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Interracial Love Stories

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Northern Escape Ch. 04

 — Young woman moves to the big city. by gracesnowpaw12/04/144.34


 — This story is being told by both lovers POV. Extend may be? by fantasylover2503/19/174.32

Not a White Wedding

 — Janet was seduced by an old friend at a wedding-cuckold. by HerLittlePiggy11/18/154.58HOT

Not Another Teen Story

 — Black man bets friend he can seduce nerdy girl. by Stormbringer03/12/024.44

Not Daddy's Girl Anymore

 — Her first experience with another race is memorable. by hectorgonzalez03/17/024.00

Not Giving it Away! Pt. 01

 — Balancing her morals against her husband's fantasy! by dr13bone05/25/164.43

Not My Sister

 — His step-sister is a nightmare. by Iread2relax12/12/124.60HOT

Not That Girl, or Am I?

 — Gesyelle and Jarrick experience love, tragedy and a reunion. by SpicySynAmon11/16/144.25

Not What I'd Expected

 — Wife lives through some strange events. by flcouple4yall01/14/074.13

Not Your Average Girls' Night Out

 — Kate experiences black cocks for the first time. by BritishPete08/03/084.12

Nothing Going On... Ch. 1

 — Pregnant ebony beauty helps out her landlord. by GuyJD10/10/004.35

Nouzha Boussaid of Morocco

 — Moroccan Hijabi falls for Antigua Muslim stud. by Samuelx03/29/18

Nova Scotia Women Into Black Men

 — White girl from N.S. meets broken-hearted Haitian guy. by Samuelx07/26/143.06

Now I Enjoy Working Late

 — Happiness is working late if you call this working. by JimandGarysgirl06/28/124.01

Now I Know What Real Love Is

 — He's a real man and I love him. by JimandGarysgirl07/31/123.36

Nubian Goddess Kerri

 — Unexpected a attraction to younger woman of color. by OldWhiteGuy07/07/074.60HOT

Nude Beach/Black Cock

 — My wife meets a great black guy on a nude beach. by StLouisLove11/21/154.47

Nude Beach/Black Cock Ch. 02

 — The second chapter of our trip to St. Marten. by StLouisLove12/02/154.34

Nude Beach/Black Cock Ch. 03

 — Our escapades expand as does our boundaries. by StLouisLove02/06/164.51HOT

Nun Becomes a Dominatrix

 — Short, curvy blonde nun spanks tall Black priest. by Samuelx05/02/192.81

Nurse Betty

 — Old Black Willy and Nurse Betty. by BlackManWins12/23/184.23

Nurse Candice

 — Busty black nurse finds a big white cock on a patient. by hungwhiteboy05/14/194.49

Nurse Nailed

 — Young white nurse has the cure for what ails a black orderly by Rumple Foreskin02/13/034.50HOT


 — Lonely Asian wife seduces the deliveryman. by Lee_Yin_Yin02/01/013.86


 — Housewife met admirer, got shagged by another. by Lee_Yin_Yin11/17/024.33

O/D Productions Proudly Presents...

 — Down on her luck actress becomes a porn star. by JordonLynn02/22/044.58HOT

O/D Productions Proudly Presents... Ch. 02

 — Who's who in the production. by JordonLynn03/09/044.22

O/D Productions Proudly Presents... Ch. 03

 — A newbies' screen test. by JordonLynn03/23/044.69HOT

O/D Productions Proudly Presents... Ch. 04

 — An unscheduled second screen test. by JordonLynn04/03/044.65HOT

Obedience Training Pt. 02

 — Chicken, Beer, and Attitude Adjustment. by zuluking7208/19/164.12

Obedient Wife

 — A late-night trip to the grocery store and a chance taken. by MrPezman02/08/194.68HOT

Obeying Master

 — Justine loves to obey. by RUlookingup06/06/083.42

Obsession Pt. 01

 — Zoe is determined to have Rob's attention. by Pinkblossom08/06/144.64HOT

Obsession: Becky's Black Temptation

 — His wife turns his plans for a threesome around blackwards. by AnotherHotWife06/18/094.24

