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Interracial Love Stories

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A Cuckold Arises

 — Husband becomes cuckold, so wife will take black lover. by SUE4U2509/08/094.27

A Cuckold at Crystal Lake

 — Asian couple seek white male bull for help in sex life. by Vaughan102/10/174.56HOT

A Cuckold for the Night

 — She made him a cuckold for the night. by luvulongtime50710/04/073.73

A Cuckold in Astoria

 — Susie calls her boyfriend while cheating on him. by Fargoth12/28/164.41

A Cure for Rosemary

 — A white girl is treated by a bogus black doctor. by Steve the bird02/06/074.35

A Cure for Yellow Fever

 — White business executive gets a double dose of sushi. by walterio11/09/094.70HOT

A Dark Desire

 — Married woman experiences first interracial encounter. by Hotscribe05/09/034.47

A dark lesson

 — A shy, white teacher meets the dark, new substitute. by Del_Negro06/08/114.41

A Dark Night

 — Allison gives into to temptation with a captivating Black man. by story_time04/16/014.14

A Dark Skinned Beauty

 — Two strangers meet for the first time. by tnpervert04/05/054.14

A Dark, Carnal Knight

 — A very sex filled tale of seduction in a swingers club. by clubcouple06/13/124.14

A Date with Black Pt. 01

 — Black took the Brown hottie in a grand manner. by brownhottie10/31/154.11

A Date with Black Pt. 02

 — Date continues with black guy. by brownhottie11/01/154.42

A Date with Black Pt. 03

 — The date continues with the awesome love making. by brownhottie12/02/154.41

A Date with Black Pt. 04

 — A good night along with awesome morning. by brownhottie12/06/154.32

A Daughter's Influence

 — My daughter leads me into a college affair. by SallyTee09/12/134.26

A Day At the Office

 — A intern finally turns her boss's head after a makeover. by njailarhee07/01/094.31

A Day in the Life of a Slut

 — Tracy has nothing else better to do than be a slut! by fun_tracy04/24/154.32

A Day to Relax

 — Married businesswoman makes the best of a bad week. by mfoghorn6610/29/074.01

A Day to Relax Ch. 02

 — Married businesswoman makes the best of a bad week. by mfoghorn6606/05/084.08

A Deep Dark Secret

 — Some bitches want it, others need it. by OneForTheMoney04/08/144.24

A Degree of C Ch. 01

 — Now Boarding. by LSEiland09/09/134.47

A Degree of C Ch. 02

 — They Meet Again. by LSEiland09/25/134.64HOT

A Degree of C Ch. 03

 — Wedding Jitters. by LSEiland10/01/134.71HOT

A Degree of C Ch. 04

 — It's Hard to Say Goodbye. by LSEiland01/04/154.53HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 01

 — Blondes in pursuit of black guys. by sunshine593009/16/064.39

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 02

 — Her first black tongue and cock. by sunshine593009/22/064.49

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 03

 — Her first sucking of black cock; intro to girl on girl. by sunshine593009/29/064.62HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 04

 — Black guy introduces blonde to new things, by sunshine593009/30/064.65HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 05

 — All day orgy of blondes and blacks. by sunshine593010/01/064.53HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 06

 — Enjoying threesomes, girl on girl and light BDSM. by sunshine593010/02/064.64HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 07

 — Friends watching friends 69ing plus an extra treat by sunshine593010/03/064.47

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 08

 — A black cock deep into a blonde's ass. by sunshine593010/04/064.60HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 09

 — Dungeon activity involving interracial. by sunshine593010/05/064.65HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 10

 — Interracial threesome, light BDSM and back door play. by sunshine593010/06/064.59HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 11

 — Dungeon activity, girl on girl, & guy on guy play. by sunshine593010/07/064.66HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 12

 — Interracial playing with deep throating. by sunshine593010/08/064.60HOT

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 13

 — Girls on girls, Black cock for deep throating. by sunshine593010/10/064.23

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 14

 — Black cock playing in white tits. by sunshine593010/19/064.35

A Difference in Politics Ch. 01

 — Working with someone whose political beliefs differ can be hard. by secret_liyah01/30/084.69HOT

A Difference in Politics Ch. 02

 — Lauren is skeptical about a relationship with Ryan. by secret_liyah08/13/084.47

