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Interracial Love Stories

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 — The gathering's novices advance. by voluptuary_manque12/26/074.00

Dubai Tales 02: Faith & Charity

 — Expat in Dubai and widowed Kenyan maid. by Octoposse06/23/144.38

Due Diligence

 — Her client presents evidence that may aid in his defense. by doublewhiskey11/15/164.22

Dumbest Idea

 — He wanted a cuckold fantasy, his wife wanted him to go first. by dr13bone08/09/124.33

Duplicity Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by partial2passion07/13/124.57HOT

Duplicity Ch. 01

 — Resurrection. by partial2passion08/13/124.71HOT

Duplicity Ch. 02

 — Thrown into the mix. by partial2passion11/14/124.73HOT

Duplicity Ch. 03

 — Friendly fire. by partial2passion11/24/124.82HOT

Duplicity Ch. 04

 — To thine own self be true. by partial2passion12/21/124.83HOT

Duplicity Ch. 05

 — Turn your lights down low. by partial2passion12/29/124.82HOT

Duplicity Ch. 06

 — Interrupted. by partial2passion03/08/134.81HOT

Duplicity Ch. 07

 — Step into the light. by partial2passion05/05/134.78HOT

Duplicity Ch. 08

 — Field of dreams... by partial2passion05/25/134.72HOT

Duplicity Ch. 09

 — Field of nightmares... by partial2passion06/02/134.75HOT

Duplicity Ch. 10

 — Reconnected. by partial2passion07/15/134.79HOT

Duplicity Ch. 11

 — Scream and shout.... and let it all out. by partial2passion07/17/134.82HOT

Duplicity Ch. 12

 — Alejandro. by partial2passion11/02/134.69HOT

Duplicity Ch. 13

 — The truth shall set you free. by partial2passion12/01/134.75HOT

Duplicity Ch. 14

 — Till death do us part... by partial2passion12/18/134.67HOT

Duplicity Ch. 15

 —  Facing the Devil... by partial2passion01/23/144.80HOT

Duplicity Ch. 16

 — Hold your breath and count to ten. by partial2passion02/02/144.81HOT

Duplicity Ch. 17

 — Hold you in my arms. by partial2passion02/08/144.73HOT

Duplicity Ch. 18

 — Sean and Layla. by partial2passion03/26/144.82HOT

Dutch MILF In Johannesburg

 — Dutchwoman seduces Zulu student in Johannesburg. by Samuelx11/06/143.90

Dwight Has the Last Laugh

 — Jerk's hot wife falls for older black building super. by ChaseAndSuck04/24/164.50HOT

Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 02

 — Jerk stud remains oblivious to cheating wife's adventures. by ChaseAndSuck04/27/164.54HOT

Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 03

 — Wife can't restrain herself. by ChaseAndSuck06/02/164.49

Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 04

 — Black super continues owning jerk's wife. by ChaseAndSuck06/24/164.49

Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 05

 — Super expands his sexual conquering of women in jerk's life. by ChaseAndSuck07/01/164.45

Dwight Has the Last Laugh Pt. 06

 — Super continues playing games with jerk's sister. by ChaseAndSuck07/02/164.59HOT

Dying of Thirst

 — White woman has tryst with son’s Asian best friend. by defyingexpectations07/23/134.38

Dysfunctional Love

 — Blast from the past. by RubiesChoice2306/03/154.28

E & I Acres

 — He drugs the water supply of Stony Harbor. by Stormbringer09/27/014.62HOT

Eagle Eye Ch. 01

 — Lauren is worth $8 billion, and people want her dead. by wolverine700905/02/134.42

Eagle Eye Ch. 02

 — Sexual tension becomes strong. by wolverine700905/03/134.61HOT

Eaglecrest Lake Ch. 01

 — Rayna's summer of a forbidden relationship. by PrincessErin06/10/083.85

Eaglecrest Lake Ch. 02

 — Rayna's summer of a forbidden relationship. by PrincessErin06/11/084.17

Eaglecrest Lake Ch. 03

 — Rayna's summer of a forbidden relationship. by PrincessErin06/12/084.22

Eaglecrest Lake Ch. 04

 — Rayna's summer of a forbidden relationship. by PrincessErin06/13/084.12

Early Morning Glory

 — She knows how to awaken you, smiling. by ~Kir@~02/03/013.86

Earned It

 — Will Candy meet Cotton again? by CottonCandyLvr12/16/173.82

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 05

 — Freddie gets lucky on Earth Day. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/01/084.20

