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Interracial Love Stories

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ER Admissions Ch. 01

 — Love found with a Puerto Rican Choctaw Indian friend. by penbeatsword09/06/084.44

Erect on the Set

 — A black actress sucks off a white boom mic operator. by iggyspear02/15/154.29

Eri Entertains Ch. 01

 — Friend's wife is an absolute knockout. by Kenntt01/15/023.96

Eri Entertains Ch. 02

 — Jeff learns more about his wife's life. by Kenntt01/23/024.13

Eri Entertains Ch. 03

 — Japanese wife agrees to submit. by Kenntt04/11/034.09

Eric and Sarah

 — An interracial love story. by GotBacon10/21/154.52HOT

Eric Goes Black

 — A package deal. by GotBacon10/02/154.43


 — His beautiful Black neighbor. by Christian Black07/03/024.03

Erica Becomes a Black Cock Slut

 — Faithful wife learns to love black cock the hard way. by easyballs01/20/174.36

Erica Ch. 02

 — Erica continues to act out Claude's instructions to her cost. by aardvark96506/01/194.49

Erica Meets the African Executives

 — Erica's business trip includes special interracial lovers. by wunderboi12/02/174.45

Erica Travels to Africa

 — Erica and Collin go to Botswana leaving husband James home. by wunderboi11/12/174.27

Erica's African Schoolgirls' Party

 — Rachel and Janice celebrate with the President in style. by wunderboi12/19/174.49

Erica, Twins and New African Lovers

 — Erica's adventures with the native Africans. by wunderboi01/04/184.41

Erica, Twins and New African Lovers Ch. 02

 — A wild night on the beach, Erica's latest black lovers. by wunderboi04/03/184.38

Erika Gets Interracial

 — Erika loves oral with young black man. by erzherzog06/10/104.09

Erika's First Pickup

 — A visit to a club where white couples go to meet black men. by RogerDart04/01/154.38

Erika, Drew, and I

 — Japanese pussy MMF threesome. by Labial07/30/124.19

Erika, Drew, and I Ch. 02

 — Our second Japanese slut/white guy threesome. by Labial09/11/124.17

Erika, Lee and I in Bangkok

 — We take a sexy young Thai to bed. by Labial09/16/124.32

Erika- A Great Way to Fly

 — Asian stewardess gets anal. by Labial09/30/124.35

Erin Goes Interracial

 — Erin goes black, in a big big way. by Mike Franklin02/07/064.49

Erin's Adventure - Prequel

 — Erin discovers what she was missing. by ShaneKonink32105/29/144.51HOT

Erin's Adventure: A New Friend

 — Erin meets her first black stud. by ShaneKonink32106/06/144.32

Erin's Adventure: Awakening

 — Erin's true desires come to light. by ShaneKonink32109/29/144.40

Erotic Games Ch. 07

 — Couple enter the cuckold lifestyle with BBC. by jealouscuck08/21/184.54HOT

Erotic Games Ch. 08

 — Games are over. Couple plays for real. by jealouscuck08/22/184.55HOT

Erotic Games Ch. 09

 — Couple are fully into interracial cuckolding. by jealouscuck08/24/184.63HOT

Erotica London

 — I watch my wife with another man. by gandj13012/17/034.37


 — Athletic white man and his black BBW wife at a rave. by badblackbluegrassbbw03/12/074.06

Escalation Ch. 02

 — Alison relives the night before, wants more cocks. by interqueen03/26/154.35

Escape from Boredom

 — Bored housewife finds lover on the Internet. by fantasex1310/23/054.14


 — A man helps a woman and daughter to escape an abusive man. by Firefly1z03/17/194.73HOT


 — Rita goes black, for all the right reasons. by Maria2412/18/174.19

Escort Diaries: Ch. 00 Prologue

 — Juliet has a great sex life but has always wanted more. by pornpicker03/15/193.85


 — Costa Rican Hottie experiences a wild afternoon. by no1important01/07/114.27

Esmeralda and the White Boy

 — White boy meets up with an older black woman. by ROBERTODAVO05/26/184.27

Esperanza Ch. 01

 — A black woman finally fucks her best friend's dad. by imagine_that01/13/114.04

Esperanza Ch. 02

 — Esperanza and Mike catch up. by imagine_that08/12/114.40


 — Neighbors helping neighbors in the best way possible. by Adonisblack101/03/194.46

Ethan & Brenda

 — Brenda got a big ol' butt. by jallen94408/26/044.51HOT

Ethiopian Christian Warrior King

 — Ethiopian warrior king and Moroccan woman. by Samuelx04/01/132.33

Ethiopian Guys For Saudi Girls

 — Saudi female student finds love at Ontario school. by Samuelx04/01/132.23

Ethiopian Jew 4 Lebanese Woman

 — Lebanese Christian woman meets Ethiopian Jewish stud. by Samuelx07/24/122.25

Ethnic Minority Girl

 — I'm not sure what attracted me, I guess it was her hat. by Decayed Angel09/21/063.89

