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Interracial Love Stories

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Private Charter

 — Hot sex in a private jet. by pamper109/02/044.17

Private Dancer Ch. 01

 — Woman gets her first "private dance". by mytasteislikecandy02/27/044.47

Private Dancer Ch. 02

 — She enjoys aftermath of first "Private Dance". by mytasteislikecandy02/28/044.50HOT

Private Lessons

 — Older man must 'teach' two 18-year-olds or lose his job. by Aussie_Teacher10/19/05HOT

Private Show

 — Wife shows husband what she learns in her pole dancing class. by fawnsage05/20/154.44

Priyanka Chuttani of Ottawa

 — Indian MILF has affair with hunky Jamaican student. by Samuelx08/01/173.43

Priyanka's First American Cock

 — An Indian MILF relocates to America. by call_me_or_dont_call_me08/02/193.71

Procrustean Landlord

 — His tenant has a special way to pay her back rent. by Brass_ankle03/24/184.06

Procrustean Landlord Ch. 03

 — The sitter does anything possible to avoid trouble! by Brass_ankle02/24/194.38

Prof Nook of Coxville County

 — Prof Nook meets her daughter's new boyfriend. by SirSinn02/17/154.53HOT

Prof Nook of Coxville County Ch. 02

 — Prof Nook learns about the Coxville Curse. by SirSinn03/26/154.68HOT

Prof Nook of Coxville County Ch. 03

 — Professor Nook strikes a bargain to save her daughter's ass. by SirSinn06/09/154.61HOT

Prof Nook of Coxville County Ch. 04

 — Prof Nook, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. by SirSinn08/11/154.71HOT

Professional Masseuse

 — A hot Masseuse is seduced by a big black cock. by stickyfate11/15/144.23

Professional Woman Pt. 03

 — Rough start leads to a smooth ending. by Shadowforce101/17/193.96

Professor Humbled

 — The high-handed professor oversteps her bounds. by dr13bone02/19/154.18

Professor Humbled Pt. 02

 — Professor Tong continues her submission to her student. by dr13bone03/10/154.27

Professor's Betting Problem!

 — Her student saves her and expects and takes a reward! by dr13bone06/02/154.33

Professors Obsession

 — White professor lusts after black student. by secretshy1604/16/124.44

Projects to Produce

 — Parolee discovers the farmer's market for hotwives. by finnjones12/21/184.25


 — Rory patiently waits for Victoria. by AlmostTabby02/14/124.60HOT

Proper Charlotte

 — Black and white was the least of their differences. by SyleusSnow05/15/184.70HOT

Proper Thanks Ch. 01

 — He rescues his dream girl. by SexyPecan06/28/084.32

Proper Thanks Ch. 02

 — His intentions revealed. by SexyPecan06/28/083.93


 — Vanessa goes prowling to fulfill her slave fantasy. by mattwatt4302/11/114.03

Prude No More

 — Helen goes to visit a friend and comes back a new woman. by Shadowforce107/27/184.14


 — Homeowner sudden encounter with black woman tree pruner. by XXscribbler12/05/174.60HOT

PTA Ch. 01

 — A former sailor hooks up with a teacher. by SEVERUSMAX09/09/044.23

PTA Ch. 02-03

 — Harmon and Robin become even more involved. by SEVERUSMAX09/18/084.18

Pub Food

 — A black wife gets hungry for white meat. by Thewhiteman02/13/034.22

Public Love

 — Gorgeous black man seduces the women of his dreams, but... by the_shires05/26/134.14

Pudgy Ch. 01

 — Darius is tempted by insatiable proposition. by kontajiss08/11/043.95

Pudgy Ch. 02

 — His cock & smoke is devoured, greedily. by kontajiss08/28/044.18

Pudgy Ch. 03

 — Deb orally favors Darius with lewdness. by kontajiss10/27/044.53HOT

Pudgy Lying Bitch

 — Lying white BBW gets handled by a huge black cock. by KJStylez02/05/13

Pudgy Neighbor Gets Dark Fucked

 — My fat little neighbor gets fucked by three black dicks! by dr13bone06/01/104.32


 — Naomi gets punished for tempting her bf with nudes all day. by ZennaWinters01/08/194.14

Purrfect Submission

 — Panther's babe responds to her Master's direction. by panthers babe10/11/043.69

