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Interracial Love Stories

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Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 03

 — A new BBC for Kitty. by Kit Kat07/11/064.27

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 04

 — The next chapter of her awakening. by Kit Kat08/04/064.46

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 05

 — Hooking up with Brian again. by Kit Kat08/23/064.32

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 06

 — Kitty and Mark go to the movies. by Kit Kat09/19/064.44

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 07

 — The guys are away, the Kitty'll play. by Kit Kat12/25/064.42

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 08

 — Brian and Mark return from their roadtrip expecting more. by Kit Kat02/02/074.47

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 09

 — Another step closer to unleashing my inner slut. by Kit Kat03/03/074.62HOT

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 10

 — Kit Kat is born. by Kit Kat09/30/074.45

Kitty's Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 11

 — Epilogue. by Kit Kat10/10/07


 — Senior policewoman has an encounter with a black gangster. by Pussyrider09/06/074.45

kk kk kkkk k kkk kkkkk

 — I was west of Nairobi when the k key in my Underwood stuck. by Middleagepoet05/11/094.15

Knight has Fallen

 — The love life of a princess like CMO. by roselove07/01/164.38

Knight has Fallen Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by roselove12/28/164.44

Knock Knock Ch. 03

 — Milf tries roleplay with her black lover. by Brass_ankle04/30/174.10

Knocking Down More Walls

 — Breaking more taboos. by TheChameleon01/12/133.94

Kondo San?

 — Even in Tokyo, best things in life are free... by Joe45603/17/154.79HOT

Kondo San? Pt. 02

 — To be a birthday gift can be more fun that to get one... by Joe45603/28/154.59HOT

Kondo San? Pt. 03

 — There's not two without three, and the fourth has to be... by Joe45604/17/154.67HOT

Kondo San? Pt. 04

 — Sex, culture and "a-man's-got-to-do..." by Joe45604/24/154.52HOT

Korea Ch. 01

 — Soldier gets an eyeful of Korean woman and Black soldier. by jason7709/12/073.58

Korean Adventures: Jae Sung

 — A white Aussie in Seoul shags her sexy Korean student. by bethcookie07/29/104.48

Korean Adventures: Jae Sung Ch. 02

 — The next morning Jae Sung shows his rough side. by bethcookie07/30/104.54HOT

Korean Girl Discovers Black Men

 — Korean lady meets Black American student in Canada. by Samuelx11/27/103.55

Korean Girls into Black Men

 — Asian girl and black boyfriend fight racism on campus. by Samuelx02/20/133.70

Korean Massage Girl Special Treat

 — Business trip leads to erotic encounter with masseuse. by orientaddict11/22/074.14

Korean Passion

 — Korean man brings passion back into my life. by PlayfulRomantic07/03/114.48

Korean Spa - AM/WF

 — White girl becomes "enlightened" at the 찜질방 by cerise12306/03/154.60HOT

Kosi Island Ch. 00

 — A tropical Island where white wives are black bred. by Karenkay10/21/143.93

Kosi Island Ch. 01

 — A resort Island where white woman are black bred. by Karenkay10/26/144.03

Kosi Island Ch. 02

 — A resort Island where white wives are black bred. by Karenkay11/08/144.01

Kristen Gets Blacked Ch. 05

 — Reverend Richardson suffers at peephole in the closet. by Andrew002508/20/034.65HOT

Kristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 01

 — Pretty cheerleader Kristen meets school janitor. by Andrew002509/01/024.32

Kristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 02

 — Kristen's nightmare continues. by Andrew002506/20/034.58HOT

Kristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 03

 — Kristen continues to become undone at hands of black janitor. by Andrew002507/03/034.59HOT

Kristen Gets Blacked... Ch. 04

 — The Richardson Family begins to become undone. by Andrew002507/29/034.55HOT

Kristy's Journey into Darkness Ch. 02

 — Submissive is trained to be a BBC slut. by THIRDCOAST07/23/154.35

Kristy's Journey into Darkness Ch. 03

 — BBC slut is initiated and becomes a collared BBC slave. by THIRDCOAST07/24/154.23