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 06

 — Freddie meets the rest of the naked tribe. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/02/084.00

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 07

 — Freddie makes a pass at his girlfriend's sister and mother. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/03/084.25

Eary Morning Special

 — Linda gets a surprise early morning special from Bob. by dakotadenise4703/01/074.45

East Joins West

 — An older real estate salesman seduces an Indian wife. by mitchawa01/04/144.28

East meets West

 — He ends up rubbing more than her white feet. by pry06/07/064.65HOT

East Meets West

 — American Caucasian woman falls for Asian Man in China. by andtheend08/29/104.14

Eastern Promise

 — Fantasy over optician realized. by Stringer32111/21/084.54HOT

Easy Ch. 01

 — Instant attraction. by LyallHenders02/10/183.69


 — Being used for a lovely dark BBW's pleasure. by labrysuk03/17/103.32

Ebonee's Pool Ch. 01

 — David finds Ebonee cooling off beneath a waterfall. by David St Jacques08/09/033.94

Ebonees' Pool Ch. 02

 — Ebonee and David continue to enjoy themselves in the pool by David St Jacques08/14/034.27


 — Dominant Black woman orchestrates Internet sex shows by blindjack09/17/054.52HOT

Ebony & Ivory & a Husband's Rivalry

 — A husband's plan to spice up his marriage goes astray by Oatmeal196906/15/143.86

Ebony & Ivory Series: Black Tie

 — Matisse show brings out artist in him. by velvetpie06/26/044.09

Ebony & Ivory Series: Blackmail

 — It leads to something worth paying for. by velvetpie06/27/044.01

Ebony & Ivory Unite For A Hot Night.

 — Ebony woman has her first white man. by sonnet_lyric03/31/014.25

Ebony and Ivory and Ebony

 — One tan dude & two hot sistahs have fun at the shore. by Irish Moss06/25/074.50HOT

Ebony and Ivory and Vanilla

 — Booty call, sex buddy & me; black & white woman & me. by Bruson03/19/104.33

Ebony and Ivory Delight

 — White man and wife want taste of Hot Chocolate. by susansnow03/02/093.94

Ebony Fantasies Are Fulfilled Pt. 01

 — John's fetish for interracial sex is finally fulfilled. by Border Legion12/21/053.97

Ebony Latino Love

 — Black and Latin cultures meld for hot and steamy passion by AfroerotiK08/03/074.47

Ebony Princess

 — He finds that a woman of color can satisfy his every need. by extra_3710/05/054.73HOT

Ebony Ride

 — Young black woman rides with mature pilot. by Willing2Do05/11/024.49

Ebony Ride Ch. 2

 — Ebony woman continues ride with older White man. by Willing2Do05/18/024.55HOT

Ebony Ride Ch. 3

 — Ride continues with the pilot & two women. by Willing2Do05/24/024.35

Ebony Ride Ch. 4

 — Third woman joins pilot and all join the mile-high club. by Willing2Do05/29/024.45

Ebony Sales Woman

 — A white man-black woman romance. by Momstheboss03/01/134.26

Ebony Sales Woman Ch. 02

 — A white man - black woman romance. by Momstheboss03/14/144.56HOT

Ebony Sisters' Happy Birthday

 — He gets the ultimate gift. by Chocolate Lover10/10/003.99

Ebony Workers and White Boss

 — Two Ebony Workers and White Boss. by jjk106/22/103.23

Ebony Workers and White Boss Ch. 02

 — Two Black Women and White Man. by jjk106/28/103.70

Echoes of Love

 — Black actor reminisces about his Aussie ex-girlfriend. by brethard02/02/16

Ecstasy and the Black Man

 — Long before marriage, his slut takes them both on. by High Desert09/04/054.41

Ecstasy in The Big Easy

 — Overwhelmed black girl goes to New Orleans... by justboycrazy11/06/133.73

Ed. Psych. Ch. 01

 — Posh teacher is taken by a black student. by steviet05/28/054.40

Education of the Native Spirit

 — Professor and wife introduce me to erotic/spiritual ceremony. by eroswizard11/22/134.07

