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Interracial Love Stories

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Sunbathing in the Park

 — Nanci flirts with a gang of black youths in the park. by Mag5807/11/064.24


 — A touch of the Orient. by sgrspc69er05/15/053.11

Sunshine Ch. 01

 — Her mistake, His love and trust gone.. forever? by sweetrere02/02/123.58

Super Bowl Sunday

 — She entertains her husband's friends during the big game. by SallyTee05/12/144.32

Super Horny Guy Bags Dream Girl

 — Horny guy finds lady love. by MR. Gibson07/12/064.17


 — Water guns in the forest bring together two young lovers. by miserybusiness12/07/094.21

Support Group Ch. 01: Chastity

 — White wife tells her story. by UndercoverInterracial09/27/134.22

Suprise Gift

 — He suprises wife with some interracial fun. by ksfunguy08/04/024.21

Surface Tension Ch. 01

 — Separation anxiety and its costs. by jazmint03/26/153.98

Surprise Sex At The Lake

 — White wife has her way with bbc. by cantbereal09/09/134.40

Surprise Sex At The Lake Ch. 02

 — The end or maybe the beginning. by cantbereal10/04/134.31

Surprising Night Pt. 01

 — Goth girls are full of surprises. by SUPERFLY7120211/17/174.40

Surprising Wife Ch. 01

 — Desperate man finds love in a much younger Chinese girl. by Spiritogre10/31/104.23

Surprising Wife Ch. 02

 — She is cheating. by Spiritogre11/01/103.40

Surprising Wife Ch. 03

 — He is forgiving her - some. by Spiritogre11/02/103.66

Surprising Wife Ch. 04

 — He's getting some, too. by Spiritogre11/03/103.70

Surprising Wife Ch. 05

 — Now he really gets into things. by Spiritogre11/04/104.14

Surprising Wife Ch. 06

 — Life gets a swing. by Spiritogre11/05/103.69

Surprising Wife Ch. 07

 — Revelations. by Spiritogre11/06/103.45

Surprising Wife Ch. 08

 — It gets hot again with desires being fulfilled. by Spiritogre11/07/103.94

Surprising Wife Ch. 09

 — A pact is made and some bdsm will follow. by Spiritogre11/08/103.90

Surprising Wife Ch. 10

 — He goes out ... alone. by Spiritogre11/09/103.92

Surprising Wife Ch. 11

 — She cheats, again. by Spiritogre11/10/103.49

Surrounded Ch. 04

 — Matt wants to be good, but the temptation is so strong. by TheTalkMan04/07/164.79HOT

Surviving Bennett Ch. 01

 — Young girl falls for her brother's best friend. by Nico_Noir08/13/114.45

Surviving Bennett Ch. 02

 — Chaya thinks she can run from Bennett. by Nico_Noir08/21/114.75HOT

Surviving Bennett Ch. 03

 — Chaya and Bennett hit a snag. by Nico_Noir10/06/114.62HOT


 — They must keep each other warm to survive snowstorm. by Svenskaflicka12/01/033.99


