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Great story!

Keep it going..... I love the story line and great job on the pics!!!

Must read

Finally a firsr illustrated storyfrom this writer. Plesse do more illustrateds with pics of your mom


What does this story have to do with fantasy? Who wants a relationship with a windup toy. Utter shite.


Can this story get anymore far fetched and ridiculous?


Great chapter and quicker release. Love this story just reread it and didn't realize many months i have been reading this. Thank you and i look forward to the next chapters, hopefully soon.

jasmine, you are amazing. every story hits the right spot. I cum and cum reading them. thank you


It is perfect .well done . In the next parts she should be pierced tattooed or even punished with animal sex the Arabic horse. Alot of ideas are comming up. Till the next part

What are C cup panties

I see you mentioned them a few times. The first time I figured it was a mistake but you mention them again. Didn't know they were a thing.

Great Story but less artwork

A very long story which was able to keep my attention to the very end.
Icy cold horror, steamy sex description .... WOW!
Just missed the artwork.
Keep up the good work.

longer chapters please

since the length between postings is so long usually please make the chapters longer all characters could be written about then. just a suggestion. thank you. great story.

excellent smut

both the text & drawings give the reader something worthy of their time

Very Good

Another winner from my favorite author. Keep it up Jasmine, you're wonderful!

Where in the world is part 2?????

Great story, very hot.

You don't need an editor, but you should proofread your work better. Don't trust spell checkers, as you may type the wrong word but spell it correctly.

Seriously, please continue this story. I really need to know what's happening with Cera and Allison. And make sure it's as least as hot as this is.

Great story!

Keep it going and great pictures.


Like the stories, but seriously how many people is Master X tryna enslave here?!?!

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