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i loved your story and i hope you write more.

was better with real people in the photos


can not wait want more of this story line


I'm male and find it really turns me on to read this kind of eroticism. Would be very interested to read about how Cera's parents never knew her sexuality and how their relationship progresses. Sounds absolutely sexy enough to become a top reader.

More of a stretch for me

Reading this one was more of a stretch for me. It just didn't keep me engaged like the previous one. I still find the characters to be almost robotically similar, which I find distracting.

On to the next one to see how you wrap it up and how you deliver the rest of the story.

Orgasm Material

Not too many have read this hot piece and not had an orgasm themselves, I am sure. I had two as I read and rubbed, baby. I'll read part two another night when my pussy is not so sore. Mmmmm. I love your stuff. Very hot.

Where were the power dots that let her gobble up the ghosts? :-D

Great read until then end

Not sure why you ended it the way you did with the Aunt and Mom. Also would have preferred for the Aunt to be more submissive. Read a few of the others you have written and the did not have this same type of outcome. I also found it odd that you spent so much time leading up to the event and then did little to describe the actual sex why the Mom and Aunt. The anal experience was an seemed like an after thought. You didn't do this on your other stories..

rebecca and silk stockings combination is mind blowing.

it may come as a huge surprise to you that i have copied your stories MILF SEDUCTRESS and CATCHING MOMMY on MS Word and illustrated them with Rebecca's illustrations a year back, to give the feel of an illustrated story. was stunned to see that you and she know each other and you actually did a combination. you both are geniuses in your respective fields. love this combination. ask her to illustrate all your stories. it has the most mind blowing effect. Both the stories were and are still the best. as i follow you on twitter i am aware of all your stories. you still have not been able to beat these two stories in matter of erotica and arousal. i feel you both should join hands to do an exclusive graphic novel with the balloon writing done by you and illustrations by Rebecca. this could be the best sellout in the history of graphic novels~ @ ravieravan4


i read a "how to" the other day, apparently anything with pictures/drawing etc. (illustrated stuff) is higher on the list than transsexuals/crossdressers, so it acts a bit like a trump card, as in if a user submits a story that could go in either category the Literotica site is more likely to put it in illustrated...
sexy story, think itd do better in TS/CD. maybe resubmit and ask the site moderators or something?? :)

this is good. let's keep it going !!

Author's Note

To the last commenter,
Good point. I'll have to go and check my upcoming illustrated story as I am sure I do that in that story too....
That said, such trivial errors really shouldn't impact your enjoyment of the story that much.

This is erotica, not Shakespeare.
It is free and no one, the editors or myself are getting paid.

Jasmine 2015

That all said, a good point.

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