 — An interracial romance. by electricman500010/06/173.96

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 01

 — She meets Black farm labourers. by Spectator103/26/054.27

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 02

 — Susan wore the dress. by Spectator103/28/054.57HOT

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 03

 — Susan continues servicing Black cocks. by Spectator103/29/054.47

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 04

 — Susan decides to go Black exclusively. by Spectator103/29/054.35

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 05

 — Susan becomes more than a whore. by Spectator104/15/054.35

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 06

 — Susan fucks all day, William considers anal. by Spectator109/03/164.36

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 07

 — Susan so close to being owned by Blacks. by Spectator109/05/164.47

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 08

 — Situation intensifies for Susan, her body. by Spectator109/06/164.31

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 09

 — Susan Encounters New Black Cock. by Spectator110/14/164.53HOT

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 10

 — Susan's Cunt Shared With Black Strangers. by Spectator110/21/164.23

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 11

 — Susan used, put on display in Black bar. by Spectator110/26/164.42

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 12

 — Susan falls for Jamaican bulls cock, promises. by Spectator110/27/164.36

Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 13

 — This is the end for Susan - love or lust? by Spectator110/31/164.09

Susan and Shane

 — The Maintenance Man. by chasingDan11/01/134.10

Susan Trout Ch. 02

 — A wife and mother turned BBC whore. by hardleo06/30/174.32

Susan's Island Man

 — Young wife goes native. by suewatcher12/08/034.35

Susan's Island Man Ch. 02

 — She is seduced by husband's rival. by suewatcher12/10/034.32

Susan's Revelation

 — Preacher's Wife has a life changing revelation. by HEDGames06/30/093.88

Susi Learns to Submit

 — Black and White, with a 'twist'. by Xploremyworld02/11/054.64HOT

Suzanne "The Black Cock Hunter"

 — She is the hunter and black cock is her prey. by poetichustler821911/30/104.23

Suzanne and Old Tom

 — Janitor takes her again. by Loansum06/13/154.44

Suzanne and the Church Janitor

 — White wife is taken. by Loansum04/16/134.34

Suzanne in the Church Kitchen

 — Married wife is taken in church. by Loansum06/18/144.34

Suzanne's Pool Party

 — White wife is taken at pool party. by Loansum10/30/144.11

Suze's Basement Apartment

 — A man with two women gets what he deserves. by AntaeusQ07/01/093.93

Suzi and Lisa: ... Ch. 1

 — Two hot women take on Darius & Eddie. by The Midnight Lurker10/10/004.44

Suzy Goes Black

 — Wife explores black sexing. by MCWIMP209/10/093.73

Sweet Black Tits

 — Guy tricks two black teenagers into oral. by Sergio06/07/023.99

Sweet Lorraine Ch. 02

 — Lorraine lands a whopper. by evensteven05/13/064.25

Sweet Melissa

 — Lust & romance between Black man & White woman. by trainman_d05/11/044.62HOT

Sweet Mercy

 — A nurse gives a patient relief. by Joe F.12/01/034.49

Sweet Milk Ch. 01

 — Elle develops a craving for her neighbor Alex Ace. by Kissamee09/10/113.66

Sweet Potato

 — It's hard for a pregnant lady to juggle so many men. by Thea Dryor05/07/054.53HOT

Sweet Temptation

 — She seduces a barely legal male student. by MTHudson11/27/084.64HOT

Sweet to Slut

 — Black coach seduces white wife. by LustyLee7712/27/054.17


 — What has he done??! by MabelCinnamon05/24/114.32

Sweetness Ch. 02

 — Sorry I'm gay... by MabelCinnamon06/04/114.44

Swingers Of Saudi Arabia

 — Saudi Muslim husband watches wife with Senegal stud. by Samuelx03/29/163.33

Swinging Can Be Great

 — A couple decide to try swinging. by VirginiaS02/02/123.71

Swinging in Thailand

 — Anglo Moroccan couple meet Japanese couple. by tetherer08/26/084.16


 — Two students lose control. by BelleLindsey06/07/174.33


 — How I came to love black women. by SwirlDaddy10/23/174.34

Swirl Ch. 01

 — Lust is the perfect outlet for hate. by AbsolutelyOverYue06/18/154.33

Swirl Pt. 02

 — My love for black women broadens and deepens. by SwirlDaddy10/28/174.53HOT

Swirl Pt. 03

 — Becoming Daddy. by SwirlDaddy11/09/174.59HOT

Swirl Pt. 04

 — Showing Love. by SwirlDaddy11/10/174.65HOT

Syrian Lady For Jamaican Stud

 — Two old friends reconnect decades after university. by Samuelx12/08/132.40

Syrian Princess For Somali Man

 — Arab princess falls for a young black man. by Samuelx12/08/132.17

Tabby Ch. 01

 — Swim Team girl opens her eyes to see a teammate's cock. by Rus_T_Knight03/02/094.23

Tabby Makes New Black Friends

 — Tabby enjoys newfound friends' company. by Tabby18lover01/18/044.47

Tabitha Ch. 01

 — She's leaving and neither of them are happy about it. by LaLaLady03/21/094.55HOT