Ethnic Power Politics Pt. 01

 — Asian college girl finds a new path in life... by zuluking7208/19/163.13

Etsuyo's Story

 — Japanese wife encounters a black stud on the dance floor. by victoria.vixen12/13/054.25

Eustace Johnson's Private Secretary

 — Susan works for a wealthy, albeit perverted black man. by andtheend11/13/103.95

Evan's Arabic Princess

 — White banker falls for a married Persian princess. by cashcrunch06/30/064.59HOT

Evan's Arabic Princess Ch. 02

 — Evan & Elizabeth's erotic tryst continues. by cashcrunch10/18/064.44

Eve's Apple

 — Things may have been a little different in the Garden. by RichardSchwarz6903/17/113.67

Even Scars Are Beautiful

 — A nerdy black woman realizes that you must take risks. by kuroukiphoenyx02/12/124.53HOT

Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 02

 — With risks, the reward is worth the cost. by kuroukiphoenyx04/19/124.66HOT

Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 03

 — Every scar tells a story that can break the chains of fate. by kuroukiphoenyx07/17/124.55HOT

Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 04

 — Stand strong and lay it on the line. No more fears. by kuroukiphoenyx10/23/124.74HOT

Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 05

 — Love sometimes means sacrifice... by kuroukiphoenyx04/10/144.63HOT

Evenings With Diane

 — What happens after my best friend offers to share his wife. by LeeHamilton08/13/123.56

Every Picture Tells a Story

 — This one rekindled an middle aged woman's memories. by MarieProvost09/03/104.24

Every Picture Tells A Story

 — Even a lie doesn't work. by JimandGarysgirl06/12/122.39

Every Year

 — A black woman loses control and gains satisfaction. by aparadise12/28/114.25

Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife

 — Student & janitor father blackmail pretty teacher. by Stormbringer03/11/024.47

Everything You Want Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by nerd4music10/23/074.66HOT

Everything You Want Ch. 02

 — Connor is tempted. by nerd4music11/17/074.75HOT

Everything You Want Ch. 03

 — Can friends really be more? by nerd4music12/13/074.83HOT

Everything You Want Ch. 04

 — Christmas revelations. by nerd4music12/25/074.78HOT

Everything You Want Ch. 05

 — Together, finally... by nerd4music12/28/074.82HOT

EvilKidKneeVeil57 Ch. 01

 — (revised) Ebony cutie meets up w/ internet boyfriend. by MimiRose04/12/134.63HOT

EvilKidKneeVeil57 Ch. 02

 — (revised) Rain discovers the truth. by MimiRose04/13/134.81HOT

Evolution Ch. 03

 — Jamie makes peace with being a slut. by mikey2much01/31/074.33

Ex-wife Ch. 03

 — First experience at swinger's club (Jet Set 80s). by texasreb136902/23/074.09

Excellent Workout

 — Asian Wife meets husband's Black Boss for the first time. by Pensri07/02/034.10


 — beautiful young Korean girl by latendresse06/25/053.51

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 09

 — A bi-racial German girl finds Danny entertaining. by eric shawn listo08/12/044.29

Exciting Women

 — Who is putting who on? by Softly11/01/043.89

Expectations Ch. 01

 — Life never brings what you expect, but always what you need. by LiquidFyre10/28/054.57HOT

Expectations Ch. 02

 — Aisha and Ewan, continued. by LiquidFyre11/03/054.62HOT

Expectations Ch. 04

 — Come what may, a black lady and a white guy. by LiquidFyre12/18/054.62HOT

Expectations Ch. 05

 — Galen and Raija. by LiquidFyre12/20/054.60HOT

Expectations Ch. 06

 — Galen and Raija continued. by LiquidFyre12/28/054.70HOT

Expectations Ch. 07

 — Galan and Raija learn more about each other. by LiquidFyre12/29/054.70HOT

Expectations Ch. 08

 — End of the road for Galen and Raija. by LiquidFyre03/17/064.70HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 01

 — Bored mother and wife has chance encounter. by GettingItDone04/28/164.58HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 02

 — Wendy falls further for adventure. by GettingItDone04/29/164.65HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 03

 — Things get pushed further. by GettingItDone04/30/164.61HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 04

 — White wife goes for a wild ride. by GettingItDone07/13/164.56HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 05

 — Wendy sees competition. by GettingItDone01/27/174.60HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 06

 — Wendy plays a role. by GettingItDone02/28/174.62HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 07

