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Interracial Love Stories

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Catching the Wife Vol. 02

 — Redheaded wife cheating on husband with black neighbor. by chasseur1111/15/084.17

Catching the Wife Vol. 03

 — Husband catches wife with black neighbor. by chasseur1101/10/093.93

Catching the Wife Vol. 04

 — Husband catches wife with black neighbor, finale. by chasseur1105/18/093.65

Catherine's Black Submission

 — Wife submits to husband's wish that she take a black lover. by blackandwhitewriter08/21/144.19

Catherine's Joy

 — A woman's passion for black cock leads to fun & profit! by Ahabscribe01/08/134.42

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 12

 — He was on the edge. by nocluescooby12/28/074.25

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 13

 — Final installment of story of BiW interracial cuckoldry. by nocluescooby04/23/083.71

Catholic Nun Converts To Islam

 — Black Muslim falls in love with White Catholic Nun. by Samuelx11/17/113.11

Catholic School Life

 — Catholic school guy needs good grades. by PB10/10/002.50

Cathy's Black Adventures

 — Cathy's Introduction. by MrDeep11/10/114.13

Cathy's Black Adventures Ch. 02

 — Part II of a Southern girl's journey on the dark side. by MrDeep02/28/144.48

Cathy's Interracial Threesome

 — Cathy's first threesome with her boss and his friend. by joejimoh06/22/064.29

Caught Ch. 01

 — Wife catches husband with pornography. by eroghost02/20/054.38

Caught Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife pick out a black lover for her. by eroghost02/24/054.36

Caught Ch. 03

 — His fantasy of wife with black lover comes true. by eroghost03/02/054.55HOT

Caught Ch. 04

 — His fantasy of wife with black man continues. by eroghost11/19/074.38

Caught Ch. 05

 — Husband sharing wife with black man alters their marriage. by eroghost04/05/084.16

Caught Cheating Pt. 03

 — Interracial, Cheating. by Algonquin10002/03/173.76

Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 06

 — Three's company. by dresbach10/11/144.70HOT

Caught in the Storm

 — A girl has sex with a Vietnam Vet during a storm. by Sean Renaud11/19/094.17

Cautious Wife's Hand Job Cum Fest

 — She'd indulge his fantasy, but only within her limits! by dr13bone12/29/144.34

Cecelia's Story

 — A shy woman comes out of her shell. by Cocopathos03/11/094.04

Cecilia Just Had To Have It

 — My wife turns back the clock to when she went big and black by patdown06/23/143.88

Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 01

 — She indulges herself with a black stud. by mandywilluk200004/29/074.22

Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 03

 — How Charley has a gang bang and lesbian sex. by mandywilluk200006/04/074.36

CFNM, Nude Day, and Drunken Women

 — Six rich women use CFNM show for husbands' Nude Day revenge. by SuperHeroRalph06/23/113.83

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 01

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7803/18/104.51HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 02

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7803/24/104.68HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 03

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7803/31/104.73HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 04

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7804/10/104.76HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 05

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7804/16/104.67HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 06

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7804/21/104.77HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 07

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7805/04/104.74HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 08

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro7805/28/104.74HOT

Champagne for Two?

 — There's more than one way to enjoy the bubbly. by ~Kir@~02/12/013.58

Chance Encounter

 — She has her first interracial encounter while doing laundry. by bella2611/30/014.09

Chance Encounter

 — He runs into an old crush. by RisingSun01/14/074.68HOT

Chance Encounter

 — When needs ignored by husband I turn to a stranger. by taurusChaos04/13/084.08

Chance Encounters

 — Walking man runs into lovely Latina. by Selias10/10/003.69

Change is a Good Thing Ch 03

 — A housewife's journey into black sex and submission. by Mark with Desire08/11/034.22

Change is a Good Thing Sometimes

 — Housewife becomes Black man's slut. by Mark with Desire05/18/034.16

Change is a Good Thing Sometimes Ch. 02

 — A white wife submits to her black lover. by Mark with Desire06/16/034.32

Change of Luck

 — My first taste of dark meat. by No Panty Girl04/10/064.04

Change of Plans

 — A proposition with a twist. by spectacularfreak06/22/114.58HOT

Change of Plans Ch. 02

 — A proposition with a twist. by spectacularfreak07/02/114.67HOT

Change of Plans Ch. 03

 — A proposition with a twist. by spectacularfreak08/02/114.78HOT

Change of Plans Ch. 04

 — Things changed. by spectacularfreak02/19/124.73HOT

Change of Plans Ch. 05

 — Things Changed. by spectacularfreak08/27/134.78HOT

Change of Style Ch. 01

 — Maggie and Jack Discover hardcore interracial swinging. by LeMondial01/06/104.13

