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Interracial Love Stories

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Her First White Man

 — We had known each other for more than 10 years. by NeedYou08/30/044.31

Her Hero Sailor

 — Yachtsman rescues hot Asian girl and receives reward. by wombat7612/21/07

Her Indian Brave

 — Love under the sky, made her feel so alive. by shandal07/07/094.16

Her Love

 — How their love came to be. by creepyrj06/03/134.68HOT

Her Love Ch. 02

 — Terry and Char start their journey. by creepyrj06/26/134.75HOT

Her Love Ch. 03

 — A furious engagement...and something else. by creepyrj07/27/134.79HOT

Her Love Ch. 04

 — How do you rebound when you're pushed? by creepyrj09/22/134.76HOT

Her Lover

 — Lovers meeting in hotel room. by DarknessHasLife12/06/164.00

Her Mistake

 — Wife is bored with husband...crosses the line. by afanoffanlit05/22/174.28

Her Moments of Glory

 — Young Indian wife experiences a BBC. by indian_gig04/01/144.14

Her Name Was Miss Mary

 — She was strikingly beautiful, with dark chocolate skin. by marine55rick02/21/084.53HOT

Her New Black Lover

 — White woman and black man meet and fuck. by ladyhawk10001/09/074.36

Her New Black Lover Ch. 02

 — Chloe and Dennis enjoy more sex. by ladyhawk10004/10/074.45

Her New Black Lovers

 — Chloe and her double D's. by ladyhawk10006/29/074.36

Her New Black Lovers Ch. 02

 — Chloe and her double D's have more fun. by ladyhawk10008/06/074.39

Her New Neighbor Ch. 01

 — A young man catches the eye of a neglected housewife. by ThaDee10/20/164.57HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — A young man catches the eye of a neglected housewife. by ThaDee10/30/164.58HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 03

 — With her mother occupied, Julie returns home. by ThaDee11/17/164.37

Her New Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Julie and her Asian friend meet up with Jayson and his boy. by ThaDee01/29/174.56HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 05

 — Shannon pays Lennox a visit after the gym. by ThaDee03/21/174.58HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 06

 — A night at Lennox's place. by ThaDee04/14/174.56HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 07

 — New players enter the scene. by ThaDee08/24/174.69HOT

Her New Neighbor Ch. 08

 — Shannon's world gets a huge shake up. by ThaDee01/02/184.56HOT

Her Protector

 — He was suppose to protect her not love her. by hammertime05/15/074.46

Her Wedding Plans Go Awry

 — She didn't expect this. by qualitywheat09/25/114.04

Here Cums the Bride

 — Bride gets a taste of dark meat. by No Panty Girl12/29/054.18

Here, Have Some White Cock!

 — Coworkers overcome ethnic differences. by bignfirm10/08/064.32

Heroin Ch. 01

 — A new beginning after a horrible night - BM/WW. by WyattStorm02/02/163.83

Hi My Name Is Tine!

 — "Innocent housewife" goes Black. by Danish Cuckold11/07/034.42

Hi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 02

 — Tine gives birth to her Black son. by Danish Cuckold11/24/044.19

Hi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 03

 — Tine is lured to Africa and meets Rashid again. by Danish Cuckold01/05/074.45

Hi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 04

 — Tine & Rashid have fun shopping. by Danish Cuckold01/18/074.46

Hi, Polly

 — A young Thai prostitute is led into a humiliating nightmare. by MawrGorshin07/26/133.32

Hide and Go Eat

 — A Frat girl gets eaten out during a meeting. by Dai Raku05/17/054.20

High Class Wife: Secret Slut

 — With her black lover, Julie becomes a wanton slut. by B.A. Lechine10/19/054.16

High Concept

 — Two comedy stars work on a script and fall for each other. by brethard05/12/15

High Concept Ch. 02

 — Hollywood superstar couple meets sexy Aussie starlet. by brethard05/16/15

High Concept Ch. 03

 — Black comedian hooks up with Aussie film director. by brethard05/20/15

High Concept Ch. 04

 — Hollywood superstars enjoy a hot foursome on Oscar night. by brethard05/29/15

High Price of Friendship

 — Wife pays old debt to save her friendship. by guyinsd04/18/132.98

High Rise

 — White woman is sent to him to learn a lesson. by Honey Dipped06/15/023.86

High School Tutoring

 — A nerdy girl locks down the guy of her dreams. by LatinBreeding04/13/173.67

Highway Slut

 — A woman is out with friends and later is pulled over. by Mysteria2701/03/174.35

