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Absolutely loved the entire love story, and the 'posing' sessions as a majority part of the story was brilliant. Thanks for the fun and stimulating read. Will definitely now pull up More of Your writings.


You have outdone yourself with this piece; there were times when my stomach clenched with emotion - as when Annabelle walked away with another woman - J's sense of disappointment was palpable; you truly conveyed both Jasmine's lust for Annabelle and the pent-up desire. The sex was amazing - you just capture the scenes so well. Illustrations are great. Thank you so much.

Tied in very well with the corresponding stories! A great read.

Photos and why it is only 3*

Yes I liked the story very much, tied up the original story completely and but for the missing images would have earned 4 possibly 5*.

I do find the difference in American and English colloquial grammar rather hard to stomach at times though I suspect it's rather a matter of a generation gap, which is hardly your problem! But a little gentle editing to take account of some of the differences, before submission, might be worth the effort?

Your offer to email the missing images is generous and will be taken up - thank you.

Very erotic and exciting bondage and near naked display of beautiful slaves. Can't wait to read and view the next installment.


What's the FDEA? The DEA is the Drug Enforcement Administration.

holy pussy juice

I am in my early 4FB0 and all my life was with men's only but your story make me curious about lesbian love and I am secretly admiring women now a days and my maid give me look that says I know you are submissive pet and she just told me about massage and I am asked to lay on floor at 11 while kids at school and husband at office oh my god I am wet like a river

Mag Cover!

Love the magazine cover illustration!!! Will comment on story, later.

* *

Bitches were made to be fucked by a MAN, not a woman! Let's get with the program and put some serious man sperm in all those bitches holes!

I apologize for the photos

Again - I do apologize for the photos. The site has the files and I hope corrects it soon.

Please email me if you would like a copy of the images in the meantime.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


have been loaded with pics!!!

love the artwork

Keep it up!!
To Verbicide, If you dont like sadkins116 writing. Why did you read 16 chapters ?

Ms Lamourfou's story flows like a mountain stream - a stretch of serene lyricism that then bursts into a cacophony of sensual images. Her writing is populated by fantastical characters suffused with powerful but recognizably human feelings and reactions.


Great story, very well written, lots of emotion in it. I would love to see the pictures, Keep writing!

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