Change of Style Ch. 02

 — Things are heating up for Jack and Debbie. by LeMondial01/07/104.24

Change of Style Ch. 03

 — Debbie and jack make love for the first time. by LeMondial01/08/104.25

Change of Style Ch. 04

 — Maggie and Sean finish. Maggie starts to train Jack. by LeMondial01/09/104.47

Change of Style Ch. 05

 — Jack watches his wife become Sean's conquest. by LeMondial01/13/104.43

Change of Style Ch. 06

 — Sean's hold over Maggie and Jack solidifies. by LeMondial01/19/104.55HOT

Change of Style Ch. 07

 — Jack helps Maggie get ready for Sean. by LeMondial01/20/104.46

Change of Style Ch. 08

 — Maggie begins serious cuckold training for Jack. by LeMondial01/21/104.32

Change of Style Ch. 09

 — Maggie surrenders all to Sean and finishes Jack's training. by LeMondial01/31/104.16

Changing Brenda's Attitude

 — What have I created? by parts guy12/11/034.37


 — She went from protecting her sister to BBC lover. by Bakeboss03/22/104.04


 — The 69th Street Starbucks love affair. by Pandoras Desire11/28/083.61


 — My wife's black ex-boyfriend returns and causes problems. by kewtieboy06/07/143.70

Charles & Midori Pt. 01

 — A black man from the US meets a Japanese woman from Scotland. by KingofFrogIsland03/03/173.61

Charles & Midori Pt. 02

 — Charles and Midori learn a few things about each other. by KingofFrogIsland03/13/174.08

Charles & Midori Pt. 03

 — Midori enjoys a game with Charles. by KingofFrogIsland03/18/174.62

Charles & Midori Pt. 04

 — Charles and Midori perform oral and maybe more? by KingofFrogIsland03/28/173.43


 — Charley considers a home remodel. by PSQueenStories03/14/163.56

Charli and Bobby

 — Chapter 3 in the Willing Slaves series with Daniel Orme. by JonB196909/04/074.61HOT

Charlie and Nicole

 — Nicole gets counselling from Charlie. Know what I mean? by benjie412/03/173.57

Charlie Gets a Little

 — A photographer and his model hookup. by benjie407/09/174.35

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 06

 — The Frenchman's journey. by mcfbridge11/24/044.49

Charmaine's Dark Humiliation

 — Story of a cheating wife who is degraded by her black friend. by nomad195705/04/124.04


 — My husband gave me a great birthday present. by DenverYo11/09/164.30

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 01

 — Chastity chooses a hot older black man to educate herself. by Goldeniangel02/10/084.34

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 02

 — She loses her virginity to Jeremy's big black cock. by Goldeniangel02/11/084.39

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 03

 — Jeremy puts Chastity on top. by Goldeniangel02/21/084.51HOT

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 04

 — Jeremy gives it to her doggy style. by Goldeniangel02/23/084.49

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 05

 — Jeremy puts his big black cock in her ass. by Goldeniangel02/27/084.57HOT

Cheaters Never Prosper

 — Wife caught cheating with best friend. by craigool02/04/043.84


 — She met an old boyfriend who still loved her. by Karenkay11/30/044.13

Cheating Hearts

 — Some cheat without getting caught. by luvpsy07/22/063.96

Cheating Hearts Ch. 00

 — A novella of interracial love. by PennyN12/11/104.36

Cheating Hearts Ch. 01

 — An interracial novella. by PennyN12/16/104.48

Cheating Hearts Ch. 02

 — An interracial novella. by PennyN12/26/104.59HOT

Cheating Hearts Ch. 03

 — Elizabeth visits Luke. by PennyN01/15/114.63HOT

Cheating Hearts Ch. 04

 — Jasmine meets Luke's mother. by PennyN02/10/114.58HOT

Cheating Hearts Ch. 05

 — Interracial novella. by PennyN03/27/114.60HOT

Cheating Husband-First Time Cheating

 — First time cheating. by MONALISALEE07/27/093.92

Cheating Wife: A Fantasy

 — Giving herself to a dominant man. by gi_janet03/14/154.17

Cheating Wife: Black Friday

 — Getting exactly what I want. by gi_janet06/25/134.16

Cheating Wife: Hotel BBC

 — I meet a perfect stranger in a hotel bar. by gi_janet01/15/144.01

Cheating with an Asian Babe

 — He's seduced by an Asian chick - and loves it. by flduk08/02/084.02

Chechen Girls Love Black Men Too

 — Chechen tomboy meets Somali man in Calgary. by Samuelx01/19/142.69

Checking In

 — Asian man checks in to find love in an unlikely place. by J-Nite08/09/064.64HOT

Checking In Ch. 02

 — Jade and Rocky complete their erotic journey. by J-Nite06/30/074.54HOT

Checking in from Arizona

 — Not just Utah. Arizona Mormon's Cheat & like black cock, too. by MormonChicks11/08/154.41

