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Interracial Love Stories

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First Time Interracial Love

 — First time interracial love for couple. by Dawnmarie8604/17/093.95

First Time with Black Lady

 — Having affair with married black lady. by Osewa04/22/163.29

First Time with My Love

 — Black BBW finally gets to be with the love of her life! by sasee6903/23/184.35

First Time...

 — My first time with a black man. by CnCAngel07/27/174.16

Fit a Bus Through a Window

 — A woman experiences great size. by Queen_of_Dairy09/16/013.41

Fit to be Tied

 — Fitness instructor gets schooled by black cleaning lady. by mapleridgefool06/03/164.28

Fitness Model Moms Ch. 02

 — A widow and single mom named Amy wants to have a baby. by tw_holt01/01/164.37

Fitness Models Getting Blackmailed & Blackballed

 — One model seeks revenge. by sean46910/01/013.92

Five Days in June Pt. 01

 — A triracial romp in the white bread American Midwest. by Bullwip12/06/163.84

Five Minutes

 — Wedding crasher catches a woman cheating. by bigdaddysmooth03/15/114.54HOT

Five Minutes More

 — She finally experiences the full five minutes... by bigdaddysmooth04/05/114.55HOT

Five Senses: Scent

 — Just the smell is enough to fuel the thought. by secrecy45612/24/174.57HOT

Five Senses: Sight

 — Indulge in the senses and experience the depths of arousal. by secrecy45612/11/174.56HOT

Fixing a Leak

 — Black Handyman meets Petite Asian camgirl. by Michigan_Puttz03/17/164.33


 — With the FLASH of the camera Alicia's passion explodes. by darkknight0103/02/084.13

Flash Mob Orgy Ch. 02

 — Dr. Erica gives him a hands-on cure. by jay.palin10/08/034.54HOT

Fleming Island, FL, Black Cock Wife

 — Navy Mormon wife Loves Black Cock at Fleming Island, Florida. by MormonChicks12/31/154.39

Flex Appeal

 — Black bodybuilder takes his friend's wives. by Stormbringer03/02/134.54HOT

Flickering Between Ginny & Tammi

 — Darius relishes the tastes of their comely distinctions. by kontajiss05/22/054.21

Flickering Between Ginny & Tammi Ch. 02

 — He reels in the cycles of volatile sex. by kontajiss07/08/054.58HOT

Flight of Love

 — Breakup sex with a soon-to-be ex. by brethard03/08/16

Fling Maybe?

 — Monette and Greg start a fling. by leeleeMarie08/23/174.76HOT

Fling Maybe? Ch. 02

 — Things get more complicated between Monette and Greg. by leeleeMarie08/25/174.81HOT

Fling Maybe? Ch. 03

 — Reflections, Confessions and Decisions. by leeleeMarie09/13/174.80HOT

Fling Maybe? Ch. 04

 — Family Matters. by leeleeMarie11/01/174.68HOT

Fling Maybe? Ch. 05

 — Surprises in the garden. Bells and Babies. by leeleeMarie11/26/174.74HOT

Fling No More Ch. 01

 — The O'Brien's: Greg and Mo's story continues. by leeleeMarie03/06/184.61HOT

Flirty Fishing

 — A pretty blonde wife is seduced into joining a sex cult. by jmcox26109/12/074.15

Floral Arrangements Ch. 01

 — Will she find love again...with a player? by purplepeony11/07/104.37

Football Buddy Ch. 01

 — I find a new football buddy. by Shadowforce107/05/114.42

Football Buddy Ch. 02

 — Sometimes getting over someone, is hard other times its easy by Shadowforce107/06/144.36

Football Present

 — When the wife fumbles her husband's big gift, she recovers. by dr13bone09/01/104.13

Football Stud

 — A soccer star is unjustly sacked and embarks on a new career. by Sirdar01/05/064.39

