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Interracial Love Stories

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Best Job

 — Boss's Asian daughter visits the office. by nolimits08/25/053.94

Best Man: The Epilogue

 — Having his baby. by No Panty Girl07/19/054.16

Best Sex I Never Had: True Story

 — Heavy petting between college students. by boogieman1046911/10/044.17

Bet with Roommate Leads to Cuckold

 — Bet with college roommate goes wrong and I end up cucked. by voyeurman2712/10/104.32

Beth Ch. 01

 — A newly divorced woman on the mend gets her groove back. by Jessie9205/12/184.49

Beth Ch. 02

 — Our PTA mom continues her exploration of interracial ecstasy. by Jessie9205/15/184.46

Beth's Beautiful Blackmail

 — Black female coach blackmails white athlete and her mother. by silkstockingslover02/21/114.33

Beth's Internet Adventure

 — Couple fulfills a fantasy online. by I.M. Writer07/28/064.51HOT

Bethany Benton's Birthday Surprise

 — Young woman discovers she's like exactly her mother. by Mae Caroline06/28/064.42

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened

 — Cheerleader's fantasies lead to black cock. by rikki rocks07/17/054.33

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 02

 — Foley lures Bethany with black cock. by rikki rocks07/30/054.56HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 03

 — White cheerleader meets black custodian in empty school. by rikki rocks08/10/054.51HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 04

 — Young Bethany worships at church of black cock. by rikki rocks08/26/054.52HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 05

 — Bethany's black cock adventure continues. by rikki rocks09/01/054.60HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 06

 — Bethany nails the black janitor. by rikki rocks09/30/054.47

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 07

 — Bethany falls further into the black. by rikki rocks11/30/054.47

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 08

 — Bethany goes to the theatre. by rikki rocks12/10/054.55HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 09

 — Bethany introduces a Blonde to the Black janitor. by rikki rocks08/16/064.50HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 10

 — Bethany & Kristy party with black cocks. by rikki rocks08/29/064.58HOT

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 11

 — Bethany & Kristy skip church for cock. by rikki rocks10/15/064.54HOT

Betrayal and Obsession

 — Jason wants his friend's girl & won't stop until he has her. by sassymaxx04/02/084.28

Betrayal Ch. 01

 — Amazing love turns sour. by SexyPecan08/08/083.77

Better Than Before

 — Black athlete marries kinky white woman. by Samuelx04/05/073.74

Better than Test Cricket.

 — USA Holiday too wild. by 2_old_2_change09/03/034.09

Betting on Molly

 — Man becomes cuckolded as the result of a bet with his friend. by glutton4mutton08/07/174.21

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

 — Camilla Darling wakes up with somebody in her bed. by MimiRose02/23/134.49

Between a Rock & a Hard Place Ch. 01

 — Camilla Darling wakes up and finds a stranger in her bed. by MimiRose03/10/144.60HOT

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

 — Couple gets a surprise at a sex shop. by ohyeahhhh07/08/164.49

Between The Walls

 — Tantalizing Treats. by TheLastNavigator06/03/114.56HOT

Between The Walls Ch. 02

 — Tension. by TheLastNavigator06/07/114.67HOT

Between The Walls Ch. 04

 — Thai takeout. by TheLastNavigator09/07/174.24

Between Want and Need Ch. 01

 — Cheyanne will learn the line is not so fine after all. by sugareola09/06/154.49

Between Want and Need Ch. 02

 — Jerome has good intentions - and one irresistible temptation. by sugareola10/11/154.64HOT

Beverly Calls

 — Beverly goes to Rex's home. by whbonney12/10/014.33

Beware the White Devil

 — Strong white man with demure Asian woman. by Cindy_Chao02/05/174.32

BFF's BF: Entrapment

 — My friend asks me to discover it for myself. by gi_janet12/17/134.03

BFF’s BF: Black Bareback

 — Taking all her boyfriend could give. by gi_janet12/23/133.93

Bhavita and the Witchdoctor

 — Bhavita finally gets a taste of black. by Bhavita01/03/034.13

Bhavita Ch. 03

 — Bhavita discovers her sister's love of Black men. by Bhavita01/01/034.27

Bienville Hotel: Ben and Candice

 — White businessman finds comfort in black hotel girl. by MsJess012506/15/094.55HOT


