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Interracial Love Stories

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My Chemical Romance Ch. 02

 — Our interracial lovers reconnect after two long years. by miserybusiness12/22/084.70HOT

My China Doll

 — I teach a young Asian hottie how to fuck and suck. by sleakstryder04/30/084.08

My Chocolate, His Vanilla

 — She seduces her new black neighbor. by Alexis66101/01/054.55HOT

My Christmas Gift

 — Black man finally admits his feelings to white woman. by JimandGarysgirl12/31/133.62

My Christmas Wish

 — White girl gets black man she was craving. by JimandGarysgirl12/21/123.71

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 01

 — Her Jamaican "Big Sister", Toni. by JoeDreamer09/13/054.63HOT

My Daddy Now

 — Black young woman loses virginity to friend's dad. by xXVanessaXx04/03/084.07

My Daughter's Friend Ch. 2

 — One of my daughters' black friends needs my help. by billyt9836610/13/014.25

My Day Dream

 — He sends letter to sexy Asian girl. by Alex Valentine10/10/003.31

My Dirty Little Secret

 — Little slut loves his cock. by Aussie_Ton07/16/113.45

My Easter in San Clemente

 — Small town girl gets interracial love. by Carla Kline10/10/004.19

My Ebony Rose

 — Bill meets his love, the sister of his black coworker. by genealguy06/12/094.53HOT

My Ebony Stripper

 — Stipper surprises a client after her shift. by Sstugatz06/10/053.97

My Egyptian MILF Goddess

 — Haitian student dates Egyptian MILF in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/19/153.26

My Egyptian Prince

 — Stranded woman finds a new & unexpected lover. by Slut2theHeart03/09/074.30

My Exotic Lady

 — Exotic lady in a robe. by Whitechocolatier02/22/153.82

My Experience with an 11-Inch Cock

 — Asian woman's account of sex with a huge cock. by asian38d06/05/063.54

My Fantasy Come True

 — Having 4 black guys at once filling me up. by JimandGarysgirl12/06/113.65

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 01

 — Turning my wife into a slut. by HANDYMANATHOME12/02/144.42

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 02

 — Visiting Wayne Tony's story. by HANDYMANATHOME12/06/144.46

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 03

 — Visiting Wayne Kate's story. by HANDYMANATHOME12/09/144.59HOT

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 04

 — Visiting Wayne the gangbang. by HANDYMANATHOME12/10/144.50HOT

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 05

 — Sybil's visit. by HANDYMANATHOME12/20/144.35

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 06

 — Kate finds the glory holes. by HANDYMANATHOME12/23/144.27

My Fantasy Lover Story Ch. 1

 — Sexy Black women fantasies about her white lover. by mochachocolatekiss11/05/014.40

My First Affair (and Black Cock)!!

 — Sexy MWF with a young black stud. by LilAshley01/03/034.25

My First Affair Ch. 01

 — White wife has affair with husband's black friend. by chasseur1112/10/094.40

My First Affair Ch. 02

 — White wife continues affair with husband's black friend. by chasseur1101/17/104.28

My First Asian Call Girl

 — Virgin guy visits an Asian massage parlor. by cunnydiver10/12/073.90

My First BBC

 — A story about my first time taking a big black cock. by Jessi4u12/14/103.92

My First BBC

 — I know it's a well-used title but there's a good reason. by desireexperienceit07/17/153.72

My First BBC

 — Kirsten goes black for the first time. by SecretHowl02/09/164.11NEW

My First BBC Ch. 02

 — A white girl and her BBC fuck buddy meet for sex. by Jessi4u08/06/114.11

My First Black Cock

 — Her first experience with a Black man. by JanetNTom4U10/20/054.35

My First Black Cock

 — Hot time in Hotlanta, Georgia. by hotmilf4black08/21/083.94

My First Black Cock Ch. 02

 — Hot time in Hotlanta, Georgia. by hotmilf4black09/01/084.14

My First Black Experience

 — 18-year-old white girl meets sexy black man. by NeedsCocoLuvin02/01/063.45

My First Black Knight

 — Her first experience with black cock. by wife2hotblk01/15/094.03

My First Black Lover

 — Her friend Pam introduces her to Tyrone. by Loveable Julie08/14/014.05

My First Black Woman

 — A Marine's first taste of a black woman. by marine55rick12/23/074.41

My First Experience - Blackman

 — A real life story of my first experience with a black man. by fun_tracy09/19/144.48