For Darcy

 — A threesome gone pleasantly awry. by JordonLynn06/04/023.79

For Jamal

 — POV Written for a friend of mine. by fun_tracy05/26/184.58HOT

For Love of Doggy Style

 — How the Affair Began. by pullmeinside08/09/163.63

For My Man

 — Like a Good Girl Does. by Aspen_Rein06/30/143.78

For Once, A True Love

 — White woman finds love with Black man. by BgMma01/08/033.42

For Sacrecco

 — She found her true love at last. by qualitywheat10/13/114.47

For Sonja

 — Korean boy, German girl. My experience. by kanglovessonja11/30/164.18

For Teachers

 — 19-year-old Vietnamese girl and her college teacher. by fadedgiant06/20/174.43

For Teachers Ch. 02

 — The Aftermath: what happened after Ang revealed, "I'm pregnant." by fadedgiant07/12/174.29

For Teachers Ch. 03

 — Dr. Hoffer and Ang commit to each other. by fadedgiant08/07/174.68HOT

For Teachers Ch. 04: Where do We Go From

 — Ang and Dr. Hoffer surrender to confess their love. by fadedgiant10/05/174.45

For The Life of You Ch. 01

 — The cast party, breakfast, and pedicures. by BluMoonChild10/29/104.27

For The Life of You Ch. 02

 — Justin, The Pub, Valentine's, a view askew. by BluMoonChild03/07/114.44

For the Love of Art

 — Art teacher gives student a lesson in creativity. by ouevre01/06/164.56HOT

For the Love of Art Pt. 02

 — Grace receives one-on-one tutoring. by ouevre12/14/164.76HOT

For the Love of Art Pt. 03

 — And in the dark, I can hear your heart beat. by ouevre01/24/174.92HOT

For the Love of Art Pt. 04

 — Oh, I think I did something terrible to your body. by ouevre03/05/174.86HOT

For Your Entertainment

 — A Black beauty is saved by a White scholar. by Samuelx12/03/113.62


 — An interracial story of forbidden love. by CorinneDevereau03/19/154.23

Forbidden Fruit

 — A black woman gives a white man a taste. by chocolatecookie302/13/134.46

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01

 — Her first black lover. by TeretheTree02/20/033.92

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01

 — A dark secret comes to light. by Tara_Neale08/07/143.96

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

 — Long hot Los Angeles nights... and even hotter dreams. by Tara_Neale12/19/144.31

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 03

 — Sometimes you don't know you sold your soul to the devil. by Tara_Neale12/29/144.27

Forbidden Furry Fruit

 — My daughter's friend Kenya was now a woman in every way. by Madabouthair12/27/124.46

Forbidden India Ch. 01

 — Roma must negotiate when her husband can't! by CorvusTurrim77709/12/164.30

Forbidden India Ch. 02

 — Three sisters must uncover the truth about one old man. by CorvusTurrim77709/13/164.43

Forbidden Love Ch. 01

 — A privileged yet humble Christian girl falls for rock star. by BlueMascara05/26/104.21

Forbidden Oriental

 — Australian restauranteur falls hard for lovely Thai girl. by icepucc12/07/014.43

Forbidden Rain

 — Two work friends go the next level. by blackdove5511/30/134.28

Forced Entry Ch. 3

 — Karen begins actively enjoying her captors. by Edwina03/27/014.00

Forced First Ch. 02

 — He didn't force her this time. by satinlvr_mwf06/10/044.30

Forced First Ch. 04

 — Jewan claims her. by satinlvr_mwf09/03/074.13

Forced First Ch. 05

 — Jewan tries to sell her. by satinlvr_mwf09/04/074.19

Forced First Ch. 06

 — Meeting Jewan's Dad. by satinlvr_mwf01/27/114.30

Forced To Let Him Cum On Me

 — Black cook at work made me let him cum all over me. by gypseeroze08/03/104.12

Foreign Affairs

 — Adventurere with the F.O. by snapper31df08/31/073.97

Foreign Exchange of Fluids

 — Mexican girl visits US looking for college & fun. by Chimney Sweep03/31/054.39

Forget the Drink, Gimme the Bitch

 — Love 1, Scotch 0. by MarshAlien07/30/074.77HOT

Forgetful Not

 — He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me... by RubiDee10/24/094.49