 — A warrior's loyalty wavers. by Irian05/15/184.80HOT

Bifrost Ch. 02

 — A warrior's loyalty wavers. by Irian05/26/184.87HOT

Bifrost Ch. 04

 — A warrior's loyalty wavers. by Irian06/23/184.67HOTNEW

Big Black Bartender

 — Tonya learns that her boyfriend just can't compete... by ThePiperRai02/15/184.29

Big Black Bump in the Road

 — Amy and Dan make a decision to save their future. by modpuffs05/12/173.32

Big Black Business Trip

 — Donna finds something to do... by ThePiperRai02/28/184.21

Big Black Cape Verdean Lover

 — She recalls the big black lover that she can't forget. by blacklovr11/22/073.85

Big Black Cock

 — Husband wants to see wife with black man. by Horny Bitch12/23/003.95

Big Black Cock

 — The well-hung black man was the lover she was looking for. by Boxlicker10104/14/124.11

Big Black Cock Emily and Me

 — We inject some black cock into our marriage. by goldmaster78907/29/124.10

Big Black Cock Glory Hole Adventure

 — I convince my wife to visit a glory hole for big black cocks. by BBCAddict08/16/134.30

Big Black Contest

 — Christina has never faced a challenge she couldn't overcome. by ThePiperRai08/19/174.41

Big Black Men

 — A girl who likes big black men. by Samuelx03/01/063.86

Big Black Men On Campus Ch. 01

 — Football players do a whole sorority. by GASlipLover11/28/033.87

Big Black Men On Campus Ch. 02

 — They continue quest to nail entire sorority. by GASlipLover04/02/044.47

Big Booty, Big Breasted Black Boss

 — John is tempted by Gabby, his sexy black employer. by LoveHugeBoobs10/10/134.21

Big Brazilian Bunda

 — Black guy finds love with older Brazilian classmate. by bigbootyluva05/20/054.71HOT

BIG BUTT CHINA: Mei Two Pt. 01

 — 34B-30-57...nuff said. by mondotoken03/24/184.65HOT

BIG BUTT CHINA: Mei Two Pt. 02

 — 34B-30-57 X 2 =BIG TROUBLE!!...nuff said. by mondotoken04/16/184.57HOT

Big Cheeks

 — Horny Black man falls for thick, muscular Asian woman. by corbendallas11/25/103.92

Big Cheeks Ch. 02

 — Thick, muscular Asian woman lives with a white man. by corbendallas07/20/114.46