 — Wendy earns some time with Jerome by doing things on her own. by GettingItDone08/12/174.61HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 08

 — Things get explosive... by GettingItDone11/17/184.59HOT

Exploitable Lust Pt. 09

 — Family away for weekend, wife gets naughty. by GettingItDone12/15/184.56HOT

Exploration on the Mayan Riviera

 — My wife meets a black man and we explore a new kink. by HerLittlePiggy07/20/184.52HOT

Exploring Anna Ch. 01

 — The beginning of my sensual awakening. by LaPetitePapillion04/07/154.12

Exploring Anna Ch. 02

 — Where are Scott and Anna going? by LaPetitePapillion04/19/154.38

Exploring Anna Ch. 03

 — Anna makes a bold decision about Scott. by LaPetitePapillion04/27/154.65HOT

Exposing Cindy Ch. 02-03

 — My husband makes me face my assailant. by cindyexposed07/02/144.66HOT

Exposing Cindy: The Workers Ch. 02

 — Richard returns by cindyexposed06/01/144.65HOT

Express Lane Ch. 01-02

 — Larissa reasons with Joanna and meets Noah. by RaLaWrites10/11/084.61HOT

Express Lane Ch. 03

 — Larissa fixes a problem & makes conflicting plans. by RaLaWrites10/24/084.54HOT

Express Lane Ch. 04

 — While Larissa is confused, Noah knows just what he wants. by RaLaWrites07/19/094.67HOT

Express Lane Ch. 05

 — A mental and physical exploration with each other. by RaLaWrites08/16/094.68HOT

Express Lane Ch. 06

 — After six months, they're together again. by RaLaWrites04/19/104.59HOT

Express Lane Ch. 07

 — The end, white picket fence and all. by RaLaWrites09/01/104.63HOT

Extra Help

 — Teacher falls hard for sexy Brazilian student. by Unplugged10/09/003.82

Extreme Cuckold

 — A cuckold story. by jdubzphx16107/02/164.21

Extreme Cuckold Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Jenny and her cuckold hubby's new life style and new friends. by Revan707/26/194.03

Extreme Tutoring

 — Girl banged by boyfriend's dad. by melodytokis02/17/164.52HOT

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 01

 — Renee starts over in Texas and meets Barrett. by RaLaWrites05/09/124.55HOT

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 02

 — Secrets are best kept in the dark...right? by RaLaWrites05/28/124.62HOT

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 03

 — Truth comes to light. by RaLaWrites06/29/124.78HOT

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 04

 — The healing process begins. by RaLaWrites11/29/124.74HOT

Eyes Only Ch. 03

 — Hot interracial sex as the Iron Crowbar makes things right. by WifeWatchman02/16/164.78HOT

F & M

 — He's Arab, She's African.... by BbFlo11/03/154.44

Facebook Reconnection

 — Man reconnects with her via a social network. by Mackstery06/16/103.36

Fact: Asians Worship Caucasian Men

 — Irishman fucks submissive Chinese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/12/112.41

Fact: Black Women Love White Cock

 — Irishman butt-fucks African BBW in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/12/112.79

Fahima Ch. 01

 — Muslim housewife gives in to her inner slut. by TahrimaBegum09/26/154.48

Fahima Ch. 02

 — Muslim housewife's complete submission to black lover. by TahrimaBegum01/26/164.52HOT

Failed Attempt to go Black

 — He could not get my banker to make a deposit. by TopflightWife11/11/063.91

Fair Play

 — His shy girlfriend teases back. Part 3. by BleedingRomantic05/29/033.85

Faith Debased Ch. 1

 — White wife becomes a slut for Black men. by JordonLynn02/13/024.34

Faith Debased Ch. 2

 — The real thing. by JordonLynn02/15/024.56HOT

Faith Debased Ch. 3

 — A true cumslut is born. by JordonLynn02/16/024.59HOT

Faith Debased Ch. 4

 — Things get dicier. by JordonLynn02/17/024.49

Faith Debased Ch. 5

 — Faith explores another emerging side of herself. by JordonLynn02/18/024.41

Faith Debased Ch. 6

 — The final chapter? by JordonLynn02/19/024.33

Falling in Love with Black Pussy

 — White guy gets his first taste of black. by standingstones11/10/154.43

False Alarm Ch. 01

 — A chance meeting due to a false alarm. by Lightbrown2408/29/114.43

False Alarm Ch. 02

 — They run into each other again, it gets a little warm. by Lightbrown2409/07/114.55HOT

False Alarm Ch. 03

 — Major overload, she thought. by Lightbrown2409/26/114.61HOT

False Alarm Ch. 04

 — Electric feel... by Lightbrown2410/06/114.69HOT

False Alarm Ch. 05

 — Little decisions that people make may affect much more. by Lightbrown2410/20/114.72HOT