Hijab Femdom with Strapons

 — Biracial Yemeni woman strapons Saudi male. by Samuelx08/28/121.70

Hijab Girl's Guide to Orgies

 — Lebanese Hijabi hooks up with several Black men. by Samuelx02/23/172.77

Hijab Girls for Bisexual Men

 — Muslim woman seduces a bisexual black man. by Samuelx09/16/161.55

Hijab Girls Masturbate Too!

 — Pakistani Muslim gal fantasizes about black man. by Samuelx02/05/142.48

Hijabi Dominatrix with Strapons

 — Saudi dominatrix strapons Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/11/123.25

Hijabi Girl's Sex Life

 — Arab woman meets Black Canadian stud. by Samuelx02/17/122.44

Hijabi Slut

 — Hijabi slut is seduced online by older man. by Darkromantic197508/10/164.69HOT

Hijabi Woman And Black Lesbian

 — Black lesbian atheist seduces shy Arab woman. by Samuelx02/19/122.89

Hilton Head Massage

 — Conservative girl gets more than she expected. by Travel Girl09/20/054.67HOTContest Winner

Him First

 — Newly married, first sex. by mstrb7707/11/113.19

Himalayan Heat

 — American woman meets a sexy stranger in Tibet. by mayadevi10/04/063.78

Hindu Dominatrix Strapons Blacks

 — Haitian man rides Hindu woman's strapon. by Samuelx03/01/121.69

Hindu Girls And Black Gentlemen

 — Indian girl seduces Haitian student in Canada. by Samuelx10/19/112.17

Hindu Girls And Black Men

 — Hindu girl seduces shy Black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/19/112.89

Hindu Girls Love Black Men

 — East Indian Muslim girl meets Black American student. by Samuelx10/19/112.46

Hindu Girls Who Love Black Men

 — Sikh Indian girl meets South African guy in Canada. by Samuelx10/19/112.59

Hindu Ladies For Black Men

 — Black man and Sikh Indian gal connect at university. by Samuelx12/22/131.41

Hip Hop and Punk Rock

 — A punk rock Asian lives her BBC fantasy. by KuroshioX02/17/154.21

Hip Hop Ho

 — Stephanie's submissive side continues to shine. by RUlookingup06/05/083.50

Hippie Chick

 — Lorraine's epic of rock, sex, voyeurism, & bodybuilding. by DaveDevlin05/10/07

Hippie Chick Ch. 02

 — Muscular Lorraine's semi-naked journey in the outdoors. by DaveDevlin06/22/08

Hippies On The Beach

 — He makes it with German Hippies. by fluidline110/08/034.30

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 02

 — He has threesome with the German couple. by fluidline110/11/034.50HOT

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 03

 — Friend, lover & Steffi join in foursome. by fluidline101/16/044.57HOT

Hippies On The Beach Ch. 04

 — The tour ends with an all for all orgy. by fluidline102/03/044.46

Hired Hand

 — Wife hires black laborer to take husbands place. by hammertime05/23/074.53HOT


 — Unexpectedly picked up by mature Japanese lady at a railway. by luvanuki06/30/174.41


 — Daddy takes his baby. by CatMcNasty05/18/173.94

His Baby Or Mine?