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 02

 — Not every fight has a winner. by sensitivelystrong11/30/104.53HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 03

 — Promises are made, so couold that change things? by sensitivelystrong12/03/104.51HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 04

 — Kisses in the morning, but its a fight they really want. by sensitivelystrong12/31/104.77HOT

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 05

 — The submission and Gerard. by sensitivelystrong11/16/114.31

Pussy Patrol Ch. 02

 — Cops torture a suspect...but the suspect gets his revenge. by bigdaddysmooth09/17/134.13


 — Mousy Nicole meets handsome Xander. by ncpecanpie08/06/184.67HOT

Put It In, Coach

 — White coed gets her first taste of Black. by Dai Raku05/13/053.88


 — An anthropologist meets up with horny pygmies. by junglebunny08/15/024.01


 — This was a Q&A session I had with a friend. by JanetNTom4U07/04/064.53HOT

Qatar Woman For Haitian King

 — Qatari woman seduced by a sexy Haitian prince. by Samuelx09/21/142.57

Qatari Woman for Black Stud

 — Arab housewife falls for Nigerian Christian worker. by Samuelx06/11/132.73

Quality Time with Annie Ch. 01

 — Sean spends his vacation week with Annie. by rcwilliams08/11/164.47

Quality Time with Annie Ch. 02

 — Sean spends his vacation week with Annie and her mother. by rcwilliams06/17/184.46

Quantum Leap

 — I meet my downfall. by taurusChaos04/28/083.42

Quarterback Sneak

 — He's looking for something different. by HotSprings2212/25/104.70HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 02

 — Galynn is trying her best to study. by HotSprings2201/01/114.71HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 03

 — Galynn learns a lesson or two. by HotSprings2201/06/114.79HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 04

 — Galynn surprises Alceo. by HotSprings2202/17/114.75HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 05

 — Come one, come all. by HotSprings2203/20/114.77HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 06

 — It's Alceo's turn to show his appreciation. by HotSprings2201/25/124.80HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 07

 — It's all out in the open. by HotSprings2205/14/124.76HOT

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 08

 — Alceo makes a bold move. by HotSprings2205/12/134.79HOT

Quebec BBWs Like Black Men!

 — Haitian man seduces and butt-fucks Quebec BBW. by Samuelx02/14/112.81

Quebec Femdom for Haitian Jocks

 — Haitian football star dates Quebec dominatrix. by Samuelx03/18/172.17

Quebec Lady For Haitian Gentleman

 — Black man and white woman in university in the 1980s. by Samuelx03/15/132.40

Quebec MILFs Are Amazing

 — Haitian guy fucks security supervisor from Quebec. by Samuelx02/22/113.38

Quebec Woman Loves Haitian Dude

 — Black man falls for white lady in Quebec. by Samuelx01/19/112.60

Quebec Woman Marries Somali Man

 — An interracial couple's life in modern Quebec. by Samuelx05/29/162.00

Quebec Woman Strapons Haitian Guy

 — Quebec dominatrix strapons macho Haitian. by Samuelx02/08/112.42

Quebec Women and Haitian Men

 — Haitian student falls for Quebec BBW in Montreal. by Samuelx12/04/102.50

Quebec Women are Cool

 — Conservative Quebec BBW tries Haitian stud. by Samuelx12/11/103.00

Quebec Women are Delicious

 — Haitian student finds love with Quebec woman. by Samuelx12/04/101.50

Quebec Women are Divine

 — Black man from Cap-Haitien meets Quebec woman in Montreal. by Samuelx12/11/102.20

Quebec Women are Goddesses

 — Quebec woman's love saves Haitian stud from himself. by Samuelx12/04/101.75

Quebec Women are Great!

 — Black man from America meets Quebec lady. by Samuelx01/22/112.13

Quebec Women Are So Hot!

 — Haitian guy from America discovers Quebec women. by Samuelx12/02/102.00

Quebec Women Like Haitian Studs

 — Black male student seduces Quebec BBW professor. by Samuelx01/31/112.31

Quebec Women Love Black Men

 — Quebec woman falls for Haitian student. by Samuelx12/02/102.90

Quebec Women Loves Haitian Man

 — Uptight Quebec woman falls for Haitian man. by Samuelx01/29/112.25

Quebec Women Rule!