Big Cock Fantasy

 — Jen wants it all. by JWren06/22/144.38

Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 02

 — Jenny gets a surprise. by JWren06/27/144.36

Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 03

 — Jen's on the edge. by JWren07/06/144.46

Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 04

 — Jen gets help from her friends. by JWren07/11/144.55HOT

Big Cock Fantasy Pt. 05

 — A solution for Jen by JWren08/03/144.39

Big Dogs and Small Cats Ch. 01

 — slave has a proposition for her Master. by Rattlesnake177511/22/054.36

Big Dogs and Small Cats Ch. 02

 — Let the exploration begin. by Rattlesnake177511/23/054.52HOT

Big Man on Campus

 — Go back to Trey as a senior in college. by Alexis66101/11/054.44

Big Mutha Truckers

 — Truth is stranger that fiction. by HungryGuy10/28/043.31

Big Sam's Big Slam

 — Hubby watches his wife take on Big Sam. by Axeltheswede05/05/024.35

Big White Woman In A Hijab

 — White BBW converts for hunky Senegal prince. by Samuelx02/28/122.96

Big Willy Ch. 01

 — Willy visits a fitness trainer. by Spassmacher500012/11/093.94

Big Women Crave Anal Sex, Too

 — Black man meets sex-obsessed BBW. by Samuelx11/13/063.72

Bigger Bites of Taboo Apples

 — Part 2 of Starters Only. by JordonLynn12/23/034.70HOT

Bigger Bites of Taboo Apples Ch. 02

 — Cannon Fire. by JordonLynn12/24/034.67HOTContest Winner

Bigger Bites of Taboo Apples Ch. 03

 — A permanent houseguest comes along. by JordonLynn01/08/044.59HOT

Bigger Bites of Taboo Apples Ch. 04

 — Diane's full initation into the Sluthood. by JordonLynn01/18/044.65HOT


 — Maria Lorena Espinosa Measurements: 42DDD-40-72. by mondotoken06/02/184.46

Biker Chicks Like Black Men Too

 — Tough biker chick meets black man at university. by Samuelx01/25/133.09

Biker Meets Schoolteacher

 — Husky biker meets exotic Asian schoolteacher MILF. by Pornobob09/17/054.11

Bill & Linda's Vacation Ch. 01

 — Threesome with a black gentleman from England. by phillyintexas123405/18/114.36

Bill & Linda's Vacation Ch. 02

 — Threesome with a black genteman from England. by phillyintexas123405/19/114.46

Bill's Home

 — Airport Romp. by jayman4409/12/114.10

Biracial Amazon Queen

 — Biracial diva meets a Muslim stud in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/06/161.43

Biracial Prince of Coral Gables

 — Biracial stud hooks up with white MILF. by Samuelx12/21/17

Birthday Bash

 — Rolando the H.Q. Bn C.O. gave a lady friend a great gift. by TRIAX08/31/084.12

Birthday Bash

 — You get whatever you want when it's your special day! by Mycuckylifestyle03/09/184.28

Birthday Celebration

 — Her husband surprises her with other men for her birthday. by coachme09/09/024.51HOT

Birthday Girl

 — Trey meets a white rich woman named Reagan. by Alexis66101/09/054.64HOT

Birthday in Jamaica

 — Wife gets a dark gift for her 32nd birthday. by freynolds01/09/084.52HOT

Birthday Massage Ch. 01

 — Sean receives more than a massage from a best female friend. by rcwilliams07/20/154.18

Birthday Present

 — Hilary gets the birthday present of her dreams. by Shady_Lady05/19/064.45

Birthday Present

 — Helen goes for black. by vitesse07/12/064.28

Birthday Present

 — Wife gives her the birthday present he has always wanted. by rocketman6002/21/164.30

Birthday Presents

 — A husband's dream unleashes a wife's fantasy. by komrad115611/02/164.36

Birthday Surprise

 — Zeke helps Janet celebrate Darnell's birthday. by ittakestwo26902/25/034.27

Bisexual Black Belle

 — She seduces both husband and wife. by LustyLee7703/05/064.51HOT

Bisexual Black Stud

 — White female falls for bisexual black man. by Samuelx11/12/063.71

Bisexual boys And straight girls.

 — A very special romance. by Samuelx07/16/063.40

Bisexual Butch Women of Quebec

 — Butch lesbian Quebecer meets bisexual Haitian man. by Samuelx03/18/173.12

Bisexual Butch Women Rock!

 — Haitian guy meets bisexual butch redneck woman in Juneau. by Samuelx05/15/142.85

Bisexual Canadian Muslim Diaries

 — Somali guy and white guy meet a mixed chick. by Samuelx10/27/151.80

Bisexual Jamaican Muslim Man

 — Bisexual Jamaican Muslim meets a sexy Iranian woman. by Samuelx02/27/172.11

Bisexual Man at UMass-Amherst

 — A bisexual football player's life at UMass-Amherst. by Samuelx06/12/183.13

Bisexual Men of Barrhaven

 — Biracial stud meets a freaky Dominican woman. by Samuelx05/13/162.45

Bisexual Men of Barrhaven Ch. 02

 — Lebanese woman meets a bisexual black man. by Samuelx05/14/163.20

Bisexual Men of Barrhaven Ch. 03

 — Bangladeshi woman meets black stud at the store. by Samuelx05/19/163.00

Bisexual Muslim Guys in Ottawa

 — Afro-Moroccan bisexual connects with Lebanese tomboy. by Samuelx11/29/131.77

Bisexual Muslims at Carleton U

 — Ivorian Muslim woman meets bisexual guys at school. by Samuelx10/20/17

Bisexual Redneck into Black Men

 — Bisexual redneck and blonde wife meet a Black man. by Samuelx02/23/18

Bisexual Somali Men Today

 — Bisexual Somali guy dates Yemeni woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/23/151.33

