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great porn story series

I believe that is one of the best thought out and written porn story series that I have read.

wow great animation and words

actually illustrations, but just getting your attentions was worth it,, I loved it, even the length was so erotic. best on lit..

Another masterpiece of Lesbian erotica. The cohesiveness of Rebecca's illustrations and your writings are exquisite! Your lesbian stories always carry me to the sexy future lesbian world of total lesbianization of the female population. So much pussy juice. Love it.

yet another five star story

loved the way mommy got caught, it even caught me off guard. I am sure there will be sequels, and I hope I can find them good luck in the contest. and keep writing SSL.

The Cheerleaders need to all have Michelle and Allie needs to be used by them all as well. The Orgy to end all Orgies!

The Orgy has mother as the center of attention to begin with, but Allie gets hot and while not paying attention is strapped to the bed and used by all the Cheerleaders and her Mother. Mother fucks her husband as Allie watchs then Allie ties her to the bed and fucks her Ass as each of her sluts takes a turn with her mother's Ass. Michelle has become a complete slut and starts bringing her friends home for Allie to turn.

Lesbian twist

Adelene needs to get involved with one of the girls in a torrid lesbian affair as she becomes a complete SLUT!

Great job...again!

Great job...again, thanks to both you and Rebecca! Can't wait for Chapter 2...:)

Great story...really hott n well described. Loved it.

What is the significance of MD-42?

Rain on the parade

I hate to be the only debbie downer after all these comments. And i also gave the story a five because it really is good. But i have to finally come and and say this. I have read ssl for years and she has a bad habit of unfinished stories. What about Beth and her daughter? Does Casey find out her own mom belongs to Beth? Who are all the girls Casey refers to? Is Beth one of them? Are Casey or Beth a pet to the other. Does Casey have a live in pet in her mom? Similar questions could be asked for the 8/25 story. I mean she gets us all juiced up and then leaves hanging with unanswered questions. Fantastic stories. Just really wish she would fill in the blanks. But as i said still five stars. Good luck with the contest.

Jaw dropped.

You did it again!!
5 stars, a classic silkstockingslover tale!

Enjoyed it

Well written
Sense of humour

Real potential we believe

5 stars

Absolutely fantastic

Should be ten stars. I adore cunt/cunts and watching women and girls getting each other off, eating each other, fingering, fucking toys etc. My live in fuck buddies and milf friends all enjoy swinging both ways. I also have some pure lesbian friends who love to let me eat them occasionally. We were all steamed with this story and the illustrations. We all love to get drunk on cunt juice and spunk. Absolutely love your stories and the art work. More and more like this please and soon. Cunt lapping se maniac and girlfriends, Lanc's U K.

Not enough...

...nudity. Disappointed.

Didn't vote [lucky you].

Probably won't follow the series...

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