Krystina Sterling

 — Krytina Sterling's black cock adventure. by samcute3006/05/084.31


 — East meets West for a night of new delights. by Dreams of Desire06/02/064.33

Kwang Hi's Story

 — Korean girl finds love with an American GI. by Pensri07/31/034.25

Kwang Hi's Story Ch. 02

 — Steve returns from Japan. by Pensri08/20/034.17

Kyanna Pt. 01

 — Young black male meets gorgeous Filipina. by bigbootyluva09/15/104.39

Kylee's Story Ch. 03

 — Kylee gives the prince an ultimatum. by MickeyPink04/21/114.63HOT

Kylee's Story Ch. 04

 — Weeks later.. An unexpected visitor. by MickeyPink04/28/114.60HOT

Kylee's Story Ch. 05

 — Aden is crowned king. by MickeyPink05/12/114.56HOT

Kylee's Story Ch. 06

 — Mira steps in. by MickeyPink05/29/114.55HOT

Kylee's Story Ch. 07

 — Because every tale has an ending. by MickeyPink06/22/114.62HOT

L'Affaire C. 04

 — Liam finds a kindred pervert in Carly. by sharkandpen11/16/064.22

L'Affaire C. 07

 — Carly gets what she didn't ask for. by sharkandpen11/30/064.48

L'Affaire C. 09

 — Carly and Liam return to each other - briefly. by sharkandpen05/26/074.33

L'Affaire C. 14

 — Carly brings toys to bed with Liam; Jack learns the truth. by sharkandpen01/16/114.51HOT

La Belle et Le Bête

 — "The beauty and the beast" Belle and Mel are taken as slaves. by BrittyB07/03/114.20

La Femme Meets The Jackal

 — Agent La Femme goes undercover in paradise. by Deckard Kincaid09/17/083.64

La Vita Dolce Ch. 01

 — A trip to Italy, she finds herself in a dangerous situation. by DuskyGirl04/11/074.22

La Vita Dolce Ch. 01

 — An Italian excursion - and a new life. by theDuskyGirl05/01/074.49

La Vita Dolce Ch. 02

 — Her life is in danger. by theDuskyGirl05/02/074.62HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 03

 — They grow closer - she becomes a victim. by theDuskyGirl05/10/074.69HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 04

 — They flee...she desires him. by theDuskyGirl05/27/074.75HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 05

 — New city, new passions. by theDuskyGirl06/05/074.73HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 06

 — A betrayal. by theDuskyGirl06/19/074.69HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 07

 — She is taken. by theDuskyGirl07/11/074.80HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 08

 — Death and departure. by theDuskyGirl07/12/074.77HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 09

 — Back stateside. by theDuskyGirl07/13/074.74HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 10

 — He reappears in her life. by theDuskyGirl07/30/074.80HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 11

 — A brief respite, then things heat up. by theDuskyGirl08/19/074.80HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 12

 — Hidden away. by theDuskyGirl02/06/084.75HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 13

 — Taken. by theDuskyGirl02/23/084.76HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 14

 — In the hands of her enemy. by theDuskyGirl09/11/084.78HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 15

 — Betrayal and life after. by theDuskyGirl01/12/094.78HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 16

 — So close and yet so far... by theDuskyGirl08/02/094.77HOT

La Vita Dolce Ch. 17

 — Feels familiar, doesn't it? by theDuskyGirl02/01/124.77HOT


 — Plantation Mistress finds way to end summer heat by Tweak04/22/03

Ladies Night

 — Hot wife has a hot night at a male strip club. by Twotooto22209/26/184.34

Ladies' Night at the Bull Pen

 — White wife makes her husband take her to an all black club. by pervinplainpackage07/20/104.21

Lady Afaf Of Dammam

 — Saudi woman finds love with Haitian man in Canada. by Samuelx04/23/151.43

Lady Eleanor Found Real Love

 — Her black woman lover out did everything she had ever known. by qualitywheat08/11/124.36

Lady Helen Archer: Black Cock Whore

 — Her Ladyship yearns for black control. by A Cracker Slut10/28/034.48

Laila & Theo

 — Laila moves to college and meets Theo. by pyramids_9608/26/184.31

Laila & Theo Ch. 02

 — Laila and Theo have their date and she learns his secrets. by pyramids_9609/12/184.29

