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This story needs 10 stars!

I have loved your work for a long time. This is hands down my favorite story of your many excellent ones. Rebecca's pictures is like frosting on a tasty cake. Thanks for the excellent story!

Good Story

Great pictures. I really enjoyed this story. Had me hard and pulled myself off wilst reading it. Yes I spayed cum allover my hands and balls wishing I was there.
More please with plenty of pictures.
Thanks silkstockingslover you write the best of stories.

I normally like longer stories. Ones that have an actual story. It was just an overly long string of sex scenes. The dialogue was ham-fisted preaching. Limitless lesbian hedonism good and everything else bad. Not even one female out of this bunch had the ovaries to say pussy doesn't do it for me? It goes from fantasy to cartoon, and I don't mean the illustrations. Prime example of less being more, a robust editing would improve it immensely.

I liked it. The first ending was the better of the two. The second was interesting but doesn't seem to fit as well to me. A continuation of the first ending has so many possibilities. Carry on!

I love Rebecca and u!!!

My favourite writer and my favourite artist!!!

Enough said.

Loved this story!

Loved this story! The only thing wrong is it's to long for a single story. Would have been better if it came out in chapters. Plus not a fan of the ending. Having said that would like to see the story about the seduction of the in-laws. Keep up the great work.

The artwork makes this submission a five star

Damn the taboo and naughtiness combined with the pics showing mother-daughter love made this my favorite lesbian story.

Great drawing

Artwork is so much better than average


You've got to do some kind of sequel to this, it's worth it. BTW I've got majority of Rebecca's comics and they're VERY well done.

Authors note 2

Please search rebeccahap for more of her work.

Rebecca's Stories

Another winner from Jasmine. Where might I find Rebecca's works?

Great Fantasy!

I wish you would write another Straight White Girls fantasy please

A true Tour de Force, You're a genius

Dear Silkstockinglover,
Thanks for one incredibly delightful, hot and hysterically funny "Pussy Munching Saga." Pay no mind to Verbicide or any other guys who don't get it. Most of us loved "Moms and Daughters." Those critical of your work probably can't distinguish between fantasy and realism and didn't appreciate your ending which was inspired. Critics often reveal more about themselves and their petty prejudices than their insights into a work. So kind of you to respond by reminding your male fans of up coming stories that may interest them more. I'm new to your work and I've got a lot of reading ahead of me.Also keeping my eye out and my zipper open for you novella.
Best Wishes,

Loved it!

Another great story Jasmine. Thanks for the 200th erotic story.

I've tried finding Rebecca as an Author and came up empty. Also tried searching her stories and also came up empty. Any help finding her site would be appreciated. Thanks.

It was okay.

I always laugh when a man who obviously works hard enough to let a house full of women to be lazy hedonists is suddenly revealed to be a spineless cuckold. Really? That's the kind of go getter that succeeds in business? He makes enough money that his wife and daughters can skip any sort of work and fuck around, but the best he can manage to maintain control of his own home (that they obviously are just leeching around) is confusion and obedience? I call bullshit.

As for the "story", it's allright. Nothing but a string of sex scenes really. There isn't anything that resembles conflict in it, so it can't honestly be considered anything more than gonzo porn in written form. You do know how to write stroke scenes though.

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