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Interracial Love Stories

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A Long Time Coming Ch. 04

 — Yin-yang? by knight1308/31/044.32

A Long Time Coming Ch. 04

 — Dealing with past issues. by MissPrimrose22209/11/144.79HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 05

 — Family Affair by MissPrimrose22210/06/144.76HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 06

 — Color him Father. by MissPrimrose22210/14/144.78HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 07

 — Bridging troubled waters. by MissPrimrose22210/24/144.75HOT

A Long Time Coming Ch. 08

 — The Ties That Bind. by MissPrimrose22211/18/144.81HOT

A Long Time Cumming

 — Roni wins a bet with childhood crush. by kittys_katt04/20/164.06

A Lost Island

 — Five black football players wash up on a lost island. by eeric01/05/164.40

A Lot of Love

 — Large couple find each other via the internet. by ElWapo05/12/013.85

A Love Defined

 — WM and BW meet for the first time by MandiraCarpenter07/19/114.54HOT

A Love Defined Ch. 02

 — Landon and Kyla learn more about each other. by MandiraCarpenter07/29/114.55HOT

A Love Worth Fighting For

 — A love story of a man who won't do without his woman. by Quietmahoganystorm03/18/124.59HOT

A Loving Wife

 — Blacking the other way around, wonderful! by qualitywheat08/06/134.51HOT

A Lucky Guy

 — He surprises Jess and Barbara. by Mr James11/28/044.17

A Man and His Woman

 — A black athlete, his lady and her strap-on dildo. by Samuelx05/01/063.92

A Marine's First Taste of Chocolate

 — A white Marine hooks up with a black girl for the first time. by justboycrazy03/13/103.82

A Marriage Spiced Up

 — Claire discovers her yen for Black men. by eeric12/18/024.18

A Matter of Love

 — Wife finds love with black man while husband is gone. by Karenkay09/30/064.44

A Matter of Love Ch. 02

 — Lisa has sex with Jeb & thinks they are being watched. by Karenkay11/26/064.48

A Matter of Love Ch. 03

 — New twist when George returns home with a female agent. by Karenkay12/25/064.37

A Mean White Mistress

 — White BBW strapons curious Black husband. by Samuelx06/13/103.67

A Medieval Epic - Prologue

 — The demon and the angel. by BBC10/07/024.14

A Medieval Epic Ch. 01

 — Malice returns. by BBC10/26/024.24

A Medieval Epic Ch. 03

 — Krazen search for the Ogre Bandits. by BBC03/12/034.18

A Mexican Wife's Sweet Revenge

 — Mexican wife cuckolds Black husband with White guy. by Samuelx08/16/153.79

A Mid Summer's Day Lunch

 — One woman gets to know her new neighbors. by AR_erotica04/10/104.19

A Midwest Wife's First BBC...

 — A Midwest grandma ventures into swinging... by afolabi7008/22/144.22

A Minute Thirty Ch. 01

 — Bad news brings old friends. by CelestialChild09/19/134.39

A Minute Thirty Ch. 02

 — Other fish in the sea? by CelestialChild10/05/134.45

A Minute Thirty Ch. 03

 — Trying to put on her big girl pants... by CelestialChild11/16/134.41

A Mission to Las Vegas

 — Neglected Mormon wife her black savior. by hunter_gatherer11/08/16

A Mistletoe Kiss

 — A spring of mistletoe overcomes the race barrier. by Otazel11/28/144.60HOT

A Modern Woman

 — Andy experiences his first black woman. by eeric11/14/024.20

A Moment From Our Honeymoon

 — Just a quick flash tale about the morning after our wedding. by IronDragon12/18/134.27

A Moment's Hesitation

 — When things just won't wait. by mr_james7607/23/083.41

A Montreal University Romance

 — Bisexual black man and Hispanic woman in Montreal. by Samuelx01/15/131.89

A Morehouse Man in Saskatchewan

 — Black stud and Native gal at First Nations University. by Samuelx04/13/18

A Morehouse Man in Winnipeg

 — Black scholar meets Native woman in Winnipeg. by Samuelx03/24/18

A Muslim Dominatrix Rules Ottawa

 — Indian dominatrix strapons Somali man in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/26/132.81

A Muslim Girl Becomes Christian

 — Malaysian woman meets Black Christian man. by Samuelx06/06/122.36

A Muslim Lesbian Love Story

 — Saudi lesbian falls for sexy Somali tomboy in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/19/133.04

A Muslim Man in Oklahoma!