Egyptian MILF for Black Men

 — Arab Christian lady discovers black men in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/12/131.72

Egyptian Women Into Black Guys

 — Egyptian MILF hooks up with Djibouti guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/07/142.20

Eight Ball

 — A Christmas party to remember. by Humble06/07/064.42

Eight O'Crock

 — She leads him to new experiences. by maxpriapic08/08/013.50

Eileen Goes Black

 — Mature lady takes first black lover by lancelot4903/26/034.31

Eileen’s First Mistake

 — Eileen Becker has a plan to experience her first "mistake." by WilliamRollins01/08/144.20

Elayna's New World

 — My daughter leads me into a world of new pleasures. by mrsaria12/09/154.30

Elayna's New World Pt. 02

 — Elayna submits to a black man and his beautiful white wife. by mrsaria12/27/154.54HOT

Elayna's New World Pt. 03

 — A new sexual creature addicted to Godcock is born. by mrsaria01/01/164.55HOT

Elena's Cubicle

 — Flowers, skirts, and bald men. by MercyMia03/16/044.38

Eleven Inch Harold Ch. 2

 — Harold's spear satisfies a rich white slut. by SpankerSam08/26/014.57HOT


 — He discovers his girl's passion for Black. by eeric04/12/024.20

Elisabeth Ch. 02

 — John goes with Elisabeth to a black party just for her. by eeric01/20/034.22


 — White correctional officer is taken by Black convict. by luscioushoney6902/02/023.93

Elise Ch. 2

 — Elise taken by James' friends. by luscioushoney6902/03/024.34

Eliza: Tomboy Goddess of Ottawa

 — Black security guard meets a feisty White tomboy. by Samuelx11/29/17


 — Elizabeth two months into her marriage goes black. by otherpeoplesstories08/01/114.00

Elizabeth Finally Blacked

 — Wife with long time desires cucks husband with black cock. by everyonesavoyeur08/31/164.61HOT

Elizabeth Finally Blacked Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth brings Freddy home. by everyonesavoyeur04/28/174.55HOT

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 01

 — American wife finds passion in Rome. by LeMondial05/23/134.64HOT

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth is deeply conflicted. Is it Michael or Joseph? by LeMondial06/17/134.56HOT

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 03

 — A night on the town. Decisions and conflicts. by LeMondial11/22/134.58HOT

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 04

 — The Morning After. by LeMondial11/24/134.37

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 05

 — Elizabeth makes her choices. Michael accepts his new role. by LeMondial01/06/144.48

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 06

 — Joseph claims his prize and Michael has second thoughts by LeMondial03/09/144.41

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 07

 — Elizabeth and Michael both experience doubt, the acceptance by LeMondial08/31/144.64HOT

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 08

 — Aboard Joseph's yacht - A voyage of discovery. by LeMondial09/30/144.49

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 09

 — Michael becomes a sister wife and takes a lover. by LeMondial07/22/154.41

Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. 10

 — Elizabeth. Michael, and Karen journey toward a reunion. by LeMondial03/16/164.39


