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Geez, my wife looks exactly like that.

And she talks just like my wife, run-on sentences and formalization and all!
She takes pictures for me that I stage exactly as you do.
There's not one blemish on her body, either. And she too has an asshole that never launched a mushy turd. No, not MY wife!
And her friends or cousins or sisters or whatever all look just like hers do, but of course, my wife is the giant-est of the giants, just like yours.
Of course, when I fucked her I was sucked deep inside, and I have never been seen again.

But that's okay, She has wi fi in here. And it's cozy.

Nice story

3000 akes him a lucky man

Beautiful story

Love everything about it


This is incredibly sexy!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


wow ...I'm jealous... what a great arrangement.... the closet I ever got is when I walked in on my wife's sister being doggie fucked by her husband... I asked if he wanted me to take over but she said no...he said great story though... hope to read more of them.... (escapee from Jersey City who literotica doesn't seem to be able to sign me up)

Pretty photos

Your photos made me so hard and cum building up so much in me. Thank You. I love
her lust that she wants to go out when maste3r is away. Therf is something very arousing when forbidden. You inspired me to look for lady who is forbidden engaged or married. I wish to feel the extra lust energy as I first stick me cock all the way into her. I am a counselor in our Church and there is an engaged girl who now I wish to fuck before your story I would not have attempted but now my cum in building up so much. I am thinking what to say to get her open to fucking in this very special secret way. Must be secretg or all is lost


Greatest incest story ever written Kodos! I am ready for the sequel and make it worthwhile the wait. Thanks a LOT.

Keep going

Love it. Need to make longer

My pleasure

It was definitely my pleasure to give you a five-star rating. Very well written.

great story

Not sure if I want to be Adele or Melanie!

I wish your illustrations showed up

Great story. Messy is way more real than not messy. Good character development. Figure out how to get the illustrations to show up.

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