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Interracial Love Stories

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Little Cock

 — Sometimes a wife needs satisfying. by No Panty Girl11/26/063.97

Little Debbie: Horny Asian Girl

 — Sexy Korean-American girl meets White guy at club. by kiki01/21/024.08

Little Girl Alone in Jamaica

 — Sadness turns to JOY when she gets a big black cock. by Amyfriend08/31/064.38

Little Ms. Marker

 — You have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. by Sir Galahad11/24/044.78HOTContest Winner

Little Red Ch. 01

 — I lay there, still, motionless... by InsatiableEbony07/29/134.35

Little Red Ch. 02

 — Is that a hickey? by InsatiableEbony07/30/134.50HOT

Little Red Ch. 03

 — How could he do such a thing to a lovely creature? by InsatiableEbony07/31/134.49

Little Red Ch. 04

 — Maybe it was just a dream? by InsatiableEbony08/01/134.61HOT

Little Red Ch. 05

 — Her hand dropped from my head... by InsatiableEbony08/13/134.57HOT

Little Red Ch. 06

 — It had been a total of 3 months since Drew had died. by InsatiableEbony08/25/134.68HOT

Little Red Ch. 07

 — I know you can hear me... by InsatiableEbony09/29/134.57HOT

Little Red Dress

 — My wife likes to dance - and I like to watch. by cuckoldtony03/16/123.88

Little White Riding Hood

 — Old fairytale with a new twist. by kimberlykitten12/20/054.25

Live-In Lover

 — A cuckold hubby describes his relationship of his wife, by dsoul09/03/094.09

Living To The Full Ch. 01

 — You play and you pay. by obcy11/13/053.23

Living To The Full Ch. 02

 — Frying pans make me feel uneasy. by obcy11/27/053.54

Liz & Mike Meet

 — Chocolate Liz lust after Vanilla Mike. by SurfinRadically09/08/043.78

Liz and Bob Ch. 02

 — Innocent couple are seduced on the beach. by rich052407/28/074.21

Liz and James

 — It happened to me. by chasingDan12/01/124.06

Liz and Many Ch. 01

 — You never know. by chasingDan12/07/134.14

Liz and Many Ch. 02

 — The party continues. by chasingDan07/18/144.28

Liz and Michael

 — Lovers. by chasingDan10/28/124.17

Liz and Sean

 — Another Relationship. by chasingDan11/17/124.50HOT

Liz is Willing Ch. 01

 — Liz gets drunk before I get there leaves with 2 guys. by lizshusband10/18/064.09

Liz is Willing Ch. 02

 — Liz tells me almost everything. by lizshusband04/20/084.24

Liz is Willing Ch. 03

 — LIz loves black cock. by lizshusband08/14/084.32

Liz is Willing Ch. 04

 — Liz wants to go out in public again. by lizshusband11/13/084.12

Liz is Willing Ch. 05

 — Liz and I have a discussion about it. by lizshusband11/21/084.34

Liz is Willing Ch. 06

 — Liz just couldn't control herself anymore. by lizshusband09/25/094.14

Liz Is Willing: Jen Fucks Black

 — Liz talks Jen into fucking four guys in a hotel room. by lizshusband08/11/113.86

Liz is Willing: Liz Danced Nude

 — Liz and I separate for two months. Back together now. by lizshusband08/17/103.92

Liz Is Willing: Liz Fucks A Pornstar

 — Liz has a black porn star she met at a party. by lizshusband06/30/133.77

Lizzie's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Older woman finds love with black university stud. by wife2hotblk12/29/084.25

Locked in the Stock Room with BBC

 — White waitress gets blacked in a diner stock room. by JohnBlack11303/12/184.45

Locked Out

 — Small mishaps can lead to eye opening experiences. by argusx200209/15/034.52HOT

Locked Out!

 — A white girl learns from two nasty blacks. by SpankerSam06/07/044.20

Log Cabin Fever

 — Car problems lead to steamy sex up at my cabin by LadyDi66xx11/03/084.10

Logan and Lauren

 — White man needs a black woman. by Bizzy_Bish11/12/104.45

Logan and Lauren Ch. 02

 — Logan makes a proposition. by Bizzy_Bish08/09/114.42

Logan and Lauren Ch. 03

 — What happened to the shy girl? by Bizzy_Bish08/14/114.54HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 04

 — Lauren has mixed feelings. by Bizzy_Bish08/28/114.74HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 05

 — Could it be? by Bizzy_Bish09/03/114.67HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 06

 — Heartbreak. by Bizzy_Bish09/06/114.69HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 07