 — Sexy grad student meets her heart throb. by BlindEyes08/30/064.48

Elle's Portrait

 — Beautiful Elle poses nude for the Art Professor. by BlindEyes08/30/064.21


 — She finds her black stud. by SluttyEllen10/06/07

Elyse's First College Party Ch. 01

 — Elyse goes to college. by ovrsxd03/03/034.19

Elyse's First College Party Ch. 02

 — Courtney joins the party. by ovrsxd03/05/034.31

Elyse's First College Party Ch. 03

 — Elyse & Courtney's futures change. by ovrsxd03/08/034.53HOT

Elysium Ch. 01

 — She meets a blue-eyed stranger. by divinedidi06/23/064.51HOT

Elysium Ch. 02

 — A spanner in the works. by divinedidi07/08/064.46

Emancipated Jackals Ch. 01

 — Wendy and Brad have some fun. by Stardog Champion04/22/034.24

Emancipated Jackals Ch. 02

 — Sheron gets her virginity. by Stardog Champion04/23/034.35

Emancipated Jackals Ch. 03

 — Wendy gets her engagement ring. by Stardog Champion04/24/034.23

Emancipated Jackals Ch. 04

 — Sheron makes a plan. by Stardog Champion04/26/034.31

Ember & Ashe Ch. 1

 — Andrew meets Eimi, and his life changes forever. by Tatewaki08/17/014.31

Ember & Ashe Ch. 2

 — Ashe learns that acquiring isn't the same as having. by Tatewaki09/06/014.37

Ember & Ashe Ch. 3

 — They finally reach an understanding. by Tatewaki12/08/014.39

Ember & Ashe Ch. 4

 — Ashe Tests Ember's limits. by Tatewaki01/31/024.50HOT


 — Tradesman first time with Geisha in feudal Japan. by Knightofoil08/29/144.29

Emily Goes Black

 — A story of my wife Emily cheating on me with a black friend. by ashsmith03/31/124.40

Emily Goes Black Ch. 02

 — Emily continues her adulterous interracial adventure. by ashsmith04/08/124.33

Emily's New Master

 — Colonial era slave gets new home. by Mystery_Meat06/11/074.54HOT

Emily's Night of Pleasure

 — Emily gets a long needed night of pleasure. by anything_goes_lover02/27/114.09

Emily's Thank You

 — College girl thanks her administrator friend. by gizmo5224205/19/064.32

Emily: Snowbunny Ch. 01

 — Emily becomes a black cock slut / snowbunny. by rubbing1out08/03/124.30

Emily’s Story

 — Pregnant white woman and her black yoga instructor. by tw_holt08/11/144.34

Emmy's Birthday Surprise Aftermath

 — Emmy explores her new needs. by Max4710/07/074.06

Empire State of Mind

 — Redhead Aussie model meets her favorite rapper. by brethard05/02/15

Empire State of Mind Pt. 02

 — Blonde Aussie girl enjoys a BBC gangbang. by brethard06/23/15

Empty Set

 — Elizabeth, Carmen and Michael have fun at a photo shoot.. by JayValentine08/03/063.97

Encomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 02

 — You just dont phuck with a gangstaz bitch, fool! by The Avenger12/13/073.19

Encomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 03

 — Surbaban killer gangster moms. by The Avenger12/14/073.59


 — Zandra couldn't forgive him. Her body couldn't forget. by sugareola08/16/154.49

Encounter on a Bus

 — A married white woman has an encounter on a bus. by Schaka03/28/144.31

Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 01

 — An evening of hot sex with our first black couple. by maturemadness203/10/114.49

Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 02

 — The experience continues. by maturemadness203/13/114.42

Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 04

 — Janet wants it all and gets it. by maturemadness203/18/114.50HOT


 — A Black couple enjoy a white younger man. by SpankerSam03/28/084.59HOT

Endless Cycle

 — She gives up the ass to get her Black boyfriend back. by blackzilla9902/05/024.48

Endorphins in Spring

 — Raging endorphins cause a lunch delay. by GentlemanX04/28/044.53HOT

Enemies Become Friends Ch. 01

 — Fucking someone you don't like helps you get to know them. by SUPERFLY7120211/17/174.32

English Rose Ch. 01

 — Black girl maid for spoiled white English rose. by SARAHSCARLETT10/01/103.53

Engrish Rang Ridge

 — Impotent guy gets a 'lift' from Chinese girl. by RetiredReprobate03/14/094.62HOT


 — Husband is caught cheating and gets a surprise from his wife. by Karenkay12/22/054.19

Enough Compensation?

 — His daughter's brand of justice to prove him wrong. by soothe12/06/024.36


 — Cheating Infidelity.. They took pleasure in being together. by darkknight0111/04/083.51

Ep. 02 Love Me Tomorrow

 — Randy and Rachel explore their relationship. by Curse_Of_Undeath12/11/06HOT

Ep. 05 Time Cannot Erase

 — Questions answered, and a tearful reunion. by Curse_Of_Undeath01/02/07HOT

Equalizer Pt. 02: Alpha Strike

 — Deck's and Tabby's Vacation turns into a weird case. by IronDragon03/25/164.70HOT

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