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 01

 — A busty wife keeps an eye on two black, teen neighbors. by Cockhole08/25/164.61HOT

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 02

 — A white, busty wife has fun with two, young BBC's. by Cockhole12/26/164.68HOT

Checking on the Neighbors Pt. 03

 — Liz and the twins continue their fun, but for how long? by Cockhole10/10/174.70HOT

Cheering for Black Cock

 — College cheerleader gets her first taste of black cock. by Safe_Bet02/02/093.91

Cheerleaders in Africa Ch. 03

 — Melanie continues her breeding and finds out fate of others. by cwr200008/16/133.73

Chelly's Story

 — Michelle worked for a government agency. by dawn195803/28/084.38

Chelsea Ch. 01

 — Busty black girl is seduced by white teacher. by evil_in_the_flesh08/23/053.61

Chelsea Ch. 02

 — Chelsea's 34JJ's have been unleashed for Mr. Brown. by evil_in_the_flesh08/24/054.29

Chelsea Ch. 03

 — Dave is in the final stages of seducing Chelsea. by evil_in_the_flesh09/30/053.65

Cheri's Surprise

 — Two large men come over to visit Cheri. by lookalot200609/02/084.49

Cherie Ch. 1

 — Asian strip dancer seduces 19-year-old Jeff. by Dark Warrior09/10/024.17

Cherry Blossom Girl Ch. 01

 — Sascha's last chance with her first love. by August_Bouvier03/13/094.55HOT

Cherry Blossom Girl Ch. 02

 — A night on the town doesn't go as planned. by August_Bouvier03/22/094.74HOT

Cherry Blossom Girl Ch. 03

 — Proximity makes it hard to forget. by August_Bouvier04/01/094.80HOT

Cherry Blossom Girl Ch. 04

 — Sascha launches her comeback but not everyone's happy. by August_Bouvier05/23/094.83HOT

Cherry Goes Black Ch. 01

 — Cherry becomes a slut for black farmhands. by sluttysub6903/13/073.92

Cherry Takes On The NFL

 — Sexy stripper loves them big and black and gets her fill. by Liquor6906/19/114.50HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 02

 — Cherry is surprised and the orgasms keep cumming. by Liquor6906/28/114.66HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 03

 — Cherry takes extremely hot sex to the extreme. by Liquor6907/12/114.57HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 04

 — Paradise brings much more sex and an offer she can't refuse. by Liquor6907/19/114.67HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 05

 — It's game day and Cherry stars at the party that follows. by Liquor6907/22/114.60HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 06

 — Her day starts with a gangbang and get's better. by Liquor6907/31/114.64HOT

Cherry Takes On The NFL Ch. 07

 — Vacation winds down but the sex heats up. Cherry splits. by Liquor6908/11/114.46


 — What's vanilla without some creamy chocolate? by fantasy12308/08/074.78HOT

Chicago Getaway

 — Married woman gets picked up at hotel bar. by FurryDevil06/06/134.56HOT

Chicken Soup for the Soul

 — Sexy Aussie actress/director seduces black actor. by brethard11/22/16

China Doll

 — Learning sex the Chinese way. by Giveandgetoral03/02/124.56HOT

China Girl

 — Man travels to China. by BradBigBrain12/23/114.15

China Travels Ch. 01

 — He goes to China to get away from women, but... by Aussie_Teacher04/30/05

China Travels Ch. 02

 — He leaves China in a hurry, but soon returns. by Aussie_Teacher05/01/05HOT

Chinese Ladies Are Best

 — Taking of her sister. by trueorfalse10/28/144.10

Chinese Woman Strapons Black Man

 — Haitian man meets dominant Chinese woman. by Samuelx03/01/112.87

Chinese Women Strapon Black Men

 — Bossy Chinese women strapon willing Black men. by Samuelx03/06/113.06

Chloe & Mom Ch. 04

 — More of Chloe's adventures. by vargas11107/14/043.88

Chloe & Mom Ch. 05

 — Chloe and the OBGYN. by vargas11107/16/044.29

Chloe & Mom Ch. 06

 — More adventures with the naughty OBGYN. by vargas11107/17/044.21

Chloe at a Rave

 — Chloe introduces herself to three black guys at a rave. by scuik07/19/134.01

Chloe Ch. 01

 — ExecutiveVicePresident starts her descent to black cock slut. by sprnkman12/12/164.59HOT

Chloe Ch. 02

 — Executive Vice President continues her descent. by sprnkman01/15/174.63HOT

Chloe Fucks Up

 — Chloe wants weed, and ends up trading for it. by DarkestBrown07/14/164.20

Chloe's First Black Dick

 — White wife discovers the joy of interracial sex. by JoeCuckman02/20/064.24

Chocolate & Bananas

 — You're her sexy black lover. by devil_in_white_dress07/04/044.39

Chocolate and Caramel

 — Black BBW gets to dance and be seduced by a Latino hunk. by justboycrazy04/03/073.17