Forgetful Not Ch. 02

 — They meet. by RubiDee05/06/104.63HOT

Forgetful Not Ch. 03

 — Go With The Flow. by RubiDee07/30/114.73HOT

Forgiveness Is the Sweetest Revenge

 — Cuckold seeks revenge on wife's Black lover. by Wolfie12/21/014.17

Forgiving Alexander O'Connor Ch. 01

 — A story about love lost and regained. by eboniluv110/23/084.60HOT

Fork in the Road

 — His wife is Cheating. Stay or go? by el lobo05/07/033.75

Former Lovers Meet Again

 — You, an Indian man, meet your white American lover again. by wetpapers03/11/084.13

Former Playmates Pt. 01: Stephanie's Move

 — Former Playboy Playmate's sex life before her move. by tw_holt11/26/144.52HOT

Former Playmates Pt. 02: Diane's Story

 — Diane travels, attends events, learns truth about a friend. by tw_holt11/27/144.52HOT

Former Playmates Pt. 04: Julianne's Depression

 — Romance with a black man, lust with his father. by tw_holt01/09/154.55HOT

Former Playmates Pt. 07: Alyssa’s Journey

 — Leaving abuse, letters to her son, loving black cock. by tw_holt08/09/154.55HOT

Former Playmates Pt. 08: Tiffanie's Year

 — A mom sleeps with black men to hide her incestuous desires. by tw_holt09/28/154.69HOT

Former Student

 — Teacher is reunited with Latina ex-student. by Jason197401/13/013.52

Forsaken: Good Black Men

 — Why educated black men choose white women. by Samuelx08/03/123.18

Four Can Play This Game

 — She attempts to confront her husband's lover. by GuyJD08/13/034.52HOT

Four for Teacher

 — After school projects between teacher and students. by likawriter03/19/074.43

Four Horsemen - My Birthday

 — Gangbang starring the Four Horsemen. by Mr Thick08/06/083.96

Four Nights of Freedom: Night 03

 — Ebony goddess makes late night schedule flexible. by Mike Franklin10/21/054.59HOT

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 12

 — Amy goes Black. by LuckyBastard1309/16/073.94

Fourth Conversion: Gretel

 — Gretel is converted. by humpori05/30/153.85

Foxy Lady Ch. 1

 — White musician finds love with Ebony woman. by sonnet_lyric04/01/024.36

Foxy Lady Ch. 2

 — He enjoys time with his new flame. by sonnet_lyric04/02/024.21

Fran and Jerome

 — Wife agrees to go black. by HairloverTim11/12/094.03

Frances & Alain

 — Filipina wife rendezvous with French businessman. by brown_c01/20/024.08

Frances & Bobby

 — The saga of a sexually awakened Filipina. by brown_c05/12/024.20

Frances & Drago

 — A married Filipina falls passionately for a black businessman. by brown_c10/12/044.50HOT

Frances & Jeb

 — Wife enjoys an interracial affair. by brown_c01/13/024.27

Frank and Nita

 — Black man's fantasies come true with best friend's Mother. by Big-n-Hard01/24/034.28

Frank, Three Mother's Days...

 — Latina & Frank on the radio. by Latina10/10/003.75

Fraternity Friendship Party

 — BF brings his date to his fraternity for an initiation party. by nighthawk2220412/28/093.36

Fred Pleasures Jessica

 — A married couple is introduced to the cuckolding kink. by everyonesavoyeur07/30/154.52HOT

Fred, Mary, Jessica & Geraldine

 — Girls learn a lot today. by OVERLAND02/18/074.65HOT


 — He frees himself & unleashes 3 lovely Black women. by DanielOrme12/21/024.49

Free the Nipple!

 — Two hosts deal with a wardrobe malfunction on live TV. by brethard01/16/17

Free To Do As I Please

 — How I got out of a bad marriage and into a black man. by JimandGarysgirl12/06/113.70

Freedom Ch. 01

 — Romance in the Civil Rights era. by virgin_sexpert11/08/104.58HOT

Freedom Ch. 02

 — Daniel and Ella meet in the woods. by virgin_sexpert11/14/104.57HOT

Freedom Ch. 03

 — Daniel and Ella get closer yet further apart. by virgin_sexpert12/16/104.67HOT

Freedom Ch. 04

 — Daniel can't stop thinking about Ella. by virgin_sexpert01/07/114.66HOT

Freedom Ch. 05

 — Ella and Daniel make love. by virgin_sexpert02/15/114.67HOT

French Arab Porn Stars

 — Behind the scenes on porn set by Scheherazade8801/18/143.71

French Canadian Booty Rocks!