Tabitha Ch. 02

 — How they met. by LaLaLady03/22/094.42

Tabitha Ch. 03

 — Tabitha and her sister have a talk. by LaLaLady03/25/094.58HOT

Tabitha Ch. 04

 — The first date. by LaLaLady03/27/094.56HOT

Tabitha Ch. 05

 — Tabitha's first industry party and their second date. by LaLaLady04/02/094.64HOT

Tabitha Ch. 06

 — Tabitha and Wes. by LaLaLady04/21/094.76HOT

Tabitha Ch. 07

 — Wes learns more about Tabitha. by LaLaLady05/10/094.65HOT

Tabitha Ch. 08

 — Tabitha wakes up, but Wesley is miserable. by LaLaLady05/29/094.58HOT

Tabitha Ch. 09

 — Wes remembers. by LaLaLady11/18/094.65HOT

Tabitha Ch. 10

 — Tabitha in England. by LaLaLady04/20/104.67HOT

Tabitha Ch. 11

 — Tabitha and Wes in England. by LaLaLady02/14/114.81HOT

Tabitha Ch. 12

 — Tabitha's vacation is cut short. by LaLaLady04/07/114.76HOT

Tabitha Ch. 13

 — Meet the Parents. by LaLaLady08/14/124.71HOT

Tables Are Turned on Jennifer

 — Game-playing blonde gets jilted by Black stud. by jenlover09/26/063.89

Tad's Travels Ch. 01

 — Mid 1800 west, he meets someone interesting. by JarlsAxe10/09/054.35

Taipei Tryst Pt. 01

 — The Squeeze of the Storm. by the_jade_scholar03/26/154.65HOT

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

 — Latina & Frank watch and play. by Latina10/10/003.63

Take Me!

 — Carrie's first time with a Black man. by sxykitn2play01/15/034.26

Take My Blues Away

 — Musician falls for a beautiful barmaid. by robjohnson04/29/044.32

Take My Picture?

 — her run in with one sexy photographer. by Gstack06/27/033.32

Take the A-Train

 — If this subway car's rockin', don't bother knockin'. by flatliner03/29/103.76


 — Black woman meets a were. by JAMMANN08/07/104.40


 — Sage Cooper had the perfect life... until she was taken. by Bizzy_Bish07/18/124.36

Taken Advantage of by My New Dad

 — My first boyfriend brainwashed me to let him become my Dad. by secretlygay04/07/173.82

Taken Ch. 02

 — Gabriel's wolf takes what his. by JAMMANN11/08/104.60HOT

Taken Ch. 02

 — Epiphany... by Bizzy_Bish08/01/124.43

Taken Ch. 03

 — She didn't feel well. by Bizzy_Bish09/23/124.37

Taken To & At Conference

 — Sharing a room gets out of control. by Happy-to-be-Me05/16/044.52HOT

Taken Wife Pt. 04

 — Wife gives into temptation. by cuckoldwishes11/03/173.77

Taken, and Loving It

 — She's a Black guy lover. by qualitywheat06/26/114.41

Taken, and Loving It Ch. 02

 — She's a black guy lover. by qualitywheat07/11/114.11

Taken, and Loving It Ch. 03

 — Black guy lover. by qualitywheat07/18/113.90

Taking a Black Man's Cum

 — She discovers black cock. by standingstones09/06/174.45

Taking Care Of The Boarders Ch. 01

 — A lonely woman finds purpose in her boarders life. by storyman00012/05/044.15

Taking Care Of The Boarders Ch. 02

 — She finds purpose fulfilling these men's needs. by storyman00012/11/044.43

Taking Care Of The Boarders Ch. 03

 — Rhonda cares for Bobby. by storyman00012/12/044.38

Taking Care Of The Pool Man Ch. 02

 — Asian wife learns to be a sex slave. by tikusair05/02/083.81

Taking Control Ch. 01

 — A submissive white couple seek out a dominate black man. by Karenkay11/14/134.29

Taking In Takeout

 — An incorrect takeout order ends with her face full of cum. by TLMorgan11/29/124.34