Bisexual Swingers of Saudi Arabia

 — Biracial Saudi and Sudanese boyfriend meet a MILF. by Samuelx10/06/162.00

Bitch of a Sister-in-Law

 — Black man meets soon to be racist sister-in-law. by Liclovely02/23/184.51HOT


 — A college student plays Dom to her ex-crush's brother. by GothVix04/05/154.29

BitchBoy Ch. 02

 — Claire learns the ropes, so to speak. by GothVix04/16/154.60HOT

Black & Blonde Delight

 — Carrie's friend Lisa introduces her to ebony love. by genderbender03/24/014.41

Black & White in Belgium

 — Lucy had always wanted to go with a black girl... by The Marquis06/08/014.49

Black & White Orgy

 — Shauna experiences white men and black women. by caramelz04/18/064.61HOT

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 01

 — Black woman assumes control of an older white woman. by TallBlondeGretchen06/22/113.67

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 02

 — Black woman seizes further control of older white woman . by TallBlondeGretchen06/23/114.06

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 03

 — Black woman takes over older white woman's business. by TallBlondeGretchen06/24/114.18

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 04

 — Black teens' takeover of older white woman's life. by TallBlondeGretchen07/04/114.47

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 05

 — Black teenager's control of older white woman heightens. by TallBlondeGretchen07/29/114.37

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 06

 — Black Teenager publicly humiliates older white woman. by TallBlondeGretchen08/17/114.23

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 07

 — Beautiful black teenager overwhelms older white woman. by TallBlondeGretchen08/18/114.11

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 08

 — Black teenaged beauty relentlessly dominates white woman. by TallBlondeGretchen09/06/114.29

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 09

 — Black Teenager changes Older white woman's life. by TallBlondeGretchen09/07/114.25

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 10

 — Black woman increases public humiliation for Gretchen. by TallBlondeGretchen09/18/114.11

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 11

 — Black teenager humbles older white woman sexually. by TallBlondeGretchen09/20/114.26

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 12

 — Black teenager prepares for 1st day as white woman's Boss. by TallBlondeGretchen09/28/114.20

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 13

 — Black teenager assumes full control of white female staff. by TallBlondeGretchen10/02/114.29

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 14

 — Young black boss trains and develops older white woman. by TallBlondeGretchen10/09/114.10

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 15

 — Black Girl's level of control over white staff escalates. by TallBlondeGretchen11/03/113.90

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 16

 — Black teen's first day as Gretchen's boss humiliates her. by TallBlondeGretchen11/21/114.08

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 17

 — Black Girl's by TallBlondeGretchen11/30/114.35

Black American Men/Canadian Girls

 — Redneck woman comforts African-American genius. by Samuelx12/31/112.48

Black and White Ch. 01

 — White girl craves black cocks. by Sweetness03/28/093.79

Black and White Loving

 — A white couple socialize with Black couple. by BrendaBrown11/18/114.22

Black and White Threesome

 — She enjoys two new erotic experiences at the same time. by SweetPrettyAss12/14/143.91

Black at Last

 — Ami finally gets black cock at a reggae festival. by Amandarunning04/24/154.23

Black Beauty

 —  Payback for rescue turns into love. by pfanv03/12/174.54HOT

Black Belt

 — He allows her to fuck off some steam. by velvetpie02/16/054.22

Black Betty, Legend of the West Ch. 01

 — Black female outlaw has her way with men. by Assex12/22/074.50HOT

Black Bred

 — A lonely housewife has a relationship with a black man by Karenkay05/13/104.07

Black Bred Celeb 01: Cassie Lane

 — A pop singer takes a Vigin starlet to a rap album drop party by alysonbraid09/02/144.16

Black Bred Celeb 02: Maggie Spinner

 — Maggies dropped off at a interracial porn studio by accident. by alysonbraid01/02/154.35

Black Bred Celeb 03: Stephi Collins

 — Stephi' Costar Macy takes her out for her first black cock. by alysonbraid10/23/174.04

Black Breeding Jocelyn

 — Wife wants a baby & she picked a black man to do the job. by Karenkay04/10/104.09

Black Breeding Jocelyn Ch. 02

 — A gorgeous blonde housewife wants a black baby. by Karenkay06/24/104.11

Black Bulls Can Be Cuckolds Too

 — Vivian Black cuckolds Brutus Noir with Mr. Pole. by Samuelx02/23/18

Black Cameraman & the Weather girl

 — Black man moves to Utah for loads of pussy at TV Station. by MormonChicks12/06/154.41

Black Cheerleaders Rule!

