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Interracial Love Stories

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Mandy Ch. 01

 — Young white wife is paid to conceive a black baby. by Karenkay01/04/054.46

Mandy Ch. 02

 — White wife is paid to have a black baby. by Karenkay01/10/054.57HOT

Mandy Ch. 03

 — Mandy's husband returns and finds out the truth about Abu. by Karenkay01/30/054.42

Mandy Ch. 04

 — White wife is paid to conceive a black baby. by Karenkay03/03/054.24

Mandy's Gang Bang

 — Mandy cheats with 3 black men. by HerLittlePiggy11/30/184.32


 — Angie Bowman arrives for an orgy. by mitchawa03/29/124.44

Manny's PK

 — Poke a bear & you may end up poked. Zhane did... by zoecharlemagne05/09/154.62HOT

Manny's PK Ch. 02

 — Is Zhane ready for her surprise visitor??? by zoecharlemagne05/12/154.70HOT

Many First for My Cousin

 — New carnal pleasures from black guys. by sunshine593007/23/074.54HOT

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 01

 — Naive young Chinese woman gets tricked, seduced and corrupted. by AndrewStories12/29/183.65

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 02

 — Andrew prepares to meet Meiliang with twins Ming and Ting. by AndrewStories12/30/183.85

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 03

 — Meiliang arrives in Thailand and enjoys a vulgar show. by AndrewStories01/01/194.34

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 04

 — Handjob and more in Andrew's office with stripper twins. by AndrewStories01/03/194.41

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 05

 — Meiliang bathes with the twins and gets dressed. by AndrewStories01/04/194.41

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 06

 — Meiliang gets teased at a conference table. by AndrewStories01/05/194.36

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 07

 — Meiliang's mouth and ass is fucked tied to a St. Andrew cross. by AndrewStories01/08/194.29

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 08

 — Meiliang licks cum and breds the twins on stage. by AndrewStories01/09/194.27

Mao Meiliang meets Andrew Jackson Ch. 09

 — Pony play and final wedding gangbang for Meiliang. by AndrewStories01/19/194.46NEW

Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 01

 — A newlywed and unsuspecting couple arrive on Marabogo by eeric10/19/164.39

Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 03

 — Joshua's mind fills with thoughts of Megan and Obali in bed. by eeric01/18/193.77NEW


 — White man gives her a night of sex. by secrecy45608/15/084.58HOT

Marathon Ch. 02

 — Another round of raw sex. by secrecy45608/20/084.64HOT

Marathon Ch. 03

 — They came, they saw, they conquered. by secrecy45609/21/084.52HOT

Marathon Ch. 04

 — Luke gives Charlie what she wants. by secrecy45603/08/094.69HOT

Marathon Ch. 05

 — She belongs to him. by secrecy45608/30/124.68HOT

Marathon Man: Breaking the Family

 — The story of an African runner, and the wife of his agent. by Pervosuxx Marina07/28/104.44

Marathon Man: Breaking the Family Ch. 02

 — Susan and Mabadi's affair reaches a new level. by Pervosuxx Marina11/24/104.36

Marblesilver University

 — Two people from different backgrounds fall in love. by Fwark11/08/143.69

Marci's a Star

 — Wife gets a new job; hubby gets his revenge. by papabudda207/30/083.85


 — Interesting times in New Orleans. by TxRad09/27/084.60HOT

Marcus is Persuasive

 — Marci is tricked into a BBC gangbang. by JohnBlack11312/23/174.05

Marcy Takes a Lover

 — Married woman enjoys black lover, with hubby's OK. by FurryDevil05/14/134.47

Marg's Present

 — White woman gets Black guy for present. by ray davis03/01/033.98

Marge's Brother

 — She was raped but the witnesses saw it differently. by pumkineater10/02/063.48

Margs Party Night Ch. 02

 — Marg goes to a party with her black Lover. by ray davis03/05/033.82


 — Vacationing investment broker seduces sultry Mexicana. by David S12/02/004.20

Maria and the Minuteman

 — After illegally crossing the border, Maria meets a Minuteman. by Decayed Angel05/28/064.31