 — Amanda and Phil have a dilemma. by English Bob09/22/024.23

His Birthday

 — Early morning delight on a stormy day. by astrofoot04/23/144.52HOT

His Black Beloved Pt. 01

 — Married Nick enjoys a night with his busty black mistress. by VenusDownstairs11/15/174.42

His Black Master

 — A muscular black man dominates a young white couple. by NickJBella09/25/124.09

His Black Master Ch. 02

 — Ty begins to take control of Kevin. by NickJBella09/27/124.39

His Black Master Ch. 03

 — Ty fucks Sara. by NickJBella09/29/124.28

His Black Master Ch. 04

 — The story of Ty & Monique. by NickJBella09/30/124.06

His Black Master Ch. 05

 — Ty takes full control of Kevin. by NickJBella10/02/124.43

His Black Master Ch. 06

 — Ty takes Kevin to a bookstore. by NickJBella10/03/124.51HOT

His Black Master Ch. 07

 — Kevin asks Ty for permission to marry Kathleen. by NickJBella10/06/124.31

His Black Master Ch. 08

 — Kevin & Kathleen prepare for their wedding. by NickJBella10/09/124.21

His Black Master Ch. 09

 — The morning of Kevin & Kathleen's wedding. by NickJBella10/11/124.35

His Black Master Ch. 10

 — Kevin & Kathleen - The Wedding. by NickJBella10/14/124.49

His Black Master Ch. 11

 — Kevin & Kathleen's Wedding Reception. by NickJBella10/21/124.32

His Black Master Ch. 12

 — Kevin & Kathleen's wedding night - Ty takes Kathleen. by NickJBella10/28/124.38

His Black Master Ch. 13

 — Kevin & Kathleen's wedding night continues. by NickJBella12/24/124.29

His Black Master Ch. 14

 — The morning after Kevin & Kathleen's Wedding. by NickJBella06/25/144.02

His Breeding Cow

 — Could he be a sissy cuckold. by SWGirl12/24/124.14

His Equal

 — John and Sienna were opposites in every sense. by Siennagray12/08/134.17

His Journey Begins Ch. 1

 — Black man discovers dominance with longtime friend. by BBD05/28/024.26

His Journey Begins Ch. 2

 — His friend becomes his slut. by BBD06/16/024.52HOT

His Little Birthday Slut Ch. 02

 — Lisa forgets her wallet and has to pay the cab driver. by Eroticuhh08/10/164.44

His Lover, My Slut Wife

 — Boss's mind control changes couple's lifestyle. by katt01/08/034.03

His Mother's Diary

 — He learns a lot about his mom by invading her privacy. by tw_holt03/20/164.40

His Obsession

 — Her employer wants her. by Fluffy0705/13/124.33

His Obsession Ch. 02

 — Graduation; He stakes his claim. by Fluffy0707/31/124.57HOT

His Obsession Ch. 03

 — Decisions; decisions. by Fluffy0710/27/124.61HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 15

 — Dave is a sucker for African quintet. by mangrove jack12/31/044.69HOT

His Return

 — A lover returns to claim his property. by cocosheen21110/22/124.41

His Return Ch. 02

 — Bodies reunite but minds miles apart. by cocosheen21112/01/134.54HOT

His Room

 — She is in his room and she shouldn't be there. by darkknight0104/05/123.96

His Sister's Tutor

 — Russian older brother meets Chinese tutor. by TrueNorth196904/14/074.70HOT

His Sister's Tutor Ch. 02

 — Alise and Kristoff continue their personal lessons. by TrueNorth196905/07/074.66HOT

His Sister's Tutor Ch. 03

 — Alise & Kristoff face loyalties tested. by TrueNorth196905/24/074.72HOT


 — He rediscovers his teenage fantasy. by danielrogerashley12/08/114.63HOT

History Ch. 02

 — The fantasy bared and shared. by danielrogerashley12/22/114.67HOT

History Repeated

 — My grandmother's legacy. by LindaW02/02/064.62HOT

Hitchin' a Ride

 — Two people explore their sexuality. by Mister M08/13/023.88

HK Visa Student Studies Hard

 — International student works hard for her grades. by asianflower2005amy208/18/054.12


 — A curvy girl and a classic jock meet in an unlikely way. by sensualrhapsody09/20/174.27