My First Flight

 — A guy gets comfort on his very first flight from his girl. by Blackdogg009/15/054.27

My First Gang Bang

 — A naive young woman submits to her first gang bang. by manbydaycuckbynight01/13/143.96

My First Hotwife Experience

 — She tells of her first naughty extra-marital experience. by peachyandbanana01/19/073.98

My First Korean Whore

 — A first timers experience on a Korean Fuck Street. by Alaska704/17/054.01

My First Love

 — Young lovers reunite after a terrible car crash. by Dai Raku05/29/054.17

My First Public Orgasm

 — Getting taken in front of a lover's friends. by andoverblonde11/02/134.24

My First Pussy, Her Black Cock

 — Our first girl on girl, she gets her first black. by HotWildcat08/18/134.30

My First Semester at College Ch. 04

 — Buxom blonde's first with black boyfriend. by SuzEEE09/25/134.07

My First Semester at College Ch. 05

 — Buxom blonde's Xmas with black boyfriend. by SuzEEE09/26/134.23

My First Semester at College Ch. 06

 — Buxom blonde's New Year with black boyfriend. by SuzEEE10/20/134.15

My First Semester at College Ch. 07

 — Buxom blonde loses her black valentine. by SuzEEE11/04/133.82

My First Taste

 — Miriam loses her virginity--to a white boy! by miriam_x05/12/034.24

My First Taste of Black Magic

 — Once you try it, you're hooked! by Slob Ice10/10/004.03

My First Taste of Chocolate

 — Busty lady meets a tall dark stranger. by Sienna717105/17/083.39

My First Time

 — A man's confession of virginity lost to lovely Jamaican. by baron_holmes03/25/013.49

My First Time

 — How she became a slut for Black Cock. by jennyBSW08/02/064.33

My First Time

 — First time away from husband. by irshlady3211/08/094.28

My First Time Ch. 02

 — Night with former student continues. by irshlady3211/19/094.35

My First Time Ch. 023

 — How a white married wife became a slut for black cock. by jennyBSW08/13/064.36

My First Time With a Black Woman

 — Sauda makes an impression. by Shackster08/17/024.15

My first time with Kala

 — First encounter with a submissiive, asian/latina nympho by SaberJack08/27/014.11

My First Time...

 — This is an account of how it all began... by Irish_red08/16/124.26

My First Trip to the Orient Ch. 01

 — He never expected a workday like this. by NeedYou06/30/044.54HOT

My First Trip to the Orient Ch. 02

 — Medloa gives him Oriental welcome. by NeedYou06/30/044.45

My First Trip to the Orient Ch. 03

 — Madoke's welcome continues. by NeedYou07/01/044.47

My First White Blowjob

 — Soft hands, full lips, warm eager mouth. by younghungblack01/24/09

My First White Woman

 — A lesson in loving by a mature white lover. by Bazzza09/01/104.41

My Friend Jenna Ch. 3

 — Jenna's cousin gets married. by Jonesfalls04/13/024.57HOT

My Friend May

 — Two Asian ladies and their obsequious boy toy. by guspearl08/30/084.18

My Gianni...

 — My inspiration. by theDuskyGirl03/04/084.71HOT

My Girl Tea Ch. 01

 — Me & My Girl Tea have a great time together! by KenUnknown09/22/092.33

My Girlfriend Discovers BBC Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend discovers boyfriend's cuckold fantasy. by LovingDeviant09/29/134.39

My Girlfriend Discovers BBC Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend discovers boyfriend's cuckold fantasy. by LovingDeviant10/07/134.43