 — Somali-Canadian Muslim dates Jewish MILF in Woodward. by Samuelx08/18/142.94

A Muslim Strapon Love Story

 — Biracial man falls for beautiful woman at university. by Samuelx05/30/122.00

A Native American Goddess

 — Native American meets sexy Black man in Toronto. by Samuelx02/12/113.34

A Native American Goddess in Love

 — Sexy Native lady meets Black man in Utah. by Samuelx02/11/113.21

A Naughty Nurse for Ned

 — Young CNA meets elderly black man. by MsSandra11/01/124.60HOT

A Naughty Photo

 — Bailey sends a naughty photo of herself to a co-worker. by darkknight0111/10/124.35

A Naughty Story

 — Two Hollywood Hunks in the closet... by srlmort03/14/174.58HOT

A Needy Widow

 — Monica has a fancy. by auntirotickle03/10/114.39

A New Beginning

 — They were just friends. by StolenTurtle11/19/054.74HOT

A New Beginning

 — How I made my boyfriend into a cuckold. by BiCurSubCplinFL06/16/034.37

A New Beginning

 — A story of a world gone awry, and of survivors. by 3dipper03/22/054.28

A New Beginning

 — Haitian-American meets Quebec lady in Toronto. by Samuelx09/28/122.22

A New Black Cock Slut

 — Is found and born. by qualitywheat11/21/164.25

A New Chapter in Her Life

 — A young girl finds a black cock. by JustaShot01/04/184.17

A New Found Love in A Friend

 — Curvy Desiree and her thuggish friend Tony fall in love. by GaGirlKatie07/24/074.33

A New Life

 — Her transformation from midwest girl to black cock slut. by BigVanillaBooty07/24/064.30

A New Life Ch. 3

 — Judi moves even deeper with Derrick. by rgjohn06/23/014.62HOT

A New Life Ch. 4

 — Judi has news for Derrick. by rgjohn06/27/014.56HOT

A New Life Ch. 5

 — Judi gets double the pleasure from Derrick's friends. by rgjohn06/30/014.61HOT

A New Life Ch. 6

 — Judi learns of Derrick & Terri's strange relationship. by rgjohn07/17/014.60HOT

A New Life Ch. 7

 — Judi confronts her husband, with unexpected results. by rgjohn07/24/014.25

A New Living Situation Ch. 01

 — A young black woman and white man. by rocketgirl201107/19/114.44

A New Living Situation Ch. 02

 — A boo-scare leads to dirty talk. by rocketgirl201107/20/114.59HOT

A New Living Situation Ch. 03

 — I usually got home from work around 6:30. by rocketgirl201107/21/114.58HOT

A New Living Situation Ch. 04

 — Alex teaches Bella a lesson. by rocketgirl201110/11/114.52HOT

A New Living Situation Ch. 05

 — Unexpected fairytale ending. by rocketgirl201108/14/124.48

A New Perspective

 — My wife met a man at a bar or did she. by HerLittlePiggy10/21/154.19

A New Race

 — White Man, a Black Girl and Unification Theology. by Ddonn01/07/134.09

A New Step Ch. 2

 — Continuing his day with Alicia. by ZeypherValkyrie06/24/024.25

A New Thing

 — Filipina nurse seduced by new black boss. by venus148512/05/054.04

A Nice Ending to a Hard Day

 — She helps you relax. by ~Kir@~01/31/013.73

A Night at Helsinki's Ch. 01

 — Charlotte fucks Jack in the hallway. by PrincessErin06/10/084.08

A Night at Ottawa Train Yards

 — Black Muslim woman seduces Butch White lesbian. by Samuelx08/16/173.25

A Night at the Luau

 — Jessica and her friends decide to hit a singles-themed luau! by SwitchMami11/24/133.90

A Night For Liz

 — Liz gets to experience a huge black cock. by Ronnie 194605/17/064.44

A Night In His Arms

 — Night of passionate sex with new lover. by CarolineOh02/15/024.25

A Night on the Town

 — Woman has her first Black experience. by Provocateur06/08/024.46

A Night Out to Forget

 — Couple go out for a night, however wife doesn't come home. by CplLkn4fun07/30/123.55