Hold-t! Ch. 02

 — Acknowledging attractions. by sensualrhapsody09/23/174.40

Holiday Experiences

 — Young couple uses holiday to fulfill his fantasy. by Fox278901/10/023.97

Holiday Homecoming

 — College freshmen returning home for holidays find dark love. by cunninlinquist12/19/06

Holiday Stud

 — White woman gets a dose of hot black seed. by fertilecunny01/19/123.80

Holiday Whore

 — Tracy goes on holiday to have some fun. by fun_tracy07/22/144.35

Holly's Breeding

 — Milf gets drunk and bred at son's graduation party. by engywwok08/17/124.15

Holly's Breeding Ch. 02

 — Life after the graduation party. by engywwok11/06/124.33

Holly's Breeding Ch. 03

 — Holly and I go our separate ways by engywwok09/30/133.99

Holodeck Viewing

 — Anything can happen when lights, sounds, and images meet. by sweet_lusciousdesire12/02/134.45

Hologram Lust

 — A hologram tester gets the fucking of her dreams. by pussinbbc10/27/153.64


 — Was he the gardener or her childhood friend? by Kittenliz05/25/084.23


 — Lost and Found. by curiouskatty05/26/114.53HOT

Home Ch. 02

 — Nate deals with an angel and a devil. by curiouskatty06/02/114.67HOT

Home Ch. 03

 — Trouble in paradise. by curiouskatty06/16/114.68HOT

Home Ch. 04

 — Rough riding and family ties. by curiouskatty07/13/114.70HOT

Home Ch. 05

 — Love, Life, and a bitch in heels. by curiouskatty07/31/114.80HOT

Home Ch. 06

 — When the levees break. by curiouskatty05/16/134.79HOT

Home Ch. 07

 — The means to an end. by curiouskatty05/28/134.72HOT

Home Ch. 08

 — Crazy Love. by curiouskatty06/25/134.74HOT

Home Ch. 09

 — Epilogue: And it was beautiful. by curiouskatty08/02/134.76HOT

Home Economics Lesson

 — Bored white housewife strikes a deal with black contractor. by Eosphorus05/16/134.39

Home for the Holidays

 — They were back from college. by cunninlinquist12/05/064.16

Home Movie

 — Getting back at parents with an obsession for blowjobs. by KellyP04/11/083.80


 — College lovers reunite. by southernstorm10/06/044.17


 — Daniel remembers a simpler time & comes to a realization. by Frinkles03/21/074.63HOT

Homecoming Ch. 01

 — David returns home & finds his ex is dating a black man. by Karenkay04/20/123.84

Homecoming Ch. 02

 — Every action has a consequence. by Frinkles04/16/074.73HOT

Homecoming Ch. 03

 — Taste to slake the desire spins out of control. by Frinkles05/01/074.81HOT

Homecoming Ch. 04

 — Caught in the act and a solution to a problem. by Frinkles08/24/074.75HOT

Homecoming Ch. 05

 — A Confrontation, a resolution. by Frinkles08/29/074.79HOT

Homecoming: The Hit Man & His Woman Ch. 01

 — Coming home to hit it raw. by urbanlove10/07/054.48

Homecoming: The Hit Man & His Woman Ch. 02

 — Long awaited and problematic returns. by urbanlove10/16/054.68HOT

Homecoming: The Hit Man & His Woman Ch. 03

 — A true friend helps you grow. by urbanlove10/27/054.63HOT


 — Is honesty the best policy? by Prescott9107/21/174.37

Honesty Not Always Best Policy

 — Cheated on black lover with another black and lost both. by JimandGarysgirl12/18/112.41

Honey Escape

 — Black woman hooks up with Asian man. by justboycrazy06/07/143.95

Honey Ko

 — Playboy grows up. by bassbelly12/11/074.49

Honey Lust: Elissa's Revenge

 — A WAG sexually gets even with an Asian hunk. by justboycrazy10/30/173.75

Honey Smart

 — How a woman got her start as a prostitute. by shooter370403/27/084.33


 — Young marrieds honeymoon on dive ship. by hammertime03/30/044.69HOT

Honeymoon Helper

 — Young Black guy helps newlyweds. by hammertime03/07/034.63HOT

Honeymoon in the Smokies

 — His new wife is drugged & sexed. by rich052405/31/034.35

Honoring Reader Requests 04

 — Man's fantasy comes true seeing his wife with a black man. by walterio04/26/094.40

