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This one goes into your hall of fame. One if your best ever. Can't wait for both of the next stories.


Continue maybe have the daughter dominate the mom but still submissive to the "nerd"

Shemale sex party

Whilst the mother and daughter story would interest me it's the shemale sex party I would really love to read.

Don't stop there!!

God had me so hot right from the start to the finish. Hope there is so much more of this to cum :)

Great story

Please continue with another chapter! With the boss and secretary would be cool first, then as the story ends have daughter come in when the 3 are together!


Don't continue series. Whole dom/sub plot a major downer. Illustrations poor and distracted from story (actually keep pictures; being distracted from story almost made it readable).

Another Excellent Story w/illustrations

Once again Silk, you continue to write new, and exciting stories that draw the readers into your web wanting more and more. Many thanks for writing and sharing your work.


What a lucky woman! I would love to read more about the threesome and about the sex party......keep it going beautiful! Love the pics also, nice touch to the story.


Let have both
Shemale Shock: An Incest Threesome

Sandra and her daughter share a big shemale cock... and perhaps each other.

A Shemale Shock: An Orgy

Sandra is fucked over and over at a shemale sex party.

Yeah,, I think

a Mom, daughter, 3way would be a good story line


Can't wait for the next chapter!

Another nice one

Love your graphics makes the story more interesting.

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