 — Bossy Black Cheerleader mesmerizes Irish lesbian. by Samuelx06/14/103.87

Black Chicks Crave White Cock

 — Black woman admits she craves white guys. by Samuelx09/04/103.92

Black Cock Era 00

 — A playful epic about an era where black men own white women. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash02/01/133.64

Black Cock Era 01

 — She's a wild white girl, living alone and naked on the beach. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash02/26/134.05

Black Cock Era 02

 — The busty white slave Hannah travels with her black master. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash03/19/134.25

Black Cock Era 03

 — Busty white slaves serving black masters, and each other. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash04/24/134.00

Black Cock in a Latina

 — Hot little latina gets pouned hard by a big black cock. by Feral_Intelligence01/24/084.08

Black Cock Took Me Too

 — Stacey becomes yet another white servant to Black Cock. by StaceyP11/21/114.09

Black Cock Took Me Too Ch. 02

 — A Blak Stud finally fucks me into submission. by StaceyP12/11/114.20

Black Cock Transformation

 — Summer job turn out to BBC. by Ewriter11104/23/183.66

Black Cock Whore

 — White wife punished. by SuzyFloosie07/03/124.27

Black Cock Whore Ch. 02

 — White wife used again. by SuzyFloosie10/09/124.27

Black Cock Worship: A Woman’s Fall

 — White wife is drawn into world of kinky submission. by silkstockingslover06/16/184.44

Black Cock: A Wife Falls Too

 — Straight married man sacrifices wife to his black Master. by silkstockingslover09/30/154.70HOT

Black Cock: Addicted to Cum

 — Husband and wife are shared by female black teen and grandpa. by silkstockingslover07/21/164.70HOT

Black Cocks Only Ch. 01

 — Housewife turned into whore for black cocks. by ps3lite07/19/104.22

Black Cocks Only Ch. 02

 — Housewive getting regular fucking from janitor. by ps3lite07/20/104.29

Black Coffee In Bed

 — A computer lesson leads to romance. by velvetpie04/20/044.70HOT

Black Coffee with my Cream

 — Black woman savors threesome with mixed couple. by Dai Raku05/13/054.32

Black Controlled Society Pt. 01

 — tommie lives in a future Black Controlled Society. by iaajs12310/24/163.82

Black Controlled Society Pt. 02

 — tommie goes to the local Selective Breeding Facility. by iaajs12310/26/163.61

Black Controlled Society Pt. 03

 — tommie is sent to school for slut training. by iaajs12312/01/164.18

Black Controlled Society Pt. 04

 — tommie becomes a girl; a homeless man finds a home. by iaajs12312/13/164.17

Black Couple And White Men

 — A black couple hooks up with white guys. by Samuelx07/12/113.12

Black Cuckold Couple and White Bull

 — Black cuckold couple meets a bisexual Bull. by Samuelx04/29/173.65

Black Cuckold Couple's Adventure

 — Black wife cheats on black hubby with a white guy. by Samuelx01/31/173.71

Black Cuckold Couple's Fun

 — Biracial wife watches black hubby suck white dick. by Samuelx05/05/173.83

Black Cuckold Erotica

 — Haitian housewife cuckolds Black hubby with Latino hunk. by Samuelx06/17/153.67