 — Haitian guy meets kinky woman at school in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/29/143.07

French Women into Haitian Men

 — Armand falls for Marguerite in Montreal. by Samuelx03/18/173.83

Fresh Off The Bus 2 Ch. 1

 — Female cop goes undercover to bring down Solomon King. by Stormbringer08/17/014.42

Fresh Off The Bus 2 Ch. 2

 — Undercover cop Angela goes to a notorious strip club. by Stormbringer08/18/014.46

Fresh Off The Bus 2 Ch. 3

 — Undercover cop Angela goes to Solomon King's penthouse apartment. by Stormbringer08/19/014.47

Fresh Off The Bus 3 Ch. 1

 — Ann Dutton brings other young beauties to audition. by Stormbringer08/22/014.42

Fresh Off The Bus 3 Ch. 2

 — Second aspiring model falls to the men of E&I. by Stormbringer08/28/014.50HOT

Fresh Off The Bus 3: Ch. 3

 — Lara falls prey to the men of E&I enterprises. by Stormbringer08/31/014.43

Fresh Off The Bus 3: Ch. 4

 — Michelle the bigot falls to E&I enterprises. by Stormbringer09/07/014.47

Fresh Off The Bus 3: Ch. 4

 — The last beauty discovers black men and a woman. by Stormbringer09/22/014.48

Fresh Off The Bus 4 Ch. 01

 — Mom and daughter go black at teen pageant. by Stormbringer05/21/114.57HOT

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 1

 — Naive teen beauty queen arrives in NYC. by Stormbringer08/11/014.40

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 2

 — Due rent drives Ann to nude modeling. by Stormbringer08/12/014.51HOT

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 3

 — Ann makes her debut. by Stormbringer08/13/014.64HOT

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 4

 — Ann calls the cops. by Stormbringer08/14/014.45

Fresh Pt. 01

 — His hot white freshman girlfriend encounters black dick. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash04/08/184.39

Fresh Pt. 02

 — This campus shows his girlfriend what it's like to be fucked. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash04/15/184.54HOT

Fresh Pt. 04

 — The conclusion to the story of Leah's hot freshman year. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash05/31/184.43

Fresh White Pussy

 — Married bank teller screws a black man as hubby watches. by Karenkay05/03/064.29

Freshman Feminist Falls

 — 18-year-old white feminist is targeted by black stud. by silkstockingslover03/17/164.57HOT

Freshman's First BBC

 — A midwest freshman cheats with BBC whilst travelling. by Brass_ankle01/13/173.86

Freshman's First BBC Ch. 02

 — Her journey into Interracial fun continues. by Brass_ankle01/16/17

Freshman's First BBC Ch. 03

 — A college freshman tries BBC while her bf uses the bathroom. by Brass_ankle01/18/174.12

Freshman's First BBC Ch. 04

 — He visits an all-girl Christian College to see her. by Brass_ankle02/16/174.40

Freshman's First BBC Ch. 05

 — Freshman has phone sex while having sex. by Brass_ankle03/09/174.48

Freyja Inc. Ch. 07

 — Shea says goodbye to Tess in style. by Texas_law_man05/18/084.12

Friday Night

 —  by Mag5809/01/024.26

Friday Night Delights Ch. 01

 — Former pro-football player finds a new hobby: Hotwives. by finnjones05/09/153.99

Friday Night Delights Ch. 02

 — Jerry gets to work on his backyard, and himself. by finnjones05/10/154.22

Friday Night Delights Ch. 03

 — Chance encounters stoke the fire for a neighborly desire. by finnjones05/12/154.38

Friday Night Delights Ch. 04

 — The move gets underway and Mrs. Sanders gets a training. by finnjones05/14/154.24

Friday Night Delights Ch. 05

 — The dinner party dissolves into an informal soiree. by finnjones05/16/154.44

Friday Night Delights Ch. 06

 — Jerry makes a new friend at the book club. by finnjones05/19/154.47

Friday Night Delights Ch. 07

 — Becky asks a favor and Jerome's partner helps himself. by finnjones07/23/164.32

