a web site?
Each and every photo is of me, myself, and I.
The entire series of 'Exposed' is me sharing the story behind each photo.

1a)Yes, I may be taking a chance that I could be recognized by someone that knows me, however don't I take the same risk each time I pose in a public place?
Besides the odds of someone I know finding my specific stories and photos on Literotica seem almost as good as winning the lottery.
If and when it occurs I will be sure to buy a lottery ticket.

2)We have never chosen to invest much money in a camera. Even our current digital one is of a very poor quality.
Thus as I have already stated, the quality when my developed photos are scanned by a not very expensive scanner, edited in my poor attempt to enhance the photo, and then emailed to another person to add to my post the results are what you see.

3)Your assessment of style and fashion is not particularly accurate for the part of the Midwest that I am from. I apologize that my taste in clothing or decor does not meet with your higher expectations.

4) To spend time in my next chapter trying to defend your accusations of "Bullshit" would detract from the story and not be of much interest to the majority of readers or possibly any other readers other than yourself.

5) If you find it difficult to accept the truth of my story 'Exposed', please move on to someone else's that better fits your tastes.
It seems that you have already wasted enough time with mine as this is the second time that you have posted this kind of comment.

Which finally leads me back to my original statement. Why bother?
Does Literotica require a "bullshit" detector?


Another Great Story

I like your ideas for continuing story lines. I always check for your new submissions (pun intended).

Great Start

Great start to what I hope will be many hot scenes to follow

Dialogue with the costume puns was awful.

It was not witty or funny. The rest of the dialoguecould have been pasted from one of your many other stories on the exact same topic. 2 stars.

more, more

Can't wait for more from you, you own it.


all of those sequels sound great

I am the artist

My website:

As always great story

Yes please let us know more about mommy slut,she could have some many adventures

Another great story. As always you had me very hot and jealous. I hope you will write more stories to follow up on this one.

love you for all the great pleasure you have given me.


Great Story,
Cannot wait to find out what happens when Nicole sees the video tape and confronts Amy.


The pictorials of the story are superb.
Normally I read illustrated stories and this has excellent illustrations.
I enjoyed them all

OK, but...

It was weird seeing the pics of the son wearing only a shirt, tie and uniform jacket...with sandals on his bare feet. He wouldn't have been wearing sandals with a uniform. Did he take off his pants, shoes and socks and put on sandals? Even when he finally got naked, he kept wearing the sandals, although mom managed to lose her shoes along the way.


sometimes really enjoy your writing but the buildup was just nonexistent here. personal preference for me I suppose. Have a good one

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