 — Fantasies, Entitlement, and Denial. by Bizzy_Bish09/24/114.69HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 08

 — A little more Tristan... by Bizzy_Bish01/08/124.55HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 09

 — Logan's return. by Bizzy_Bish01/21/124.68HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 10

 — Mommy Dearest... by Bizzy_Bish06/01/124.52HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 11

 — Taking Risks... by Bizzy_Bish06/06/124.76HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 12

 — Meeting Logan's Dad... by Bizzy_Bish06/19/124.63HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 13

 — Interviews and charities... by Bizzy_Bish07/21/124.77HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 14

 — Graduation. by Bizzy_Bish09/17/124.69HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 15

 — Finding a place... by Bizzy_Bish10/16/124.68HOT

Logan n Zoe

 — Two friends. by 2CHaNces04/08/094.58HOT

Logan n Zoe Ch. 02

 — A Misunderstanding. by 2CHaNces08/05/094.49

Lois' Story

 — She reluctantly agrees to fulfill her husband's fantasy. by venturer1501/03/064.59HOT

Lola Goes Black

 — White girl gets revenge on bigoted dad. by trainman_d11/18/034.47

Lola Goes Black Ch. 02

 — Lola goes to a nudist orgy. by trainman_d01/28/044.71HOT

Lola Wants

 — She relocates to a new school and loses her virginity . by AlmostTabby12/19/113.99

Lola Wants Ch. 02

 — She relocates to a new school and loses her virginity. by AlmostTabby12/22/114.44

Lola Wants Ch. 03

 — She relocates to a new school and loses her virginity. by AlmostTabby01/05/124.65HOT

Lola Wants Ch. 04

 — Recuperating after the party. by AlmostTabby01/09/124.70HOT

Lola's Summer at the Club

 — Asian teen works at a club full of older, aggressive men. by sneaky_lola209/28/174.43

Loneliness: Study in Black & White

 — A May to September Romance. by virtualatheist01/11/154.49

Lonely Craving

 — His voice, and her need for sex. by Bandersnatch11/12/013.57

Lonely is All

 — Craigslist? by sheisfromspace07/24/154.32

Lonely Nurse

 — She knew it was wrong, but she also knew he'd enjoy it. by RandomStorywriter0190404/18/133.99

Long Boring Summer

 — A long boring summer is interrupted by a DVD workout program. by knight1308/14/104.73HOT

Long Boring Summer Ch. 02

 — Dreams can be oh so real. by knight1310/11/114.76HOT

Long Distance Love

 — Only his Nubian queen can scratch his special itch. by AfroerotiK11/16/06

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 07

 — Nikki's first black cock. by SplitLicker6904/17/114.05

Long Time No See

 — Maleeka finally gets her fantasy. by Ebony4Lyfe07/09/053.88

Long Way To Love

 — Brooklyn falls for her step brother Danny. by loveleeli0102/13/13

Long Work Days

 — She wants hubby's dynamic black boss. by Fudgsickle02/08/034.28

Long, Hard, And Full of Semen

 — Black submariner develops obsession for bunkmates wife. by Stormbringer10/25/024.43


 — Alexander has pined for Kodan... Will he finally get her? by liberallysexual06/28/124.48

Longing... Ch. 02

 — Trying to keep cool... by liberallysexual07/01/124.58HOT

Longing... Ch. 03

 — Things get intense... by liberallysexual08/16/124.70HOT

Look But Don't Touch

 — Man pays busty escort to pleasure herself in front of him by elletrixabelle11/06/134.12

Lori and Alan, The Beginning

 — Couple starts down the road of submission and cuckoldry. by Genitor612/23/154.42

Lori is Introduced Ch. 01

 — Follow the Follow the start of a housewife's depravity. by a_scoundrel200009/15/024.35

Lori Is Introduced Ch. 02

 — Lori becomes willing participant in group sex. by a_scoundrel200009/28/024.49

Lori Is Introduced Ch. 03

 — Lori's newfound lust takes her to the red light district. by a_scoundrel200001/28/034.50HOT

Lori's Black Reunion

 — His wife meets up with her former black lovers. by dave_jones_5012/22/054.28

Lori's Dark Longings

 — College prof's evangelical wife goes black. by gaylord6008/21/044.45

Lori's Surprise Visitors

 — Her step dad's friends drop by with a surprise. by droopy dog09/26/054.24

Lorie of Arabia

 — Young virgin treks to the Sahara. by Adult_host6910/10/003.84Editor's Pick

Losing Leigh

 — Dismised Dad keeps babysitter around...and fools around... by ardenlowe11/14/054.05