A Different Kind of Becky

 — Tall Somali Muslim lesbian meets butch white lesbian. by Samuelx12/28/163.60

A Different Pizza Delivery Boy

 — A surprise when someone different delivered Janet's pizza. by PO46909/27/174.20

A Different World

 — Mountain boy meets city girl. by bwwm4me11/05/174.65HOT

A Different World Ch. 02

 — Meeting in the Middle. by bwwm4me01/09/184.70HOT

A Different World Ch. 03

 — City girl's first camping trip. by bwwm4me05/08/184.67HOT

A Difficult Subject To Broach

 — John yearns for a little extra entertainment. by English Bob01/26/024.48

A Dinner Party to Remember Ch. 02

 — A woman takes advice and "escalates" her next dinner party. by AndyQ01/06/174.51HOT

A Discreet 'Dark' Craving

 — A woman's need for 'special full-service'. by Virtuallee05/07/054.25

A Dream Comes True

 — Angelica had a sort of nightmare. by qualitywheat09/01/144.39

A Dream Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — Wife's first encounter with a very large black cock. by dateingagain03/02/114.07

A Dream Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Wife's first encounter with a very large black cock, part 2. by dateingagain03/03/114.28

A Drinking Mate

 — Kate dances with husband's African friend. by Foeg12/09/003.93

A Faithful Wife Ch. 02

 — Outdoor Fun. by mark_867530906/28/094.45

A Faithful Wife Ch. 03

 — Passing the taste test. by mark_867530907/02/094.31

A Faithful Wife Ch. 04

 — On her bed. by mark_867530907/16/093.92

A Fall from the Pedestal Pt. 01

 — Loving marriage can't stop hottest of wives being blacked. by hubbyanx12/02/174.30

A Familiar Stranger

 — Trent helps good girl Savanna discover her true self. by gattina2u10/07/094.12

A Fantasy of a Time Gone By

 — A bayou scandal. by Txdelicatablegrl10/21/054.01

A Fateful Attraction

 — Mature black female meets young white yuppie male. by jpspatrick12/21/064.18

A Father's Worry

 — A father worries about his daughter. by auntirotickle04/02/114.04

A Feisty Saudi Woman in Nepean

 — Saudi MILF meets a Togolese stud in Nepean. by Samuelx06/30/173.11

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 08

 — Chapter 8. by Ingrid11B11/03/174.51HOT

A Few Wild Months 03

 — Jayne and husband meet her black lover. by gandj13006/19/134.26

A Few Wild Months 07

 — Swinger wife meets black lover and goes too far! by gandj13006/23/134.07

A Fighter and a Lover

 — Rihanna meets Jamie in unexpected situation, love blossoms. by Scotjock205/20/174.53HOT

A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 02

 — James and Rihanna become closer, but life brings problems. by Scotjock206/20/174.59HOT

A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 03

 — Rihanna and James become closer, and their moment arrives. by Scotjock207/27/174.59HOT

A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 04

 — James spontaneously takes Rihanna away on holiday. by Scotjock208/15/174.41

A Fighter and a Lover Ch. 05

 — Rihanna and James continue their holiday in Europe. by Scotjock208/23/174.22

A Final Fling

 — Sue tries something different before she weds. by English Bob01/31/024.08

A Fine Happy Birthday

 — Friends take birthday boy to Asian massage parlor. by BadLt8203/04/054.04

A Flatulent Hijabi's Love Story

 — BBW Muslim woman with gas issues meets Black shrink. by Samuelx03/25/18

A Four-Night Education in Bangkok

 — An inexperienced young bachelor gets a personal tutor. by Privates1stClass04/14/104.72HOT

A Fucking Investment Ch. 06

 — A Favor and Collecting a Fucking Dividend by Contrasting09/28/124.72HOT

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 1

 — Foreigner in Japan looks for companionship. by kotori02/02/023.69

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 2

 — An extra-marital afternoon rendez-vous. by kotori02/03/024.17

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 3

 — A threesome session with the boss's mistress by kotori05/23/114.06

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 4

 — A man needs a maid. by kotori05/24/114.14

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 5

 — With the Geisha. by kotori05/25/114.17

A Game of Tease and Please

 — Neighbors have hot encounter after teasing from a distance. by blackstroker02/14/164.18

