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Prof. Roy is more interesting as a bad guy

This ending is too nice. Considering the earlier chapters, it's completely out of character for Prof. Roy to be kind and self-sacrificing. Can you give us a naughy bad-guy alternative ending?


Great story. I read every one and was turned on with every word. I hope all the rest of your stories are asgood as this one.

Very erotic!

Being spanked on your little panties is such a turn on. Love this chapter!

Not bad

I finally took a break from writing myself to read this smutty story. While the plot may have been done a million times, it still remains a hot taboo subject. I'm not sure if it's the men that are complaining because they think it's wrong, or perhaps they feel the anguish of the nerdy guy on a personal level.

As a woman, rape is one of the top fantasies a lot of us have, believe it or not. It's all about being over powered and used as a fuck toy. Anyway, I liked the story. The illustrations were cool for an added boost. The only things I would change would be to make it rougher, more forced, maybe add some ass to mouth, but that's just my taste in smut. Oh, and it's CUMMING not cuming. ;) I look forward to reading more of your work.


I'd like to read a chapter of this where you get Cera's dad involved

Best writer on the site?

It was okay. New to this site, but if this is the best, doubt I'll stay. Illustrations were nice, writing, not so much.


Great Start Very Sexy , Looking forward to the next chapter ❤️❤️

Look, its not all bad. My wife gets the fucking she needs, by a cock much bigger than mine, I still get to eat her pussy and often get to fuck her. Yes, sometimes I have to suck his cock, try it, it is not bad, the first time I made him cum in my mouth I felt great, like I had a certain power over him. If you love your wife like I do and you see her happy, whats not to like.

Nicely done

Very, very well done. Illustrations were amazing and helped me visualize these two incredible women. The story flowed nicely and was well-developed. It is obvious you took great care with this project and I think all the work and attention to detail paid off. There was some awkward sentence structure that makes me think English is not your native tongue, but it did not detract significantly from the overall effectiveness of the story. And some of the dialog seemed kind of stilted. People don't usually speak with grammatical perfection; they use slang and verbal shortcuts to express feelings and emotions. This is a common fault I find with a lot of dialog in Literotica stories. All that being said, I look forward to your next story. Nice job!!


Great story. More please only give mummy a real cock in her and you also take the cock in your pussy. Scream in ecstasy when you are cumming.
I also had an orgasm while reading the story.
Thanks a lot.


Please do another, you are an amazing writer and do suprise pregnancy

loved it

The pictures are so fucking hot made me cum so much. Can you please do mom-son story with pics that would be awesome!!

great story with amazing pics

Love it

love all of this; now just need real cocks!

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