A Night Out to Remember

 — A fun night out. by legluvva01/06/184.32

A Night To Remember

 — Bobby finally gets his dream girl. by Black Cat12/30/014.25

A Night to Remember

 — Husband watches as two black men have their way with Peg. by Peg6906/06/073.85

A Night to Remember

 — No holes barred night of black meatings. by passionfever207/15/114.30

A Night Together

 — A forbidden love fulfilled. by ourlilisland03/11/124.33

A Night with Noopur Ch. 01

 — Hooking up with a coworker from another office. by Irish Moss07/29/144.47

A Night with Noopur Ch. 02

 — Hooking up with a coworker from another office at his place. by Irish Moss07/30/144.58HOT

A Night with Noopur Ch. 03

 — Making the most of the time we have left before she leaves. by Irish Moss08/26/144.44

A Night With Silk

 — A story I wrote to entice the first black man I ever met. by patti_cakes05/10/093.97

A Normal Married White Wife

 — She crosses the line. by Dr S Crow02/26/034.01

A Not So Prim & Proper Wife Ch. 02

 — Black cock and white wife, oh, my! by satinlvr_mwf11/18/174.20

A Novel Idea

 — Sexy white Aussie lady seduces a shy black coworker. by brethard03/23/16

A Novel Idea Pt. 02

 — White Aussie sisters and black New Yorker in a threesome. by brethard03/30/16

A Party to Remember Ch. 01

 — New experiences for blondes. by Amy_8209/14/074.24

A Party to Remember Ch. 02

 — New experiences for blondes by Amy_8209/15/074.52HOT

A Payment of Reparations Ch. 01

 — A white couple is auctioned to a Black Couple's service. by houseboyservitude06/30/103.74

A Penny for Your Thoughts Ch. 01

 — Passion boils at a jazz festival. by TimWLy07/15/093.52

A Penny for Your Thoughts Ch. 02-03

 — The story continues and heat rises. by TimWLy09/23/094.31

A Perfect Couple

 — A bigoted wife has sex with a black man. by Beejayne06/20/104.04

A PERFECT FALL 2018: A Suburban Mom

 — A white housewife is seduced and trained by her black female. by silkstockingslover12/21/174.70HOT

A Perfect Fall Pt. 01

 — A white housewive is seduced by her black female neighbor. by silkstockingslover04/20/104.51HOT

A Perfect First Date

 — A good Jewish girl and the Arab she can't resist. by moonstormer06/23/064.00

A Perfectly Pleasing Fit

 — Lonely lady is drawn to young black caroet fitter. by EdDivers02/22/164.69HOT

A Picture in Black and White

 — Cuckolded couple surrenders control to Black Dom. by Bruce16308/09/104.65HOT

A Piece of Milk Chocolate

 — Outcast white guy's fantasies fulfilled by black girl. by chocoate12307/29/084.07

A Pirate's Tail

 — Couple makes a discovery on the high seas. by Toyman05/05/013.89

A Place To Stay Ch. 01

 — He needs a place to stay, she gives it to him. by XxjustmeXx04/18/113.54

A Plantation's Secrets

 — A mysterious new hand on the farm draws in his master's wife. by takecare121211/13/144.37

A Plantation's Secrets Ch. 02

 — A trip into town takes an unexpected turn. by takecare121212/07/144.52HOT

A Plantation's Secrets Ch. 03

 — The brother's take control of the household's women. by takecare121202/28/154.47

A Pleasant Takeover

 — Spicy Indian housewife Rena gets with white stud Karl. by VENIN04/20/113.51

A Political Education Ch. 05

 — Carla is a secret agent. by ILienBagby12/24/093.94

A Prayer Answered

 — Mature woman receives unexpected answer to her prayers. by LonelyMom11/03/064.65HOT

A Present

 — A surprise visit in the night leads to passionate sex. by serinaluxx02/12/154.01

A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 02

 — Katherine continues her quest for advancement. by j26704/20/164.78HOT

A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 03

 — Katherine finalizes her study. by j26701/12/174.64HOT

A Proper Thank-You

 — White wife acts out her fantasy with young black college student. by Libra Enigma09/14/024.40

A Quiet Evening At Home

 — There's nothing quite like it. by rgraham66608/04/064.52HOT

A Racist White Woman

 — Black man discovers truth about white girlfriend. by Samuelx02/08/082.97

A Rainy Night

 — An Interracial Couple lost in the power of lust and exhibition. by black_stallion66612/14/174.00

A Real Black Love In The End

 — Sarah didn't know who she was until she was shown. by qualitywheat09/15/134.43

A Real Man Ch. 01

 — Keri and Jamie are best friends, but they want more. by Scotjock205/31/174.30

A Redhead's Story

 — A petite redheaded wifes first taste of black cock. by redheadhubby03/28/123.90

