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of course there may be repercussions. TK U MLJ LV NV

great reminder

Excellent story and so well written. I have reread it several times now. It reminds me of a secretary I had years ago. Not the prettiest girl but gave great head and was always ready to please.

Too short and errors

It was ok but too short. Need some more character development. There was a couple of errors - "whole" instead of "hole". The main character changed into pyjamas which suddenly changed into boxers too.

Author's Thank You

A great big thank you to all who read, voted and supported this story to winning 2015 Illustrated story of the year.

A special thank you to Rebecca for her artwork and I'm looking forward to more collaborations with her. (Be sure to check out her work!)

Be sure to check out the first 2 of 12 chapters of 1950s... an epic story that will go through 50 years of lesbian incest in one family.



Superb start and superb graphics agree with magnum Jasmine's need a good sorting
perhaps she can struggle throughout as all four give her a good seeing to


Way to win another award. This time best illustrated story.

Yes please!!!!!

This is wonderful! Would love to see Eve fall further into seduction! Real fun read!


This has to be the very best series I have ever read and the pictures along with the story make it so hot!! Consider bringing them back for on more erotic go round with perhaps the guys frotting in their speedos and the women tribbing in their bikinis. Just super. Makes me so hot I can hardly stand it.

Ok good solid story. Could have used a bit more description during the action parts. That aside...I personally was turned off that tyler did not tell her about Sonny. Regardless of the type of relationship... and though is was sonnys thing it works have affected nora no matter if he got the raise, left in a month or got removed as he did. He should have mentioned it to her that his first and most important loyalty is to his spouse!


Good, hot story, and the illustrations are excellent.


I would like to read and see some grinding action while one was asleep while they so

No pics!MH

I wish the pic links worked


Good story as well as the illustrations.
You write great mom/son stories and it would be really nice if you could add illustrations to your next work in the mom son genre!


Ooh to be Rebecca, this writer always gets me to act out in a submissive manner. This morning I wanted to be sinful so I took a quick shower an came back to bed with the warm water still dripping off my body. I don't know why I crave sex on Sunday mornings, Are all catholic girls submissive like me? Thank you again for reminding me of how beautiful if feels to be used. PS. My first sexual experiance with an older women occurred when I was babysitting for my volleyball coach. She was a single mom who came home early and found me as I'm now, nude and playing with myself .

Great fun

Certainly has a ring of truth about it, we've had similar escapades ourselves

Looking forward to reading your later stories

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