Friday Night Delights Ch. 08

 — Jerome helps Marisa with the pipe. Stephen hears the work. by finnjones07/28/174.11

Friday Night Delights Ch. 09

 — Marisa makes a cake while Jerome enjoys the cream. by finnjones08/03/174.40

Friday Night Fun

 — A night with husband and black friend. by Peg6907/06/074.15

Friend Zone

 — Friend Zone. by ass2bigg02/19/183.28

Friend Zone Ch. 02

 — Next Move. by ass2bigg02/28/183.59

Friend Zone Ch. 03

 — Apology. by ass2bigg03/03/183.93

Friend Zone Ch. 04

 — Butterfly. by ass2bigg03/08/184.09

Friend's Cousin's Birthday

 — He takes Asian friend's sexy cousin to a movie. by Pumpkin12/26/012.46


 — He finally tells her how he feels. by milf2604/21/044.41

Friends Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of Jesse & Candice. by milf2605/29/044.50HOT

Friends With Benefits

 — She and Evan enjoy a special friendship. by DewDrop09/01/003.86

Friends with Benefits

 — Will Ingrid find love at her new school? by ynglady2212/16/084.56HOT

Friends with Benefits

 — Dannie and Leila are just fuck buddies...or are they? by RawAppetite07/31/114.60HOT

Friends with Benefits Ch. 02

 — Can they make it work without catching feelings. by ynglady2212/23/084.73HOT

Friends with Benefits Ch. 03

 — Is it over between them? by ynglady2207/04/094.71HOT

Friends with Benefits Ch. 04

 — It is time to meet the family. by ynglady2207/28/094.69HOT

Friends with Benefits Ch. 05

 — The proposal. by ynglady2208/24/094.61HOT

Fringe Benefits of a Seminar Ch. 01

 — Free night time education for white women. by urbabe10/05/074.23

Frisky Freya Finds a Friend

 — She discovers a naked man in the garden. by LushDiva04/26/094.42

From Alberta With Love

 — Haitian man dates Pakistani woman in Calgary. by Samuelx05/07/141.40

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 01

 — Yemeni Arab woman meets West African stud. by Samuelx03/26/151.33

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 02

 — Burkinabe stud seduces Yemeni Arab woman. by Samuelx03/27/151.50

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 03

 — Yemeni woman makes love with West African stud. by Samuelx03/28/152.50

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 04

 — Yemeni woman and Burkinabe boyfriend having fun. by Samuelx03/29/151.67

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 05

 — Yemeni woman surprises West African stud at home. by Samuelx03/30/151.00

From Cambodia with Love

 — Black student meets Cambodian female thief in Montreal. by Samuelx04/19/143.75

From Casselman with Love

 — Haitian immigrant bonds with a curvy French Canadian. by Samuelx01/18/18

From Chechnya With Love

 — Senegal student meets tall Chechen gal in Moscow. by Samuelx11/09/142.38

From Coptic Egypt With Love

 — Egyptian Christian woman dates man from South Sudan. by Samuelx03/12/141.89

From Dammam With Love

 — Saudi woman connects with Haitian guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/08/142.57

From Dubai with Love

 — Emirati Arab heiress meets Kenyan-Canadian engineer. by Samuelx08/25/173.20

From Escort to Fuck Toy

 — They make her their fuck toy. by GotBacon01/23/154.35

From Executive to Slut

 — A laid off executive makes some changes in her life. by dr13bone01/19/163.99

From Florida With Love

 — Lebanese-American woman meets Haitian in Miami. by Samuelx04/06/141.25

From Galveston With Love

 — Palestinian-American woman falls for black man. by Samuelx03/25/142.67

From Guyana with Love

 — Haitian guy marries Guyanese Indian Muslim woman. by Samuelx05/29/152.33

From Haiti to Japan Ch. 01

 — Tale of how a Haitian man met his Japanese wife. by Samuelx04/16/163.00

From Housewife to Whore Ch. 03

 — Stanley watches while Mona reconnects with an old flame. by Nigela Lamont07/14/074.28

From Indonesia with Love

 — Indonesian woman falls for black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/10/141.80

From Indonesia With Love : T.O.