Maria's Adventures: Story 1, Part 2

 — The interracial orgy continues... by MariaS1296209/30/014.49

Maria's Interrogation Ch. 01

 — Woman and her son's friend on a collision course. by Stardog Champion03/20/124.23

Maria's Interrogation Ch. 02

 — She's cuffed to the shower curtain rod, and caught... by Stardog Champion03/21/124.32

Maria's Trip to Mexico

 — Interacial business trip down south for a married American. by saraslutty108/29/124.11

Mariam and Rashid in Texas

 — Lebanese-Canadian woman connects with black Texan. by Samuelx03/31/142.12

Mariam Aoun of Lebanon

 — Lebanese Christian woman tutors a Haitian student. by Samuelx04/04/18

Mariam Sungkar of Indonesia

 — Nigerian Muslim heir dates an Indonesian Hijabi. by Samuelx10/05/17

Marian and Ray Ch. 01

 — Businesswoman finds bliss with black lover. by Epoc04/13/104.36

Marian's Sweet Dilemma

 — Scorned wife, finds improbable lover. by jayman4407/03/134.30


 — Lonely gringo finds an incredible BBW Latina. by Sean3204/13/114.17


 — Looking for a beer, a guy finds so much more. by TxRad08/24/124.77HOT


 — Guy gives hot Brazilian girl lessons in lust. by Fever10/08/004.05

Marinah Two

 — Malaysian beauty seduces a Chinese chef. by Alla09/01/003.89

Mark and Teresa Ch. 02

 — Role playing. by mark_867530902/09/074.45

Mark and Teresa Ch. 04

 — The crack shack. by mark_867530902/15/074.50HOT

Mark and Teresa Ch. 05

 — Teasing Jerome, by mark_867530902/20/074.77HOT

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 02

 — Marlee and Sindi descend further into sluthood. by MrDeep03/17/144.38

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 03

 — Her Master Splits Assets. by MrDeep08/28/144.31

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 04

 — Felicity Is Capitalized. by MrDeep08/29/144.27

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 05

 — Flipping a new slut named Alexis. by MrDeep01/16/154.13

Marlena's Friend

 — Her Black lover and a creampie. by Doug68908/08/034.34


 — Getting out in the summer heat can be fun and even hotter by TxRad08/21/144.75HOT

Marlyn Loves Being a Cum Slut Ch. 01-04

 — Young Filipina is addicted to cum. by asianudinpublic12/15/124.50HOT

Marlyn Loves Giving Head 01

 — Young Filipina becomes addicted to giving blowjobs. by asianudinpublic12/11/124.45

Marlyn makes a Bet

 — Young Filipina has to keep her word. by asianudinpublic08/28/174.28

Marlyn's Friend Jasmine

 — Filipina girlfriend needs to know she is special. by asianudinpublic08/23/174.48

Marni's black submission

 — Blackmail was never this glorious. by qualitywheat11/13/124.41

Marnie- My Coffee House Slut

 — Story of my domination of Marnie. by cuntpounder09/03/124.14

Marriage Deal

 — They both kept their side of the deal. by hammertime05/08/114.44

Marriage to Zombi

 — Erotic horror inspired by the Haitian slave rebellion. by Grendelpuppy10/13/184.18

Marriage Troubles

 — Indian woman finds comfort in arms of friend's white husband. by X-Factor05/15/084.54HOT

Marriage Troubles Ch. 02

 — Nita further explores her sexuality with her friend's hubby. by X-Factor05/17/084.51HOT

Marriage Troubles Ch. 03

 — Jamie makes love to Nita again this time giving her his seed. by X-Factor05/24/084.56HOT

Marriage Troubles Ch. 04

 — Jamie has quickie with wife's friend while wife's in shower. by X-Factor06/02/084.42

