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Interracial Love Stories

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Blondes Love Black Men

 — Blonde sportswoman falls for black football stud. by Samuelx12/16/083.31

Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Fun

 — Quebec woman strapons macho Black man. by Samuelx03/21/112.50

Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Hell

 — White woman strapons Black guy. by Samuelx03/24/112.60

Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Rage

 — Older White woman strapons Black guy. by Samuelx03/24/112.63

Blondie Balls My Black Boss

 — Sexy married woman seduces his boss. by raven222205/03/044.44

Blondie Becomes a Black Cock Slut

 — A married woman's interracial adventures. by raven22206/18/034.45

Blondie Loves It

 — She thrives on abuse from the black stud. by Boxlicker10101/25/093.97

Blondie's First Black Dick

 — His wife's first time with a black man. by raven22206/03/034.48

Blood-Red Orchids

 — The birthday boy gets it all. by rdmaddog04/14/094.60HOT

Blue Moon in Bangkok

 — He falls for his Thai student. by Joseph King04/08/064.49

Blue Note

 — Saxophone player reflects on the passing of her partner. by brethard11/06/18

Blue's First

 — My babe tells his first time with a black woman. by moytalkstou08/02/113.77

Blueberry Pancakes Ch. 01

 — When the one you love is the cause of your pain. by LolaCaroline04/26/124.45

Blueberry Pancakes Ch. 02

 — Just let me heal, I just want to feel. by LolaCaroline06/19/124.50HOT

Boat Ho Ch. 10

 — A Chief becomes obsessed with Alex, but she wants something. by rckplsky06/20/104.00

Boat Ho Ch. 13

 — Alex has sex with an Ensign. by rckplsky07/29/103.95

Boat Ho Ch. 27

 — Jamie uses Alex in a strange scheme. by rckplsky02/01/123.80

Bobbi Lim: Petite Lover Pt. 01 Ch. 01-03

 — Secret sex life of young executive assistant. by refreiche08/09/084.06

Body Comfort Day Ch. 01

 — Matthew helps Steph and Maria make some sexy snacks. by MatthewVett07/21/094.48

Body Comfort Day Ch. 02

 — Matthew, Steph, and Maria celebrate Body Comfort Day. by MatthewVett07/22/094.57HOT

Body Dialogue

 — Australian supermodel stars in R & B singer's new video. by brethard12/24/17

Boiled Peanuts

 — Black man forces white girl, and she likes it! by Anna Malust11/30/004.32

Bold and Fearless

 — A resolution leads to the unexpected for young woman. by Lavender_Flame12/13/094.45

Bollywood Nights

 — A wife's love of Bollywood gives an unexpected twist. by daddysmart04/03/154.02

Boney Maroney

 — Skinny stripper falls for a patron and gives herself to him. by geordischmidt02/16/154.23

Boning The Trucker's Women

 — They need their pussy pestered. by Softly02/05/034.50HOT

Bonnie's Birthday

 — Bonnie is in sexual heaven when she lives out her fantasy. by maxslack04/06/07

Bonnie's Fantasy

 — She dreamed of being taken. by Just Plain Bob04/11/073.80

Bonnie's Love

 — A woman finds herself with a black man. by maxdname09/23/134.22

Bonnie's Obsession

 — Coworker discovers Bonnie's fetish. by 69Ranger6903/14/024.12

Bonus Point

 — Working girl snags a new client. by Imaginator04/26/024.32

Book Bindings Ch. 01

 — White women's study major falls to masterful Asian man. by mapleridgefool03/08/164.57HOT

Book Bindings Ch. 02

 — I learn the truth about myself, and Mr Wu. by mapleridgefool03/15/164.51HOT

Book of Love

 — Novelists hook up at a New York City dinner party. by brethard06/28/16


 — Encounter at a night club in Seoul. by dogilguy07/19/093.96

Boonsri's Beach

 — An Asian beauty seduces a lone traveler. by Stopokochac07/17/184.14

Booty Call

 — White alpha harasses Ebony beauty for a late night romp. by fawnsage05/19/154.68HOT

Bored Housewife, Big Black Coach

 — Becky needs a little excitement in her life. by ThePiperRai11/01/174.31

Bored Housewife, Big Black Coach Ch. 02

 — Becky just can't help herself. by ThePiperRai03/20/184.45

Born For It

 — Kat was born for black guys. by BornForIt05/27/044.56HOT

Born For It Ch. 02

 — Kat's obsession is cemented. by BornForIt06/20/044.64HOT

Born For It Ch. 03

 — Kat brings a friend; Andre brings two. by BornForIt07/03/044.68HOT

Born For It: Deep Black Dicks

 — Kat gets a super nasty surprise from her sister. by BornForIt02/23/064.49

Bossy White Girls Rock!