Taking One for the Team

 — I help an injured teammate in need. by patdown06/06/114.16

Taking Over Beverly Hills Ch. 02

 — His stepmother likes them thick and black. by Mr Thick07/29/074.00

Taking the Plunge

 — A first foray into the cuckold lifestyle. by HerLittlePiggy12/18/134.45

Taking the Thompson Women

 — Jock seduces African American women. by ourlilisland06/23/154.48

Taking the Thompson Women Ch. 02

 — Jock seduces African American women. by ourlilisland11/10/154.58HOT

Tales from the Brig: Genius

 — Alex and Beth make a hypothesis. by Pilgrimm09/19/143.84

Tales from the MILF Store

 — A look at a Major Department Store and its employees. by paintrain02/17/094.38

Tales from the MILF Store Ch. 02

 — Ever wonder what goes on at the Dept Store? by paintrain02/09/094.36

Tales of a Freshman Phenom

 — Star football prospect meets sorority girl. by XSchreiber09/25/034.54HOT

Tales of Carlitos Ch. 01

 — Carlos seduces his co-worker's wife by Perlita04/30/034.35

Tales of Carlitos Ch. 02

 — Carlos seduces the reference librarian. by Perlita05/22/034.06

Tales of Carlitos Ch. 03

 — Carlos meets an American shaman. by Perlita05/31/034.42

Tales of the East Indies

 — Confessions, they say, are good for the soul. by Sven the Elder05/04/114.35

Tall German Goddess in Ottawa

 — German Amazon falls for Haitian gentleman in Ontario. by Samuelx06/15/133.00

Tall Penny Discovers Black Men

 — Tall white female construction worker meets a stud. by Samuelx09/26/153.57

Tall Persian Tomboy

 — Irainian Muslim woman dates Ethiopian guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/27/152.13

Tall, Dark, and . . .

 — Muddling through fear and challenges of a disturbing spell. by sr71plt10/11/114.42


 — She wanted an all black Gang-bang and she got it. by shooter370407/22/074.13

Tamara Stops By

 — A chance encounter in the dorm leads to mutual pleasure. by Irish Moss06/25/074.45

Tame the Untamable Ch. 01

 — She wants to show him who tames who. by ChynaMarie05/11/114.57HOT

Tame the Untamable Ch. 02

 — She leaves or does she? by ChynaMarie07/31/114.67HOT

Tame the Untamable Ch. 03

 — She's back... by ChynaMarie08/04/114.57HOT

Tame the Untamable Ch. 04

 — The aftermath. by ChynaMarie09/06/114.58HOT

Tame the Untamable Ch. 05

 — Unexpected? by ChynaMarie10/02/114.50HOT

Tami Beethoven

 — The continuing adventures of Tami Smithers. by donnylaja02/14/133.44

Tami's College Days

 — First time away from home my hair came down. by EZ4BLKcock03/01/104.26

Tami's College Days Ch. 02

 — What if I...? by EZ4BLKcock03/04/104.37

Tami's College Days Ch. 03

 — Monday comes. by EZ4BLKcock03/16/104.32

Tami's College Days Ch. 04

 — Marcus surprises Tami with... by EZ4BLKcock06/19/104.33

Tami's College Days Ch. 05

 — Marcus has a party. by EZ4BLKcock08/30/104.45

Tami's Cuckolding

 — Husband is turned into wife's slave. by tami1e11/03/053.61

Tammy Starts Work in Africa

 — Father drives daughter to African knocking shop. by author on Africa01/28/064.34

Tammy Steps Out

 — Tammy hooks up on the street with a man she met weeks before. by HerLittlePiggy03/29/164.43

Tanya's Electric

 — Her current flows for a young man. by tenbears4311/16/064.27

Tara Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

 — Asian coed has a strange epiphany. by jernigan08/09/073.10

Tara in Porn Ch. 02

 — Black on White with a twist. by Tarainspace11/16/114.29

Tara of Vietnam

 — An erotic adventure in South East Asia. by RAMJET6904/18/064.61HOT

Tardy Girl

 — His fantasy leads to her bringing home a BIG surprise. by dr_grippengrope04/13/114.44

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