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Interracial Love Stories

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My Secret Discovered Ch. 03

 — Her second BBC. by Wet_Tanya12/29/074.26

My Secret Student Ch. 01

 — Bradley's new girlfriend turns out to be one of his students. by Hestomi08/14/074.00

My Sexy Carpenter Ch. 01

 — A very powerful sexy man. by qualitywheat01/30/113.96

My Sexy Latina Luisa

 — He finally has a chance with sexy Latina. by WestTexas3404/21/064.51HOT

My Sexy Mature Hijabi

 — Mature Somalian woman meets Italian man. by Samuelx03/05/122.41

My Sister's Friend

 — Stuck home during spring break isn't as bad as I thought. by dragonfire609/24/084.15

My Slut Wife Needs Dick

 — Amy discovers pleasures of black gangbang. by SexCapaids05/01/064.38

My Slutty Married Behaviour

 — A night at a male stripper show with my friends by Annatartywife04/01/144.22

My Slutty Wife

 — My wife lives out her fantasy of having sex with another man. by mnkind05/09/093.68

My Son's Roommate

 — Seduced by my son's friend. by unfaithfulmilf11/07/154.18

My South African Tomboy

 — Afro-Caribbean man dates white woman from South Africa. by Samuelx11/23/133.13

My Spicy Latin Lover

 — Jen moves to tropical paradise with her Latin lover. by Nonymous09/19/013.73

My Submissive Summer Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by VanillaXtasy02/05/034.01

My Submissive Summer Ch. 02

 — The next morning.... by VanillaXtasy02/06/034.35

My Submissive Summer Ch. 03

 — She learns more about herself. by VanillaXtasy02/17/034.47

My Submissive Summer Ch. 04

 — New twists. by VanillaXtasy02/25/034.27

My Submissive Summer Ch. 05

 — The summer gets a little rough. by VanillaXtasy03/12/034.44

My Submissive Summer Ch. 06

 — She disobeys her man. by VanillaXtasy03/31/034.22

My Submissive Summer Ch. 07

 — Friends join in the fun. by VanillaXtasy04/24/034.50HOT

My Submissive Summer Ch. 08

 — Her true self begins to emerge. by VanillaXtasy05/12/034.50HOT

My Submissive Summer Ch. 09

 — Making new friends. by VanillaXtasy06/02/034.33

My Submissive Summer Ch. 10

 — New excitement arrives. by VanillaXtasy07/19/034.40

My Submissive Summer Ch. 11

 — Summer draws to an end. by VanillaXtasy08/23/034.39

My Submissive Summer Ch. 12

 — Summer ends with a bang. by VanillaXtasy09/22/034.45

My Surprise Ch. 01

 — She has a personal ad online. by Ladyscorpion06/30/083.31

My Surprise Ch. 02

 — My new skills please him. by Ladyscorpion07/14/084.29

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 01

 — Falling for the right guy. by DarkBlush09/09/144.77HOT

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 02

 — Changes. by DarkBlush09/17/144.80HOT

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 03

 — Disturbance and conversation. by DarkBlush09/24/144.74HOT

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 04

 — Thanksgiving. by DarkBlush10/26/144.75HOT

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 05

 — Season's Beatings. by DarkBlush11/16/144.65HOT

My Swede (Sweet) Giant Ch. 06

 — Around the bend. by DarkBlush01/27/154.76HOT

My Tuesday Morning

 — My new hot Black Lover and I meet in a hotel. by HornyHenrietta11/06/143.58

My Two Weeks Off were the Best

 — Vacation from day one with my black lover. by JimandGarysgirl06/26/123.49

My Unplanned Honeymoon

 — My Prince wasn't as it turned out. by qualitywheat09/20/114.18

My Vietnamese Student Ch. 01

 — A young college instructor falls for his Vietnamese student. by Ai_Passion08/12/133.51

My Way Ch. 03

 — Moose tells more of his story. Could be different categories by DG Hear07/15/104.61HOT

My Way Ch. 04

 — Moose tells more about his sex life. by DG Hear07/16/104.61HOT

My White Lady Supervisor

 — Asian small cock worships white superior pussy. by freakypervert198012/02/133.42