Obsession: Ten Days of Going Black

 — A wife's first sight of a black cock begins her obsession. by AnotherHotWife04/19/094.26

Obsession: Ten Interracial Orgasms

 — White wife's obsession leads her to her first black lover. by AnotherHotWife05/08/094.44

OC Anal

 — A hook up with a married couple by afolabi7008/03/143.90

OC Transpo Blues

 — Ethiopian man and Japanese woman meet on the bus. by Samuelx06/21/162.67

Occupant Wrath

 — Allison is a warrior in a post apocalyptic world. by knight1311/06/124.00

Occupied Minds

 — Israeli professor, Arab student. by Scheherazade8801/26/143.74

Ode to Kendra Brown

 — Stud realizes his fantasy to seduce online erotic writer. by Sstugatz10/22/054.15

Ode to the Pizza Delivery Guy

 — After this, I bet Earl will never forget to tip again. by brothaman02/03/053.93

Of Love and Ink Ch. 02

 — Love remembered. by jesstoyou09/04/114.29

Of Love and Ink Ch. 03

 — Sexual tension on the rise. by jesstoyou09/05/114.10

Of Love and Ink Ch. 04

 — Full reconcilliation. by jesstoyou09/27/114.49

Off the Bus Ch. 01

 — Jolie meets the man of her dreams. by LaLaLady04/20/064.53HOT

Off the Bus Ch. 02

 — It's a date. by LaLaLady04/22/064.50HOT

Off the Bus Ch. 03

 — He refreshes her memory. by LaLaLady04/23/064.71HOT

Office Affair

 — Ebony beauty starts affair with the office heartthrob. by chocolatecutie07/06/054.59HOT

Office Cuckold

 — Josh is cuckolded by his boss and coworker. by Cuckjosht06/27/143.78

Office Experience

 — After hours office trip turns wild. by margaret_mm02/18/024.03

Office Inter-Action Ch. 1

 — Sexy Black woman meets her fantasy White lover. by mochachocolatekiss01/14/024.17

Office Interlude

 — A forbidden romp in the office between two lovers. by LadyZodiac05/02/104.35

Office Interlude: When Frank Met Morgan

 — How their forbidden romance started. by LadyZodiac05/03/104.41

Office Meeting Ch. 01

 — Good friends & colleagues share masturbation session. by Will Wanton 6911/05/074.38

Office Ski Trip

 — Lauren is seduced by her boss on company retreat. by TheCycle02/14/194.41

Office Views Pt. 01

 — Beautiful woman with so many sexual ambitions. by Hungff4u01/26/194.08

Officer Betty and Me

 — Black man and white female police officer become friends. by boogieman1046909/26/174.38

Officer Taylor

 — School cop falls for hunky black student. by sgtklark10/28/114.36

Officially a BBC Slut

 — A young woman continues to indulge in her BBC desires. by SecretHowl03/08/164.63HOT

Offside Offense

 — Injured player's girlfriend encounters the man who hurt him. by TripleL01/13/144.49

Oh Holy Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — Susan goes to a marriage counselor and is surprised. by zipp201/09/084.39

Oh No She Didn't

 — Horny Black nanny fucks her White client. by JonB196902/23/124.21

Oh, James Ch. 01

 — Married white woman begins a fling with a black co-worker. by FurryDevil11/19/124.24

Oh, Mister Big!!! Pt. 01

 — A wonderful weekend begins for Victoria Petersen. by victoriap05/26/144.24

Oh, The Summer Nights

 — This is the last summer she'll meet the love of her life. by ihartekenny08/29/144.75HOT

Ohana Ch. 01

 — WW2 Sailor finds a paradise in Hawai'i. by jehoram12/04/104.58HOT

Ohana Ch. 02

 — Teacher finds the paradise that eluded his grandfather. by jehoram12/08/104.72HOT