Marriage Turn-Around

 — Stan finds new passions with Deneice. by BrettJ09/10/094.27

Marriage with Miranda

 — White Aussie wants to have a baby by her black lover. by brethard04/26/15

Marriage with Miranda: Cousin Claire

 — Miranda's sexy cousin helps spice up her marriage to Martin. by brethard05/09/15

Married White Slut

 — Wife pays for new house they built. by Dirty Slut12/26/034.54HOT

Marta and Robert

 — Robert falls into the hands of a dominant woman. by vargas11109/10/054.28

Martha and the Bard

 — Shakespeare was right... by GToast04/04/084.67HOT

Martha's Revenge

 — She gets even with cheating husband. by Just Plain Bob11/22/044.24

Martha's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Things take a strange turn. by Just Plain Bob11/27/043.95


 — Inhibited wife breaks out of her shell. by Peg6904/27/073.79

Mary and Darick Ch. 01

 — She wasn't sure she wanted to try BBC again, but... by helpmymilf09/30/133.69

Mary and Darick Ch. 02

 — They meet for a drink by helpmymilf10/01/134.24

Mary and Darick Ch. 03

 — She goes to his room by helpmymilf10/02/134.50HOT

Mary and the Caretaker

 — White wife becomes friends with an elderly caretaker. by rich052404/13/104.43

Mary and the Delivery Men

 — Mary goes black and isn't coming back! by sethp11/03/104.13

Mary Beth

 — Not a virgin any more. by Just Plain Bob07/14/103.88

Mary Cassidy Does the Reverend

 — Real estate agent helps hunky black reverend. by maggie200206/20/054.26

Mary Lou Sacrifices A Treasure

 — Beautiful Hispanic woman makes the ultimate sacrifice. by piano5912/24/094.50HOT

Mary Lou Sacrifices A Treasure Ch. 02

 — Will the marriage survive the weekend from hell? by piano5901/02/104.15

Mary's First Black Cock

 — Good girl Mary gets her first taste of black cock. by Jay555510/26/044.07

Mary's Response

 — Husband Training. by Peg6905/28/073.99

Mary's Story

 — A young mother turns to prostitution to save her home. by venturer1503/29/114.54HOT

Mary, Fred and the Gangster Ch. 01

 — He wants to be District Attorney, but blackmail... by Just Plain Bob06/29/064.08

MaryAnn's Adventure

 — A San Diego widow finds excitement in the Big Apple. by MaryAnn67807/04/074.58HOT

Maryann's Adventure Continues

 — Her visit to an interracial sex club gets wilder and wilder. by MaryAnn67810/09/074.54HOT

MaryAnn's Other Adventure

 — Being in love does not mean owning another. by MaryAnn67807/22/074.37

MaryAnn's Wild, Planned Orgy

 — She takes charge and leads a stranger in the art of sex. by MaryAnn67804/09/094.35

Maryann, Janice, Two Black Men

 — MaryAnn teaches a bored housewife the art of seduction. by MaryAnn67804/05/084.33

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 01

 — Lymon unlocks MaryJane's deepest desires. by Dragonlipz02/11/094.12

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 02

 — MJ seduces Lymon and falls into her own trap. by Dragonlipz02/15/094.27

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 03

 — Lymon works MJ into a frenzy while she does tricks. by Dragonlipz02/18/094.34

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 04

 — MJ does tricks for the neighbors. by Dragonlipz02/22/094.32

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 05

 — MJ's dilema: Is she his fuckho, his woman? Or both? by Dragonlipz02/25/094.33

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 06

 — Lymon teaches MJ's coochie some new tricks!! by Dragonlipz03/03/094.18

MaryJane's Epiphany Ch. 07

 — Lymon hosts a four-way; MJ is the treat! by Dragonlipz03/21/094.12

Mason Ch. 01

 — Moving away. by kalamazoo70709/25/114.53HOT

Mason Ch. 02

 — It was only one drink, Finally facing the truth by kalamazoo70709/28/114.68HOT

Mason Ch. 03

 — Mason and Eustace talk, what's wrong with James? by kalamazoo70710/10/114.62HOT