Lost & Found

 — Female Japanese exec gets lost & found in East LA. by Pensri101/26/044.37

Lost and Found

 — White business woman loses sex toy at hotel. by MsSandra10/12/124.38

Lost Girl Ch. 01

 — A black teenage girl relocates to the Blackfeet reservation. by virgofemme03/22/144.39

Lost Girl Ch. 02

 — First day of school. by virgofemme03/27/144.44

Lost Girl Ch. 03

 — Claudia gets to know Tristan. by virgofemme04/03/144.68HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 04

 — The pow wow. by virgofemme04/17/144.70HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 05

 — Altercations and rumors. by virgofemme04/23/144.66HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 06

 — Tristan receives guidance from a special visitor. by virgofemme09/06/144.62HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 07

 — Sneaking out isn't so hard when you're left home alone. by virgofemme09/09/144.63HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 08

 — Heated interactions and a run-in with the law. by virgofemme09/18/144.60HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 09

 — The house party. by virgofemme09/30/144.67HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 10

 — New years resolutions. by virgofemme10/14/144.72HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 11

 — The date. by virgofemme10/22/144.57HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 12

 — Their evening continues. by virgofemme10/24/144.58HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 13

 — Changes on the horizon. by virgofemme11/11/144.60HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 14

 — Prom night. by virgofemme12/02/144.43

Lost Girl Ch. 15

 — Prom evening leads to something a little more... by virgofemme12/03/144.66HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 16

 — A turn of events. by virgofemme12/04/144.58HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 17

 — It's so hard to... by virgofemme12/05/144.75HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 18

 — Inevitable changes. by virgofemme12/06/144.88

Lost Girl Ch. 19

 — The continuation. by virgofemme12/07/144.62HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 20

 — Graduation. by virgofemme12/09/144.67HOT

Lost Girl Ch. 21

 — The conclusion. by virgofemme12/12/144.76HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 01

 — The road trip begins. by virgofemme01/06/154.77HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 02

 — Into the distance. by virgofemme01/17/154.67HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 03

 — Seattle. by virgofemme01/29/154.84HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 04

 — Tyler deals with rez life and the teens explore Seattle. by virgofemme02/17/154.90HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 05

 — Tyler meets someone new and Lucas embarks on a new beginning. by virgofemme03/24/154.57HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 06

 — On the edge of danger. by virgofemme03/25/154.71HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 07

 — Initiation. by virgofemme04/04/154.73HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 08

 — The teens prepare for university. by virgofemme04/10/154.80HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 09

 — The teens adjust to life off the rez. by virgofemme05/07/154.65HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 10

 — The next chapter. by virgofemme05/21/154.65HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 11

 — The unxpected. by virgofemme09/17/154.54HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 12

 — Uncertainties and new horizons. by virgofemme10/08/154.70HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 13

 — Turning points. by virgofemme10/09/154.45

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 14

 — The aftermath. by virgofemme11/12/154.66HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 15

 — Uncertain days. by virgofemme11/14/154.65HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 16

 — Late night news and a special phone call. by virgofemme11/15/154.71HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 17

 — Realizations. by virgofemme12/02/154.61HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 18

 — Seasons of Change. by virgofemme12/08/154.53HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 19

 — Winter Break. by virgofemme12/09/154.42

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 20

 — Hot cocoa and pink flamingos. by virgofemme12/10/154.76HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 21

 — Lucas hunts down the rapist. by virgofemme12/18/154.71HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 22

 — Lucas gains assistance and Christmas brings new changes. by virgofemme01/11/164.77HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 23

 — Lucas + Claudia. by virgofemme01/12/164.64HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 24

 — Consummation. by virgofemme03/03/164.69HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 25

 — Meet the parents. by virgofemme04/21/174.58HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 26

 — Tristan makes a phone call and Claudia receives... by virgofemme07/19/174.65HOT

Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 27

 — Sad goodbyes and a trip to the wilderness. by virgofemme09/26/174.43

Lost in Caribbean Love #01

 — I fall for the black beauty of my dreams. by swollenbell09/09/144.56HOT

Lost in Caribbean Love #02

 — The girls get barefoot and pregnant. by swollenbell10/02/144.43

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 1

 — Indian engineers get lost in Africa. by csn6104/03/013.41

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 2

 — Lady bodyguards have their way with him. by csn6104/06/014.28

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 3

 — He has a 'go' at the Queen for the first time. by csn6104/13/014.13

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 4

 — Aphrodisiacs heighten their passion. by csn6105/01/014.38

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 5

 — Conclusion: it ends here and now. by csn6111/12/054.30

Lost in the Mall

 — Jill loses herself to Dan. by Honah_Lee08/04/093.82

Lost Remote, Lost Virginity

 — Satellite T.V. Installer finds young virgin home alone. by Fuzzguzzler08/06/094.38