A Gang Bang

 — NARCO Agent fucks gang's girl. by ChadCastle2808/28/154.22

A Gift for My Groom

 — Ashley gives a very special gift to her husband. by darkknight0103/07/044.29

A Gigolo's New Encounter

 — A new experience for both of them. by dark_knight3309/26/074.38

A Girl From Kenya

 — Black student at a supermarket checkout. by Scotsman6907/26/124.39

A Good Black Man at Carleton U

 — African-American seduces white lady at Canadian school. by Samuelx08/16/123.08

A Good Black Man in Boston

 — Adventures of biracial Russian student in Boston. by Samuelx08/24/121.85

A Good Black Man In Moncton

 — Haitian man meets white tomboy in Moncton, Canada. by Samuelx08/08/122.58

A Good Black Man In Ottawa

 — Conservative French woman meets Haitian gentleman. by Samuelx08/08/122.61

A Good Black Man's Ordinary Day

 — Black men and White women & black women/white men. by Samuelx08/18/122.79

A Good Girl Is an Easy Sacrifice

 — He must sacrifice all of his misconceptions about women. by HuckPilgrim06/11/144.26

A Good Man Is So Hard to Find

 — Hot black girl hooks up with sexy white boss. by cocoa_delight05/30/124.55HOT

A Good Man Is So Hard to Find Ch. 02

 — White boss continues seducing his sexy black employee. by cocoa_delight06/12/124.62HOT

A Good Routine

 — A cleaning lady makes a proposal to one of her clients. by zaraje03/22/073.90

A Hair Affair

 — A surprise encounter with a cute Asian hairstylist. by Irish Moss02/17/104.35

A Halloween Tale

 — He helps her out in a bind. by milf2610/24/044.59HOT

A Halloween Tale Ch. 02

 — Will and Ella at Thanksgiving by milf2601/26/064.48

A Happy Family

 — A fantasy of free love. by auntirotickle09/30/114.24

A Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel

 — Loretta picks up a boy toy while her husband watches. by Nigela Lamont11/29/054.40

A Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel Ch. 02

 — Loretta & Ray move on to bigger things. by Nigela Lamont03/20/064.40

A Harem Girl

 — Husband pays his debt using his wife. by Karenkay08/30/064.16

A Helping Hand

 — On the run from her husband. by LincolnSST09/09/174.61HOT

A Helping Of Dessert

 — Maddie gets her birthday wish. by English Bob01/16/034.27

A Hijabi's Lesbian Romance

 — Somali Muslim lesbian finds love in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/27/152.50

A Hike by the River

 — He finds more than expected on week-long hike. by mfoghorn6610/06/074.32

A Hike by the River Ch. 02

 — After "saving" her from drowning, they continue. by mfoghorn6610/29/074.26

A Holiday with My Sister

 — We were obedient daughters. by auntirotickle02/14/114.34

A Holiday with My Sister Ch. 02

 — Another Caribbean Vacation by auntirotickle04/21/124.21

A Holy Guide

 — A guide in the Holy Lands has a dreamy experience! by sami2206/08/093.89

A Hot And Steamy Daydream

 — A roof workers daydreams about an ebony beauty next door. by runningonblade09/30/123.33

A Hot Night

 — Two hunks meet their former babysitter. by femstop01/18/013.74

A Hot Night in Frankfurt

 — G.I. uses an Asian whore, hard. by Grimfalcon05/13/114.49

A Hot Night in the Boonies...

 — A hot night with two women at a swing club. by afolabi7012/17/144.17

A Hot, Wet Blossom Ch. 01

 — Mom, daughter & chocolate neighbor make threesome. by GEMINI699612/26/063.55

A Hotel Trip

 — Hubby's emergency trip catches the wife on hers. by satinlvr_mwf10/09/054.08

A Humble Stable Boy

 — Lady Samantha loved him. by qualitywheat08/13/144.62HOT

A Husband's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Wife makes husband watch her & a black stud. by Dan Andersom10/13/054.30

A Husband's Proposal

 — Husband suggests that wife take a lover. by Karenkay04/28/044.54HOT

A Husband's Proposal Ch. 02

 — She goes further with her husbands proposal. by Karenkay06/30/044.54HOT

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 03

 — A young wife finds a black lover. by Karenkay07/22/044.52HOT

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 04

 — Wife continues husband's cuckold training. by Karenkay09/11/044.48

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 05

 — Diana continues to cuckold her husband. by Karenkay09/16/044.41

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 06

 — Joe becomes the ultimate cuckold. by Karenkay10/01/044.25

A Husband’s Proposal Ch. 07

 — Joe becomes the ultimate cockold than gets a surprise. by Karenkay10/05/044.15

A Jordanian Lesbian Finds Love

 — Jordanian Muslim woman seduces Somali girl in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/28/132.87

A Jungle Fever to Remember!