Mason Ch. 04

 — A close call, decisions. by kalamazoo70710/20/114.68HOT

Mason Ch. 05

 — A major life change. by kalamazoo70710/31/114.77HOT

Mason Ch. 06

 — After the funeral. by kalamazoo70711/04/114.75HOT

Mason Ch. 07

 — Letting go, a final goodbye. by kalamazoo70711/12/114.75HOT

Mason Ch. 08

 — The Disc. by kalamazoo70711/16/114.78HOT

Mason Ch. 09

 — An outing; the rumor mill. by kalamazoo70711/19/114.79HOT

Mason Ch. 10

 — The bond begins to work. by kalamazoo70711/24/114.81HOT

Mason Ch. 11

 — Mason gets approval from Jamie. by kalamazoo70712/02/114.83HOT

Mason Ch. 12

 — Mason and Toni talk. by kalamazoo70712/08/114.79HOT

Mason Ch. 13

 — Mason meets the competition. by kalamazoo70712/14/114.84HOT

Mason Ch. 14

 — Another talk. by kalamazoo70712/15/114.81HOT

Mason Ch. 15

 — New beginnings. by kalamazoo70712/25/114.81HOT

Mass Temptation: The Young Lovers

 — A side story, Mass gets revenge on a peeping Tom. by 8teenholes08/19/164.58HOT

Massage This

 — An unconventional romance blossoms against all odds. by Dirty Wordsmith11/10/034.61HOT

Massive Black Cock for My Birthday

 — I'm set up for massive black cock by hubby and friend. by HotWildcat09/04/134.27

Master John & Lydia

 — Plantation owner deflowers young slave girl. by Lissette06/18/024.34

Master SHANGO Presents PIMP ZEE

 — PIMP ZEE training a hot wife and her daughter. by dsoul02/13/13

Mastuh Jimmy

 — Confederate is back home for convalescence. by Eli is Coming09/27/054.02

Masuma Assad Khalid

 — African American guy meets Muslim female activist. by Samuelx06/20/18

Match Met Ch. 01

 — Fiesty white man and black woman clash. by CoCoNiy10111/04/124.48

Match Met Ch. 02

 — Realization. by CoCoNiy10111/21/124.64HOT

Match Met Ch. 03

 — Finally on the same terms. by CoCoNiy10111/28/124.72HOT

Match Met Ch. 04

 — Last day locked in. by CoCoNiy10112/11/124.67HOT

Match Met Ch. 05

 — Continuation. by CoCoNiy10112/28/124.71HOT

Match Met Ch. 06

 — The show. by CoCoNiy10101/11/134.75HOT

Match Met Ch. 07

 — Christmas and New Years. by CoCoNiy10101/29/134.75HOT

Match Met Ch. 08

 — Conclusion. by CoCoNiy10102/15/134.78HOT

Match Met Ch. 09

 — Epilogue. by CoCoNiy10103/21/134.74HOT

Mate and Date

 — A club where white wives get black sexed is just the ticket. by ali1bali09/28/134.15


 — A decade of wanting. Roommates and soulmates. by 05Little08/06/184.71HOT

Mates Ch. 02

 — Exploring each other more. What would the family think? by 05Little09/27/184.48

Mature Fuck

 — Black guy has hot sex with his girlfirend's white Aunt. by EBI01/09/064.19

Mature White Couple Meets

 — Housewife lives her black stud fantasy. by biber01/25/054.04

Mature Wife in Jamaica

 — Was it just a high sex drive or was she a nymphomaniac? by erotiquill06/17/154.66HOT

Maureen, My Queen of Spades

 — White wife has a thing for black cock. by nocluescooby08/08/074.16

Max & Shani

 — Two couples - one black/one white - have hot hotel fun. by gapster705/21/084.65HOT

Maxwell's Story Ch. 1

 — Football star Maxwell gets his first piece of pussy. by the Chef08/25/024.54HOT

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