 — Indonesian woman meets black man in Toronto. by Samuelx04/10/141.00

From Iran With Love

 — Iranian Muslim woman falls for black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/01/142.25

From Iran With True Love

 — Iranian Christian dominatrix dates Haitian guy. by Samuelx01/22/153.20

From Israel with Love

 — Somali Muslim lesbian dates Jewish gal at Carleton U. by Samuelx12/06/162.54

From Japan With Love

 — Japanese woman connects with black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/09/143.70

From Kazakhstan with Love

 — Kazakhstan woman meets Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/05/141.43

From Korea with Love in Ottawa

 — Korean woman connects with sexy black student. by Samuelx04/15/142.36

From Laval with Love

 — French Canadian tomboy falls for Nigerian Muslim stud. by Samuelx09/18/153.22

From Lebanon With Love

 — Lebanese woman and black man connect in Boston. by Samuelx03/12/141.00

From Lebanon With Love In NYC

 — Nigerian man and Lebanese wife form a family. by Samuelx01/19/142.14

From Lebanon With Love In Ottawa

 — Haitian immigrant connects with Arab woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/24/141.20

From Lebanon With Love: U Of T

 — Haitian man meets Lebanese woman in Toronto. by Samuelx05/06/142.00

From Libya with Love

 — Asma is seduced by Solomon, the Haitian nerd. by Samuelx09/30/162.57

From Mauritania with Love

 — Mauritanian woman meets a Haitian man. by Samuelx06/11/172.67

From Mississippi With Love

 — Gun-toting redneck woman falls for a biracial man. by Samuelx02/19/153.36

From Montreal with Love

 — Quebec woman falls for Jamaican university student. by Samuelx01/15/141.00

From Morocco With Love

 — Arab woman from Morocco meets biracial Canadian. by Samuelx04/03/142.75

From Oman with Love

 — Arab woman from Oman dates black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/07/141.80

From One Night Ch. 01

 — Two strangers find themselves lovers. by ChocolateSwirl03/21/094.42

From One Night Ch. 02

 — Getting to know him. by ChocolateSwirl04/07/094.39

From One Night Ch. 03

 — They meet again. by ChocolateSwirl04/17/094.59HOT

From One Night Ch. 04

 — Taking your relationship to work. by ChocolateSwirl11/13/094.44

From One Night Ch. 05

 — A New Chapter? by ChocolateSwirl11/26/094.49

From One Night Ch. 06

 — The Last Chapter. by ChocolateSwirl12/18/093.75

From Online Slut to Real Slut

 — She is claimed by her online Master. by satinlvr_mwf01/18/064.31

From Online Slut to Real Slut Ch. 02

 — She is claimed in front of her hubby. by satinlvr_mwf03/27/074.16

From Palestine with Love

 — Palestinian woman falls for Jewish guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/19/143.00

From Persia With Love

 — Jamaican stud dates Iranian Christian lady in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/09/142.22

From Qatar With Love

 — Arab woman marries Ethiopian stud in Qatar. by Samuelx03/20/142.10

From Saudi Arabia With Love

 — Saudi-Canadian woman connects with black man. by Samuelx03/16/142.29

From Sharjah with Love

 — Emirati Arab woman falls for Haitian guy in Toronto. by Samuelx10/11/142.44

From Sudan with Love

 — Sudanese Muslim man marries Egyptian dominatrix... by Samuelx01/08/173.33

From Syria With Love

 — African-American man and Syrian woman meet in Canada. by Samuelx01/23/141.50

From Syria With Love 1

 — Biracial man dates Syrian Christian woman in Boston. by Samuelx03/24/141.20

From Thailand With Love

 — Thai woman rescued by macho Jamaican in Toronto. by Samuelx04/17/142.07

From Vancouver With Love

 — Adopted Haitian guy finds love with biracial beauty. by Samuelx08/29/143.12

From Vietnam 2 Brockton with Love

 — Vietnamese woman meets Haitian guy in Brockton. by Samuelx04/12/143.60

From West Africa with Love

 — Canadian Christian woman meets Black Muslim scholar. by Samuelx11/02/162.96

From Winnipeg With Love

 — Aboriginal Canadian woman meets Haitian guy. by Samuelx10/27/141.67

From Yemen With Love In Ottawa

 — Yemeni woman meets Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/06/141.75

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