 — A Doctor in Tanzania trying to get over that jungle fever! by Rayman1234510/29/174.08

A Kiss Before Midnight

 — The night of Helen's and Nate's first time. by HeavenlyGates06/08/094.41

A Kuwait Man Becomes Christian

 — Afro-Arabian from Kuwait embraces Christian girl. by Samuelx11/19/122.11

A Land Far, Far Away

 — Part 3 in the Black's Magic line. by theMaven03/31/084.77HOT

A Land Far, Far Away Pt. 02

 — Cooking and camping and streaking, oh my! by theMaven04/10/084.73HOT

A Latin Distraction

 — Wife finds online fun and distraction with Latino. by Milf_N_Cookiez09/30/164.11

A Lebanese Christian Beauty

 — Nigerian man meets Lebanese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/27/122.53

A Lebanese Christian Diva

 — Lebanese woman meets Haitian student in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/13/141.80

A Lebanese Christian Goddess

 — Lebanese Christian woman strapons black man. by Samuelx04/18/121.87

A Lebanese Christian Policewoman

 — Lebanese Christian policewoman meets black student. by Samuelx08/24/122.84

A Lebanese Christian Princess

 — Lebanese woman meets progressive black Muslim. by Samuelx06/08/121.38

A Lebanese Christian Woman

 — African-American man and Lebanese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/26/122.31

A Life for Laura Ch. 01

 — Arranging a marriage. by auntirotickle01/09/124.23

A Life for Laura Ch. 02

 — Getting even. by auntirotickle01/29/124.11

A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 06

 — Mormon wife finds going black is good for business. by MormonChicks09/12/154.43

A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 07

 — Saving the marriage with black cock only. by MormonChicks11/15/154.42

A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 08

 — Claire whores with blacks and loves with Hannah. by MormonChicks11/26/154.43

A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 09

 — Claire's friend Hannah tries black, gets knocked up. by MormonChicks12/18/154.41

A Little Persuasion

 — A black girl and a shy white guy take the next step. by curiouslyamused06/27/084.62HOT

A Little Persuasion Ch. 02

 — How they began and how it ends. by curiouslyamused07/25/084.72HOT

A Little Sunshine At Work

 — Manager & his assistant work overtime. by hotcocoa06/27/014.23

A Little Tattoo

 — Pete gets a shot at his childhood crush and ends up cucked. by snowbunnyslave11/06/144.36

A Long Afternoon

 — Sex and lies and Thu, my Asian lover. by markingtime09/11/074.38

A Long Day

 — Jennifer goes to Robbin's office. by whbonney12/12/013.83

A Long Day at the Office

 — Hot wife's pathetic wimp of a husband must pay! Tee-hee! by SweetCandyApples05/21/172.34

A Long Hot Shower

 — Nubia needs to relax after a long hard day. by coupe5909/08/024.00

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 01

 — A raging storm, a housewife, a dark knight, a fight for life. by RonDixen12/24/114.17

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 02

 — A raging storm, a housewife, a dark knight, a fight for life. by RonDixen12/25/114.08

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 03

 — A raging storm, a housewife, a dark knight, a fight for life. by RonDixen12/26/114.31

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 04

 — A raging storm, a housewife, a dark knight, a fight for life. by RonDixen12/27/114.03

A Long Time Apart

 — Good things to those who wait. by creepyrj10/14/114.74HOT

A Long Time Coming

 — How long would you wait by knight1307/22/044.46

A Long Time Coming

 — Black woman and white man finally meet. by Fr3akiCh1ck03/15/114.41

A Long Time Coming

 — New Beginnings. by MissPrimrose22208/06/144.64HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by knight1307/23/044.47

A Long Time Coming Ch. 02

 — Finding Balance. by MissPrimrose22208/19/144.77HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 03

 — The affair continues. by knight1308/20/044.56HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 03

 — Bringing the fire and desire. by MissPrimrose22208/29/144.79HOT

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