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Interracial Love Stories

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H(A)ir Force

 — World War II action in France. by belab08/08/023.43

Habiba Hajjar of Saudi Arabia

 — Bossy Saudi student seduced by African American stud. by Samuelx03/07/18

Haircut, Vietnamese Style

 — Sexy Asian girls give good cut. by damon195111/28/044.24

Haitian Bisexuality is Cool

 — Bisexual Haitian man bangs sexy Pakistani landlady. by Samuelx03/07/192.26

Haitian Boys for Lebanese Girls

 — Haitian cop reunites with Lebanese lady friend. by Samuelx02/14/141.00

Haitian Cop Marries Quebec MILF

 — Selene falls for tall, dark and sexy Philemon. by Samuelx03/19/172.67

Haitian Dominatrix Strapons Saudi

 — Haitian dominatrix tames sexist Arab man. by Samuelx02/07/121.85

Haitian Sensation

 — Young Haitian girl loses anal virginity to white man. by QuietStorm197006/20/134.38

Haitian Sensation Pt. 02

 — Married white man meets Haitian ex-girlfriend years later. by QuietStorm197009/18/144.31

Haitian Surprise

 — He discovers the pleasures of a black woman. by Bakeboss01/19/103.90

Haitians at Carleton University

 — A Haitian man's adventures in Ottawa, Ontario. by Samuelx01/29/122.08

Haley and the Playa

 — Beautiful redhead wife meets "ball player" while on business. by phi14902/25/084.35

Half Asian College Co-Ed

 — Half Asian girls are sluttier than full Asian girls. by orientaddict11/26/073.89

Half Her Age

 — Kate fucks a black man half her age (BBC). by kateandjessica10/15/133.80

Halloween Night of Firsts

 — naughty night out by Txdelicatablegrl10/07/054.12

Halloween Party

 — Wife fullfills a fantasy at Halloween party. by Kippy18912/25/093.88

Halloween Party

 — Cuckold couples have their annual Halloween Party. by cuck2serveU11/04/173.70

Halsbury High

 — New black teacher gives in to fucking a hot white schoolgirl. by ScarletDusk02/15/184.47

Hana Al-Zaghab of Palestine

 — Black Canadian cop bangs a Palestinian gal. by Samuelx03/20/18

Hand Job House Guest

 — A drunk house guest leads to some morning fun! by dr13bone08/17/104.28

Hand Jobber

 — How she became fascinated with black cocks. by ido_ir09/18/044.50HOT

Handjob Club Pt. 03

 — A new member for the club and things get out of hand! by SlightlyRude12/17/184.11


 — Wife's friend like his big tool. by ungaro12/25/134.42

Hanna the Home Wrecker

 — Ebony beauty Hanna's life changes. by LustyLee7707/19/054.28

Happiness Found

 — My man was cured and he's all mine to love. by JimandGarysgirl07/22/123.62

Happy Annibirthery

 — Wife unknowingly sneaks into her husband's black boss' room. by Stormbringer04/24/134.28

Happy Anniversary

 — Another year, another anniversary dinner, another orgasm. by bohemianyuppie04/25/193.77

Happy Anniversary Darling

 — They celebrate 20 years with a twist by Sam332309/30/043.93

Happy Anniversary Darling Ch. 02

 — Nicole gets her revenge. by Sam332310/06/044.32

Happy Anniversary!

 — Hey! Is that a black guy in their bedroom? by raiinn5711/15/033.96

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 01

 — White Lauren goes in search of the perfect Ebony babe. by JonB196903/24/084.55HOT

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 02

 — White Lauren has her chocolate cake, and eats it too. by JonB196912/10/084.43

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 03

 — Staci and Lauren use strap-on dildos. by JonB196906/06/134.61HOT

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 04

 — Lauren and Staci deepen their relationship. by JonB196907/04/134.61HOT

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 05

 — Lauren learns the value of secrets. by JonB196910/04/144.29

Happy Anniversary, Baby Ch. 06

 — Lauren finds a new friend. by JonB196901/15/154.45

Happy Canada Day!