Lost Souls

 — White woman in trouble meets heroic black student. by Samuelx03/15/133.12

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 01

 — College boy abducted by Chinese girls and inexplicably edged. by JMaxwell6902/22/114.23

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 02

 — A Lotus Blossom Girl fails in her abduction attempt. by JMaxwell6902/26/113.75

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 03

 — Kidnappings are investigated and a seduction takes place. by JMaxwell6902/27/114.07

Louise Ch. 01

 — Louise's point of view. by kalamazoo70705/06/124.65HOT

Louise Ch. 02

 — Louise's point of view continues. by kalamazoo70705/18/124.73HOT

Louise Ch. 03

 — Louise's first date, a family member calls. by kalamazoo70705/27/124.77HOT

Louise Ch. 04

 — Dinner with Barb. by kalamazoo70706/08/124.84HOT

Louise Ch. 05

 — About Barb. by kalamazoo70706/15/124.83HOT

Louise Ch. 06

 — The sisters talk, the revelations begin. by kalamazoo70706/25/124.79HOT

Louise Ch. 07

 — Acceptance and choices. by kalamazoo70707/11/124.81HOT

Louise Ch. 08

 — Louise, Nathan, Barb and Thorne. by kalamazoo70707/16/124.85HOT

Louise Ch. 09

 — Louise and Nathan get closer. by kalamazoo70707/24/124.83HOT

Louise Ch. 10

 — Louise and Nathan continue to grow, a request is made. by kalamazoo70707/27/124.83HOT

Louise Ch. 11

 — Meet the Yancy's. by kalamazoo70708/06/124.81HOT

Louise Ch. 13

 — A wedding and a wedding gift. by kalamazoo70709/01/124.84HOT

Louise Ch. 14

 — Epiphany. by kalamazoo70709/11/124.84HOT

Louise Ch. 15

 — Connections are made. by kalamazoo70709/24/124.83HOT

Louise Ch. 16

 — Coming together. by kalamazoo70710/11/124.82HOT

Louise Joins the Club

 — Tim's girlfriend is invited to exclusive campus sex Club by syn432110/30/133.75

Louise: Her First Black Cock

 — Couple watching film get ideas to experiment. by tsl798109/27/084.41

Lounging around

 — Swirl lust ignites in Harlem lounge, explodes on dark street. by Bruson02/06/103.71

Love and Baseball

 — Doctor does a routine exam and ends up with more. by Jay62603/30/164.61HOT

Love and Lust

 — Well-built black man's seduction of a willing white wife. by rich052403/21/094.23

Love and Nothing Less Ch. 01

 — In the midst of heartbreak is he her savior? by SmartyBluPants03/31/094.65HOT

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 05

 — The whore of Damascus: Christian girl, two Russian guys. by Scheherazade8802/11/143.62

Love at the Workplace

 — Black man gets white woman a job and they get paid to fuck. by JimandGarysgirl02/22/123.26

Love Beyond Black And White

 — A White hero saves a confused Black beauty. by Samuelx12/14/112.81

Love Blind

 — After finding a slur on their mailbox, a couple fights back. by blackmerida10/13/164.05

Love Don't Run

 — Two find love. by hisangelbeauty06/17/114.37

Love Don't Run Ch. 02

 — Two find love. by hisangelbeauty06/20/114.45

Love Don't Run Ch. 03

 — Two find love. by hisangelbeauty08/12/114.50HOT

Love in Las Vegas

 — A chance meeting turns into love for a lucky couple. by milf2606/07/044.36

Love in Las Vegas Ch. 02

 — She runs into him again. by milf2601/27/064.58HOT

Love in the Jungle

 — His plane crashes in the jungle. by GotBacon03/11/154.30

Love in the Leagues Ch. 01

 — She attracts men in uniforms. by SexyPecan07/17/084.52HOT

Love In War

 — Loving The Enemy. by BeatFaceLove08/08/134.31

Love In War Ch. 02

 — Pictures and flashbacks. by BeatFaceLove08/20/134.42

Love Is Color Blind

 — Couple find each other. by mikoli576304/25/134.17

Love Knows No Color

 — A chance meeting online blossoms into a night of passion. by bwwm4me11/10/164.67HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 02

