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Interracial Love Stories

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A Taste of Brown Sugar

 — Sex with sublime Black girl rocks his world. by Fitofjealousy05/03/024.45

A Taste of Spice

 — Foreign tourist meets stud in Kolkota. by TrueNorth196908/23/084.58HOT

A Tight Tie Dye Dress

 — Sexy slut is picked up by tall, dark and handsome stranger. by ThatGirl1304/08/144.24

A to Z and In Between Ch. 05

 — Honey goes to Miami and meets a hot Latino. by mowbaby8208/03/064.17

A Touch of Springtime

 — Though alone, a dark princess still feels her lover's touch. by Scapin09/09/163.95

A Trick Is Her Treat

 — Case of mistaken identity lets one guy get lucky. by Release11/02/024.34

A Tricky Situation Ch. 01

 — What is this lust? The tension becomes a consuming fire... by LaPetitePapillion09/14/174.12

A Tricky Situation Ch. 02

 — Nothing can fix the past. We're damaged, it's broken. by LaPetitePapillion12/05/174.25

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 01

 — From ether world to real world. by BenLong06/27/074.27

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 02

 — A new friend in another country. by BenLong07/04/074.48

A Trip to the Movies

 — White wife & her husband enjoy a black snack at the movies. by alabamaboy6910/03/103.18

A Troll is Haunting Tex's

 — What happens when Chloe goes hunting Trolls? by ChloeTzang03/21/184.69HOT

A True Black Slave

 — Her life was now complete. by qualitywheat03/07/134.35

A True Marriage

 — A man and wife discuss their taboo sexual desires. by Stormgod5910/08/173.78

A Unforgettable Night

 — One night of romance & passion changes us forever. by sonnet_lyric03/31/013.75

A Vacation to Remember

 — Danny's Indian girl is seduced by well-hung Italian. by X-Factor11/09/044.61HOT

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

 — Shanti allows hung friend to peel off her bikini. by X-Factor11/24/044.70HOT

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 03

 — Shanti and her lover on the beach in the rain. by X-Factor12/02/044.73HOT

A Very Lebanese New Year!

 — Lebanese woman dines with Black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/13/131.47

A Very Strange E-Mail

 — Chapter 2 in the 'Willing Slaves' series with DanielOrme. by JonB196908/31/074.51HOT

A Video in the Mail

 — I watch a CD of my wife pleasuring an African-American. by Bakeboss06/27/103.52

A Virgin's Paradise

 — Vanshika's beautiful journey of losing her virginity. by southfemmeslut08/09/144.29

A Virgin's Tale

 — A virgin on New Years. . . This could be fun. by saucylover10/05/154.17

A Virgin's Tale Ch. 02

 — A meeting with a gentleman for a change. by saucylover10/09/154.45

A Vixen Sandwich

 — She tells hubby about 3-way with 2 Black men. by Vixen21105/11/034.29

A Voice to Remember

 — Diana wins me over. by auntirotickle03/04/114.11

A Wager Gone Wrong Ch. 03

 — Payment is collected. by CatherineH12/16/074.01

A Wager Gone Wrong Ch. 04

 — The plot, as well as other things, thickens. by CatherineH03/19/093.57

A Walk on the Dark Side Ch. 01

 — Black wife seduces husband's friends. by Thewhiteman02/13/034.26

A Walk on the Dark Side Ch. 02

 — Two Asian sisters satisfy cuckolded husband. by Thewhiteman02/16/034.32

A Walk on the Dark Side Ch. 03

 — Black wife gets with his friends on video. by Thewhiteman02/20/034.21

A Walmart BBW Tale

 — Black student meets white BBW at Walmart. by Samuelx08/26/163.10

A Website Meeting

 — A young Tracy has a her first brief encounter with a BBC. by fun_tracy03/08/144.24

A Wednesday To Remember

 — Victoria Petersen: Black Cock Whore. by victoriap05/25/104.25

A Week

 — She hates his guts! by May_I12/23/144.48

A Week Ch. 02

 — Day one of her personal Hell. by May_I12/27/144.59HOT

A Weekend in San Franciso

 — A married black woman finds love with white male. by the usual suspect09/23/034.50HOT

A Weird Story

 — Even for me, please meet Nikki. by qualitywheat10/21/144.37

A Welcome Train Delay

 — What may happen between strangers in public? by Andygorn212/26/173.30

A Wet Encounter

 — He's not showering alone anymore. by june9theveryday03/26/164.54HOT

A White Husband's Fantasy

 — Another husband's fantasy goes wrong, naturally. by rich052401/04/084.42

A White Man Who Love Black Guys

 — A White man leaves Black wife for Black men. by Samuelx07/12/113.31

A White MILF's Sweet Revenge

 — Mature white wife cuckolds Black husband with mixed stud. by Samuelx08/16/152.79