 — Quebec woman seduces shy Haitian guy. by Samuelx12/16/101.00

Quebec Women Simply Rule!

 — Haitian falls for Quebec woman at Carleton University. by Samuelx02/01/111.33

Quebec Women Totally Rock!

 — Haitian-American stud falls for bossy Quebec lady. by Samuelx12/05/102.67

Quebecer MILF at the Library

 — Quebecer MILF seduces Haitian scholar in the library. by Samuelx03/17/173.60

Queen Bee Sora

 — New girl from Japan seduces the most popular student. by Shabobo05/15/124.34

Queen of Spades

 — White women advertise for black men. by The Style Guy06/19/194.32

Queen Takes Bishop, Check

 — Black female convict surprises white guard amazon. by mapleridgefool12/03/154.61HOT


 — Housewife looks for love...and more. by erotiquill11/13/113.79

Quick Brown Fox: Fat Rose

 — A forthright young chubby meets smooth older man. by blackstroker02/23/194.35

Quick Trip to the Store

 — Horny wife finds what she needs. by Sheilah201001/05/104.11

Quickie At Walmart

 — Black worker bangs Arab female Loss Prevention Officer. by Samuelx01/25/163.36

Quickies: Corrupted

 — Married cop is mesmerized by the Black Queen. by Wannabeboytoy08/09/054.15

Quid Pro Quo

 — Ebony vixen's intrusion entangles young, white mercenary. by tj_shades09/30/184.62HOT

Race Play Ch. 01

 — Black woman gives up her career for white mistress. by Samuelx06/23/093.56

Race Play Ch. 06

 — Black female professor becomes white woman's servant. by Samuelx06/28/093.10

Race Relations

 — He was passing time, then making time with her. by Otzchiim09/21/013.98

Rachael's Year

 — A year in the life of Rachael. by tw_holt05/03/144.33


 — A cheating wife story. by Mcbride0007/07/144.18

Rachel Ch. 02

 — Mrs Wilcock, or Mrs Lovescock? by Mcbride0003/24/154.33

Rachel Gets Caught

 — White wife punished by Black. by willyboyny12/25/054.34

Rachel's Daddy

 —  by Soft101707/05/14

Rachel's New Life Ch. 01

 — Rachel Keane adds more and more to her resume in her new job. by JohnBlack11310/24/174.35

Racist Girl Gets Punishment

 — Julie got blackmailed by Jon, a Black Midget. by Mestron12/22/164.05

Racist Relations

 — Two racists bond. by Geminine11/20/173.93

Rae Ch. 01

 — Rae and Seth meet. by ChocolateDreams02/19/104.24

Rae Ch. 02

 — Heated mistakes. by ChocolateDreams03/10/104.41

Rainbow Symphony

 — White, Black, & Asian trio make music together. by pucksboy09/26/064.72HOT

Rainy Night

 — They finally introduce themselves. by iamcontent06/17/164.17

Raising Alex Ch. 01

 — Lust, love, and drama in college. by QueenConsort08/17/094.43

Raising Alex Ch. 02

 — Madeline leaves; Maybe Mitch isn't so bad after all. by QueenConsort01/11/104.61HOT

Raising Alex Ch. 03

 — Let the chips fall where they may... by QueenConsort02/25/104.50HOT

Raising Alex Ch. 04

 — As time goes by... by QueenConsort10/27/104.67HOT

Ramandeep and Landon at Algonquin

 — Haitian man dates Punjabi woman at Algonquin College. by Samuelx11/08/17

Rana Zeid of Lebanon

 — Somali student seduces widowed Lebanese gal in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/10/18

Ranch Hand

 — Beautiful black chick gives him more than he's expecting. by redhott08/20/064.45

Ranch Wife

 — Black cock slutting on the plains. by younghungblack10/29/09

Rani Cheats on Her Husband

 — When hubby's away, Rani plays. by Nuit De Passion03/28/013.74

Rappers Delight

 — Sexy 64-year-old realtor fucks hung 18-year-old rap star. by shoguy12/22/124.23

Rational Behavior

 — Mara and Henry cross a line. by idleardor06/28/134.78HOT

Rational Behavior Ch. 02

 — Mara and Henry butt heads. by idleardor08/25/134.69HOT

Raul and Hazel Ch. 01

 — Ebony wife cheats in interracial threesome - Hazel & Raul. by RaulConejo12/08/144.22