A Redhead, Downtown

 — An urban adventure with a buxom young woman. by sdbbc12/04/144.10

A Refugee Finds Healing

 — A traumatised refugee finds new hope and healing. by Lion2465507/26/154.62HOT

A Remembered Love Ch. 01

 — Can Stephanie and Alex find each other again. by NoirABNC02/01/134.75HOT

A Ride with a Stranger

 — Casual Sex in an Elevator, Anyone? by SkarlitKarson05/14/164.33

A Saudi Dominatrix In London

 — Saudi woman dominates Senegal student in London. by Samuelx05/26/142.57

A Saudi Dominatrix in Ottawa

 — Saudi female student pegs her Jamaican lover. by Samuelx03/02/162.50

A Saudi Woman Turns Christian

 — Latino man rescues Saudi woman in Mexico. by Samuelx11/13/123.91

A Saudi Woman's Confessions

 — Saudi Muslim woman confesses her love of Black men. by Samuelx06/21/172.85

A Secluded Town

 — Damon finds place for black-on-white Domino Resort. by eeric07/22/024.37

A Second Chance

 — Ebony woman contacts her white ex-boyfriend. by stepsonic05/14/073.95

A Secret Desire

 — Black singer finds joy in affair with bandmate's woman. by Ulyssa08/08/014.27

A Seminar with Extra Benefits Ch. 01

 — New experiences for naive young women. by Erinsnow09/28/074.26

A Seminar with Extra Benefits Ch. 02

 — Benefits continue outside of formal seminar. by Erinsnow10/20/074.50HOT

A Seminar with Extra Benefits Ch. 03

 — The side benefits continue. by Erinsnow10/28/074.70HOT

A Seminar with Extra Benefits Ch. 04

 — The final day of receiving the benefits. by Erinsnow01/12/084.48

A Seriously Bad Romance

 — African-American dates crazy Lebanese woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/16/141.78

A Sexy Hijabi Sits On My Face

 — Arab woman sits on horny Black man's face. by Samuelx03/02/122.35

A Sexy Hijabi: April Fool's Day

 — Arab woman has threesome with Haitian couple. by Samuelx03/17/123.32

A Sexy Powerful Black Boy

 — A beautiful blonde mother, and a twist. by qualitywheat10/27/134.21

A Shy Wife

 — Wife dates Black man after Hubby's caught cheating. by Karenkay01/01/054.46

A Sister Betrayed

 — Newly married Mary is seduced with sister's help. by rich052411/30/074.25

A Slow Descent Pt. 01

 — Helena gets a shock and begins to lose control. by CharlieB403/10/154.36

A Slow Descent Pt. 02

 — You get muddy playing in the dirt. by CharlieB404/04/154.41

A Slow Descent Pt. 03

 — A slow descent or rising above? by CharlieB407/24/153.74

A Slow Seduction Ch. 01

 — Mike hooks up his ex-wife with his black neighbor. by Karenkay08/29/094.37

A Slut I've Become

 — Small town woman does black. by danzinman10/28/034.48

A Slut I've Become Ch. 02

 — She meets a bellboy she can't resist. by danzinman04/20/044.44

A Slut is Made

 — A conversion not anticipated. by dark_knight3309/21/074.31

A Soft Spot For Clarence

 — Kate has a foursome during Essence Festival. by kateandjessica08/26/134.19

A Somali Lesbian at Work

 — Somali lesbian with Indian girlfriend in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/05/122.00

A Somali Lesbian Turns Christian

 — Irish Catholic dyke seduces Somali woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/08/122.00

A Somali Lesbian's Story

 — Somali student dates Australian woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/07/153.71

A Somali Prince at the C.R.A.

 — Somali government worker dates Indian gal in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/07/151.45

A Somali Prince In Sweden

 — Somali Muslim student dates tall Swedish woman. by Samuelx10/27/152.06

A Somali Woman's Lust

 — Somali woman hooks up with Latino guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/08/122.45

A Somali/Yemeni Wedding

 — Somali stud marries Yemeni woman in Calgary. by Samuelx11/15/17

A South African Lesbian Orgy

 — Black women seduce Boston Irish butch lesbian. by Samuelx06/09/113.16

A South African Lesbian Story

 — Zulu woman seduces French-Canadian female boss. by Samuelx06/09/113.63

A Spark

 — Older white man wants control of ebony co-worker. by stepsonic05/05/154.31

A Spec of White in a Sea Of Black

 — Black female eager to meet white male. by mitchawa05/07/144.27

A Special Trip for Special Sex

 — Two couples get down and dirty in the hotel room as stress relief. by ImagineThat9208/17/133.64

