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Interracial Love Stories

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Christy Goes for the A

 — Christy will do anything for a good grade. by christinelouise1301/14/034.29

Christy Was Well Undone

 — He took the blonde beauty from next door. by qualitywheat05/21/124.19

Chronicles of the Unpretty

 — A life in the day of the beautifully challenged. by c8er2u08/04/104.44

Chronicles of the Unpretty Ch. 02

 — A life in the day of the beautifully challenged. by c8er2u08/23/124.71HOT

Chubby Chaser Ch. 04

 — ...busy fucking this girl with a HUGE ASS-and REVENGE too!! by mondotoken09/11/164.47

Chubby Hijabi and Stranger

 — Hijabi student is seduced by anonymous stranger's gifts. by Darkromantic197509/30/164.77HOT

Chuck Ch. 01

 — I met her, we made love, will I lose her? by DG Hear12/15/134.34

Chuck Ch. 02

 — Will I see Sammy again? Read what happens next. by DG Hear12/16/134.48

Chuck Lutkus And The Japanese Booky

 — Chuck Lutkus gets first big solo job. by Sydney_Smart12/29/103.78

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 02

 — Jasmine comes round to my flat. by white_on_brown11/25/104.47

Cindy Ch. 02

 — Huge-titted mature has dream come true. by erotiquill09/28/134.37

Cindy Gets Balled

 — Black man seduces young sister in law. by watchdwag04/08/084.43

Cindy Learns Manners

 — Fiancee learns not to use obscene hand gesters. by exmarine8504/09/034.20

Cindy Lou and Tommy Again

 — Her fantasies about his big, black cock come true. by Boxlicker10108/03/074.21

Cindy Lou Gets a Delivery

 — She accepts delivery of highly enjoyable package. by Boxlicker10108/19/054.39

Cindy's Big Prize

 — Cindy wins a long, stiff and impressive prize. by benjie407/02/174.10

City Lights

 — Ebony Yvette meets her Mr. Right. by JonB196909/29/074.57HOT

City Lights Ch. 02

 — Yvette makes an offer to Billy he can't refuse. by JonB196902/10/124.64HOT

City Lights Ch. 03

 — Billy takes things to the next level with ebony Yvette. by JonB196902/08/134.55HOT

CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert

 — CJ meets black sales rep for lunch and he provides dessert by CJs_Hubby01/29/094.44

CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 02

 — CJ meets Jamal at his hotel to discuss sales meeting. by CJs_Hubby10/16/094.55HOT

CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 03

 — She consummates the deal. by CJs_Hubby11/02/094.46

CJ's Stories: Teddy's Blues Bar

 — CJ's first black cock, CJ fucks uncles older black friend. by CJs_Hubby11/16/064.46

Clair Makes A Better Life

 — She supplements family life with a black boyfriend. by rickman3205/20/073.71

Claire's New Friends

 — Sexy couple changes Claire's outlook. by parkk8408/03/074.39

Claire's Night Out

 — She gives hubby what he wants. by Just Plain Bob01/01/054.20

Claire's Night Out at the Club

 — Married woman goes to club and fucks two black guys. by Nojustice201/30/183.97

Clare's Diary

 — He gives his wife her fantasy after reading her diary. by maxslack04/06/07

Clare's Diary Ch. 02

 — Clare gets filmed with a well-hung stranger. by maxslack04/07/07

Class Act

 — Black college freshman hooks up with two longtime crushes. by brethard01/09/16

Class Project Ch. 01

 — Black college student gets it on with white female classmate. by poetichustler821909/29/094.08

Claudia: Secret Chocolate Addict

 — Claudia gets caught taking on a king sized black cock. by angryjimmy01/12/084.02

Clayton Moors of Chicago

 — Macho brother from Chicago dates a Texan dominatrix. by Samuelx02/16/182.29

Clean This Ch. 01-05

 — A beginning of Romance between a Maid and her boss. by coolguy01008/02/104.26

Clerk Love

 — She's so lovely. by liebe91110/12/022.75

Cleveland Football

 — A great find in an alley after a Monday night football game. by 1spermlover04/29/154.41