Raul and Hazel Ch. 02

 — Husband has fun getting even with cheating ebony wife. by RaulConejo09/30/153.58

Raul and Hazel Ch. 03

 — Cheating husband and cheating wife both end up winning. by RaulConejo03/04/163.72

Rave Camp

 — Wife meets two men at a rave and takes them to her van. by cuckwhofucks10/09/124.11


 — His lust for a chocolate queen. by Niqqi_609/09/044.30

Raven Ch.02

 — My lust for Raven spirals out of control. by Niqqi_609/14/04


 — When hunger gets the best of you.... by jinrey09/14/174.70HOT

Ravenous Ch. 02

 — Kory and Kai's hunger continues to grow. by jinrey10/07/174.83HOT

Ravenous Ch. 03

 — Cumming to terms... by jinrey03/22/184.79HOT

Ray's Birth

 — A chance meeting at the movies. by brethard11/01/16

Razane Al-Bilali of Lebanon

 — Lebanese woman and Senegalese lover fight racism. by Samuelx09/08/18

Reaching the Breaking Point Ch. 01

 — Marco gives Shelly a fucking she will never forget. by GoldenSneer10/04/164.34

Reaching the Breaking Point Ch. 02

 — Shelly meets an unusual couple at college. by GoldenSneer10/12/164.79HOT

Reaching the Breaking Point Ch. 03

 — Shelly and Bella get closer. Marco plots. Chris finds out. by GoldenSneer10/31/164.46

Ready Ch. 01

 — Black Army guy & white Navy pilot play their own Army-Navy Game. by driphoney01/20/094.61HOT

Ready Ch. 02

 — Thanksgiving: Kevin meets the family. by driphoney01/30/094.82HOT

Ready Ch. 03

 — Thanksgiving: tender moments. by driphoney02/05/094.88HOT

Ready Ch. 04

 — Nobody's perfect. by driphoney02/24/094.82HOT

Ready Ch. 05-06

 — Pride is a lonely companion. by driphoney03/02/094.66HOT

Ready Ch. 07

 — Can Kev and Dee work it out? by driphoney05/18/094.69HOT

Ready Ch. 08

 — Chocolate makes everything better. by driphoney10/09/094.77HOT

Real Estate Agent Too

 — Kammie tells Lisa about her evening at the bar. by Newkinkstories07/16/17HOT

Real Estate Fun & Games

 — Real Estate agent gets more than she bargained for. by jamboman09/22/064.72HOT

Real Love

 — Beautiful Black girl just looking for love. by TinaaT9207/06/164.00

Real Love Pt. 02

 — Deeper look into Taylor and Michael. by TinaaT9207/07/164.15

Real Love Pt. 03

 — Love, love, love, and a hint of drama. by TinaaT9207/11/164.55HOT

Real Love Pt. 04

 — Life gets even more real. by TinaaT9207/13/164.60HOT

Real Love Pt. 05

 — How to deal. by TinaaT9209/29/164.67HOT

Real Love Pt. 06

 — It's time. by TinaaT9210/30/164.55HOT

Real Love Pt. 07

 — Who was shot? by TinaaT9211/02/164.76HOT

Rebecca's 1st Time: Massage Plan

 — Story of How an Interracial Porn Star was Made. by HubbyRebecca03/29/154.49

Rebellious Princess Ch. 01

 — Suburban white princess tastes Columbia. by gracesnowpaw03/26/154.00

Rebellious Princess Ch. 02

 — Princess returns for another taste. by gracesnowpaw03/27/154.28

Rebellious Princess Ch. 06

 — Taking it to the next step. by gracesnowpaw11/19/154.34

Recession Blues Ch. 01

 — Wife finds stripping pays the bills; what more will she do? by RogueAlan04/09/144.65HOT

Recession Blues Ch. 02-03

 — Ann is determined to put her mistake behind her. by RogueAlan04/10/144.70HOT

Recession Blues Ch. 04: Blue Balls

 — Ann falls deeper into the world of Jacen and Les' depravity. by RogueAlan02/25/154.72HOT

Recession Blues Ch. 05

 — What you don't know can't hurt... by RogueAlan09/01/154.56HOT

Recession Blues Ch. 06

 — Sharon helps Hilary out. by RogueAlan07/15/164.59HOT

Recliner for Sale

 — A young wife turns into a cheating slut for black cock. by Fuzzguzzler04/08/104.23