A Spring Roll Christmas

 — Lonely Chinese buffet saves a man from Christmas blues. by Pornguin11/25/083.72

A Storm of Submission

 — A husbands dominant boss draws the eye of his beautiful wife. by everyonesavoyeur04/06/184.50HOT

A Stormy Night In The Bronx

 — Young interracial couple share an evening. by blackzilla9903/06/014.63HOT

A Story by Attacus Bishop

 — Black Master Shango returns. by dsoul05/23/114.11

A Story For My Wife

 — Fantasy about a wife and her first black lover. by Ericsocal11/23/084.04

A Story From The 80s

 — A horny wife invites hubby to watch. by Cash095601/23/143.63

A Story From The 80s Ch. 02

 — Victor gives in to April's real desire. by Cash095601/28/144.05

A Strange Happening

 — White man has wife suck black cock. by elia_cdl07/19/074.31

A Strong Black Woman Enslaved

 — White prisoner dominates Black female probation officer. by Samuelx04/25/093.70

A Strong Relationship Ch. 08

 — Mason hooks up with 2 clients, a hot black couple. by BrettJ10/12/144.27

A Strong White Woman

 — Submissive black couple meets strong white woman. by Samuelx06/10/103.19

A Study In Contrast

 — Summer fun with his black neighbor. by ctguy197209/07/094.12

A Surpise for Traci

 — The meets her, then takes her on an adventure. by TheVoyeur06/19/024.25

A Surprise

 — He meets an Asian girl at Uni. by liberouno10804/28/043.89

A Surrogate

 — In Jamaica they met a man who might be the answer. by HerLittlePiggy10/24/154.45

A Swing

 — Paul and Dawn hook up with a black couple. by eeric11/14/024.25

A Swinging Odyssey

 — An interracial couple considers rejuvenating their marriage. by Pimanko10/17/144.08

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 02

 — Aiko and Gerald explore the swingers' world. by Pimanko10/21/144.00

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 03

 — Aiko gets an unexpected hot surprise. by Pimanko10/27/144.52HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 04

 — Aiko and Gerald meet a cruising frisky foursome. by Pimanko11/05/144.61HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 05

 — The new friends relate their first swinging experiences. by Pimanko11/13/144.24

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 06

 — The three loving couples continue to party onboard. by Pimanko11/22/144.28

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 07

 — Aiko and Gerald try something new. by Pimanko12/03/144.57HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 08

 — An exotic email leads to an erotic encounter. by Pimanko12/11/144.40

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 09

 — A cold New Year's Eve makes for a hot party. by Pimanko12/27/144.55HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 10

 — Aiko gets a birthday bang. by Pimanko01/06/154.51HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 11

 — Gerald shows off his tango; Aiko shows off herself. by Pimanko01/18/154.42

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 12

 — An oversight leads to lesbian seduction. by Pimanko01/30/154.39

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 13

 — Aiko submits to another woman and then some. by Pimanko02/13/154.24

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 14

 — The swinging duo encounters a remote tribe in Peru. by Pimanko03/18/154.34

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 15

 — The couple joins the tribe and then consummates. by Pimanko04/08/154.25

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 16

 — The couple's jungle sex adventure concludes. by Pimanko04/29/154.44

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 17

 — The couples begin to collectivize their marriages. by Pimanko05/22/154.32

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 18

 — Emma becomes a sumo wrestler's prize. by Pimanko06/18/154.13

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 19

 — More than the springs are hot. by Pimanko07/16/154.35

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 20

 — The groups swing in the country. by Pimanko08/13/154.30

A Taboo Affair

 — His wife has an affair with a black man. by 171108/16/074.11

A Talbot's Thanksgiving

 — A family sitting down for thanksgiving dinner. by charlessmythe12/05/163.36

A Tale of Two Coworkers

 — Alicia finally gives in after a night out with a coworker. by i_write_kinky_stories11/04/134.05

A Tall Story Ch. 01

 — Donna & Robby get it on after prom. by gamma3305/17/033.78

A Tall Story Ch. 02

 — Donna & Robby get it on. by gamma3305/23/034.13

A Tall Story Ch. 03

 — Robby & Donna continue their 'party'. by gamma3307/17/034.35

A Taste for Hot Chocolate

 — A firefighter rescues a damsel and gets a chocolaty reward. by RonDixen07/13/144.26

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