My Wife & The Ebony Goddess

 — He discovers wife likes black women. by CAPervert12/30/013.39

My Wife and the Black Cabby

 — Husband watches wife at play. by Tiberius5811/28/073.95

My Wife And The Black Gardeners

 — Gardeners fill in for missing husband. by Stormbringer08/26/034.37

My Wife Astrid

 — Wife gets picked up. by balmers05/20/163.73

My Wife Cindy Turns Pro

 — Wife becomes prostitute for Black NFL players. by dave_jones_5012/11/044.36

My Wife Does In Front Of Me

 — Wife takes black in front of husband. by thestoryguy3306/17/144.13

My Wife Eve

 — Wife's new affair with two younger guys. by Talldarkmale11/01/034.07

My Wife Fran's First Black Lover

 — How my young bride was intoduced to interracial sex. by lil_prik10/30/104.36

My Wife Goes Black

 — Husband gets a black guy for his wife. by genealguy04/29/094.03

My Wife Has Been Blowing Black Men!

 — Prissy Barbie doll bride has been blowing black men. by angeltrainee02/26/084.02

My Wife Has Some Friends Over...

 — My wife has a growing need for Black cock. by davidsj4902/23/123.64

My Wife Honey Ch. 02

 — His wife goes a little further to close a business deal. by Karenkay12/21/034.34

My Wife Honey Ch. 03

 — The story gets more complicated. by Karenkay12/23/034.21

My Wife Honey Ch. 04

 — Another person enters the relationship. by Karenkay12/27/034.33

My Wife Honey Ch. 05

 — Jim learns Ray has a gift for Honey. by Karenkay12/29/034.35

My Wife Honey Ch. 06

 — Ray takes everyone on a trip and a surprise foursome. by Karenkay01/08/044.43

My Wife Honey Ch. 07

 — A new baby & surprise ending. by Karenkay01/09/044.30

My Wife Is "Hot"!

 — MILF's husband will do anything for her. by zrob07/26/094.40

My Wife Judy Ch. 02

 — My wife gets wife trapped. by wifetrapper11/16/104.25

My Wife Judy Ch. 03

 — My wife gets trapped. by wifetrapper01/13/114.36

My Wife Judy Ch. 04

 — My wife gets trapped. by wifetrapper01/18/114.46

My Wife Sherry

 — He learns that his wife has a boyfriend. by NaughtyWhiteWife01/04/073.85

My Wife Sherry Ch. 01

 — A wife loves to tease the single guys at her office. by Karenkay09/19/134.36

My Wife Sherry Ch. 02

 — Sherry does a strip tease for John. by NaughtyWhiteWife01/11/074.39

My Wife Sherry Ch. 03

 — Sherry files for divorce. by NaughtyWhiteWife01/21/073.93

My Wife Sherry Ch. 04

 — Rob makes plans to move out with Sherry. by NaughtyWhiteWife02/12/074.18

My Wife Sherry Ch. 05

 — Rob decides he wants a divorce. by NaughtyWhiteWife02/13/074.05

My Wife Sherry Ch. 06

 — Rob gets settled in his new house. by NaughtyWhiteWife03/01/073.31

My Wife the Whore

 — Wife becomes prostitute to earn needed money. by dave_jones_5003/27/074.50HOT

My Wife's Birthday Treat

 — Laura's husband plans an interracial birthday treat for her. by rjd6904/05/164.11

My Wife's Black Cock Initiation

 — Jerome introduces her to black cock. by dave_jones_5003/24/054.44

My Wife's Car Damaged

 — Wife was caught by strangers. by schumi00711/11/073.57

My Wife's Ebony Surprise

 — Unexpected interracial sex. by PrevertedMe02/11/074.37

My Wife's First BBC

 — The story of my wife's first BBC. by sexycpl197409/09/114.30

My Wife's First BBC Ch. 02

 — My second encounter with Mark. by sexycpl197409/17/114.35

My Wife's First Black Man

 — My 18 year old wife's first sex with black man. by cwp34202012/20/143.94

My Wife's First Gangbang

 — She tries it out. by biber08/04/043.76

My Wife's First Time

 — It's her firs black cock. by dave_jones_5003/15/054.31

My Wife's Firsts Ch. 03

 — More first for Navy wife. by dnightengale09/14/133.92

My Wife's Firsts Ch. 04

 — Navy wife goes all the way, but not with boyfriend. by dnightengale09/21/133.97