Click’s Bar

 — Ebony and Ivory meet at Click's bar. by Joseki Ko04/22/044.08

Closer Ch. 01

 — An evil plan unexpectedly brings them together. by FatalCharm02/10/094.54HOT

Closer Ch. 02

 — One step forward, two steps back. by FatalCharm02/20/094.64HOT

Closer Ch. 03

 — Justin and Kim continued... by FatalCharm03/09/094.74HOT

Closer Ch. 04

 — Kim faces Mackenzie and tragedy strikes. by FatalCharm04/02/094.72HOT

Closer Ch. 05

 — Everything begins to change..... by FatalCharm04/28/094.74HOT

Closer Ch. 06

 — The relationship is tested and a miracle happens. by FatalCharm08/16/094.75HOT

Closer Ch. 07

 — The Final Chapter! by FatalCharm03/12/104.79HOT

Closing the Deal

 — Saleswoman giving her all to get the sale. by MrNewHouston11/04/024.24

Cloud 9 Ch. 1

 — Karina tests the realms of pleasure & curiosity. by cafeaulait05/18/014.40

Cloud 9 Ch. 2

 — Milan tries to resist the irresistable. by cafeaulait05/23/014.34

Cloud 9 Ch. 3

 — Milan finds her mystery man, & an extra friend. by cafeaulait06/06/014.55HOT

Clown Princess of Albania

 — Haitian scholar dates white female clown in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/21/152.71

Club Adventure

 — Couple meets new male friend at swingers club. by xaggothe03/30/034.36

Club Fantasy

 — Wife turns into slut for black lover. by Karenkay11/25/024.20

Club Midnight

 — Tina finds the best room in the place. by likawriter01/04/074.44

Club X

 — Start of a night of interracial depravity. by icemania08/31/114.14


 — Aussie lady will do anything to bed sexy black coworker. by brethard11/29/16

Clyde and Margi

 — Experimenting in South Africa across racial lines by Fhazel03/19/034.44


 — Coed explores new workouts with high school coach. by renaissancebarb08/02/034.08

Coach Black

 — Black coach teaches white kid a lesson about black supremacy. by destroywhiteboys07/28/163.70

Coach's Wife Loves BBC

 — Neglected wife decides it is pay back time and enjoys BBC. by walterio08/09/154.48

Coaxing Christine Ch. 01

 — Husband tries to talk his wife into becoming a HotWife. by Karenkay09/23/144.17

Coaxing Christine Ch. 02

 — Husband talks his wife into becoming a hot wife. by Karenkay09/28/144.17

Cock Hound

 — He cheated, I get meated! by searching4soul10/12/093.94

Cock Star Ch. 02

 — 68 yr. old MILF meets Thug Rap Star. by shoguy11/30/164.50HOT


 — The new Marketing Director offers to make a pot. by Cliff Claven05/04/014.48

Coffee & Cream

 — Tall white woman has steamy affair with sax player. by starkhadre03/23/014.36

Coffee & Cream

 — An afternoon shared between two castes. by Miss_Amber08/03/124.27

Coffee & Poetry

 — When words, mocha and love burn. by BaalatErotas04/06/154.85HOT

Coffee and a Blowjob

 — Theres a reason theyre called quickie marts. by younghungblack04/23/10HOT

Coffee and Photographs Ch. 01

 — Older man and young woman interracial. by gracesnowpaw12/06/144.39

Coffee and Photographs Ch. 02

 — Older man and young woman enjoy interracial. by gracesnowpaw12/09/144.23

Coffee and Photographs Ch. 03

 — Older man and young woman interracial. by gracesnowpaw12/22/144.43

Coffee with Cream

 — Fantasies come true after finally meeting. by marcimasala10/13/074.36

Coincidence or Other...