A White Whore for Black Cock

 — In therapy, a new patient reveals her secret life. by TherapistJuliaKelly02/07/144.25

A White Wife's Sweet Revenge

 — White wife cuckolds Black husband with Japanese stud. by Samuelx08/16/153.87

A White Woman Soldier In Burka

 — German feminist lady soldier submits to Saudi chief. by Samuelx02/28/122.59

A White Woman Soldier in Hijab

 — American female soldier in hijab submits to Muslim. by Samuelx02/27/123.14

A Whore for a Night

 — What was I thinking. by GotBacon11/27/143.76

A Whore is Born Ch. 02

 — Japanese housewife lives fantasies in NY. by blklongnthick07/17/044.61HOT

A Whore is Born Ch. 03

 — Married Japanese becomes New Media Star. by blklongnthick05/26/104.37

A Wife And Hubby Are Made Slaves

 — A wife and husband used well by blacks. by steve_cuck_burrows02/12/144.09

A Wife Mixing Business with Pleasure

 — Husband takes wife on business trip, and she sure does! by easyballs01/20/154.38

A Wife Taken In Adultery

 — A young wife has to please her new boss . by Karenkay07/31/034.38

A Wife Taken In Adultery Ch. 02

 — She gets in deeper than she planned by Karenkay09/05/034.42

A Wife Taken In Adultery Ch. 03

 — She tries to please her hubby's fantasy by Karenkay10/14/034.07

A Wife Taken In Adultery Ch. 04

 — Young wife takes fantasy further than planned. by Karenkay10/19/034.22

A Wife's Awakening

 — How my wife becme a bbc slut with my help. by steve_cuck_burrows03/09/134.00

A Wife's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Val and Steve wait for Val's first net fucking. by steve_cuck_burrows03/10/134.13

A Wife's Beautiful Surprise

 — Wife surprises Hubby with a guest. by justus208/30/054.03

A Wife's Life Among Savages Ch. 01

 — Betrayed, a wife finds a new life among a jungle tribe. by kingbooruwa07/20/154.57HOT

A Wife's Plan

 — Couple plan a fantasy involving another man. by Karenkay07/12/054.43

A Winter Inside India & Africa

 — Traveling white business man finds passion with 2 women. by sonnet_lyric03/21/024.12

A Woman of Lust and Anger

 — Angry make up sex- an amazing act. by sonicjake77703/29/123.65

A Woman of the Church

 — Curiosity flourishes in the darkest of places. by Bob_601/10/154.46

A Woman Scorned Ch. 01

 — Lisa has a lot of help punishing her boyfriend. by The Avenger11/29/053.78

A Work Party

 — Hubby has to leave, so host entertains her. by satinlvr_mwf09/06/054.27

A Work Party Ch. 02

 — She needed to go back... by satinlvr_mwf06/22/164.52HOT

A Work Party Ch. 03

 — Things are Starting to Get Emotional. by satinlvr_mwf07/12/164.52HOT

A Work Party Ch. 04

 — People Start to Notice. by satinlvr_mwf08/15/164.37

A Work Party Ch. 05

 — She must decide... Or would Ron Chose for her? by satinlvr_mwf12/26/164.14

A Work Party Ch. 06 - And Last

 — I discovered my true self. by satinlvr_mwf03/17/173.84

A Work Party For One

 — Wife is tricked into sex with another man. by usaftnt06/20/034.26

A Worthless Slave Ch. 03

 — Simon's wife succumbs to black supremacy too. by destroywhiteboys04/10/164.16

A Year To Remember

 — Boasting men learn life's lessons the hard way. by Dirt Man12/25/024.44

A Young Black Bull Takes Over!

 — A young black bull takes over a wealthy white married couple. by BlackBabyDaddyLover03/18/134.18