Black Cuckold Erotica - Reverse

 — Black man watches girlfriend fuck Latino guy. by Samuelx12/18/153.30

Black Cuckold Eroticism

 — Black Muslim woman watches her man take dick. by Samuelx09/08/17

Black Cuckold Phenomenon

 — Black women eagerly cuckolding their black men. by Samuelx08/05/143.42

Black Cuckold Revolution

 — Haitian wife cuckolds hubby with Moroccan stud. by Samuelx07/16/153.40

Black Cuckold Trend is Rising

 — Black couple has a freaky night with White Bull. by Samuelx08/26/173.67

Black Cuckold's White Wife

 — White wife cuckolds Black husband with mixed guy. by Samuelx10/06/153.00

Black Cuckolding Diaries

 — Black housewife cuckolds black hubby with Latin hunk. by Samuelx11/25/143.85

Black Cuckolding For Couples

 — Muslim cuckold hubby watches black wife with Hispanic guy. by Samuelx11/12/133.19

Black Cuckolding for Muslims

 — Somali wife watches Turkish guy fuck Somali hubby. by Samuelx09/28/132.38

Black Cuckolding Happens Today

 — Nigerian Muslim gal cuckolds her manly Somali lover. by Samuelx12/24/163.00

Black Cuckolding in Barrhaven

 — White guy fucks Jamaican wife in front of Black hubby. by Samuelx09/16/153.43

Black Cuckolding in Kanata

 — Japanese wife cuckolds Black hubby with a white guy. by Samuelx01/31/18

Black Cuckolding in Minnesota

 — Black woman watches white hubby fuck a black man. by Samuelx01/27/18

Black Cuckolding In Montreal

 — Black wife cuckolds Black husband with Hispanic guy. by Samuelx07/02/143.67

Black Cuckolding in New England

 — Haitian woman cuckolds her fiancé with Mr. BWC. by Samuelx11/03/17

Black Cuckolding in New Orleans

 — Black dominatrix helps Jamaican stud try white cock. by Samuelx03/07/18

Black Cuckolding in Saudi Arabia

 — Saudi housewife cuckolds husband with a black guy. by Samuelx09/09/153.44

Black Cuckolding in Uganda

 — Black Muslim dominatrix cuckolds a short Ugandan. by Samuelx05/17/18

Black Cuckolding Is Great

 — Black wife cuckolds Black hubby with bi white Bull. by Samuelx01/29/153.85

Black Cuckolding is Our Thing

 — Black woman cuckolds her sexy Black boyfriend. by Samuelx07/26/173.23

Black Cuckolding is Popular!

 — Black husband watches white wife with Asian guy. by Samuelx09/26/153.68

Black Cuckolding Is Sweet

 — Black wife rides white dick before Black hubby, by Samuelx06/21/163.90

Black Cuckolding Is Terrific!

 — African-American housewife cuckolds Black husband. by Samuelx06/07/153.03

Black Cuckolding Journey

 — Haitian wife cuckolds Black hubby with white guy. by Samuelx09/06/153.83

Black Cuckolding Journey Deux

 — Haitian wife becomes a dominatrix in Brockton. by Samuelx09/06/153.50

Black Cuckolding: Detroit

 — Black wife cuckolds black husband with neighbor. by Samuelx12/20/163.87

Black Cuckoldress For Black Men

 — Black wife cuckolds black hubby with white friend. by Samuelx07/25/143.71

Black Cuckoldress Tales

 — Somali woman cuckolds a Black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/16/162.88

