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Wonderfully written, I need to know more. I love how clueless eve is.


This was raunchy and depraved and perverted and I like it. Please write up a sequel.

great story

you should continue with michelle and her training of her sister and niece and helping her daughters friend kim and mom

Okay, you screwed up!!!

You can not just throw these 2 ideas out there and let them disappear into the vast void of great ideas not acted upon!!!!

"I had Kim's mom give me a quick lick to warm me up," Allie informed her mother, having just seduced Kim's mother yesterday (that being another story, for another time).

"Then a nasty thought popped into her head. What if Allie seduced her, too. Her mother, a pin-up model back in the day, was still beautiful. Michelle imagined her mother on her knees begging to eat Allie's pussy or getting fisted or getting spanked and before Michelle knew it her orgasm was about to erupt."

Bad author!!! Bad Author. Actually just kidding, but I would like to see a story around both these scenarios, but especially the Kim's mom story!



We need more of Michelle.
Or maybe a new story, I love incest and this was the best one

More lifestyles

This was certainly different. Not sure if I liked it or not. I do remember the Robin Leach show. Delving into how the upper crust lives. Wondering what happens deep within their mansions. On second thought, I am sure. I didn't like it. I fucking loved it! Even though this is a fictional piece. Even though I am sure it is extremely rare, you know damned well that in a few of those stately manors, this kind of thing happens. I would love to see this as a series. Illustrations would be great, but if you can't swing that, no sweat. Just do the story. Certainly a different format, that is for sure. Hope you write more.

Great series

Loved this series. I would like to hear Michelles adventures becoming a domme. Also I think barneng had a good idea. How about more from Shanika and Tanisha. Makes me wonder why arent there more black lesbian stories. Not just from you but anyone. I think people of color deserve equal time. I give you a five.

re: not do something they like because it "appears" to be submissive

I am not into 'power exchange' relationships but this caught my attention:

......people in a power exchange relationship that will not do something they like because it "appears" to be submissive.....

When you let others tell you what to do or what not do you are submitting to them.

What kind of dominant are you if you are letting others tell you what you are allowed to do?

You are beyond a doubt my favorite author on

Literotica (I also follow you on twitter when you do post). I have mentioned before that I am a Leatherman and heavily involved in a Leather lifestyle with my Mistress wife (the Mistress/wife part is not something that I have mentioned before in a post). Many of the things in your stories I look at and my reaction is "seriously????". Then I remind myself that this is fantasy or even sometimes based at least in part on reality. That being said in all my years there are a couple of "hot buttons" that get my attention. One you touched on in this story and One you touched on in "Bedding the Babysitter" (which by the way I LOVED!!! Especially how Ms Megan handled Karen when she got out of line). So for those out there that think "50 Shades of Grey (which many of us think is a joke) is the BDSM bible. Here is a little wisdom to file away. In the story you wrote:

***"Originally, I was going to make the scene end in a three-way, but after much consideration I went with a popular philosophy of mine... the MISTRESS doesn't eat the pussy of the SUBMISSIVE. Thus, although I loved this photo it had to go."***

(Note: I am not in any way trying to argue your philosophy as I have absolutely ZERO right to do that, and I respect your philosophy as your own!)

The wisdom is this, if you are a Mistress or Master, then you have the power to do as you see fit. If you LIKE to eat pussy or suck dick, then DO IT!! Don't not do something because someone says eating your slaves pussy or sucking your slaves dick shows submission to that slave. When you, in a power exchange relationship does something because YOU want to do it, then you are submitting to no one. I am amazed at the number of people in a power exchange relationship that will not do something they like because it "appears" to be submissive?????

Anyway, just my own musings about the story.

Slave Ed (yes, that is how I identify in the Leather World)

great story

you are a great writer but real pictures would be great, I am sure you have some

Good subject, good story

A nice blasphemous tale beautifully written.
A 5 all the way.

Another great masturbation story

Again...thank you very much for your nasty dirty mind and being able to put it on screen for us all to enjoy... believe it or not... three orgasms in five hours reading this story in segments...


5 Stars, it would be nice to read when Tanisha and Janika were first introduced to the life and the continued adventures of them

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