 — Meeting in the office... by Bioaries06/13/173.49

A&A Ch. 02

 — Meeting at the apartment... by Bioaries06/16/174.23

A.G.D: Chocolate Milk

 — Maria gets to help a different client this time. by Azuldrgon03/15/133.59

A1A Goin' Down

 — Newlyweds savor interracial sex while traveling. by gobula03/11/074.31

AAA's Chocolate Milk: Black Erotica

 — A helping hand deserves a taste of chocolate. by EroticaReid12/22/104.39

Abbey, Bethany and Amber

 — Mother knows best. by auntirotickle08/11/114.33

ABC: Betty Needs a Bull

 — What can you say about a girl like Betty? by HuckPilgrim06/20/183.42NEW

ABDC Ch. 01

 — A young girl experiencing the ups and down of love. by mercy212209/23/153.87

ABDC Ch. 02-03

 — It's a Party. by mercy212209/26/154.13

ABDC Ch. 04

 — The boy in the corner. by mercy212209/28/153.92

ABDC Ch. 05

 — Too Much, Not Enough. by mercy212209/29/154.30

ABDC Ch. 06

 — Mother Knows Best. by mercy212209/30/154.08

ABDC Ch. 07-08

 — Impetuous Being. by mercy212210/02/154.51HOT

ABDC Ch. 09

 — Nothin' like you and I. by mercy212210/08/154.32

ABDC Ch. 10

 — There's Us. by mercy212201/04/164.57HOT

ABDC Ch. 11

 — Talia deals with old pain and new adventures. by mercy212201/31/164.56HOT

ABDC Ch. 12

 — Dark Skies: Talia gets caught in the dark skies before the storm. by mercy212202/20/164.62HOT


 — Abigail opens up. by auntirotickle12/26/114.13

Aboriginal Femdom Revolution

 — Aboriginal dominatrix dates a black American stud. by Samuelx05/21/172.00

Aboriginal Goddess

 — Most perfect woman on planet eventually became his. by dass445008/11/044.56HOT

Aboriginal Ladies into Black Men

 — Biracial Arab/Aboriginal beauty dates black man. by Samuelx12/04/131.44

Aboriginal Princess of Winnipeg

 — Jamaican student dates Aboriginal lady in Winnipeg. by Samuelx09/21/152.50

Aboriginal Women into Black Men

 — Somali stud seduces an Aboriginal Amazon. by Samuelx05/20/172.88

About Leah

 — Young woman explores taste in older black men. by epageturner03/22/094.50HOT

AC Repairs

 — Redhead tenant's complaints in heat wave yield mixed results. by beaugueste12/01/124.39

Accidental Black Cock Conversion

 — Boyfriend accidentally converts girlfriend to black cock. by Secrettie04/14/154.45

Accidental Phone Call

 — Wife seduced by boss & husband hears it on open phone line. by Jcarbo05/05/164.11

Accountant Discovers Blacks

 — Older lady accountant discovers blacks and her world changes. by bobbiew04/24/054.29


 — Angie plays away and now pays the price. by Rosko Busby 200511/28/044.40

Ace of Spades Club Ch. 01

 — Bored white wives are seduced by a black man. by Karenkay09/28/084.26

Acrobatics 05

 — G-spot instruction for Joan. by Strawberry_205101/25/064.49

Acrobatics 06

 — Mary gets a tongue lashing. by Strawberry_205101/26/064.49

Acrobatics 07

 — Beer helps Joan. by Strawberry_205101/27/064.47

Acrobatics 11

 — Exhibition with Joan. by Strawberry_205102/01/064.62HOT

Across Alligator Alley

 — Sex on a motorcycle....yum. by devil_in_white_dress11/22/054.18

Across The River

 — Nyla falls into the river and flows toward destiny. by LOVEndLAUGHTER04/19/13

Act Three Ch. 01

 — A white couple decide upon roles in a antebellum play. by hubbyhw11/17/154.38

Act Three Ch. 02

 — Preparing to go black becoming an IR couple. by hubbyhw12/30/154.43

Acting Out A Fantasy

 — A wife acts out her husband's fantasy. by Friend_Finder06/30/104.29

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

 — The best way to get over one man. by allisonfancy09/11/124.58HOT

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Ch. 02

 — Friends close, enemies closer, where do you keep family? by allisonfancy12/26/124.50HOT

Adam And Eve: Happy Together

 — Son of Lebanese/Jamaican couple meets Canadian. by Samuelx05/24/122.75

Adam and Hawa Chronicles

 — Haitian hustler meets a beautiful Muslim woman. by Samuelx06/13/172.23

Adam's Acquisition

 — He's plagued by fantasies. by ImaginativeBF04/03/094.31

Adam's Acquisition Ch. 02

 — Adam thinks he's found the cure. by ImaginativeBF04/26/094.53HOT

Adam's Wife Meredith

 — Meredith fucked by 2 black men. by NastyARMomlover200402/05/154.04

Addicted Ch. 01

 — A lonely housewife discovers the joys of BBC. by Tappy_McWidestance03/23/154.50HOT

Addicted Ch. 02

 — Suzanne learns that if one BBC is good, then more is better. by Tappy_McWidestance04/02/154.51HOT