 — As their relationship deepens Jason meets Shavonda's mother. by bwwm4me11/14/164.80HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 03

 — Jason meets Shavonda's family. The get harassed by a cop. by bwwm4me11/16/164.80HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 04

 — Shavonda meets Jason's family and ex wife. by bwwm4me11/18/164.81HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 05

 — Racism rears its ugly head. by bwwm4me11/24/164.75HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 06

 — Rose ups the ante. by bwwm4me11/27/164.74HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 07

 — The chickens come home to roost. by bwwm4me11/30/164.69HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 08

 — Shavonda gets engaged......and arrested. by bwwm4me12/05/164.81HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 09

 — Things come to a head. by bwwm4me12/10/164.64HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 10

 — Shavonda takes the kids to see Jason's family. by bwwm4me12/20/164.85HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 11

 — Jason marries Shavonda. by bwwm4me12/25/164.74HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 12

 — Miracles do happen. by bwwm4me12/28/164.85HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 13

 — And baby makes 5. by bwwm4me01/03/174.85HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 14

 — Jason meets Shavonda's brother. Ethan adjusts to the baby. by bwwm4me01/17/174.77HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 15

 — Shavonda's past comes back to haunt her in court. by bwwm4me01/23/174.76HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 16

 — Shavonda meets Aunt Nora. by bwwm4me02/03/174.83HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 17

 — Dealing with Edie. by bwwm4me02/21/174.79HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 18

 — Happy Anniversary. by bwwm4me03/23/174.80HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 19

 — The road trip. by bwwm4me04/22/174.74HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 20

 — Shavonda's class reunion, Juneteenth, a death in the family. by bwwm4me05/18/174.82HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 21

 — Jason continues to heal, and the class reunion. by bwwm4me06/17/174.84HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 22

 — Shavonda visits the wild ponies. by bwwm4me07/13/174.90HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 23

 — Changing times in Appalachia. by bwwm4me08/23/174.72HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 24

 — You can never fully escape your past. by bwwm4me09/26/174.66HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 25

 — Chasing down the demons. by bwwm4me11/21/174.82HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 26

 — Dealing with Surprizes. by bwwm4me12/28/174.81HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 27

 — Thanksgiving dinner, and life changes. by bwwm4me03/06/184.80HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 28

 — Jason's recovery begins. by bwwm4me06/06/184.62HOT

Love Letter

 — Giselle and Brian Ch. 01 by LilMami0706/13/114.55HOT

Love Letter Ch. 02

 — Giselle and Brian. by LilMami0707/23/114.64HOT

Love Letter Ch. 03

 — Giselle and Brian. by LilMami0709/27/114.58HOT

Love Letter Ch. 04

 — Giselle and Brian. by LilMami0706/11/144.53HOT

Love Like Art

 — Girl falls for guy at an art show. by HipsterGirl05/28/083.35

Love Note Pt. 01

 — His love letter to her begins in the notes he sings. by BaalatErotas09/04/154.87HOT

Love Note Pt. 02

 — Their duet plays on, practically writing itself. by BaalatErotas07/11/174.90HOT

Love of My Life Ch. 01

 — Her teacher soon became much more. by Innocent0602/25/064.47

Love of My Life Ch. 02

 — The relationships gets complicated. by Innocent0603/18/064.38

Love of Unusual: Prologue

 — Asian businessman takes Sarah to his apartment. by sexy_brunnete12/29/034.50HOT

Love On The Rock

 — A drive in the country becomes something else. by Woodmonkey10/23/014.38

Love Profound Ch. 01

 — Nicolai Marcato's story. by Koco_Kyss07/21/104.62HOT

Love Thy Neighbor

 — Michelle has her fantasy come true. by littlegirlnaughty05/25/114.23

Love Thy Neighbours

 — Wife breeds with Africans while cuckold husband watches. by Seidah01/03/174.00

Love Triangle Teacher And Student

 — Teacher's pet gets to sample her fav teacher. by Hypnotic_2205/16/114.18

Love Within The Desert's Heart

 — Arab woman from Kuwait falls for black man. by Samuelx07/01/132.86

Love's Thunderstorm

 — A sensual lovefest. by Alex Ledue04/06/044.34


 — Black music producer seeks a favor from sexy Aussie singer. by brethard07/23/15

Lovebird's Ch. 01

 — Two friends enjoy a weekend of sex. by Baloden09/12/033.48

Lovers And Friends

 — Ex's find love with each other once again. by sweet_mn_bbw04/21/053.87

Lovers Rock

 — I'll always come back to you. by Aspen_Rein03/11/144.03

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