 — Blonde Afrikaner strapons African-American male. by Samuelx10/11/122.43

Boston Guys for Ottawa Girls

 — Franco-Iranian woman dates black American in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/02/131.00

Boston Man for Ottawa Woman

 — Ottawa dominatrix seduces black man from Boston. by Samuelx03/24/172.25

Bottoms and Buttered Buns

 — A neighbor gets very close and cozy to the Bottoms. by SEVERUSMAX08/21/154.47

Bouncing Bunny

 — When misreading a situation never felt better. by Bob_609/26/154.34

Bound & Blindfolded for Rent Ch. 01

 — Beautiful black woman in white man's world doesn't pay rent. by SusanJillParker01/10/143.72

Bound & Blindfolded for Rent Ch. 02

 — Stripped naked & tied to her bed, Dominique disciplines... by SusanJillParker01/12/144.14

Bound & Blindfolded for Rent Ch. 05

 — Open for business Mistress Dominque gets her dungeon. by SusanJillParker11/04/143.94

Bow Down To Black Man Power

 — The life and times of a Black King. by Samuelx03/11/091.67

Boxing Day

 — Trust me and enjoy yourself. A weekend to remember. by chocolategirl7403/29/174.84HOT

Boy Next Door

 — I get friendly with the boy next door. by starsinger01/15/133.87

Boyfriend Lost

 — Stood up, a girl makes new friends. by JordonLynn09/28/044.64HOT

Boys Rule

 — A visit brings back a good time with Mabel. by Samuelx11/12/063.71

Brace Yourself Ch. 01

 — Classic boy meets girl...with a twist. by Megaluvd09/30/12

Brace Yourself Ch. 02

 — Things heat up with Shelby and Michael, but is she ready? by Megaluvd10/03/12

Brad & Daphne: A Love Story

 — Marine makes love to beautiful African American girl. by johnwadd10/30/014.59HOT

Brad and Marsha Ch. 09

 — Jason Brown. by mark_867530904/01/074.38

Brad and Steph

 — Moments in a new relationship. by rocketgirl201101/01/124.15

Brad and Steph Ch. 02

 — Steph hated New Year's. by rocketgirl201101/02/124.10

Brad Is Looking For Something Ch. 01

 — Hey, what are you up to tonight? by lovelylady55109/13/094.15

Brad Is Looking For Something Ch. 02

 — "Oh my god, are you serious?" by lovelylady55109/19/094.14

Brad Is Looking For Something Ch. 03

 — She's scared of what's going to happen on the date. by lovelylady55107/21/104.41

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 02

 — Brad returns and finds willing victims. by notemale09/02/034.49

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 07

 — Dave gives his wife away. by notemale09/22/104.35

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 08

 — Sue visits the psychiatrist. by notemale07/09/144.22

Bragging Rights

 — Friend's stories shock and arouse Meryl. by terravista09/11/154.43

Brand New Eyes

 — After an experience with her best friend, a black women anew. by virgoreader02/18/104.37

