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Nice, but too short.

Love all of your Rebecca considerations. Just wish you'd continuie the 1950's story soon.

You seem to have mastered your art program.

Certainly more natural than most Poser or similar programs I have seen. Would love to know what the program is. But I do realise that it is down to the skill and hard work of the artist. Five star seems inadequate in your case.

My cunt is so very wet

I now have to furiously rub it it my fucking self. Oh how I just wish I had a huge candy cane to shove up my wet snatch

Loved it!

Artwork and story worked perfectly together and loved the pace of the story. Whilst there's potential for a follow up that feels unnecessary to me, you expertly rounded out the story.

A week has 7 days.

You need at least one more day of this story.

Another voyage please!

I have loved this whole series featuring Captain Born Yes Terdy and her wonderful crew.
The accompanying artwork has been wonderful throughout the series. If Literotica could have a ‘Favourite Series’ button, it would have been clicked by now.
I hope you have plans for another voyage for this crew, their characters are too good to be used only once.
Looking forward to reading more of your work.

This is a story!!!

And this is not the rule for this category. Even the better texts mostly serve as captions for porn pictures. Here we have an interesting protagonist and an interesting story.

Well, you could have reduced the number of puns for the characters' names.


If you are going to have an illustrated story of any kind, let alone of an erotic nature, go ahead and illustrate it. In this 4 page story you had 2 pictures, both of the main character's boots and that's it...?!? That's like a good cook book with no photos of finished recipe results and only a vague drawing of a wooden spoon through out there entire volume. Illustrate your material (or don't). We've already made the choice to read this kind of literature so illustrations aren't going to shock us...
Nice story line by the way...


Hi. Are you going to tell the story of tess's mom and Jane in a sequel. Or what she is doing in the community and maybe gets a lesbian wedding thanks again for the lovely story xoxo

Double Hit.

Fantastic work on both the story and the illustrations. You and Rebecca make the perfect team. The artwork seems to complement the narrative even more so than usual here. Hopefully there'll be many more collaborations between the two of you. Best of luck with the competition.


Slight change to pictures

Stories are fantastic. Do not change. Can Jasmine maybe loose her classes in next illustrated story? She is such a great looking MILF!


Loved the Story and the way Anna told Tanya the truth.

I suppose all good things

But please, write more of their adventures.
I loved this
Plus you're one awesome artist.

You always please me

J you never cease to arouse and interest me all these years I’ve read you. Great job as always and wonderful illustrations, the best I’ve seen.
Luv R

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