My Girlfriend's Dark Side Ch. 2

 — Justin takes Vanessa to the Club. by Player of the Year12/29/003.78

My Girlfriend's Darkside Ch. 1

 — Vanessa tells story from guys point of view. by Player of the Year01/03/013.22

My Grandbaby's Daddy

 — A mature woman's life undergoes dramatic changes. by Ulyssa08/25/034.39

My Green Eyed Conquistador Ch. 01

 — College lovers become reacquainted. by AimeeLamis08/01/124.37

My Holiday Celebrations

 — The explicit sequel to 'Gran'ma's Poosie'. by Thea Dryor04/22/044.64HOT

My Hot Neighbor

 — I was alone and felt free. by Wordmate06/03/124.16

My Husband Gave Me Condoms

 — Young wife goes out on a date. by DenverYo05/06/114.28

My Husband’s Black Co-Worker

 — A mature white wife cheats with a younger black man. by licyou6903/07/134.31

My Indian Muslim Princess

 — Senegal man comforts a very special lady. by Samuelx11/16/142.60

My Indian Soulmate

 — Tricked by a pair of gorgeous Indian sisters. by swollenbell10/01/144.15

My Initiation to Black Cock

 — It was her fault. by Erinsnow10/21/074.49

My Initiation to Black Cock Ch. 02

 — Coming to grips with anal. by Erinsnow10/26/074.42

My Internet Lover

 — The two of you experience passion on a train. by MarcosMami10/09/023.58

My Internet Lover Ch. 2

 — You enjoy her in the bath. by MarcosMami10/13/023.24

My Interracial Awakening

 — A chance meeting with a black couple leads horny sex! by daryoon06/26/154.26

My Introduction to Swinging

 — The first time I visited Club Poizon was on 30 May 2012... by Poizon_Swinger01/02/133.56

My Japanese Boy

 — Miranda meets Japanese hunk Teino at a party. by Svenskaflicka12/27/024.46

My Japanese Muslim Princess

 — Japanese Muslim lady meets Jamaican guy in Toronto. by Samuelx10/26/151.83

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 01

 — A young couple struggle with the allure of interracial sex. by shakeaspear12/26/124.46

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 02

 — A young couple struggle with the allure of interracial sex. by shakeaspear12/30/124.44

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 03

 — A young couple struggle with the allure of interracial sex. by shakeaspear01/04/134.54HOT

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 04

 — A young couple's interracial adventure. by shakeaspear07/17/134.58HOT

My Lap is Free

 — A bumpy van ride sets a cross country field trip off right. by 630washington10/14/144.21

My Last Stop

 — Black UPS driver gets a package from an older white woman. by blackzilla9903/20/014.52HOTEditor's Pick

My Latin Angel Pt. 01

 — Our first night together my Latin angel and me. by mrblueyez7311/14/154.32

My Latin Angel Pt. 02

 — A continuation of our first night together. by mrblueyez7301/27/164.22

My Life

 — Young woman discovers that life isn't always fair. by JJgreenville08/25/054.35

My Life with Starr Ch. 01

 — Jake finds his wife screwing a trucker, but retreats to Haus. by readingfoxhound06/19/113.68

My Little Asian Delight

 — A brief Holiday romp that turns into a labor of lust. by UhlBWett04/06/134.38

My Little Dark Bicyclist

 — Erotic encounter with a beautiful dark-skinned girl. by Michael14204/13/154.35

My Little Secret

 — True story shared by a 21 year old woman. by Briney2107/23/123.75

My Lovely Wife

 — I get to watch my wife take a black cock. by Acerracer11/06/104.26

My Maid Mitzi

 — Man explores pregnant Korean housemaid. by Mike Tauron10/10/003.99

My MAN, Xavier!

 — A day off with my man. by SaraEricaXanderfield05/16/094.14

My Married Teacher

 — I didn't know she wanted me. by qualitywheat01/11/114.22

My Massage

 — Back massage leads to more. by PDumbledore12/08/034.51HOT

My Masseuse Ch. 02

 — Waking in the night. by PDumbledore12/22/034.63HOT

My Masseuse Ch. 03

 — Decisions have to be made. by PDumbledore12/29/034.67HOT

My Masseuse Ch. 04

 — Jon blows his top. by PDumbledore01/16/044.73HOT

My Master Subjects Me ...