Brandi Ch. 01

 — Cheerleader's downfall. by EZ4BLKcock07/12/154.40

Brandi Ch. 02

 — Brandi falls... by EZ4BLKcock09/02/154.49

Brandi Ch. 03

 — Run in with the law. by EZ4BLKcock09/18/154.66HOT

Brandi Ch. 04

 — The Ugly part of Life. by EZ4BLKcock10/09/164.57HOT

Brave Hard Ch. 01

 — Waxing the ass on a sweet Irish Lass. by mosprophetic12/13/104.34

Brave Hard Ch. 02

 — Waxing the ass on a sweet Irish Lass by mosprophetic12/14/104.51HOT

Break Down

 — MWF discovers BBC by chance. by UndercoverInterracial07/30/134.53HOT

Break Down Ch. 02

 — MWF's depravity continues. by UndercoverInterracial09/05/134.64HOT

Break Down Ch. 03

 — MWF's depravity continues. by UndercoverInterracial09/17/134.48


 — Two lovers share a unique breakfast. by drqangelatl10/16/024.40

Breakfast and Black Cock

 — Hotwife finally tries young black guy. by erotiquill06/30/164.41

Breakfast at Michelle's

 — A shy, young black woman finds herself her first Dom. by SwayzeeSweetheart05/12/184.29

Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 01

 — Divorced husband learns that his ex is dating again. by Karenkay09/29/074.11

Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 02

 — Lenny's ex wife tells about dating a new guy. by Karenkay09/30/074.24

Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 03

 — Jeannie tells her ex about her new black boyfriend. by Karenkay10/01/074.20

Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 04

 — Husband visits ex-wife where she tells about black boyfriend. by Karenkay07/17/083.98

Breakfast: The Van

 — Blonde has her dark co-worker for breakfast. by JuliaAnneX05/12/064.17

Breaking and Entering

 — Redhead new to city reports a break-in to the authorities. by beaugueste01/19/134.11

Breaking In The New Coworker

 — He falls for ebony cashier. by GuyJD10/10/004.26

Breaking News

 — Story of a Billionaire, whose wishes led him to his death. by B4Big_B10/06/083.84

Breathing Ch. 01

 — Sonya's world ends. by theonlinestalker09/18/124.57HOT

Breathing Ch. 02

 — I'll follow you into the dark. by theonlinestalker09/22/124.69HOT

Breathing Ch. 03

 — Sonya vs Trenton. by theonlinestalker09/30/124.81HOT

Breathing Ch. 04

 — Sonya struggles with her guilt. by theonlinestalker10/08/124.74HOT

Breathing Ch. 05

 — Can you come back after hitting rock bottom? by theonlinestalker04/27/144.77HOT

Breathing Ch. 06

 — Sonya's first day of work begins on the wrong foot. by theonlinestalker01/29/164.64HOT

Breathing Ch. 07

 — A proposition is made. by theonlinestalker05/22/184.48

Bred in the Stables

 — Karen succumbs to the lure of BBC. by HerLittlePiggy06/14/154.36

Bree Tries A New Flavor

 — Bree's first time with a black man. by Ember Faye08/20/094.36


 — A white man breeds a black woman after flirting at work. by stepsonic01/03/174.43


 — White couple finds a sperm donor to help wife conceive. by Slut4bbc6901/21/134.41

Breeding Angie

 — A lonely virgin finds a group that wants her. by slobber02/12/083.82

Breeding Farm

 — Slave breeding in the Old South. by hammertime05/08/094.43

Breeding Jessica

 — They'll do anything to have a baby. by Prizmatic11/17/064.19

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife agrees to attend a breeding gang bang party. by Lordshark06/28/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 02

 — The second meeting for the photo. by Lordshark06/29/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 03

 — The Rest of the Photo Shoot. by Lordshark07/15/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 04

 — She gets selected and gets the rules. by Lordshark07/31/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 05a

 — Getting Measured for the party outfits by Lordshark09/10/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 06a

 — Last Chapter Part A. by Lordshark11/06/09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 06b

 — The morning of the party I got up early. by Lordshark06/27/10

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 07

 — So here we are at Jake's home. by Lordshark07/16/10

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 08

 — Clean-up sex. by Lordshark10/06/10

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 09

 — The weekend ends. by Lordshark12/11/10

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 10

 — The End to the Beginning. by Lordshark01/12/11

Breeding the Help Ch. 01

 — How I impregnated my family's young Filipino maid. by Depravio07/29/154.58HOT

Breeding the Maid's Daughter

 — Desperate for a child, Indian wife looks at options. by sansar08/11/064.44


 — Lance falls for the cute white chick across the hall. by Lance Stallworth09/05/044.23