 — A young Somali's adventures on Canada Day. by Samuelx07/06/151.67

Happy Ending Ch. 01

 — Ebony lesbian teaches Ashley; mom loves black cock. by BobCollier02/13/134.25

Happy Fishermen

 — Preparation for a seafood dinner leads to a different feast. by pamper112/18/034.22

Happy Near Year: The Slut Awakens

 — Last minute plans bring out the slut deep inside. by bigdaddysmooth01/03/184.58HOT

Happy to Be Home

 — Nick surprises Melissa with an early, great fucking. by Mclovinit8609/28/123.65

Hard Lessons Ch. 01

 — Secretly slutty bookworm has her ebony Professor. by GEMINI699605/17/064.46

Hard Lessons Ch. 02

 — Interracial sex explodes on this hot campus. by GEMINI699605/26/064.34

Hard Lessons Ch. 03

 — Hot salsa dancing leads to hotter sex on blind date. by GEMINI699605/29/064.51HOT

Hard Mercy

 — A former soldier, an apocalyptic world, a girl worth saving. by AedanSayla12/09/184.57HOT

Hard To Learn # 101

 — How urban legends get started. by NeedYou02/20/054.27

Hard To Learn # 201

 — Two A's in two days for Lisa. by NeedYou02/25/054.39

Hard To Learn # 301

 — The cameras would zoom in on Lisa. by NeedYou02/26/054.32

Hard To Learn # 401

 — Night before Graduation Day for Lisa. by NeedYou03/02/054.31

Hard To Learn # 501

 — Husband discovers what she's been doing. by NeedYou03/05/053.85

Hard To Learn # 601

 — The story ends and death is everywhere. by NeedYou03/07/053.96

Harem Days

 — Bisexual oriental woman indulges in eastern plasures. by Wellwisher10006/08/044.46

Harem Days Ch. 02

 — Bisexual oriental woman continues to explore harem delights by Wellwisher10006/10/044.09

Harem Wives Ch. 01

 — Husband has to pay back a gambling loan. by Karenkay03/11/143.96

Harry Sadler's Deployment

 — They promised to check in with each other every night. by Just Plain Bob05/07/073.18

Hart Family at an African Retreat

 — Hart and his wife left their daughters at the retreat. by JonathanT07/21/094.43

Hart Family at an African Retreat Ch. 02

 — The second oldest daughter, Candy, is Africanized. by JonathanT07/28/094.34

Hart Family at an African Retreat Ch. 03

 — Shawn and Tia soon find the pleasures awaing them. by JonathanT09/16/094.40

Has Her Husband Made A Mistake?

 — He gave his wife what he knew she wanted for her birthday. by qualitywheat11/14/134.01

Hass' Girls Ch. 01

 — A conniving old man gets a young black employee. by DarkestBrown07/15/164.13

Hater's Beware

 — An interracial couple get even. by EZ4BLKcock06/01/113.90

Hattie and Marc at Carleton U

 — Iranian gal meets Afro-Brazilian stud at Carleton U. by Samuelx03/14/18

Have A Good Day

 — Black AC repairman fixes her problems. by Helena6906/16/023.86

Have You Ever...

 — A young black woman want to suck YOUR cock. by virgin_sexpert11/10/104.25

Have You Ever?

 — He shows her what she's been missing. by doiknowyou02/11/054.27

Having a Party in a Dark Bar

 — Went to a bar where white women pick up black cocks. by frenchy1910/23/114.21

Having An 'Indian'

 — A colleague from India seduces him. by scottish_wino03/27/053.62

Having An Affair Isn't Easy

 — White girl falls hard for black guy. by JimandGarysgirl07/11/123.77

Having An Affair Isn't Easy Ch. 02

 — White girl falls hard for black guy. by JimandGarysgirl07/12/124.01

Hawaii Here I Come

 — Part time work. by 2_old_2_change09/10/034.41

Hawaiian Lay

 — May-December interracial romance from The Aloha State. by Sonny39904/15/054.17

Hawthorne Plantation

 — Lonely wife rides a big black stallion. by littlejvj11/16/024.54HOT

Hayley's Party Ch. 02

 — Chinese girl loses her boyfriend and goes on a double date. by ChloeTzang05/31/154.53HOT

Hayley's Party Ch. 03

 — Hayley overnights with Claire and works out at Tae Kwon Do. by ChloeTzang06/04/154.49

Hayley's Party Ch. 04

 — Hayley and Steve watch a movie. by ChloeTzang06/05/154.46

Hayley's Party Ch. 05

 — A Ride to Remember. by ChloeTzang07/02/154.68HOT

Hayley's Party Ch. 07

 — Broken Dreams. by ChloeTzang04/24/164.77HOT

He and She

 — An unlikely romance. by jjcole10/08/114.67HOT

He Broke My Heart

 — Black man uses white girl for his benefits. by JimandGarysgirl02/23/123.50

He Broke My Heart Ch. 02

 — I couldn't let him die alone. by JimandGarysgirl02/28/124.23

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 01

 — Multiracial girl's adventures with a saucy Aussie. by lilBLKdress3940107/31/07HOT