False Alarm Ch. 06

 — The beginning. by Lightbrown2410/21/114.68HOT

False Alarm Ch. 07

 — They finally go to the next level. by Lightbrown2401/09/124.71HOT

Familiar Stranger

 — Young woman at station runs into 'old friend'. by bhambabygirl11/05/024.36

Family Bonds at Nude Beach Ch. 02

 — Greg's dream to be IR cuckolded is about to come true. by venchier08/03/194.42

Family Man

 — New Yorker meets girlfriend's wealthy Australian parents. by brethard12/13/16

Family Secrets

 — Black man learns about Aussie girlfriend's painful past. by brethard10/12/16

Fantasies Ch. 03

 — Kansas City Special. by Sweetcheekss05/24/034.48

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 09

 — Rachel makes three - again. by Genderal04/15/074.57HOT

Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 01

 — Wife gets great day at beach. by bigmonster110/07/174.17

Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 02

 — Romance novel gone wild on the beach. by bigmonster110/14/174.28

Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 03

 — Sexy couple have adventure after dinner. by bigmonster110/16/174.44

Fantasies Somewhere on a Beach Ch. 04

 — Wife finds two big black cocks too much to resist. by bigmonster110/22/174.29


 — Her fantasy with huge... by MONALISALEE11/13/183.78

Fantasy at Your Doorstep

 — When forbidden fruit appears in your backyard. by davidwatts02/05/064.46

Fantasy Becomes Real

 — How he met an Asian beauty. by LilBear1909/17/013.28

Fantasy Becomes Real Ch. 2

 — She wakes up next to Kaleena. by LilBear1909/20/014.04

Fantasy Becomes Real Ch. 3

 — Shower foreplay becomes coitus. by LilBear1909/22/014.03

Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Black man seduces white wife. by robin3512/14/143.75

Fantasy Ch. 02

 — White woman done by black woman. by robin3512/16/143.77

Fantasy Date Night

 — A couple plan for one night of fantasy. by Karenkay04/15/134.28

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — His fantasy of being with an Asian woman is fulfilled. by football_stud05/26/074.11

Fantasy In the Woods

 — A walk outside turns unexpectedly erotic.. by Nyala02/02/012.83

Fantasy Man Ch. 01

 — Delivering pizza leads to something more. by angelicsounds02/05/064.54HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 02

 — A chance meeting? by angelicsounds03/08/064.64HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 03

 — A late night visitor and a new roommate. by angelicsounds04/10/064.68HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 04

 — A fanciful interlude. by angelicsounds05/12/064.72HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 05

 — And just like that...everything is different. by angelicsounds05/13/064.66HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 06

 — A talk with Arthur sheds some light. by angelicsounds07/30/064.58HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 07

 — Romance just the way she likes it. by angelicsounds08/01/064.73HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 08

 — Dinner with the family. by angelicsounds05/09/074.81HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 09

 — Terri gets her present...and something more. by angelicsounds05/14/074.83HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 10

 — Closure and comeuppance. by angelicsounds04/21/084.80HOT

Fantasy Man Ch. 11

 — An epilogue of sorts. by angelicsounds07/03/144.80HOT

Fantasy Meets Reality

 — Husband and wife share their sexual fantasy with each other. by randyslocum06/20/094.14

Fantasy or Fiction?

 — You have a mind-blowing, satisfying night of intense sex. by Bad_Monkey_6907/30/093.50

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 01

 — His interracial fantasy becomes his wife's reality. by Spectator109/04/064.16

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 02

 — She loves her first Black experience. by Spectator109/05/064.34

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 03

 — Randy tries out his wife's body. by Spectator109/06/064.47

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 04

 — Terms and conditions. by Spectator109/07/064.23

Fantasy Out Of Control Ch. 05

 — She experiences a second Black cock. by Spectator109/01/164.50HOT

Fantasy to Reality

 — My wife and I live out my deviant fantasy. by voyuerman02/10/134.36

Fantasy to Reality

 — Nicole and Matt finally meet after a social media connection. by Thick7IN08/05/164.13

Fantasy, A Black Cock Indulgence

 — They were married, and both had secret dark desires. by LustMania02/23/084.03

Far Away Joe's

 — Joe returns home to meet partner. by Grey Eagle 28611/20/054.58HOT

Farewell to Chechnya

 — Chechen Muslim gal moves to Little Haiti, Miami. by Samuelx11/02/18

Fariba Nazari of Afghanistan

 — Senegal stud comforts Afghan Muslim widow. by Samuelx05/12/18

Farizah & Stephen In Ottawa

 — Muslim woman dates younger Christian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/20/142.17

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