 — Two white girls mature. by Sunshine198010/20/094.36

College cuckoldress

 — How I became a cuckold boyfriend in college. by lucky_hubby8406/01/174.31

College Days Gone Wild

 — Irish Catholic girl meets sexy Black hunk. by Samuelx09/06/063.32

College Daze

 — College couple gets hots for hunky Black athlete. by The Avenger08/14/064.33

College Daze Pt. 02

 — Couple's dark fantasy turns real. by The Avenger08/15/064.50HOT

College Daze: Final Daze

 — Old lovers and roommates are reunited. by Lynnluvs06/16/074.00

College Girl Swag

 — A shy female athlete is convinced to let lose for a night. by blackmerida08/10/164.42

College Hoops

 — Kristin is introduced to sensuality she never dreamed of. by khele2k211/19/114.32

College Senior Experiences Ch. 01

 — A disappointing night turns into an exhilarating experience. by TakeAWhack12/20/173.86

College Sweethearts Meet Jerome

 — Peter & Sarah experience the thrill of black cock. by mmf4her01/31/184.25

Collegiate Conquests: Acting Out

 — Awakening to my love of black men. by gi_janet04/18/134.23

Color Blind

 — Love is really blind. by AfroerotiK08/13/074.55HOT

Colorado Ch. 1

 — He goes interracial out west. by Will da Six Deuce08/19/023.88

Colorado Ch. 2

 — Everyone wants in on the fun. by Will da Six Deuce09/08/024.38

Colors of Distinction

 — She falls for the dark-skinned new guy. by texasgirl97801/20/044.33

Colors of Distinction Ch. 02

 — He's never been with a white woman. by texasgirl97801/21/044.39

Colors of the Rainbow

 — We clicked on the flight like we were both passengers... by bonafit07/15/153.79

Colton and Kellane

 — Colton Lane makes it all okay. by freegirl201208/24/174.77HOT

Come Into the Dark Ch. 02

 — He's been watching... by MickeyPink01/18/114.62HOT

Come Into the Dark Ch. 03

 — In daylight, he comes to her. by MickeyPink06/24/114.66HOT

Come to the Carnival

 — Daring. by tracewrites08/05/113.28

Come to Vegas 4 BBC

 — Took Wife to Vegas for BBC. by 2_old_2_change01/05/174.48

Comfort Food

 — A horny foodie samples Soo's Asian delicacies. by Roxroy08/28/164.46

Comfort Me

 — Cidni & Josh get too close for comfort. by Serinitee09/25/094.49

Comfort Me Ch. 02

 — Cidni strives for a comfortable distance. by Serinitee09/02/114.44

Comforting Cammie

 — Old friends become better friends. by ThePantyMan11/04/054.54HOT

Comforting Cammie Ch. 02

 — Cammie's mom comes to town for comforting too. by ThePantyMan11/14/054.69HOT

Comforting Nia

 — Comforting a greiving black relative by AlwaysFalling2101/20/034.26

Comission Kalysta: Hard Knocks

 — Kalysta's pregancy on her husband's side of the bed by LuxDominus10/11/083.92


 — The train to work is so boring. by brian47331711/02/094.32

Companion Wanted

 — She escapes everday life. by No Panty Girl11/08/054.21

Company Concubine

 — Company owners pay an unusual price for their success? by CassioInCypress07/24/074.57HOT

Company Conference Ch. 01

 — Conference goers share a good workout. by Kapricorn7108/09/104.45

Company Stock

 — A black CEO and his stable of white secretaries. by Karenkay11/16/094.10

Complications Ch. 01

 — A long time coming... by XxEarBudsxX05/03/114.20

Complications Ch.01

 — Normal day becomes interesting. by XxEarBudsxX12/11/10

Conditioning Ch. 01

 — A couple get back together after going through a divorce. by Karenkay09/14/143.88

Confession of a BBC Slut Ch. 02

 — Alex meets Kyle on football field. by roydavis2507/23/094.47

Confession of a BBC Slut Ch. 03

 — Alex brings Brittney in on the fun. by roydavis2509/30/094.53HOT

Confession of a Black Cum Eater

 — Hubby discovers his wife's love for black cock. by dave_jones_5006/23/054.47

Confessions Of A Black Man Cuckold

 — Finding out my wife was cheating on me. by rip1up09/03/11

Confessions of a College Cocksucker Ch. 01

 — It wasn't always this way. by Ai_Passion08/12/133.86

Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 05

 — Gangbang sex with six, black men, taking six for the team. by SusanJillParker05/20/154.34

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