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 02

 — Emotions are becoming an issue and they don't know it. by lilBLKdress3940106/04/08HOT

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 03

 — They're hooked on each other. by lilBLKdress3940107/02/08HOT

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 04

 — Recent memories help sooth doubts on both parts. by lilBLKdress3940110/15/08HOT

He Came from a Land Down Unda Ch. 05

 — Chance of trouble with sweet surprises. by lilBLKdress3940111/16/08HOT

He Changed My Life

 — Wife finds out that black is better. by SUZY4BBC06/05/094.30

He Dominates White Folks in Dallas

 — He enjoys rich, beautiful white women. by professor_cliff10/02/034.47

He Dominates White Folks in Dallas Ch. 02

 — Leviticus reorganizes the Anglin's lives. by professor_cliff10/09/034.58HOT

He Dominates White Folks in Dallas Ch. 03

 — Dr. Logan works on Diana. by professor_cliff11/01/034.47

He Ended Our 7 Year Affair

 — I didn't see it coming or was I just blind to the hints. by JimandGarysgirl03/27/143.05

He Got His Wish

 — He inadvertently turns her on to BBC & cuckolding. by BE195303/16/184.18

He Isn't Hers, She Isn't His

 — A wife tries to break off an affair to no avail. by reneebanks03/07/144.13

He Looks Like His Father

 — A tale of cuckolds, male feminization, and interracial se. by RainStevens03/20/093.74

He Made A Big Mistake

 — He wanted to introduce his wife to swinging. by VirginiaS02/02/124.01

He Stole Our Baby

 — Black man stole my child to give to his girlfriend. by JimandGarysgirl05/24/133.17

He Takes Me

 — Older man roughly fucks his young lover. by LIMBS09/02/144.00

He Was Never Told

 — Now that he knows we are making up lost time. by JimandGarysgirl09/09/133.17

He's Got to Have It

 — A brother makes the rounds of a dorm. by JustLikeEwe05/28/083.51

He's Her's Now

 — She makes his fantasy come true..without his consent. by LdyAngel03/03/104.02

He's Here!

 — A summer night with a black lover. by FredoFrench09/26/104.22

He's Not Attracted to Black Women

 — Phil learns how sexy a black BBW Domme can be. by goamz8612/19/074.33

He's the One

 — Taylor finally gets what she wants. by XHideandSeekX07/04/084.20

He's the One Ch. 02

 — Taylor makes a decision. by XHideandSeekX07/15/084.62HOT

He's the One Ch. 03

 — Taylor gets ready to say goodbye - and hello. by XHideandSeekX07/18/084.63HOT

He's the One Ch. 04

 — She continues her romance with sexy Korean man. by XHideandSeekX07/22/084.79HOT

He, She and Him

 — Of course he has him, but what will they do with her! by avrgblkgrl11/20/114.71HOT

He, She and Him Ch. 02

 — That was last night, this is now. by avrgblkgrl02/16/144.78HOT

Head Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Fantasies about women I've known. by boogieman1046910/04/173.38

Head Fantasies Ch. 03

 — My fantasy with my former office manager. by boogieman1046910/12/174.00

Heading South

 — A pretty blonde teacher watches interracial 'Heading South.' by jmcox26108/22/074.48

Heart's a Mess Ch. 01

 — Pick apart the pieces of your heart and let me peer inside. by Gianniana12/26/124.41

Heart's a Mess Ch. 02

 — It's always been a "smoke and mirrors" game. by Gianniana12/29/124.58HOT

Heartbreak Kid

 — R & B singer remakes iconic 1980s video. by brethard05/07/19

Heat Index

 — Flame-haired Scottish lass falls for black firefighter. by brethard04/30/15

Heather Becomes a Sex Toy

 — Heath's lover takes her to a party and she becomes a sex toy. by sub_nikki01/20/174.27

Heather Rules Ch. 14

 — Heather goes black. by mgablea10/06/114.39

Heather's Dark Adventure Ch. 01

 — Heather's inspiration leads to an exciting trip to Las Vegas. by heathred101/03/134.40

Heather's Dark Adventure Ch. 02

 — Heather fulfills her biggest dark fantasy. by heathred102/04/134.29

Heather's Fantasies

 — She craves black sex. by LustyLee7707/08/054.52HOT

Heather's Two Firsts

 — Heather has her first lesbian and interracial encounter. by gastoryerotic04/15/07