Ohhhh Oh, the Condom Broke

 — Wife with her hung black lover and the condom breaks. by lil_prik03/11/143.86

Ojibwe Women into Black Men

 — Ojibwe Indian landlady seduces her Jamaican tenant. by Samuelx05/31/172.82

Old Black Man Fucks a Wife

 — Younger white wife fucks a married old black man. by Nojustice201/21/184.17

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 1

 — Visit from Island ex-lover gets out of hand. by BIG LIK07/25/024.17

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 2

 — Triangle between BBW & her old lover continues. by BIG LIK07/29/024.14

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 3

 — The fallout with my wayward wife. by BIG LIK07/29/023.83

Old Friend Visits Wife Ch. 4

 — The conclusion of a love triangle tale. by BIG LIK08/18/023.98

Old Friends

 — The twins meet Jennifer. by whbonney01/26/024.17

Old Friends Connect

 — An old friend pops up and makes a big first impression. by kaiyandom01/24/154.15

Old Jared Knows

 — What happened one night after phone sex. by Just Plain Bob05/13/063.43

Old Ladies, Thongs, & Blizzards

 — A happy young couple take shelter with the wrong older woman. by TheTalkMan08/24/174.58HOT

Old man with Black Slut

 — Old white man gets it with a black slut. by SexyBlackSlutInThong09/16/023.65

Older Busty Black Woman

 — Young white guy lusts after mature co-worker. by Jigglin06/13/033.94

Olivia and Derrick

 — Shy black girl falls for the drug dealin' white boy by Lust_for_life11/20/124.28

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 02

 — I decided to head back to my dorm. by Lust_for_life11/27/124.42

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 03

 — Lunch date. by Lust_for_life12/13/124.50HOT

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 04

 — Steamy dreams. by Lust_for_life01/25/134.51HOT

Olivia and Derrick Ch. 05

 — Dream come true. by Lust_for_life02/01/134.55HOT

Omani Arab Lady For Black Men

 — Omani Arab princess falls for Haitian man in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/31/141.60

On a Night Like This

 — A Kylie Minogue concert brings two strangers together. by brethard02/07/19

On a Night Like This Pt. 02

 — Orlando's graduation gift for Cate. by brethard02/14/19

On a Night Like This Pt. 03

 — The Orlando-Cate relationship becomes a political scandal. by brethard02/19/19

On Broadway

 — Two Oscar-winning actors make a high-profile stage debut. by brethard11/24/18

On Burrito Bowls and Text Messages

 — Diana's a bit mean, Matt's a bit goofy. It balances out. by thechrysalids12/30/174.41

On The Job Training Ch. 2

 — Conclusion to steamy interracial on-the-job gangbang. by lovesinterracial08/04/013.57

On the Plantation Ch. 01

 — Owner's daughters take on the slaves. by smutpen02/27/044.56HOT

On the Plantation Ch. 02

 — The mothers join in. by smutpen05/15/044.64HOT

On-Camera After Bar 69

 — Naked white models in porn for superior black masters. by Nudemodel05/17/023.60

On-The-Job Training

 — A steamy workplace interracial gangbang. by lovesinterracial07/14/013.87

On-the-Side Pleasure

 — Married lovers have quickie in bathroom during party. by X-Factor06/14/084.40

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Eldora confronts him about his adulterous tryst with Nita. by X-Factor10/19/084.45

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 03

 — He and Nita sneak into her bedroom while mom's downstairs. by X-Factor04/06/104.40

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Both her hubby and her mom nearly catch her cheating. by X-Factor04/07/104.40

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 05

 — Neglected, married Latino gets Jamie back to her apartment. by X-Factor04/10/104.38

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 06

 — The adulterous Jamie and Eldora explore anal. by X-Factor04/15/104.46

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 07

 — He fucks Nita on the table where her hubby would later eat. by X-Factor04/16/104.38

Once the Wick Is Dipped

 — White woman is seduced by a black man... by walterio09/03/134.46

Once You Go

 — It's true what they say about interracial sex.. by dangerouslydead10/31/104.19

Once You Go Black

 — White wife does Black cock for first time. by SingerBabe11/13/024.39

Once You Go Black...