 — A woman admits her addiction to black cock. by Bakeboss12/04/093.92

Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 03

 — Adele explores camming and forbidden lust. by Jessie9206/13/184.05

Adivasi Indian Woman Going Black

 — Adivasi Indian woman meets African Muslim stud. by Samuelx08/04/172.57


 — Ebony goddess Daphne Landry meets Mark Addison. by Selene0201/09/074.65HOT

Adonis Ch. 02

 — Daphne and Mark decide their future. by Selene0203/15/094.63HOT


 — Love of Prince's music brings together two mourning fans. by brethard05/03/16

Adult Trip Pt. 01

 — Married, Femdom, interracial and cuckold play. by cuckcpl4play06/21/184.00NEW

Adventure in Aruba

 — Wife and Hubby have threesome on the beach. by naughtymommy200110/18/024.47

Adventure in Madison (Wiley)

 — Two fighting lovers make nice during one sultry afternoon. by AdventuresInMadison03/10/083.64

Adventure in Sao Paulo

 — A girl ventures into the unknown. by princessnomad03/12/124.00

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 01-02

 — An out of work English major decides to go to Thailand. by thunderman99906/04/034.56HOTEditor's Pick

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 03

 — The English teacher meets the roommate. by thunderman99906/13/034.48

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 04

 — What happens when teacher reaches Thailand? by thunderman99906/20/034.45

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 05

 — The teacher opens a line of communication with the boss. by thunderman99906/27/034.64HOT

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 06

 — The teacher gets himself into a sticky situation. by thunderman99907/10/034.53HOT

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 07

 — Teacher gets himself into sticky situation. by thunderman99907/18/034.56HOT

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 08

 — Teacher has an interesting revelation. by thunderman99907/26/034.23

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 09

 — The teacher journeys northward. by thunderman99909/11/034.48

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 10

 — The teacher visits Patpong. by thunderman99909/23/034.52HOT

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 11

 — Teacher gives his neighbor a hand. by thunderman99910/04/034.49

Adventures of Carl Ch. 01

 — A widowed black male has all out sexual fun. by iamcontent05/26/164.09

Adventures of Jo Ch. 04

 — Jo takes on a couple of Nigerian security guards. by adventuresofjo07/04/124.05

Adventures of Megan

 — Megan begins her career as cum queen. by Terrin210/19/114.21

Adventures of Megan Ch. 02

 — Megan discovers interracial sex. by Terrin211/02/114.14

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 07

 — Sarah and Karen get cleaned up. by teachgirl198005/02/074.58HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 08

 — The girls "wake up". by teachgirl198006/15/074.55HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 09

 — Young teacher "cooks" for Hank and the guys. by teachgirl198007/21/074.69HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 10

 — Sarah takes care of her boys. by teachgirl198008/30/074.53HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 12

 — Sarah and the boys arrive at the Smiths. by teachgirl198012/12/074.68HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 13

 — Picnic continues - Jennifer gets nailed. by teachgirl198001/09/084.61HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 14

 — The twins. by teachgirl198001/21/084.62HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 15

 — Nicole's first time. by teachgirl198008/12/104.64HOT

Adventures On The Dark Side

 — Housewife finds ultimate satisfaction. by 69Ranger6903/19/024.02

Adventures with an OC Cuckold Couple

 — A black bull hooks up with his first cuckold couple. by afolabi7008/19/143.99

Adventures with an OC Cuckold Couple Ch. 02

 — OC Hotwife shares black stud with friend. by afolabi7008/29/144.14

AEGIS: Playdate

 — An interracial hip-hop cop threesome. by NealeSourna03/26/043.71

Afaf Of Saudi Arabia

 — Saudi woman falls for young black man from Boston. by Samuelx03/09/153.50

Afaf: My Saudi Dominatrix

 — Biracial man dates Saudi dominatrix in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/08/151.93

Affair with an Older Black Woman

 — Teen guy lusts for Eloise. by Reggie Corleone10/10/004.04

Affairs Ch. 02

 — Girl friend continues her cum fetish by voyuerman02/13/134.42


 — Schuyler, get it together. by __chucktaylor05/09/143.77

Afghan Girls For Somali Men

 — Somali man confronts racist in Ottawa and finds wife. by Samuelx05/04/141.89

Afghan MILF For African Stud

 — Afghan woman meets African student in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/02/152.40

Afghan Princess of Barrhaven

 — Afghan chick meets Nigerian stud in a grocery store. by Samuelx11/18/152.17

Afghan Woman For Somali Man

 — Afghan woman and Somali student connect in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/25/131.45

Afghanistan Woman Becomes Christian

 — Afghan woman falls for Jamaican man in Toronto. by Samuelx11/17/122.95

Afraid of the Dark

 — Small town wife puts fears to bed. by littlejvj11/23/024.54HOT

Afraid To Give In

 — White girl gives in to advances of black man and loves it. by JimandGarysgirl12/08/113.88

Africa Safari

 — A white co-ed is kidnapped and abused by jungle savages. by theafricansoul06/25/034.63HOT

African Boss

 — White employees used by African boss and his friends. by Dales197112/30/164.05

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