Hooked on Black Bareback

 — It was supposed to be just one time. by GotBacon01/24/154.37

Hooked on Interracial Porn

 — She got hooked onto IR Porn and got to try it out herself. by dsoul03/10/18

Hopping into Puddles

 — With no boots on... by nerd4music07/14/084.75HOT

Horny Asian with a Twist

 — Cock-hungry Korean shares hung stranger with roommate. by johnnieblue4410/04/104.54HOT

Horny Rich Girl...

 — Horny rich girl tries massive black for the first time... by blackbachelor12/14/02

Hostages at the Sorority

 — White sorority girl fucks big black cock. by MsTeacher06/20/144.36

Hostages at the Sorority Ch. 02

 — I meet Maria. by MsTeacher07/10/144.55HOT

Hot Affair For Big Beautiful Woman

 — Bangladeshi BBW experiences a black man. by ZeenatJi03/18/084.02

Hot Black Coffee

 — A new meaning to grinding coffee. by hyperthread112/26/104.16

Hot Chocolate

 — Dan goes on vacation and meets Keisha who did a sex dare by Bernie-G02/09/034.01

Hot Chocolate

 — Stunning black girl and white man meet and have hot hook-up. by Cassie86408/30/114.32

Hot Cocoa

 — The first time she ever cheated. by skirtnpantyhose06/22/084.24

Hot Coffee and Perfect Pink Pt. 01

 — A patient fucks his way through his nursing staff. by Cocktopia06/16/154.20

Hot Coffee and Perfect Pink Pt. 02

 — A patient fucks his nurse harem as a new element appears... by Cocktopia06/17/154.32

Hot for Black Cock

 — Two white wives have first black cock. by bobbiecox212/25/084.39

Hot for Black Cock Ch. 02

 — Mellissa sets up Jim for an interracial wife swap. by bobbiecox212/26/084.30

Hot for Black Cock Ch. 03

 — Melissa and Stacy take on Earl and Curtis. by bobbiecox201/01/094.48

Hot for Teacher

 — Sexy black female student meets hot white Professor. by Cassie86408/06/114.02

Hot Japanese Summer

 — Her favorite student proves to be full of surprises. by SaraSensei07/30/064.49

Hot Japanese Summer Ch. 02

 — A summer festival leads to explosive fireworks. by SaraSensei08/07/064.57HOT

Hot Japanese Summer Ch. 03

 — Visit to a 'love hotel' reveals a kinkier side. by SaraSensei08/23/064.69HOT

Hot New Friends Ch. 01

 — Two couples get together for a hot time. by passionfever206/15/114.54HOT

Hot New Friends Ch. 02

 — More very hot times with even more new friends. by passionfever206/21/114.55HOT

Hot New Friends Ch. 03

 — Night spirals out of control, we step back and look at ours. by passionfever206/29/114.27

Hot Night out

 — Wife meets interesting black man. by fifthmojo03/23/064.14

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 10

 — Walter falls Tiffany, Bill's beautiful, black wife. by SusanJillParker12/10/14HOT

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 15

 — Tiffany wants to have sex with Walter dressed as Wendy. by SusanJillParker12/21/14HOT

Hot Sex on a Platter

 — A sexy wife serves up a spicy hot meal for her husband. by RonDixen07/13/143.69

Hot Summer Days

 — As summer heats up so do Marissa and Hunter. by DracnKitten10/20/114.39

Hot Tub

 — Hispanic guy soaks with sexy Ebony lady. by ElWapo02/16/013.48

Hot Tub Honey

 — She loves hot tubbing with guys and what they do to her. by Boxlicker10102/29/124.28

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