My Wife's Lost Weekend

 — A wife gets caught up in a friend's tryst. by storiemax08/01/093.84

My Wife's New Husband

 — White wife is getting fucked by his black boss by changer66607/31/034.17

My Wife's New Husband Ch. 02

 — She gets an anal workout by her black lover. by changer66608/03/034.20

My Wife's New Husband Ch. 03

 — They find a happy, horny solution. by changer66608/04/034.13

My Wife's Shocking Request

 — Dissatisfied wife seeks to date. by Wolfie01/08/024.12

My Wife: The Slut Ch. 02

 — The First Time. by JohnWH62512/10/114.09

Mya's Counseling

 — Academics with a twist of lust. by sweetalmondbrown04/26/104.69HOT

Mystery Girl

 — They meet. by DIAMARIA06/17/104.03

Mystery Girl Ch. 02

 — The next day. by DIAMARIA06/21/104.10

Mystery Train

 — Memphis, 1954: Black woman meets a future King. by DanielOrme01/08/033.72

Na and I

 — First fuck in a while with a lovely, slutty Thai bargirl. by Labial08/04/123.87

Nadia's Tale Ch. 01

 — Nadia has had enough!...But is Derek done with her? by HarmoniousDisarray09/02/104.25

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray

 — White wives commit adultery with big black dick. by LordRamsay06/30/074.42

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 02

 — James comes home to his wife sucking on a black cock. by LordRamsay09/02/074.26

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 03

 — Victoria becomes whore for black cock in 7 days - part 1. by LordRamsay11/18/074.46

Naive Housewives Are Led Astray Ch. 04

 — Victoria makes a shocking discovery. by LordRamsay01/14/084.37

Naked Bloom

 — The beginning of Illiana's story. by Vanessa_Belle03/27/123.96

Nancy Finds a Sex Slave

 — Hank the farm hand gets a surprise in the barn. by blackdarth05/02/013.77

Nancy's Inferno Ch. 01

 — A move changes her. by Stardog Champion06/04/104.29

Nancy's Inferno Ch. 06

 — Nancy's shocking self-revelation. by Stardog Champion06/09/104.34

Naoko: Friday

 — A small woman goes after what she needs: first night. by eatoure09/23/094.29

Naoko: Saturday

 — Urgent lovers continue their weekend in Tokyo. by eatoure09/24/094.45

Naoko: Sunday

 — The urgent lovers come back to earth. by eatoure09/25/094.36


 — A student earns an A from teacher. by BerryBarry900011/26/154.10

Nasty Cassie

 — Bitch of a Sister-in-Law gets the banging of her life. by Snowfish03/28/044.29

Nasty in the Van

 — Daisy gets anal with a couple of ex-cons in a parking lot. by shes_gotta_have_it07/03/094.47

Natalie Gets Seconds

 — 18-year-old & her teacher share their final encounter. by Anson Macabre10/14/054.49

Natalie Relieves Some Stress

 — Hot teacher gets an after school visit from a student. by hot4bucky07/06/114.36

Natalie's Substitute

 — Natalie turns fantasy into reality with Black teacher. by Anson Macabre10/08/054.59HOT

National Association of Women...Ch. 01

 — Women of Academia have taste for Black cock. by 1946EW01/08/05

National Association of Women...Ch. 02

 — Dean Vinchelle gets the goods on Prof. Vinchelle. by 1946EW02/03/05

National Association of Women...Ch. 03

 — Race visits Dean Vinchelle. by 1946EW03/22/05

National Association of Women...Ch. 04

 — Race becomes familiar with Dean Vinchelle, biblically. by 1946EW04/13/05

National Head Day

 — Black wife gets enthusiastic about new holiday. by Thinman08/11/024.51HOT


 — Friends - with Benefits. by jomomma14103/03/094.27

Native Affairs

 — Wind storm brings on native heat. by dirtyjoe6907/10/064.05

Native Beginning

 — Bride on honeymoon finds new love in African man. by kingjizz02/17/134.06

Native Tongue

 — Traveler learns the language. by lykfynwyn04/24/094.39

Naughty Miss Lin Off Work

 — Miss Lin meets her former coworker, a tall younger black man. by Dunross201101/16/134.24

Naughty Night at Club

 — Couple find out the club is not where fantasies come true. by TaleBehemoth03/06/103.48

Naughty Nurse Kathy

 — Lucky guy gets with hot black nurse visiting a friend. by easygoinguy07/06/074.19

Naughty Pictures

 — Photography session leads to so much more. by Stormbringer12/17/004.54HOT

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