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I like the big tits on granny. The bigger the better!!!

picture of a cherry???

worst story ever in this website. has a picture of a cherry and it is in illustrated section??

Pictures - absolutely average.

Story less so!
TRIED to read several of your stories.
Get some help from someone who knows how to write, spell, punctuate and has been taught Grammar!

I adore this story. Jasmine's writer's craft is OUTSTANDING. Her erotic imagination - ditto! As regards Vanessa, I find her irresistibly sexy. She is totally my cup of tea & then some more & then a tad bit on top of everything!

The synergy between Jasmine's way with words and Vanessa's pics resulted in a story which is anthology material. I gave this story a 6.5/5 = 130% (☆☆☆☆☆☆++)
This illustrated story already has a life of its own: 1,611,795 views & 349 favorites.



I found this after you had commented on a story of mine. I loved it. Loved the slow build. Loved getting inside of Missy's thoughts. Loved the details about how the characters looked. I even liked the illustrations, especially the last one and what Missy was thinking:

"...the caress of a girl's touch, the heat of her pussy on my thigh as I felt her begin to move back and forth, gently rocking herself against me."

I am your new number one fan, I can't wait to read more.


Get her to phone Joey and tell him that she really enjoyed herself, and that she would love to work for him, looking after his older clients.
Would love to see my wife in that situation with 3 older men.
( older Indian men )


Wow this story is so hot for me,
I was imagining that it was my wife getting fucked by the two older men.
Was so hard reading it.
Would love more of the same please.

Abso-fucking-lutlely amazing

And the pictures just added to it! (Love the new style) Great story, covered a lot of taboos, and the sex scenes were amazing. Keep up the great work! Believe the next one should involve the wonderful Governor Greene.

Absolutely loved it.

Absolutely loved it. Keep up the great writing.


As Forest says, thats all i got to say about that.

IS this erotica or an infomercial?

I really wanted to like this story. I really did. I like most of your stories and you are a talented writer, but way too much promoting of porn stars and movies and stories and...

It got to be too much. I couldn't get past the second page where you started to summarize another authors story on another site.

From a new reader.

You’ve woven a nice mix of fetishes into an erotic story. While I agree that it is more a homo-erotic, interracial dominate wife sharing story than a cuckolding story it covers so many fantasies that readers hide from their partners and themselves. Looks like I have to read your other works of fantasy and illusion. I wonder what you will offer us next.


Love this story! Can't wait to read more! Anxious to see what else happens between him and his new cheerleader slut girlfriend. Loved how it played out with her, hopefully his claim on her is the only one! Well along with his sister of course .

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