 — Slave experiences a threesome & a Black man. by Salsa10504/19/013.86

My Mexican Carpenter

 — A very powerful sexy man. by qualitywheat01/07/114.24

My Midnight Midori

 — Middle-aged man meets lovely young Asian. by Jim A.02/09/013.54

My Mireille

 — An umlikely fantasy comes true. by SteelAndSilk05/07/124.44

My Mom the Whore

 — Mom and friend's dad get really naughty. by hose_2106/22/014.16

My Mom's Black Lover

 — He has eyes for the young daughter. by standingstones09/13/144.06

My Mom's Black Lover Ch. 02

 — Daughter takes more black cock. by standingstones09/16/144.13

My Moroccan Goddess

 — Biracial guy dates foxy Moroccan lady in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/21/152.40

My Naughty Ebony

 — Punishing my ebony lady. by Whitechocolatier03/11/154.20

My Naughty Night

 — A night of passion with a black stallion. by Caroline197211/08/074.35

My Neighbor

 — Something that bad for me shouldn't be so close. by Hipnotic03/28/044.24

My Neighbour's Sexy Wife

 — My luscious, sultry neighbour likes BBC. by RandyScribe05/26/144.03

My New Daddy

 — Internet encounter leads to an unexpected revelation. by DeathlySweet07/05/104.41

My New Daddy Ch. 02

 — Slut tries to clean herself up. by DeathlySweet07/30/104.17

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 02

 — Yuki begins to fall for James, in the absence of a husband. by scotjock102/11/134.21

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 03

 — Yuki comes to James first, and they go shopping. by scotjock102/18/134.42

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 04

 — Yuki's husband tries to get between her and James. by scotjock103/14/134.42

My New Wife

 — Mexican wife has a new experience, by fantasy6903/23/053.90

My Old Dark Flame

 — He met his old girlfriend again; his wife got her husband. by theo_minor01/10/124.37

My Paperboy

 — Lois greets her paperboy naked. by gbgood08/29/034.11

My Perfect Pet

 — Turning my whiteboi into a gangbang slut. by AfroerotiK10/25/14

My Personal Fantasy Ch. 02

 — They swing for the first time in the pool. by anng46906/23/084.27

My Previously Simple Life

 — Husband regrets his request for a trial separation. by zrob04/27/094.27

My Private Iran Pt. 02

 — The Battle for Paradise: Iranian Girl and American Man by Scheherazade8805/13/144.50

My Professor Gets Asian Lesson

 — Young Asian student gets lesson in submission. by orientaddict11/23/073.94

My Real and Terrific Love Life Ch. 1

 — Latina finds true love. by Latina10/10/003.95

My Real and Terrific Love Life Ch. 2

 — Latina finds hot sex. by Latina10/10/004.62HOT

My Regretful Wish... Come True

 — How deep can Corie get into nonstop humiliation? by kberhenke09/03/153.81

My Reward

 — Man puts up bounty for black bulls to seduce his wife. by fuzzy_bob02/09/163.64NEW

My Roommate Wins

 — Black roommate takes white roommate's girlfriend. by cardinalfan07/31/133.97

My Roommate's Ex

 — Ebony coed comforts friend's ex-boyfriend. by GuyJD10/10/004.31

My Roommate’s Endorsement

 — When my roommate told his girlfriend about me I couldn’t say. by patdown07/08/133.95

My Sailor Boy

 — Girl finds love and great sex by dragonbizoch08/11/043.64

My Saudi Goddess Likes Black Men

 — Inside the Saint Laurent Mall, two workers make love. by Samuelx10/23/132.87

My Saudi Goddess Loves Black Men

 — Black man and Saudi heiress connect in Montreal. by Samuelx10/21/132.33

My Saudi Romance

 — Jamaican student meets Saudi woman at the Mall. by Samuelx06/04/153.00

My Secret Discovered

 — A black dildo starts something by Wet_Tanya12/20/074.47

My Secret Discovered Ch. 02

 — Her first BBC. by Wet_Tanya12/28/074.44

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