Laila & Theo Ch. 03

 — The two finally have each other. by pyramids_9610/23/184.37

Laila & Theo Ch. 04

 — The Alfond Wedding and other chaos. by pyramids_9602/07/194.31

Laila and the Glass Armonica: Ebony

 — Laila hunts her prey in the club. by LaSalia06/14/124.23

Lake Star Darkwater Ch. 01

 — Traveler meets lovely inkeeper on snowy night. by Alii Nui03/31/024.23

Lake Star Darkwater Ch. 02

 — Civilicus awoke to sunlight in the room. by Alii Nui06/22/024.53HOT

Lake Star Darkwater Ch. 03

 — Civilicus finds a temple. by Alii Nui11/04/024.60HOT

Lake Star Darkwater Ch. 04

 — The end of the journey. by Alii Nui03/05/034.50HOT


 — White engineer falls for black waitress. by Dar_Jisbo04/20/064.52HOT

Lamar's Game Pt. 01

 — Coworker tricks him into giving up his wife. by suewatcher07/22/044.74HOT

Lamar's Game Pt. 02

 — He watches wife go bareback with Black lover. by suewatcher08/07/044.59HOT

Lamar's Game Pt. 03

 — Cris becomes a pawn in the Game by suewatcher09/22/044.47

Lana Learns Lust

 — White wife loves Black couple. by LustyLee7704/29/054.53HOT

Lana Learns Lust Ch. 02

 — Lana gets new lovers. by LustyLee7708/02/054.50HOT

Lana Sharing Max the Giant

 — Part three about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler8112/23/164.50HOT

Lana's Challenge

 — Part two about Lana and Max the giant. by Stiffler8112/12/164.47

Lana's Hard Work

 — Lana is a shy girl, who discovers the joy of a giant BBC. by Stiffler8112/07/164.27

Lana's Interracial Training Pt. 01

 — Something was always lacking from sex for Lana, until now. by dr13bone04/07/154.37

Lance & Honey On Vacation Ch. 01

 — Hot adventures on way to Jamaica. by blindjack06/07/044.56HOT

Lance & Honey On Vacation Ch. 02

 — Making a new friend. by blindjack06/08/044.76HOT

Langley Park

 — When her date doesn't show up, he fills in! by Brass_ankle07/24/184.15

Lap Dancing

 — Hot wife discovers the joy. by Happy-to-be-Me10/01/034.27

Lara's Cum Adventures

 — Three months of celibacy cum to a showering end. by xena_gt04/21/083.78

Las Vegas

 — Wife gets pregnant by a black friend of her mother's. by usaftnt06/04/034.41

Las Vegas Toy

 — Miss Tonya gets it good by pussyboy0101/20/033.39

Las Vegas Vacation

 — Travis meets his white & black friends for fun. by johnnyfry186006/18/064.37

Last Encounter

 — Jasmine and Rocky's final encounter. by RisingSun10/02/074.66HOT

Last Night

 — I'll let you fall asleep, then give you a treat. by canadianpenny04/04/124.08


 — Essy is tired of waiting up for her husband. by 2CHaNces02/13/144.17

Late Night at the Office

 — Sexy black employee seduces white boss. by Cassie86412/14/113.90

Late Night Call

 — She can't wait anymore. She needs to cum... now. by CatOrgy04/29/153.95

Late Night City Sights

 — City life isn't cheap. by kixiechic09/22/073.95

Late Night Phone Call!

 — It's another sleepless night... by sweetestsin31609/25/134.28

Late Night Surprise

 — Black female, white male horny late night session. by Cassie86408/16/114.00

Late Night Surprise

 — A college student accepts the wonders of the world. by newmantoplease09/13/173.54

Late Night Visitor

 — Would it be just another late night chat? by 05Little11/22/184.31

Latent Obsession

 — Husband has a dormant, secret fantasy. by SmithPortinoi08/02/094.40

Lateticia's Latin Lover

 — Lateticia welcomes sexy exchange student in style. by 1nastygirl05/22/013.87

Latin Girls: Gia

 — Black man meets and fucks a fit Brazilian woman. by AuthorMLongmyre01/23/194.47

Latin Lover

 — Teenager gets a taste of her friend's older brother. by aodremy10/10/083.93

Latina Goes Shopping

 — Latina shops for a job, and more. by Latina10/10/004.12

Latina Psycho-Bitch

 — A tailgater experiences his worst nightmare as I am rewarded. by Middleagepoet11/19/093.88

Latina's Birthday

 — Frank helps Latina celebrate. by Latina10/10/004.00

Latina's Email from the Edge...

 — Latina shares her email. by Latina10/10/003.50

Latina's Exercise Bike

 — Latina goes to confessional. by Latina10/10/004.20

Latina's Husband

 — He tells his side of the story. by Latina10/10/004.00

Latina's Purple Passion

 — Latina displays fiery temper. by Latina10/10/004.53HOT

Latina's Second Anniversary

 — Latina and Frank celebrate. by Latina10/10/003.80

Latina's Second Honeymoon

 — Latina and Frank put on a show. by Latina10/10/004.27

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