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Creative mind

Option 2 is a better choice. Kinky, freaky


lesbos CAN NOT fuckPERIOD sticking a stick, carrot, or piece of plastis up a butt or cunt isn't fucking. nope it's just a stick, carrot, or a plastic thang darling. ya gotta have a real dick in the equation to be fucking. maybe call it sumpin hot like "stickin"

Well written

Great story and Pics, reminds me of when a French exchange teacher came to our school. She was young and beautiful too and the material for many a boys erotic dreams. There was a rumour that the French master and even some of the senior boys took her to the Domestic Science flat and had their way with her, just boys talk I think. I wondered why you chose to call them Garters too as in England they are usually called Suspenders as averse to the American usage of the word. Great writing keep it up.

Great Story

Great story and great pictures. Carry on writing stories like this. Loved all the sex and had me cumming as well after using my dildo.
More please.

Love the combination

Great story I usually don't read the ones this long, they don't keep my interest, I read this one all the way through. This one hit many of my favorite categories, shemale, lesbian and incest.

Thanks for sharing you stories


The story is hot beyond belief! The pictures are OK but add nothing to what my imagination creates.

Is any writer dirtier!?

You are the absolute best at these stories - hot, filthy, fun, did I say hot and filthy?

Nerdy submissive lesbians

I really appreciate and enjoyed your efforts! I swear, all of your stories are so delicious! From bedding the babysitter to turning contest, I love them all and I loved the series and pictures, everything! Muah! Se magnifice!


Another Lovelly and Great Story!

Give you 5*****Stars Again, as usualy!

Loved the quality of the illustrations, especially the stockings!

Thank you, for once more, some great Wet wet big "O" moments of pleasure mmmmmmmm

Aunt Helena
54yo Lesbian Aunt from Portugal

makes me wish i was annabelle!!!!! loved the fantasy of it
parent-teacher conferences could take on a whole new meaning if the student is bad could also punish the parents-student in kinky ways but with the reverse being true good behavior could also be rewarded in there own special ways
love to go on a field trip with these teachers
how many boys is annabelle and ms.rose going to turn into shemales ??? for good or bad behavior
more please

A great start to another fabulous story. One of the best writer on Lit. Your stories flow with such ease and with great visuals. Keep them coming.

Good Start

Enjoyed this read and a good start. Hope the follow up is as good and even better, its a great idea and some how believable.


Thank you for a wonderful well written fantasy - Loved every word of it!

Wonderful beginning!

This was an excellent idea and a great opening! Please tell me we will hear more about Zelda!


Another great story from one of literotica's best authors. Well written and with great illustrations.

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