Recollections of the Previous Night

 — Ticket taker reflects on what happened a night earlier. by Grouchojim03/15/193.27

Record of the Year

 — Aussie pop princess and black producer make a sexy video. by brethard01/11/16


 — Kassidy recovers from the party. by whbonney01/24/023.84

Red Dust

 — Enchantment in the Australian Outback. by Hecate01/01/024.06Editor's Pick

Red Hot Summer

 — Heat and tensions mount on a remote, Brazilian island. by rpickman08/21/194.20NEW

Red Ribbons

 — Kimi & Jim share a very exhausting workout. by David Phillips12/09/014.26

Red Riding 'Hood

 — A sexy costume in the wrong part of town. by SweetestThing10/17/124.63HOT

Red White and Black Ch. 01

 — Pretty redhead opens up to black boss. by BlkRainbow12/10/144.34

Red White and Black Ch. 02

 — Redhead shares misgivings then gives her all to black boss. by BlkRainbow01/04/154.50HOT

Red White and Black Ch. 03

 — Redhead's true confessions to black boss. by BlkRainbow01/09/154.60HOT

Red White and Black Ch. 04

 — Redhead gives black boss extortion demand. by BlkRainbow01/21/154.47


 — Ex-con finds redemption. by Soft101709/01/144.73HOT

Redhead's Roadtrip

 — A roadtrip presents an opportunity. by redheadhubby04/27/123.94

Redneck Lady Loves Black Men

 — Middle-aged redneck lady explores a younger black man. by Samuelx03/03/163.69

Redneck MILF Into Somali Men

 — Somali Canadian meets redneck woman in Alabama. by Samuelx06/24/142.60

RedNeck Royalty

 — Owned by Mistress Sherylee. by slave2thesuperior01/24/162.92

Redneck Teen Gets Black Cream

 — 18-year-old trailer slut & a big black thug. by BornForIt06/04/064.43

Redneck Woman Embraces Islam

 — Redneck woman converts to Islam and marries black man. by Samuelx11/04/131.97

Redneck Women are Going Black

 — Texan MILF hooks up with a younger Black man. by Samuelx06/13/193.65

Redneck Women Into Black Men

 — Calgary redneck woman falls for Ethiopian immigrant. by Samuelx09/30/132.30

Redneck Women Love Black Men Too

 — Gun-toting redneck woman falls for Black immigrant. by Samuelx02/13/133.62


 — Rogue is having a bad day. by cassandraharper07/20/174.57HOT

Redo Ch. 02

 — Getting to know all about you. by cassandraharper07/28/174.59HOT

Redo Ch. 03

 — When can I see you again. by cassandraharper08/07/174.70HOT

Redo Ch. 04

 — Grandma's secret. by cassandraharper08/13/174.56HOT

Redo Ch. 05

 — Making progress. by cassandraharper08/19/174.70HOT

Redo Ch. 06

 — Turning Tides. by cassandraharper11/16/174.68HOT

Redo Ch. 07

 — Everything is Not What it Seems. by cassandraharper12/22/174.59HOT

Redo Ch. 08

 — One step closer to understanding. by cassandraharper01/25/184.66HOT

Redo Ch. 09

 — Family Pains. by cassandraharper02/10/184.64HOT

Redo Ch. 10

 — A Brief Lover's Interlude. by cassandraharper03/07/184.57HOT

Redo Ch. 11

 — An Unexpected Arrival. by cassandraharper09/06/184.58HOT

Reeled In

 — Two movie buffs form a bond over their love of Heath Ledger. by brethard12/29/16


 — Basketball bet leads to lust and love for a DC insider. by Lost_Yonder02/20/104.67HOT

Reesa Ch. 02

 — Stephen and Reesa find their way through DC politics. by Lost_Yonder07/22/124.55HOT

Reesa Ch. 03

 — Stephen and Reesa's relationship continues to deepen. by Lost_Yonder07/28/124.52HOT