 — The morning routine of a boss and his secretary. by russeltrust10/23/044.42

Brenda's Got Game

 — Petite White girl gets fucked by BBC in the park. by JohnBlack11309/02/173.89

Bria & Dustin: The Beginning

 — The Beginning of a steamy and erotic relationship. by Caramelsub03/02/054.56HOT


 — His date with a gorgeous black woman. by mgwauthor06/29/11

Bride Submission: Boss's Bitch

 — Bride-to-be submits to black boss and his secretary. by silkstockingslover06/13/144.62HOT

Bride's Son & Groom's Mother

 — Groom's mother pounded by a young black stud. by VictorBlum12/18/094.43

Brides Son Revisted

 — Brides son and Groom's mother continue. by VictorBlum12/29/094.38

Bridger Sighs Ch. 01

 — Slut wife gets her kids embroiled in torrid sex with lover. by AlexHall02/18/134.08

Bridger Sighs Ch. 02

 — Their descent into depravity quickens. by AlexHall02/19/133.96

Bridging Barriers

 — Young white man satisfies mature black woman. by Mystery_Meat06/26/064.35

Bridging Barriers Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Black couple makes video with her white boyfriend. by Mystery_Meat10/04/064.62HOT

Bridging Barriers Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — Black couple makes video with her white boyfriend by Mystery_Meat11/23/084.44

Bridging Barriers, Plus One

 — Two black wives share young white stud. by Mystery_Meat07/03/064.59HOT

British Feminist Becomes Muslim

 — Biracial Muslim man seduces British Feminist woman. by Samuelx05/05/121.85

Brockton Man In Winnipeg

 — African-American student meets Aboriginal Canadian woman. by Samuelx08/16/152.00

Broke Down

 — She gets closer to an old friend. by IrishRose121506/22/044.33

Broken Phones

 — A black girl finds a white guy that fixes things. by Jay62603/27/184.69HOT

Broken Phones Ch. 02

 — Brad and Skylar go forward in their relationship. by Jay62610/18/184.78HOT

Broken Sister

 — Girl from the 'hood with nothing to lose finds true love. by Stories06/03/024.28

Broken Valentines

 — A test of friendships, and new beginnings. by Cloudedog11/16/092.50

Brooklyn Heights

 — Girl and boy get back together. by melini01/28/034.02

Brooklyn Heights Ch. 01

 — A taste of chocolate & Oriental. by melini01/03/033.90

Brooklyn Heights Ch. 04

 — Girlfriend gets back at boyfriend by melini02/17/034.32

Brooklyn Heigts Ch. 02

 — White boy shows up black girlfriend by melini01/25/033.69


 — Interracial love cannot be stopped in the Old South. by APRILBLOSSUMS11/23/173.88

BrotherFuture Part 1

 — Wrongly convicted man is released from prison. by Liclovely06/21/014.68HOTEditor's Pick

BrotherFuture Part 2

 — Hakim realizes what he has lost while imprisoned. by Liclovely07/16/014.57HOT

BrotherFuture Part 3

 — Hakim meets old friend while making new ones. by Liclovely08/28/014.68HOT

BrotherFuture Part 5

 — Hakim gets into drug culture and excesses. by Liclovely11/24/014.70HOT

BrotherFuture Part 6

 — Hakim seduces woman to gain information on enemy. by Liclovely03/11/034.80HOT

Brotherly Love

 — Lonely middle-aged woman seeks to fulfill her secret desire. by DevisPixi02/26/163.82

Brown Eyed Girl

 — A tale of interracial office lust. by browngrad11/22/063.50

Brown Eyes

 — Javier gives Adrienne a night to remember. by KarennaC01/30/084.33

Brown Eyes Ch. 02

 — Adrienne and Javier prepare to see each other again. by KarennaC02/27/084.59HOT

Brown Eyes Ch. 03

 — Adrienne and Javier try to finish what they started. by KarennaC03/21/083.96

Brown Eyes Ch. 04

 — Adrienne and Javier try something new. by KarennaC04/04/084.00

Brown Eyes Ch. 05

 — Javier helps Adrienne stand up for herself. by KarennaC04/12/084.47

Brown Eyes Ch. 06

 — Is she right to be afraid? by KarennaC05/05/084.28

Brown Eyes Ch. 07

 — Adrienne begins to trust. by KarennaC05/25/084.38

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