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story needs finshing

how long does Julie hang in tree? what happens at school, to the school sluts? which of all the slaves does kevin keep and which are sold off?

Super cool!

I loved it, story and illustrations!

Bella's day

This is far and away my favorite story on Literotica. Can not wait for a day with bella. Hope I have not missed it

Great story!

I couldn't put this story down, it was awesome. I would love to read about family night at the pit. However any spinoffs would be awesome.

Beautiful And Very Well Told

This is a beautiful and wonderful story extremely well told. But!!! The images are horrible and do not reflect the characters at all. Please, please remove them!
It's refreshing to witness girls dressing very girlishly and feminine in their clothes and make up. Let's hope as the story plays out that they don't become tough or butch and try to become imitation men as female eunuchs; along with body piercing, tattoos, strap-ons or butt plugs or weird hairstyles. At the moment they seem proud to be feminine! And as such they are beautiful.
Robertodavo a.k.a Robert Davidson


Thankyou. Big fan of your work. First illustrated story I’ve read. Really heightens the fantasy!!
Must find a way to share this with my partner.

have tried

It feels nice when you are relaxed and turned on. The dildo should better be small than big for first timer. Hope you find some company for pegging.

Your fantasy and mine...kinda

I'm a total sissy for Big Black Cocks and my lifelong fantasy has always been to be fucked by one guy with a huge cock as I sucked another and beg them to take turns going ass to mouth, fucking my sissy holes as hard as they could. The difference in our fantasies though, are that I would not be unwilling as you said on page 1 and I want both of them to be Black instead of prisoners and of course they must have really big fat cocks. Side note...I have so rarely had a real man that could make me gag until I had my first BBC, and I so love to gag on big fat cocks. I also don't have a wife like the sissy from this story which means there's lots more cock for me and I also loved the way you made him do ass to mouth several times even though you didn't really say "ass to mouth", very subtle. One of the other differences is the way you took the facials and was covered with cum, where as I would much rather suck there cocks dry and swallow every drop of their warm delicious cum after they've been pounding and stretching my ass. Thanks for your story, I'll replay it in my mind many times as I sissygasm from bouncing on my giant dildo.

Another of your great stories

I always love reading your stories and get excited when I see you have a new one. This story covered many of my fantasies and I love the addition of the illustrations, I wish all stories had them. Thank you for your many great stories.


What a great series please write more of this one waiting so long to find out if she gets mum and aunt

Nicely composed story

Not quite my sexual area but I like the mood created, the telling style and the composition. Nicely done.

A lovely piece of writing

This is not entirely my preferred sexual style but I admire the style and the feeling, the quality of the writing, the way the mood is captured.

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