 — Kate gets an enema and her favorite black cock. by kateandjessica09/10/133.92

Refined Adjustments Ch. 01

 — A bbw questions her calling. by neelu1807/17/134.34

Refined Adjustments Ch. 02

 — Nesca gets to know her professor. by neelu1807/18/134.41

Refined Adjustments Ch. 03

 — Knock, Knock! by neelu1807/30/134.42

Refined Adjustments Ch. 04

 — Surprises. by neelu1808/22/134.33

Refined Adjustments Ch. 05

 — An understanding. by neelu1811/19/134.43

Refined Adjustments Ch. 06a

 — And the weekend begins. by neelu1807/01/144.51HOT

Refined Adjustments Ch. 06b

 — What can you say? by neelu1812/04/154.38

Refined Adjustments Ch. 07

 — Encounters. by neelu1805/08/164.43

Reggie's Girl Ch. 01

 — Stranded in a bad neighborhood, Jasmine cannot escape. by sugareola03/30/154.48

Reggie's Girl Ch. 02

 — Jasmine receives an invitation she dare not refuse. by sugareola03/31/154.70HOT

Reggie's Girl Ch. 03

 — He's back. Surely Jasmine didn't miss him...did she? by sugareola04/01/154.65HOT

Reggie's Girl Ch. 04

 — Ted's back! But Jasmine's joy is interrupted. by sugareola06/13/154.70HOT

Reggie's Girl Ch. 05

 — Reggie knows Jasmine's body far better than she thinks. by sugareola07/02/154.84HOT

Reggie's Girl Ch. 06: The Finale

 — Not the finale, after all. Not yet. by sugareola07/31/154.78HOT

Regina Finds Love

 — And it came from a very unexpected source. by qualitywheat12/13/114.07


 — A car accident turns out to be a good thing. by dragonfire609/20/084.29


 — Middle-aged woman hires a personal trainer. by blk_cyberman11/30/064.39

Released from the Confines

 — Young black male finally gets his curvy queen. by bigbootyluva07/18/054.53HOT

Relocation Ch. 01

 — Young couple find a new life after a hurricane. by Karenkay11/02/054.32

Relocation Ch. 02

 — Young couple begin journey into a new life. by Karenkay11/03/054.34

Relocation Ch. 03

 — Kevin cheats & Brooke takes revenge with Kyle. by Karenkay11/13/054.37

Relocation Ch. 04

 — Brooke final gets nailed by Kyle. by Karenkay11/18/054.40

Relocation Ch. 05

 — Kevin gets to watch from the closet. by Karenkay11/27/054.40

Relocation Ch. 06

 — Brooke becomes pregnant, Kevin finds out the truth. by Karenkay11/28/053.85

Reluctant Cuckold Ch. 01

 — White couple have an open relationship. by Karenkay08/08/124.01

Reluctant Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Husband & wife have an open marriage. by Karenkay12/15/123.82

Reluctant White Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife gets in more trouble than she bargained for. by Karenkay07/11/134.13

Reluctant Wife Gets Blacked

 — A couple receives help from a well hung black male. by rich052402/14/084.42


 — Married man is drawn to sexy Black Linda. by ElWapo01/31/013.95

Rendezvous Ch. 01

 — BW has a sexy rendevous with a hot stranger. by liljean06/21/094.45

Rendezvous Ch. 02

 — They meet again, now what? by liljean06/28/094.51HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 03

 — Can an innocent dinner lead to more? by liljean06/29/094.61HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 04

 — Paul makes his move on his little flower. by liljean07/02/094.65HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 05

 — Paul indulges in the sweet scent of his flower. by liljean08/04/094.69HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 06

 — Paul and Violet learn things, old and new. by liljean09/21/094.62HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 07

 — Who's betraying who? by liljean12/20/104.60HOT

Rendezvous Ch. 08

 — Well it's over, can they move on? by liljean11/16/124.14

Renee's Dilemna

 — She never knew Oral could be so good. by tenbears4308/28/084.56HOT

Renee's Lust

 — Mature mom lust over her son's best friend. by Poundtown2506/21/113.97

Rent Day

 — Landlord Vincent exploits a young tenant. by Vincent E07/10/034.15Editor's Pick

Rental Problems

 — A young landlord finds other ways his renters can pay. by Jay62606/14/164.68HOT

Rental Problems Ch. 02

 — Chris has new tenants and gets a visit from an old tenant. by Jay62609/21/184.82HOT