Heating Up the Frozen Aisle 01

 — White wife meets a new "friend" at the market. by WhiteAndWet02/13/133.91

Heating Up the Frozen Aisle 02

 — Julie runs into her new "friend" again! by WhiteAndWet02/14/134.31

Heaven Help Her

 — Famished, Fiending for Black Cock. by Aspen_Rein02/27/144.35

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 01

 — She awakens in a foreign land. by PoeticallyPersonified02/03/154.50HOT

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 02

 — Never wear short shorts. by PoeticallyPersonified03/20/154.63HOT

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 03

 — You lied. by PoeticallyPersonified04/08/154.76HOT

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 04

 — (gasp) He bent me over the desk. by PoeticallyPersonified07/24/154.83HOT

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 05

 — Stimulated. by PoeticallyPersonified04/12/164.76HOT

Heaven in the Desert Ch. 06

 — Knock before you enter all three holes. by PoeticallyPersonified08/19/184.79HOT

Helen & Tanesha

 — Housewife finds herself drawn to ebony girl. by Reggie Corleone10/10/003.66

Helen & the Hoodlum

 — She's trapped in a broken elvator with a young black man. by Svenskaflicka07/29/034.12

Helen Pt. 02

 — The conclusion of the seductive Chinese teacher. by brynhild8412/27/083.69

Helen Was Naive To Say The Least

 — Her life went about face, big time! by qualitywheat05/16/123.94

Helen's Anniversary Idea

 — Boudoir Photos for her husband- but something goes wrong... by AuntAmanda01/29/114.23

Helen's Chocolate Valentines

 — Helen gets to know her neighbors. by eroticpen6902/02/104.60HOTContest Winner

Helen's Revenge

 — She fucks blacks for revenge on double dealing husband. by fanatic28201/03/064.22

Helena & Troy

 — He makes her submit to his giant black cock. by deepemerald03/18/044.19

Helga Goes Black

 — 45-year-old widow reinvents herself. by rufun200105/06/054.21

Hello, Burnadette

 — Interracial online lovers decide to meet in person. by bluefox0711/07/064.52HOT

Help Desk Ch. 5

 — Mark tells how it all started. by Theoden01/21/013.81

Helpful Friend

 — Husband longs to watch wife with another man. by Mr Thick07/31/094.44

Helping Her Son got her into Bed

 — Interracial with a huge twist. by dmbdriver102/22/174.05

Helping the Elderly Ch. 01

 — A white hot wife helps an elderly black man with his therapy. by Cockhole08/16/164.76HOT

Helping the Elderly Ch. 02

 — White wife helps an old black man with his circulation. by Cockhole09/01/164.73HOT

Helping the Elderly Ch. 03

 — A white wife slowly becomes a submissive cock slut. by Cockhole09/20/164.70HOT

Helping the Elderly Ch. 04

 — A hot, white wife helps an elderly, well-endowed black man. by Cockhole03/09/174.73HOT

Helping the Elderly Ch. 05

 — Tracy finds another old black man to help. by Cockhole09/06/174.74HOT

Helping the Elderly Ch. 06

 — Tracy returns to the senior center to lend a hand. by Cockhole03/21/184.80HOT


 — Continuing adventures of my wife Jackie with black cock. by llieno12/17/113.33

Her Ass Says It All

 — Older guy catches young Asian servicing Black preacher. by denny902/16/024.38

Her Biggest Negotiation

 — An older woman asks her young colleague, 'Where do I sign?' by Julia K10/30/094.65HOT

Her Black Reunion

 — 40-something wife re-experiences her first black lover. by HandsomeExplorer02/12/063.65

Her Cravings

 — Plans to watch her bisexual lover take a surprising turn. by tadgh6401/21/123.92

Her Driver: The Bodyguard

 — Married Chu finds love from her Black Driver. by demonmanga01/27/083.67

Her Enormous Son Ch. 01

 — He helps his mother win over a country club. by kimberlykitten09/08/044.35

Her Enormous Son Ch. 06

 — Shelly's a tease, but Andrew gets job done. by kimberlykitten10/10/044.52HOT

Her Enormous Son Ch. 07

 — Cathy introduces younger daughter Penny to Andrew. by kimberlykitten11/10/044.50HOT

Her Fantasy Becomes Real

 — A void filled. by dark_knight3306/01/074.41

Her Fantasy Past Caught Up With Her

 — He showed her what she already had known. by qualitywheat01/31/124.03

Her First Black Master

 — When she flies first class, she gets her first real ride. by ebonimaster05/07/074.54HOT

Her First Time Black!

 — She shows Mark that they can relight the fires of lust. by Zad09/01/024.28

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