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This is a disgusting story.

This story is the most gross thing ever. I don't understand how people could like this.


LOL jk awesome story. Great drawings.


I hate it when the little bitch ass kids always get there ways I want someone to like slap the and tell those bitches no means no😂😂 that story would be over reall quick 😂💀

Great cum!

Fantastic! Pretty lady, great face and tits, WONDERFUL cum shots, best thing in here so far!!!!!!!!!!


continue. My loins are burnin. This is the first mother son I've completed! You are a treasure:)

good story

you should do another illustrated story like this a second one

Great story and pics

Loved the story and the fantastic model - so beautifully sexy.

Great Collaboration

Your stories and Rebecca's artwork perfectly compliment each other. I look forward to many more joint efforts.

Those are great titties

Fantastic story: especially the first ending.
I was disappointed to hear that Lily's main assets were her legs, without doubting for a moment that they are absolutely stunning.
I was completely over the moon when the magnificient titties got a well deserved outing. They were every bit as beautiful as I longed for them to be. Delighted they get Mistress Katherine's approval. Keep them on show!


Very little exposure to black women, but the women I go for generally are well built. Loved these pictures. You've exposed me to a new world of possibilities.




Authors note

part two is written...
Just waiting on illustrations..

Feel free to leave comments for the illustrator if you want to see more

Jasmine July 2015

Best story I've ever read!

Please write more. This is too good to be a stand alone.

Fucking amazing story!


We, the horny masses, need another post from you and we need it NOW!!!

Lily is Beautiful

A little over the top. The second ending was a surprise; I liked it best.

Thanks for your comment. There is a real Kate and she is hot.

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