 — BBC rents room. by bbccouple04/05/164.39

Renter Pt. 02

 — Bbc renter and cousins. by bbccouple04/08/164.57HOT

Renter Pt. 03

 — BBC Renter and cousins continued. by bbccouple04/29/164.56HOT

Renter Pt. 04

 — Interracial group build house. by bbccouple05/28/164.44

Renter Pt. 05

 — Wife decides which construction crew to work with. by bbccouple06/18/164.69HOT

Renter Pt. 06

 — Wife decides which construction crew to work with. by bbccouple07/15/164.32

Renting and a New Lease

 — Asian divorcee rents her spare room to a younger man. by SeriousFool12/10/114.30

Renting and a New Lease Ch. 02

 — The Landlady goes a little further with the Renter. by SeriousFool01/21/124.49


 — HS outcast faces her crush at 15-year class reunion. by TalyisBagley08/30/094.25

Reporter's Notebook

 — Reporter covering local pro sports team finds a friend. by knight1303/17/074.38


 — Lonely Vietnamese widow rediscovers arousal. by idlehound07/30/034.15

Requiem For A Saudi Girl's Dream

 — Saudi woman finds love with Black student in Toronto. by Samuelx09/17/142.25

Requiem for a Saudi Girl's Lust

 — Saudi woman dreams of a certain Black stud. by Samuelx12/01/162.58

Requiem for a Saudi Woman

 — Black security guard rescues Saudi woman from bigots. by Samuelx08/05/163.40

Rescue Ch. 01

 — Asian girl finds sexual freedom in older man's arms. by Pyro03/08/034.70HOT

Rescue Ch. 02

 — She reveals the secrets of her past. by Pyro05/11/034.73HOT

Rescue Ch. 03

 — Chou learns the ropes. by Pyro01/05/064.67HOT

Rescue Mission

 — A woman finds a way to meet her need for money and love. by komrad115602/11/163.67


 — He lives out his fantasy with a Latina. by Algonquin Twit01/01/114.14

Retirement Home: Day 01

 — You meet George during your first shift. by sr19114me08/02/154.33

Retirement Home: Day 02

 — You, George and Betty have another go. by sr19114me08/06/154.50HOT

Return of the Black Cuckolds

 — Black Muslim woman cuckolds boyfriend with white bull. by Samuelx10/27/163.69

Return to Eban Ch. 01

 — Two couples are taken to a resort to serve. by Karenkay08/02/104.20

Return to Eban Ch. 02

 — Dawn & Chantal finish their training. by Karenkay09/14/104.49

Return to Eban Ch. 03

 — 2 white couples work at a resort that serve black clients. by Karenkay07/30/114.22

Return to the Past

 — She parties with two as she once did. by RakenHoe01/31/013.90

Returning The Favor

 — Sexy Ebony secretary returns a favor for her White boss. by JonB196908/03/124.52HOT

Returning The Favor Ch. 02

 — Tangi rewards Jack for her raise. by JonB196910/17/124.62HOT

Returning to Your Roots

 — After his dad dies, Tom and his Mother have to move. by TxRad05/30/134.76HOT


 — Lovers reunite after two weeks apart. by chocolatecutie06/29/054.56HOT


 — Lovers reunite after long, painful separation. by DawnJ03/11/074.35


 — Seeing someone for the first time in years. by Ssh250609/15/093.86


 — Two old classmates get together and make noise. by Wordmate02/01/154.44


 — Noelle catches up with a high school friend. by astrofoot07/02/154.58HOT


 — A mother's naughty reunion trip caught on camera. by hunter_gatherer07/23/15

Reunion Ch. 02

 — Aggie and Rhonda back for seconds. by Wordmate09/02/154.30

Reunion Revenge Goes Awry

 — Wife goes alone to her reunion to confront her tormentors. by Stormbringer05/29/104.27

Reunion Union

 — Tease gets pleased. by voyuerman01/23/184.25

Revenge Ch. 02

 — Barbara yearns for more big cock. by NeedYou07/17/044.26

Revenge Ch. 03

 — Barbara's need for a big cock grows. by NeedYou07/17/044.43

Revenge Ch. 04A

 — There are several endings to this story. by NeedYou07/19/043.96

Revenge Ch. 04B

 — This is the second ending to the story. by NeedYou07/20/043.83

Revenge Ch. 04C

 — The third ending to this story. by NeedYou07/20/044.03

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