Chocolate and Lace

 — An erotic story set in the Deep South. by cward208/27/053.75

Chocolate Attraction

 — Businesswoman needs a change in her life. by darkknight0111/06/064.50HOT

Chocolate Cupcake

 — Black cupcake baker gets help hot, rich, white hunk. by justboycrazy04/24/103.97

Chocolate Decadence Ch. 01

 — Darnell wants Jenna. by Sweet_Sarah7208/19/154.56HOT

Chocolate Decadence Ch. 02

 — Can hot sex turn into something more? by Sweet_Sarah7208/20/154.66HOT

Chocolate Decadence Ch. 03

 — Jenna's boss causes trouble... by Sweet_Sarah7208/28/154.64HOT

Chocolate Desire Ch. 01

 — E-Mail from internet friend. by Z0neMaster07/10/063.55

Chocolate Ice Cream Girl

 — A young local becomes a surprise playmate at the beach. by greaterimp11/15/094.59HOT

Chocolate Lover Ch. 1

 — Virgin Michelle meets stripper Rico. by Hullo_nurse11/29/004.13

Chocolate Lover Ch. 2

 — Michelle loses virginity to Rico. by Hullo_nurse01/01/014.18

Chocolate Muffins

 — Coach hooks up with his shortstop's hot ebony mom...then... by Swampcooler12/17/154.63HOT

Choice Matters

 — They meet at a cottage and end up in the van. by TrueNorth196905/09/074.75HOT


 — The beginning. by lovewords10/15/114.59HOT

Choices and Sacrifices

 — The beginning. by CoCoNiy10105/18/134.55HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 02

 — Keegan's made his bed. by CoCoNiy10106/02/134.61HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 03

 — Progress. by CoCoNiy10106/17/134.71HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 04

 — Sabrina's suspicion and intuition. by CoCoNiy10107/12/134.67HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 05

 — Meeting the family. by CoCoNiy10109/01/134.62HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 06

 — Turn. by CoCoNiy10109/02/134.55HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 07 Pt. 1

 — The real chapter... lol by CoCoNiy10110/15/134.51HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 07 Pt. 2

 —  "I'm really happy for you." Sabrina said seriously. by CoCoNiy10101/19/144.70HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 08

 — A love... polygon. by CoCoNiy10106/16/144.68HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 09

 — Trying to move forward. by CoCoNiy10111/08/144.62HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 10

 — Excuses and Pity. by CoCoNiy10111/28/164.53HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 11

 — Keegan takes his efforts further. by CoCoNiy10110/18/174.63HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 12

 — Reunited. by CoCoNiy10103/31/184.85HOT

Choices of Susan

 — Admirer introduces her to a world of ecstasy and cruelty. by Nikkithewreck01/21/124.12

Chrissy and Craig

 — She wonders if what they say is true. by freaknut04/28/034.31

Christian Guy For Muslim Girl

 — Arab woman seduces Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/06/122.27

Christian Knockers Ch. 01

 — She saves him from spilling his seed. by kumachanz01/28/07

Christian Men and Muslim Girls

 — Haitian-American man and Palestinian woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/13/122.86

Christian Men For Muslim Ladies

 — Libyan woman sucks off Haitian in school library. by Samuelx05/18/122.56

Christine Ch. 01

 — Ex wife gets turned into a black cock loving slut. by Capelmawr06/30/104.13

Christine Ch. 02

 — Ex-wife is turned black. by Capelmawr04/22/114.21

Christine Ch. 03

 — Continuation of ex-wife's blackening. by Capelmawr11/26/114.24

Christine Cuckolds her Husband

 — Christine converts John into a black cock craving cuckold. by dreamweaver553904/29/164.19

Christmas Eve

 — Hot black woman brings tidings of great joy. by johnnieblue4412/29/124.57HOT

Christmas Present

 — She's interrupted while studying, but it was worth it. by bitterbucolic00702/14/063.64

Christmas Tree Hunting

 — A cougar goes hunting for chocolate in a Christmas tree lot. by sr71plt11/17/144.17

Christmas Vacation

 — Three hot young ladies spend Christmas in Florida. by Erotica_Writings11/26/043.74

Christmas Wishes

 — Tally invites her to a party. by collegegurl8312/14/023.84

Christopher with a Vengence

 — White socialite gets black dick. by The Style Guy05/29/053.93

Christy Gets Trained

 — Christy needs the money, will she fulfill my fantasy for it? by jmikeusl10/27/113.72

Christy Gets Trained 01

 — Christy receives training on how to pay bills. by rmattmike11/06/113.73

Christy Gets Trained 02

 — Christy's second encounter being trained. by rmattmike12/13/113.72

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