Black Cuckoldress: Somalia

 — Somali man watches girlfriend fuck Jewish guy. by Samuelx12/16/163.67

Black Cuckolds Exist in Ottawa

 — Ghanaian couple explores kink with Quebecer bull. by Samuelx03/30/153.77

Black Cuckolds In Jamaica

 — Jamaican wife cuckolds Black hubby with Latino guy. by Samuelx04/19/153.71

Black Cuckolds in Modern Times

 — Black man watches black wife with white guy. by Samuelx01/07/163.95

Black Cuckolds in San Francisco

 — Somali mistress cuckolds Senegalese guy with Latino. by Samuelx05/09/153.00

Black Cuckolds of Brockton

 — Mexican woman lets Haitian boyfriend try Asian dick. by Samuelx02/08/18

Black Cuckolds Of Texas

 — Black woman cuckolds Black hubby with Latin bull. by Samuelx01/31/173.60

Black Cuckolds of Today

 — Black wife watches white doctor fuck black hubby. by Samuelx09/15/163.52

Black Cuckolds Secretly Exist

 — Djibouti wife cuckolds Muslim hubby with Jewish guy. by Samuelx07/23/163.38

Black Dance Floor

 — Horny dancer submits completely. by strange guy10/30/044.31

Black Demon

 — Wife given to neighbor over a misunderstanding. by rich052407/07/154.43

Black Diamond

 — Man is cuckolded by black neighbor. by watchdwag09/02/114.20

Black Dom Over Cuck Hubby

 — Cuck husband meets wife's Black Dom in adult arcard. by Albuffla02/09/134.08

Black Dreams

 — He reads her journal and learns of her love for BBC. by Bakeboss12/07/103.53

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 01

 — Asian whiz rejects job but offers herself. by BlkRainbow01/03/134.22

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 02

 — Asian nymph transforms ugly duckling to elegant swan. by BlkRainbow02/04/134.45

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 03

 — Asian’s software craves Ebony hardware. by BlkRainbow02/17/134.28

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 04

 — Cold cash and an 'icy hot' New Year! by BlkRainbow03/02/134.58HOT

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 05

 — Second day of Li Su's visit. by BlkRainbow03/06/134.56HOT

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 06

 — Third Day of Li Su’s visit. by BlkRainbow07/16/134.37

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 07

 — Mother’s birthday surprises. by BlkRainbow07/19/134.58HOT

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 08

 — Polyamory - Asian pussy smorgasbord with vanilla pudding. by BlkRainbow11/12/144.58HOT

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Black Eye Ch. 01

 — Tarynn learns a hard lesson. by velvetpie03/14/054.32

Black Eye Ch. 02

 — She luxuriates in Michael's love. by velvetpie03/15/054.59HOT

Black Eye Ch. 03

 — The reunion starts. by velvetpie03/16/054.58HOT

Black Eye Ch. 04

 — Michael wins them over. by velvetpie03/17/054.65HOT

Black Fantasy Fulfilled Three Times

 — First time black cock. by HotWildcat07/09/134.22

Black Female Owner

 — Love between two very different young women. by Samuelx06/28/103.11

Black Female Power

 — Black chick dominates older White dominatrix. by Samuelx06/28/103.92

Black Female Superiority

 — Black Dominatrix takes on White Canadian woman. by Samuelx06/20/103.39

Black Femme/White Butch

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Black Firemen Are Sexy

 — Mature BBW falls for Black Fireman. by PredatorSmile10/19/063.54

Black Flower: Adjust

 — Hana begins her training. by DarkBlush09/03/144.68HOT

Black Flower: Align

 — The Introduction goes down. by DarkBlush09/08/144.76HOT

Black Flower: Anew

 — Linda starts over. by DarkBlush09/01/144.67HOT

Black Flower: Ascend

 — The kiss was sudden and hard. by DarkBlush09/16/144.69HOT

Black Flower: Asylum

 — Linda gets away. by DarkBlush08/28/144.58HOT

Black for Bengali Bitch

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Black For The First Time

 — Lust showed me what I really wanted. by Cherryblast06909/07/034.41

Black Friday

 — What happens on Black Friday stays with you. by EZ4BLKcock12/06/114.18

Black Friday Pt. 01

 — Ruth makes her way to work.... by BrooklynJay02/08/173.27

Black Gangbang for White Stripper

 — Vixen takes on five hung black guys at the strip club. by scuik06/18/134.16

Black Girl

 — You men are all the same. by magmaman01/09/094.54HOTEditor's Pick

Black Girl

 — His first time with a woman of color may be the hottest. by Archer205003/30/094.54HOT

Black Girl Punished

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Black Girls Worship White Cocks

 — White man discovers Black woman's secret lust. by Samuelx10/21/103.75

Black God

 — Girl working in Africa is in love with young tribal man. by Asianlove09/02/024.38

Black Gold

 — His wife meets J.T. at the lake. by Jake Lost12/26/004.51HOTContest Winner

Black Gold

 — African President fucks Arab Princess. by Seidah10/22/164.18

Black Guy Uses His Worm to Fish

 — He just has to use the right bait. by telus98907/24/074.03

Black Guy/White Girl: South Africa

 — White woman and her black male lover in South Africa. by Samuelx09/21/113.35

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