 — Wife's dream cums true. by No Panty Girl06/25/054.37

Once You Go Black...

 — Sexually frustrated woman discovers a new world. by MasterBates1308/16/054.38

Once You Go Black... Ch. 02

 — The encore performance. by No Panty Girl07/12/054.27

Once You Go Black...?

 — Horny girl tests the cliche. by Delilahbaby09/01/003.81

Once You Had Black...

 — His best is better than she ever thought possible. by bigdelbert07/26/063.90

Once You Have Black...

 — Woman picks up young black guy. by Goldchainedrose02/12/023.73

One Day, But Not Tonight

 — Will a neglected wife give in to her growing desires? by darkknight0109/16/093.98

One Fan's Fantasy

 — My Internet friend has nasty ideas. by MarieProvost07/17/134.14

One Fine Day

 — Brian enjoys his 50th birthday. by bigdaddysmooth07/09/104.39

One Hot Afternoon

 — A friend's gift... by Mickiluv10/12/094.09

One Hot Night Ch. 01

 — Two white guys, an ebony babe and a hot Latina hooking up. by Irish Moss10/15/084.39

One Hot Summer Day

 — Three strangers get hotter together. by KeKaneAnoi07/23/054.36

One Kind of Revenge

 — One man's survival strategy in a hostile environment. by mirandola07/13/073.80

One Last Goodbye

 — A princess's last goodbye to her prince. by TheBlackedGinger901/03/154.25

One Last Time

 — A cop and an assistant district attorney's hot moment. by RoseEnraged10/22/174.33

One Leads To Many

 — Girlfriend learns a lesson. by rattleman06/28/023.56

One Night in 1247 Belarus

 — A peasant girl's erotic encounter with a stranger by beautifulzelda04/23/194.71HOT

One Night in Bangkok

 — I'll take songs from the 80s for 2000. by MSTarot11/27/124.37

One Night in Dallas

 — Hot wife meets a new lover. by lilyandstoney12/11/064.48

One Night in Houston

 — An amazing encounter. by lilyandstoney02/28/194.30

One Night Karma

 — An interracial erotic story. by TYG7710/11/153.97

One Night of Sin

 — Cheating husband - spying neighbor leads to lustful revenge. by samslam09/07/124.54HOT

One Night Stand

 — A night with an older black woman. by TallNavyMan03/24/074.31

One Night Stand Ch. 01

 — 'I knew I shouldn't have dyed my hair blue!' by ParanormalQueen01/09/104.66HOT

One Night Stand Ch. 02

 — Three years later... by ParanormalQueen01/15/104.73HOT

One Night Stand Ch. 03

 — It had been a few months since the party. by ParanormalQueen01/23/104.74HOT

One Night Stand with a White Cock

 — Lonely Japanese girl in the west discovers big white cock. by japacumslut05/13/094.05

One Night with the Bushy Whore

 — She gets fat tool for her dark cave. by BrianCaster10/20/093.79

One of Gillian's Fellow Teachers

 — Dave and his wife, her lover, and another. by SylviaG05/13/083.41

One of My Favorites

 — Her fantasy fulfilled. by theWIFEWatcher06/26/064.33

One Plus One Ch. 01

 — Caleb and Nicole meet. by lovewords03/03/144.44

One Plus One Ch. 02

 — Caleb has something to add by lovewords03/04/144.61HOT

One Shot, One Kill

 — Another of my London adventures (true story). by Aaron_Sleazy06/21/102.54

One Stormy Night

 — Two employees spend stormy night in mattress store. by Girl Friend09/03/193.62

One Thing Leads To Another

 — She goes to get some smoke and get much more. by BellaDonnaVixen06/27/073.73

One Touch

 — Two enjoy being one. by RedVixen12/28/033.69

Onekka, Voodoo Priestess

 — Participating in a voodoo ritual. by seadiver06/07/174.55HOT

Online Dating

 — Leanne gets her pussy worked. by InnocentDaddiesPrincess06/09/173.67

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